Ali-Cat: Electric

by Erotickynk

Ali-Cat wanted more and we were her best choice to make sure she got it.

Alison, or Ali-Cat as she preferred, was full of nervous energy as she sat with Rachael during her intake at Die Happy Inc. Like most women who come to us she was in a state of euphoria that sheíd decided to die that day.

"I had to face it." Ali said, "My life sucks and it sucks more every year. So when I decided that I wanted to end it and start over. I felt so relieved. Like a total weight was lifted off my shoulders. Iíve never struggled with decisions. Once I make up my mind, thatís it and Iím happy with it. I did that with all my tats and Iím super-happy with those.

"Then I had to decide how to go out." she went on, "So I thought of all the things I like - you know; sexually. And the thing I freaking love is electro-stim. You know? Orgasms triggered by electricity? Theyíre so fuckiní intense."

"Yes, weíre aware of it." Rachael answered with a small smile, "Weíve helped a number of clients go out that way."

"Shut up! Seriously?" Ali got even more excited, "You mean, you guys are set up for that?"

"Absolutely." I interjected, "And if you want to do this right away, I can go get it ready for you."

"Fuckiní-A! I love it!" Ali said. "You know, Iíve been saving up for months to afford you guys and Iím so glad I did! Youíre the best!"

As Ali-Cat went through the rest of her intake; making arrangements for the disposal of her remains; filling out the form directing the disbursement of her effects; and making her video statement, I went down the hall and prepped one of the rooms for her euthanasia.

By the time I had the room ready, Ali-Cat was ready to go, so I returned to the lobby and led her down the hallway to a prep-room.

"So, it will be like e-stim sex but more intense, right?" Ali asked.

"We start at normal voltages, change up some probes and increase the volts gradually so youíll have your rolling orgasms." I answered, "By the way, do you prefer Ali or Cat?"

"I love it when people call me Ali-Cat, but Ali is fine if you donít want to. My real name is Alison, but I never liked it." she answered as I ushered her into the prep-room, "So how high do you turn it? At the end I mean."

"Six hundred volts." I said, watching her eyes get wide, "But not full on right away. For your final stim we start around twelve and increase it gradually until youíre cumming, then we hit you hard with it."

"All six hundred volts?" I watched her throat hitch as she swallowed.

"Oh yeah. It will increase in waves and be the most intense orgasm youíve ever had."

"Iíll die cumming?"

"Like youíve never cum before." I smiled and gave her a side hug, "Iíll take care of you, Ali-Cat. Donít worry."

We got Ali ready. She stripped, took a small fleet enema, and I helped her shave. (I hate the smell of burning public hair) After a quick shower, Ali said she was ready so I led her out and down the hall to her room. It was busy that evening and we passed a couple rooms that clients allowed the windows to remain clear on, so we took our time and I invited her to observe other clients being euthanized.

The first room we passed had a thin feminine teen boy riding a Sybian and being garroted. His cock was so erect it was as deep a red as his face and he was ejaculating gobs of thick cum as his eyes rolled up under his fluttering eyelids.

"That poor boy." Ali said softly.

"The last thing that poor boy is feeling is complete bliss and ecstasy." I answered just as softly, "Itís what we do here, Ali-Cat."

In the second room, a woman was standing with a noose tight around her throat. Her helper keyed the winch and we watched her rise up on her tiptoes then start moving her feet like she was treading water. Soon she began slowly humping her crotch, her belly undulating as she obviously experienced an orgasm. From the way Ali idly stroked her own left nipple, she was aroused as the woman experienced her death orgasm with pee streaming down her inner thighs.

The third roomís window was opaque - the client wishing privacy from curious eyes - but as we passed we heard a mature womanís guttural moan followed by retching and the spattering of vomit. Ali looked up at me, her face showing some alarm. The woman was in with Richard, one of our helpers who specializes in "wet-work".

"Itís okay, Ali." I said, touching her shoulder, "Everything thatís being done to her in there is what she wants."

"... donít stop ..." came the pleading husky voice of the woman within, "... for the love of god, donít stop ..."

Ali swallowed hard and listened.

"... oh, you sweet bastard ...", the woman grunted, then moaned.

We then heard something heavy and wet splat on the tile floor and another long shuddering moan, followed by more vomiting.

"... no ... Iím okay ... Iím okay ..." the woman gasped, "... keep going ... oh yeah ... keep going ..."

I wrapped my arm around Ali and squeezed her tight as we walked toward her room.

