The Cocktail Heist

by Erotickynk

(CNN) Die Happy Inc, the most popular assisted suicide service, reported Monday that a shipment of what has become known as the “Trinity Cocktail” was stolen from a delivery truck over the weekend. The two stolen cases each contain 144 doses of the non-lethal medication, plus 50 infusions of the deadly toxin in a separate case.

“So long as whoever has them does not mix the infusion of toxins into the poppers, there should be limited side effects.” a spokesperson for Die Happy who wished to remain anonymous disclosed. The lethal ingredient is added to each dosing device just prior to it being administered, he added, but cautioned that even the non-lethal version can be dangerous as it over stimulates the sexual response and people with heart conditions or high blood pressure should avoid it.

Die Happy’s lethal cocktail was made (in)famous when it was first used to execute three teen girls convicted of murder in Utah, who came to be known as the ‘Trinity Girls’.

(FOXNEWS) The Las Vegas Times has uncovered live streamed videos of young people taking the “Trinity Cocktail” that was part of a shipment to Die Happy Inc stolen from a truck on Monday. The FBI has been consulted to attempt to identify the persons in the video.

Katie & Shelby
Shelby said she got the cocktail poppers for us from a friend of her older sister. We skipped school that day to take them at my place because her Mom is always home and mine works all day.

The deal was if you took a popper from the robbery you had to film yourself and live stream your reaction to it no matter how gross or sexed up you got.

We set up at the kitchen table with one of my under-the-bed storage bins because it’s low but holds like five gallons and I was pretty sure we couldn’t puke that much. We knew all about the cocktail and what it did to girls, so we were prepared - at least I thought we were.

We were nervous about taking the poppers and were super giggly as we kept daring each other to go first. We decided not to get naked because we didn’t have sex with anyone yet and even though we loved each other as BFFs, we didn’t love each other that way.

Finally Shelby said; “Let’s just do it together - you put yours in my mouth and I’ll put mine in yours.”

“Okay.” I agreed as we both picked up our poppers.

“For real, right?” Shelby gave me one of those suspicious looks.

“I said okay, Shelby.” I replied.

We both put them in each others mouths and Shelby counted; “One. Two. Three.” and we both turned the little handle. I jumped when the fluid spurted into my mouth right to the back of my throat but I swallowed it down. It had kind of a chemical metallic taste and both of us made sour faces.

“How long does it take?” I asked.

“I don't think it'll be long.” Shelby said, “The lethal ones killed the Trinity Girls in 10 to 20 minutes. They died cumming sooooo hard.”

I felt a wash of shiver-bumps up my body from my thighs to the back of my neck.

“What if these are the lethal ones?” I asked, feeling scared.

Shelby shrugged, “They’re not supposed to be, but the girls didn’t care that they were dying. So, who cares.”

I could tell Shelby was as nervous as me as we sat in silence, waiting for it to happen. It was only a couple minutes before I felt my body getting warmer and my crotch and nipples started to tingle. I was also feeling a little dizzy and getting relaxed.

“You feel that?” I asked Shelby.

“Uh-huh.” Shelby said, her eyelids drooping.

Another minute and the tingling in my crotch got stronger - it was like a swelling lump inside me that I wanted to rub. Shelby was feeling it too because she was squirming in her chair, grinding her crotch against the seat.

“I feel it up my bum too.” Shelby said and we laughed.

“Me too.” I admitted. Then I felt my insides in my lower belly start to tighten up and it felt so fucking good it made me shudder as I squeezed my thighs tight together.

“Oh fuck.” Shelby moaned and her body curled forward as her belly tightened, “I want to jill-off.” and she pushed her hands between her thighs.

“Maybe we should go lay down in my room.” I said as the sensations got stronger and a wave of dizziness made my head spin. Shelby shook her head.

“We’re gunna puke, Katie.” she reminded me.

It hit Shelby first; she started whimpering and lifted her body up, swallowing a lot, “... oh god ...” she moaned and drool coated her lower lip when she opened her mouth. Then suddenly she leaned forward and heaved up hard and shuddered.

