The Trinity Girls

by Erotickynk

DieHappy Inc. has an outreach service that provides sexual suicide services in the comfort of your own home in states that allow assisted suicide. Clients who want to die at home in novel ways, surrounded by family can do so. It caught on like wildfire when it was established earlier this year.

Though not all states allow assisted suicides, many state judiciaries took notice of this new service and pushed legislation through to contract Die Happy staff like myself to carry out death sentences to overcome the legal challenges based on “cruel and unusual punishment” because we include a sexual pleasure element.

This is the most controversial case I have worked on, and one I’ll never forget ...

Right from the start, the trial, sentencing, and execution of Kylie, Journey, and Paige - who become known as The Trinity Girls - were controversial. For many, they became America’s sweethearts - three young cheerleaders.

For others they came to symbolize youth out of control.

The crime they committed was to conspire to distribute tainted Ecstasy at their school's May Day dance. They bought twenty pills from an older teen boy at the local high school the week before that turned out to be tainted, and besides making a number of their schoolmates ill enough to require hospitalization, one of the boys they sold to died.

Despite their age, the girls were tried in adult court. After a hard-fought defense based on their ages and maturity, they all were found guilty of murder. No one contested that the girls sold the Ecstacy - Kylie and Paige confessed to it while Journey remained silent - what they argued was for the appropriate sentencing. Because the trial took place in Utah which had done away with all rights to appeal and had the death penalty, people were shocked when The Trinity Girls were sentenced to death.

Public demonstrations took place as news leaked out about the verdict and the sentence handed down - polls showed both pro and con were equally divided with undecided coming in a negligible third. Many of the demonstrations escalated to violence, and riot police were called in to quell the disturbances as both sides clashed on city streets across the nation.

The trial and sentencing was rushed through in only two weeks, but deciding the method of execution took another month of hearings to decide. It had to follow the misunderstood ‘eye for an eye’ biblical tenet, so administering a fatal toxic substance was a given. But which one?

Experts were called in from all over the country to testify - including the chemists from Die Happy’s labs. In the end it was decided by the same judge who sentenced them to die, that because the substance they sold provided physical and psychological pleasure before it became lethal, so would the substance used to execute the girls.

The thankless task of administering the substance fell to Die Happy, and the contract landed on my desk. The execution document that gave the specifics of how the sentence would be carried out was the most detailed I’d ever read.

Although the girls were tried and convicted in adult court, that same court acknowledged that they were still legally minors, therefore the girls had to remain clothed during their executions. Along the same lines, because they were minors, no sexual touching by an adult was permitted.

These two stipulations put a major crimp in my execution style - yes I’m an expert in ending lives in ecstatic ways, but most of my techniques involve the snuffee to be nude and me being allowed to sexually stimulate them with the goal of reaching an orgasm at the point of death. That’s what Die Happy is all about.

Another stipulation was that the site of the girl’s execution was to remain secret until after the sentence was carried out to prevent mobs of protesters being present. Ironically, it was an obscure editor’s published opinion that was followed to select the location; the editor stated that because Judge Timberlaine sentenced the girls to die, they should be executed in his presence. The Judge decided the girls would die at his vacation home near Lake Blanche.

Because I couldn’t provide any direct sexual stimulation, my first stop was to the Die Happy labs to consult with our chemists. I needed a drug combination that was rapidly lethal - toxic enough to kill within 10 to 15 minutes, but also have a sedative effect, and one that was sexually stimulating enough to be just shy of overwhelming. I wanted to live up to Die Happy’s reputation, plus I didn’t want the girls to suffer, in fact I wanted their deaths to give them the total sexual pleasure they would have experienced throughout their entire lifetimes all in their last few moments of life. I intended that the girls wouldn’t care they were dying because it felt so good.

The chemists had a problem with any form of sedative being included in the cocktail as it would dull the sexual bliss they wanted to provide the girls. Instead, they added a huge dose of oxytocin - the love hormone, along with MDMA (ironic, being that is what the Ecstasy the girls sold is supposed to contain), a high level of synthetic endorphins, and subtle measurements of convulsants and mucus membrane irritants. On top of it all they included a strong toxin that would cascade the potency of the pleasure causing substances over a 10 to 15 minute period. In short, as the head chemist said; “They will die of dehydration and shock caused by intense orgasmic convulsions.”

I’d read the background documentation on all three girls prior to the execution date and discovered that the three girls weren’t the angels that the left leaning members of the press made them out to be. Only Kylie was still a virgin but had been busted for being part of an online teen sexcam ring; Journey had openly declared herself bisexual after being caught in a mixed threesome in a school bathroom; and Paige had already been pregnant and had an abortion. And all three girls were recreational drug users.

But when I arrived at Judge Timberlaine’s vacation home - chauffeured in an undercover Utah State Patrol car with an undercover escort - I found three little girls waiting in the Judge’s kitchen at the breakfast table. Their three youthful faces made me pause in the doorway - these girls were too young to die. But I took a deep breath and reminded myself that if I didn’t do the deed, it would go to the lowest bidder and the girls may suffer badly during a botched execution job.

Journey wore a short flower print sundress with white sandals and was devouring a large piece of chocolate cake, washing it down with a coke. Paige wore a t-shirt and white shorts and sneakers and was busy working on a fruit salad. Little pale Kylie was dressed in a hoodie, green capris, and purple sneakers with a glass of water sitting in front of her and was hugging her abdomen. That two of the three girls had an appetite on the morning of their execution was a good sign.

After introductions conducted by a female Special Agent named Lee - I was surprised that Judge Timberlaine himself was present out on the patio, holding court with other Special Agents and the Prosecution team.

I asked Agent Lee if I could meet with the girls for a pre-execution conference. Being that the time limit placed on the executions was sundown, I could take my time preparing them emotionally. Court warrants state that a Special Agent has to be present for all aspects of the execution including the meeting I was having, but at least they ensured the Agent was female and Lee was decent enough to hang back behind the girls and not be noticed by them.

Kylie, Journey, and Paige followed me into the living room and we all sat close - the three girls hip to hip on a sofa, and me on a chair I swung around close to face them.

