TEMPLE GIRL: SURI, the rebel girl

Temple Girl: Suri, the rebel girl

by Erotickynk

Suri was one of The Sixth Six. It was said that the girls of the Sixth Six were stronger than the girls of the First, Second, Third and so on. They had to be because they would know the reality of what was going to happen to them.

The girls judged too gentle and too timid were always put in the First Six, so they entered a Temple fresh and clean, unaware of what really was about to happen. Of course all of the girls were taught by the Priestess about the Deliverers and their Seed and the Small Demons that would grow in their bellies. They were all promised that they would receive their reward when they died and ascended to become goddesses. But each girl was different and each girl was judged and placed in one of the Sixfold Sixes based on that judgment. Naοve girls would be placed in the early Sixes, where-as more practical girls who were aware of the realities of what was about to happen to their bodies would go later.

Suri never did believe that she would become a goddess after she died. She believed that her reward would be what she made it to be, that it was the experience of the implantation, the growth of the Small Demon within her and it's violent birth that would reward her, not some fairy tale. Suri had been one of two attendants to a girl named Xal the previous year. Xal had suffered immensely during the ritual but had also had strong prolonged orgasms that left her weeping and quivering, and though Suri was not allowed to see the birth, she was permitted to view Xal's corpse. As she knelt beside Xal's bloody body, looking at the ragged gaping hole in her belly, she saw that Xal's chest moved slightly - the girl was still alive! Bowing over her, her lips close to Xal's ear, Suri had whispered her question;

“What did you feel?”

Xal's reply was weak, and so gentle that Suri at first thought she imagined it;

“... wonderful ...”, Xal had replied and the corners of her mouth twitched in a small smile before Xal drew one last shuddering breath and died as Suri held her hand. In that moment, Suri knew she would ask to follow in Xal's footsteps, to sacrifice her life in the temple - not for glory or for the Visitors - but because she wanted to experience that wonder for herself.

Being part of the Sixth Six, Suri had watched the parade of bodies carried down from the Temple high above by the Monks over the past hours. Some of the girls looked peaceful in death, their bodies soft and relaxed on the stretchers. Others bore the evidence of their anguish in their twisted limbs and the pained expressions fixed on their faces. All wore the bloody robes as a testament to their sacrifice, and on some Suri could see the ragged opening in their belly or chest where their Small Demon had birthed itself. One girl in the First Six - Suri thought her name was Sei - had a Small Demon that burrowed through her belly to the cradle of her pelvis and had birthed itself through her lower belly. Suri had shivered, wondering what that would have felt like.

By the time the Sixth Six entered the temple, the altars were stained with blood and shreds of flesh and internal organs. The floor was wet and slick in spots and the room smelled strongly of female sex, coppery blood, and sour vomit. Thirty girls had entered and allowed a Deliverer to take them and implant the Seed into their bellies and had suffered through the sickness as the Small Demons grew inside their stomachs. Thirty girls had experienced sexual ecstasy and agony beyond their imaginations in that room. And thirty girls had died as their Small Demons birthed. Suri and the other five girls were about to make that thirty-six - a Sixfold Six - which would pay this moon's tribute to the Visitors and end the orgy of mating and death.

Like her sisters, Suri walked to her altar and slid her bottom up and onto the smooth stone surface, lifted her legs and turned to lay down with her head toward the centre of the room and her feet pointed toward the hollow at the foot of the altar where her egg would emerge. Her attendants brought her a bowl of the nectar and one held her head while the other tilted it to her lips so she could drink the slimy ropes of the liquid down.

Suri had volunteered to serve the Priestesses in their chambers and one night while they drank too much wine mixed with the nectar the Visitors gave them, she had learned some secrets of the eggs and the ritual; She learned that the higher the number of each Six, the darker the eggs they were given. The darker the egg the more powerful the Deliverers and Small Demons were. Sometimes the dark eggs had embryos much larger than the paler eggs, making the implantation harder on the girls. Some girls' throats were damaged from the implantation of such large eggs and lost the ability to speak or even cry out and so died in silence. But always, the Deliverers were more aggressive and that gave Suri strong sexual shivers.

As the girls awaited the arrival of their eggs, Suri mischievously reached up and removed her headdress, setting it down on the altar behind her and grasped the material of her dress at the hips and wiggled it upward, so the hem was level with her crotch. She could feel the cool air on her sex. Looking up, she saw the smiles and the flushed cheeks of her two attendants in the shadows of their hoods. Returning their smiles, Suri slid her right hand down between her thighs and toyed with the lips of her labia, gently awakening her sexual feelings as the nectar made the room tilt and her belly warm sweetly.