"We all choose our own way to go out, Ali." I said softly, guiding her toward her own room.

"Do you get many of those - like brutal kind of deaths?"

"We call them "wet work" and yeah, we get more than youíd think."

We arrived at Aliís room and I led her within.

"Do you mind if people watch through the window?" I asked, "I can frost it if you like."

"No, itís okay. They can watch." she said softly, looking at the chains that were attached to each wall. Ali had instructed that she wanted to be standing for her session, so I chose wrist shackles that would keep her arms out to her sides. In the centre of the room was the e-stim cabinet, a thick electrical cable running to an industrial wall socket.

"Are you really ready for this, Ali?" I asked, studying her face.

Weíre obliged by law to ask one last time before we start. Iíve only had two change their minds and both were back within the week, each asking for more intensity than they planned originally.

Aliís smile returned and she nodded; "Hell yeah, Iím ready."

I had her stand in the centre of the room and brought the chains and shackles to her wrists and bound them both tight, but not too tight - sheíd need some slack to move, and move she would; Iíve done a lot of e-stim sessions and I can really make them squirm.

Aliís smile faltered as I synched her arms out to her sides. Then I gently applied pads to either side of each nipple and hooked them to the cabinet. I did the same with pads that I applied to her lower belly and the inside of her thighs.

I started with low pulsing voltage, just to warm her up, and it wasnít long before she closed her eyes and gave in to the sweet feelings I knew she was experiencing.

"Feel good, Ali?"

"Uh-huh." her voice quavered just a bit - e-stim is like that - it makes you feel all quivery inside.

I increased the voltage and slowed the pulse rate and watched her belly and thighs clench and release in rhythm. A little more voltage got her making little groaning straining sounds with each cycle. Watching her face, I upped the voltage. That got her chest clenching along with her belly, her shoulders curling inward and her thighs quivering.

With each small increase in voltage, Ali was becoming more active. Soon she was grunting softly at the beginning of each pulse, and after a time her eyes opened and found me in the white room.

"Iím close." she whimpered.

I upped the voltage again and her belly clenched tight. Her body started shaking bad then and she curled her hips, thrusting her pelvis forward so I turned the pulse dial to continuous and watched her have her first orgasm. She came hard, the cords on her neck standing out and her toes curling and I kept the voltage flowing to give her an orgasmic workout.

When I figured sheíd had enough I set the pulse back on slow and lowered the voltage to a stim level.

"... oh, jeezuz ..." she gasped and started panting to catch her breath, lowering her head and letting the chains hold her up. I could see her legs were weak and wobbly, so I walked behind her and massaged her upper back and shoulders to calm her.

"Was it good, Ali-Cat?" I purred in her ear.

Ali giggled, "Hells yeah."

"Better than at home?"

"Way better." her voice was getting stronger and she got her legs back under her again.

"It will be ten times as intense as that at the end." I whispered in her ear and was rewarded by feeling a little shudder move through her slim body.

We did that twice more, giving Ali two more sweet, toe-curling, prolonged orgasms, then I let her rest while I peeled off the pads from her inner thighs nipples. I left the pads on her lower belly - they were well attached and weíd still need them.

As she stood recovering from her last orgasm, I retrieved a squeeze bulb from the cabinet and parted the tight round globes of her bum. I slid the nozzle up into her anus.

"This is going to feel squishy." I said as I squeezed and filled her rectum with olive oil.

"Oof." she gasped then giggled, "What was that for?"

"We need to get the voltage deep into your body." I explained as I put the bulb away and pulled out the long probe and held it up in front of her. Her eyes fixed on it and I could see worry lines on her face.

"Thatís going inside me?"

"Deep inside you, Ali-Cat. Itís going to give you more intense orgasms than youíve ever felt. The pulse ripples up and down its length, making you feel like youíre being fucked." I said, "And Ali-Cat? This is the one thatís going to kill you."

"... oh fuck ..." her voice was a breathy whisper, and I have to admit, it is that precise moment that I love the most; When it all becomes real for my clients. Ali stared at the thick cord of the probe knowing that soon it would deliver six hundred volts into her belly.

"Six hundred volts deep inside this sweet belly." I said, kneeling at her feet, "But donít fret, weíll start slow."

I reached up between her thighs and found her oiled anus, pushing the probe into her rectum so deep that only the cord protruded. She made a nice little whimper as it sunk home. We use the rectum because the voltage causes the sphincter to clench, keeping the probe in. Vaginas sometimes push them out, and we can do without the sparks and burns.

