TEMPLE GIRL: Dini, the early girl

Temple Girl: Dini, the early girl

by Erotickynk

Dini was one of the junior girls in the First Six planned to ascend two moons from now and was just beginning her training. She had no worries that her and her Six would be called on when the next moon turned full in four days. It would be up to other girls to go to the top level of the Temple and fulfill their duty. It was the Sixth Six and down to the current First Six to do that depending on how many Deliverers the Visitors brought.

Dini had only seen the Visitors once from a distance, but was convinced they were strange gods. They must be gods because they lived in cities that descended from heaven.

Like the other girls, Dini had heard the tale that there was one moon when the Visitors brought so many Deliverers that all six Sixes were used and the Monks had to resort to taking girls forcefully from the avenues around the market. But Dini couldn’t find anyone who had been there to verify the story, and when she asked a Priestess, the old woman laughed and patted her on the head, telling her not to worry - the Visitors almost always brought six sets of six eggs for six sets of six girls. Sometimes they brought less, but so very rarely did they bring more - perhaps once in a hundred years.

In school with her Six, Dini had learned about how the Visitors brought the Deliverers and how - when it was her turn - one would latch on her face and push an egg down her throat into her belly. She learned that the Deliverers and the eggs would bring delirious pleasure to her, so that when the Small Demon emerged from her chest or belly she would find other-worldly ecstasy and arise as a Goddess to heaven.

This day, after a breakfast of only sweet fruit juice, Dini and the other girls were learning how to take the Deliverer’s probe into their mouths and down their throats without struggling. The Priestess assured them that the Deliverer’s probe would be very slippery and the Deliverer would slide it down easy. Once the probe was all the way down, the Deliverer would secrete its nectar and eventually the egg, and all the while each girl would feel ecstasy that only Temple girls experienced. The secret was to relax and let the Deliverers latch to their face and inside their stomachs.

When it came time for practice, the Priestesses had two girls from the Sixth Six come in to demonstrate, so the girl’s could learn to take the probe without vomiting. The two senior girls knelt on the floor dressed in their white robes and took a long flexible clear practice probe and put it in their mouths. Then the girls moved their faces toward each other to kiss while swallowing the practice probe. Though they both gagged and heaved a little, both swallowed the practice probe deep and held it in until they had to breathe. Both girls gasped then took the practice probe again.

Dini felt a tug deep in her lower belly as she watched the two girls, and within moments she felt her sex was oozing and dripping onto the floor from under her robes. Looking around at her Sixmates, she saw that they too were aroused watching the Sixth Six girls. When Dini and the others arose to thank the Sixth girls for demonstrating, she saw that Aidi and Cira both had left little puddles of milky mucus where they had been sitting.

After the older girls departed it was time for the First Six girls to practice themselves. Cira was able to take the flexible practice probe deep without vomiting too much. However, Dini - like the others - gagged and heaved as soon as the probe pressed down on the root of her tongue. No matter how often she tried, her stomach would rebel and she would heave. One of the Priestesses noticed Dini’s frustration and came to help her. She took Dini’s probe and had the girl kneel and sit on her heels.

“Open.” the Priestess said with a smile, “And just relax.”

“I’m going to throw up.” Dini said as she trembled, her anxiety high.

“Yes you will.” the Priestess said, “And that’s okay. It takes practice, like any skill.”

Dini opened her mouth and the Priestess slowly slid Dini’s probe into her mouth.

“Just relax and open your throat.” the Priestess said softly, “Take it like a lover’s fingers. Let it invade your body.”

Dini did, letting herself take the probe the same way she took Cira’s fingers into her body late at night when the Priestesses gave them private time to rest and sleep.

Though Dini felt her stomach clench hard and did throw up, she discovered the pleasure in the act.

When the afternoon session ended, the girls got to take their practice probes back to their sleeping room and were told to practice before meals.

That night in their sleeping room, Dini noticed that Cira was missing. When Cira finally crept into the room, she motioned for the girls to gather.

“Tomorrow night, Yssa has invited us on a special visit.” Cira spoke in hushed tones, “We have to be stealthy and not let the Priestesses know.”

“Who is Yssa?” one girl asked.

“She’s in the Forth Six.” Cira explained, “We’re going to visit the Monks.”

Dini gasped, “That’s forbidden.”

“Of course it’s forbidden.” Cira said softly, “The Priestesses don’t want us to know, but the Monks have another way for us to learn to take the probes … a fun way.”

Dini laid awake most of the night wondering what that fun way could be.

Dini awoke to Cira practicing with her probe. She was lying on her back with her head hanging over the end of her mattress and was working her throat hard with her probe, turning her head and vomiting on the floor whenever she gagged. A puddle of foamy spit and bile lay beneath her head.

Dini practiced as well, but had less luck than Cira, her mouth filling with foamy spit and sour bile after each try. Dini couldn’t eat breakfast that day.

