I'm Taking You Tonight

by Erotickynk

"I'm taking you tonight." Jan said.

Jan set her breakfast tray down and slid in across from me at the mess table, her bare arms showing off her tattoos, her muscles rippling under her tanned skin. She said it as simply as she might say she was going to work out in the gym or play cards - no anger, no implied threat, just a simple statement. The other inmates around us smiled and looked sideways at me, wondering what my response would be. I did my best not to show any emotion, but I'd lost my appetite, my stomach doing a slow sick roll inside me. I set my fork down and swallowed past a lump in my throat.

I'd been in the Craigsdale Womens' Correctional Institute for three weeks and Jan had been one of my cell mates from the beginning. The other two were Angela and Marnie. Jan was a tough tattooed biker type who was doing twenty years for murder two. Angela was a slim girl in for prostitution and assaulting a Police Officer and Marnie - like me - was in for possession with the intent to traffic. I was doing seven years, so at the earliest I might get out in three and a half. My real crime was being stupid - I believed Cory when he told me it would be a walk to transport the cocaine across the border into Canada - who'd suspect a nineteen year old skinny chick like me? The narc dog who found the shipment inside the tires of my car, that's who.


After breakfast I went to my addictions group. I wasn't an addict, but anyone who was in for narcotics had to complete it. I didn't mind, it kept me occupied. The worst thing about prison is the boredom.


After group we got two hours in the rec yard before lunch. Even though it was early November, it was still nice outside, so I sat at one of the concrete picnic tables and read my book - a dog-eared copy of 'The Stand'. I'd read the story twice, but it was one of my favourite Stephen King novels. As I was engrossed in the story - trying to keep my mind off Jan's plans for me - a shadow fell across my book. I looked up as Angela and Marnie sat down on either side of me and Jan sat down across from me.

"It's going to happen tonight." Jan said quietly, smiling at me, "How do you feel about that, Kacey?"

"I'd rather not." I said quietly, "No offense."

"None taken." Jan said, reaching across and stroking the back of my hand, "You don't have to shower or anything. I like dirty girls."

Jan reached up and stroked my face. Angela wrapped her arm around me and gave me a side hug.

"It's not so bad, you know." she said, "Don't be scared."

I gave her a brave smile, but I was scared. I honestly didn't know what to expect that night after lights-out or how I would manage.


During lunch Jan left me alone so I forced myself to eat. No matter what was going to happen, I needed my strength.


The afternoon was all life-skills classes - again, nothing I felt I needed, but I scored points with some of the other girls who didn't have my education by helping them on the computers as they worked on their resumes. I was trying to be everyone's friend. I certainly didn't want enemies that I had to live with for at least three years. That's why I wasn't doing anything about Jan. She was going to 'take me' and that was that.


Dinner was greasy pork chops that were a little pink inside so I only ate my mashed potatoes and peas. Jan sat far down the table from me and when I happened to glance in her direction she blew me a kiss and smiled.

As I was clearing my tray a woman I hardly knew touched my shoulder and said; "Good luck tonight."


During the evening pod time I tried calling my Mom but only got her voicemail. I joined the others watching TV, but I really couldn't concentrate. When the girl beside me got up for her turn at the phones, Jan sat down beside me.

"Hi Kacey. Nervous?" she asked, her eyes darting to my crotch then back up to my eyes. I was wearing jeans.

"Yeah, I am." I admitted, "Scared actually."

"Hey, you know the score." Jan said, looking over at a group of bull dykes playing cards, "You could do worse."

"I know." I said quietly, "I never said I didn't like you, Jan. I do. It's just ... " I let it trail off.

"Yeah, well ... after tonight you'll love me or hate me." Jan said, angling up out of her seat and pecking me on the cheek with her moist lips as she rose and walked away. I felt like I was going to throw up.

The 'score' she was talking about was the fact that I happened to be in the bunk that her submissive lover slept in before she was paroled.


I made sure I used the washroom in the pod as we got close to lockdown. I didn't want to pee in the cell before ... well, before. I was standing at the back of the room watching some idiotic reality show when the night buzzer went off. As I walked to the stairs to the second tier I wiped my palms on my jeans - they were sweaty.


We had to wait for the head count before lights-out, and like everyone else in the prison, I sat on the edge of my bunk, Jan's legs dangling from the top bunk beside my face. Angela was across from me studying my face with a smile on her hers.

"You know, it's kind of exciting." she said with a little shiver, "Your first time."

I flashed her what had to be a pretty unconvincing smile - my stomach was in knots. Officer Milner walked past slowly doing her count and a few minutes later came the last buzzer of the day

"Lights out!" came the call over the PA system and the day lights flickered off and the soft blue night lights flickered on. We could hear the footfalls of Officer Milne still on our tier as she made sure nothing was going on.

