Sex So Very Sick

by Erotickynk

Sarah suspected that David knew her secret when he invited her over for a private evening and now, laying cradled in his arms with her back to his belly, she was sure of it.

He kept feeding her.

"Come over for a dessert fest." he'd said over the phone that morning, "Skip dinner. We'll just eat desserts all night long - Just the two of us.." And Sarah couldn't deny the sweet little shiver she felt inside at the picture he painted, so she accepted.

David had laid out a wonderful selection of sweets and Sarah couldn't help but notice they were all light or cream filled, with sweet frozen yoghurt, and fruit, and candied fruit, and all of it washed down with chilled lemon Perrier.

And now Sarah had unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped them a bit, pulling her black sweater down to cover up her exposed panties. She was warm in her sweater and feeling comfy and decadent lying against David's strong body on the wide sofa. He was teasing her lips with a slice of candied orange.

"You're going to make me fat." she smiled and kissed his fingers. David stroked the orange across her lips and slid it in past her teeth. Sarah bit into it and chewed then swallowed.

"Now, Sarah. We both know that isn't going to happen." David said sensually, stroking her cheek and nuzzling her neck, kissing her there.

"I'm stuffed." she sighed, not for the first time this night. David slid one hand under her sweater and stroked her tight belly while bringing a mini-crème puff to her lips.

"I can't." she whispered.

"Just one more." David urged, his hand straying to the mounds of her small breasts and stroked one tight nipple - she wasn't wearing a bra, she didn't have to, their development had been stalled because of her secret.

Sarah turned her head so she could look into David's eyes, their lips close, the crème puff in his fingers between them. She studied his eyes, waiting for him to say what she knew he wanted to say - to get this thing started.

"Just one more." he whispered, "Then you can ..." he hesitated, unsure.

"Throw up?" she asked, wanting things to move forward but - she had to admit - still nervous about it happening.

David pressed the crème puff slowly against her lips. Sarah opened her mouth and extended her tongue slowly and - she hoped - sensually. David smiled and laid the delicate pastry onto her tongue and she closed her lips, crushing it against the roof of her mouth and feeling the cold sweet whipped crème flood her mouth. She swallowed, feeling its stickiness clinging to her throat as it slid down.

David raised her glass of Perrier to her lips and she drank until her mouth and gullet was clean. She felt the slow cramp in her over-filled stomach and burped.

"Sorry." she giggled, then; "Oh god, I'm full." and squirmed like a cat on a hot afternoon as David stroked her flanks under her sweater.

Sarah turned once more to look into his eyes.

"You're sure you're up for this?" she asked him, "It gets pretty gross."

"I'm up for it." David said, kissing her lightly on the lips, "And nothing you could do would gross me out."

"I've never done it with anyone before." Sarah said quietly, lowering her gaze, her fear of rejection rising to the surface, but a cramp in her belly urged her to get on with it.

"Shy?" David asked, his hand on the tight skin of her upper belly, he teased her, pressing inward slightly.

"No." she glanced up at him, "David - it's puke and it stinks and sometimes it comes out my nose. And there's usually lots of snot and tears. Like I don't cry, but my eyes water. And my face puffs up from the straining. And I sweat a lot when I do it. And it's not just one go at it, I drink a lot of water and puke over and over until I'm clean inside."

"Sounds sexy." David said and kissed her nose. Sarah laughed and shook her head, then again turned serious, looking away from him.

"It makes me ugly." she said quietly.

"Well." David said gently, "You can continue to keep it a dark little secret that you're ashamed of, or you can take a chance and share it with someone who cares about you and see if he sticks around when he sees you letting yourself go."

David's words hit home. Sarah took a deep breath and let it out, then sat up. She had to move carefully, compensating for her over-filled stomach. She picked up one of the empty Big Gulp cups that had contained a Cherry Slurpee and reached out with her other hand. She looked down into his eyes.

"Let's go then." Sarah said. David took her hand and led her to the bathroom.

Sarah liked David's bathroom the minute she saw it - It was roomy and had large bright white tiles on the floor and smaller ones halfway up the walls. The toilet was modern and elongated. Sarah kicked off her shoes at the doorway and moved to stand in front of the sink.

"So, how do you start it?" David asked, and Sarah smiled as she saw it was his time to be nervous, "Do you use your finger?"

"Sometimes." Sarah said, standing at the sink and filling the Big Gulp cup with warm water, "But most of the time I can start it without gagging myself. I drink lots of warm water and get it flowing. Once it starts, it ... just keeps going."

The cup now full, Sarah gulped as much of the water down as she could. Once she felt unbearable tightness in her belly she set it down and moved in front of the toilet. Pulling a scrunchy from her hip pocket - a girl always had to be ready to keep her hair puke-free - Sarah wrapped her hair in a ponytail.