Looking at the girls’ body language told me a lot; Journey sat with one leg crossed over the other, her fingers interlaced over her knee - this girl wouldn’t resist the process I predicted - she appeared prepared; Paige sat with good posture, her knees together and her hands on her thighs - she was frightened, but I was confident she would comply if handled gently; Kylie worried me - she sat with knees pressed tight together, her shoulders curled forward, and both arms still wrapped around her belly. Kylie was terrified and might fight it.

“Hi girls. My name is Kimberly but you can call me Kim, and I’m sad to say that I’m going to be your executioner.” I said softly. I noticed that Kylie grew even paler and Paige shuddered. Only Journey’s expression remained unchanged, “I work for a company called Die Happy, and this is what I do for a career; I help people die and make sure they feel really good as they do. I’ve helped over seven hundred people face and accept death.”

Three sets of eyebrows raised when I told them my kill number.

“You know you’re all being executed today, right?” I asked them. Part of my job is to make death a reality for my clients, whether they’re voluntary or sentenced.

All three girls nodded, Kylie and Paige shifting uncomfortably on the sofa.

“How are you going to do it?” Journey asked.

“It’s going to be drug-induced, but I don’t want you to confuse what we’ll be doing with those old stories about lethal injections. I promise these drugs will make you feel very good right to the end.” I explained.

I could see Kylie was shivering, Paige’s hands were trembling, and even Journey was swallowing past a lump in her throat.

“You must be so scared.” I said, watching their faces.

“I’m scared.” Kylie said in a weak voice, while Paige and Journey nodded.

“Okay. I want you to know that once you take the drug cocktail we have for you, and you let it work inside you, your fear will go away.” I said, “I promise.”

“How long will it take for the drugs to kill us?” Paige asked, her voice strained.

“Ten to fifteen minutes. But it will seem a lot longer because you’ll be busy with the feelings that will come up for you.” I said and leaned in to whisper; “Have you all had orgasms?”

Kylie blushed, Paige nodded, and Journey laughed nervously.

“You need to use your voices, girls, so I know what to explain and what you already know. So - do you all have orgasms ... Journey?”

“Yes. During sex with boys and girls and on my own.” Journey answered.


“Yes. I never had an orgasm with a boy, but I have them on my own.” Paige answered. I tried not to frown at Paige’s answer because I recalled reading that she had disclosed having an unusual orgasmic experience with a boy in the past.

“And Kylie?”

Kylie blushed and looked down. I reached out and laid a gentle hand on her knee.

“It’s okay, honey. The time for feeling shy and embarrassed is over. You three girls have come here today to die together and that makes you sisters in a way. Just tell me the truth, no one will make fun of you.”

“I’m not sure.” Kylie answered softly, “When I played with myself online for boys, it felt really good. But I’m not sure if I ever had an orgasm.”

“Okay, thank you for telling me.” I said, giving her knee a squeeze, “You will have an orgasm today, though. If fact, all three of you will have a lot of orgasms, one right after another because of the drug cocktail. And in the end, you’ll die in the middle of a very long orgasm.”

“We’ll die cumming?” Journey asked, perking up.

“Yes.” I smiled, “We had a whole team of scientists create a special chemical cocktail for each of you that will give you intense sexual feelings and orgasms. You’re not going to die scared, or in pain, or in discomfort. In fact, once it gets deep, you won’t want to stop it even if you could.”

The girls exchanged nervous looks.

“Now girls, I have to warn you; Taking these drugs is going to make you lose control of your bodies.” I said softly, “And I don’t want you to be scared or ashamed of it, almost all the people I help at Die Happy lose control as they die and when it’s happening to you, you don’t care. But I’m warning you so if you watch or hear a friend die first you aren’t freaked out if things get messy.

“And that leads me to my next two questions; Who is going first, second and third and do you want to watch each other?”

The girls looked at each other - obviously surprised that anyone would let them choose these things.

“I’ll go first.” said Journey, “And I’d really like it if you guys watched me.”

“You want to go first?” asked Paige, surprised.

“Yeah. It’s going to happen anyways and knowing is exciting.” Journey smiled, “And even more exciting if my besties are watching me do whatever this thing is going to make me do. Kind of sexy.”

“We’ll watch if it will make it better for you.” Paige told Journey, then looked at Kylie who nodded.

“Good.” I smiled, “Who’s going second?”

Kylie and Paige looked at each other and both shrugged.

“Can we choose after Journey?” Kylie asked, her voice quavering. The poor little thing looked miserable.

“Of course you can.” I assured them, “Now, do you have any questions?”

“You said we’d lose control of our bodies.” Paige asked, “Like how?”

“Your nose will run, you might pee, you might poop, but I guarantee all of you will find it hard not to throw up. Some of the drugs that we use to make you feel intensely good also make you throw up. We just can’t find a way around that, but throwing up will feel amazing while you’re doing it - it will feel like orgasms.” I was honest with them, “Plus, there will be excretions.”

“What’s that?” Kylie asked.

“It’s when your pussy gets wet.” Journey told her, then looked at me, “Right?”

“Yes. Your pussies will get very wet, and like I said, it also makes your nose run.” I said, “You’ll feel it start within a couple minutes of taking the drugs.”

“How do you know all this?” asked Journey - the bold one I decided.

“Because I tested it myself.” I told her.

“But you’re alive.” Journey challenged.

“Because the dose I took didn’t have the toxins in it that are going to make the effects stronger for you three over about a ten minute period.” I answered truthfully but leaving out the part where the toxins kill them, “It really did feel amazing and I passed out during my last orgasm.”

“What was it like?” asked Paige.

“Let me show you.” I said, slipping my iPhone out of my kit bag. I keyed up the video and turned it so they could see. The girls leaned in tight to watch the small screen.

“You’re throwing up.” Kylie observed, hearing my retching and straining grunts on the tiny speaker.

“Yes, but I’m also cumming a lot. Every heave is an orgasm.” I told them as my image writhed and humped on the tiny screen, “It’s like being really drunk - you know how you get when the room is spinning and you don’t care about anything? It’s like that but you’re drunk on sexual feelings.”

The video went about ten minutes, the least flattering when it showed my crotch from behind and the milky mucus dripping from my vagina just before I pissed myself.

“This cocktail will do that to us?” Paige asked, wide-eyed.

“Yes, but even stronger.” I answered.

“Do we have to take our clothes off?” Kylie asked nervously.

“No, honey.” I reassured her, “In fact you’re not allowed to.”

