Temple Girl: Alli, the good girl

by Erotickynk

[You will feel heavenly from the nectar gifted us by the Visitors]

The newly sewn white linen robe was scratchy on her skin and nipples as Alli entered the temple's altar room with the other five girls, but the warmth in her belly indeed made her feel 'heavenly'. She remembered the Priestess' words that all of the girls had to memorize as she carefully made her practiced way to her altar.

[You must remember my words, for they will sustain you during your time on your altar. Fear will come for you to steal away your pleasure, but these words will give you comfort and drive away the fear]

The girls were known as "The Six" and were honoured to fulfill the world's promise to the Visitors. Alli knew that all over their kingdom [and kingdoms beyond], hundreds of girls were part of other "Sixes" and were entering other temple altar rooms. Like Alli, each wore a rough linen robe with an open neckline down the bib past her belly button for the coming birthing and each marveled at the sweet feelings deep in her core of her belly. Alli also knew that five more sets of girls awaited their turn below in the dark chambers of the temples and were being prepared as she had been prepared. Each temple sacrificed Sixfold of Six each moon to make ready for the Great Day.

[You will be made ready for your sacrifice, treated like the goddesses you will become]

Alli and her sisters - and she felt like they were sisters even though they had different mothers and she could not remember some of their names - had been pampered for the past two days. They were massaged and bathed. Their skin was oiled and their hair brushed a thousand times then braided and wrapped with silken cloth and feathers. For two days they were fed only the clear sweet nectar that the Visitors gifted the world. And the nectar brought sensual dreams and hungers that grew deep within their bodies. For Alli this hunger manifested as a hollow empty place in her belly that she craved to be filled with something alive and moving.

[Your body will become a place for your small demon to grow and it is upon them that the Visitors will feast on the Great Day]

The Great Day occurred each year and there had to be much preparation. After the births each moon, small demons had to be collected and gathered and fed and allowed to grow into full dark demons. When dawn broke on the Great Day all people had to remain inside their stone houses and not venture forth, for upon that day the Visitors arrived while the sky was still dark to hunt the demons throughout the day and into the night. The Priestesses would release the grown demons when the sunlight touched the Visitors' door high on the temple in the morning, then shut themselves inside and await the next dawn.

[You will birth your small demon and in so doing will leave your earthly body just as it has left you. Upon the sunset of the Great Day you will ascend to heaven as a goddess]

Alli imagined what existence would be like as a goddess - the promises of eternal sensual bliss according to the teachings of the Priestesses - bliss a hundredfold what the nectar brought The Six. The thought took Alli's breath away.

Aware of her golden headdress, ornate costume and her tattoos, Alli held her chin high as she made her way to her altar, flanked by her two attendants, each dressed in their long red robes. The two younger female attendants would cater to her needs during the coming days, keeping vigil and seeing to her needs during the ritual. Glancing around the room she saw her five sisters had all reached their places and like her were standing proud. Like all the girls of The Six, Alli had two large tattoos - one was simply red colouring covering the top half of her face, the other was a black representation of a small demon that ran down the centre of her torso from between her breasts to her belly button.

[The ritual must be calm and practiced, orderly and quiet]

Alli stood beside her altar facing the centre of the room, the round hollow at the head of each altar conspicuously empty. It was into these hollows that the demon eggs would emerge and from those eggs would come the Deliverers who would plant the demon seed inside their bodies.

Above, near the ceiling, the narrow slits that allowed in air and light were dark - it was nighttime outside. In the centre of the room, the Grand Priestess made her quiet prayers to commence the ritual. Alli felt the tingling thrill rush through her from her core to her throat as she anticipated what was to come.

[Future goddesses do not cry out nor show fear]

Alli and all the other girls who comprised the Six Sixes, had spent the past months being prepared and trained in the temple for this day, their skin paling from being away from the sun so long. They learned the sacred and mysterious ritual and what would happen inside their bodies in the next hours. The thought of having a small demon wriggling inside her belly as it grew had given her many fitful, sensual dreams, and now that reality was about to come true.

[Future goddesses welcome the demon seed into their bodies]

Alli suspected that the Priestesses had left the small vials of the nectar out occasionally just so the girls could sneak it into the sleeping chambers to experiment together. Alli remembered the hushed giggling as they drank the nectar and felt its effects and of how those giggles trailed off to silence as the girls tested each other to see what the seeding would feel like. Alli recalled allowing slim fingers to slide over her tongue and curl down her throat and knew that if she could welcome that she could welcome a Deliverer to enter her and thus make her a goddess. She recalled partnering with Sei, the two of them looking into each other's eyes as they tested each other, mindful of the other's gagging, Sei's sweet fingers so gentle in her throat.

[You will prepare yourself with dignity and grace]

As the Priestess signaled for the eggs to emerge, Alli first sat on her altar then swung her legs up and laid herself down, her head toward the round hollow, her feet toward the centre of the room. Her attendants took their places on either side of her altar. She heard the grinding of the eggs emerging from below around the room and heard the Priestess nearing as she softly chanted her prayers> Alli felt the woman's dry touch on her shoulder and obediently laid her head back down on her altar and stared at the frescoed ceiling that depicted stylized stages of the ritual of The Six.