Suri knew what the ritual was all about for the girls, even the timid ones. It was about the intense sexual pleasure and the perverse act of having a foreign creature slid down their throat and into their bellies and feeling it move there as it grew - feeling it grow more active and eventually violent and knowing that there was no way to stop how it would end. The idea made Suri tremble and reminded her of being held down by the older girls and forced to accept fingers and eventually an entire hand into her body. The fear, the arousal, the feeling of being trapped, held down, and the very sexual feeling of inevitability that drove her wild. Even when she was experienced enough to seek out the older girls, she always asked them to hold her down.

The Priestess neared, chanting her prayers and looked down at Suri, noting her missing headdress and the hem of her dress hiked so high. The Priestess slowly shook her head and walked away, still muttering her prayers. Suri worked her fingers between the plump lips of her labia, feeling her oily wetness spreading and her sex loosening and opening, liking that her two attendants were watching her masturbate. She was remembering how all of the girls experimented with the nectar that they stole from the Priestesses' chambers and how it brought such sweet sexual feelings. And how the girls played games to pretend what it would be like to have a Deliverer take them by sliding their fingers down each others throats. Suri and a few of the other girls were bolder - Drunk on the nectar they had used an oiled silken rope that they dared each other to swallow. Suri had relished the ordeal and recalled feeling it working down her gullet swallow after swallow until another girl had pulled it up and made her vomit. After that, Suri would sneak the rope under the blankets of her sleeping pad and practice on her own. Suri grew to love the sensation of the rope sliding up her throat.

Her fingers working faster, Suri was getting close to her first climax, her breathing becoming ragged and her thighs starting to quiver when she heard the grinding of the mechanism below the Altar room and the eggs were raised into position. Her orgasm dissolving before it began, Suri lifted her head and watched as her egg rose and filled the hollow at the foot of her altar and gasped as it began to open immediately.

Suri felt an almost overwhelming wave of cold fear rush through her from her thighs across her loins and up her belly. As her attendants moved to the egg and reached inside to pull out the Deliverer, Suri lifted herself up onto her elbows and watched in morbid fascination as the large scorpion-like creature was lifted free of the clear gelatinous slime within. Her attendants carried it swiftly toward her face, its claws reaching out blindly searching for her and it's tail uncoiling and sliding perversely over her bare mound.

As the Deliverer neared her face, Suri watched its underbelly undulating and its probe emerging with its diamond-shaped tip already dripping its secretions. Suri could feel her body betraying her as her belly tightened in fear, but she parted her lips and opened her jaw wide for the Deliverer's probe, sliding her tongue outward to guide it into her. The tip touched her tongue and she tasted the musky bitterness of the secretions and felt the solidness of the cartilage-like probe tip slide wetly across her tongue and press firmly down into her gullet.

“... urlph ...” Suri gagged as the probe penetrated her throat, compressing the root of her tongue, elongating and taking her oh-so-quickly. The Deliverer's claws encircled her head and pulled her face tight to its hot wet underbelly as its tail slipped around her neck and tightened as the probe slithered thick and hot down her gullet. The Deliverer's claws covered Suri's ears and muffled the sounds of the others, so Suri was enclosed in her own world as her Deliverer took her.

Suri gagged, her stomach heaving, and reached up with her hands, gripping a claw in each of her fists as the probe flexed in her throat like a tightening fist, stretching it and blocking it. Suri fell back on the altar and twisted her body, gripping the Deliverer as its probe narrowed once more and slid all the way down her gullet and into her stomach. She pushed with her legs, her heels scraping against the altar as it seemed to gather and move within her, fluttering and stirring her stomach contents, seeming to toy with her - to play with her. Then suddenly the probe was sliding back up her throat, stroking her gag reflex until the cartilage of its tip curled and compressed the back of her tongue.

“... urlph ...” Suri's body curled as her belly convulsed and foamy nectar rushed up her throat and plumped her cheeks to spray out past her lips. Then the probe was moving again, slithering once more down her gullet, keeping her gag reflex excited and her belly trembling. Its tip plunged into her stomach sac once more and this time pulsed a strong jet of nectar into her - the musky taste so strong she could taste it in the back of her throat. She felt the chemical heat in her belly instantly and felt it spread quickly, radiating outward across her abdomen and up to her breasts and down to her loins and the large muscles of her thighs.

