by Erotickynk

Everyday when I walk in through the staff entrance and don my whites, I marvel that what I do is legal. Twenty years ago it was just my teenage fantasy, but since the false rapture, suicide agencies are the fastest growing industry worldwide.

Iíd taken three career women during the post lunch rush before Kennedy walked in. Three women who were just past their prime, used up, and going nowhere in the corporate world. See, I specialize in lesbians and female survivors of child sexual abuse or rape - women who donít want a male assistant.

Two of the women hanged and one rode the impaler. Older women in particular like to be fluffed - sexually stimulated and brought to the edge of orgasm before the deed is done. One hanger and the impaled woman orgasmed for sure as they went. The other hanger just kicked and struggled all the way before she shit herself and hung there twitching.

You see, I help people die ... hell, I euthanize most of them because too many just canít step off that ledge or push that button on their own. But then, thatís why they come to us. The rise of reincarnation religions after the craziness in the summer of 2020 really swept people away. The new super-neurotransmitter synthetics and the Begin Again cult that used them, convinced most followers that they had lived thousands of lives and would live thousands more. So it was natural for the true believers whose lives werenít perfect to off themselves to speed up the reincarnation process.

Do I believe it? I donít know - the people we get are pretty convincing, but I plan to die of old age.

I work the noon to eight shift, and itís pretty slow compared to the late evening shift. And the early morning crew - those poor bastards get all the drunks and junkies and have to put up with the mess they leave behind.

Once in a while I get one that is different and Kennedy was a different kind of girl. She walked in about half hour after high school let out, all smiles and giggles, dressed in high school chic - fishnet stockings, sneakers and socks, and black shorts and top . She had a smile that positively glowed. Iíd never seen anyone as high-spirited walk into Die Happy Inc as her.

Kennedy was a skinny little thing, her lifechip listing her current weight at 89 pounds. It also told our receptionist Rachael that she was in perfect health, psychologically sound, and had no trace of drugs or alcohol in her system. Our software blocks their age - we just donít want to know.

Rachael greeted Kennedy and had her place her wrist on the scanner so we could log her lifechip into our system. Itís set up to cross reference with the government census database and Kennedy came back eligible for euthanasia.

"Welcome to Die Happy, Kennedy." Rachael smiled, "So youíre ready to take the big step?"

"Hells yeah!" Kennedy giggled and trapped her hands between her knobby knees and gave us the biggest smile Iíd seen in weeks, "I even know how. I read the options on your website and watched some of the vids on your YouTube channel. I think you guys are the best."

"Why, thank you, Kennedy. We take pride in what we do at Die Happy." Rachael motioned me over, "This is Kim, she can be your helper if you like, or you can wait for Claude to finish with the client he has right now."

On cue we heard a door open far down the corridor and Claude led a naked transvestite from a disrobing room to another door across from it. And Claudeís client was gorgeous - tall and svelte, perfect breasts, and long auburn hair that flowed down her back.

Kennedyís eyes got wide as she watched Claudeís client calmly enter the room she was about to die in, her cock already erect. After the door closed and locked, Kennedy looked up at me and smiled. "Kim is fine. Iíd rather have a woman anyway." she said to Rachael.

"Are you lesbian or bisexual?" Rachael asked, "Just curious."

"No." Kennedy giggled, "I just think it would be easier with another girl."

"It will be, Kennedy." I reassured her, "I promise."

"And what room have you chosen?" Rachael asked, entering the government required data.

"The Saw." Kennedy answered, and I couldnít help noticing that she squeezed her slim thighs together when she said it. Rachael raised an eyebrow and looked at Kennedy.

"Are you sure, honey?" she asked, "Itís one of the more intense methods."

"I know, right?" Kennedy said, squeezing her thighs tight once more, "I want to feel it."

"Oh, you will." Rachael said, still skeptical as she turned the small video camera and lined it up with Kennedyís face then keyed the consent script up onto the small screen under it, "Now, just face the camera and read the script on the screen."