On the edge of her vision she could see her sister Sei's altar to her right and watched surreptitiously as her egg emerged near her head. Glancing to her left, she saw that the egg was in its place at her sister Meya's altar also, so she assumed hers was in place as well. The Monks closed the heavy doors, sealing them in and the room stilled. The only movement and sound being the Priestess as she slowly moved amid The Six whispering the ritual prayers.

[Your attendants will provide you nectar while you await the hatching of your Deliverer. Drink deep, good sisters]

One of Alli's attendants slid her hands under Alli's head and lifted while the other brought the bowl to her lips. Alli drank down the thick yellow liquid, working her throat to force it down - it had the consistency of the clear part of a raw egg and slithered down her throat in long slimy ropes. Alli drank the entire bowl, believing that more was better. She wanted the full sensations of the nectar to course through her body when the Deliverer took her. And once the Deliverer affixed itself, she would have no opportunity to drink until the demon seed was planted within her stomach. Alli sighed as she felt the warmth of the nectar spread from her belly downward to her womb and upward to her breasts. She found that if she shifted slightly, the rough crisp linen of her robe excited her nipples which made her belly quiver.

[Your eggs will open upon their own time as they sense your presence. You must be patient]

Alli heard a distinct sharp wet sound from her right and looked over to see that Sei's egg was opening. Alli felt a tingling of fear/excitement as she watched Sei's attendants reach into the open egg and pull forth Sei's Deliverer and carry it quickly to Sei's face. Alli saw the Deliverer's claws reaching and its probe slithering out of its body, elongating and moving like the head of a snake as it searched for the girl's mouth.

The Priestess again appeared beside her and touched Alli's head, turning it so she faced straight up, staring obediently at the ceiling. She studied the painting of the girl on the ceiling opening her mouth to welcome the Deliverer.

In the quiet of the room Alli heard the strangled gurgling from Sei as the Deliverer took her, and could hear the girl shifting in her crisp linen robe as she moved. Unable to resist, Alli glanced over at Sei and saw the girl struggling, her body writhing on her altar as her attendants held her hands tight. The Deliverer was gripping Sei's head, it's pale body pressed tight to the girl's face, it's long tail wrapped around her throat. Before Alli returned her gaze to the stone ceiling, she saw Sei kicking and struggling to free her hands from the grips of her attendants.

[Some girls go gently to their Deliverer, some struggle. You will accept your Deliverer as your soul dictates, but know that it cannot be avoided; Your Deliverer WILL take you]

Alli heard two other eggs open across her and heard the movements of those attendants and the wet gagging of two more girls. Another followed quickly after, this girl crying out in fear ...

"... no! I changed my mind ..."

... before she too choked and gagged and gurgled as her Deliverer took her. There was no "changing your mind" once the temple doors closed.

[Fear is your enemy, girls. Fear can make this ritual a struggle if you allow it]

Alli felt tension building in her lower belly. She discovered that her mouth was now dry.

Another sharp wet sound from Alli's left sounded loudly in the room. No longer caring if the Priestess saw, Alli turned her head and watched Meya's attendants lift her Deliverer from its egg and swiftly carry it to Meya's face. As they lowered its slimy crab-like body onto her face, Alli watched Meya close her eyes and open her mouth. Alli caught a glimpse of the Deliverer's probe slip past Meya's lips and slide deep, the girl's throat bulging and working as it did, and as the Deliverer encircled her head with its claws and wrapped its tail around her throat, Alli saw Meya's stomach hitching and undulating as she allowed herself to be taken.

Alli felt a rush that was a strong mixture of fear and titillation as she watched. Turning her head to the right, she saw that Sei was settling now, moving her head slowly from side to side, her thighs open and one knee drawn up, flopping back and forth as she continued to gag and retch.

[Anticipation is fear in disguise. Meet this ritual with an open mind, and open soul. Each of your experiences will be different, yet the outcomes will be the same]

Alli heard her own egg open and felt her attendants move to either side of it. She prepared herself.

[Each of you will end the same, no matter if you struggle or accept it willingly. Willing is better, my girls]

Alli felt a cold rush flood her bowels as her attendants appeared in her line of sight, carrying her Deliverer quickly toward her face. She tensed as it neared, wanting to cry, watching its slimy underside opening and pulsating as its dripping probe slid out from within its body, its tail dragging over the bare skin of her belly, and its claws reaching out, blindly searching for her head. It was happening too fast and it was so ... alien.

Alli lifted her hands reaching up to stop it but her attendants were already lowering it over her face. Alli tried to swallow but her throat was stuck and as the Deliverer was laid over her face like a perverse mask - its shadow blocking out the light - Alli forced herself to burp to make sure her throat was open. She closed her eyes as the Deliverer slid its claws around her head and hugged her, pressing its hot wet underside onto her face, its tail slipping around her throat. Its probe quickly pressed wetly between her lips, forcing them open ...

