Mobile Service - A Family Affair

by Erotickynk

Die Happy Inc. created an outreach service last year that provides sexual suicide delivery in the comfort of your own home. Clients who want to die at home in novel ways, surrounded by family could now do so. It caught on like wildfire.

In the past 40 years society has moved from "life is sacred" to "donít like your life? - snuff yourself and have another" or; "you took a life? - you lose yours and get to try again when you come back next time". Personally, I think itís all a load of crap, but I keep my opinions to myself - it keeps me gainfully employed and I like the challenge of sexualizing various forms of death.

I started doing outreach service for Die Happy three months ago to pick up some extra cash. The schedule for us Helpers at our headquarters is four on four off, and weíre allowed to perform two home visit contracts per rotation.

Here is one of my most memorable ones so farÖ

A Family Affair

Marli was a mother of three in the prime of her life and in perfect health. She had chosen to end her life at home, surrounded by her family. No biggie, right? A lot of religious people do - drink the holy koolaid and go to sleep. But she chose to die by impalement.

Yeah; impalement - in front of her husband, sister, brother-in-law, parents, and her children. I was very hesitant to take the contract, but my boss pressured me, knowing my skill level at successful impalement - success being defined as; they are wrapped up in the intense sexual sensations right up to the moment their heart stops.

You see, Marli and her family were part of the Body Transitional Church, a cult that believes that when we die we are reincarnated until we get it right. They believe that an orgasm is god reaching into your body to touch your soul, and the only way to enter heaven is to die at the point of orgasm - that particular death is the ecstasy of god tearing your soul out of your body and lifting it to heaven where you will be immersed in orgasmic bliss for eternity. In the trade we jokingly refer to them as Orgasmitarians.

"We want it done right, with minimal trauma." my boss said. "The last thing I want is for those kids to witness a botched job."

So I arrived at the family home, having to park on the street because the driveway was full of cars. I had Marliís husband David help me carry in the two cases that contain the impaling machine and Marliís sister showed me where to set up. They had chosen the large master bedroom for the deed.

Theyíd taken out all the furniture except the bed and brought in chairs for the family. There was a Victorian dressing screen in front of some of the chairs to shield the children from seeing mom when things got intense. On the bed, near the headboard, was a stuffed ottoman so Marli could lay belly-down on it and be impaled doggy-style. I noticed a rectangular plastic one gallon tub tucked discretely between the ottoman and the headboard. The sides were wrapped in a pillowcase matching the bedís very expensive duvet. Once we were done, no one would want to use that pillowcase again, but I was pleased to see Marli had planned these small details.

Being Body Transitionists, Marli was sitting naked on the carpeted floor near the window with two of her children with her. The youngest, a boy, was about four, the other was a girl of about eleven, both dressed in loose robes. Marliís parents also wore robes, but her sister and brother-in-law were naked. Despite the oddities, Marli looked like a typical mother, holding, snuggling, and happily talking with both children.

As David - who had shed the robe he wore when he came outside to help - and I were setting up the impaler, I noticed that there were straps and heavy clips attached to the underside of the bedframe. I picked up the end of one and looked at David with a questioning expression. David blushed.

"Marli knows she might fight it and she doesnít want to scare the kids." he said in a whisper, "So we have cuffs for one wrist, both ankles and thighs."

Then his voice got quieter as he leaned in;

"She wants her right hand free to masturbate." He blushed deeper. "Thatís okay, isnít it?"

"Of course. We want to make this experience orgasmic for her."

I didnít think it was possible, but his face blushed a deeper red at the word orgasmic. I got the feeling he was raised in one of the more sexually suppressive cults and became a Body Transitionist when he married Marli.

As I was adjusting the height and angle of the impaler, Marliís oldest child entered the room carrying a large homemade milkshake. She also was naked as the day she was born.

"Oh, thank you, Belle." Marli said to the girl who was in that awkward transitional stage of physical development, halfway between coltish, lanky limbs and widening hips and growing breasts, "You made my special milkshake."

Again, my estimation of Marli went up; she was following Die Happyís recommendations for impalement. If she followed the instructions exactly, the milkshake would contain a heavy dose of antacid to reduce bile production and the synthetic endorphins and oxytocin we supply.

Marli drank her milkshake with her children close, then gathered all three in her arms into a mom-child huddle, foreheads touching, whispering secrets.

I finished locking down the spit on the impalerís drive mechanism and did a slow quiet test of the controls - including the retractable razors on the business end of the spit.