“... ‘m cumming ...” she gasped, then puked up again, her hips humping as she did. I could see her face and knew she was enjoying losing control like that, her eyes droopy and a smile flickering across her lips. She shook her head and gasped and went “ ...wooooo!”

I was starting to wonder if I was going to feel that too. I mean, it was making me horny, but I wasn’t cumming, and I only felt a little nausea.

Then it hit me hard. Really HARD.

My belly clenched tight and it felt like it was swelling like I was suddenly pregnant, bloating below my belly button, and my orgasm exploded inside me so powerfully I know I peed a little, and my stomach clenched into a tight hard ball and I was puking up.

“Oh Shit ...” I cried out, but it was cut off as I puked again and came again. It was like an assault on my body - orgasms and intense vomiting pounding inside me like a demon was in my belly trying to fight its way out. I couldn’t do anything but cling to the table as I puked up and had orgasm after orgasm, and between heaves all I could do was swear and make frantic, desperate sounds. My belly, crotch, and thighs clenched so tight that I started to ache down there. I could even feel my toes curling and cramping inside my sneakers.

I became aware that Shelby was still heaving and puking and cumming too, but she seemed to be cumming each time she puked, but I was cumming more than puking. As I rode it out I realized why; Shelby was a bigger girl - I was little. I weighed 90 pounds to Shelby’s 130, and it occurred to me that the doses we got were probably for women of average weight between 140 and 160 pounds. I got scared thinking that it might kill me like the Trinity Girls.

I got to the point that the puking eased off but the orgasms kept going and pretty quick I started heaving again until the room was spinning. I felt weak, like I was going to pass out, and my clothes were drenched with sweat, the crotch of my jeans slick with piss and ooze from my pussy, and it felt like it wasn’t going to stop.

In the middle of one of those powerful orgasms, the room got dark around the edges of my vision like I was falling down a dark hole, then I felt myself hit the floor.

“Katie? Katie?” I heard Shelby’s voice - it was weak and trembling. Then I felt her soft hands lifting the back of my neck and stroking my face, “Katie? Are you okay?”

My eyes fluttered open and I saw Shelby was bent over me. I smiled up at her and woosh! I felt such a rush of love and horniness that I reached up and wrapped my arms around her.

“... take me to bed ... take me to bed ...” I gasped, needing her, craving her, mad with lust. I wanted to be skin to skin with her. I wanted to cum with her. I wanted to fuck her with my fingers and for her to fuck me with hers.

Shelby pressed her pukey mouth against mine and I loved it ... our tongues intertwining ... dancing ... licking inside each others mouth ... then we were up, supporting each other as we stumbled up the stairs to my bedroom ... pulling and tugging each others clothes off and finding my clean bed ... pressing our bodies tight to each other ... fingers and tongues exploring, invading each others body as ours was invaded ... and cumming ... oh fuck ... cumming so much ...

(Shelby: I held back on Katey; I actually have a ton of poppers left even after I gave so many away. But after how good I felt - well, WE felt - I kept the rest for myself. Katey said her best orgasms happened after she finished puking up, but for me the puking up was the orgasm. I was such a mess I told my mom I was staying at my sister’s place that night. My sister is rarely home because of her job, and she lets me use her place whenever I want.

The next morning I texted Katey and told her my stomach was too sore to go to school and I was just going to stay home and sleep. I went outside on my sister’s balcony that’s sheltered and took my second popper after drinking a lot of milk - I wanted the smoothness of milk coming up my throat which still felt raw and scratchy.

Without Katey there I was able to just let go and not worry how I looked and oh-my-god it felt even better than the first one. I didn’t have to fight it - I just let it happen and the vomiting was way more violent and orgasmic the second time. After my stomach was empty I was left in a constant state of arousal; I ended up sliding both hands down my sweatpants - one in the front and one in the back - and fingering my pussy and my asshole and stayed on the edge of orgasm. The dry-heaves would come back every few minutes and each one made me shudder and cum.