[Fear can make this ritual a struggle]

... and slid easily into her mouth, filling it, sliding over her tongue and curling downward as the Deliverer's claws gripped her head frighteningly tight, mashing down her nose, forcing her jaw open wider. The probe was smooth and slimy, sliding relentlessly down her gullet and despite all the childish practice, Alli gagged and gurgled and her stomach heaved. Her hands were in front of her, held rigid like claws as she reached up toward the Deliverer.

[Fear ...]

Alli squirmed on her altar and felt her attendants each grip one of her hands in both their own. Alli fought them, trying to free her hands to rip this thing from her. It slid deeper and deeper down her throat exciting her gag reflex and all the while Alli could feel her stomach convulsing, heaving as it tried to vomit up its contents - to vomit up the Deliverer's probe. Alli felt like she was drowning. But the probe continued downward, plumbing the depths of her gut until she felt its pointed end penetrate into her stomach and open there like an infernal flower, anchoring itself within. She felt it pull upward, testing its grip inside her gut.

Alli shuddered and felt her belly grow warm as it pumped a flood of secretions into her - The Deliverer had taken her, and her belly grew bloated with fresh nectar, yet she could not stop her stomach from rebelling - convulsing, retching, heaving. Yet as she struggled she felt sexual desire bloom in her lower belly. She felt her cheeks flush as she realized this was a sexual process, and tried to fight of her desire to submit and simply do her duty without rewarding her flesh.

[You will find that once you accept your Deliverer, your bliss will begin]

Alli felt the Deliverer's probe pulse in her throat, its length working inside her like a snake, undulating down from her lips to her stomach. She could feel the comforting touch of her attendants who now only held her hands loosely and stroked her body with their free hands. Alli began to again feel the effects of the nectar and sweet feelings spread through her body. They seemed to radiate from her throat and stomach outward to tingle her nipples and warm her womb and sex. She felt herself grow wet and oozing, making her inner thighs slippery. She became lost in the sensual flood within her.

[Once anchored within you. the Deliverer will press your demon's seed into your belly. Welcome your seed, my girls, welcome it]

Alli felt the Deliverer's probe thicken at her lips, slowly working her jaw open wider. The Deliverer was pushing the seed into her mouth and it was much larger than she'd imagined. As the probe undulated within her gullet, her jaw was forced open wider and wider until it ached. Then all at once the seed was pushed into her, slipping in past her teeth and pressing her tongue down firm, filling her mouth. Alli began to struggle once more as the Deliverer relentlessly pushed the seed against the back of her throat, but the thick root of her tongue was blocking it.

[ ... ]

The words of the Priestess escaped her as Alli started to panic, the pressure at the back of her throat growing to frightening proportions as the Deliverer worked at her single-mindedly. It was unrelenting.

Alli squirmed and twisted on her altar, gagging once again, her belly heaving. Her attendants again forced to restrain her as she struggled against them.

I'm choking! - Alli's mind screamed. Then she felt a third presence - the Priestess - the older woman was pressing a hand against Alli's chest, her mouth close to her ear.

"Your tongue, child." the Priestess whispered, "Remember your tongue."

Alli remembered then and pushed her tongue forward, sliding it under the seed, opening her throat, pressing her tongue out as far as she could, feeling the root of it sliding under the round lump of the seed that started to move deeper into her gullet.

"... glurrck ..." she gagged hard as the seed shifted tightly past her tongue and into her throat with a sudden 'plop'. Her throat was now completely blocked by the seed, its presence there making her stomach heave and her throat work convulsively as her vomit rose.

"Good girl." the Priestess said to Alli.

The room was quieting now as each girl latched to her Deliverer - six girls squirming and gagging in the stillness of the altar room.

The Deliverer continued to undulate in her throat, moving the seed lower by degrees. Alli slowly settled then and concentrated on relaxing her body, allowing the sweet feelings to spread once more. But of all the sensations in her body, the foremost one was the large seed in her throat that moved downward in her gullet as slowly as the sun moved in the sky.

It occurred to Alli during this passage that she had not taken a breath for a very long time, yet did not feel the need. She let her body go limp and her belly calmed.

[The Deliverer will provide, my girls]

Soon, the warmth in her belly spread hot to her loins and her crisp linen robe grew damp, then wet with her sweat. It clung to her body as she gently squirmed on her altar. Time lost all meaning for her.

"Attendants!" Alli distantly heard the Priestess call out in the room at one point, "Don't be afraid to pleasure your girls during their ordeal."

Alli knew why the Priestess encouraged this, for she would soon encourage the attendants to become one of the Sixfold Six for the next moon and stay on to be trained - she wanted the girls to see the sensual bliss of the process and to want to take their place on an altar. Alli felt her attendants' slim fingers stroking her belly through the open front of the robe, two sliding higher to her tight puckered nipples and two lower to her wet secret places. Sweet slender fingers found her slippery creases and exploring there then found her openings and slipped so easily inside her.

