The Impale Party - Part I

by Erotickynk

We did 104 girls and three boys today, all of them by impalement - all of them caught up in the mania created by Rene Rivera’s death. We had to postpone a few others who didn’t opt for impalement because we knew it was going to be a crazy day and the rooms were going to stink as our clean-up crews tried their best to keep up. We also had to suspend our usual human remains handling options as part of the package, all 107 people had to sign a waiver that allowed for a mass cremation - no one could get individual treatment, there just wasn’t enough time.

Rivera is (was) a pop star whose ratings and sales were falling, plus her symptoms from her Spinal Muscular Atrophy were getting worse and there was no cure. Rivera decided to go out with a Die Happy impalement. Not only that, she had the whole thing professionally videotaped.

The video was edited documentary style, interspersed with interviews by Rivera about her degenerating disease; her choice to end her life while she was still somewhat healthy. It showed all of the prep we did at Die Happy to get her ready; her fluffing; the insertion and right up to her violent, shuddering end as her sweaty body convulsed in her final orgasms. The ending was both intense and poignant with Rivera trying to hump the spit that had skewered her from her pussy to mouth as she puked violently around it and her voice-over from the interview saying this was her choice - to go out with a bang. What the video didn’t show was that her watery vomit was carrying chips of her teeth past her lips as her quivering jaw was biting down and chattering on the steel protruding from her mouth, nor the watery shit that oozed from her blown anus. What it did show was her magnificent final orgasms that convulsed her belly, curled her toes, and had her heels drumming on the table as her life ended.

Impalement is an intense way to die and we do our best to make sure it’s orgasmic, but it’s never pretty.

On the day Rivera’s assisted sexual suicide was announced by her publicist and the video of her demise was released, we were inundated with calls from her young female fans to book their own impalements. Some were booked over a series of weeks, and we decided to have a special day for the local girls who wanted it. We quickly realized we’d bit off more than we could chew.

All our clients have to undergo a psychological screening before we’ll accept them, and out of the local girls, 104 were cleared to proceed. The three boys were spur of the moment things our team forced through the system during the craziness of it all.

My favourite girl was my first of the day; Mr & Mrs Kelper ...

Kandace Kelper
Kandace is taking an ass to gullet impalement as she lays on her belly between her husband David’s open thighs. She is struggling to take the thick spit and throat fuck David at the same time.

Kandace is sweating, heaving, and quivering badly and anyone watching would think she was enduring indescribable suffering in her final moments. But I have a better view; her pussy is loose and gaped and dripping clear girl cum as she works her clit with her right hand. Plus, all she has to do is lift her head and ask me and I can end it quickly - bringing her ordeal to a close with a high potency dose of the lethal Trinity Cocktail injected into her pussy. If she chooses that, she will feel a rush of orgasmic bliss that will only last about 30 seconds before she dies mid-orgasm. But it looks like she isn’t going to ask - Kandace has thought long and hard about going out this way and is taking it like a trooper. This is the intense assisted suicide Kandace asked for and by all indications she’s getting exactly what she wanted.

In her interview, Kandace Kelper revealed that she’d been drawn to Die Happy’s services since her 40th birthday - she was more terrified of getting old than dying. Now she is fifty and though her body is still sleek, her breasts are sagging, and her face is showing more wrinkles around her eyes and corners of her mouth every year.

Kandace’s husband David is an executive for a casino company and together they have enjoyed a long, childless - by choice - marriage, lived in a beautiful house, and had travelled the world. A year ago, Kandace learned that David was having an affair with a 20 year old. She decided to tolerate it - she loved David deeply and thought if she kept silent he would enjoy his fling and stay with her.

But Kandace discovered a chat with his mistress that her husband had accidentally left open that showed them talking about David leaving Kandace. When she confronted him about it, he didn’t deny it.

That was when Kandace showed David Rene Rivera’s assisted suicide video.

“This is what I want, David.” Kandace told him, “But I want you there with me. I want to throat fuck you while it happens. And I want you to hold me as I go.”

They talked all night. Both said they still loved each other, but David was ready to move on. He said that he didn’t believe in reincarnation so this was the only life he had and wanted no regrets. Kandace agreed that she too held no belief in reincarnation and believed she had lived the best life she could and wanted to end it while she could still feel sexual pleasure. She admitted to David that she’s been thinking about this for a long time.