"Ready?" she asked David who was standing by the sink watching.

"Yeah." David said, and Sarah felt good hearing his voice was a little breathless and seeing his cheeks flush.

Sarah then bent at the waist and held herself upright by gripping her legs just above the knees, her head directly over the toilet. She began her ritual, rubbing the root of her tongue against the back of her throat, rolling the muscles in her belly to excite her stomach, then opening her throat. She swallowed air and burped hard - forcing it out. She repeated these actions over and over until she started to feel her stomach opening inside her and her gorge rising. Her mouth started to water like crazy, the muscles under her jaw began to tingle, her chin was now quivering.

"It's coming." she said wetly, her voice sounding desperate, and then she felt it start. She tightened her belly and was rewarded with a short gush of warm water up her throat and past her lips, the action lifting her torso as her belly curled. Sarah repeated the ritual and another gush splashed from her open mouth. She swallowed air again and burped hard.

Burping always did the trick - she felt her stomach curl tight inside her belly.

The next heave was a real one, her stomach convulsing hard, pushing the food and liquid up her throat to rush through her mouth. Sarah bent her knees and lowered her torso, putting pressure on her belly as she strained. The flow increased in intensity, jetting from her mouth until the liquid vomit grew pulpy and thick. The heave slowed as the thickening vomit oozed from her mouth. Sarah spat, her nose congested already, tears already blurring her vision. She coughed and spat again.

"Oh wow." David said in awe, then recovering; "Is there anything I can do?"

"Yeah." Sarah said spitting out the copious amount of drool in her mouth, "Keep giving me warm water."

David quickly filled her cup then dashed out of the room. Sarah took it and gulped it down and handed it back as David re-entered the room with a large pitcher. David refilled her cup and Sarah drank half of that one then handed it back. Then she bent over the toilet again as David filled the cup and the pitcher with warm water.

This time it happened faster, Sarah only had to cycle through her ritual twice before a tentative convulsion lifted a mouthful of warm water up her throat and past her pursed lips. Sarah liked to purse her lips when she vomited to make the force of the stream stronger when it hit the water in the toilet. The spew was again followed by a burp and right on its heels Sarah felt her stomach convulse hard and she bent her knees and lowered her head again. The rush this time was stronger and longer. The power of it made her feel weak in her core and was approaching the orgasmic state she reached for when she purged.

Sarah was still bent over when she reached out toward David for her cup. He pressed it into her hand and she squatted on the floor, gulping it down then handing it to him for a refill. He refilled it and she took it and gulped down the entire thing. Then she rose and handed him the cup with a trembling hand, bending over once more.

This time she just strained - her stomach was already open and ready. A mouthful rushed up. Then another. Then she felt the pressure in her belly build suddenly and frighteningly strong - her stomach feeling like a hard ball in her belly swelling fast inside her - she knew she was in for a big heave. She pursed her lips and her stomach clenching tight. Sarah bent her knees and leaned forward, straining hard, her face darkening in colour. The long spew roared up her throat and into the toilet and just as she thought it was done, without warning more pressure built and her stomach redoubled its clench inside her. She could feel lumps speeding up her throat, mixed with the liquids, exciting her gag reflex further. The spew increased in force and volume as her belly convulsed and her vomit rushed from her belly, jetting past her open lips into the toilet.

And there it was; The sensation that she craved, the sensation that brought her back to this dark sick ritual time after time after time. It was like a low-grade orgasm, and even though it wasn't as intense as a real orgasm, it spread through her entire body; her entire being.

Sarah felt her thighs shaking then was overcome by a flood of cold weakness in her pelvis and her legs gave out on her. She slipped to her knees, grasping the edge of the toilet with both hands so she didn't fall face first into the vomit filled toilet. And still her stomach clenched, wringing itself, pushing its contents up her throat. At last she ran out of liquids and her vomit slowed as it became pasty and thick once more. It went on and on, making her body tingle as the fear came that it wouldn't stop. And oh my, how she loved that fear.

Sarah stopped the flow with a forced swallow - she had to breathe. She heaved again and more paste oozed up out of her. The heaving would not stop and though Sarah gagged and coughed and slapped the rim of the toilet with the flats of her hands, she loved the intense feeling of losing control of her body.

Slowly her belly settled and as it did she could feel that her crotch was wet. Too wet.


She'd peed herself.

"Um, Sarah?" David started.

"I know." Sarah grunted, not quite able to carry on a conversation yet. She got her shaky legs under her and stood up, still bent over the toilet. She pulled her jeans down over her hips. The crotch of her underpants was dripping.

"It happens sometimes." she said, feeling mortified, " s'why I do it alone."

