The Ready Girl

by Erotickynk

Tegan Shaughnessy was the first judicial client after the Trinity girls who had been sentenced to die by lethal cocktail. She was guilty of selling opioids that resulted in the overdose deaths of two young women. Tegan was also the first we had who knew the date sentence would be carried out - which is unusual, because even I didn’t know until the morning of each execution Die Happy was involved in.

As Agent James Cochrane and I parked on a side street and walked around the corner toward Tegan’s apartment, I glanced in the window of a bistro and saw a young woman seated alone, having breakfast. She looked familiar.

“Hold up, Agent Cochrane.” I said as I dug Tegan’s execution order out of my bag. I held it up and compared the photo on her face-sheet to the young woman in the bistro, “That’s her, right?”

“Yep.” he said, “And James will be fine - none of this Agent Cochrane stuff.”

We entered the bistro and approached Tegan.

“Tegan Shaughnessy?” James said in his official cop voice, “We need to escort you back to your apartment.”

“I know who you are.” Tegan said with a smile, “Have a seat. I’m enjoying my last meal - one that will make the process the least unpleasant for all three of us.”

James and exchanged looks.

“Oh my god, the looks on your faces.” Tegan laughed, then explained; “I knew you were coming today. I already called my boss and told him I wasn’t coming in ... like, ever again, and my sister is coming to claim my body after you’re done with me.”

James and I were both taken aback, unsure how to proceed.

“Come on, sit down while I finish breakfast.” Tegan said, “Do you want anything?”

Neither of us did.

“How did you know?” I asked as I watched her eating her yoghurt and fresh fruit breakfast, washing it down with pineapple juice.

“I have a friend in corrections. They called me this morning when my name came up.” she explained.

“Can we have your friend’s name?” James asked.

“Nope.” Tegan said with feigned seriousness, then laughed, “It’s okay - I didn’t run and I’m not going to fight you. After I finish eating we can go back to my apartment and you can do me.” Tegan wiggled in her seat, happy with her own sexual innuendo.

“You’re not scared?” I asked softly.

“Fuck yeah, I’m scared. But what am I going to do? Try to run? Fight you? Get dragged screaming to my execution?” Tegan replied, “You’re using the Trinity cocktail, right?”

“That’s right.”

“I did some research.” Tegan said, “It is true that it makes you horny? Makes you cum?”

I nodded; “A lot.”

“Right up until the end?”

“Yes. I can’t guarantee you’ll die cumming, but you’ll most likely cum right up until the toxins make your heart fail - and that ramps up quickly at the end. You’ll be exhausted and just won’t care by then.”

“Have you fixed the side-effects?” she asked, and faked the sniffles.

“No.” I said, “It will start with mucus discharge; a runny nose; vaginal discharge; even mucus in your stomach and bowels along with accelerated intense sexual arousal. Then dizziness and vomiting.”

“How soon after I take it?”

“A few minutes.” I said, “The vomiting is pleasurable.”

“Like cumming?”

“Exactly like cumming.”

“I almost cum from gagging on cock.” Tegan admitted, “Can we do that too?” she looked at James and raised her eyebrows.

“It’s possible.” James answered with a half smile, and my estimation of Agent Cochrane went up - it was good to work with an agent who could get into sexual executions.

Tegan was an attractive girl; tall, slender, wearing grey yoga pants and a black armless top and nothing else so far as I could tell.

“The big juicy breakfast because of the side effects?” I asked, beginning to like this girl.

“Mm-hmm.” she said, swallowing a mouthful or yoghurt and berries, “Dry heaving hurts.”

“Just so you know ... “ I explained, “... the cocktail will keep a fresh supply of mucus and saliva in your stomach. There won’t be any dry heaves.”

“Good to know.” Tegan said as she scraped her bowl, “Do you have it with you?”

“Of course.”

“Can I take it now?”

I unzipped my bag and produced a packet and ripped it open, dropping the administrator into my palm.

“But we’ll have to go right away, you’ll probably start to feel the effects within two minutes.” I said dropping it into her hand, “It’s under light pressure, so just wrap your lips around the tube and turn the black handle. Then swallow.”

“M’kay.” Tegan said as she placed the delivery end in her mouth and turned the handle. The pop was audible in the bistro and she swallowed, and made a sour face.

“Metallic.” she said as she handed back the administrator which I placed in a sealed bag and put away. Tegan then washed the taste out of her mouth by finished off her pineapple juice in a series of swallows.

“There.” she said setting down her glass and rising up straight, patting her belly, “Tummy full. Lethal dose inside. Let’s go do this.”