Kandace told David of the many times she visited Die Happy and lingered in the lobby, pretending to read our material and browse through our catalogues, but really was listening to the faint sounds of people in the rooms being snuffed. On occasion when the clients allowed their windows to stay clear and the speakers on, she would watch people go through their sexual suicide rituals. She admitted she wanted to be in one of those rooms - that the thought aroused her like nothing else.

That night she also showed him other assisted suicide videos from Die Happy that she had purchased on the dark web. And yes - that secret is pretty much out; we video client’s deaths and sell the best on the dark web. It is why we are able to keep our service fees so low.

When Kandace arrived early that morning to go through the impalement prep regime - enemas, a stomach flush, and drinking a liquid that suppressed bile production - she chose the Chamomile flavour - she told me she knew about the videos and had brought a black lace veil to wear and asked we didn’t film David’s face. I made sure our monitors made that adjustment.

David arrived ten minutes before her appointment and undressed and we made our way to her room where David joined us.

Kandace didn’t like the starkness of our typical white room, so we made up a room to her specifications - a bedroom where she could be comfortable. She knew we used white rooms mainly for the reincarnation cultists so as they die they feel like they are ascending to heaven, but she knew she was just going to enter oblivion and stay there forever.

As David positioned himself on the bed, Kandace drank her litre of fluid so her stomach was full - she knew with an impalement she was going to throw up a lot and we suggest the fluid to prevent painful dry heaves. We also infuse it with their favourite flavour and a mild dose of the Trinity Cocktail to add to their arousal.

Kandace and David hugged and had a little cry as they said their goodbyes, then Kandace laid down on her belly and got up on her knees so her bum was high. David’s cock was stirring inches from her face as Kandace massaged her clit and I positioned the impalement machine and locked it in place. I lubricated her then eased the thick spit she chose through her anus and into her rectum and locked it down into the machine’s grip. The scent of her aroused pussy permeated the room as she moved herself on the spit in her rectum.

“Are you ready?” I asked as she started making happy sex sounds. She took her time, rocking back and forth on the spit before she answered;

“Do it. Do it.” in an eager voice. I started the machine that would fuck her rectally, moving deeper by a millimeter each stroke and wouldn’t stop until the tip was fucking her gullet.

She started by kissing David’s cock and belly, but soon was sucking his cock, sometimes taking him deep into her throat.

That was ten minutes ago.

Now Kandace is shaking like she is having a series of seizures, but watching her pussy gape then clench tight she is quivering and shaking through back-to-back orgasms. Kandace chose a long-taper spit with a tip the size of a baby finger and a base as thick as a man’s forearm, so in addition to pulling her descending colon to the centre of her belly as it fucks its way to her gullet, it is stretching her anus and rectum wider than it has ever been.

David has been quiet until now, at times comforting Kandace as she gags on his cock and at other times caressing her shoulders to encourage her to keep going. Judging from the length of the spit remaining outside her body, the end is fast approaching, so David begins forcing her - gripping her shoulders tight and fucking her convulsing throat.

Kandace makes a mewling sound as she feels the tip bumping her liquid filled stomach and seconds later gags and burps. There comes a time when the ecstasy of an impalement will turn to torture, so it is time to speed things up for her so she can go out while she is being overwhelmed by the intensity of a total core fuck. I also insert one of the high potency Trinity Cocktail poppers in her pussy and trigger it to deliver a fast-acting dose of liquid orgasm - it’s one of the things we do without our clients’ permission to ensure their death is pure sexual bliss.

I turn the dial on the machine to increase the pace of penetration; instead of one millimeter per stroke, I increase it to a centimeter per stroke. Kandace’s heaves turn from sweetly gagging on her husband’s cock, to full on vomiting. The smell of Chamomile fills the room as she retches and pukes, her body curling with each convulsion of her stomach. Her pussy is still gaping and clenching and oozing, evidence she is still cumming as her rhythm of liquid heaving comes closer together. The spit is now sliding up and down her gullet, fucking her entire core relentlessly.

Within seconds her vomiting stops and Kandace gags and chokes, the spit blocking her gullet completely. Unless a spit goes off centre and punctures a lung or the heart, impalement isn’t the cause of death - suffocation is.

David knows this - he was briefed separately that Kandace would choke to death in the end, so he brings his legs up to cradle her between his thighs while stroking her hair. I trigger the machine to stop and hold at its deepest point of its stroke. Kandace convulses with her chemically induced final orgasm and the spit lodged firmly in her throat for about thirty more seconds, then slumps limp, small twitches jiggling her now flaccid body.

“Keep holding her.” I tell David, “She can still feel everything. Even when her heart stops, we don’t know how long she’ll keep feeling.”