As the others stripped down and changed, I took off my shoes and slipped my jeans off. I left my socks on because my feet got cold at night and decided to wear my prison issue oversized cotton sweatshirt because it hid my breasts better than the tight t-shirt I usually slept in.

I slipped under the covers and waited. I had butterflies in my stomach and felt myself start to tremble.

Officer Milner walked past slowly, looking into our cell. Not that I considered really doing it, but it flashed through my mind that this might be my last chance to ask for help from one of the staff.

From somewhere down and first tier I heard a woman call out "Oh yeah! Baby-baby!" and there was laughter from a lot of the cells.

When I heard Officer Milner's footfalls receding as she walked down the stairs to the main control room, my heart sunk. Jan silently slipped down out of her upper bunk and crept to the bars at the front of our cell. She pressed her face against them and peered down the tier in both directions. I saw that she was wearing a t-shirt and panties - standard bedtime prison wear.

"Clear." she whispered to Marnie and Angela as she returned to the bunks. Angela and Marnie rolled onto their sides and watched me as Jan came and sat on the edge of my bunk. There was no privacy in prison. I moved my legs under the blanket to make room for Jan, drawing my knees up. Jan wrapped one arm around my knees and squeezed them together.

"It's time, Kacey." she said softly and it felt like someone flooded my bowels with ice water. "Are you going to fight?"

I shrugged - I really didn't know the answer to that.

"Do we need to hold you down?" she asked, "Sometimes it's easier that way."

"I don't know." I said, my voice sounding weak and tremulous in my ears, "Maybe."

Jan looked up at Marnie. Marnie and Angela threw off their covers and slipped down onto the floor. Angela climbed over me and sat cross-legged on my bunk beside my left shoulder. Marnie knelt on the floor to my right. Both laid their hands on my shoulders. My eyes were on Jan.

Jan reached up to her bunk and pulled down a pop bottle with a muddy orange liquid in it. She uncapped it and took a good swallow then leaned forward, moving it to my lips.

"Open." she said. I opened my mouth and she pressed it to my lips and tipped it. I drank. It was 'pruno' - prison made booze. It tasted like apple juice and dirt and had a sharp kick to it. Jan pulled it from my lips and let me swallow.

"More." she said, bringing it back to my lips. I drank more, the warmth spreading across my belly. She smiled. "Good girl." She handed it to Angela who shared the rest with Marnie.

Jan slowly pulled my blanket and sheet down until my legs were bare. Then she reached up and pushed my top up to my chin, baring my chest and stroking my small breasts and playing gently with my nipples until they puckered and tightened. That little electric tingle felt good. With one finger she traced a line down the centre of my chest over my stomach into the dimple of my belly button then down to the top of my plain white panties. Hooking a finger from each hand under the waistband she slid her fingers around to the sides.

"Lift." she said and I lifted my hips, she peeled them off my bottom and I lifted my legs as she pulled them down and off. Jan crumpled them and pressed them to her nose and inhaled deeply, closing her eyes as she did. Smiling, she set them beside me on the bunk and leaned close, our noses almost touching, our eyes meeting.

"We'll save those in case we need a gag." she whispered and moved back. Taking my right calf in her strong hands she lifted it and slid herself into the centre of the bunk, setting my foot down on the other side of her so she was framed between my open thighs.

"Give me your hands." Jan said. I lifted my hands and held them in front of me. They were shaking.

"Do this, like you're about to stroke a big juicy cock." Jan made an "O" out of her hands - thumbs to thumbs, fingers to fingers. I mimicked her and made a tube out of my two hands. Jan took hold of my right wrist in her left hand and pressed her right hand inside the "O" my hands made. I adjusted my fingers to accommodate her large hand - my own were small and frail compared to hers. Her hands were warm and strong and her knuckles were large and round.

"Now hold 'em like that." Jan said as she pulled her right hand out, "I want you to know what you're in for."

I stared at the size of the "O" my hands made and felt sick to my stomach. Angela covered my hands with one of hers and lowered them to my stomach, giving them a little squeeze.

"That is so hot." she whispered to me.

Jan knelt and slid one knee forward until it pressed against my crotch. Reaching up over her head once more she pulled down a tube of ointment that she'd had stashed under her mattress and squeezed out a large dollop onto her right hand. She cupped my crotch, pressing it against my sex, smearing it over and around my vulva and my labia, wiping her hand on me, getting me and her hand lubed up. The ointment made my crotch feel warm and sticky.

