Selling the Service

by Erotickynk

We had Statute Lawyers and Prison representatives from a variety of states that had the death penalty at Die Happy’s Judicial Execution Services presentation in Dallas.

Looking out over the audience, I saw representative from; Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming, and of course Texas itself.

They were all there to explore options that would avoid the political and legal fallout from reinstated death penalty laws since the False Rapture saw the Christian Republican party sweep the most recent election. The majority of the nation's populous was in favour of not only allowing assisted suicide for any reason, it also possessed a fevered support of executions of anyone in opposition of biblical tenets. Yet a strong and vocal minority still existed that opposed the execution of anyone and rallied around protests, petitions, and law suits surrounding each person executed by these states.

I had been chosen as spokeswoman for Die Happy, due to my familiarity and experience in providing assisted sexual suicides for paying clients, and my familiarity of the sexual death process …

“Thank you all for coming to our presentation. I know that your time is at a premium, so I will be as brief and concise as possible. Of course, at the end of the presentation, myself and our other representatives will be available to answer any questions you may have.

“Die Happy Incorporated is a legal, licensed assisted suicide service based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We specialize in custom suicides, most of which are sexual in nature. This allows our clients to end their lives with strong sexual feelings or even final orgasms.

“Recently, we have been called upon by various states to conduct the execution of a few persons sentenced to death. The reason for this experimental trial is to avoid lawsuits claiming cruel and unusual punishment from most traditional methods or execution. To illustrate this, we were permitted to film a number of executions around the country, and of course to film those we carried out.

“I must warn you that the videos that accompany this presentation are graphic depictions of nine people dying. Some are difficult to watch.”


“This unfortunate young woman is Janelle Frost, convicted three years ago of drowning her nine month old infant son. After her appeals had run out, the state found itself unable to use lethal injection as a method of execution due to an ongoing court action claiming it to be cruel and unusual punishment.

“They did find an old statute that allowed death by hanging, but budgeting issues wouldn’t allow a new gallows to be constructed. The method chosen was a version of hanging - the old standby of garroting where a metal chair is secured to the floor, the condemned is secured to it, and a rope is placed around the throat and tightened until the condemned has expired.

“Hanging - if performed properly - provides and almost instant death when the neck breaks. As you can see by Janelle’s struggles, garroting is a slow and painful process. It took four minutes for Janelle to initially lose consciousness, and seventeen minutes for Janelle’s heart to stop. Janelle regained consciousness three times before she died.”


“This forty year old woman is Leigh Chatsworth, convicted of murdering her husband. The state of Pennsylvania is experimenting with toxic cocktails that are administered orally in liquid form.

“The execution was carried out in the prison medical ward where she had her ankles shackled to a gurney and was compelled to drink the cocktail.

“As you can see in the video, the toxins induced violent vomiting that required the cocktail to be re-administered four times, Leigh feeling more and more ill as the small amount of toxins that her body absorbed before vomiting occurred took effect.

“Leigh’s sentence was finally carried out by delivering the fifth dose via an enema, which was prevented from being expelled by inserting a large butt plug sex toy. Leigh was subjected to three hours of suffering then the humiliation of the enema and pain of the butt plug.”


“Our next subject is twenty-nine year old Samantha Urbane, convicted of vehicular homicide when driving under the influence. As Ohio still has their electric chair, sentence was carried out just two weeks ago.

“As you can see in the video, Samantha was conscious and aware as 50,000 volts was passed through her body for three continuous minutes, then three more minutes when a faint heartbeat was detected.

“Neurologists that have testified in the cruel and unusual punishment lawsuit Ohio is currently embroiled in, have stated on record as saying that though the current would have caused her to quickly be confused and unable to access any cognitive ability, Samantha felt every brutal second of her electrocution.

“It should be noted that the foam issuing from Samantha’s mouth is a combination of swallowed saliva and bile that had boiled inside her stomach from the energy of the electrical current passing through her torso.”


“The following video illustrates the terror a condemned person feels even in the most controlled and professional atmosphere. You’re watching the lethal injection of Carrie Marie Fitipaldi, sentenced to death for causing the death of a Police Officer during a highspeed chase.

“As you can see, Carrie believed that her mother would rescue her and screamed for her throughout the injection protocol, begging them to wait until her mother arrived. Her mother was trying to get to the prison to visit with her daughter prior to her execution, but had been delayed in a snow storm that morning.

“Carrie not only endured the terror of facing her execution alone, but in death suffered the humiliation of wetting and soiling herself.


“This is by far one of the most disturbing videos to watch. It shows two Alabama Militia members carrying out an execution from a Militia Court sentence. The young woman’s name was Sadie McCroy from Montgomery, Alabama and her crime was driving her sister to an unregistered abortionist in Colombus Georgia. Her sister received a one year servitude sentence, while Sadie was found guilty of assisting a murder.

“Because the Alabama Militia has no infrastructure to carry out humane executions, the task was assigned to two members who trussed Sadie, taped her mouth closed, and cut her throat in the Militia parking lot after hours.

“Sadie was twenty-one years old at the time of her death.