I now know how the Trinity Girls felt and I heard that the lethal dose is even more intense. I decided that once I’m old enough I’m going to use my college fund to go to Die Happy and get the full treatment. Trust me girls - the feelings are worth dying for.)

Cassie & Dawn
We took it at school, which was stupid and sexy at the same time. Julio and Frankie got the Trinity Cocktail poppers for us and we took them during first break. When we started to feel horny and sick, we told the boys to wait outside the boys bathroom in the industrial wing until we finished throwing up, then come in and fuck us.

They did.

I wished we’d let them come in while we were sick, because it wasn’t gross like I thought it would be. Dawn and I crammed into one stall and shared a toilet. I never thought vomiting could be sexy, but holy fuck was it ever. It would have been amazing to be fucked on all fours as we threw up everything we’d had that day. Maybe next time.

When we were done, the boys came in and we fucked. It was hot and sweaty and desperate and we came so many times. And as I suspected, when the boys were done they left and let in two of their friends; Hector and Jon, and as they closed the stall door I saw lots of boys out there waiting their turns. At one point I looked up and saw Jeremy filming us with his cell phone.

We didn’t care.

I lost track of how many we fucked. I tried my first anal and it was better than in my pussy. And even deep throating until I gagged and heaved up foamy spit felt fantastic.

We need to get more of this stuff. Oh fuck, we need more.

I skipped school after lunch and went home once I got my popper. Mama and Papa would be out all day so I’d have the place to myself. I knew about the puking, so I went outside to our fenced backyard so I didn’t have to clean up after and brought my glass dildo with me. I felt a thrill as I squatted on the ground, hidden from view by our fence, and let the sexy feelings come up. I could hear the kids in the elementary school next door coming out for lunch break.

Just a couple minutes after I took the popper and swallowed it I got horny really fast and really strong, then I puked up my breakfast and juice and a bunch of bitter yellow stuff. I kept puking, but nothing but spit was coming up, I just heaved and gagged for a few minutes.

Once my stomach settled down I was even hornier than before and I was cumming without even using my dildo. I planned to fuck myself with the dildo, but the puking up felt so good I decided to fuck my throat with it instead. It was heaven; I throated myself by stroking the smooth glass knob in my throat as I heaved and came over and over.

I felt like a total slut as I squatted in my backyard throat fucking myself, heaving and cumming while the kids in the school next door yelled and squealed and ran around - but I liked feeling that way. Maybe the popper revealed my true nature.

I want to do it again, but this time with boys fucking my throat and other places.

The puking felt so good. It was even better than when you’re super drunk and have the spins and just want to sleep, but you have to puke first. That drunk feeling as you puke up all the alcohol is a relief and feels good, but when Andrew and I threw up with the poppers each heave was like an orgasm.

We took them at his place after school - his mom worked until eight so we had lots of time. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t start out as a gay thing - it was just two buddies getting high a different way.

I was nervous, so Andrew went first and pretty quick he got a hard-on that looked like it was throbbing. After a minute he ran to the bathroom and dropped to his knees and puked hard into the bowl while his rigid cock spurted cum all over the floor. Then it was my turn.

Andrew got a pail and led me to his bedroom, getting me to sit on his bed and handed me a popper.

“Trust me, man.” he said, “You’re going to want to be held.”

So I took it and he placed the pail beside the bed and pushed me down so I was laying on my side with my face over the edge. Then he crawled onto the bed behind me and spooned me. I could feel his hard cock nestled into the crease of my butt.

My hard-on came on fast, tightened up and began to throb, and when the puking started I started to cum.

I don’t know when Andrew wrapped his arm around me, but as I was puking and cumming I felt it and pushed back against him. Andrew must have lubricated his fingers because he slid two deep inside my rectum and they went in so easy and as he started massaging in there at the root of my cock I came so hard I shuddered.

It got blurry then as I puked up everything I’d eaten and drank that day and came and came and came as Andrew fingered my ass. It felt like it was never going to end when I stopped puking up liquid and just dry-heaved, but I remember his cock sliding into me and it felt like the best thing in the world.