That day their lesson was all about the nectar the Deliverers fed the girls. The Priestesses told them that the nectar was a reward for the girls, to thank them for their sacrifice and ensure they would embrace allowing their bodies to nurture the eggs while they grew into Small Demons inside their bellies.

The Priestesses revealed a secret to the girls just before midday meal; The Visitors made a gift of nectar to the Temple that they had milked from some Deliverers, so the girls could try it before their time. The girls were told that they would sample some nectar after midday meal.

Dini - like the other girls - could barely eat her meal, she was so excited. To have the experience of knowing the ecstatic bliss the Priestesses always talked about was thrilling.

After midday meal, Dini followed the rest of her Six as they were led to a room they hadn’t seen before. The room had six plush daybeds in it, lined up in the centre of the floor. The girls were instructed to take off their robes and lay down on one of the day beds. The Priestesses then went to each girl and had them lift their bums, then slid a thick towel under them.

Each girl was then given a small bowl of yellow liquid.

“Now, girls.” the head Priestess said, “Drink. And drink it all. Then lay back and relax. You’re going to be here all afternoon.”

Dini brought the bowl to her lips and drank. The liquid was thick with an oily texture and a musky flavour. It warmed her throat and belly even though it’s temperature was cool. The Priestesses collected the empty bowls as the girls reclined to await the effects of the nectar.

Dini felt the warmth spreading slowly from her stomach through her bowels. She also began to feel more relaxed, sort of dreamy, but she didn’t feel like sleeping.

“I’m scared.” she heard one of the other girls whimper. Dini lifted her head and saw a Priestess sit on the edge of the girl’s daybed and stroke her hair, speaking so softly that Dini couldn’t make out the words. They must have been comforting, because the girl closed her eyes and relaxed.

Dini heard a soft moan from the daybed on the other side of her; it was Aidi. Her dark-haired friend had her eyes closed and started to squirm, sweat starting to bead on her upper lip. Then she heard Cira whimper. Lifting her head to see past Aidi, Dini could see Cira was squirming and was stroking her body with her hands.

“… oh gods …” Cira whimpered in a tremulous voice as she reached up and pinched one of her nipples hard. Other girls also started moaning - even the scared girl.

Dini looked around at the Priestesses to see if she should be alarmed, but each was smiling as they monitored the girls. While Dini was wondering why the other girls were reacting so strongly to the feeling of warmth in their bellies, it hit her … and it hit her hard.

A feeling like the one she got when Cira used her fingers on her - but a hundred-fold stronger - bloomed bright and hot in her lower belly. Dini moaned as she squirmed on her daybed - her sex felt like it was swelling, her nipples suddenly tingled, and a rising energy centered just below her belly button overtook her. Dini pressed her head against the pillow of the daybed as her back arched and - like Ciri - began to pinch her nipples hard to heighten her pleasure. Dini felt like she was falling backward as the room tilted and made her feel sick to her stomach, but she didn’t care. These feelings were intense and overwhelming.

Time blurred. Sounds were distorted. Dini was drowning in a sea of ecstasy. She felt feverish and delirious, and could feel her body become slick with sweat. She was deep in the effects of the nectar for what felt like an eternity. During the maelstrom of sensations she felt herself pee and didn’t care; she felt hands stroking her body and didn’t care; she felt her sex opened by two fingers then three and didn’t care; and when she opened her eyes a slit and saw it was one of the Priestesses, she didn’t care either.

From beneath fluttering eyelids, Dini looked around and saw that Priestesses were with all the girls; some using their fingers, some their mouths, and the Priestess with Cira, her whole hand. Dini watched her friend rolling her pelvis and crying out in her bliss and wanted that too. Reaching down and grasping her Priestesses hand, she bunched the older woman’s fingers together and pulled them into herself. And when the flare of exquisite pain as the Priestesses knuckles opened her and her belly swallowed her hand, Dini cried out and writhed on the daybed, believing she was dying from pleasure.

"They're so sweet to play with." she heard one Priestess whisper and the others giggled quietly

Dini awoke in her own bed, being gently awakened by a Priestess.

“It’s time for evening meal.” the Priestess whispered, “Remember to drink at least three bowls of juice.” Dini opened her eyes and saw that the other girls were also being woken up, each - like her - naked and wrapped in a blanket. Dini saw her robe laying on a stool beside her bed.

She was starving and thirsty.

Dini was asleep when Cira shook her awake in the middle of the night. Dini lifted her head, feeling disoriented.

“It’s time to go.” Cira whispered.

Dini sat up and reached for her robe.

“You don’t need clothes.” Cira told her as she went to awaken the other girls. As Dini climbed out of her bed she noticed an older girl with long dark hair standing by the doorway. She too was naked. Dini padded barefoot to stand by the door.

“I’m Yssa.” the girl smiled and whispered, “I heard you did the nectar today.”

Dini nodded.