“Is it a needle?” asked Paige, “I don’t like needles.”

“No, it’s a liquid that tastes like peppermint.” I explained, “Any more questions?

All three girls shook their heads. They probably had a million questions but were too preoccupied imagining what they were facing.

I put my iPhone away and looked up and caught the eye of Special Agent Lee.

“We’ll need a bathroom.” I instructed her, “Preferably the largest one.”

Lee nodded, “Your central office already made the request. It’s ready for you.”

I looked at the three girls, still seeing nervousness in their fresh clean faces.

“Join hands, girls.” I said, and as they did, I took Kylie’s left and Paige’s right hand so we were all joined in a circle, “I don’t want to do what we have to do today, but I’m with you three until the end and I’ll make sure you’re each taken care of. And I hope you’ll help each other. We’re a team in this and we’ll support each other to get through it. Are we ready?”

Kylie and Paige swallowed past lumps in their throats, but all three nodded.

Agent Lee led us through the house to the master bathroom. As we passed the kitchen I saw the other Special Agents, the Prosecutors, and Judge Timberlaine through the open patio doors sitting around the large table outside drinking coffee and talking in quiet tones. They were present, but obviously wanted to leave the messy work for the help.

In the hallway outside the master bathroom were Die Happy’s top clean-up crew waiting quietly. When Agent Lee led us inside I saw that the bathroom was quite spacious. A dozen frosty bottles of spring water were on the bathroom counter.

“We set out water for you and the girls.” she said, “I can give you some privacy and observe from out in the hallway, but please leave the door open.”

I nodded. Paige sat on the edge of the jet tub and Journey remained standing. As Kylie moved to join Paige I touched her shoulder and turned her to face me - she still had her arms around her stomach.

“You look really uncomfortable, hon.” I observed, “What’s wrong?”

“My stomach hurts.” she said miserably.

“She has the farts.” Journey said with a laugh.

“Journey, don’t tease me today.” Kylie shot back, close to tears. I rested my hand on her shoulder and squeezed.

“It’s okay, Kylie.” I reassured her, “I understand this is upsetting your stomach. Here.”

I dug in my kit bag and shook a couple chewables out of an antacid bottle.

“Chew these. They’ll settle your stomach.” I said, and suppressed a smile when she looked at them skeptically, “They’re just antacids, I wouldn’t trick you.”

Kylie picked them out of my palm and ate them as she went to join Paige.

“Who are those people in the hall?” asked Paige as she scooped a bottle of water, twisting the top and starting to drink. Poor girl had a dry throat.

“Those are our clean-up crew. Their job is to clean up after and make sure your bodies and faces are washed, your hair brushed, and you have fresh clothes on, so when you’re delivered to your parents you’ll still look beautiful.” I smiled sadly.

Kylie and Paige still appeared nervous, but Journey seemed almost eager for her last experience. As I opened my kit bag, Journey hoisted her sundress to her waist and peeled her panties down her long legs, folding them and laying them on the counter by the door.

“My mom always says I should have on clean underpants. They can put them back on me after they clean me.” Journey smiled, then to the other two; “Excretions.” and all three girls laughed nervously. Kylie burped - the antacids were working - and they laughed nervously at that as well.

I waited until they had settled - letting them be girls a little bit would make this easier for them I hoped.

“Are you ready?” I asked Journey when they quieted.

“Yep.” she said, then to the others; “Wish me luck.”

“Okay, you may want to sit down or lie on the floor.” I suggested.

“No. I’m good.” Journey said.


I pulled the administrator with Journey’s name on it out of my kit bag and handed it to her.

“Just put the tube in your mouth and lightly suck on it. There’s about a tablespoon of the cocktail inside under low pressure so when you turn the black valve you’ll feel it pop into your mouth. Then just swallow it and relax as it starts to work.” I explained, “You might want to wash it down with some water. It has a metallic aftertaste.”

Journey lifted the administrator to her lips and turned the valve. I heard the little ‘pop’ and Journey swallowed. She set the administrator down on the counter, leaned her lower back against the sink facing Kylie and Paige and crossed her ankles. While she waited, I put the used administrator into an evidence bag and sealed it, dropping it back in my kit bag.

“How long does it take before it starts working?” Journey asked, “Like the sex part.”

“About three minutes or so for the sexual feelings to start, but you’ll start to feel something in less than two.” I said, “While we wait, I want to tell you girls that you’ve been amazing today. You’re all so brave and you asked such intelligent questions. I have to say I’m sad that we met this way, I would have like to have known you under better circumstances.”

“Thank you.” Paige said softly, Kylie forced a smile.

Then we all watched Journey and soon saw that she was weaving a little and her eyelids were starting to droop. Her breathing slowly became stronger and we could hear her breathing through her nose. Journey uncrossed her ankles and put both sandaled feet flat on the floor.

“How does it feel?” Kylie asked in a small voice.

“Like I’m getting drunk, or a little high like Kim said.” Journey smiled, “It’s kind of nice.”

We waited as Journey became more unsteady on her feet, weaving more, her head nodding slightly. After a moment she made the gentlest little moaning sound. I could see the hem of her sundress vibrating, then her long legs started to quiver.

“What’s happening, Journey?” Kylie asked, a slight hint of alarm in her voice.

“My muscles.” Journey said breathlessly, looking a bit nervous as she started losing control of her body, “They’re shaking a little and clenching. But I’m starting to feel really good deep in my belly, and ... between my legs.”

Journey sniffed and rubbed her nose.

The clenching would be the convulsants starting to work, and the good feelings in her belly and sex were the irritants stimulating her mucus membranes. She would be fighting an urge to rub inside her vagina and rectum to stop the itching and tingling, plus her stomach would be starting to tingle and produce mucus just like her nose was.

In the next minute Journey’s eyelids drooped more and she gripped the edge of the counter with her hands. Soon she started straining and groaning deep in her chest.

“Oh!” she gasped, “You guys are going to love this.”

Journey was really starting to shake now, her arms and legs quivering and jerking as a sheen of sweat broke out on her skin.

“I think you should sit on the floor, Journey.” I said, moving closer to her in case she fell.

“Nope.” Journey grunted, being stubborn, “I got this.”