Andrew was fucking me just as my heaves slowed down with deep strokes for what felt like hours. Within the first few strokes I felt myself opening wide and loose and start oozing mucus from my rectum - his cock was making wet squishy sounds as he humped hard. I felt him cum inside me and I came so many times I lost count. I sprayed cum for the first three, but after that my orgasms were dry and they felt good in a different way; a tight cramping at the root of my cock and a burning sensation. Each time I came I could feel my asshole gaping open wider and taking him a little deeper. His cock churned inside my belly and I could feel the impact of each thrust right up my middle to my throat.

I know Andrew had dry orgasms too, because during his few first orgasms he’d press in hard and hold for a second, but after that he’d shudder and spasm each time he came. But no matter how many times we came our cocks stayed rock hard and he fucked me for over an hour. I was delirious, flushed, moaning and whining like a bitch.

Once our crazy horny feelings started winding down and we kept fucking lazily, we were able to talk. We made a pact that one day we would go to Die Happy together and take the lethal doses so we could die fucking each other.

I don’t think either of us were serious, but it was an arousing thought.

I was late getting to Candace’s and Daddy was going to pick me up in a few minutes. Candace met me at the front door in her bra and panties.

“Hollie! I’m so glad you made it!” she was bubbly and over-excited like she gets sometimes, she’d been that way since she got her hands on ten of the poppers of the Trinity Cocktail.

“Come-come-come.” she chattered as she led me by the hand past other classmates in the living room into the kitchen - there was one popper left on the counter top - mine. While she stood there I she curled forward and gagged up a wet burp, then huffed out a breath and smiled.

“We’re all starting to feel it.” she explained as I handed her the thirty dollars we agreed on.

My phone toned and I saw it was Daddy saying he was outside. I texted back “b rite out”, and raised the popper to my mouth with trembling hands and wrapped my lips around the nozzle and turned the little knob on the side. The pop of the fluid jetting into my mouth startled me, but I swallowed it down.

“Okay.” Candace said breathlessly as she patted my upper arms, “Good. Good. You’ll start to feel it in a couple minutes. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. I gotta go.”

Then she rushed away toward the bathroom, and I heard her puke hard before she got to the toilet - her sick-up spattering all over the floor. Looking through the open doorway I could see pee streaming down the backs of her thighs as she heaved and puked. That’s when I started to notice the others.

Candace wasn’t the only one throwing up.

I hesitantly walked to the archway and looked into the living room. Boys and girls were sitting on the furniture and the floor, all half naked, and almost all were throwing up into pails and kitchen pots. The boys had hard-ons that were oozing cum and the girls were squirming. I saw Nadia kneeling naked on the floor throating Steven’s cock, and every couple times her lips slid down to his root she’d pull back and sick-up a little - they were both enjoying it. I thought Candace was kidding when she said the cocktail was going to lead to an orgy.

It looked exciting, but I had other plans.

I left them to their cocktail orgy and went out the front door - Daddy’s SUV was idling at the curb. I walked to the passenger door and got in.

“Hi Daddy.” I said, suddenly nervous. I hadn’t seen him in two years.

Mom divorced him after she found out what he had done to me and made him pay for my therapy. It took a long time before I would talk about the things he did to me when I was younger, and even longer to tell her about what aroused me now.

See, he didn’t just molest me - he hurt me; he was rough with me, spanked, choked, and stretched me. He played games with me; ‘Count the Spanks’, ‘Let’s see what Fits in your Cunt ... your bum’, ‘How long can you keep it down your Throat’ - and; ‘Can you cum from Pain?’ - (turns out I can).

It stopped when Mom caught us and he moved out. I was a pretty messed up kid after that, but years of therapy have helped a lot. But when I was around 15, I developed a shameful secret. I discovered online porn and I was drawn to BDSM videos where men hurt younger women. It aroused me. I would masturbate while watching them and hurt my body like the man hurt the girl’s body. I had orgasms that left me sweaty and quivering as flashbacks blended with masturbating to the vids, but afterward I would feel gross and disgusting and ashamed.