While still on my knees I played with her labia - it was glistening and slippery and her vagina welcomed two of my fingers. Three orgasms had loosened our girl up quite a bit and the inside of her vag was slippery soft like living satin.

I looked up at her; "Still feeling okay with this, Ali?"

She hesitated, then; "Yeah. I am. You promised it would be good and I trust you."

I massaged her g-spot for a few minutes until it swelled up nicely, then I stood.

"Take some slow deep breaths, Ali. You need to oxygenate your blood." I instructed as I moved to the cabinet controls.

As promised, I started slow - just a trickle after I set the probe to cycle.

"... oh-h-h-h-h ..." Ali let out a quivery little moan and stared at nothing, her mouth opening and her eyelids drooping. I knew what she was feeling as the electricity slithered up and down the probe deep in her rectum, making it feel like it was moving inside her. I upped the voltage a bit and sped up the pulse cycle.

"... so ... good ..." she gasped, already finding it difficult to speak.


"... more ..." Ali whined, and I wondered if she found the irony in her echoing what we heard the vomiting woman say.

I upped the voltage slowly, watching her belly clenching and releasing in time to the riot of electricity pulsing through her abdomen. Ali began humping the air with her hips, curling her back and thrusting her crotch forward.

"... oh-fuck ... oh-fuck ... oh-fuck ..." she grunted with each pelvic thrust and just like that our little Ali-Cat was cumming again.

She was pulling hard on the chains and gasping for air as her orgasm rolled on and on. I let the system do its thing as I walked over and lifted the cable to the probe in her rectum and tugged it upward between her quivering thighs, teasing her clit with it.

"Is this what you want, Ali-Cat?" I asked her, "Is this how you want to go out? Your body convulsing in intense orgasm, clenching tighter and tighter until it gives out?"

"...y-y-y-yeessssssss ..." Ali cried out, her hips bucking and her inner thighs glistening with the clear mucus leaking from her vagina, "... do it ... do it ... DO IT!"

I reached over and killed the system and Ali collapsed with a grunt, hanging from the chains, her head hanging down, her long hair framing her sweaty face. She started to cry.

"... you ... didnít ... do it ..." Ali sobbed as I got busy preparing for the big show.

"Not yet, honey. Itís coming." I hooked heavy gauged cables to nipple clamps and attached one to her left then her right nipple.

"You want it now, Ali-Cat? You want the big show?" I asked as I disconnected the wires from her tummy pads and hooked up thicker grounding cables to them. I saw that her once flat lower belly was now sagging and loose - her bowels were inflamed and starting to swell, plus her abdominals had been worked so strenuously they were now flaccid. No matter - her belly would tighten up again as soon as we started up again.

"... yes ... give it to me ... please ..." her voice was nothing but a whine. I made sure there was a solid connection to her tummy pads - the idea is to flow the electricity through her bowels and sex organs to the grounding pads. Same with her nipples - we want electricity flowing across her breasts, nipple to nipple. All of this was to prevent her heart from being electrified as we climb the voltage up.

Last, I knelt behind her and spread her cheeks to check the long probe. It had slid out of her anus slightly, so I pushed it all the way back in.

Aliís legs were still wobbly, her knees bent and feet loose as she hung from her wrists in the shackles. I walked behind her and slide my arms around her upper belly and lifted.

"Come on, Ali-Cat. Up. Stand up. Thatís a good girl. Get your feet flat on the floor." and Ali did, still shaking, but managing to stand on her own. She was still sobbing softly - orgasms like those are emotionally draining. I massaged her shoulders and neck and nibbled on her left earlobe.

"Weíre going to do it now, Ali." I whispered in her ear, sliding my fingertips across her ribs and breasts, "Anything you need before it starts?"

"... no ... yes ... I need ... to be loved ..." Ali said in a whimpering sob.

"I love you, Ali." I kissed the nape of her neck, "I really do love you, sweetheart, and Iím going to miss you."

And the odd thing was that in those brief moments I did love her. I love all my girls as I help them die - they are all so vulnerable in those last desperate moments, and innocently place their trust in me and my skills.

I turned her head to face me and kissed her deeply on her open wet mouth. Ali closed her eyes and moaned as my tongue slid across hers, playing with her tongue stud.

"Itís time." I whispered as I broke off our kiss and moved to the cabinet.