I touched David on the wrist and motioned him to follow me into the ensuite. I went over how the impalement would proceed and reminded him that this was Marliís experience and that she didnít want to be touched unless I felt it was necessary, and under no circumstances was he to interfere, no matter how she was reacting to the impalement at any given time.

"Now, listen, David; Marli is going to react violently because sheís never experienced anything this invasive. You have to trust that I know what Iím doing, Okay?"

"I do trust you. They showed us videos of you working."

"Good." I said reaching down and squeezing his hand. "Now I need a couple minutes with Marli."

David left and in a moment Marli entered. I took her hands and looked in her eyes, asked how she was doing both physically and emotionally. She had some anxiety, but nothing out of control, and she had taken the pre-impalement medications and the vaginal suppository on time so she was feeling relaxed internally and quite aroused.

I had her hop up on the counter and lift her knees, hold her ankles, and open her thighs. Using a speculum I warmed under the hot water, I opened her vagina and examined her cervix. The suppository was working; her cervix was soft and dilated.

I offered her a guide sleeve - a tapered tube that is inserted deep in the vagina to guide the spit into the cervix - but Marli declined, saying sheíd prefer to line herself up on the spit when the time came. Most women do, it makes them feel part of the process.

"It will be godís hand reaching inside me, I will welcome him into my belly." Marli said after I slid the speculum gently out of her, "And thanks for warming the speculum. Men always forget."

Marli got down and stood.

"Youíre ready physically - dilated, numbed in the right places. You should not experience too much excruciating pain." I explained. "It looks like you planned everything perfectly, but I have to ask: are you ready emotionally?"

"I am. Thank you." she replied, and I envied her for being so uninhibited about being nude and relaxed in front of a stranger, "Iíve thought about this for years and today is the day."

"You know that cause of death will either be asphyxiation if everything goes perfectly or cardiac arrest due to respiratory distress if your body reacts badly." I cautioned her.

"I know all that, Kim." she said kindly, "And I also know Iím in the best hands that Die Happy can provide. I know youíll make it perfect for me. I just have to relax and let it happen."

"It sounds like you are totally at peace with it."

"I am."

"Alright." I said. "We can start when youíre ready, Marli."

I walked out of the ensuite behind Marli and knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed and waited.

Marli first went to her parents, then her sister and brother-in-law to say her goodbyes - long lingering embraces, tears flowing freely. Then to her husband, a long whispered conversation, noses touching.

Then Marli knelt and gathered her three children in her arms. More lingering embraces, more soft whispering and the younger two were full of questions. I could only hear Marliís gentle voice as she answered them;

"When God reaches inside of us and takes hold of our soul, it is an intense and beautiful feeling, so mommy may shake and moan and even cry, but I donít want you to be scared. Godís hand will be inside Mommyís belly and that feels better than anything in the world."

The younger two were wide-eyed.

"You will be able to feel that when youíre older, just like Belle does. Belle. youíve felt Godís hand on your soul havenít you?"

Belle smiled and nodded.

"Mommy wants God to take her soul to heaven, and when that happens, sometimes our body gets scared and doesnít want to let go of our soul. God is going to hold Mommyís soul tight and rip it out of her body and when that happens it is the best feeling in the world even if our body is fighting it."

Belleís cheeks flushed and I saw that her small nipples puckered.

"Donít be scared, my sweethearts."

Marli hugged and kissed them each in turn from youngest to oldest, then stood up as David attached padded ankle and thighs restraints to each of her legs and to her left wrist. At the same time, the rest of the family took their places - Marliís mom and dad behind the screen with the two younger children on their laps, and her sister, brother-in-law and daughter Belle sitting where they could watch Marliís impalement.

When the restraints were tightly fastened to her ankles and just above her knees and her left wrist, David led Marli to the bed and Marli climbed onto it, crawling forward and laying belly-down on the ottoman. As David fastened the restraints to the hooks, spreading Marliís thighs and ankles open, I lubricated the length of the spit even though I could see milky mucus oozing from her cunt. The medications and synthetic endorphins and oxytocin were doing their job.

"Ready?" I leaned in and whispered to Marli after David finished hooking her up. She nodded.

I flipped the lever that allows the spit to slide inside its sleeve and pulled it forward until it touched her labia, then slowly pushed it inside her.

"Say when." I whispered. Marli lay with her cheek on the ottoman and gazed calmly at nothing in particular as I slid the spit slowly deeper.

"There." she breathed, "Thatís perfect."

I leaned closer, laying my hand on her upper back and brought my face close to hers.

"How are you doing?" I asked

"Iím good." she whispered, "Iím ready."