My therapist helped with that too. She helped me understand that though my Daddy made me like those things, there was no need for shame now; if it made me feel good and it didn’t hurt anyone else, then I should just accept that about myself, but always pick safe partners.

Tonight is a risk, but Daddy always said that he loved me and even though I get mad at him sometimes for doing what he did, I still love him.

So there I sat in the front seat of his SUV, nervous and not knowing how to begin. I was starting to feel the cocktail warming my body, making my nipples tingle, making my cunt moisten and feel loose.

“You know about the Trinity Cocktail?” I asked him, deciding to just jump right into it.

“The one that they used to execute those three girls?” he asked, looking puzzled.

“Yeah.” I said, “I just took a dose - not the lethal kind. The one that drives you crazy sexually.”

Daddy looked puzzled, “Why ... Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I ... I want us to do what we used to do.” I said, the words catching in my throat as my mouth started to water.

“But ...”

“I haven’t met a boy who can do me like you used to.” I admitted, “Drive me to your house, Daddy.” I said, suddenly feeling an urgency. I was starting to feel nausea building inside my belly along with my arousal. I kicked off my shoes and tossed them into the back seat.

“It makes you horny and makes you cum hard.” I explained to him as he drove, my stomach quivering inside me, “It also makes you throw up at first.”

“Do you want me to pull over?” he asked.

I shook my head, my mouth watering like crazy, “No ... you can clean your car.” then I gagged and burped a little. In truth, I wanted to make a mess in his SUV. I wanted him to clean up after me like I had to clean up our messes when I was younger.

I lifted my skirt and opened my thighs, slumping a little in my seat. I took his right hand and moved it between my legs.

“I’m horny.” I gasped, and pulled his hand tight to my crotch. His middle two fingers slid into me easily.

“Jesus Christ you’re wet.” he whispered, “and so loose.”

“You made me loose ...” I burped again, feeling my stomach quivering.

“Do it.” I gasped, feeling the gorge rising in my throat. I sat up and leaned forward, trapping his hand between my fat thighs, my stomach gurgling and churning, “... I’m your little whore ...” I repeated what he used to make me say years ago, “... hurt me like a whore ...”

I felt him flex his hand, digging his fingers deeper into me - but not enough; I wanted it hard and brutal like it used to feel.

“... come on Daddy ...” I begged as I felt my stomach tighten and fluid rushed up my throat. I puked hard, my sick-up spattering on the rubber mat in front of me, splashing over my bare feet. And Daddy started finger-fucking me.

Each heave as I puked felt like an orgasm. Sicking-up only lasted a few minutes, and I can’t count how many orgasms I had as Daddy drove with his fingers inside me. Once the puking eased off, Daddy pushed his two fingers deeper, and curled them, rubbing my g-spot hard and mashing my clit against the bone there. He added a third, then a forth finger as I came over and over. I caressed his arm and looked at him with a mixture of hatred and love as he worked me. Daddy was hurting me again and it felt so good.

Back at his apartment we played sex games all night - old ones and new ones. I let him fist-fuck me for the very first time and oh-my-god did that feel good. Gagging on his cock made me cum, spanking made me cum, everything made me cum.

The Trinity Cocktail is amazing! Daddy promised me that if I ever decide to suicide, he’ll help me go to Die Happy so I can go out this way. He wants to watch - maybe even help if they let him and I’d like that.

I thought I was going to die.

I stripped down naked and went into mom’s ensuite bathroom to take the popper. Shelby told me it took a couple minutes to work, but she was wrong - it hit me hard almost right away.

First I started sweating and I got so horny so fast my cunt felt hollow and my legs got weak and wobbly. Fuck, I wanted something in my cunt so bad and wished I’d hooked up with Felicia - she was one of our gym teachers and made no secret that she was lesbian. She drops hints with some of us girls about hooking up after school ‘for a chat over coffee’. I know Kim was thinking about doing it to see where it would lead, but then Kim was bisexual, whereas I was just curious.