We all rose and Tegan led the way out of the bistro and down the busy street to her apartment building next door.

As we got to the front door of the apartments, a Police Cruiser pulled up and two Cops got out.

“Agent Cochrane?” asked one of the cops.

“Yes Officer.” James answered, flashing his badge, “We’re about to begin.”

The two Cops moved to stand in front of the apartment door.

“Expecting me to resist?” Tegan asked with a smile as we walked up the stairs to her second floor apartment.

“No.” I told her, “You might get loud. They’re here to assure people who hear you that it’s a judicial execution and you’re not being hurt.”

”My neighbours will hear me?” Tegan’s face paled as I nodded. The realization that people in her neighbourhood would hear her dying orgasms hit her hard. Every girl is different, but all have that moment - the moment they know it’s real.

Tegan lived on a fairly busy street above a clothing store. Her apartment was small, but cute, neat and clean. By the time Tegan took out her keys to her door she already had the sniffles, and as she tried to get the key in the lock she lost her balance and dropped them. I caught her and held her upright as James picked up her keys and opened the door for us.

“Feeling like I’m a little drunk.” Tegan murmured and smiled.

As I held Tegan from behind I could smell the musky scent of sweat in her hair, and the faintest hint of fear-sweat from her armpits. Tegan squeezed her thighs together tight and shuddered a little.

“Hmm ...” Tegan made an amused sound and smiled crookedly, “Wow. Feeling it.”

“It gets better, Tegan.”

We examined the onset of effects on the Trinity girls; sniffling and moderate vaginal discharge at two minutes; first orgasm at three to four minutes; uncontrollable vomiting at four minutes; ecstatic rolling orgasms at five minutes; and death varied; Kylie died at eleven minutes, Journey at fifteen, and Paige at 21 minutes. So far, Tegan was within those parameters. James and I should be wrapping up within twenty minutes.

I guided her into her neat apartment, meaning to get her to her bedroom, but Tegan made for her small kitchen table, her legs weak and trembling. She pulled out one of the chairs and flopped down on it. She was making small appreciative sounds in her throat as she closed her eyes and leaned forward, resting her head on her hands.

“Oh my god.” she breathed, then strained slightly; “... ‘m cumming ...”

I pulled up a chair beside her while James stood close by. Tegan was sniffing back a runny nose as her belly tightened in slow waves.

“Dizzy.” she said as she weaved in her chair. I gently rubbed her back as James laid a reassuring hand on Tegan’s shoulder. Reaching down I laid the palm of my other hand on her belly - I could feel it churning and clenching.

“How’s your tummy feel?” I asked softly.

“Like it’s coming alive.” Tegan answered and whimpered softly.

“... fuck ... cumming ...” she whined in a soft voice.

I caught the first waft of sexual arousal from her crotch as she flopped her thighs open and closed.

“So horny.” she whispered, “I really want a cock in my throat when it gets going.”

I saw James’ hand flex as he squeezed her shoulder. Glancing at the crotch of his slacks I saw that he was becoming aroused by Tegan’s reaction to the Trinity cocktail. Being that this was the third execution he was on with me and had seen me help other girls cum to ease them into death, he had come to learn that not everything went into the execution report. James had also seen the videos of our test subjects who took the cocktail without the toxins and had found them highly arousing.

I felt her stomach roll and tighten and Tegan swallow hard as her thighs clenched tight and shook. After a few seconds she calmed and opened her thighs wide, releasing a stronger odour of sexual arousal.

“I’m so wet right now.” Tegan murmured as her sniffling and breathing increased, “I really am.”

I felt her stomach slowly tighten and release again. I let go of her belly and reached over to take the bananas out of a ceramic fruit bowl. I knew what was about to start.

“Damn.” Tegan whispered.

We waited, listening to the sounds of the street through the open window as Tegan’s breathing got faster and she began to whimper. She burped.

“... oh god ...” she gasped weakly and straightened her back and lifted her shoulders, her chin starting to quiver. I set the fruit bowl on the table under her chin as she started squirming her bum on the chair, drool slithering from her lower lip as she whimpered louder. Then her stomach convulsed hard, sounding like a combination of hiccup and burp, but right on its heels she vomited almost two cups of yoghurt and fruit with her first heave.

Tegan lowered her head as heave after heave squeezed the contents of her stomach up her gullet into the bowl. With each spasm she squeezed her thighs together and the strong scent of her arousal surrounded her like an olfactory halo. Tegan was cumming, the first batch of many orgasms that would increase in potency until they killed her.

As I continued to stroke her back and watch her body curl with each orgasmic heave, I remembered the Trinity girls ...