"... oh jeezuz ..." Ali whimpered, and I really believe she was scared in those last seconds, but I knew that once we started, her fear would leave her. I keyed in the light pulsing with low voltage in her rectum. The voltage was traveling through her bowels, across her bladder and sex organs and to the grounding tummy pads.

"... oh yeah ..." Ali moaned, her voice stronger now. I upped the voltage and watched her lower back curl and her pelvis thrust forward.

I kicked in the nipple clamps and watched her curl her shoulders forward as shiver-bumps spread across her chest.

"... oh ... fuck ... yeah ..." Ali was starting to strain as her body came alive with electricity.

With my hand on the rotary dial, I cranked the rectal probe up just shy of dangerous levels then back down. Ali grunted and lifted up on her tiptoes, her lower back curling tight and mucus dripping from her crotch.

"Oh yeah!" Ali cried out, so I did it again, watching her body convulse and spastically hump the air, then turned it back to stim level.

"Do-it-again!" Aliís voice was becoming husky and hoarse. I hit her with spikes of voltage over and over, fucking her with it. Her previous exhaustion was gone now, but I knew that she was using up the last of her energy.

Suddenly Ali lifted her face and squeezed her eyes shut.

"... cumming!" she grunted.

This was it. I intended to lift Ali up the scale of orgasm and keep her there, raising the voltage higher and higher, making her ride the rolling edge of orgasm to the very top of six hundred volts.

I turned the dial higher than sheíd ever felt it.

"NNNGGHHHHHHHH!" Ali strained and groaned steadily, her face grimacing. She was pulling tight on the chains and though taut, they rattled as her body shook and shuddered.

I turned it higher, approaching dangerous levels, then into the red zone on the dial. Aliís toes curled so badly that her toes were bent under her feet. Her vag was leaking steadily now, milky girl-cum splattering on the tiles. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her lips were pulled tight over her clenched teeth.

All the while I watched her body for signs that she was still cumming - her belly remained tight and quivering, her lower back curled, pushing her crotch forward, humping erratically. I could see that her clit was a hard red ball pushing out of its fleshy cape, and her inner thighs were slick and shiny with her cum.

Ali made a constant straining groan as she experienced her final, prolonged orgasm and I held her there, upping the voltage by degrees if I detected the slightest lessening in the intensity of her bodyís reaction. I kept her riding the edge of her induced orgasm for a solid two minutes, which must have felt like hours for her.

Glancing down at the dial I saw that Ali was so far into the red zone that even if I turned it off in that instant she wouldnít survive. At those voltages only the electricity was keeping her alive.

I upped it further and Aliís teeth began to chatter and she started making weak choking sounds. Foaming saliva oozed from between her clenched teeth and piss suddenly jetted in a strong stream from her crotch. It was time for me to take her up over the edge.

I cranked the dial and gave her the full six hundred volts.

"NGH!" Ali grunted loudly and suddenly arched her back and threw her head backward, her thighs slapping together violently. She was suspended by her chained wrists and up on her tiptoes - crucified in the most intense electric orgasm or her life.

Ali had wanted more, and I gave her more than she ever imagined. When I cut the power, Ali flopped limp like a puppet hanging from its strings, her body slack and useless, not a twitch of life left in her. Her head slumped forward and her belly sagged once more as all her muscles fell flaccid. Even the probe slipped from her now loose anus to clatter on the tiles.

On my way back down the hallway I stepped into the room where weíd heard the vomiting woman. Richard was standing at his stainless steel table cleaning his knives. The room was a mess; piss, vomit, and puddles of intestines. His client lay slumped in the gynecological chair, one leg still in the thigh cradles and one hanging at an angle that would have been uncomfortable if she were still alive.

"Hello Kimberly." Richard greeted me. He was so formal, our Richard, the only one who used my full name.

"Hey Richard." I said, looking at the dead womanís face, "We heard her on the way up the hall."

"Yes, quite active this one." Richard said, packing his knives away in their case, "She never asked for the out. Took it all the way."

"I see that." I said, glancing down at the ruin that was her long belly, "Do you think itís all pain? Or is there pleasure in it for them?"

"Only the extreme masochists choose evisceration." Richard answered, "For them the pain is the pleasure. A paingasm."

I smiled, having experienced a few of those in my time.

"You should try it." Richard said, then grinned, "On a client, I meant. Not for yourself."

"I donít have the skills."

"Well, next one that comes in while weíre both working, letís get Rachael to book us to double team her."

"Iíd like that, Richard. Thank you."