I started fingering myself hard and cumming before I even threw up. And when I started barfing, it made my orgasms even stronger. I ended up leaning against the half wall in my mom’s shower as I fingered myself through orgasms, puked and sweated until all I could smell was myself; my leaking cunt, my sweat wet body and hair, and my sour puke. It felt like it went on for hours, and I started to get scared that mom would come home from work and find me that way, but when it settled down I looked at the clock and it had only been half an hour.

I was still horny when I showered and cleaned up the bathroom after I stopped puking, so I went to my bedroom and masturbated until I heard mom’s car pull into the driveway.

I wonder how the lethal doses felt for those three girls who died at that judge’s place. If it was as intense as mine, I guess it would be the best way to die.

Felicia invited me over to do the poppers with her and Kim, but I was too embarrassed to try it in front of someone. I’m pretty shy and awkward, and the thought of puking and cumming in front of someone else made me start having a panic attack.

I waited until my parents were playing a board game with my brothers and went to my room, telling them I had a bit of a headache and was just going to read. They were used to that - I’m an introvert and my family is used to me taking down time to read or listen to music in my room. I locked the door just in case.

I laid out my clear raincoat on the floor, stripped down naked and sat on the end of my bed. I was still super nervous and sat there paralyzed with the popper getting warm in my hot little hand for a long time. I read about the Trinity Cocktail on 4chan and some testimony from one of the people who witnessed those girls in Utah being executed with it, and it sounded amazing, but I was still scared.

After sitting there so long being a chicken, I finally just went with impulse, stuck it in my mouth and pushed the button. The pop made me jump and the goo that jetted into the back of my throat made me choke, but I swallowed it down. It tasted gross - kind of a chemical, metallic taste. Almost right away my mouth started watering and I sat there swallowing my spit and feeling scared while I waited for it to start working.

After a couple minutes I started feeling horny, but I wondered if it was my imagination or a placebo affect. A few seconds later - whoosh - a wave of dizziness made my room tilt and I started to feel sick to my stomach. I thought - ‘Oh great, it’s all bullshit and I’ve just poisoned myself’ - but then my horniness started growing fast; like blooming inside me like a hot flower. It also felt like I had the flu - feverish and trembling - but I didn’t know of any flu that made you horny like that. I could feel my orgasm building and I hadn’t even touched myself.

Just before I was about to cum, my stomach curled inside me, so I braced and hung my head down over my raincoat. I came just as I started to heave.

The puking lasted about three minutes, but the orgasms lasted way longer. Even after I got so weak and dizzy that I climbed into bed, I was quivering and cumming under the covers for a long time.

In the morning I had to roll up and throw my clear raincoat away in the neighbour's garbage because my puke was dried and crusted to it. God, it stunk.

Kim & Felicia
When my gym teacher Felicia opened her apartment door she was just wearing an open bathrobe. I could see that her body and face was shiny with sweat and her hair was all messed up. I could see her tight, hard nipples and smell her pussy. I could also smell the sourness of puke as I walked into her apartment as she closed the door behind me.

Felicia took her popper half an hour before I got here. She said it was because she wanted to know it was safe before she gave me mine, plus she said she wanted to take care of me while I went through it. I asked her how it felt - I was nervous about the puking because I hate throwing up.

“It’s wonderful.” she assured me as she slipped my jacket off and set it down on a chair along with my purse, and led me to the bathroom.

She was right; it was wonderful.

After stripping down and taking my popper, Felicia laid me down on the floor and played with me as I felt the tingles and feverish feeling as the popper took effect.

“Feel weird?” she asked me as the nausea came in a slow building wave that was lost in the growing arousal I was feeling.

“Yeah.” I murmured as I felt my stomach moving inside me on it’s own. It was like it was coming alive.

“Feel strange?” she said as she kissed my belly, “Those nipples hard?”

Then she sucked them. I could only make little noises as my sex started to throb and my stomach churned.