Then Journey strained hard and her pelvis curled, her mound thrusting forward. She stepped her feet apart and grunted, curling her pelvis as though she was pressing her mound against something. Her belly then calmed and she stood normally for a moment, wiping the snot from her upper lip. The she groaned louder, straining as her abdominals grew tight and her pelvis rolled again.

Journey’s orgasms were starting - she started grunting and straining, humping her mound forward every fifteen seconds or so.

All of us heard spattering and looked down between Journey’s sandaled feet - clots of milky mucus were dripping from her crotch with each slow straining thrust and more of it was slithering down her inner thighs.

“Excretions.” Journey grunted and the other two laughed nervously.

Suddenly Journey’s upper body curled forward hard.

“... oh god ...” she moaned and quickly turned around, leaning on the counter with her elbows. She appeared to be struggling as her chin quivered and her mouth was pulled open by her contracting throat muscles. Drool slipped from her lower lip, clear snot hanging from her nose.

“... urlph ...” Journey gagged and heaved, lowering her face. She began heaving in time with her humping. Her movements, though strained, were slow and sensual, and completely involuntary. She swallowed hard.

“... it’s coming ...” she groaned gutturally then heaved again. On the third heave after that, a thick stream of chocolate cake and coke oozed up her gullet and past her lips into the sink.

For the next three minutes, Journey continued to hump her pelvis and vomit into the sink, straining and grunting with each tight convulsion. The milky clots from her vagina continued to spatter on the floor, then in the middle of a prolonged convulsion, pee gushed from between her trembling legs, splashing on the floor and flowing down her inner thighs. The room began to smell of sweat, piss, and the pungent musk from her sex.

Throughout this, Journey tried to speak, but her convulsions were strong and stole her breath away. Kylie and Paige watched in awe, Kylie’s mouth hanging open as she watched her friend convulse.

“... cumming! ...” Journey grunted once her stomach was finally emptied as she thrust her crotch forward, “... cumming ... so ... much ...”

Journey’s legs were shaking badly by then and getting close to no longer being able to support her. Her knees bent and her feet started sliding in the growing puddle on the tiled floor. To compensate and hold herself upright, she gripped the edge of the sink with her trembling hands, but I knew it was going to be a losing battle. I moved even closer to Journey and laid my hands on her sides, feeling her abdominal muscles clenching tight and releasing with each orgasmic pulse that hammered her small body. She was sweating profusely, part from her physical exertions, but also from the effects of the cocktail. Her armpits were slippery and reeked of skunky fear-sweat; though emotionally she was no longer afraid, her body knew she was dying and was reacting through her glands.

“... better than fucking!” Journey almost screamed, arching her back and slamming her mound hard against the cabinet.

Journey was determined to remain standing though and kept clinging to the sink edge as her knees slammed violently against the cabinet doors each time she convulsed and orgasmed. The banging of the doors was so loud, Agent Lee stepped into the room momentarily to investigate the disturbance. When she realized what was happening to Journey, her eyes widened, but she let the dying girl be and backed into the hallway.

Journey started to double over, her sundress riding up so we could just see the tight round globes of her bottom. She continued to curl her pelvis in time with her orgasms until her chest pressed against the sink edge, her eyes staring out under drooping lids at her own reflection; her flushed cheeks; neck cords tight and protruding; snot leaking from her nose and drool from the corners of her mouth; and hair plastered to her sweat-soaked face. She was watching herself slip into a sexual storm, soon to lose her sense of self and exist only for the intense sexual bliss that the chemical cocktail was giving her.

Drunk on sex.

Her palms were sweating badly, and soon Journey’s left hand slipped free of the sink edge quickly followed by her right and her knees buckled. She was on her way to the floor when I caught her under her slippery armpits and gently lowered her.

She knelt on the floor, straining as her orgasms raged through her belly and gripping the hem of her skirt. Mucus and piss flowed from her crotch as she strained "... oh god ... so good ..."

In a dozen heartbeats her body began to shake uncontrollably, so I slid in beside her, sitting cross-legged myself and drawing her convulsing body into a hug, her head resting against my breasts. Journey continued to orgasm in body-wracking convulsions, thrusting her hips and curling her pelvis with each straining orgasm, grunting and gasping as she found her ultimate bliss.

I knew what was happening for her internally; the convulsants were causing her large muscle groups to tighten and clench in rhythmic cycles; the irritants were stimulating all her mucus membranes, making them itch and tingle and produce copious amounts of mucus especially in her vagina and anus; the oxytocin was making her feel the most intense love; and the MDMA and endorphins were chemically producing waves of strong orgasms that roared through her body. And - of course - the toxins were making it all grow stronger by the second. As the orgasms grew in intensity, her heart would soon start to flutter and beat irregularly and eventually fail.

I looked up at Kylie and Paige. Both girls were staring at Journey with fascination and shock, but I needed them to be part of Journey’s death.

“Girls, come hold Journey’s hands to let her know she’s not alone,” I said, “She hasn’t got long.”

Both girls knelt on the bathroom floor, Kylie on Journey’s left and Paige on her right. Journey gripped their hands tight, whimpering and grunting as she writhed on the bathroom floor. Her dress was soaked with sweat and clinging to her body and her exposed skin was dripping with perspiration. Her nipples were hard bumps poking up under the sundress and the muscles of her abdomen were swollen and undulated as though her belly was full of angry snakes

“Does it hurt?” Kylie whispered.

“... so good ...” Journey strained through clenched teeth, “... so good ...”

Journey arched her back hard and cried out, pushing her belly upward and twisting. Kylie looked at me in alarm, and I shook my head.

“Her orgasms are just getting stronger.” I whispered, “It won’t be long now.”

“GAWD!” Journey screamed, and for the next few moments her limbs contorted, her body twisted and writhed being held by the three of us. The room became overly warm and humid, smelling strongly of sweat, piss, and sex. Then as her heart started to fail, Journey’s body flopped back down and she started trembling badly, exhausted but still rubbing her thighs together.

“... oh god ... oh god ... oh god ...” Journey gasped wetly.

I wiped her hair from her sweaty forehead and bent low.

“It’s alright, sweetheart.” I whispered, “Just let go, now. Let it take you.”

Journey whimpered, no doubt feeling her weakened heart fluttering in her chest.

“You’re with people who love you, Journey.” I whispered.

“I love you, Journey.” Kylie said softly.

