A Different Kind of Normal

by Erotickynk

It’s amusing to me how many shades the word normal has.

I was sitting on our front steps Saturday morning with my friend Suri. We planned to hang out that afternoon, maybe have dinner at the food court and catch a movie at the mall - just a “normal” afternoon for two college students.

“We should go out for breakfast too then check out who’s at the BMX track.” Suri said.

“You just want to flirt with Curtis.” I laughed.

“Fuck yeah, I do.” Suri laughed.

“I’d like to, but I can’t this morning.” I told her, “I’ve got a family thing.”

“You see your family every day." Suri said, putting on a pretty good pretend pout, “How often do you see your BFF?”

“Every day at college.” and we both laughed.

“Okay.” Suri said, standing up, “Meet you at Cinnibon after lunch?”

“Sure.” I answered, “At one?”

“Sounds good, Rhea.” and we hooked pinky fingers as we always do and she bounced down the street, her tight little butt swinging side to side like a church bell. I often fanatized about her butt and toyed with the idea of asking her to experiment, but my family has kept things under wraps and I know it's better that way.

I sat with my chin up and my eyes closed, enjoying the early morning spring sunshine on my face after such a long shitty winter. The air was still crisp, but the sun was warm and the air was sweet.

I heard a car pull up in front of the house and doors opening and closing. Opening my eyes, I saw that it was Auntie Kate, Uncle Brian, and my cousin Amy.

“Hey guys.” I smiled, “It's so good to see you all.”

I stood and we all hugged. Amy seemed a bit withdrawn and Auntie Kate appeared nervous. I kept my arm around Amy and asked Auntie Kate;

“What’s wrong?”

“Just nervous.” Auntie Kate blushed, “I promised myself I’d go for it today.”

“That’s great, Auntie Kate.” I said, reaching out to touch her hand, “It’s going to be fine, you'll see.”

As Auntie Kate and Uncle Brian climbed the stairs to go into the house, I wrapped my arms around Amy and hugged her tight.

“And what’s up with you, snuggle-bunny?” I bent and looked at her face. Amy wouldn’t lift her face to look at me.

“I’m the fattest and ugliest in the family.” she murmured.

“Oh honey.” I hugged her again, “It’s not about pretty. We all love you just the way you are and that’s all that matters.”

She lifted her chin and looked at me, her eyes shiny with tears.

“You and Sammy are so beautiful.” she whispered, “And I’m a frump.”

“If you’re a frump, then I’m glad you’re our frump.” I said as I kissed her on the cheek, “I love you, Amy.”

I kept my arm around her as we walked up the stairs.

“Are you going for it today too?”

Amy shrugged, “Depends who I get.”

“Who do you want?” I asked playfully.

Amy smiled and blushed, “Peter.”

“Of course.” and we laughed.

“About going for it, there’s no pressure. Just stick to what you like.” I said as we walked through the front door, “And promise me something?”


“Ask for what you want.” I said, “If you want something, ask for it.”

Amy nodded.

“For reals?”

“I will.”

The rest of the family was already downstairs in the rec room, so Amy and I hung up our coats and kicked off our boots before going to the laundry room. We both stripped down and rolled our clothes up and put them in a cubby. Then we each grabbed a beach towel, wrapped up and headed downstairs. It was 9:00 am.

My brother Peter, sister Sammy, Uncle Brian, Mom’s bi lover Brenda, and Dad were already naked. Mom was in her white corset, and Auntie Kate was wearing a dog collar, a mesh top, and a short black skirt. They were passing around the Astroglide as they sat on various sofas and daybeds.

“Everyone paired up?” I asked, taking the Astroglide from Mom.

“I’m doing Kate and Mom.” Dad said, “Brian is with Sammy. Otherwise ...”

Being manipulative, I looked at Brenda; “Would you double me?”

“I’d love to double you.” Auntie Brenda said, “Can you handle it?”

“I think so.” I nodded. I figured Brenda doubling me wasn’t much more than Dad or Uncle Brian doing a single.

I turned to Amy and Peter; “You two okay together?”

Amy nodded shyly and Peter smiled; “For sure. Come here, Amy.” and patted the spot beside him on the daybed by the window.

I applied my Astroglide to make sure I got all my creases. The men in our family treat us girls really well, but they don’t always use enough lube.

Brenda stood in the corner and patted the high platform there and smiled at me. I walked over and she helped me hop up and I lay down on my back and raised my knees, opening my thighs wide. Mom and Auntie Kate sat side-by-side on the love seat as Dad knelt in front of them. Uncle Brian shifted over so Sammy could stretch out, and Peter knelt between Amy's thighs as she lay back on yhe daybed.