When Alli heard the Priestess on the far side of the room, she quivered at the perversity as curious fingers lightly stroked the solid lump in her throat and squeezed there, moving it within, making the implantation sexual and intimate. Alli reached out and stroked the hip of the girl playing there to urge her on and was rewarded by the girl squeezing firmer, slightly edging the seed first up then down her throat. Alli heard the Priestess softly chanting the prayers in the centre of the room moving closer and the play at her throat stopped, the deft fingers returning to twirl and stroke her nipples.

Alli's orgasms soon began. Wave after wave of intense pleasure flowed through her body like a slow storm in the sensual sea of her torso. Her attendants' clever fingers danced lightly between her thighs and slid slippery and deep within her body. One finger, two fingers, three fingers, four ... the girl wasn't stopping and Alli parted her thighs. Soon Alli felt the girl's entire hand slide inside her. Alli marveled at the pressure against her womb as her attendant made a fist inside her and the sweet sensation of filling almost satisfied the hunger within her. Alli writhed as the girl stroked deep and shallow, her sex once barely able to stand a single finger was now open and loose enough to accept an entire fist. Alli marvelled at how her body was changing, a change triggered by the Deliverer, making her soft and pliable in order to take the seed and birth a small demon. The girl's hand inside her was helping to satisfy the growing sexual hunger in her.


Alli knew what would truly satisfy her hunger - to have the small demon inside her, growing, moving in her belly. She could see the fresco on the ceiling in her mind - the painting of the third stage of the ritual, of a girl writhing on her altar, her belly swollen and the small demon curled within her stomach, growing larger, readying for birth. She craved that with every fibre of her being. Take me-take me-take me, her inner voice pleaded.

The large seed slowly transited Alli's throat, always a hard lump in her gullet, moving ever so slowly and ever downward. It was such sweet torture; just the action of swallowing triggered an orgasm and Alli gave herself to this bliss.

After a long time Alli became aware of new sounds. Frantic movement on the other side of the room; Gagging, choking, gasping. The whimpered anguish of one of the girls, now freed from her Deliverer. The sound of retching and the splattering of vomit, and the soothing sound of soft voices calming a distressed girl.

Then came similar sounds from her right. She heard Sei cry out and heard the hushed sound of the Priestess's robes as she moved quickly to her side. Soon Alli was aware of the Priestess moving past her to Meya and heard that sister gag and retch. The others were completing, their demon seeds were now within them.

[The last part is the worst, my girls. But once it is done, you will feel much relief]

And Alli felt the building of pressure and pain just above her gut as her own seed started to press against the tight ring of muscle at her diaphragm.

It would be her turn next.

The pressure built fast and hard, her Deliverer seeming to sense the nearness of the impending goal and redoubled its efforts to implant her - the length of its probe undulating rapidly, each wave rolling down her throat and impacting the seed at the constricted opening of her stomach. Alli began to tremble, squirming and tensing on the altar as the pressure built to painful proportions under her sternum, chasing away all sexual pleasure. Her attendants ceased their pleasuring and grasped her hands once again. Alli twisted her body, lifting one shoulder and kicking her legs out. Then she felt the Priestess there and the older woman gripped her shoulders, pushing her back down flat on the altar. And before Alli could pull free, the Priestess laid the heel of her hand against Alli's sternum and pressed down firmly.

Alli could feel the woman leaning forward, applying more and more pressure there. Between the Deliverer and the Priestess both tightening her chest, it felt like her heart would burst. Alli felt her throat stretching inside her and tried to squirm away from the Priestess, when suddenly she felt her diaphragm stretch painfully open and the demon seed was swallowed into the sac of her stomach with another silent 'plop'.

"... glurrck ..." Alli's throat spasmed around the probe and she shuddered, feeling the hard seed within her belly at last.

Alli became aware of the Deliverer relaxing its grip on her head and throat and felt her attendants unwrapping its tail. Then they were pulling it from her, and Alli gagged and heaved as the now flaccid probe slithered up her throat, her upper body lifting up off the altar and twisting to the side. She felt the probe slip past her lips and it was gone, but she was gagging and retching hard. The Priestess was there, massaging her throat, whispering for Alli to breathe, just breathe.

Alli sucked in a ragged breath and choked. She struggled but each breath got easier and soon she was calm enough to allow the Priestess to lay her back down on the altar. The Priestess stayed with her as her attendants lifted her head and brought the bowl of nectar to her lips, Alli drank the bowl down gratefully, the thick fluid easing the rawness in her throat as it slithered down into her already bloated belly.

As her assistants laid her head back down and adjusted her robe and braids, Alli looked up into the Priestess's face and smiled, reaching out and touching the older woman's sleeve with her fingertips.

"Thank you." Alli whispered hoarsely. The Priestess smiled and squeezed her shoulder.

"Rest now, my child." she whispered, "Just rest. Your time of glory will begin soon."

As the Priestess moved away, Alli saw that golden morning light shone through the narrow slits near the ceiling. She reached down to her naked belly and probed it with her fingertips. When she pressed in she could feel the hard lump of the demon seed inside her. She experimented, moving it around slightly and quivered as she felt its very real presence within her.

Alli closed her eyes and felt her exhaustion overtake her and time once again became meaningless.