“Did you like it?”

“Best thing ever.” Dini admitted and smiled.

“The Monks have more. All you want.” Yssa said, raising her eyebrows and smiling.

With all the girls awake, some still rubbing the sleep out of their eyes, Yssa led them, taking narrow passageways and steep stone stairs deep into the heart of the Temple. Dini had never been to this area of the Temple before and had lost her sense of direction when Yssa at last stopped at a heavy wooden door and tapped.

After a moment, Dini heard a latch click and the door opened.

“Come! Come!” an older Monk hissed, waving the girls in.

The room inside was dark and the girls picked their way past desks and cabinets as the Monk led the girls to another inner door. When he opened the second door, light flooded outward, many candles and lanterns were lit, and many Monks lounged on beds and cushions. The Monk closed the door before speaking in a normal voice.

“Welcome, girls!” he said, and now in the light, Dini saw that he and most of the Monks were older men, some very old. They also had loosened their robes, and Dini could see their bellies and cocks. She also saw that there were five other girls in the room, some being played with by Monks, and two sucking Monks’ cocks. They appeared drunk, but when a Monk offered Dini and the rest of her Six large bowls of nectar she realized the other girls had already drank some.

Dini looked at her bowl and saw that it held twice as much as the Priestesses had given them earlier she felt anxious.

“Drink up, girls.” said a cheerful monk, “We have much more if you run out.”

Just then, one of the girls sucking a Monk’s cock vomited onto his crotch making the Monk laugh. He picked up the girl’s empty bowl and waved it at the Monk who’d given Dini hers.

“Refill, brother! My girl needs a refill!” said the laughing Monk.

Dini turned to Cira; “What if we get caught by the Priestesses?”

“So what?” Cira laughed, “The Monks get in trouble, we don’t.”

With that, Cira drank her bowl dry. Dini saw that the other girls in her Six were also drinking, even the scared girl from before, so Dini brought hers to her lips and drank.

Dini found a large cushion and reclined on it, setting her bowl down on the floor and waited for the nectar’s effects to hit her. As she felt the bloom of warmth spread in her belly, Dini watched the other girls with their Monks. Within moments her vision blurred and the room started to tilt and spin and she soon lost herself in the sensations the nectar induced in her.

So much pleasure. Her orgasms were usually hot, tight little spasms that only lasted a few seconds, but on the nectar it was as though her body was bloating on an orgasm that went on and on. Time once again blurred for her and the night turned into a series of images. At one point she found herself watching Yssa on her knees, taking a Monk’s cock deep down her throat and moaning as she threw up over and over.

The Monks fed her more bowls of nectar each time she vomited, and Yssa was enjoying every minute of it.

Dini saw girls from her own Six letting Monks slide their cocks down their throats, and watched them throw up like Yssa, so when an old, fat Monk laid down beside her and pulled her close, Dini snuggled in as he kissed and fondled her. She offered no resistance when he wrapped his large hand around the back of her head and pulled it toward his crotch. Dini opened her mouth and took his cock in. The silky skin was so soft as it slid across her tongue and once it was in her throat and her belly convulsed, the vomiting was sweet and wonderful. Dini drank three more bowls of nectar to replenish her stomach each time she emptied it.

Later, through her nectar addled brain, Dini watched Yssa lay on her back and open her legs wide as a Monk fucked her violently. Yssa moaned and asked for more … more … more. Dini wanted more too as she fell into sexual delirium and was lost to the world.

The sights and sounds and sensations became a blur until disoriented, Dini found herself being rushed through corridors along with her Six by the Monks. They got all six girls into their beds and hurried off and Dini wasn’t sure if she fell asleep or lost consciousness.

It seemed as though only moments had passed before a Priestess was shaking her shoulder roughly.

“Get up! Get up you stupid girls!” the Priestess was saying loudly. Dini struggled out of her bed, realizing that her face, body, and hair were filthy; all were crusted with dried vomit and the white pearly goo that the Monks called ‘shot’. Dini was fumbling with her robe when a Priestess ripped it out of her hands and pushed her out of the room along with the rest of her Six.

As they were herded naked down the corridor to their classroom, they merged with the girls of Forth Six. They too were filthy and disoriented. With all of them together in the narrow corridors, she could smell their hot young filthy bodies - they smelled of sec and vomit. As they stumbled along, Dini became aware of two things; she was still feeling the arousal from the nectar the Monks had given them, and her bowels were cramping.

They were pushed roughly into the classroom and made to stand shoulder to shoulder to face the High Priestess who awaited them.

The old woman gazed at each, looking into their souls with her steely blue eyes until each girl looked away. Dini’s belly was gurgling and the cramping in her bowels was growing worse.

“You.” the High Priestess pointed the girl on the far left of the line, “Sit on the table.”

The girl - one of the Forth Six obeyed.

“Lift your knees.” the High Priestess commanded, “Open your legs.”