“I love you too.” Paige told the dying girl.

“... love ...” Journey said breathlessly and grimaced then fell limp, her lifeless eyes staring up at the ceiling.

“Journey?” Kylie’s voice sounded worried.

“She’s gone, baby.” I said quietly. Just like that - one girl executed, two more to go. It’s a cruel time we live in.

Together we laid Journey flat on her back, crossing her hands over her belly and closing her legs. I looked up at Agent Lee and nodded. She spoke quietly to the clean-up team who respectfully entered the bathroom.

“Give us the room?” the team leader asked. I looked at Kylie and Paige who were back sitting on the ledge of the jet tub.

“Are you okay to watch?” I asked, “To see how gentle they are?”

Both nodded, so I joined them on the ledge, sitting between them and wrapping my arms around their shoulders. Together we watched the team take care of Journey; after cleaning up the floor they stripped off her sundress and carefully wiped her body clean with disposable damp cloths - her knees and mound were bruised a mottled violet. One member knelt with Journey’s head in her lap to clean the vomit residue from her mouth, wipe the snot and drool from her face, and brush her hair. When they produced a white sundress, Kylie pointed out Journey’s underpants where she left them on the counter. When they were done and Journey was laid on their white stretcher with her hands folded on her stomach, Kylie sniffed back tears.

“What’s wrong, hon?” I whispered.

“It looks like she’s just sleeping.” Kylie said in a trembling voice.

“She is, Kylie. She has no more pain, no more fear, and her last ten minutes were the best in her life.” I said, hugging them both tight to me, “And she died with her two best friends who she loved more than anything.”

The girls both snuggled in and we were silent as the crew removed Journey’s body. Once we were alone, Kylie whispered;

“Can I go next?”

I looked down at Paige who nodded.


Kylie rose and walked to the toilet, peeled down her pants to sit and pee. I suppose she was thinking about Journey struggling to stand as pee gushed and flowed down her quivering thighs. When she was done, she pulled up her pants and came and stood where Journey had stood. I handed her the administrator with her name on it and repeated the instructions on how to take it.

Despite volunteering to go next, Kylie’s hands were shaking and she had a couple false starts; bringing the tube to her mouth then lowering it. At last she wrapped her lips around the tube and turned the valve. Kylie jumped when the administrator made its soft ‘pop’ and the cocktail shot into her mouth, but she swallowed it and handed me the administrator which I put in an evidence bag and back in my kit bag.

Kylie then sat on the floor, her back rigid against the sink cabinet, and her legs straight out in front of her, thighs and feet tight together and her hands clasped in her lap.

Paige took another water bottle and stayed sitting on jet tub ledge. I sat cross-legged in the middle of the floor near Kylie. We three sat in silence waiting for the lethal cocktail to start working on Kylie.

The first change for Kylie was her breathing. She opened her mouth and started breathing a little deeper. Then her eyelids started to droop.

“Journey was right.” Kylie said softly, “It’s like being a little drunk.”

Then her face grew serious and she stared at Paige’s sneakers, her legs still tight together and straight out on front of her; her hands still clasped in her lap; her back rigid against the cabinet. I watched Kylie carefully - I suspected she was fighting the feelings that were coming up for her, trying to delay her death.

I moved closer to her.

“It’s okay, Kylie.” I whispered, “Just go with what you’re feeling.”

She remained silent, shaking her head once to dismiss my words.

I could smell fear-sweat from her armpits, and her upper lip was beaded with moisture - both sweat and snot. Soon I noticed her brow furrowing and her abdominal muscles slowly tightened and released, but she still held her posture rigid. Her breathing grew more rapid and slightly erratic. Her abdominals clenched tighter and softened once more, and I could hear gas burbling in her bowels. A sheen of sweat broke out on her face and she began to tremble.

“I don’t want to die.” Kaylie said in a trembling voice, “I changed my mind.”

I wrapped an arm around her rigid shoulders and squeezed.

“It’s too late, sweetheart.” I whispered, “It’s already starting, just let the good feelings come up.”

“No ...” Kaylie sobbed, her face starting to crumple.

“If you stop fighting it you’ll feel so good.” I tried reassuring her, but she still sat rigid, fighting the feelings. I detected a faint waft of sexual arousal rising from her crotch.

“It does feel good but I don’t want it to happen.” she whimpered. Kaylie’s belly clenched once more and she grunted and started to tremble, her bowels burbling louder. She was fighting it with all her will. The poor thing held it together as long as she could, but her resolve broke all at once;

“I can’t!” she cried out loudly and her shoulders curled forward, her hands clutching her lower belly, her thighs opening wide, her knees bending.

“... changed ... my mind ...” Kylie grunted desperately, straining long and hard as her belly tightened, “... make it stop ... please ...”

Despite going pee, the crotch of her pants grew dark with arousal wetness. Kylie was not only experiencing her first orgasm, they were building and blooming in her belly three of four times a minute and the strong scent of her sex filled the room.

Kylie was overwhelmed, so I hugged her tight to my side. She sobbed, gagged, farted.

“It’s okay, sweetheart. You’re okay.” I reassured her.

“... can’t ... handle ... this ...” Kylie strained and grunted, then dry-heaved and tried reaching for the toilet to her right.

“Yes you can.” I said, lifting her by her hot, sweaty armpits to get her to the toilet, “Just let it happen, honey.”

Kylie got her knees under her and laid her chin on the toilet seat and continued to dry-heave, straining every few seconds, her body shuddering and curling as each successive orgasm slammed into her small body.

“... kill me ...” Kylie grunted, “... strangle me ... make it stop ...”

My heart went out to her; at Die Happy I’ve had clients who changed their minds at the last minute about their method of death - mostly gutting or impalement - and I’ve obliged them with a quicker way. But this was a court ordered execution that I couldn’t change. She was just going to have to ride it out.

For the next few minutes, Kylie heaved into the toilet, sometimes producing a little water, but mostly just letting her body convulse in orgasm over and over. She was unprepared for the intense sexual sensations and they were overwhelming her. Though she tried to talk, all she could muster was incoherent non-words.

From behind us, I heard Paige whisper; “... holy shit ...”

When I glanced back at her, I saw she appeared to be gazing at the back of Kylie’s thighs in shock. Leaning back, I saw that the crotch of Kylie’s pants was sopping wet - clear, shiny mucus was oozing through the thick material and dripping onto the floor.