Bold Journey who volunteered to be first to die and who took the cocktail without hesitation always left me wondering if she knew that death was real, or was just an abstract idea in her young mind. How she tried to impose her will on her body to remain standing as she clung to the edge of Judge Timberlaine’s bathroom sink, vomiting her last meal as orgasms shook her body and mucus dripped from under her sundress to spatter on the floor between her sandaled feet.

Timid little Kylie who was afraid to go first and terrified to be the last to die, who was overwhelmed by the orgasms the cocktail gave her and fought them. I wondered if she did that believing if she never gave in to them she could prolong her life.

And last came willful Paige who had helped her two friends die, but still had the fortitude to choose to die with Judge Timberlaine, the Prosecutors, and Agents as her audience. She wanted them to see what their judicial execution looked like - to force them to see it, hear it, and smell it. I still grieve for the loss of that brave girl, who sat on the grass not ten feet from the man who had sentenced her to death and vomited, pissed herself and endured torturous orgasms until at last she convulsed and shit herself as she died in my arms. I grieve for the girl that died that day and for the woman she could have become.

And now Tegan had begun her final journey. She reached out blindly with her left hand, patting the front of James’ slacks until she found his swelling cock and squeezed it. Tegan knew what she wanted to bring herself more pleasure, and was doing what she needed to get it.

As Tegan continued to heave and vomit yoghurt, fruit, and foamy saliva, James gently pulled her hand away and undid his pants, letting them drop as he peeled down his underwear, releasing his almost fully erect cock. He pulled up his shirt and tucked it under his chin to ensure Tegan didn’t stain it with puke.

Taking hold of her hair, James turned her head and brought her mouth to his cock. Her breakfast now regurgitated but still gagging and heaving up saliva and mucus, Tegan parted her lips and wrapped them around his cock and let him pull her head forward, sliding his cock over her tongue and down her throat. Tegan strained and puked as she came almost instantly as she took James’ cock so deep that her nose pressed tight to his belly.

As he started to slowly throat-fuck her, I watched Tegan’s pelvis humping in time and the crotch of her yoga pants darken with mucus leaking from her cunt. I could hear her crotch overly sexual squishy sounds as she rubbed it against the chair seat. Tegan was cumming sweetly from her throat fuck, occasionally vomiting up the fresh saliva and mucus that was refilling her stomach.

James soon experienced his own orgasm, jetting his cum down Tegan’s throat, making her choke and vomit hard past his cock. With his cock still deep in her throat, her body went limp and she sagged. I stood and held her upright as James withdrew and quickly pulled up his slacks. I laid her back against the chair, lifting her chin and checking her pulse as James buttoned his slacks and pulled up the zipper.

“That was fast.” He said, his face flushed, his hands trembling.

“No.” I said, finding a strong pulse, “She’s still alive. You just choked her out.”

“What do we do?” he sounded near panic.

“Help me get her onto the bed.” I said, and together James and I carried her limp form into her bedroom and laid her back against the pillows. Tegan soon began whimpering and slowly squirming on the bed. I watched the dark wet patch on the crotch of her yoga pants spreading, the pulsing mucus from her cunt oozing through the thin fabric to shine wetly before it was absorbed to darken her crotch.

“She’s going to wake up cumming.” I warned James as I sat on a small chair in her bedroom while James stood by the open window. As predicted, Tegan’s whimpers turned to moans as she regained consciousness and spread her legs, her pelvis curling and her thighs quivering with orgasm. Between that first spasm and the next, Tegan’s eyes fluttered open and she appeared confused. She looked at myself and James not recognizing us and fear grew plain on her face. But there was no time for her to be frightened as another orgasm gripped her lower belly tight and she curled up again.

“You’re okay, Tegan.” I said, leaning forward and laying a reassuring hand on one ankle, “Just go with it sweetheart. Just let the good feelings come.”

And she did.

Tegan’s rolling orgasms assailed her body, growing stronger with each cycle. The irritants in the cocktail were making her vagina and anus itch and tingle and that soon drew the attention of her hand. She slid her long-fingered right hand under the waistband of her pants and fingered herself furiously, making her orgasms stronger and last longer. Her body going into spasms, her bum bouncing on the bed, her soft voice soon becoming raw and desperate, rising from moans and whimpers to screams and obscenities.

It went on for a long time. Too long. With the intensity and frequency of her rolling orgasms went on unabated, I kept looking at my watch, growing nervous as thirty minutes passed since she took the dose, ten minutes longer than even Paige lasted.

