The Cocktail Heist; Lethal - "Just Let it Take You"

by Erotickynk

“Just let it take you.” Carrie says to us, “Don’t fight it, let the feelings happen inside you.”

“Does it hurt?” Megan asks.

“A little bit.” Carrie says, “Like strong cramping in your lower belly as you cum hard.”

“In your cunt you mean.” I say. Yeah, I’ve always been blunt.

“Yes, Ginny. In your cunt ... and your anus, and your uterus, and your bowels.” Carrie laughs, “Your body goes wild with it.”

Carrie had done her first popper alone and without the lethal part added - obviously. She wanted to see how it felt before telling us she’d found a way we could all suicide together without it hurting.

I saw her video.

At first she was bent over at the waist and puking onto a towel in her bedroom while ‘Born This Way’ was playing on her stereo, but when she was down to dry heaves she stood up and leaned against her closet doors, covering her mouth as she kept gagging and cumming so hard her legs were shaking and she was pissing herself. It looked so intense and sexy. She said that it was pure, frantic ecstasy, and she’d read that the lethal ones were even more intense.

The three of us have been friends forever, and had done all manner of things together as we searched for bigger thrills. When we were little we tried to become witches and learn spells and shit and even made potions that we drank that made us terribly sick. I remember us vomiting in the woods and being aroused by being part of a sick trio even before I’d had my first orgasm, then having diarrhea for three days after.

We tried to summon Satan to sell our souls, but that didn’t work either. Then we all slipped into puberty and started experimenting with sex and that was fun for awhile, but everything we did eventually got boring. We were always seeking the ultimate thrill.

It was last year that we all started talking about suicide - a triple suicide. We decided that would be the ultimate thrill. We played around with different ways, edging each other and reporting what it felt like; bagging, hanging, bleeding out, but we couldn’t find a single way that appealed to all of us.

Then came the Trinity Cocktail robbery and we had found it. Carrie got one popper and tried it, then went back and got three more - one for each of us - and begged her contact for the lethal part and eventually got it by telling her she had terminal cancer and had met two other girls in the cancer clinic who wanted to end it before the pain got too bad.

And here we are.

Megan and I watch as Carrie loads the three poppers with the lethal part, adding the red toxin charge to the top of them then laying each one of them in front of us on the bed.

“This is real.” I say, staring down at her deadly popper, “We’re really going to do this.”

Carrie nods and swallows and I could hear her throat was dry.

“I’m scared.” I admitted, and both my life long friends said “Me too.” and we laughed nervously.

Carrie picks hers up and gives us each a look.

“Ready?” Carrie asks and I can hear the fear in her voice - she’s afraid and she’s already done a non-lethal one, so I feel my own fear start to tighten my belly. If she is scared despite her telling us the cocktail will sweep us away into sexual ecstasy, that means we’ll know we’re dying as it happens and that scares the shit out of me. I almost call it off because of that, but when I see Megan pick her’s up, I do the same - yeah, I know; peer pressure even now.

The three of us lift them to our lips, and Carrie counts us down from three ...

“Three ... two ... one ...”

I thought for sure one of us would jam out, but as I depressed mine I heard the ‘pop-pop ... pop’ and it was loud in the room. The popper shot the load of the lethal cocktail over my tongue and into the back of my throat, so I swallow hard, forcing it down. I hear Megan gag and heave.

The load is thick and metallic tasting and I gag and my stomach heaves without bringing anything up as it splats against the back of my throat. I’m so scared that when I try to swallow I feel my gullet lock up on me.

“Yeah.” I say, struggling not to puke, “It’s stuck in my throat.”

But a series of swallows and it’s down. Carrie told is it wouldn’t matter if we swallowed it or not, it would absorb through our mucus membranes even if we held it in our mouths. She said some girls pop it into their bums.

I see Ginny has wrapped her arms around her belly and she’s grimacing. I wonder if she's starting to feel sick too - I'm feeling a little achey and feverish like I'm coming down with the flu. Carrie warned us about that, so I'm not worried - she said to just go with it because once the sexy feelings start we won't care.

“How long is it going to take?” Ginny asks Carrie.

“It shouldn’t take long.” Carrie says, starting to sniff as her nose starts running. I’m feeling that too - a runny nose to go with the flu feeling. Carrie said it’s one of the side effects.

My stomach is aching it’s so tight inside. It feels like my bowels are tied in a knot and I hope to god it goes away soon because I don’t want to die this way. I want the orgasms like Carrie told us and I want to die in the middle of one.

“I’m going to miss you two.” Carrie says softly and takes our hands.

The knot in my stomach is starting to ease which is a relief, but I’m feeling the nausea coming on strong. My stomach feels like it’s bloating like it does when I eat too much meat. Oh, fuck, I don’t want to feel that for the last few minutes of my life.

I hear Carrie let out a few gasps then Megan dry heaves and at the same time I feel a deep throb in my lower belly, then a bigger one, then a bigger one. Oh god, it’s starting already.