As Kennedy repeated the standard consent script that we have to submit to the government along with the death record, I checked the schedule to make sure the Saw was free for the next two hours. It was. Even though the act would only take a few minutes, there was a lot of clean-up required afterward.

"Now, how do you want your remains handled?" Rachael asked.

"Um ..." Kennedy obviously hadnít thought that far ahead.

"We can send you to an internment agency who can make it so your family will never know how you chose to pass. Or we can have you cremated and deliver the ashes." Rachael went on to list options until she got to the last; "The final option is to sell your remains to other clients we have who derive pleasure from such things. The payment, less our commission, goes to your family."

"Someone would buy my body?" Kennedyís expression was one of surprise, and her smile incredulous.

"Yes. For someone your age, upwards of seventy-five thousand dollars."

"What ... what would they do with it?" Kennedy asked, and I could see her nipples were now tenting the fabric of her top.

"Use it for sexual pleasure, most likely." Rachael answered matter-of-factly.

"Letís do that." Kennedy said in a breathless voice, "At least my parents will get something out of it."

When all of the formalities were handled, I led Kennedy down the main corridor to one of the disrobing rooms. After recovering from the surprise that some perv would be buying her body to play with, Kennedyís bubbly personality resurfaced.

"Itís so white in here." she marveled as we walked down the long corridor.

"Yeah, we keep it white to ensure cleanliness." I answered, opening the door to her disrobing room and ushering her out of the white corridor into the white disrobing room.

"The Saw room is white too, right?" she asked.

"Yes it is, although we can used whatever mood lighting you require."

"No, whiteís good. Itís kinda spiritual."

I had to smile at that. She was definitely a Begin Againer. "Okay." I pointed to a bin in the corner, "Just toss everything you have on or with you in there. We package it up and send it on to your next-of-kin. Thereís a shower in that corner if you want to feel fresh. Iíll get you a towel."

Kennedy laughed at that, "It is white too?"

"What colour would you like?"


"Blue it is." I said as I opened the built-in linen cupboard and pulled out a fluffy blue towel.

Kennedy disrobed quickly and kept her back to me, not wanting to reveal her body to me I suppose. She was skinnier than I thought, and self-conscious about it because she grabbed the towel quickly and wrapped it around herself. She started giggling again as she faced me, the towel tucked under her chin.

"Is it weird that Iím shy about being naked?" she asked, her hazel eyes twinkling.

"No, but Iím going to see you naked eventually." I said, reaching out gently and stroking her hair, "Thereís no judgment here, Kennedy. Iím going to see you at your most vulnerable soon. Iím going to be with you as you go through the process of dying."

"Okay." she whispered, letting the towel drop, "Iím too skinny, right?

"Youíre perfect just the way you are." I answered gently, just as we are all trained to do.

Kennedyís smile brightened up once more.

Donít get me wrong, I do feel compassion for my clients, but a big part of our job is to make sure our clients feel at peace with what is about to happen to them.

"Do you need a few minutes? Would you like a massage first? I can stimulate you so youíre sexually aroused. We do that a lot." I offered.

"No. Iím okay." Kennedy said, "Can we just go do it now?"

"Of course we can." I said and offered her my hand which she took as I led her from the room.

As we walked down the corridor, I glanced at the observation window of the room Claude was working in. All the killing rooms have smart glass windows that can be set opaque or clear - Claudeís client had chosen clear; she didnít mind being watched.

I told Kennedy that she could look in or away, whatever she chose. As we passed, Kennedy slowed and turned to look.

Claudeís client was hanging, a noose tight around her throat and her hands behind her back. Claude was cupping his clientís testicles as she humped the air, her cock rigid and jetting ropes of cum as she experienced her final orgasm.

"Oh my." was Kennedyís breathless observation.

"I could do that for you." I said softly, giving her hand a squeeze.