Everyone started with light foreplay, nipples, clits, light g-spot work. I lay back, holding my legs up and open and enjoyed Brenda getting me going as I listened to the kids playing in the yard next door. The thought occurred to me that if we could hear them, maybe they could hear us. The thought made me smile.

Brenda is a wonderful lover who is in tune with your body, but at the same time will push you past your limits and maybe just a little further. Today would be my first double. Brenda was watching my face to gauge my expression as she slowly loosened me up. I nodded to her and smiled, feeling my cunt getting looser.

“Give me one?” I whispered, “Straight in?”

“Brave girl today, Rhea.” Brenda gave me wicked little smile, and pushed one hand forcefully into me forming a fist as her knuckles nestled again my cervix. It had the effect I was looking for; I strained, my belly clenched and my toes curled from the sudden throbbing tightness inside me.

“Need time?” Brenda asked.

“No.” I strained my words, “Just start.”

Brenda began pumping her fist deep into me with steady, firm strokes.

“Oh god.” I shuddered and started breathing faster.

“You like this, baby?” Brenda whispered.

“I fucking love it.”

As Brenda fist fucked me, I let my gaze wander the room. Sammy was right into it, like me, she had taken Uncle Brian’s right fist deep into her. Amy was already squirming on the day bed with three of Peter’s fingers pumping into her. Mom had one of Dad’s fists inside her, which wasn’t a big deal - I’ve fisted her myself and both my hands slide in easy - Mom’s a pro. I was happy to see Auntie Kate had taken Dad’s other hand right to the knuckles - this time she might take it.

My sister and I started having fist parties with Mom, Dad, and Peter way before Auntie Kate and Amy. Uncle Brian had been coming over to play three years before he brought Amy. By then, Sammy and I had taken Mom and Dad’s hands, Peter's, and Uncle Brian’s, plus we’d been fucked by them all - even Mom who used a strap-on on us girls.

Auntie Kate had been a bit freaked out at first, but after her first family fist party she started coming around. Amy loved it from the start - she didn’t get much attention from boys being overweight and not having much in the breast department. But Amy had so much pent up sexuality that coming to play with us helped her blossom, plus it was so fun to play with someone that orgasmic.

“... more ...” I heard Amy moan. Peter added a finger and Amy started cumming right away as he pumped all four fingers into her, letting the web of his thumb press against her clit with each stroke.

I loved how her soft body moved; the way she thrust her chubby belly upward; the way she arched her back and lifted her chin.

My own arousal was growing as Brenda pumped her fist into my body and I was fighting the pull it was having on me. I heard Auntie Kate grunt like an animal as her cunt opened enough to allow Dad’s fist to slide inside her, her lower belly swallowing it whole. She started making those crazy sounds that women make the first time they feel an entire fist inside them. It is an overwhelming feeling, to feel something that large moving inside you, plus there’s the perversity of it that is a huge turn-on.

Sammy was cumming, humping Uncle Brian’s fist as he worked her hard, making her belly bulge with each thrust. As I watched her, I heard Amy shriek as Peter tucked his thumb into his palm and pressed it hard into her, his fist invading her belly and allowing her to join the fisting club today just like her Mom.

But Sammy was cumming and would keep cumming so long as Uncle Brian fist fucked her deep. Her cries got louder and softer depending on how strong her orgasms were.

I remember that the first time I heard Sammy cumming scared me. I’d come in from playing and heard Sammy grunting and crying out. I thought someone was hurting her, so I went to her bedroom and opened the door. What I saw confused me; Dad was fucking her and it looked painful. Sammy’s face was red and she was straining, her body slick with sweat, her knees drawn up and her thighs splayed open, cradling Dad while her hands clutched his shoulders.

In the midst of her orgasm, she saw me in the doorway and screamed; “GET OUT!” I quickly backed out of the doorway and slammed it. I listened to Dad’s moaning and Sammy’s strained grunts for a few moments before running to my room. I could still hear them from my bedroom even with my door shut.

When they finished, Sammy came to my room and sat on my bed, gathering me in her arms and holding me.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you.” she whispered.

“I forgive you.” was all I could think to say even though I had a million questions.

“What we do ... people would judge if they found out.” Sammy spoke softly in my ear, “There’s no one I can talk to about it. When my friends talk about having sex with their boyfriends, I feel ashamed.”

Her voice cracked and I saw tears flowing down her cheeks.

“I don’t want you to be ashamed of me.” she whimpered.

I stirred in her arms, lifting my face close to hers, brushing the tears from her cheeks.

“I’d never be ashamed of you, Sammy.” I whispered, “You’re my big sister.”

I sometimes feel like a shepherdess, compelled to ensure all my little lambs got what they needed, and as the moans and grunts rose in volume and intensity around me, I felt my own will break under the sexual pressure Brenda was providing. I didn’t want to be the watchful shepherdess any more, I wanted to be a little lamb too.