Suri was stunned by the intensity of the sexual arousal she felt from the Deliverer's nectar, and held her body tight and rigid on the altar as it overwhelmed her. From around her she could faintly hear other girls gagging and heaving and thrashing on their altars. She felt her sex swelling and growing oily as her body prepared for coming orgasms, then the probe was slithering quickly back up her throat and she gagged hard and heaved, the nectar from her bloated stomach following the tip of the probe as it stroked upward through her throat and curled once more in her mouth. It pulsed another hard jet of nectar that sprayed inside her mouth and the taste was wretchedly bitter. Suri grimaced and swallowed it down to try to get rid of it, and the probe used that action to slide downward once more - deep into her body through her gullet - faster this time, slamming deep into her stomach.

“... mrlph ...” Suri grunted from the hard invasion of her stomach and rolled onto her side, drawing up her knees and curling into a ball on the altar. She felt the hands of her attendants press against her, steadying her body so she didn't fall off to the stone floor as the probe coiled and squirmed inside her. Then she felt the tip of the probe opening like an infernal flower to expand inside her stomach. Once anchored, she felt the probe flex hard, stretching her throat, and felt her stomach pulled painfully upward. Suri would have screamed if her throat had not been blocked as the Deliverer held her stomach like a clenched fist. Then it relaxed and Suri felt another fluttering rush of secretions spray against the inner walls of her stomach, bloating it painfully.

The Deliverer had taken her.

It then began to pulse. Strong rhythmic undulating waves of movement rolled down the length of the probe, expanding it in her throat like a rolling muscle - past her lips and down her gullet and into her stomach. Suri had learned from the girls last year - speaking to them between their time of implantation and the lonely birth - that their experience was nothing as strong as this. They spoke of a single steady insertion and a gentle tug followed by a sensual rolling sensation as the Deliverer moved the Seed down into their bellies. This Deliverer was stronger than that. This felt like the rapes she experienced when she was young - the frantic desperate humping of her stepfather as he drove his cock into her small body, his fat chest smothering her, her belly feeling the impact of each thrust as he pounded inside her.

As the Deliverer worked her and her memories flooded back, Suri unconsciously slid both her hands between her thighs and cupped her sex as though to protect herself as she lay on her side, curled tight. Suri felt her jaw being forced open wider and then felt the Seed press past her teeth and into her mouth, filling it and moving to the back of her throat by the steady undulations of the Deliverer's probe while Suri slipped her tongue under it. Suri felt a chill tingle down her back as the Seed shifted firmly into her gullet and began its transit toward her stomach. Her fantasies of being taken and implanted were nothing like this.

This was real.

Suri felt a heart-breaking hopelessness hit her as the ritual became real to her - she was now doomed - the Seed would be implanted in her belly and the Small Demon would grow there and give her the sickness and rip her apart as it birthed and she would die in this room. Yet fighting the despair was the growing sexual arousal that the nectar the probe kept splashing inside brought her. As the probe pulsed and the Seed moved slowly downward, Suri surrendered herself to the ritual as she had surrendered herself years ago and her orgasms began.

Suri's small body shook and jerked on the altar, her attendants now caressing her body and massaging her tight muscles. The movement of the DSeed within her throat became a sexual thing, it was a slow penetration that triggered waves of strong sexual sensations through her that began in the root of her tongue and rippled down her throat and through her abdomen. Suri found that simply trying to swallow triggered a climax, and working the root of her tongue under the muscular thickness of the probe would prolong each orgasm.

As Suri let herself get lost on the continual waves of sexual bliss, she became aware of her jaw being pressed open once more. She felt another tingling chill wash through her body as a second Seed plopped into her mouth, filling it. Like the first, it was pressed tight against the back of her throat and then shifted into her gullet. She was to have two Small Demons grow within her.

Suri had heard that a few of the darker eggs produced Deliverers that carried Seeds so large that the girls' gullets could not accept them and they choked to death once the Deliverer gave up trying and died. But she'd never heard of one producing two Seeds. She soon discovered that two Seeds produced stronger arousal and surrendered to it.

Soon her inner thighs were slick and sticky from the clear mucus of her orgasmic contractions and her nipples ached from being so tight and puckered. The roughness of her dress was too much for her over-sensitized skin, and Suri gripped the low neck line and ripped it all the way down to the hem, pulling it from her body with awkward jerking tugs of her shaking arms. Once she lay naked on the cool smooth stone of her altar, she felt better - freer.