Jan watched my face as she pressed the two middle fingers of her right hand into my cunt. I grimaced and felt my belly tighten and because I was so tense it hurt and there was nothing sensual about it at all. She pressed her knee forward against the back of her hand and ground her fingers deep. She eased off and pushed hard again. I felt Marnie and Angela hold my shoulders to keep Jan from moving me up on the bunk. She finger fucked me slowly like that for a few minutes.

"Come on, Jan." Marnie said quietly, "Give her something. She's being good."

Jan smiled and curled her fingers inside me, pulling up against my g-spot, jiggling her hand, working it. It didn't take long before I felt a sweet familiar ache there. I felt like squirming but didn't - I wasn't sure I wanted to encourage her. When I heard the liquid squishing from my cunt as she continued to work my g-spot I let out a quivery little whimper. Jan was getting to me despite my fear.

Jan slid a third finger in, massaging my g-spot now - I suppose her arm was getting tired from jiggling it. I was just getting used to the third finger when she slid in the fourth and pressed it into me with her knee. It was really tight and started hurting again. I grimaced and Jan smiled.

"Feeling it, huh?" she said and twisted her hand inside me. That really hurt and I squirmed hard, twisting my hips and lifting my right bum cheek off the bunk.

"... oh fuck ..." I gasped, making little fists with my hands and pressing them against my lower tummy. Angela reached under me and massaged my neck and shoulders. Jan pressed her left hand down on my lower belly, pushing my hips down flat on the bunk and twisting her fingers in hard, the web of her thumb pressing against my clit. I made a breathy grunting sound that was loud, sort of a "hnnnghhh!"

From one of the other cells I heard someone call out; "Kacey's losing her cherry!" followed by much laughter from the tiers. I looked up at Jan through my pain.

"They know?" I asked, mortified.

"Everybody knows." Jan said smiling down at me, "After tonight, you belong to me, Kacey."

"How does it feel, Kace?" someone yelled.

Jan leaned close, pressing her hand and twisting, "Yeah, Kace - How does it feel?"

"It hurts." I gasped.


"It hurts." I hissed through my clenched teeth.

"Loud enough for them." Jan demanded.

"It hurts!" I yelled.

"Oh yeah, baby!" came an answering call from another cell.

Jan looked at Angela and Marnie ...

"Sit her up."

... and slipped her thumb into the hollow of her palm. Angela and Marnie lifted my shoulders and Angela slipped behind me, still cross-legged, and they laid me back down. Angela cradled my shoulders on her legs and my head rested against her belly. Marnie gripped my shoulders with one arm stretched across my chest. Angela resumed massaging my neck and shoulders.

And Jan really went to work on me.

I wish I could say that she just slid her hand inside me and I went off in orgasmic bliss, but that just doesn't happen when you're as young and tight and tense as I was. At first I did what my urges told me to do, to tighten my belly muscles and clench down, trying to pull my thighs together. The pressure against my cunt was so strong that I was afraid if I relaxed she would tear me. Jan worked at it for a long time, sometimes just pushing hard up into me, her fingers together in a point, her wrist rolling as she tried to open me. Once in awhile she would take a break and slip her thumb out, pressing down toward my anus, massaging me inside, trying to loosen the band of flesh and muscle at the bottom of my cunt. She would always finish this move by curling her fingers inside me so her hard knuckles pressed against me under my clit.

A few times I cried out it hurt so much and each time Jan threatened to gag me with my panties. Other prisoners called out when I did that to make crude comments or jokes. I don't know how much time passed, but soon Jan and I were both drenched in sweat and I was wishing I'd had a lot more 'pruno' to drink.

"You are getting there, Kacey." Jan said, "I can feel you opening."

I just moaned in response. Then I heard Jan 'shush' me. I looked up and watched her cock her head as she listened for something. I tried to still my quivering breathing to listen, too, but I was in too much pain to relax. I felt Angela and Marnie's grips tighten on me, Jan's fingers not moving inside me. Then I heard it, Officer Milner's footsteps coming down the tier toward our cell. They stopped outside the bars. Everyone froze. Jan stared into my eyes.

"Okay, knock it off, Stevens." Officer Milner said - Stevens was Jan's last name.

"Not hurting anyone, ma'am." Jan said, not moving, her body blocking Officer Milner's view of what they were doing to me.

"Look, I know what's going on in there." Officer Milner said, "I can get you into segregation, Curtis." calling me by my surname. I didn't answer.

"Just say the word and I can get you out of there." she tried again. "We don't want you hurt." I stared up into Jan's eyes, my mouth dry as I tried to breathe slowly and evenly, my belly twitching. My sweat was cooling on my skin, making me feel clammy.