I give her another full minute until the random twitching of her muscles stops.

“Okay, David. It’s over.” I tell him.

I found out afterward that the experience was so profound for David he immediately underwent his own psych screening and was impaled later in the day, and like his wife, took the spit rectally up through his gullet as he humped the air and his rigid cock quivered and pulsed.

104 girls (and three men) by impalement in one day was insane. By noon the entire complex reeked of pussy, piss, puke, and sweaty asshole. The spits were still warm from one body when we’d insert them into the next. Fucking Rene Rivera set off a tidal wave of skewered girls squirming and crying and screaming. We used a lot of Trinity Cocktail poppers to make sure that even in their pain, almost all of the girls died cumming.

My favourite girl was one of the early ones and opted for the most unique impalement I’ve ever seen; Paige Bosen ...

Paige Bosen
Paige is lying on her back with her thighs open wide as Andrew masturbates her with his thumb. I volunteered, but Paige wanted a man to do it.

Under her right hand is a switch with a forward & back toggle - she’s using it to control the spit - pushing it forward to force it into her body, and pulling back to pull it out. The centre position is neutral - the spit will hold its position.

Other than having the control of her spit literally in her own hands, what makes Paige’s impalement truly unique is that it’s a reverse impalement; she’s taking it down her throat.

She opted for a rigid spit with a rounded tip - taking it down her throat meant she would die of asphyxiation or heart failure before any internal organs could be penetrated. I knew of one penetration that was going to drive her wild if she lasted long enough; that will be when the rounded spit passes through her stomach and opens up her pyloric sphincter and slides into her small bowel. Nothing usually invades that deep, so it was going to cause extreme peristalsis. When the small intestine is invaded by something as intrusive as a metal spit, it goes into overdrive trying to push the object out as quickly as possible. We know this from organ-play during eviscerations - playing with the large intestine causes it to undulate and feels orgasmic, but stimulating the small intestine drives it wild. As one girl cried out; “It feels like my belly is full of angry snakes!”

I’d read accounts of a device known as a “Crawler” that is inserted anally and wriggles the wrong way through the digestive tract, preprogrammed to pause and vibrate and squirm at random times. From everything I’ve read, the ordeal is overwhelming and lasts for hours before it is finally vomited up, leaving the girl exhausted and dehydrated. It can be, on occasion, fatal, but ours always is.

So here lies Paige, toggling the spit in and out of her throat, gagging herself over and over as she works up the courage to go all in. I have to hand it to her; it takes a huge amount of courage each time she pushes that toggle forward and the servomotor sends the spit down her throat. I can see and hear that her arousal is growing as Andrew massages her clit, but it’s not pushing her over the edge. I grab one of the Trinity poppers and empty it onto Andrew’s fingers. Andrew smiles and pushes his now gooey fingers inside her cunt.

The effects kick in pretty quick - Paige starts humping Andrew’s thumb slightly and her belly is starting to undulate. She’s building to orgasm, and with the Trinity’s help it will be multiple orgasms.

Paige toggles the spit deeper and gags and heaves sweetly around it before withdrawing it. She catches her breath and lets her stomach settle, then toggles it forward. As it passes her lips she adjusts her position, aligning her throat for the spit. I feel a wash of shiver-bumps over my bum and belly - holy shit, she’s going for it.

She drives it down into her throat, gagging, heaving, but taking it deeper than before. She pauses during a particularly convulsive heave, and starts withdraw it, changes her mind and toggles it deeper - the servo motor pushing it into her relentlessly. Paige allows the rigid spit to straighten her neck, aligning her throat, gullet, and ultimately her stomach into a straight line. She continues to drive it into her, pausing every few seconds as she heaves and grimaces. I realize that the thick steel spit is expanding her throat, forcing itself through that tight tender flesh toward the softness of her gullet.

Her belly is heaving in a sexual way and I can see her cunt is leaking milky mucus - Paige is cumming. There’s a bad grimace followed by an expression of relief on her face - the end of the spit just forced its way through her esophageal sphincter into her stomach. She has no idea what’s coming next.

Paige lays her left hand on Andrew’s, no doubt begging him not to stop working her clit - she’s in a constant state of a pulsing orgasm now as the spit transits her stomach. Another grimace tells me the spit is stretching and elongating her stomach as it seeks her pyloric sphincter.