[With the demon seed within you, you will feel strange sensations, dream unreal and frightening dreams. This is to be expected]

Her dreams were filled with strange erotic images, of rutting animal intercourse with black shining demons, and in each dream there was much twisting in pain and splattering of blood and blissful agony.

[Time will pass slowly as your body nurtures the small demon within you]

Alli awoke and found the room dark and still. No light was coming in from the slits above and only three candles guttered in the room. She felt feverish and muzzy-headed and her stomach felt tender and inflamed. She heard a girl moan in the darkness and heard the rustling of the girl's linen dress as she moved restlessly on her altar.

Alli closed her eyes and fell back to sleep and dreamed dark dreams of sex and violence.

[You may feel sick and fevered. This is to be expected as much is happening inside the stillness of your body]

Alli whimpered as she awoke to one of her attendants lift her head, cradling it gently in her hands as the other placed a bowl to her lips. This was her fourth feeding. She felt as though she were surfacing from underwater as she sucked the nectar into her mouth and swallowed the thick fluid down. When she finished they laid her back down and vanished into the gloom of the distant shadows.

Alli touched her hand to her brow - it was hot and she felt her fever burning within her. She also felt a dull nausea in her belly and rolled onto her left side, tucking her arm under her head as a pillow. She closed her eyes and her dreams took her once more, the words of the Priestess echoing within those dark perverse dreams.

[Time will pass slowly as your body nurtures the small demon within you]

Alli became aware of soft sounds of ragged breathing. Opening her eyes in the gloom - her fever making them ache - Alli saw Meya laying on her side facing her, her dress pulled up to her waist, her right hand trapped in the tight Y of her crotch. Her thighs were clenched tight together and trembled.

Alli watched Meya's fingers moving quickly on her loins, the cords on the back of Meya's hand working as the girl masturbated. Alli's eyelids drooped as she watched Meya gasp and shudder through an orgasm and during it roll half onto her stomach, her head hanging down over the edge of her altar as she retched, dry heaving, nothing but drool slipping from her lips.

As Alli drifted back to her dreams, she too felt a wave of nausea.

[Time will pass slowly ... You may feel sick]

Alli awoke curled in a ball on her left side, hugging herself and shivering, her skin hot and dry. Her fever was worse and her nausea came in waves. It was still dark in the room. Squinting through the darkness she saw that Meya was now sleeping. Alli hugged herself and closed her eyes, hoping sleep would take her once more.

This was not as she envisioned it.

[Time will pass slowly ... You may feel sick]

Alli opened her eyes and the brilliant light shining through the slits high above hurt. She was again on her back and she squinted up at the fresco, her eyes drawn to the later stage of the ritual, of the girl laying still and serene as the small demon burst out of her belly.

Alli felt a strong wave of nausea.

Alli was not aware of how long she had drifted in and out of consciousness, but knew that her attendants had lifted her head and fed her the thick nectar at least eight times. And those times she did awaken, she'd still felt half asleep and found that she drifted in and out of consciousness.

Her fever was still with her but not as bad - the chills were gone, but her skin was still hot and dry. She ached.

And she was still so sleepy, so ... weary. She closed her eyes.

[Time will pass slowly ... You may feel sick]

Something awakened her.

The chamber was still light, her fever still burned hotly in her body and head.

Looking around, craning her neck., Alli saw two of the girls were moving fitfully on their altars, murmuring, moaning. One girl on the far side of the room was supporting herself on her hands, her arms straight behind her, her braided hair hanging down hiding her lowered face as she vomited ropes of nectar down her body and onto her altar while her attendants soothed her. Alli could smell the sour scent of vomit and the sharp tang of fear-sweat in the warm room.

She laid her head down and closed her eyes, welcoming the darkness.

[Time will pass slowly ... You may feel sick]

Alli awoke with a start as a strong wave of nausea rolled through her stomach. She lifted herself onto her elbows and looked down; Her skin was shiny with sweat now and she saw that she had developed a small pot belly while she'd slept. Reaching down with one hand she laid it on her belly and felt shiver-bumps wash across her body. The seed was much larger now - doubled in size since it was forced down her gullet. A wave of dizziness tilted the room and she felt like throwing up. But despite her discomfort she felt her nipples tingling as they rubbed against her linen robe and a deep sexual throb was pulsing in her loins.

The light shining through the slits was red and came from the west, casting an unreal glow to the room. It reminded her of blood. Alli shook her head to clear it and looked around the room.

The Priestess was rising from a small daybed in the corner of the room and appeared to be awakening from sleep. Beside Alli, Sei lay on her side, her face on the edge of her altar, her eyes closed and her wet lips parted while her assistants mopped vomit from the floor. Her hands cradled her distended belly.

Alli heard a wet sound from her left and turned to see Meya being supported by one of her assistants while the other held a bowl of nectar to her lips. Meya was struggling to swallow the thick fluid but her stomach hitched and she gagged. As Alli watched, Meya's eyes squeezed shut and she shuddered, her mouth opening and her tongue protruding as the nectar she had been drinking erupted back up into the bowl with a loud gurgle. Meya retched and gagged.