"Curtis ..." Officer Milner sounded like she was struggling with a dilemma - it was nice to know that she actually cared enough to come and see if she could help me. Her voice softened, "Kacey, do you want it to stop?"

I swallowed past a lump in my throat.

"No." I answered and shuddered, feeling a sexual tug deep in my sex. We all froze there in silence, the tension thick.

"Alright, your call." Officer Milner said at last and walked away. A scattering of cat-calls and cheers went up from the tiers until Officer Milner yelled for them to knock it off.

I felt all three of them relax as Officer Milner's footsteps receded. Once we knew she was down on first tier, Jan worked her wrist a little. I could tell she was anxious to get it done - to 'take my cherry'.

"Okay," she said, "Let's do this."

"Gag me." I whispered, surprising them all. After the momentary shock wore off, Angela picked up my panties and wadded them, but before she pushed them into my mouth I said; "And hold me really tight."

I was watching Jan's face and I saw it soften. I knew this was going to hurt like hell, but the experience would bond us. I'd meant it when I had told her that I liked her, I really did - she made me laugh and was very welcoming and protective of me during my first three weeks at Craigsdale. I liked all three of the girls in my cell, and being that I was going to be living with them for the next few years, I might as well be part of them.

I lifted my chin and opened my mouth to let Angela push my panties past my lips onto my tongue, stuffing my mouth with them. Then she cupped her hands under my chin and pulled my mouth shut, hugging my head to her belly. I felt Marnie's grip on my shoulders tighten. Jan looked into my eyes.

"Ready, baby-girl?" she asked. I nodded and took a deep breath.

And she pushed.

Oh god, how she pushed.

But this time I pushed back, I bore down like I was giving birth. My belly pushed out and my thighs shook as I lifted my bottom off the bunk working against Jan's hand. I could feel every knuckle on her hand grinding against my opening, pinching the tender flesh there against my pelvic bone. Gagged tight, my scream was muffled as I let out my pain, feeling Jan's hand move inside me by degrees. But after a few sweaty minutes I found it was too much, I couldn't do it. My thighs quit on me and my bottom flopped down onto the bunk as I panted. Jan kept up the pressure.

"Don't give up, baby." Jan hissed, herself breathless from her exertions. I gathered myself and pressed up with my legs again and lifted my bottom up once more and strained hard, my pelvis making small jerky orbits around Jan's hand imbedded in my opening. At one point I farted and felt mortified, but Angela and Marnie giggled and Jan reassured me and said it was normal. I grunted and bore down hard, feeling a raw animal sexuality. Sweat stung my eyes and I struggled against Angela and Marnie, their hands tight on me now. Jan grabbed her right forearm with her left hand and redoubled her effort, straightening her right arm and using her weight to push into me.

And it happened.

With the most intense pain so far, I felt Jan's hard knuckles sliding through the tight band of flesh and muscle, grinding against my pelvic bone, and as her hand entered me I felt her curl her fingers inside. Then her knuckles were inside ... her whole hand was inside ... and I felt my cunt swallow it in one smooth motion, Jan making a fist inside me.

The pain vanished almost instantly and in its place was the most overwhelming sensation I'd ever experienced; I was filled like I'd never been filled before. The largest cock I'd ever taken was nothing like this. Every inch of my cunt was filled and stretched with Jan's hand and wrist. My belly was tight with it - her fist a hard intense presence inside me - it felt so invasive, so foreign. My bottom flopped back onto the bunk and my body curled forward, my hands tightened into fists that I clutched to my belly as my shoulders hunched forward. My thighs lifted as I drew my knees up to complete my body curl. It was as though I needed to curl myself around my overstuffed cunt, to hold her fist inside me, to cradle it there.

I was gagging on my panties, my mouth open, trying to push them out with my tongue but they had ended up partway down my throat. I felt the fingers of Jan's left hand fumbling at my lips. I suddenly felt a warm rush of trust and surrender so I opened my mouth and she tugged my panties out of my throat ... they slid wetly over my lower lip and were gone. I gasped as Jan wrapped her left hand around the back of my neck and held me there, her forehead against mine.

"... oh sweet jesus ..." I gasped out loud, and when Jan rolled her fist inside me I growled; "... oh fuck! ..."

"Does it feel good, baby girl?" she asked me breathlessly.

"... oh god yes ... so good ..." I groaned through gritted teeth. Ever since Jan imbedded her fist inside me I felt like I was on the edge of orgasm. Not your garden variety 'oh-that-was-sweet" climax, but a full body explosion of muscle-clenching, teeth-grinding, sweaty, seizure level orgasm.