"I know." she replied, but didnít ask, so I didnít pursue it.

We came to the Saw room and I stopped in front of the door.

"Weíre here." I said, studying her face. Kennedyís eyes were fixed on the door. I couldnít help but notice the faint sheen of perspiration on her chest, her erect nipples, and the faint musky scent of her crotch. The idea of facing the Saw was turning her on, but what puzzled me was that she didnít want to be fluffed.

I opened the door.

The eighteen inch saw blade was mostly concealed in the centre of the floor below the adjustable apparatus. As I ushered her in and locked the door behind us, I explained that the apparatus could be positioned in various ways; She could choose to stand over it; Lay on her back with her legs shackled open and have it move through her; Kneel in a doggy position and have it open her belly from crotch to sternum or visa-versa, or; Lay face down and let it rise up into her.

Kennedy chose to stand, supporting herself - the mark of a strong willed girl. I figured she watched one of our videos that showed a previous client take the saw that way and liked the idea of being in control.

She also wanted privacy, so I set the observation window to opaque. It didnít really matter because all our rooms have multi HD camera video surveillance in case we get a good one that our other clients pay huge amounts to view. Of course, our euthanasia clients donít know that.

So I set up the tubular apparatus for Kennedyís chosen method and showed her how to lean back and support herself and how to place her feet in the footrests.

"When the saw is in position, you just push your hips forward when youíre ready." I explained, "The saw is like one of those meat slicers - sharper than a razor blade. It will cut through skin, fat, muscle, and bone like it isnít even there."

"Does it hurt a lot?" Kennedy asked, settling into position, stepping into the footrests so her thighs were apart.

"Clients say it feels like a burn, but not too bad." I told her the truth, "Most hit the overwhelmed part when they suddenly find their belly open and their entrails slide out. But most are feeling pretty sexual before they start."

I studied her face, "Are you feeling aroused, Kennedy?"

She nodded, staring down at the blade.

"Do you want me to ..."


As I checked to make sure the apparatus was secured and the blade arm was unlocked, I managed to get a look at her crotch - her labia and clit were swollen and a thin line of wetness traced the line of her slit. Glancing up, I saw her small nipples were puckered and tight as well.

Kennedy was definitely aroused and I suppose she just wanted to do it all herself.

I stood and moved to the control panel.

"Ready?" I asked, and when Kennedy nodded, I hit the rotation button.

The saw whirred to life, like the faint sound of a turbine winding up. The blade, still over half concealed in the floor, became a blur.

This is where what we do becomes an art form. I watched Kennedy closely, making sure she was okay with each step. Once the blade was at maximum revolutions, I keyed the armature actuators and the blade slowly rose from the floor between her open thighs. The armature housed the small but powerful electric motors that spun the blade, and had protective wings that prevented a person from closing their thighs on the spinning blade.

As the saw rose toward her, I could see her chest rising and falling faster as she started panting. Her smile faltered, then turned into a bit of a grimace - she grit her teeth and her lips tightened and thinned. She repositioned her hands, gripping the apparatus so tightly that her knuckles turned white. Her thin thighs began to quiver, and from my vantage point I watched a tendril of clear mucus slide from her vag and drip onto the floor.

Her impending death was becoming very real for Kennedy, and it was turning her on big time.

A worried expression flashed across her face as the sawís spinning naked blade lifted to within an inch of her crotch. She pulled her hips back in an automatic reaction, but the armature stopped its upward movement, just holding the blade within the killing zone.

Kennedy shuddered, still staring at the blurred blade, then glanced at me.

"Cold." she gasped breathlessly, a small smile momentarily flickering across her lips.

I knew what she was talking about - the saw spun so quickly that it acted like a fan, blowing cool air over her crotch. I hit the lock button.

"Itís locked in place, Kennedy." I told her, "Whenever youíre ready."

Kennedy nodded, lowering her gaze to the blade once more. The sheen of sweat now covered her entire body, and I could smell the musk of her arousal and the skunky scent of fear-sweat from her armpits.