After hours of orgasmic bliss and the building pressure under her sternum, Suri was able to relish the sensation as the tight ring at the top of her stomach was stretched and opened as the first Seed made its final penetration inside her. The feeling was overwhelming and the sweetness of the exquisite build of pressure and pain peaked just under her sternum and she felt the Seed 'plop' into her stomach sac at last. Her tummy felt full and heavy as the seed settled there. And if she could have, Suri would have smiled for she knew that she would get to experience it a second time as the second Seed moved lower.

The second implantation was as sweetly intense as the first and as the tip of the probe released it into her now crowded belly, Suri felt one last long gush of nectar bathe the insides of her stomach before the probe relaxed in her throat and the claws clutching her head released her at last. Suddenly Suri felt the need to breathe and it surprised her that she had not felt that urge since the Deliverer first took her. Suri gagged and felt the quivering threat in her stomach as her attendants gently lifted the Deliverer and pulled the probe up her gullet. The bitter taste returned but was washed away as her attendants quickly lifted her head and held a bowl of the nectar to her lips.

Suri drank aeven though her stomach was already bloated, slaking a thirst she wasn't aware of until that moment, feeling the slippery ropes of the nectar slithering down her throat to add to the liquid coat inside of her stomach and cushion the twin Seeds within her. She looked down and saw that her skin was shiny and wet with sweat and there was a small bulge at the top of her belly already. As her attendant laid her head back down on the altar, Suri's exhaustion overcame her and she fell into a deep sleep, painting erotic dreams in the indigo blue of the nocturnal world of her mind.

Suri slowly became aware and arose from her sensual dreams like a swimmer becomes aware of light while surfacing from deep water. She could feel that the sickness was already upon her. Her stomach was queasy and her face and body felt hot and dry. Her attendants had rolled her onto her back in her sleep and her hands slipped gently to her stomach and she could feel the solid weight of the two seeds within her. Pressing in with her fingertips, she felt their hardness in her stomach, but the action caused a wave of nausea in her belly. She felt the sudden swelling sensation in her stomach and the wild tingling under her jaw line that always preceded her vomiting . Her mouth started to water. Suri rolled onto her side and hung her head over the edge of her altar, feeling the warm nectar rush up her throat and fill her mouth.

“... blurph ...” Suri vomited quietly, hearing the nectar spattering onto the stone floor below her.

“... mmmphh ...” she swallowed and hoped it was over, but another wave came on strong and more nectar rushed up from her gut and spewed onto the floor.

“... nngh ...” again, Suri tried to swallow, but another smaller spew of nectar sprayed from her lips. And as her stomach emptied, she felt it contracting around the two hard Seeds within until it gripped them tight. They felt like two solid weights inside her now, and she wondered what it would feel like once they began to move and squirm and wriggle inside her. '... like a tadpole ...' she recalled one girl saying as the quickening began last year.

But Suri would have two in her belly and the thought made her shiver.

When next she awoke, her attendants were huddled together over her, one holding her head while the other held the bowl to her lips. Suri drank down the almost gelatinous nectar and relished the feeling as it soothed her stomach, cushioning its tender tissues from the hard seeds inside her. Her fever was high and her skin was still hot and dry. She could hear the moans of another girl somewhere in the chamber.

Suri wanted to feel sexual, but looking down at her body she saw that her nipples were soft and her mound was as hot and dry as the rest of her. Her body ached. All she wanted to do was sleep, so sleep she did - curling on her side and worrying that she was sleeping away the final hours of her life. Suri faded in and out of consciousness, being awakened to drink the nectar, then left to sleep fitfully on her altar.

When the quickening at last began, Suri felt it in her sleep and it became part of the erotic dreams that she drifted in and out of. She first felt the faint and sporadic movements within her stomach and over time they slowly grew longer and stronger, becoming a fluttering tickle inside her belly. Her exhaustion was such that she slept soundly for hour upon hour, and as she slept and the Small Demons grew more active within her, the sensations became more intense. During this time, she felt a cooling sweat break out on her skin and the sick fever left her body. Suri could feel her body reacting to the movements inside her - her muscles trembling, stomach quivering and the root of her tongue tingling as though she may vomit again. Her breathing soon grew deeper and ragged and her lower belly began to clench and cramp. She felt as though she was building to an orgasm, but it also felt like so much more.