“... do it ...” I gasped at Brenda, suddenly feeling desperate, opening my thighs wider, “... give it to me ... please, give it to me ...”

I felt Brenda press her fist deep then slide her other hand flat along side her wrist, stretching me painfully. I cried out, but Brenda was relentless, ignoring my torment and soon had buried both hands in my cunt. She made two fists inside me and began to plunge them both deep, fucking me hard and fast that felt just like my first fisting felt like.

"... oh sweet jeezus ... oh fuck ..." I was screaming, feeling the immense pressure in my cunt, feeling like she was pulling my guts out of my belly, "... fuck me ... fuck me ... fuck me ..."

Yeah, I get a potty mouth when I'm being ravaged.

Brenda is an amazing sex partner, pushing me way past my limits, pulling every ounce of raging ecstasy out of me. I was sweating, grunting, pissing in little spurts. All the way through, since she first made a fist inside me, it had been feeling like a continuous low energy orgasm, but when she started doubling me I felt the crazy fast build to one of those insane whole body orgasms that only a hard fisting can give you. I wailed like a slut as I started to cum. I felt myself lose control of my body; I felt my abdominals tighten to a clench as they tried to push her fists out of me and I strained and grunted and sweated until I stunk. It's like you always see in birth scenes, the nurses telling the woman not to push yet, but the woman pushes anyway - it's irresistable, it's a need - a wild uncontrolable animal need. I came so hard that the violence in my belly made me feel sick to my stomach, but I didn't want to stop.

I became lost in time and space in those moments, rolling from one orgasm to the next, fueled by the animal sounds and smells of sweat and oily cunt ... fueled by my own undeniable lust for this intense invasion into my body.

Brenda worked me for a long time, my belly starting each orgasmic cycle loose and open, then gradually tightening as my arousal grew to a crescendo. Then as I came I would grunt and strain and wail.

For those who haven’t tried it, fisting is an amazing experience. To let someone fist fuck you makes you totally surrender; you’re no longer in control of yourself. Your fister owns you and that is so freeing - you’re free from the worry of looking bad, of being awkward or embarrassed. I’ve pissed myself while being fisted, farted,I even threw up once it got so intense I lost all control in the middle of one of the most powerful orgasms I ever had. When I came out of it Mom was cradling me in her arms, brushing the hair off my sweaty forehead and soothing me, telling me everything was alright, even though my chest and belly were slick with my puked up lunch.

I never feel as much love and gratitude as when someone is fist fucking me.

In the middle of my own orgasmic delirium, I watched Brenda have her first full overwhelming orgasm with a fist inside her.

I could see it building in her as Dad hammered her deep and firm. She looked frightened by the intensity, her eyes gazing down at my Dad's arm working his fist inside her, her right hand shaking in front of her like a claw, my Mom holding her other hand. Then I saw the change in her expression - she was cumming ... hard.

Auntie Kate screamed gutturally as her thighs and bum quivered, her belly tightened, and she started leaking piss. Dad pulled his still clenched fist out of her hard, giving her that feeling like her belly is falling out of her body through her cunt, and she bucked and gushed, emptying her bladder in one long blast as she came. She came a long time, screaming her way through it, never experiencing anything as intense as the orgasm that raged through her body.

As soon as she started to come down, my Mom started stroking Auntie Kate’s breasts and making little soothing sounds.

It was beautiful; Auntie Kate curled up against my Mom and cried, being comforted by her and Dad. I remember that feeling - after such an intense invasion of my body and an orgasm so powerful I thought I was dying and didn't care if I did. Then after, feeling such love and tenderness, just laying against my Mom and sobbing like a little girl while my parents held me. I felt so loved and cared for in those moments - it was like I laid my soul bare for my family, lost control of my body and pissed and screamed and even farted - and they still loved me and cared for me.

I get tears in my eyes when I think about it even now.

We’ve always been a close, loving family. We were taught as children to not be ashamed of our bodies and to cherish our sensuality. I know you’re probably thinking that this was child sexual abuse, but it wasn’t like that.

I remember as a little girl sitting on my Dad’s lap in my onesie as he read me a bed time story. After the story, I would turn and straddle his thighs on my knees, pressing my chest and belly against his, and lay my head on his shoulder. He would talk to me in soft tones while stroking my back and I would fall asleep, feeling safe and warm. We all knew we were loved and cherished.

My mom taught me how to masturbate and orgasm early. We learned about sex early. We were allowed to walk around the house naked and without shame. When us kids would play with each other sexually, our parents didn’t make a big deal out of it, and when they taught us how to get more and more pleasure from our bodies, it felt natural and loving. The progress from falling asleep on Dad’s lap having my back stroked to holding family fisting parties was slow and gradual and never forced.