Calls came out of the darkness of other cells; "She's there, baby!" Virgin no more!" "Kacey got her cherry popped!" I no longer cared about them. I didn't care if the entire prison was lined up outside the cell door to watch. I reached up and wrapped my hands around the back of Jan's neck, my mouth hanging open, surprised to find that I was drooling. My next outburst silenced the voices coming out of the darkness;

"Fuck ... Me." I groaned wetly, "Fuck ... ME."

And Jan - my sweet strong Jan - fucked me. FIST-fucked me.

As tight as Jan's fist was inside my cunt she had the strength to move in there. She started pumping her fist in and out, pulling back against the tight ring of my opening then pressing deep against my cervix. I felt Angela's knees against my upper back, supporting me - she told me later that she knew what was coming and was getting ready.

Jan pumped her fist inside my cunt, those large round knuckles of hers that once caused so much pain, felt amazing as they ground up and down the length of my cunt. I could feel the pressure everywhere, my bladder, my uterus, my bowels, and of course my cunt. My lower belly was tight around the hardness of her fist and as she fucked me I felt it get tighter and tighter. I lifted my legs and brought my feet together, grasping them with both hands. I was now straining again as she worked me, gasping wetly for breath through clenched teeth, my thighs quivering, my arms shaking as I clung to my ankles. I wasn't consciously aware that I was nearing my first orgasm - even though Angela and Jan were - and Jan timed it right.

Jan was a master at this. At just the most perfect moment, I felt her raise the knuckle of her middle finger inside me and press it against my cervix, twisting her fist inside me.

I cried out and my orgasm exploded in my belly, my hands slipping off my ankles. I came hard, my belly clenched like a charlie-horse and a tight wave of bliss rushed through my loins. I felt myself falling backward, but Angela's hands were there to ease me back. I arched my back and twisted on the bunk, thrashing and jerking and pounding my hands against the mattress. I could hear my own voice crying out wordlessly as I came and came and came.

Jan stayed with me, moving her hand deliciously inside my cunt, but easing off after my orgasm peaked then receded. And when I finally flopped flat on my sweat soaked bunk, my ass splatting in a mysterious puddle, my thighs fell open, my arms grew too heavy to lift, and her right hand was unmoving inside me and her left was stroking my belly just under my belly button.

"Shhhhh" I heard her coo as I came down from the best orgasm I'd ever had.

When I could, I slid my right hand under me and found a warm puddle.

"I peed." I whispered, feeling my cheeks flush.

"You squirted." Jan said as she started working her hand outward, keeping it limp as she did. I felt the pressure begin again at my opening and as Angela climbed over me and her and Marnie slipped into Angela's bunk together, I started to pant, anticipating more pain. But Jan was still with me and still working my body. She massaged my loins and lower belly as she pulled gently on her hand.

"It's okay, baby-girl, just relax. It won't hurt." she assured me and it didn't. The pressure was there, but no pain. I felt Jan's hand tight in me and then felt her fingers slithering out of me, the sweet pressure gone. But my loins felt good - swollen and liquid, like jelly.

Then Jan was beside me, pulling me to her body, both of our hips in my puddle, our legs entwining, our lips pressing tight as we kissed. One of Jan's arms was around me and the other was between us. I could feel her hand working herself as she lowered her head and pressed her forehead against my shoulder, panting. She was masturbating.

"Jan?" I called her name softly, "Do you want me to ... help?"

Jan shook her head, her hand now jerking frantically at her crotch, "Just hold me." and I detected a slight whimper in her voice.

So I held her and within seconds her body tightened and jerked against me. She lifted her head and in the dim blue light I saw her face, soft and blissful, and I was overcome with strong tender feelings for her. I kissed her nose, her closed eyes, her cheeks, and her lips as she had her orgasm. And as soon as she had cum, she wrapped both her arms around me and buried her face in the nape of my neck, pressing her mouth and nose against my sweatshirt. Her shoulders jerked and I could feel her belly hitching as I held her. I felt a rush as I realized she was crying silently, afraid to let the others hear her. My tough, tattooed, muscular Jan was sobbing as though her heart was breaking.

I didn't know then where her tears came from, nor did I care. I hugged her tight and moved my lips close to her ear;

"It's okay, sweetheart." I whispered so no one would hear, "Shhhhhh, let it all out."

"I c-can't." she gasped, trying her best to be quiet.

"Let it out, honey. If anyone hears, I'll tell them it was me." and I felt the tension leave her body and her arms tightened around me. I held her as she wept, her face pressed against me, her tears and snot wetting my sweatshirt. And when her tears were done I held her as she fell asleep.

My girl.

My lover.

My Jan.

She had taken me.