A particularly strong flutter within her stomach made her gasp and curl her body forward, and as she did she began to awaken. She was trying to sit up, and felt disoriented and muzzy. But her attendants were there, and she felt their cool soft hands on her hot wet skin as they helped her into a sitting position, her thighs open and her knees bent. They supported her back and held her hands as she shook off the erotic dreams that still clung to her mind like cobwebs. Then the fluttering in her belly came again - strong. She felt both Small Demons wriggling within her and the intense tickle inside her stomach took her breath away.

It was real.

They were real and alive inside her.

“ ... ungh! ...” Suri grunted, then retched as the fluttering excited her gag reflex. She was shaking badly, all the muscles in her body firing on their own as it reacted to the foreign sensation of foreign living creatures moving inside her. She felt strong sexual sensations washing through her like warm waves, but along with those a cold fear also gripped her.

'I'm really going to die' - was the thought that rushed forward in her mind. Desperate to stay sexually aroused and keep her mind from death, Suri pulled her right hand free and moved it between her open thighs, trying to finger herself. But her hand was trembling too badly and she quickly grew frustrated. Suri looked into the inquisitive and empathetic eyes of her attendants ...

“... help me ...” she whimpered, and in response they moved closer, each wrapping one arm around her body. As the Small Demons continued to wriggle inside her, Suri lifted her own shaking arms and hung them over the shoulders of the girls and could smell the strong tang of fear-sweat from her own armpits. One girl stroked her nipples, sending sweet tingles across her chest and down her belly, while the other slipped her hand between Suri's open thighs and stroked her vulva and labia. Suri moaned as the sweet feelings began and the Small Demons continued their dance inside her stomach.

Suri whimpered and whined as the girls worked her body, and she quivered and trembled as the creatures continued to move inside her. Occasionally one would try to wriggle its way up her gullet and she would lift her chin and gag and that made her sexual arousal more intense and perverse. The girl playing with her nipples leaned close and smiled as her eyes met Suri's and she slipped her hand down the undersides of Suri's small breasts and stroked her swollen stomach, feeling the moving lumps of the demons inside. The girl pressed in with her fingertips and massaged the Small Demons, moving them inside her and in response Suri felt them go wild in her belly, wriggling like large tadpoles trying to escape. The action made Suri heave, her mouth watering and the foamy nectar rising up her throat as she squeezed her eyes closed and shivered.

Suri could feel the frantic squirming tails of the demons whipping the nectar into an expanding froth inside her stomach as the girl resumed her gentle stroking and the creatures slowed somewhat. Suri looked up into the girl's eyes.

“... more ...” she gasped as she let her belly go loose, feeling the vibration of the Small Demons' movements shaking it, making it jiggle. The attendant pressed in with her fingertips and wriggled them firmly, moving the Small Demons, exciting them, making them feel threatened. Suri's eyes stared straight ahead at nothing as their movement became violent and turbulent. She felt her stomach slowly roll and the foamy nectar rose up her gullet and filled her mouth then flowed over her chin and down her chest and belly.

“... urlphhh ...” Suri heard her own gurgling as she gently vomited. The other girl now had hooked two fingers inside her sex and had found that sweet swollen spot and was massaging it rapidly. Suri felt the beginning tension of an orgasm and both girls worked her body - one fingering her sex and the other disturbing the Small Demons inside her belly. Her skin tingled all over her body, goosebumps raising and her nipples puckering tight and wrinkling. As Suri felt her orgasm begin, she pressed her belly outward and started to shake badly. her breathing erratic and desperate.

“...ngh-ngh-ngh-nghaAHHH! ...” she cried out as her orgasm exploded in her lower belly and the Small Demons squirmed and swam inside her. Suri's toes curled and her thighs quivered as she orgasmed hard, held tight in the arms of her attendants. And as her orgasm eased the two girls continued to work her body and Suri felt a second orgasm erupt inside her, convulsing her body and leaving her gasping.

Then a third, and fourth, and fifth ...

Soon Suri lost her sense of time and place. She even lost her sense of self as wave after wave of quaking orgasm shook her body and left her sweating and breathless, feeling like she would pass out. She humped herself against the girl's hand, rolling her hips in a frantic rutting motion, her belly undulating with the waves of intense bliss that radiated through her, her thighs trembling and her arms growing weak. Near the end of this marathon of sensation as Suri looked down at her body and her tortured stomach once more rebelled and convulsed, she saw that the foaming yellow nectar that she vomited to flow down her torso was faintly streaked with blood. The twin Small Demons inside her were causing damage to the tender flesh of her stomach and the pain from that damage was distant and intermixed with the ecstasy she was lost in.