Alli laid back down and turned on her left side watching Meya struggle, her eyelids growing heavy.

[There will come a quickening and that will signal that the small demon is nearing its time]

Alli jerked in her sleep and awakened gagging and retching, lifting her upper body up off the altar with her hands.

Alli gasped as she felt a movement inside her stomach and realized that this is what had woken her up. then lowered herself back down on her side.

It was her small demon stirring as it grew within her belly. Alli quivered and her breathing came in ragged gasps as it squirmed and rolled within her, the perverse sensation finally satisfying her hunger; It was alive and moving inside her belly.

Alli could hear the other girls struggling as well, all their small demons were active in their bellies. Echoing up from the streets below she could hear children shrieking and playing. It was the festival that celebrated the time of the moon - the time for the temple girls to birth their small demons. Alli remembered being one of those children, her naivety letting her believe that a temple girl spends her time on her altar in sweet peaceful bliss as she awaits the gentle birth of her small demon. Alli wondered if she knew then what she knew now, would she still allow herself to become a temple girl?

Alli felt a maternal tug in her loins along with the intense tickle within her stomach. She felt her gag reflex quivering dangerously as she snaked one hand through the low cut neck of her robe and slid it down over her mound and found her slippery crease and let her fingers dance there. Yes, Alli thought, I would do it again.

As her sexual tension quickly grew, Alli looked up and saw that Meya was watching her masturbate. Meya smiled and reached out her right hand and Alli reached out her left and they clasped their hands together. Meya held her hand as Alli felt the sexual pressure grow in her loins, their eyes meeting and holding, Alli's mouth opening and closing in silence as the sensations tingled wildly through her body. A sweet tickle running up the inside of her throat.

"It feels you." Meya whispered and Alli understood what she meant; As her sexual tension grew and muscles deep and shallow in her belly began to quiver and clench, the small demon inside her stomach reacted. She could feel it fluttering and squirming inside her, rolling and changing its position constantly. Occasionally its tail would slither part way up her esophagus and wriggle its way back down.

"... unghhh ..." Alli cried out and as her orgasm began and her body quivered, a powerful wave of nausea rushed up her throat along with the nectar it held. Alli pressed her lips closed.

"...phlurrrrgh ..." Alli hung her head over the edge of the altar and threw up violently, emptying her stomach in long gurgling spews that fluttered past her lips - the sensations of her sickness and her demon extending her orgasm as it wriggled inside her.

And when it was done, Meya let go of her hand to return it to her own crotch as she squirmed and Alli's attendants appeared and wiped her face and fed her two bowls of nectar and laid her back down, adjusting her robe and her braids. All the while Alli felt her body still vibrating from her orgasm and the small demon fluttering inside her stomach.

And as the small demon calmed, so did she. Alli brought the hand that had held Meya's to her nose - she could smell Meya's sex on her fingers. It was a pleasant smell - a clean sexual smell that told of Meya's sexual pleasure. As she fell asleep, Alli laid her hand softly on her stomach and felt a rush of love, feeling the gentle movements inside her, feeling a kinship with the other girls. The small demon was much larger now, growing as it fed on the nectar and Alli's own body. The other girls slowly quieted as they too became accustomed to the movement inside them.

[As the quickening continues, you may feel some sickness but don't fear, your time is close by then]

Alli awoke on her side once more, feeling the small demon wriggling inside her like a tadpole wriggles when you grasp it tight with your hand. Her stomach convulsed and rolled inside her and looking down she saw her belly undulating as the small demon moved within her. Alli cradled her belly in her hands and could feel it moving through the skin and muscles. It had continued to grow and now her belly was round and firm.

Alli felt the gorge rise in her throat and her mouth was now watering, filling with drool. Alli swallowed hard and felt the tingling in the muscles under her jaw. Her teeth began to chatter as her sickness built.

"... o-o-o-o-o-ohh ..." a small whimper escaped her lips, drool sliding from the corner of her mouth. Alli leaned forward and dry heaved over the side of her altar, convulsing again and again and again.

The room spun and she passed out.

[To ease the sickness you must keep your belly full of nectar, for the quickening is harder with an empty stomach]

Alli awoke as she was lifted into a sitting position by one of her attendants, she could feel the pressure of her engorged stomach. She opened her eyes to see the other rushing to her, carrying a bowl of nectar. The thought of drinking it made Alli feel even sicker, but she remembered the Priestess's words and parted her lips as the bowl was held there. She forced the nectar down, gagging and forcing the thick ropey fluid down into her stomach.

Slowly, as her assistants brought and fed her a second bowl, the small demon calmed within her and she shuddered as she felt it coil in her belly once more.

They laid her back down and stroked her sweaty fevered brow as she drifted in and out of consciousness. Alli wondered if she would ever feel well again as another wave of nausea flowed through her.

In her almost delirious state, Alli felt the Priestess approach her two attendants.

"That's enough." the older woman said coldly and led the two girls out of the room. Alli heard the temple doors close and lifting her head saw that The Six were now alone.