The girl lifted her feet and rested them on the table edge as the High Priestess bent and opened the plump lips of the girl’s sex and pushed a finger in deep, curled it inside and pulled it out. She examined the finger, then waved the girl back to her spot.


And so it went, each girl examined by the High Priestess in the same way. As the third girl was being examined, Cira suddenly bent over and vomited sour nectar onto her feet and the floor. Then Dini rushed to the corner alcove where the chamber pot was kept and barely squatted in position before her belly emptied itself of a foul mixture of liquids. Dini wiped and as she returned to her place in line, Cira vomited again and fell to her knees dry-heaving.

It was when Yssa was called up that Dini began to realize the enormity of what they had done. Yssa was pale, her face grey and she was trembling badly. As she took the position and the High Priestess hooked a finger inside her, it came out covered in milky ‘shot’ from the Monks.

Expecting rage, Dini was surprised when the High Priestess sighed and looked heartbroken as she wiped her finger on a cloth.

“Take Yssa to detention.” she said to two other Priestesses.

The examinations went on and no more ‘shot’ was found. When it was her turn, Dini was relieved that when the High Priestess pulled her finger out of her it was wet, but clear. Up until that moment she didn’t know if one of the Monks had fucked her in her delirium.

The girls were told classes were cancelled for the day and directed to go back to their rooms and bathe themselves. They were also told to attend a special lesson in the classroom before breakfast the next day.

Clean and dressed in crisp white robes, the girls from First and Forth Six arrived at the classroom when the warning bell for breakfast sounded. Again, they lined up across the middle of he room facing the Head Priestess. Dini saw that two other Priestesses were standing on either side of a padded chair, what confused her was that they were naked and a shallow pan was on the floor in front of the chair.

After a moment, two more Priestesses brought Yssa into the room. She too was naked and her hands were bound behind her back. Yssa was unsteady on her feet and Dini noticed the inside of her upper thighs were slick and the scent of her arousal came to Dini, wafted on the air as she was walked to the centre of the room. It was obvious that the Priestesses had fed her nectar.

The two naked Priestesses took ahold of Yssa’s arms and lowered her into the chair.

“All of you are guilty, but Yssa broke a cardinal rule for the Temple.” the Head Priestess said, “She is tainted by taking the seed of a man inside her body. For that sin she will be punished. For your sins, you will bear witness.”

The Head Priestess stepped to the side and the two naked Priestesses bent a whimpering Yssa forward over the pan and lifted her chin. Without pausing, one of the Priestesses produced a sharp knife and drew it across Yssa’s throat. The girl’s eyes widened in shock and she began to gag - they obviously hadn't told Yssa what was about to happen. As blood began to flow from her throat, she was pushed even further forward by the naked Priestesses so her blood drained into the pan. Yssa was twitching and choking, appearing confused by what was happening to her.

As she lost consciousness, Yssa flopped forward, landing with her face in the pan, her bum high, piss flowing from her crotch.

“You are dismissed.” the High Priestess announced.

It was over that quickly.

Dini swore she would never again be tempted by the Monks

Light! Noise! Frantic movement!

Dini was awakened from a deep sleep by the frantic voices of the Priestesses. There were three of them and they had brought bright lamps into the First Six’s sleeping room, rousing the girls, roughly shaking them.

“Get up!”

“Your time has come early!”

“The Temple needs you, now!”

Dini lifted herself, squinting through the glare of the lamps.

“What is it? What happened?” Dini asked, starting to feel panic.

“The Visitors have brought fifty-four Deliverers! The Monks are out to find more girls right now.”

As Dini rose and reached for her robe with shaking hands, she hoped this was a nightmare she would awaken from.

“No need for your robes!” a Priestess shouted, “You’re needed in the altarroom NOW!”

Dini was pushed out of the room along with her Six and hurried down the corridor to the stairs leading upward to the altarroom. Dini was still trying to clear the sleep from her head, not able to shake the unreality of what was happening. The Priestesses where frantic, their faces pale. She saw that their hands, sleeves and front of their robes were bloody - some crusted and dried, some fresh, plus yellow stains of what she suspected was vomit was spattered down the front of their robes.

As they mounted the winding stairs, Dini could hear screams and moans coming from above that grew louder as they neared the top. She could also hear the Wailing Monks chanting on the outer walkways, growing louder as the screams did. She recalled hearing their chanting on nights of the moon and thought what everyone thought - they were giving praying to the Visitors. But now she realized the truth; they chanted was to cover the sounds of the screams.

As they drew near, Dini could hear the nature of the girl’s screaming; some were ecstatic but had an edge of terror in them while others were threaded with the sharp tones of agony.