"Iíll touch your foot before each major penetration. Just tell me if you need more time." I said. Marli nodded again.

I patted her back and backed off the bed and knelt down beside the impaler and lifted the controls. David sat on the floor on the other side of the impaler. Marli was already humping the spit with slow small movements, just curling her pelvis slightly. This girl was ready to go and because of her eagerness and the fact that sheíd given birth to three children and was in prime physical shape, I felt confident this would go well for her.

I set the controls to zero and activated the impaler. I dialed the stroke wheel for two inches and the speed to one and jogged the joystick forward. The impaler shuddered to life and Marli let out a thready little gasp as the hard steel started fucking her with steady two-inch strokes.

We all sat in silence listening to the small whimpering sounds Marli was making as she got used to the slow regular movements of the impaler. I like this particular impaler because it is slightly out of alignment, so in the middle of every stroke it shudders slightly which feels marvelous inside. I know what youíre wondering, and yes - I have used it on myself both anally up into my transverse colon and vaginally into my uterus. If I ever choose to become a Die Happy client, I will definitely choose impalement.

Marli had already began to pant so I jogged the joystick forward again - it was still fucking her in two inch strokes, but pushing an inch deeper than before. Marliís whimpers grew louder.

"Is God here?" her youngest daughter asked.

"Yes, baby. Heís here." Marli gasped.

"You look happy, mommy." the daughter observed, and I realized that the screenís placement allowed the younger children to see Marliís face but not her body.

"I am happy, baby." Marliís voice quavered as she spoke. Marli started humping the spit with more effort, curling her pelvis on each in stroke. I knew she was applying pressure to her g-spot and was liking the sensation. I increased the speed to two and jogged the joystick forward again. Marli moaned and started rotating her hips, no doubt feeling the round end of the spit pressing against her cervix on every in stroke and already trying to align it.

I couldnít see Marliís face, but the tanned skin of her lean body was growing shiny with sweat and her larger muscles were starting to tremble so I knew her arousal was getting her close to her first orgasm. I debated whether to penetrate her cervix first or wait until she came. I decided to wait and my instincts were correct - I didnít have to wait long.

Without warning, Marliís bum tightened and I saw her cunt clench tight on the spit as she shuddered.

Marli moaned and strained as her first orgasm slammed her body.

"Are you okay, mommy?" the daughter asked.

"God is with me, baby" Marli gasped, "I really want him to reach inside me soon."

Anyone could have understood that hint, so I reached up and squeezed Marliís trembling right foot.

"Yes." she gasped and pushed back against the spit, so I stopped the stroking and pushed the joystick forward.

"Ö oh godÖ" Marli moaned as she felt the spit force its way into the neck of her cervix. I kept the pressure up until she moved her body forward and she squirmed and let out a long whine. I turned the stroke back on, set to two inches. Iíd leave it there for a few moments until she was used to it stroking inside her uterus.

My concentration was so focused on Marli that I didnít realize Belle had moved from her chair until she sat down beside me. I looked at her and smiled, not sure what to do with a naked teenager. Belle looked concerned as she watched her mom.

"Is it hurting her?" Belle whispered.

"No." I whispered back.

"How do you know?"

"Because Iíve done it." I answered and watched her face. Belleís eyes widened, then she blinked and seemed to be okay with the information.

Marli was getting used to the spit stroking back and forth inside her uterus so it was time to start stretching her out to thin the uterine wall. I jogged the stick forward and increased the stroke to 2.5 inches.

Marli grunted and slid her right hand under her belly and started masturbating. Every few seconds she would try to close her thighs and pull tight against her restraints, then quiver. Marli was building to her next orgasm.

"How old do I have to be to do this?" Belle asked softly.

"When youíre old enough to vote, then you can." I gave her the simplest answer. I didnít want to tell her about applying for an age exemption with the End-Of-Life Judicial Tribunal, she was way too fucking young.

"Thatís not fair." she said softly as she watched her mom in obvious ecstasy, "God touches my soul already."

I smiled at her innocence, "Feels good, does it?"

"Feels wonderful."

"What does it feel like?" I asked to make conversation as I jogged the spit deeper - Marli should be feeling her uterus being stretched by now.

"I can feel Godís hand reach right inside me and squeeze my insides." Belle whispered her secret, "Sometimes he squeezes so tight I make noises, and after sometimes I cry."

"It makes you feel sad?"

"No." Belle looked up at me and smiled, "Why would being touched by God make you sad? Itís just that after he lets me go I feel so empty. So I cry, then I pray, then I feel better."