[Time will pass slowly ... You may feel sick]

Alli heard choking and the splattering of vomit and looked to her right.

Sei was rolled further toward her, her face overhanging the edge of her altar as her body heaved and contorted in her sickness. Frothing ropes of nectar faintly streaked with blood oozed and flowed from her open lips to splatter and puddle on the floor below. Alli could see the small demon moving in Sei's full belly, its contortions moving the girl's fingers as she cradled it. Slowly it quieted and Sei swallowed and closed her eyes, resting. When Sei opened her eyes her gaze met Alli's. The look in her eyes conveyed her discomfort and distress

"They never told us it would be this bad." Sei whispered, "They promised us ecstasy and delivered us sickness and pain."

Alli lay on her own side and reached out and touched Sei's lips with her fingertips to remind her sister of their testing game in the sleeping chambers when they were innocent and excited to become what they now were. Sei gave her a weak smile and tears filled her eyes, then rolled onto her back once more. Alli watched Sei fall asleep, then laid on her back also.

She noted that there still were no attendants present nor had the Priestess returned.

[The quickening will lead to the birth of your small demon. I have no advice for you on this, my girls, except to be brave and know your reward will soon come. You WILL become a goddess]

As Alli drifted in and out of consciousness, she recalled questioning why the Priestess' instruction and advice had grown more rare as the lessons progressed into the quickening and the birthing. The Priestess had told her that Alli and the other girls would understand everything when their time came

Alli did understand now; Once the demon seed was within your belly, there was nothing you could do to reverse the course. All of the instructions and grooming were to entice girls to lay down upon their altar and to accept the Deliverer into their throat and the demon seed into their belly. Once that was done it could not be undone. They were fed the nectar so the small demons would grow within them and now that they had grown, it no longer mattered what the girls of The Six felt, they could not escape their fate.

Alli understood now that she was just a vessel - a living body to feed and nurture the small demon growing inside her to fulfill a promise to the gods. Alli's exhaustion overtook her again and she fell into a deep sleep.

[I can tell you this; Like the beginning, things will move quickly at the end]

When Alli awoke next it was to the sound of a scream. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked around the room. Brilliant daylight flooded the room from the slits above. Dark figures were rushing about, but the assistants and Priestesses were nowhere to be seen. These were Monks and all wore heavy leather gloves and every third one carried a wooden box with metal straps riveted around it. Alli twisted and saw that the girl on the far side of the room was stretched out in agony, two Monks holding her arms and legs down as she squirmed and cried out. There was a hard lump in her belly that was pressing upward - her small demon was trying to be born. The girl shrieked and arched her back, pressing her belly upward, her quivering bum lifting high off the altar, her body shaking badly held aloft on her upper back and her heels. Pee gushed from her crotch spraying out into the centre of the room.

[The nature of the births will vary slightly. Some small demons try to be birthed the way they entered - through your throat. Others will try to continue their journey and will delve deeper into your body, but most will come straight up through your belly]

"... o-o-o-o-o-ohhh ..." Alli moaned and whimpered as she felt her own small demon wriggle inside her belly. She could feel its head pressing up against the top of her stomach sac and its tail wriggling below it. She realized its tail was inside her small bowel and its thrashing excited her gut, making her feel as though she may soil herself and creating a peculiar weakness in her pelvis - her body changing once more.

Looking down, Alli saw the bulge in her belly moving as the demon thrashed within her and knew her time was close. Glancing to her left she saw that Meya had just birthed in silence and was laying still, her throat working as she stared up at the fresco with wide frightened eyes. Meya pulled her robe closed over her upper belly and chest. It was wet and red and clung to her skin. Her belly beneath it looked hollow.

The sounds of other girls crying out as their breaching began was loud. Some voices just contained pain, while others told of ecstasy within the agony.

Alli heard Sei cry out and turned to see that her friend was desperately clutching at her upper torso, pressing her hands inward, compressing her soft upper belly. Her small demon was descending and fighting its way out of her toward her loins. It was a jiggling lump just below her belly button and trying to wriggle lower. Alli watched as Sei grunted and vomited blood.

Alli's heart went out to her sister, but her own small demon was trying to birth and she needed to focus on these last few moments of her own life in this world.

[The ritual must be calm and practiced, orderly and quiet]

Alli laid her head back down as her small demon wriggled, its tail whipping her stomach into a froth within her. She was panting for air, taking small rapid ragged breaths as her small demon prepared for its own life journey. Again, things were happening too fast and Alli felt overwhelmed. Her fever was low but her body felt fragile and weak.

It was time for the demon to birth and for her to die.

Alli was swallowing repeatedly to keep from vomiting, but still she gagged and her stomach convulsed within her. She lifted her left shoulder and twisted the upper half of her torso to the side, hanging her head over the edge of her altar and parted her lips. A stream of foamy nectar rushed up her throat and she vomited onto the floor.

"...mmnnghah ..." she moaned as the demon twisted within her. Her belly heaved again and a long rope of nectar gurgled up her throat and slowly oozed from her lips to slide and puddle on the stone floor below. Alli saw that it was streaked with bright ribbons of blood.