When they arrived at the Altar level, Dini was disturbed to find it in chaos. She’d been shown the Altarlevel on her first day during her Six’s tour, all the heavy doors closed, the floors and walls clean, the Altars themselves spotless and adorned with sprays of flower petals. Now it was a thing of horror; through one open door she could see the piled bloody corpses of girl’s who had served their purpose; the doors to the Altarroom itself were open with bloody drag marks tracing the path to the pile of corpses. The Altarroom was filthy as was each of the six Altars; with pools of vomit and blood and shredded flesh and skin strewn about like a slaughterhouse. As they neared the large doorways they had to step aside as three Monks carried a naked girl out - she was kicking and crying “Wait-Wait-Wait!” in a ragged voice. Dini saw that the girl’s upper belly was bulging outward violently as something tried to force its way out of her.

Ushered quickly into the Altarroom, the girls saw the reason for the urgency; three of the six Altars were still occupied by girls crying out and writhing, their hands clutching their swollen bellies. At the same time, fresh eggs were rising up from below, ready for the next Six. The girls had been taught that the Deliverers can sense the presence of a girl from inside their eggs and sensing that made the eggs open. If they were loose in the room, anyone could fall victim, even the Priestesses.

‘They need us to save them.’ Dini thought.

“Hurry girls!” a Priestess was pushing girls toward the Altars, “Take an Altar, quickly!” As the girls moved forward, four Monks rushed into the room and carried out two of the writhing naked girls while two Priestesses dragged the last one out themselves.

Dini found herself at an altar and climbed up, laying down in the filth already there. She could feel the slime of vomit and the stickiness of blood under her back and legs. She looked to her right and saw Cira settling herself on the next altar. Her eyes were wide and wild, betraying the terror all six girls shared.

“I’m scared.” Cira said in a tremulous voice.

“Me too.” Dini said breathlessly, swallowing past a dry throat. They weren’t ready; they hadn’t done enough practice with the probes; they hadn’t been given any nectar to start them off; nor had they fasted for a day to ensure their stomachs and bowels were empty.

Dini heard one of her Sixmates shriek and looked across the circle to see an egg already opening. Then another. And another. Dini looked over at Cira and saw that her egg was opening as well.

“Cira!” Dini called out a warning. Cira tilted her head back and saw her egg opening as two long, crablike claws reached up out of it.

“… oh gods …” Cira whimpered, her body trembling hard as she peed herself.

Dini glanced around the room and saw that all the eggs were opening, then craning her neck she saw that her egg was already open, her Deliverer halfway out, claws dripping slime reaching for her. Dini felt the bottom drop out of her stomach and cold shiver-bumps spread across her belly and mound.

Dini heard one girl already starting to choke and gag and had time for one last glance at Cira, who had lifted her chin and opened her mouth as her Deliverer covered her face before the shadow of her own Deliverer blocked out the light. Dini saw the soft pink flesh of the underside of her Deliverer and its probe descending toward her mouth as the claws wrapped around her head and its tail wound around her throat. She squeezed her eyes shut as she felt the tip of the probe pressing against her lips. Dini drew one last deep breath through her nose and opened her mouth.

The probe filled her mouth quickly, sliding across her tongue as it searched for her throat. The probe was muscular but its skin slippery and soft. Remembering her lessons, Dini pushed her tongue outward to make her throat open and the Deliverer quickly thrust deep, sliding down Dini’s gullet. She felt her stomach churn then convulse and she felt her evening meal gushing up her throat past the Deliverer’s probe. As she vomited uncontrollably, Dini could hear that the other girls were faring no better. Cira was the only one Dini could hear who wasn’t vomiting; she could hear Cira grunting, her throat filled with her latched Deliverer’s probe.

Dini struggled as her heaving and vomiting kept the probe fighting to penetrate to her stomach. She wanted it there. She wanted to feel it nest inside her and begin the process of implanting its seed and along with it flooding her belly with its nectar. The nectar would make everything alright.

One by one, she heard the other girls’ Deliverers latch and their gagging and heaving turned to grunting and muffled moans. After what felt like hours, but really was only less than a hundred heartbeats, Dini felt her Deliverer painfully breach the tight opening at the top of her stomach and slide inside, the tip of her probe opening like an infernal flower and latching itself inside her.

It was then that Dini felt the probe vibrating in her throat and a gush of warm nectar bloated her stomach. She relaxed then and awaited the effects. They came fast and hot, flooding her body with bliss. She felt the now familiar sensation of the room tilting, and the nauseating dizziness as she was carried away on an ocean of pure sexual pleasure.

As she stroked her own body with her fingertips, she felt the probe thickening in her mouth as it pushed the fat seed past her teeth. Dini lifted her chin and opened her mouth as wide as she could, feeling the seed forcing her throat to open painfully wide.

Dini’s toes curled as she squirmed on her altarfeeling almost overwhelmed by the first peaks of orgasm as the probe undulated down her gullet, carrying the seed toward her stomach in small increments. If she could die in those first few moments she would have died happy. Like thousands of Temple girls before her, Dini felt a deep love for her Deliverer and tears of joy coursed down her flushed cheeks.