And then David was there, handing her the cup and kneeling behind her, pulling her jeans down her long slender legs.

"It's alright, Sarah." he said, "I think it's very sexy for you to lose control like that." and to prove it he kissed her wet inner thighs as she lifted first one leg then the other out of her jeans as she drank the cup of water.

David tossed her jeans on top of the hamper and took the empty cup and refilled it. She gulped it down and he filled it again - she got halfway through the third refill before handing it back - her jaw was tingling and quivering again.

As soon as it was out of her hand she had to bend over the toilet as the pressure in her stomach was already building fast, the muscles under her jaw tingling as her tongue pressed forward and her mouth opened on its own. When it did this, Sarah knew she was in the zone, but the feeling of rapidly building pressure was frightening and it felt like her stomach was swelling to dangerous pressures and would rupture inside her. She barely got her lips formed into a tight 'O' when the rush came from deep inside her.

Sarah puked hard and violently, her thighs shaking now, sweat making her hair stick to her face, her face contorted and bright red from straining. It was like a total body ejaculation. She felt the weakness in her crotch and she faltered, her legs failing - it felt as though her hips had come disconnected. She stumbled and regained her stance, still puking hard. She felt her hips come unhinged and her legs gave out on her again, but this time David's hands were there on her waist, easing her down onto her knees as her vomit rushed up out of her. Sarah knew that even her longest spew was no more than ten or twelve seconds, but when her body took over like this and emptied itself in one long hard convulsion, it seemed like an eternity. As she heaved hard, she felt David's hand slipping down her sweaty lower belly under the waistband of her soaked panties, his fingers slid over her vulva and his hand cupped her wet sex. He started to massage her.

Sarah's spasm went on longer than she expected and once she was spent she sat back on her heels and gasped, her body shuddering as David wrapped his other arm around her, hugging her to him as his first hand opened her vulva and labia and stroked her clitoris and the opening of her cunt. Sarah was breathing hard now and saw that David had placed the cup and the pitcher on the floor beside her, both full with steaming warm water.

Sarah grasped and lifted the cup to her lips and drank it down in a series of desperate gulps, her throat working hard and the liquid sound of the water being forced down her gullet loud in the room. Then she picked up the pitcher and drank a third of that. Her belly was now tight once more.

David had started fingering her and she could feel that her cunt was sloppy and slimy with her clear mucus. With his other hand he peeled her underpants down off her bottom and partway down her thighs.

Sarah felt her stomach clench, once more turning into a hard lump in her gut, the pressure building - hurting now. Grasping the rim of the toilet, she lifted herself up onto her knees and got her face over the toilet in time for the first mouthful of water to pulse from her belly. As the second heave shot another mouthful up her throat, Sarah felt David moving behind her. She felt his cock pressing into the sloppy looseness of her cunt - Sarah knew that when she purged, her cunt would open on its own, gaping and becoming loose. What she didn't know was that it tightened during especially heavy heaves.

Sarah felt the next large heave coming and whimpered. Part of the thrill for Sarah was the fear she felt as she lost control of her body - her stomach and belly lurching powerfully. She felt David gripping her hips and pressing his cock as deep into her as he could, then her belly clenched tight and the warm water was rushing up her throat, jetting from her mouth into the toilet. She felt herself clamp down on David's cock and heard him moan. The warm watery puke roared up forcefully from her gut, filling her mouth and rushing from her. Suddenly David's hands were under her sweater, sliding over her sweaty body, pulling her back against him, pulling her away from the toilet bowl. Sarah continued to spew vomit from her mouth and could now hear it splattering onto the floor and the wall beside the toilet. Once more the flow slowed as it became pasty and thick and she could feel it flowing over her chin and down the bib of her sweater.

"Oh god, that's hot, baby." David's voice was breathless in her ear.

Sarah barely had time to cough and gasp in half a breath when she felt David holding the pitcher to her lips. She gulped the water down as quickly as she could while he tipped it. Some of the water overflowing the sides of her mouth to run down her jaw line to soak her ruined sweater. She reached down and grabbed the hem of her sweater and pulled it upward as she finished forcing the warm water into her swollen belly. As soon as the pitcher was empty and David tossed it away, Sarah pulled her sweater over her head and threw it onto the floor - she heard it slap wetly on the tile floor. The acrid smell of the fear sweat from her armpits assailed her and she could feel that her pits were slimy and wet. David's hand now explored her torso, stroking her nipples, her chest, and her tight belly.

" ... mmphll ..." Sarah made a wet sound as her throat worked - her stomach tightening once more as she struggled to come to grips with the rapidly growing sensations inside her. She reached down and grasped both of David's hands and moved them to her sides, pulling his fingertips toward her stomach and pressing them inward against that special spot on either side of her belly just under her ribs where there were permanent bruises. She'd experienced the most intense heaves when she dug her own fingers in there, and was desperate to find out what it would feel like when someone else did it.