Paige came off the jet tub ledge and joined Kylie at the toilet, kneeling and rubbing her back and leaning close.

“You’re cumming, Kylie.” she said, “This is what orgasms feel like. You don’t have to be scared.”

“... too much ...” Kylie grunted.

Paige hugged Kylie close and I watched as the orgasmic girl leaned into her friend, their heads close together as Paige talked softly, soothing Kylie who continued to cum and heave.

“That’s it, Kylie. Let yourself cum.” Paige said softly, “You’re getting it. Don’t be scared.”

Kylie appeared to at last be giving in to the sexual bliss that was raging through her belly, so I felt confident to leave Paige to take care of her. I moved away and stood up.

Not taking my eyes from the girls, I backed out of the humid sex stink of the bathroom and into the cooler hallway beside Agent Lee.

“Is it always like this?” she asked in a low voice.

“A lot of the time, yeah.” I answered, “It’s what Die Happy delivers.”

“It may be a sick thought,” Agent Lee whispered, “But this is the most disturbingly erotic thing I’ve ever witnessed. It makes death seem ... I don’t know ... desirable.”

“For Kylie it is.” I said, “She was overwhelmed and wanted it to end before it really started, but now she seems to have let it take her so she’s in bliss. Hopefully she’ll ride it through to its natural conclusion.”

“The cocktail? It’s guaranteed lethal?” Agent Lee asked.

“Guaranteed. There’s toxins that slowly increase the potency of the pleasure inducing substances.” I explained, “Her orgasms will get stronger and longer until she goes into shock and her atrium starts to fibrillate. She’ll feel her final orgasm continue even after her heart stops.”

Agent Lee and I stood and watched the girls for five more minutes until Kylie stopped heaving and struggled to stand up while still convulsing in orgasms. I moved quickly to her side.

“... no ... no ... no ...” Kylie grunted as she got her feet under her and staggered into the shower stall, her belly clenching in rhythmic cycles as she steadied herself against the wall and crossed her legs. Paige looked frightened and unsure of what to do with her struggling friend.

Kylie’s crotch was dripping with the clear mucus from her sex and as she struggled to keep her wobbly legs tightly crossed, pee gushed through the thick fabric of her pants and down the inner thighs of her capris. I steadied Kylie by grasping her upper arms from behind.

“Let’s lay her down.” I said gently to Paige, and together we lowered Kylie half onto her side and stretched her quivering, straining body out on the floor.

“Keep holding her.” I told Paige, who cradled Kylie in her arms, wiping her hair from her sweat-soaked face.

“I love you, Kylie.” Paige murmured, one arm wrapped around the girl’s shoulders, while she wiped away the snot on Kylie’s upper lip with the thumb of the other. Kylie reached up and grasped Paige’s arm with her right hand and nuzzled her face against Paige’s chest, whimpering and grunting her way through wave after wave of gut-wrenching orgasms. Kylie twisted her hips and drew her knees up as her thighs flopped open. Her heaving lower belly was swollen and the crotch of her pants was a slimy mess.

I reached out and took Paige’s free hand and pressed her fingertips against the carotid artery in Kylie’s throat. Paige’s eyes widened.

“Her heart is pounding so fast.” Paige whispered and I nodded and mouthed the word ‘soon’.

After a moment, Kylie cried out and grimaced. Her orgasms were hitting her harder and almost continually, a sure sign her death was near. She suddenly strained hard and twisted in Paige’s arms, her right leg thrusting straight out, her sneakered foot kicking feebly, the heal thudding on the floor. She gagged, dry-heaved violently and let loose a long string of farts - gas popping from between the tight cheeks of her wet bum.

“It’s okay, baby.” I soothed her, massaging the large muscle in her thigh, then to Paige I whispered; “She’s going fast.”

Kylie’s body twisted harder, fighting Paige’s tight embrace. She strained and growled, spit spraying through her clenched teeth, her pelvis humping violently in her final overwhelming orgasm. Then she kicked violently, sending one of her sneakers across the room and suddenly slumped completely limp in Paige’s arms.

“Kylie?” Paige’s voice was worried as she looked down at her friend’s now serene face as her last breath huffed past her flaccid lips.

“She’s gone, sweetheart.” I said to Paige, “She’s at peace now.”

Paige’s face crumpled and she started to cry. I remembered my first assisted suicide who died mid-orgasm from me throating his cock - I cried too. Even though it’s planned, it breaks your heart when you lose your first.

I took hold of Kylie’s shoulder and slid her out of Paige’s arms, laying her on the floor, cradling her head in my hand and setting it down gently. Then I gathered Paige in my arms and lifted her, guiding the now sobbing girl out of the room, stepping over Kylie’s body. I nodded to the clean-up crew and Agent Lee followed as I half carried Paige to the living room.

I sat in a large well-padded rocking chair, and folded Paige onto my lap and held her, gently rocking her. Paige sobbed for a very long time, her shoulders shaking and her breathing coming in hitches and gasps. After a time she calmed, blowing her nose in the linen hanky I keep in my pocket for such occasions. Paige became quiet in my arms as we rocked some more. She stared and picked at a loose thread on her shorts.

“They’re gone.” she said in a weak voice at last.

“Yes they are.”

“And they’re never coming back.”

“No.” I agreed.

Paige lifted her head and looked into my eyes as though searching for something.

“Do you believe in reincarnation?” she asked.

“No, I don’t.”

“Then how can you do what you do?” she asked, her forehead furrowing, “How can you kill us?”

“We all die, Paige. None of us live forever.” I answered, and Paige laid her head back against my chest.

“Some people die alone in a crashed car on a highway, or a hospital bed in the middle of the night.” I continued, speaking softly, “Some people die in pain from injury or disease. The people that I help ... the people I help to die ... they die being held by someone who cares about them - and I do care about them - I really and truly do. And they die feeling amazing things that they’ve never felt in their whole lives.”

Paige was quiet, listening.

“I believe that time slows for us in the moment of death.” I said, “For those who are left behind, it seems like just seconds - but for the person dying, that moment gets stretched out. So when I help someone to die while they are cumming, that feeling lasts a long time. For them it may feel like hours, or days, or even an eternity.” I explained.