“We will take a short break at this time, and when we return we will show you the nature of the service Die Happy Inc. provides to our clients, and how it can prevent both legal and news media challenges to your state’s death penalty laws and methods.”

When we reassembled, I continued with our presentation, this time showing video from executions performed by Die Happy Inc.

“You will find sample contracts for Die Happy Inc. Judicial Execution Service in your folders.

“To illustrate how our service differs from typical state executions, I will now be presenting a sampling of video clips made of executions we have carried out in states who have contracted with us on a one time basis.


“This young lady was convicted of the murder of a Police Officer during a bank robbery in Lancaster, California. Though she was only the driver for her boyfriend who was the one to carry out the bank robbery and shot the first Police Officer on the scene, she was held accountable for the officer’s murder.

“Her name was Gilley Flanderson, and two days before her nineteenth birthday was sentenced to die by lethal injection.

“Gilley chose that the execution take place in her bedroom in the Flanderson family home. Gilley was able to have a last meal with her family and say her final goodbyes. She then retired to her bedroom with a Die Happy Helper and a state appointed witness. Gilley chose to strip naked and lay on her bed while her Helper injected her with a patented lethal injection, that in addition to toxin agents is also laced heavily with synthetic endorphins and mucus membrane irritants.

“In the three minutes it took Gilley to die she experienced seven orgasms by our Helper’s count. As you can see in the video, Gilley’s heart stopped beating during her seventh orgasm and she passed peacefully.

“I doubt she even knew she was dying when it happened.”


“Our next two submissions show deaths by electrocution.

"The first is the execution of Marcus Royall, who went by the name Milly as she was male to female transgendered. Milly was sentenced to death in Utah for sex crimes. Homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexualism, or transgenderism is illegal in that state as we all know.

"Our deep anal voltage wand can deliver 20 to 10,000 volts through either a slow increase from mild stimulation to lethal levels, or through operator controlled surges of voltage. The wand itself is 30 centimeters in length, in order to reach deep into the belly.

"Milly chose a slow increase, and the execution was carried out at the UTAH state penitentiary near Bluffdale in a medical exam room.

“As you can see in the video, as soon as the voltage increase started, Milly achieved an erection and experienced a prolonged three minute orgasm starting at the one minute mark and continuing to the point her heart stopped beating and she slumped in her chair at the four minute mark.

"A far cry more humane than the execution in the electric chair we saw earlier."

“Our second submission took place in Ohio in the home of Andrew “Anita” Belzburg. Anita , as she preferred to be known, was sentenced to death on the three strike statute for prostitution. For her defense, Anita stated that she only engaged in prostitution in order to afford the expensive male to female reassignment surgery available in Canada. Ohio court of appeal granted Anita’s request to have her execution take place in her home.

“Anita opted for operator controlled bursts of voltage and left it up to our Die Happy helper to deliver the levels of lethality that would provide the most intense sexual pleasure for Anita. As you can see in this video, there is a vacuum tube at the base of the anal voltage wand that allows the operator to view the flash arc of current delivered.

“Anita, like Milly, achieved an erection as soon as the wand was inserted in her. The first flash indicates a near lethal dose of voltage that instantly triggered an orgasm with ejaculation for Anita. As you can see, Anita actually reached down and pulled the anal wand deeper into herself as she ejaculated. Before Anita’s orgasm could finish peaking, our operator delivered a full 10,000 volt charge which extended Anita’s orgasm and ended her life two minutes later. The abdominal twitches you see after Anita’s head falls back and her body slumps were involuntary spasms caused by the voltage. She was not in any pain.”

“The two befits of Die Happy’s judicial electrocution execution service are one; the delivery of lethal and non-lethal levels of current is completely adjustable and offers the subject choices; anything from a slow build Like Milly, whose execution took four minutes, to Anita’s which tool less than 30 seconds, and; second, that the sexual aspect removes the possibility of a cruel and unusual punishment case ever making it past discovery.


“Our final submission to the panel is an unusual request that came out of Alabama by their judicial Milita as an alternative to standard execution methods. As an alternative to the exsanguination method shown earlier that sent shockwaves through the entire nation, the Militia requested we perform an impalement on Khloe Romanov.

“Our chemists at the Die Happy laboratory in Las Vegas have developed a serum that contains a number of elements including lethal levels of synthetic endorphins and a mucus membrane irritant. The endorphins create a strong orgasmic effect, and the mucus membrane irritants cause all mucus membranes in the body to overproduce mucus and - for lack of a better description; a‘sexual itch’. These combined leaves the subject craving contact stimulation of the membranes in an orgasmic state.

“As you can see, Khloe did not resist the insertion of the spit through her anus and up through her sigmoid and descending colons, and experienced rolling orgasms as it penetrated from her transverse colon into her stomach, and up her gullet. Khloe did not struggle, even when her air supply was cut off, and lost consciousness two minutes after the spit emerged from her mouth, and expired three minutes later.

“That concludes our presentation. We will now make ourselves available for questions.”

In the end, almost all states contracted with Die Happy’s Judicial Execution Services.