David understood what she wanted and as her body started to curl with the next heave, he pressed in hard on either side of the firm ball of her stomach, moving his fingertips in tight circles. The effect was instantaneous.

Sarah couldn't pucker her lips for this one - her vomit roared up her throat and sprayed the toilet and wall as she projectile vomited hard, her tongue protruding from her open lips, pushed out by the force of her vomit. The sensations were overwhelming - her stomach was painfully clenched, her belly tight, her face a deep crimson as she strained tight. She squeezed her thighs together as she puked, her belly seeming to have an endless supply of vomit. And in the midst of it all she felt David's cock as a hard presence inside her body.

Sarah grasped David's wrists in a desperate bid to make him stop - to make this spew stop - it was too much for her. But he continued to press his fingertips deep, grinding there, continuing to excite her stomach and maintain the ongoing heave. Never before had she felt her body lock up like this nor had she continued to vomit for so long. Though her eyes were blurred from her tears and the pressure behind her face, she saw the water turn bright pink and the marker Slurpee rushed up her throat, signaling that her stomach was almost empty now. What had she eaten first? Cakes with the Slurpee - little squares with coconut and creme. But even as the flow tapered off, her gut continued to clench and she dry heaved hard.

Then her orgasm erupted in her lower belly.

Sarah felt as though she were having a seizure, her body shook and jerked as a sweet intense ecstasy tightened her lower belly and flooded outward through her torso. She felt her toes curl and her feet cramp, felt her hands curl against her chest into quivering claws, she felt her cunt gape and her anus open and pucker on it's own. The thought flashed through her mind that one of the advantages of being bulimic was that they rarely soiled themselves when they lost control.

Sarah's body was shaking and spasming hard and it felt like her insides would drop out of her anus and spill onto the bathroom floor. At last her heaving stopped and Sarah rolled to her left, falling onto the floor, David still gripping her, falling with her. She hit hard, her sweat-soaked body slapping wetly onto the tiles.

"...NNNGHHHAA! ..." Sarah grunted loudly as her orgasm peaked and released her body from its grip. As she felt her belly loosening by degrees she could hear David gasping and moving inside her then felt him stiffen and cum hard, slamming his cock into her now flaccid cunt. His fingers dug into her belly once again as he came and she heaved one last time, a slow flow of pink Slurpee mixed with the gritty coconut cake pulp tinged with bile oozing from her mouth to puddle under her cheek on the tile floor as her cunt tightened on his cock. He's using my sickness for his own pleasure, she thought as she felt his cock jetting cum inside her. He held her there as he came, his fingers digging into her secret spot, her thickening vomit oozing from her mouth like toothpaste.

"... nnnngawwwd ..." she moaned wetly as David and the heave loosened their grip on her belly.

Sarah felt David collapse on the floor behind her, his cock slipping from her to leave a trail of slime down her inner thigh.

A wave of hopelessness overcame her in that instant. This is when David would realize what they had done and how sick she really was. To avoid the awkwardness, she would be forced to leave, wearing her pissed in jeans and filthy sweater and make her way home in her shitty little car to her lonely little apartment.

Sarah opened her eyes. The bathroom was a mess, puke on the floor and walls, dripping from the toilet rim. It coated her chin and torso and she could feel it sticky in her hair. She'd never been this messy before, and felt a rush of shame. Her belly shuddered as she tried to summon the strength to move.

"I'm sorry." she gasped, "I'll clean it up before I go."

Trying to rise, Sarah accidentally put her hand down into a warm puddle of vomit and felt like bawling her eyes out. But David was recovering from his orgasm and reached out, wrapping his arms around her slight torso, pulling her back against him, holding her, his hand slipping down her stressed and swollen belly.

"Shhhh. It's okay." David whispered, "Come here."

Sarah hugged her arms against her chest and tucked her chin down as David turned her, rolling her to face him. He pulled her tight to his body, trying to lift her chin. She resisted.

"I'm ugly." Sarah said.

David reached under her chin and forced it up so they were face to face. He kissed her lips - lips still wet and sticky with vomit.

"You're going to stay." David said gently, not as a command but as a prediction, "You're going to stay and we're going to clean it up together. And we're going to talk."

"About what?" Sarah dared look up into his eyes and saw only care and compassion there. Maybe - maybe - this would be alright.

"About this."

"I know I have to stop."

"For your health."

"Yes. For my health." Sarah whispered, nuzzling in against his chest, "But not quite yet."

"No." David smiled and stroked her back, "Not quite yet."