We sat in silence for a few moments, listening to Marliís heavy breathing and the soft whir of the impaler. I jogged the stick forward every few seconds and when I did, Marli would gasp and move forward, then slowly push herself backward as she got used to it again. She knew what I was doing to her - stretching her uterus in preparation for the penetration.

"I want that." Belle whispered, her eyes locked on momís sweating body, then; "Do you think God could reach inside my mom and me at the same time?"

"I donít know why not." I answered, hoping I didnít sound too sarcastic, "Heís god isnít he?"

Belle fell silent for a time.

I jogged the impaler forward three more times and Marli had two more orgasms. I decided it was time to step this up, so I reached up and squeezed her right foot.

"Ö waitÖ" Marli grunted, then gathered herself;

"Godís hand is deep inside me." she announced to her family in an uneven voice, "And he is going to reach deeper Ö and when he does Ö I wonít be able to speak. So Ö goodbye Ö I love you all so much."

There was a chorus of ĎI love youí with endearments added; honey, sweetheart, dear sister, mom, mommy.

"Ö okayÖ" Marli gasped as she laid her head down. I stopped the stroking again and pressed the joystick forward, watching Marliís labia and clit being pulled up inside her by the spit. Marli strained deep in her throat as I flipped the hinged safety cover off the knife switch and pressed down with my thumb until I heard the click and the spit jumped inside her. Marli grunted hard as the crosshead razors slammed out of the tip of the spit and made an X incision through the top wall of her uterus and retracted in less than a quarter second. The rounded tip of the spit slid through the incision and into her abdominal cavity, releasing the pull on her clit and labia.

"Ö oh godÖ oh godÖ oh godÖ" Marli gasped as she squirmed on the bed, coming to grips with the feeling of hard steel so high in her belly.

"Is she okay?" Belle asked breathlessly.

"Yeah. Godís got a good grip on her soul. It wonít be long now." I said, and glanced over the impaler to see how David was doing. By the size and colour of his cock, David looked like he could use a little touch from god as well.

I was back focusing on Marli, and as I was adjusting the controls, I felt Belle press against me - snuggling against me for comfort as she watched her mother die, I reasoned.

I set the stroke to three and a half inches and started the spit moving inside Marliís belly. After the shock of the penetration and despite showing signs of being overwhelmed, Marli was masturbating frantically, trying to build to another orgasm, so I jogged the spit forward every thirty seconds or so. I needed to creep up on her stomach.

But Marliís movements were becoming more frantic and her grunts and small cries more desperate as she pulled against her restraints. I understood what was happening to her, so I set the controller down, eased Belle off me and climbed up on the bed beside her, rubbing her back and whispering to her.

"Shhhh." I soothed, "Itís okay, Marli. Thereís time."

"Ö I feel soÖ fragileÖ" she whined, her voice hitching in her throat.

"I know, honey. But itís okay to slow down, I wonít let you die until you start your death orgasm."

"Öp-promise?" she whimpered, looking scared.

"I promise." I whispered in her ear and kissed her hot wet cheek, "Just breathe your way to your next climax and the one after that will be the big one."

I needed Marli to orgasm just before I got to her stomach, so she felt that last invasive penetration as the ultimate sexual experience.

"God will take you then." I added, feeling like a fraud. But my lie helped, she settled back in to breathing and masturbating.

When I knelt back down and picked up the controller, Belle leaned against me again and stayed there. I kept jogging the spit deeper in small increments, and Marli was back on track - her body was undulating as she humped the spit and the sounds she was making were very sexual.

As I worked Marli, Belle was pressing herself against my side with more force and I could feel her body trembling. At first I thought she was scared for her mom, but when she let out a soft quivering whine I looked down and saw she was grimacing and the trembling was her masturbating furiously. What the fuck was up with this family?

Not knowing what else to do, I balanced the controller on my thigh and wrapped my free arm around her and hugged her close. Belle reacted to that, nuzzling her face against the side of my breast and started grunting as she came hard, shuddering and jerking. At the same time, Marli had another orgasm - her bum clenching and her pelvis humping the spit inside her. I suppose that counted as a mother-daughter bonding experience in that family.

After Belle calmed, I looked down; her eyes fluttered open.

"He didnít take me." Belle whispered in awe.

"Itís not your time, honey." I said, giving her a little squeeze. Belle seemed satisfied and sat upright to resume watching her momís impalement.

Marli was panting and making small straining sounds, still masturbating, so I jogged the spit a touch deeper and she grunted hard, burped wetly, and shuddered. I stopped the stroking and used the joystick to move the spit gently back and forth inside her, probing her stomach with the tip of the spit.