Dini slowly arose from her sexual delirium and became aware that her seed was pressing hard against the opening of her stomach. Her moan was muffled as she reacted to the increasing pain and pressure under her sternum. It grew worse quickly and felt like her heart would burst in her chest. She could feel her pulse pounding in her temples as the pain reached its peak. When she thought that she couldn’t take anymore, she felt that sweet agony of the seed popping through into her nectar filled stomach - she felt it slosh inside her belly. Almost instantly, Dini felt the claws and tail of her Deliverer tighten as another gush of nectar bloated her stomach. Then she felt her Deliverer’s claws and tail relax and the probe went limp.

Reaching up, Dini grasped the Deliverer’s body and pulled it free from her face, gagging and retching as the probe slid up her gullet. She let it drop to the floor, and lay still until her stomach settled.

Beside her on the next altar, Cira was palpating her belly with one hand while masturbating with the other. She turned her fevered face toward Dini and gazed at through half lidded eyes, her lust obvious.

“It’s in me, Dini.” Cira gasped breathlessly, “It’s INSIDE my belly.”

Cira’s shoulders and head lifted from the altarand her thighs clenched tight, trapping her hand to her crotch. Her entire body shuddered violently as she orgasmed for a long time.

Watching her friend climax, Dini too pressed against her soft belly with her fingertips and found the large, hard lump of the seed inside her. She pushed it back and forth in her belly, feeling her stomach moving, hearing the seed sloshing in her nectar filled belly. The sensation was glorious and she felt the muscles at the bottom of her belly tighten as she quickly built to her own orgasm. Dini snaked a hand between her trembling thighs and pulled three fingers inside her sex and her climax bloomed inside her belly, making her shake, making her toes curl.

Like the love she felt for her Deliverer, Dini felt the growth of warm love for the embryo growing inside her. Her heart swelled in what she guessed was a version of the love a woman feels for a child growing in her belly, except hers had a strong sexual component.

Dini was distracted by a commotion at the large doors to the altarroom. She saw a group of six young girls being herded by three monks. They were terrified and confused, clustered together in their fear. Their ragged clothing and dirty skin told that they were orphans or unwanted street urchins.

The Head Priestess rushed in, clapping her hands to get the Six’s attention.

“Girls. We have to move you to another room.” she announced, “More eggs are on the way.”

Other Priestesses appeared and assisted each of the Six to stand. Dini - like the rest - moved slowly, feeling fragile and weak, and walked with the assistance of one of the Priestesses. Dini and the other girls walked hunched over, their bodies curled around the seeds in their bellies.

As they neared the door to pass the new girls that the Monks had taken from the streets, Cira cried out and her legs collapsed beneath her. Dini saw the trembling and heard Cira’s panting and knew her friend was having another strong orgasm.

Dini looked at the new girls, their fear redoubling as they watched Cira convulse on her knees, being stopped from falling by the Priestess who held her arm.

“She’s not in pain.” Dini told the new girls with a faltering smile as she fought her own orgasmic feelings, “Don’t fight what happens to you. It feels marvelous.”

The Priestesses helped the Six navigate to a cell on the same level as they heard the grinding of six new eggs being lifted into position in the altarroom. There was a large bucket filled with nectar and six bowls in their new room. Puddles of vomit, blood and shreds of flesh littered the floor. In one corner was a cluster of six old wooden crates, bound with iron and rivets. They were as wide as a girl’s body and long enough to reach from her thighs to upper chest. Dini guessed what they were for. They would be needed later.

The Six settled onto the floor, not caring about the vomit, blood, or flesh - all six just wanting to indulge in the sexual feelings they were all experiencing. Besides - Dini thought - soon we will add to the vomit, blood, and flesh. The thought sent waves of quivers through her body.

Cira was already laying on her side, frantically masturbating, whimpering and crying out, her eyes squeezed shut. Along with Dini, the other girls drank a bowl of nectar from the bucket. Dini filled the sixth and took it to Cira, knee-walking because the thought of standing was filled her with dread. Dini lifted Cira’s head and fed her the nectar which Cira drank down in huge sputtering gulps.

“… thank you ...” Cira gasped. Dini set her bowl down and laid down behind Cira, wrapping her arms around the quivering girl and pressing belly against Cira’s back. Cira was having an orgasm every hundred heartbeats or so when her quivering would turn to violent shaking. Dini pressed her belly against Cira harder in those times and having the violent motion shake the heavy seed in her own belly and feeling the sloshing nectar would send Dini into shuddering orgasms as well. Dini could hear the other girls in her Six moaning and whimpering as they too reveled in the sexual gift of the seeds in their bellies, and in the distant altar room she could hear the faint sounds of gagging and vomiting as the fresh girls were taken by their Deliverers.

As time went on, Dini began to feel feverish and achy in her body. The Priestesses warned that this might happen - the seed was a foreign body, and absorbing too much nectar could also make you ill.