The original cocktail was created for three teens whose body weight was around a hundred pounds each. Tegan I put at about a hundred and sixty. Our lab guys claimed to have adjusted the potency of the toxins which increased the orgasmic effects and at the same time drove body temperature up and overstressed the heart. Tegan should have been dead by then, but her frantic masturbation and orgasms continued to roll.

I stood and walked to the bed, gently laying my palm on Tegan’s forehead - she was burning with fever. Her eyes were wild as she gazed up at me, screaming and panting through yet another orgasm. As one was fading back, a new one began and peaked within a few seconds.

I walked to stand beside James who was at the open window looking down at the street, taking advantage of a cool breeze fluttering the sheer curtains. I didn’t blame him; the room was humid from Tegan’s exertions and reeked now of sweat, vomit, sexual arousal, and the sickly-sweet odor that told me her anus was at least gaped, more probably her rectum was distended from her straining orgasms.

I looked down and saw that the two cops were keeping back a crowd that had gathered, attracted by Tegan’s screams. The clean-up crew’s white van was already here, and while I watched a young woman rushed up and was arguing with one of the cops. “But I’m her sister!” I heard her shout at him. This was turning into a shit-show.

“She’s lasting too long.” James said softly.

“I know.”

“Can’t you give her another dose?”

“I’m only allowed to bring one.” I said, “It’s dangerous stuff and we’ve had ... suicides.”

”Girls like you? Helpers?” James’ eyes widened.

”Yeah.” I said softly, “Girls like me. It’s ... tempting.”

Behind us, Tegan began to sob as she continued to orgasm.

“... too much ...” she gasped, “... please ... I can’t take anymore ...”

“We have to end this.” James said, looking down at the pistol in his belt holster, “At the very least to put her out of her misery.”

“She has to die by the proscribed method.” I said.

“You break the rules all the time.” James said, “Hell, I even broke the rules this time.”

And with that I had the solution.

“Keep looking out the window. I know what to do.” I told him and went to my bag in the other room.

By the time I walked back into Tegan’s bedroom with the twelve inch flexible dildo, Tegan was whimpering and moving listlessly on the bed, her belly still clenching in orgasm every few seconds, her face pale, struggling to breathe.

“... no ... no ... I’m sorry ...” she whimpered.

I saw that a blood vessel had burst in her left eye, turning half of the white blood red, and the pupil was badly dilated. There was weakness on the left side of her body as well, her eyelid and corner of her mouth drooping - a sure sign that Tegan had had a stroke.

“... I’m sorry ... I’m so sorry ...” she cried out between body racking sobs.

I set the dildo down and took hold of her ankles, pulling her further down on the bed, so she lay flat on her back. Picking the dildo back up I sat on the bed, my hip nestling in against her waist, her heat radiating through my clothes. I reached out and stroked away the hair plastered to her sweaty face and forehead.

“... I’m s-sorry ... sorry ...” she blubbered, looking up at me - her eyes begging for relief.

“Shhhhh ...” I soothed her as I cupped her mound and brought the dildo to her lips. Tegan appeared confused, but she parted her lips and took the dildo into her mouth. I smiled at her and slowly pressed the dildo deeper, she could no longer speak but her whimpering told me she understood. She tilted her head back so I pushed the dildo into her throat while I squeezed her crotch.

Tegan gagged, coughed, vomited up mucus and foamy saliva around the dildo in her throat and started cumming again. She reached out and gripped the fat of my inner thigh, squeezing hard and painfully, digging her fingertips into me. I gripped her mound equally hard, curling my fingers so I was pushing the fabric of her soaked and slimy yoga pants inside her, grinding the palm of my hand against her hard clitoris.

I pushed the dildo deep down her gullet until there was only enough for me to grip in my fist. Tegan was back to humping and cumming every few seconds, her grip on my inner thigh tight and constant. That grip was her consent; she could have pushed me away with that hand; she could have reached up and pulled away the hand throat-fucking her with the dildo; but she didn’t - she held tight to me, wanting me to do what I was doing. I fucked her throat deep and slow.

It took four more minutes, but at least she was no longer screaming.

When it finally came, she died fast. First her orgasmic spasms lessened. Then her grip on my thigh weakened and released as I felt a rush of urine burbling against the palm of my hand holding her crotch. Her arms flopped limp and her eyes fluttered open and stared. Then her body stilled.

I let go of her crotch and pressed in on her belly, first above her pubic bone on her g-spot; a slight curl of her pelvis told me she was still clinging to life. I probed higher on her belly and found it loose and flaccid. I reached up and pressed my fingertips against her throat and felt the final fluttering of her failing heart. I pulled the dildo up out of her gullet and by the time the tip past her slack lips, even the flutter was gone.

“It’s over.” I told James.