I can tell the instant it does - her eyes flash open in surprise as it forces its way through the tight sphincter at the bottom of her stomach and enters her small bowel. The sweet girl doesn’t back off on the toggle - she’s truly going for it. Her belly is swelling and heaving with a combination of her convulsions and orgasms. She pisses herself and I hear her anus gape wide as her belly pushes out a spurting gush of farts and fluid - that would be the residual water from her preparatory enemas; no matter how hard you bear down, some water remains inside the twists and pockets of your belly.

Paige is dying now, riding her orgasms and the storm in her bowels as her life fades. There comes a moment with all our clients when we see them let go of the threads of life that they grasp. Paige’s eyes open slightly and she stares at nothing as her heaves slow and her belly becomes soft and flaccid.

One more young body for the pile.

Things have gotten crazy in here. Horny girls and women are clustered everywhere and the entire building smells like pussy and sweat as they fluff themselves. There’s no order to things like there usually is, all us helpers are taking girls into rooms randomly to perform their impalements. The rooms and halls are echoing with screams, grunts, and moans. Bodies smeared with blood, puke, and shit are wheeled openly down the corridors to our crematorium - something we never do - but instead of recoiling in horror, it seems to be turning the girls on, knowing that their turn will come soon. Many girls orgasm as they watch the body of one of their predecessors being wheeled past - arms and legs limp, bellies bloated, and mouths open to reveal shattered front teeth.

This is getting to me.

There are just too many girls. Us helpers usually meet our clients in the lobby and take them through the prep room to get their bodies ready for whatever assisted sexual suicide they’ve opted for. We give them individual attention as we fluff them and edge them close to orgasm before beginning, and make sure they orgasm as they die. But that’s all out the window today.

It’s all we can do to keep up with the impalements. We have girls fluffing themselves, opening up their cunts or rectums with our collection of toys to better take their spits. We even have girls going solo in the prep rooms with one Helper in there to provide supplies, medications, and instruction. As I rushed past on my way from one impaling to the next I even saw a girl in the staff bathroom giving herself a huge enema.

Fuck. I just participated in my first blunt-force impalement.

Two hookers, Stacey and Kiera, both addicted to heroin and unable to work in the legitimate houses decided life was just no longer worth living and viewed Rivera as showing them the way out. They had been working the streets and submitting to some pretty rough treatment and they were both ashamed that they liked it.

They came here today for traditional anal impalements, but when they saw our menu they both opted for the rarely chosen blunt-force impalement. The spits are dull but incredibly thick and driven by powerful machines. They don’t penetrate organs like the usual spits do, instead they do go deep and pummel your insides causing massive tissue damage and internal bleeding.

Stacey and Kiera both chose to be anally penetrated and understood that they had to take it on the floor, because with the violence of the machines it would be impossible to keep them on a table.

It didn’t take long for the thick spit dildos to pound deep into both of them as they struggled to maintain a head down, bum high position. Their bums jiggled from the pounding and they watched each other take it for as long as they could. Keira was the first to give in to the selfishness of her impalement as she immersed herself in her experience and closed her eyes. Stacey continued to watch her friend die, her chubby face slack and overwhelmed with the delirium of sexual death, her body slick with sweat.

I knew the end had come when Keira began vomiting violently and Stacey’s voice faded to desperate gasps as the spit dildos pounded her to death.

One girl, whose name I’ve forgotten, was so sexually aroused and desperate that she couldn’t wait for the machine impalement she wanted, so I rigged her up with a stationary dildo - a thick one with an x-blade on the tip as she requested.

Taking it anally, she rode it hard like a demon, so desperate to die on it that she worked herself into a frenzy. I could do nothing but watch her - she didn’t need my help other than releasing a popper into her gaping cunt.

As she rode it, I could see the thick spit bulging inside her soft belly as she fucked it, pushing herself back against it as she worked her way to its root, the widening taper expanding her anus as she went. When that moving bulge worked its way up under her sternum she began to cry out gutturally and vomit hard, but she never missed a stroke, pushing herself onto it deeper and deeper.

I knew that the x-blade was pounding against her stomach, penetrating and shredding that soft sac of flesh - leaving little x-shaped punctures until the wounds connected and the spit dildo penetrated it. Gagging and heaving, she stopped riding and pushed back until she took the thickness of the tip into her stomach. Struggling to breathe as she choked down the convulsions, her belly tightened and her anus gaped and farted a bloody liquid past the dildo.

With gritted teeth she held herself there, pushing back on the pads of her clenched fists, her bum mashed against the frame that held the spit dildo. She died trembling badly, but I knew she got what she wanted because her body only slumped forward once her heart stopped and a look of wonder and peace replaced her grimace.

Impale Party - Part II