It’s starting faster this time. It feels like my womb and cunt are swelling inside me and my pre-orgasmic build has started.

Ginny is whimpering as she curls forward like she's going to be sick and Megan is dry-heaving. I can smell their sex and I'm starting to ooze as well. It only takes a few seconds before I feel my first orgasm come on strong, blooming in my lower belly and rushing up through me, making my stomach churn and my thighs quiver. The room spins and I’m afraid of falling off the bed so I flop backward onto the pillows and let my orgasm take control as my body squirms and arches on its own.

Megan’s heaves finally produce something and I feel her vomit splatter over my shoulder. By the way her body is curling, she’s cumming hard as she pukes. My own orgasm starts to ease off but the next hits me hard and I can feel my cunt opening up and grool slithers down the crack of my ass.

I can hear Ginny coughing and choking between whimpers and little cries, so I know she’s about to lose her breakfast as well. But as my second orgasm rages I beat her to it and vomit a gush of yoghurt and white bread up and onto my own face. It’s what I had all of us eat for breakfast, yoghurt smoothies and white bread, so our inevitable vomiting wouldn’t be gross. But I've heard it can get really bad, my source told me that she puked up runny shit once because the popper can make everything run backward inside you. I hope that doesn't happen to me.

Oh-my-god, Carrie wasn’t exaggerating; my orgasms are intense and make my entire belly clench tight. Megan and Carrie have both started puking and I can feel my own gorge rising up my gullet. I let it happen and it just flows up out of me as I hang my head off the side of the bed, then my orgasms turn me into a puke fountain and my body undulates as I vomit up all my breakfast and start working on what was inside me from last night. The room reeks of cunt, sweat, and vomit, and as I feel my bowels growling and bubbling in my belly and I vomit hard and long, I add the smell of sweet shit to the mix as it gurgles up my throat to burble past my flaccid lips. It tastes sweet and sour and it has small chunks in it.

If it weren’t for the intense orgasms I would be completely grossed out and horrified. But I don’t care.

I just don’t fucking care - this feels too good.

Megan is done puking, but Ginny is making up for it as she gurgles and convulses beside my legs. At least she has the presence of mind to vomit onto the floor. I’m making my usual sexual cumming sounds, but even to me they sound desperate and slutty. It doesn’t matter, all three of us are experiencing the same thing and not one of us is going to judge the other - we won't have time. Oh god, I want this life to be over.

Megan is laying on her back, her body tight and arching as she strains. I can hear she has her mouth clenched tight and is making deep sounds in her chest as she cums. It’s like she’s having a seizure. I hope it's good for her.

... it’s too much ... it’s too much ... I can’t ... I just can’t ... and ... it ... won't ... stop ...

I can’t stop puking and I don’t want to. Each heave is an orgasm and I wonder if this is how boys feel when they ejaculate. I know I’m disgusting, as the puddle under me turns from the white of the yoghurt and bread to a slurry of yellow and pale brown. I’m vomiting diarrhea - my body is emptying itself as wave after wave of ecstasy roars through me. I feel my bladder release and piss squirts from between my clenched thighs, cleaning out the mucussy mess from my oily cunt.

Megan is growing quiet, her straining softening, her body becoming loose. My neck arches hard and I grind it against my pillow as another gush of yoghurt and bread rockets up my throat over my face. Oh fuck, this is more intense than the first time - I feel my cunt clench so tight it aches, and my crotch is a slimy mess from girl cum.

... I can’t feel my legs ... so dizzy ... so sleepy ... my belly is still alive with orgasms rolling through me like waves ...

I stop puking at last. Small electric orgasms dance through my body as I try to catch my breath. It feel like all my internal organs are twitching and spasming randomly inside me all cumming seperately. I can’t hear Megan anymore, and Carrie is making sexual sounds like she’s in pain.

Oh fuck ... this is it ... I can feel it; I'm feverish and weak. Megan is gone, her body is a dead weight beside me on the bed, and I can feel Ginny trembling and jerking at my feet. She is gasping erratically so I know she’s almost done too.

My own orgasms are still coming on strong and my muscles clench tight with each one, but I can feel the toxin having its way with me. I feel sick, like I have the flu and it’s getting worse by the second. I'm going ... almost gone ... oh, mama!

I changed my mind. I don’t want to die. I hear Carrie spasm and cry out then make a horrible little gasp sound and slump limp, so I’m the last one. Oh-dear-sweet-jesus, I just heard my friend try to take her last breath. Maybe my dose wasn’t quite lethal? Maybe I puked most of it up and I will live?

I’m fighting to breathe. I need to hang on ... I need to live ... oh-god, let me live ... another orgasm flows through me like a flushed toilet ... flooding me ... gurgling through my belly ... so much bliss ... I feel a clot of grool pop from my cunt ... so good ... fuck, I forgot to breathe ... I forgot ... I forgot ... oh! ... cumming! ... it's dark and I'm sinking ... but still cumming as I go ... oh-no ... oh-no ...