“You believe that? Truly?” Paige asked softly.

“I do. Truly.”

We rocked in silence for a few moments. Paige was doing a lot of thinking while we did.

“I’m all alone.” she said at last.

“I’m with you.” I said, “I’m not going to leave you, honey.”

“I know. But there’s no one left to watch me do it.” she said.

“You want people to watch you die?” I asked.

“Yes. Not just the dying. The other part too.”

“How come, sweetheart?”

“Like Journey said; It’s exciting.” Paige answered, squirming slightly in my lap, rubbing her thighs together.

“Sexually exciting?” I whispered.

“Yes.” she whispered back, “I’d love it to happen to me in front of a crowd - it feels reckless and exciting. I’d love people to watch and be aroused and horrified all at the same time. The thought of all those eyes on me as I puke and cum and die makes me ... well, horny. I want that Judge to watch me and see what he did.”

Paige fell silent, but by the furtive eye movement I could see from the side of her face, she was waiting for me to suggest what she was wishing for. I felt a warm rush of affection for this last girl; she didn’t hesitate to comfort Journey when asked, and she helped Kylie come to terms with her unexpected and overwhelming orgasms. This girl deserved more than to die alone on a bathroom floor and if what she wanted added to her pleasure ... why not?

“Would you like your execution to happen outside, Paige?” I asked.


I craned my neck and looked at Agent Lee.

“Could you make sure Judge Timberlaine and the others stay on the patio?” I requested, “And have the clean-up crew join them?

Agent Lee smiled.

“A last request.” she said.

“Yeah. That works.” I smiled back.

I hugged Paige.

“Come on, honey.” I said, “Let’s go get your cocktail.”


We walked hand in hand to the bathroom. The clean-up crew had just finished; Kylie was barefoot and in a simple white dress lying on the stretcher. Her face was calm, her hair brushed, her hands folded over her belly.

Paige knelt beside her and kissed her gently on her pale lips.

“I love you, Kylie.” she whispered, “Bye-bye.”

Paige stood and I pulled her administrator and a fresh evidence bag from my kit and together we walked through the house and out across the patio, past the Judge, Prosecutors, and other Agents. We walked still holding hands - Paige gripping mine tighter than normal to maintain her balance; her legs were wobbly and her coordination a bit off. She was still very frightened.

We picked a spot on the grass less than 10 feet from the patio and sat down. Paige knelt and sat on her heels while I sat cross-legged. I waited a moment while Paige closed her eyes and breathed in the fresh air, lifting her face to feel the sunshine on it. After a moment she opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Ready?” I asked. Paige nodded, so I handed her the black administrator with her name on it. Paige held it in her lap and stared down at it for a few moments.

“I know it’s going to feel good. I saw Journey and Kylie. And you.” she blushed, “But once I swallow this and when it’s all over, I’ll be gone.”

She looked up at me.

“I’m scared, Kim.” she said.

“I know.” I answered simply. There was nothing else I could say; I believed that death was the end; that there was no reincarnation, no fairy tale paradise we go to. When we die, we lose everything - no more breathing, no more sunshine on our faces, no more orgasms.

Paige looked down at the administrator - five inches of plastic that would soon kill her. Then with trembling hands she lifted it to her mouth and wrapped her lips around the tube end and turned the valve. It ‘popped’ and she held the cocktail in her mouth and handed the administrator back to me. I slipped it inside the evidence bag and sealed it, setting it down, my eyes never leaving Paige’s face. I had back-up administrators with stronger toxins in case one of the girls spit it out or refused to take it. The stronger ones could be absorbed even through the skin.

Paige turned and looked at Judge Timberlaine, then turned back and gazed into my eyes and swallowed.

“There.” she said, “Now we wait, huh?”

“Now we wait.” I agreed.

Paige sat very still; kneeling in the grass, her back straight, her hands on her bare thighs, staring down. Occasionally she glanced at the group of men on the patio. After a moment she weaved a little and smiled.

“It’s starting?” I asked.

Paige nodded. About a minute later, she began breathing through her mouth and made a small thready sound deep in her chest. I watched her nipples swell and tent the fabric of her t-shirt - Paige’s arousal was growing quickly. She reached up and wiped snot from her nose then closed her eyes. When she opened them again, she lifted herself up, moving her knees apart and resettling on her heels with her thighs open. Paige caught my eye and glanced down and smiled. Looking down between her thighs I could see the crotch of her white shorts was growing dark with wetness.

“Feeling good?” I asked and gave her a conspiratorial smile and wink.

Paige nodded and winked back, but shortly after her brows furrowed and she strained deep in her chest as her stomach grew tight and her pelvis curled.

“... cumming ...” she grunted, her fingertips digging into the flesh of her thighs.

Her stomach muscles released after her first convulsion and she settled, but a few seconds later they tightened again and her pelvis curled, pushing her crotch forward.

“... cumming again ...” she strained her words out as her belly clenched, released, and clenched again, “... cumming more ... oh fuuuuck ...”

Paige’s eyes were squeezed shut, her face flushing as her pelvis humped forward and back through a series of orgasms. Her upper lip grew shiny with mucus from her nose, so I could imagine what was happening in her vagina and bowels.

“... oh fuck ... oh fuck ... oh fuck ...” she grunted, then started making wet gurgling sounds, “... sick ...”

Paige rolled off her knees to sit on her right hip and planted her hands on the lawn as she leaned forward, her mouth opening, her lips curling, a long tendril of drool hanging down.

The gurgling grew louder and when Paige convulsed again she projectile vomited a large puddle of water and undigested fruit salad on the grass near her right knee.

I glanced up and saw that Judge Timberlaine, the Agents, and Prosecutors were all standing at the edge of the patio now, watching Paige undulating and vomiting.

“That got their attention.” I said quietly to Paige who smiled between heaves.

Paige fell into an orgasmic rhythm, lifting her left leg each time her body convulsed and she sicked-up everything she ate or drank that day. Between heaves as she was whimpering, a small smile would flicker across her lips. I moved so I was beside her, laying a comforting hand on her sweaty back.

“Feel good, baby?” I asked her.

“... so good ...” she grunted between heaves, “... this ... is ... the ... best ... way ... to ... die ...”