'I am starting to pay the price for my pleasure', she thought as one last orgasm rocked her body and mind and she lost consciousness. Suri felt herself falling backwards, gently sinking into dark warm waters where peace and contentment embraced her like a comforting blanket.

When Suri awoke next it was for the last time. She was atop her altar still, but curled into a tight ball on her side, her arms cradling her tortured belly as the Small Demons fluttered and squirmed in the tight space of her stomach.

Their sporadic and frantic movements hurt, and there were desperate sounds and activity around her.

Imposing her will on her body, Suri lifted herself and sat with her legs dangling over the side of her altar. She was still doubled over from the pain in the pit of her gut, but she could survey the temple room now;

The Priestess and the attendants were gone but the Monks had returned. With them they had brought the thick wooden boxes that were strapped and riveted with iron. Each Monk wore thick leather gloves. Suri knew they were for the impending breaching.

On the far side of the temple, one girl was writhing and screaming and was being held down by four of the Monks, while two others prepared to capture the Small Demon that was trying to birth itself. Suri could see the girl's abdomen bulging and undulating with the creature's movements.

Looking down and moving her forearms away from her own belly, Suri saw that her own twin demons had distended her stomach. They were much larger now. She watched as her abdomen moved and rolled as they squirmed and fluttered within her. From the sharpness of the pain she felt, she knew that her stomach held no fluid to cushion it from their hard articulated armoured bodies.

Suri looked over at the large copper vat of nectar and though it was no more than thirty paces away, it seemed that the journey to reach it was beyond her strength and endurance. But she craved some relief from the pain the twin demons were causing her and the taste of stale blood at the back of her throat was making her feel sicker. Suri sat very still, relaxing her belly so the Small Demons would settle. It took some time, but at last they did somewhat.

Suri slipped gingerly down off her altar and made her careful way toward the vat on unsteady legs. She moved slowly, letting the muscles in her abdomen stay slack so her belly bulged like a loose sack holding two hard fruit. It seemed to work for she made it halfway across the floor before the Small Demons stirred inside her, but when they did it was fierce and gut wrenching. Both fluttered suddenly and violently, and Suri cried out at the sudden frantic movement inside her. The strength in her thighs left her and her pelvis felt like it was unhinged as she crumpled, her legs giving out, her bottom slapping loudly on the stone floor. She felt her bowels cramping and her bladder release from the intensity of the sensations inside her. She sat on the cold floor, gasping as piss rushed from her and puddled under her bottom. One Small Demon thrashed and wriggled upward, trying to force itself up her gullet and she lifted her chin, gagging and heaving hard, but only a foamy string of bile slid from her lower lip.

The room spun as she rode out the sensations of the Small Demons thrashing inside her, hanging her head so her hair hung down around her face, gagging and drooling as the riot of sensations in her belly went on and on.

At last they calmed once more and Suri was able to summon the strength to rise to her shaky legs once more and make it to the vat. Leaning into the large vat and reaching inside with trembling hands, she grasped a bowl floating within and scooped up some of the nectar She drank it down greedily, slaking her thirst and relishing the cushioning feeling that the thick jelly-like liquid gave her stomach. In all she drank four bowls, over filling her stomach in preparation of what was to come. She suspected that she would puke most of it out before the Small Demons birthed themselves, but some relief was better than none.

Suri turned and saw that the girl on the altar to the right of hers was staring at her - Suri remembered the girl's name was Sash. Sash's pale face told the tale of her suffering. Suri could see the frantic movement under the stretched skin of Sash's belly, but the girl did not cry out. Her furrowed brow and pale tight lips were the only indicator of her pain.

Suri looked around a saw a copper pail. Picking it up she scooped it full of nectar and taking a bowl, she padded barefoot to Sash's altar. Setting the pail down, Suri filled the bowl and lifted Sash's head, gently holding the bowl to the girl's lips as she drank. Suri doubled over twice from the movements of her own Small Demons while she fed Sash, but after three bowls, Sash nodded her thanks and closed her eyes to await her own fate.