I had done as Felicia asked and only had fruit and yoghurt for dinner, so I wasn’t as worried about throwing up. Felicia was as excited as I was when I started squirming and whimpering, feeling my stomach churning and my orgasm start to build. Then came the inevitable, I gagged and heaved.

“So good.” she whispered, still licking and sucking my nipples. Then I heaved again and a clot of fruit and yoghurt erupted out of my mouth and spattered on my chest and belly. Felicia didn’t stop kissing and licking my breasts and nipples, just let my sick-up flow down my body past her.

“So hot.” she whispered and slid one of her fingers into me, and that was it - I was on my way and I couldn’t stop cumming or puking if I tried.

“Yeah ... good girl.” she whispered as my first combination wet heave and orgasm curled my body.

Once I started puking up and cumming, Felicia continued sucked my nipples and fingered both of us. I was delirious, - puking and pissing myself, loving how I felt and loving the attention Felicia was giving me and hearing her own rising arousal and orgasms. I felt so much love for her when she kissed my pukey mouth and we made love all night. With boys, and a few girls, I always felt like I had to play a role with them, but with the popper and Felicia, I could just be me and she accepted me just the way I was, no matter how gross I got.

(CNN) The ‘Popper Craze’ had its first fatality Sunday afternoon. Brian and Enid Christianson returned from a family outing and found their 14 year old daughter, Chelsea dead on their kitchen floor.

Bill Conners, the county Coroner stated that Chelsea was still fully clothed in her Girl Scout uniform, just having returned from a weekend camping trip with her Troop.

“It appears that Chelsea took the Trinity Cocktail voluntarily in the family kitchen and was quickly overcome by the effects.” he said. Police are questioning the other girls at the weekend camp as they suspect she obtained the cocktail from someone at camp.

When asked if Chelsea had mixed the lethal element into her popper, Conners was quick to state that there is no evidence of that, and that he suspects that the cocktail was lethal for her for two reasons; “First, the dose she took was designed for a person weighing between 130 and 160 pounds. Chelsea only weighs 98 pounds. Plus Chelsea was dehydrated from her camping trip, so the cocktail flooded her system quickly and caused cardiac arrest along with the euphoric effects Trinity is known for.”

“It isn’t much of a consolation to her parents, but Chelsea felt intense pleasure as she died.” he added.


Anon: Fuck man, check it out! Chicks from all over Nevada are posting vids when they take the Trinity Cocktail! I wanna get my hands on some of this crazy shit!

Anon: Yeah - slip it to your girlfriend and fuck her while she’s puking!

Anon: never thought watching girls puke would be such a turn on.

Lurker: I’d rather make them puke by stuffing my cock down their throats.

Anon: Fuck off *Lurker*, that tiny dick of yours couldn’t choke a hamster

Anon: Does anyone know any of these girls?

Anon: This is from that robbery at Die Happy, right?

MasterBlaster: That’s right, anon. And yeah, I do know the two chicks bating in the change room - they go to my school. Kind of drama queens, but their vid is hot-hot-hot

Anon: OMFG! The girl puking outside that car and pissing herself as she cums gives zero fucks!

Lurker: Fuck you, anon

Anon: One of them died. I saw it on the news. They said it was accidental but I heard it was suicide.

MasterBlaster: What a way to go!


I can’t stop. The feelings are just too amazing.

After my first solo with the milk I got an idea; I registered on a live stream video site as PopperPrincess and used my laptop at my sister’s place while she was away at work. I used her VPN so I couldn’t be traced before I logged on and told my first viewers what the Trinity Poppers were, then I took the popper and puked up and orgasmed for the camera. I didn’t even get naked and by the time I was done I had 195 people watching me and got 1220 tokens for my first show - that’s $60!

My sister was okay with it especially after I told her about how many poppers I had left because she wanted some too.

The first time I logged on and took one I was scared of getting caught, but when nothing happened I carried on as PopperPrincess. After I did my next three shows my audience grew to 5563 followers and I was making between 3000 and 3400 tokens per show. I did more shows and now I’m online three times a week because I have to take days off to let my belly muscles stop aching.