Dini grew weary, and delirious and fell asleep with Cira still in her arms.

Dini awoke crying out from a powerful orgasm. She was on her back and she felt hands on her belly, pressing in painfully. As her orgasm retreated, she lifted her head and saw that it was Cira, straddling Dini’s legs, the fingers of both hands pressed into Dini’s belly.

“What did you do?” Dini slurred her words, feeling groggy from her illness and fever, plus addled from awakening mid-orgasm.

“This.” Cira said with a smile, and pressed in high on Dini’s soft belly, pushing the seed downward, then pulled, moving it forcefully even lower. Dini grunted and had another toe-curling orgasm.

“… oh gods … don’t stop …” Dini gasped, squirming on the wet floor. And Cira didn’t stop, she kept massaging Dini’s belly deeply, forcing the seed lower as though she was trying to squeeze it out of her stomach and into her bowels.

At some point Dini lost consciousness, and awoke with Cira’s gentle hands supporting her head and holding a bowl to Dini’s lips. Dini drank the nectar greedily - she felt so thirsty and so weak.

“… thank you …” Dini whispered and rolled on her side, feeling the weight of the seed pulling on her belly. Cira was sitting beside her, cross-legged, and Dini noted the large bulge in Cira’s abdomen. Dini reached out and cupped it, stroking gently, feeling the firmness there.

“Did you get an extra large seed?” Dini asked.

“No.” Cira smiled, “It’s growing.”

Cira took Dini’s hand and placed it on her own belly. It was larger. Much larger. Dini felt a wave of shiver-bumps wash over her thighs, bum, and belly. Soon, perhaps in just hours, the seed would transform into a Small Demon and birth itself from their bodies.

Dini shuddered - things were progressing so fast.

Dini looked around the room and saw that the rest of her Six also had pronounced bulges in their bellies. She also noted that three of the orphan girls were huddled in a corner, wrapped up in each others embrace, moaning or whimpering. Each girl’s pelvis was working as they too felt the bliss inside them.

“They put them in here with us awhile ago.” Cir explained. “All the rooms up here are full, and the last six girls are on the altars.”

Dini gazed at Cira and noticed the girl’s flushed face, and the sheen of sweat all over her body.

“You’re sick too.” Dini said.

“Yeah.” Cira answered, “But I’m not wasting the last hours of my life sleeping.”

Dini and Cira fell silent as they became aware of girls voices in distress echoing from another chamber. It began with one girl crying and more voices were added over the next hundred heartbeats. The voices ranges from gagging and crying to grunts of pain to moans of ecstasy. The girls looked into each other’s eyes, their faces paling as they realized that they were listening to an entire Six breaching.

“Breaching.” Cira whispered.

“All at once.” Dini replied in hushed, reverent voice.

“The Small Demons know when one starts.” Cira observed, “One triggers the next and the next.”

“We’ll all of us breach together.” Dina finished the thought.

The girls remained still and listened to the final sounds of torment for a moment, hearing them rise to a crescendo of screams and the sounds of final orgasms.

“I saw what the Priestess did to you when we first took the nectar.” Cira said, "Mine did it to me too."

“Their hands.” Dini confirmed.

“Yes.” Cira said, pausing, blushing, “Will you do that to me now?”

Dini smiled, “Of course. Will you push my seed lower like you did belore?”

Cira nodded and lay down so she was head-to-crotch with Dini, opening her thighs and pressing her hand above Dini’s seed. Dini found Cira’s sex loose and slippery and accepting of four fingers all at once. Dini tucked her thumb and pressed as she felt an orgasm building from Cira’s increasing pressure pushing her seed lower in her belly.

“Oh gods!” Cira grunted as Dini’s entire hand slid into her body. Dini made a fist and began stroking deep within her friend’s body as she shuddered in the first of many orgasms.

The girls worked each other through countless orgasms until both flopped limp in exhaustion.

Dini awoke to Aidi moaning and shuddering. Opening her eyes, she saw the girl writhing on the floor.

“The Quickening?” Dini asked. Aidi was only able to nod. Within moment she heard other girls begin moaning, whimpering, and squirming as their Small Demons began to move within them. Beside her Ciri was lying on her back, the bulge in her belly moving, pressing upward then wriggling.

Dini laid her hand on the bulge in her own belly. It was considerably larger and heavier now. Dini gasped as she felt her Small Demon squirm inside her. The feeling of movement in her belly took her breath away, and in that moment she realized that the seed was not a casing the Small Demons emerged from, but a coiled creature that absorbed the nectar and grew larger until it became active. That was what she was feeling, the Small Demon uncoiling in her belly, stretching out its long tail and experimenting with undulating its long body.

Girls around her began gagging and retching, some vomiting from the movement in their stomachs. Dini’s Small Demon was lower in her belly, so she felt her bowels cramping and just a low simmering nausea.