Suri shuddered as her Small Demons changed their movements. Now, instead of just wriggling and fluttering, they were pressing outward. Looking down, Suri saw that they were straining and distorting her belly, preparing to birth. Suri knew that they would soon discover that they had teeth and would create their own birth canal through the walls of her abdomen.

Raising her head and looking around, she saw that the Monks were busy with two other girls who were breaching and dying. Suri didn't want to waste the strength it would take to make it back to her own altar and didn't relish laying there passively as she was torn apart anyway. Looking down between Sash's altar and her own, she saw that the Monks had left one of the steel reinforced boxes there - no doubt to capture her own Small Demons.

Suri made her way to the box and lowered herself to her knees. Looking around, she saw that she was hidden behind her altar from the view of the Monks. Suri undid the hasp and lifted the heavy lid, letting it drop open. The wood within was stained dark with blood and its surfaces were scratched and marred by the many Small Demons it had held this day as they tried to escape. Suri raised herself up on her knees and shuffled forward until her mound pressed against the top of the open box. Carefully she leaned forward, feeling her lower belly press down on the top edge of the box, the hard wood pressing sensually against her swollen sex organs within. She lowered herself until her upper chest lay supported by the far edge, her small breasts hanging within the box along with her belly. It was a perfect fit - her belly was encapsulated by the box.

Suri forced herself to breath slowly and deeply as the Small Demons within her strained and pushed her abdomen outward. She forced her belly to relax and hang loose inside the box, pulled downward by the heavy weight within. Now she would wait until they birthed.

Gripping the edge of the box with her fists and squeezing her eyes shut, Suri's knuckles turned white as she felt one of her Small Demons wriggling downward out of her stomach and into her bowel. She felt it stretching there and wriggling, trying to find a birth canal, not yet knowing it would have to create one. It was an amazing and intense sensation, both unnerving and sensual. Suri's thighs trembled and she cried out as she endured this further invasion of her body. She felt the wave of sickness and did not fight it as her stomach rolled and a mouthful of the nectar slid up her throat and spilled from her open lips. She had resolved to relish every sensation in these last few moments of her life. The Small Demon worked its slow way downward for a few moments then rested. The one still in her stomach still wriggled and stretched.

Suri felt a touch on her shoulder. Turning her face and opening her eyes, she looked up to see the kindly face of a Monk. He was handsome and older than most and smiled as their eyes met. He pulled off one of his leather gloves and caressed her face lovingly.

“Sweet child.” he said softly, and his hand stroked her jaw line, then her neck and down her back. Suri closed her eyes as she felt his sensual touch slide over the twin round globes of her bottom, then felt his fingers gently caress the crease between them until he found her wetness. She was aware as he moved behind her, and felt his robe lifted and settled upon the small of her back, his own naked thighs pressing her own. Then she felt both his hands slide over her hips, his fingers curling and tightening against the tender softness inside the wings of her pelvic bone. Holding her thus, Suri felt his cock at the entrance of her sex, moving there.

“o-h-h-h” Suri quivered and murmured softly, and relaxed the muscles between her thighs and was rewarded by the sweetness of his cock sliding into her, filling her, stretching her. This Monk was firm but gentle as he began to stroke from the most shallow presence in her sex when it felt as though the head of his cock would slip from her wet opening, to the deepest he could push, making her so very aware of her filled vagina and a womb that would never bear children compressed within her. And as he fucked her with such gentle care, the Small Demons once more resumed their violence in her belly.

She groaned and shuddered as they wriggled and stretching inside her, seeking their bloody birth. Suri focused on keeping the muscles of her abdomen relaxed, so her belly hung loose within the hard confines of the box. She was aware of the Monk's gradual increase in speed and his own breathing becoming audible between the screams and moans of the other girls in the temple and the curses of the other Monks as they laboured to catch the Small Demons at the moment they burst from bellies and chests.

Despite her discomfort, Suri again felt the gathering of sexual energy in her loins that gave her the promise of a climax. She only hoped that it would come before the end.

Her end.

The Monk was now thrusting harder into her - pounding her - his thighs slapping wetly against her own as both their bodies grew wet with sweat. Each hammering thrust jarred her body, making her heavy belly swing violently like an erratic pendulum. She could feel the Small Demons inside her distended stomach curling and striking each other as the Monk fucked her with more and more force. Suri felt the sexual tingling begin in the large muscles of her thighs and her buttocks and the tightening of her sex.