I reached up and squeezed her right foot.

"Ö uh-huh!Ö" Marli grunted immediately - she wanted it bad now.

I pushed the spit forward very slowly, compressing Marliís stomach and watched her slide forward on the ottoman and hang her face over the end. She started vomiting so gently into her pillowcase lined plastic tub that I barely heard her, but with each gentle heave her anus and cunt would clench, then both would relax and gape.

"Mommyís sick." I heard the younger daughter say.

"Itís a good sick." I said loud enough for everyone to hear, "God has laid his hands on her soul and Mommy is feeling the ecstasy of his touch."

Hell, this Orgasmitarian crap was starting to sound pretty erotic even to me.

I pressed the spit deeper and Marli moaned and sunk the tips of three fingers into her cunt under the spit. I thumbed the knife trigger causing the spit to buck inside her and the spit slid deep into her stomach through the X cut.

Marli gagged hard and jerked, and I saw her hand clench tight on her mound, pushing her fingers deeper.

"Mommy? Are you okay?" the younger daughter sounded worried.

"Mommy canít talk now, honey. Her body is starting to fight Godís grip on her soul." Marliís sister explained.

Marliís body is about to fight more than that, I thought to myself as I took a deep breath and pushed the joystick forward, sending it through Marliís stomach and up into her gullet.

Her reaction was immediate and violent; she heaved hard and loud as she felt the spit sliding up her throat, then began bucking and shuddering.

Marliís legs kicked and pulled against her restraints so violently that the bed started shaking. She squirmed and shuddered, strained and made loud wet, retching sounds with such frantic energy that someone untrained would think she was feeling nothing but intense distress. I have no doubt that her distress was more intense than anything she ever had felt in life, but she also continued to work her cunt with all three fingers buried as deep as she could; she was humping the spit with so much force that the impaler was being jarred and shaken; and her entire body was quivering and shaking. Less than thirty seconds into it, I watched Marliís anus and cunt begin clenching tight in rhythmic pulses and milky mucus flowing freely from around the spit and over her fingers to drip from her shaking hand. Her toes curled tight as she continued to shake as though she was having a seizure. Marli was experiencing the mother of all orgasms in the last seconds of her life. Now so long as she died before it ended, her impalement would be perfect.

I heard Belle gasp, and glancing at her saw she had one arm wrapped around her belly and the other covering her breasts as she stared at her mom in wide-eyed horror. I had no more tasks I could perform for Marli as she convulsed and came - completely impaled by the spit - so I set down the controller and gathered Belle in my arms.

"Itís okay, Belle." I whispered, "This is what your mom wanted more than anything. I know it looks violent and horrible, but she is in complete ecstasy."

"But sheís fighting it." Belle whimpered, near tears.

"Her body is fighting it. Bodies always fight at the end." I said, "Death is never pretty, but your mom is in bliss, honey. She feels better than she ever has in her life, and when itís over, she will be with god."

Marli lasted longer than usual, convulsing and shaking, but over time it gradually lessening in intensity. As she began to come down from her climax, we watched her toes uncurl, her kicking and shaking slow, and at last her fingers slipping from her cunt. Marliís last gurgling breath left her as her body slumped and she made a haunting moaning sound deep in her chest. She was gone - not an ounce of energy was left; no post death twitching or jerking of limbs.

"Praise God." I heard Marliís sister say, "Letís gather and give thanks to God for taking Marli to heaven."

I stood and helped Belle up, guiding her behind the screen where the others knelt to pray. I only had a few minutes to prepare Marliís body, so I worked fast;

First I set the impaler to retract, and fetched a cloth from my kit and wiped the spit clean of fluids as it withdrew from Marliís body, then held the cloth tight over her cunt and anus as I took two large absorbent fabric balls, stuffing one deep in each orifice to prevent leakage.

Then I unhooked Marliís restraints and rolled her body off the ottoman and removed that, pushing it and the impaler into the corner. Returning to the bed, I maneuvered Marliís body to the centre of the bed and removed her restraints, then positioned her legs straight with ankles together and crossed her hands on her chest. Lastly, I gently closed the lids over her staring lifeless eyes, and used a rose scented sani-wipe to clean her face and mouth of vomit residue. I could still hear them praying so I even had time to give her crotch and crease a good wipe with another rose sani-wipe to mask the scent of cunt and ass. Lastly I removed the pillow-wrapped plastic pail and put it in the master bathroom.

I was done before their chorus of "amen".

As the family gathered around Marliís still warm corpse, I packed up the impaler in its two cases, and took two trips to load it back into my car before I left.