She adjusted her grip on the apparatus and started to move her hips, curling her pelvis and pushing her crotch slowly forward. She did it rhythmically; easing forward slightly, then pulling back a hair before humping her crotch toward the blade once more. The little fat on her bum jiggled as her thighs quivered more and more.

From where I stood, I could see that the edge of the blade was no more than a centimeter from her crotch - she was almost there. One more slight humping motion and I heard the hiss followed by her guttural grunt - "UNGH!" - the blade had split her clit in an instant.

Her reaction was instantaneous and violent; Her body jerked hard, slamming against the backrest as she pulled back from the saw. Kennedyís eyes lifted from the blade and crossed slightly, her belly muscles clenched tight and her thighs tried to squeeze together squeezing the wings on the armature just above the knees. Her entire body began convulsing and jerking. I glanced at her feet and saw her toes curling and pointing inward.

Kennedy was experiencing a paingasm - sexual pain so intense that it sometime triggers a violent total body orgasm - and she was struggling through the middle of a big one.

"Do it now, baby. Donít wait." I called out to her, not knowing if she would be able to hear me or not, nor even if she could understand my words. She kept convulsing, her eyes rolling up under her fluttering eyelids, her arms shaking so badly that her hands were slipping on the rubber grips. If she didnít finish herself before her orgasm ended, she wouldnít have the courage to do it.

But just as I was sure she was about to lose control and fall forward onto the saw, she bent her knees slightly and got right up on the blade and thrust her crotch forward ... hard.

"UNGH!" Kennedy grunted loudly as I heard the hiss of the blade slicing through her flesh, then the deeper resonance as it cut through her pelvic bone and into her lower belly. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her teeth clenched to tight I could hear them grinding.

"NNNNGGGGHHHH!" Kennedy strained long and loud as the razor sharp blade spun inside her pelvic cradle. A thin curtain of blood sprayed from between her thin quivering thighs, the mist hanging in the air.

I watched her body jerk hard as the blade sliced through her anus, then her legs started to give out and she started to slide down the spinning blade.

I let it get halfway to her belly button before I hit the kill switch and the armature unlocked and pulled the blade abruptly from her body and slammed it back into the recess in the floor.

As Kennedy gasped and started to crumple, I quickly stepped behind her and caught her, my hands sliding through the hot oily slickness of her armpits. Her clenched belly was pushing pink ropes of intestine out through her wound as she shuddered in my arms.

She moaned as she felt a section of her large intestine squeeze out of her belly to slither between her quivering thighs.

"... oh heaven ..." she grunted and strained.

I slowly lowered her to the floor, then sat down behind her, cradling her shoulders and head in my lap.

She was staring sightlessly up at the white ceiling, her body still trembling and experiencing slow rolling convulsions. Blood pulsed from her crotch each time her belly clenched - she would be leaving this life in moments.

I held her there, stroking her face and hair with my right hand and twirling her nipples with the fingertips of my left. She looked up at me, her expression alternating between pain, confusion, and bliss. I knew she was feeling the huge rush of endorphins being pumped into her system.

"Shhh." I soothed her gently, "Itís okay, Kennedy. Itís going to be okay."

Her hands lifted and fluttered weakly before dropping to her sides.

"Itís okay, sweetheart." I said softly, "Iíll stay with you. I wonít leave you."

A small fleeting smile played across her lips and her eyes stayed on mine for maybe half a minute, then drifted to stare up at the ceiling once more. Slowly her body calmed. Her breathing slowed and became shallow. Her nipples softened between my fingertips. Her face went slack.

Kennedy had only been in the building for fifteen minutes and just like that, she was gone.

I slid out from under her and gently laid her body out. Rising I went to the intercom and buzzed for the clean-up crew, then went out the service door to the staff showers. I had to clean up and change into fresh whites - the early evening rush would start soon.