“... oh my god ...” she gasped hopefully, reaching for her orgasm. But then she felt the Small Demon in her bowels open its mouth for the first time and felt its teeth. She gasped, feeling the teeth scraping against her tender inner flesh. The sensation was blended into the feelings of pleasure, but it was still intense. And despite her mind trying to keep the sensation within the realm of sensuality, her body would not be fooled; She felt her stomach roll and heave slowly like a cramping muscle. The Small Demon in her stomach thrashed like a wild thing.

Suri struggled desperately to remain tight to the box, to allow her Small Demons to birth within it, to remain so that her belly would open and let them slide from her to where they belonged - caged and unable to harm others. But every fibre of her body wanted to push herself up from that box and to curl around the growing pains in her belly. She was dimly aware of the Monk's movements becoming frantic and his grunts becoming louder as his cock swelled inside her and he jetted ropes of his cum into her body, his thumbs dimpling the small of her back and his fingers digging into the tender flesh of her lower abdomen to hold her tight as he climaxed. Mercifully, once he had finished his orgasm, he remained within her, the presence of his cock providing the thin thread of sensuality that still remained for Suri. Or maybe he was so aroused by her pain, he was ready to fuck her again. Suri no longer cared.

The next moments were intense and violent.

Suri cried out as she felt the Small Demon in her bowels close its jaws, sinking its teeth into her flesh within, twisting and ripping as it struggled to make its own birth canal. She gagged and strained, her face grimacing with the breathtaking wave of intense pain as it shredded her bowel and its teeth found the thin band of muscles of her belly. When she felt it grip those muscles in its clenched teeth and wriggle it's body violently to rip her open, she lost her composure and pressed up with her arms, trying to lift her torso from the box. In response, she felt the firm warm hand of the Monk press between her shoulder blades, pushing her back down and holding her tight to the box as he leaned forward.

“Shhhh, sweet child.” came his soft reassuring voice, “It's almost over.”

He held her tightly down as she was, Suri felt her muscles tightening on their own ... felt the colour in her face deepen, her teeth to clench and her eyes to water and blur as the Small Demon in her bowel bit through the thin layers of muscle, fat, and skin and slithered through that new opening, out of her belly to thump against the bottom of the box along with a large splash of fluid and shredded entrails.

“... mmmugh ...” Suri groaned and felt an overpowering wave of sickness and up came a flood of frothy nectar to flow from her open mouth to spatter onto the floor before her eyes. It was streaked red with blood.

She shuddered as the pain receded, and her muscles relaxed once more. Sensing the new birth canal, the second Small Demon in her stomach wriggled downward toward it and Suri marveled at the sensation as it wetly made its way through her and it too slithered from her belly. She felt empty then - her belly hollow and still.

Now that she was free of them, Suri no longer wanted to lift herself from the box - she wanted to spare herself the sight of the horror of her shredded abdomen. She closed her eyes and relaxed her body to await the release death would bring her. She could feel fluid oozing from her open belly and a slippery sensation as a thick rope of her bowel slithered out of her. She sensed the movement of the Small Demons below her. She was aware as the Monk lifted his hand from her back and slid it across her lower back then to her bum. His thumb slid down the crease of her bottom until it found her puckered, oily anus and pressed in deep. He began to fuck her again in long slow strokes.

Suri began to cry out as she felt him reawaken her sexual pleasure. In her mind she blessed him for this last gift - a blessing she did not have the voice for, because as her pleasure grew, the light around her was growing bright, the sounds in the room fading, her body beginning to feel distant. She felt one of the Small Demons bite into the flesh of her distended belly - it now being hungry for human flesh - it bit and pulled ans shredded her belly.

Quickly her awareness shrank to encompass only two things; the weakening frantic cries of her own breathing and the building of sexual tension in the cradle of her pelvis - the Monk's thumb stroking in her rectum and his cock in her sex.

Her hands that had gripped the edge of the box so tightly only moments before, grew numb and slipped off to hang loose and open. She felt her body slump and at the same time became aware of the tingling of her breasts and nipples, forgotten until now in the violence of the Small Demons' birth. Strangely, she felt her toes curling and her thighs quiver as sweet waves of bliss radiated from her core and her last orgasm began. She felt her anus gape open and the Monk pressing his thumb deeper. Suri grunted as her orgasm bloomed in her belly, and rode that orgasm through the eternity that was the remaining seconds of her life and dimly heard her own soft gurgling groan as the last of her breath left her.

Then all was stillness and light.