... uurrrlllphh ...

Alli vomited again, her nectar and bile rushing up her throat and she felt her stomach shrinking and tightening around her demon. Its movements hurting her badly now.

Alli stifled a cry as she felt her demon squirm hard inside her now almost empty stomach, pressing outward, stretching her belly. As she flopped onto her back she felt the hard lump of it rise between her sternum and her belly button. Instinctively Alli arched her back and pressed her torso upward, lifting her knees and opening her thighs wide in a parody of natural birth. She looked down and saw the gross deformity at the top of her belly - it was moving. Her lips quivered and she heard herself make a fearful sound. Her skin stretched taut and she could feel the muscles of her abdomen being pulled thin.

;... mughhh ...

Alli grunted as she felt something tear inside her gut and puked up a clot of bile and blood that spattered onto her chest. She gagged at the wretched taste. Then her small demon relaxed and grew still, coiling inside her. Alli relished the momentary peace then strained as it hit hard from inside, jerking her belly upward. It wriggled madly, driving its head against her stomach wall.

"... ungggh ..." Alli grunted again and arched her back hard, clenching her fists at her sides, knowing that this was it. The small demon was going to be born and she was going to die. It hit her so hard it took her breath away. The lump shrunk then bulged suddenly, the small demon hitting her again ...

And again ...

And again.

Alli felt something else tear inside her as her small demon stretched itself in her abdomen, pressing its head upward, the lump on her belly growing as it worked her from within. She could feel it trembling as it exerted itself, trying to rip her open.

It was then - almost lost in the storm of pain - that Alli felt the bloom of orgasmic bliss begin deep in her sex.

Inside her, the small demon slowly open its mouth and she felt the sting of teeth inside the tender flesh of her stomach. Alli's eyes opened wide and her jaw quivered as she felt the exquisite pain and her bright orgasm growing inside her.

They'd never told The Six about teeth.

Alli realized she should have known, the tattoo they had put on all the girl's bellies showed the segmented tadpole body of the small demons with a jagged row of teeth along its leading edge. Alli thought they were just decoration until that moment.

The horrific sounds of rending flesh and bone surrounded her. Alli looked over to the other side of the room as monks held down the writhing girl. Her belly was badly distended, stretched up by her small demon. The girl lifted her head, her chin tucked against her chest as she watched the bulge in her belly stretch higher and higher. The girl screamed; "YES! YES! YES!" just before her belly burst and the pale small demon emerged. And watcing, Alli felt the muscles around her sex tightening.

My belly will soon burst too, Alli thought to herself, looking down at her distended stomach framed by her pale open thighs, then cried out as she felt it start.

Alli felt her abdomen slowly pulled apart from the inside - tissue, muscle, fat and skin opening by layers. Her sex cramped as the sweetest sexual bliss burst within her in counterpoint to the exquisite pain and the head of the small demon emerged, rending her flesh in its jagged mouth. She gagged hard and again tasted the coppery tang of blood as the demon wriggled its way out of her belly. The pain was so intense that her mind rejected it and her upper belly felt numb, but she could feel its wet weight as it slithered half out of her and rested, squirming slowly, it's tail still inside her. Alli marvelled at the perversity of this alien creature still partially inside her helping her orgasm continue.

It rested there, gathering its strength as Alli's pelvis involuntarilly curled with each throb of her fading orgasm.

Suddenly the small demon twisted and slithered out of her and over her mound, between her shaking thighs and was gone. She was dimly aware of Monks moving past her to catch it and trap it in one of the boxes. She saw that her belly was a bloody, shredded horror and so closed her eyes and tried to put it out of her mind.

Alli felt her body soften as her orgasm and her pain faded and eased herself back down flat onto her altar and stretched out her legs, squeezing her thighs together. Like Meya, Alli reached up with trembling fingers and gently pulled the sides of her robe across each other, covering her open bleeding belly. She must - after all - demonstrate dignity and calm as she was instructed. Alli lay still, listening to the last of the girls breaching, and when they did, the room again grew quiet. Girls who hadn't died yet lay in purposeful stillness with their ruined bellies, awaiting death, and like Alli, were afraid to move for fear that may cause more pain.

Alli turned and saw that Meya was still clinging to life, her ragged breaths hitching in her throat.

"Did you feel the bliss?" Alli whispered, her voice weak and hoarse.

Meya slowly nodded, her eyes never straying from the altar room ceiling.

[You will birth your small demon and in so doing will leave your earthly body just as it has left it. Upon the sunset of the Great Day you will ascend to heaven as a goddess]

Alli could feel her heart fluttering in her chest and her legs and arms were growing cold. She heard another girl sobbing, the sound lonely and hopeless in the room and she felt proud that she was not crying. Alli was determined to die as a goddess should.

Her vision grew bright as she stared upward at the centre of the fresco. Her eyes fixed on the smiling girl ascending to heaven, her spirit body perfect, her soul intact, rising toward her destiny as a goddess and her eternity of sensual bliss.