My routine on weekdays is to rush to my sister’s after school, set up my laptop on her balcony and let my fans log in as I chat with them and answer their questions and drink milk or eggnog if I can get it. Once I have a good crowd I take the popper and let it all happen. When I’m done I hose down the balcony and go have a shower.

Sometimes I do special shows on the weekends when I let fans vote on what I should stuff myself with before I do my show. They like watching me binge then do the popper thing. I usually do the weekend shows when my sister is away, but she’s come home early a few times and sits and watches me. I've even started masturbating with my hand down my pants while I do my shows. My fans want me naked, but I don't know if I'm ready for that yet.

During one of my shows I showed a short video of my panties that I took after my previous show. I wanted them to know how horny I got, so I filmed the crotch after I peeled my panties off and showed them the milky girl cum. Right away a fan offered me $250 for them if I sent them to him sealed in a plastic sandwich bag so they were still slimy. Now I auction off my panties after each show

I’m making a ton of money and experiencing the ecstasy of the poppers three, sometimes four times a week. And I have to admit, it’s not all about the money - I love being watched while I puke and cum. I’ve even had offers to do porn and I have to say; I’m thinking about it. The producers who message me say I can specialize in puke porn with poppers and deep throating until I puke up. I still haven’t made up my mind.

The downside is that I now get acid reflux when I’m sleeping and have woken up a few times choking on puke in my mouth. I prop myself up with pillows at night to stop that, but sometimes I roll onto my side in my sleep and it happens almost every time I do. Even during the day, if my tummy’s full and I bend over it just flows up out of me and fills my mouth. I usually just swallow it back down so no one notices, but a mouthful of half-digested food and bile is so gross when you’re not crazy horny.

I read up on what is going on inside me and I’ve puked so much I’ve damaged my esophageal sphincter so it won’t close any more - my stomach is just an open sac hanging at the end of my gullet.

But like I said; I can’t stop - it just feels too good.

The day it gets too much for me, I’ve decided I’m going to Die Happy and do one last show completely naked and die cumming and puking for my fans. I’m not sure if I’ll take the lethal Trinity Cocktail like those girls in Utah had or if I’ll go with another of their options. You see, my puking orgasms make my belly clench so tight around a sharp and intense orgasmic sensation that feels like a like a cold piece of steel right up the core of my belly from my pussy to my throat. My whole body gets so tight I see stars, and I love that I can’t stop it - I feel each heave coming at me hard and I am helpless to resist it. The cold steel sensation makes me think of Die Happy’s impalement option and I wonder if getting a real shaft of cold steel pushed through me from pussy to throat would feel even more intense. Maybe a combo of the cocktail and an impalement? I’m thinking of just letting my fans decide when the time comes. Either way, I’ll leave my account password for my sister so she can get the rest of my money.

Die Happy Inc.
Internal Memo - Executive Level Only


We found her. Through face recognition software we identified the girl who initiated what has become known as “the Cocktail Heist”. Her name is Shelby R - we will not reveal her surname in any correspondence to protect her identity.

Whether Shelby orchestrated the theft of the poppers remains unclear as she won’t disclose how she came by them, but it is clear that she enjoys the process and enjoys being watched on her ‘PukingPrincess’ live stream account as she does it. Her fan base is growing steadily.

We have opened communication with Shelby and have learned of the physical damage extended use of the non-lethal Trinity Cocktail has caused her and have invited her to see our medical team so we can assist her.

Shelby has also expressed a desire to enlist our assisted sexual suicide services if her physical symptoms grow intolerable or when her supply of poppers runs out. We are open to this option if she can pass our psychological screening, but we have made another offer to her; we are discussing a partnership between Die Happy and Shelby that would see us record her sessions at our main Las Vegas location and selling her videos on the dark web through our own agents. This option would satisfy our fetish clients and would provide Shelby with a sizeable income and free medical treatment.

The ball is in her court and we await her decision.