After I couldn’t take anymore - (one more orgasm would have made me puke from over stimuation) - and Brenda gave me the aftercare I needed to come back to the room, I saw that Peter was getting his turn.

Peter, like all of us, is what you would call bisexual. We’re not though, we’re all just sexual people and gender doesn’t matter.

Peter was on the day bed on his back with Amy sucking his nipples, while Uncle Brian knelt between his open thighs. Sammy was sitting under Uncle Brian and throating his cock the way we were taught. Peter was clutching the sheets as Uncle Brian fist fucked him anally. Peter loves the feeling of surrender as much as any of us, and was moaning and grunting.

Being a boy and not having the extra meat of vagina and uterus in the way, Peter can take a fist deeper than any of us. I’ve envied that every time I see him take it elbow deep. He loses himself in his bliss so completely that his cock grows soft and leaks cum all the way through.

I was cuddling with Brenda as we both watched Peter enjoying himself as he clutched the bed sheets.

“I want that so bad.” Brenda said softly.

“Me too.” I answered, then joked; “It’s almost worth the hysterectomy.”

As Brenda laughed quietly, I stroked her inner thigh and our eyes met.

“Want me to make you feel good?” I asked.

“Thanks, but no.” Brenda said, “Your Mom and I have a date with Karen. No offence.”

“None taken. Go have fun.” I said and leaned forward to give one nipple a short hard suck, "Thank you, Brenda. And hey, if I come home later and find you asleep in my bed I'll return the loving.

Brenda smiled and left me and went to join Mom and Auntie Brenda.

I saw that Dad was on his own, laying on the floor, watching Peter taking Uncle Brian's fist to the elbow, so I got up and knelt beside him.

“You’re all alone, Daddy.” I smiled as I picked up his legs one at a time and opened them. I knelt between his knees and lowered myself, taking his soft cock in my mouth.

“Awww, Rhea.” Auntie Kate said, “You’re such a Daddy’s Girl.”

I throated him, his cock swelling in my mouth as I did. I took him deep, pressing my nose against his pubic bone and making myself gag the way he likes. He was soon moaning.

That was a rule a family fist parties; they don’t end until everyone is satisfied. Daddy was the last and soon he was moaning and rolling his hips.

I like sucking cock - throating it - and I especially love being forced. As I was working daddy, I felt my Mom slide up beside me and start stoking my back and encouraging me. It excited me so much because I knew what was coming next.

As Dad's cock got harder and harder, Mom slid her hand up my neck and gripped the hair on the back of my head, pushing my face down hard, mashing my nose against Daddy's crotch, his cock throbbing in my throat. I love feeling like such a whore, gagging and heaving with a cock in my throat.

I could hear my sister and Amy being fisted again, and Aunt Kate begging someone to stop - sometimes too many orgasms feel too much to take - but whoever was doing it didn't stop.

“Swallow it.” Daddy growled, "Swallow it deep!" I was ready. I'm always ready for my Dad to cum in my throat - I love the feeling of being choked by it and I love when panic sets in but my Mom and Dad force me to stay with it until it's done.

Within seconds Dad arched hard on the floor and started to quiver and I could feel the head of his cock swelling in my throat. He groaned long and loud and I swallowed and swallowed as ropes of his thick cum spurted down my gullet.

He moaned as I gagged and heaved, his cock throbbing hot in my gullet. I stayed with him until his body slumped and he stroked my hair lovingly. Mom let me up and I gasped for air. I was so happy that they were proud of me.

It was 12:00 noon and I was first out of the shower on account of me wanting to meet Suri at the mall. As I got dressed, I could hear Amy grunting from downstairs - I guess she wasn’t completely satisfied, so someone was fisting her. Or maybe because she took her first entire fist, she wanted more. Either way, that's what we did in my family - we took care of each other.

When I was ready to go out, I yelled; “Bye Guys!” down to the basement and left the house, dancing down the front stairs. The mall is about a 30 minute walk and I didn’t want to be late so I jogged a bit. I could feel the comforting thickness of the maxipad in my underpants - my cunt was still feeling a bit loose and oozy even after my shower, so I wasn’t taking any chances.

Suri had just sat down with two coffees and two cinnamon buns when I walked in on rubbery legs - my crotch still throbbed, plus my fist party workout and jogging to the mall left me feeling too relaxed and sweetly weak in the knees.

My coffee was exactly the way I like it - “blonde and sweet”, like me.

“Thank you so much, Suri.” I said as I settled in, wiggling in my seat a bit, a little itchy from the stretching of Brenda doubling me. I took a sip of coffee and imagined it flowing into my stomach to mix with Daddy's cum.

“So, what did you guys get up to for family time?” Suri asked with her usual playful sarcastic tone.

“Played some games, had some fun. Just normal family stuff.” I answered.

Normal - such a multi-shaded word.