Dini rolled on her back and massaged her belly, feeling the creature wriggling and curling inside her. The Small Demon was preparing to be born. She knew that she and her Six were only hours away from breaching and death as their Small Demons gathered the strength to burst from their bodies.

Dini closed her eyes and relished the movements, knowing what she was feeling was some of the last sensations in her short life.

And it did feel perversely good, after all.

Dini awoke to Aidi moaning “… no … no … no …” and squirming on the stone floor, and the liquid sounds of another girl vomiting. She felt a stirring in her own belly.

‘It’s beginning.’ Dini thought with dread.

Other girls in her Six were reacting as the chain reaction began in each of them - their Small Demons sensed each other and knew their time was upon them to shed these hosts and to be born.

She heard a Monk run from the room and call out; “Start the chant!” and a moment later she heard the small silver bell followed by the deep chanting of the Wailing Monks. Other Monks rushed into the room, wearing heavy leather gloves, dragging a wooden box to each girl.

Dini lifted her head and saw Cira on her knees, dragging one of the wooden crates away from the wall amidst the growing chaos in the room. Cira was independent to the last. As her belly bulged and distorted with the activity of her Small Demon, Cira was gasping, struggling to open the lid of the crate. She grunted loudly and heaved the lid open, exhausted by the effort. Using her hands to pull herself up, Cira dragged her belly over the box, until she collapsed onto it, covering the opening with her body from just above her mound to her upper chest - her belly and breasts sagging into it.

“Stay with me?” Cira gasped, sounding weak and helpless, "It's coming so fast.

“I will.” Dini gasped, feeling her Small Demon squirming inside her, then crying out as she felt its teeth. Her bowels cramped and she swallowed back some vomit that left a coppery aftertaste in her mouth.

With her eyes fixed on Dini’s, Cira surrendered to her Small Demon’s breaching, moaning as it began to chew its way out of her belly, humping her hips in time to the rolling sensations of her final orgasm and the excruciating agony in her belly.

“… more …” was the last word Cira spoke and as she grimaced, Dini wondered if she wanted more pain, more time, or more ecstasy - perhaps all three. Dini heard the rending of Cira’s belly and the wet, heavy thud of the Small Demon squirming out of her and falling into the box. Cira looked orgasmic as Dini heard her blood spattering and the heavy splat of her intestines falling out of her inside the box. Cira moaned and lowered her head, then her body slumped and her head flopped and hung still.

Released from her promise to Cira who was either dead or soon to be, Dini was able to give full attention to her own impending breaching. She could feel her Small Demon burrowing lower into her belly, knowing it had used its teeth to free itself from her stomach.

Dini began to masturbate, to dig four fingers into her oily sex as her lower belly bulged and undulated from her Small Demon. Dini matched the Small Demon’s movements, at times curling forward then slowly arching her back and pushing her swollen belly outwards, the anticipation that one of those times she would feel the teeth as her belly burst.

Around her she was aware of Monks hurrying to open breaching crates and lay moaning and crying girls belly-down over them - one girl crying out “…oh my gods … oh my gods …” over and over. The girls’ reactions were different, but most quieted after they breached, almost as if the birth of their Small Demons was a relief, or the slow fading of a prolonged orgasm.

A Monk dragged a crate to her side and opened the lid. But instead of lifting her, he knelt at her side.

“Don’t worry.” he hissed at her, “You can stay as you are. I’ll catch it.”

Looking up she saw it was the Monk whose cock she had sucked.

Dini continued to masturbate franticly, feeling the growing pressure in her lower belly as her Small Demon compressed her sex organs, but also feeling her impending orgasm growing fast. Her body was undulating in time with her Small Demon pushing itself upward, distorting her belly. She began to pant and heard herself crying out with each breath, growing louder and louder. Dini was struggling to reach climax before her belly burst. She reached down with her other hand and pressed her thumbnail deep into her thigh seeking more exquisite pain.

Now she was screaming with each exhalation, feeling the pressure build and build.

“It’s coming!” the Monk shouted excitedly.

And it was coming; Dini felt her Small Demon open its mouth inside her and felt the jagged teeth bite as it pushed hard with its long tail.

"… yes … yes … yes …" Dini screamed as her orgasm bloomed in her belly. She saw the bulge grow huge just below her belly button mid-orgasm, and her body jerked violently as her belly burst, spraying blood, bile, and shredded flesh over her quivering thighs.

It was a sudden release; of pressure; of pain; of the weight and violence of her Small Demon. Dini’s sweet agony vanished amidst the last fluttering waves of her orgasm. She moaned and felt her body slump as the Monk dropped the Small Demon into the crate and slammed the lid down.

All was peace now. During her own ordeal, all the other girls had breached and were either dead or dying. The Wailing Monks quieted.

Dini’s world grew bright and cool around her as her soul found a peace like she’d never known.