Interspecies Breeding Program

This collection of Ship's Logs and Captain's Private Logs chronicle the doomed Interspecies Breeding Program aboard the Beagle and its crew's descent into perverse, sexual madness. Captain Marg Lethbridge (Military Prisoner #8738621) is currently awaiting appeal of her death sentence for her culpability in the matter. While in prison, Captain Lethbridge is voluntarily unravelling the encryption she applied to all logs on the Beagle in an attempt to hide the truth.

Legal debate still rages in Captain Lethbridge's appeal on whether humans were honestly welcomed into the culture of interspecies breeding throughout the galaxy, or whether it was an elaborate ruse to include humans as sexual playthings amongst the various alien species the Beagle encountered. One thing learned in the post-analysis of the IBP, humans stood no chance of resisting once they succumbed to the biochemical addiction that participating alien species provided them. This is best illustrated by the crew members who willingly went to their sexual deaths and dozens of surviving past Beagle crewmembers who remain hospitalized and chemically restrained, including Captain Lethbridge's own daughter.