Paige vomited until her stomach was empty, then after a series of dry-heaves she flopped down on her side and rolled on her back. I scooted around and knelt by her head and lifted her shoulders up onto my lap, my back to the patio. She opened her thighs as her stomach rhythmically clenched and she humped the air with each successive orgasm. The inner legs of her white shorts and the crotch were dark and shiny with excreted mucus, her inner thighs smeared with it. Paige was deep into the intense orgasmic bliss the cocktail created.

“... fuck me ...” Paige gasped weakly between orgasms, “... please fuck me ...”

“I can’t, sweetheart.” I whispered, stroking her cheek and wishing I could do more for her than the law allowed. Then I recalled the entry in Paige’s pre-sentencing report; She had lied to me when she said she’d never cum with a boy - The prosecution investigator had lifted an entry she’d made anonymously on a social media site called “Confession” where Paige disclosed having an orgasm as she deep-throated a boy. She’d called it a “throat fuck”.

I realized that I was positioned so those on the patio could see Paige’s body but I was blocking them from seeing her face. I laid my hand gently on Paige’s chin and stroked her wet lips with my forefinger.

“Open your mouth, sweetheart.” I whispered. She looked up at me with an expression of confusion, then smiled and parted her lips. I moved surreptitiously and slid two fingers past her lips and down the centre line of her tongue, pressing them deep, my other fingers stretching the sides of her mouth. Paige pushed her tongue outward, licking the palm of my hand as my fingertips slid over and pressed down on her gag reflex, grinding it.

Her entire body convulsed with her next orgasm, her thighs opening wide and her back arching, lifting her bum high off the ground. I held my fingers deep in her throat until she fell back, her bum bouncing on the lawn and her thighs slapping tight together as though trying to capture her orgasm and keep it. When I slid my fingers out of her throat, Paige gagged and swallowed and gasped for air.

“... again ...” she gasped, opening her mouth like a hungry baby bird in its mother’s presence and grasping my forearm with both her hands. I slid my fingers down her throat once more and pressed hard on her gag reflex, Paige gagged, thrust her pelvis upward and came hard, then pulled my fingers out of her throat to recover. We did this over and over, Paige pulling on my arm and me throat-fucking her and hoping that no one was noticing. At times she would hold my fingers tight in her throat through two or three consecutive orgasms.

This double action of my fingers grinding her gag reflex on top of the cocktail flooding her system drove Paige into a sexual delirium on the lawn in Judge Timberlaine’s backyard. She squirmed and writhed in my lap, her thighs opening and slapping closed as orgasms ripped through her belly, exhausting her young body. She grew hot and fevered, her clothing soaked through with sweat, her hair matted and stuck to her face, her armpits reeking of fear, her crotch musky with the pungent smells of sex, sweat, and piss.

Paige lasted almost 20 minutes from the time she swallowed the cocktail - five minutes longer than Journey and almost twice as long as Kylie. Even when her hands released my arm and flopped onto her chest and her fingers found her nipples to pinch and twist through her t-shirt, I continued the ritual gagging her through orgasm after orgasm. I gave her the best sexual death I possibly could. Near the end, when her heart began to flutter and her convulsions became sporadic, she turned her face away from my fingers making wet gagging sounds.

When she settled into weak spastic convulsions, she turned her face upward once more and gazed up into my eyes. Her cheeks were pale, her breath rattled in her throat, clear mucus flowed from her nose. But it was her eyes that broke my heart; sad, resigned eyes gazing up at me under drooping eyelids. In that moment Paige truly knew she was dying - that these were her last moments experiencing this world. The hopelessness in her eyes will haunt me forever.

But Paige continued to hang in there, to fight back against death, riding her orgasms way past the point the toxins should have killed her. I don’t know how she was still alive - still cumming, still convulsing, albeit weaker with each passing wave. Her colour grew grey and pallid, mucus flowed freely from her nose and I could hear it rattling in her lungs as she gasped for air. I laid my hand on her lower belly, feeling the muscles there undulating as her thighs flopped open and closed.

“Oh baby,” I whispered to her, tears welling in my eyes, “You’re fighting so hard.”

I lifted her in my arms and held her shuddering body tight and rocked her as her legs kicked feebly, her eyes staring sightlessly, her drooling mouth opening and closing as she made weak, wet sounds.

“... mugh ...” was all Paige could muster as she quivered through her final orgasmic wave, snot bubbles popping from her nostrils, piss gushing from between her thighs and her shorts oozing watery shit. I felt her hard nipples pressed against my chest start to soften.

“I love you, sweetheart,” I whispered in her ear, “but it’s time to be with Journey and Kylie.”

I don’t know if she heard me or not, but just after the last words left my mouth, her body slumped limp and she murmured something I couldn’t hear clearly.

Paige drew three more ragged short breaths and died, her last soft, pukey breath brushing my cheek like a feather

I glanced up at those on the patio; no one would meet my gaze. It was appropriate that they witnessed the reality of what their legal maneuvering wrought. Judge Timberlaine, the Prosecutors, and the Special Agents all looked ashamed and guilty. Only our clean-up crew was still watching Paige and I - it was their job - they dealt with death every day.

I gently laid Paige down in the grass as I’ve laid down so many dead clients, and as I rose and the clean-up crew moved in around me, I saw that Agent Lee had moved from the patio and was standing off to my right with the evidence bag containing Paige’s administrator in her hand. I didn’t know how long she’d been there, nor what she had witnessed as I nervously walked toward her, studying her face.

“Our reports on executions are never overly detailed.” she said pointedly, “We don’t believe it’s necessary to record everything we see.”

I studied her face and she smiled. I smiled back - Paige’s and my secret would be safe.

“You wouldn’t happen to have one of your Die Happy business cards, do you?” she asked as she turned to walk me back into the house, “If you still have some of that cocktail back at the lab, I’d like to try it.”

“With or without the toxins?” I asked, glancing at her sideways.

Agent Lee smiled.

“We’ll see.” she said.

And six months later, we did see each other again. We had a lovely dinner together to celebrate her early retirement. Then I gave her a tour of Die Happy and we watched three girls die through the observation windows. After playing with some of the devices of my trade and edging each other until we were both weak with arousal, we retired to the staff bathroom and she drank the same cocktail the girls drank. She wasn’t looking her best at the end, but with the combination of the cocktail and me fist fucking her, she did have the time of her life.