by Erotickynk

I loved watching Jess deep throat guys. It seemed to me that while she was doing it, that was the ONLY thing she was doing, the ONLY thing she was thinking about, and the ONLY thing she was feeling. I'd seen her let guys fuck her throat probably ten times since I found the dirty little hangout below the bandstand in Memorial Park. And I really loved to watch Jess deep throat while I was being fucked from behind.

Mitch was fucking me slow and deep as I watched Jess kneel down in front of some guy whose name I forget, but he was her third of the night. She unbuttoned this guy's jeans and took him out and worked him with her tongue and lips until he was throbbing hard, then took him into her throat. Me, I was on my knees and elbows, my jeans and panties down at my ankles, Mitch's strong quarterback hands gripping my hips as he pressed his sweet fat cock into me. I love doggy style, especially if my bottom is higher than my shoulders - It put more pressure on my g-spot and gave me those deep lower belly orgasms that feel so much more intense and lasted longer than clit orgasms. I love that position and I like to prop myself up on my elbows with my hands clenched together and let my head hang down. My friend Samantha told me once that it looked like I was praying when I held my hands like that. I don't know why, but it just feels right to me.

There were a few of us scattered on the grass under the back of the bandstand. It was dark back there, with threads of light from the big park lights creeping through the trees and the structure of the bandstand itself. But it was sort of private back there, and I mean sort of because we could see each other - and that turned me on a lot - but we couldn't be seen by the adults in town and that would be a total buzz kill. It was a place that we could get away from the prying eyes of our parents and do what teens loved to do best - have sex with each other. Any parent who doesn't think their teens are having sex is stupid.

Melissa was on her back in the shadows by the base of the bandstand underneath Kyle and all I could see was her legs drawn up high, bent at the knees, her pale thighs being shocked open with each of Kyle's hard thrusts into her. I could see the plump of her thighs rippling as he pounded her. Over under the willow tree was Samantha and Dale with their hands inside each other's jeans, necking and masturbating each other. I'd heard Samantha's straining grunt three times so far telling me she was having a night full of orgasms. And not ten feet away, Jess was about to swallow her third load of cum.

Jess was a funny girl - funny in an odd, tragic sort of way. She never got naked for the guys and never let anyone see her being fucked. I'd heard rumours that she did fuck guys in private and other rumours that she dug chicks sometimes, but on nights below the bandstand, she never got into anything other than throating guys. She never even let them take off any of her clothes, and I guessed that part of it was because of her small boobs and slim hips, but I think a lot of it was about her not being the most hygienic girl around. Jess came from a poor family and was quiet and shy in school - a lot of mean people in school referred to her as trailer trash. Her hair was always kind of greasy and her clothes were grubby, and she always smelled of stale sweat and sometimes worse things, like urine or a faint hint of vomit. She had a grunge look about her that was kind of accidentally chique and she was slender and kind of pretty in an angular sort of way - this night she wore tight frayed jeans, a faded t-shirt, an old jean jacket, and ratty old skater shoes on her feet. Not the kind of girl you'd want to be seen on a date with.

But Jess could suck cock like no one else.

As Mitch started moving a little faster and I felt the sweet tension start to build in the deep meat below my belly button, I watched Jess close her eyes and open her mouth wide, sliding her tongue out over her lower lip and pressing her face forward, taking the guy's cock into her throat. She pressed forward, rolling her head slowly side to side as she worked him into her gullet until her nose was mashed tight against his belly and her chin pressed firm against his balls. I could see her throat working as she moved, his cock triggering her gag reflex, drool slipping past her lips to run down her chin. Then she pulled back and gagged a little more before sliding back down again and swallowing him whole again. I watched in rapt attention as Jess worked his cock, seeing her tummy press out then tighten as she gagged and heaved, struggling to not puke with his cock in her throat. I'd watched before and knew that she usually took three guys before she'd had enough of throating them and swallowing their cum. That she could go that long without throwing up amazed me. I can't deep throat at all without leaving my dinner on the guy's lap.

Mitch's cock was hard as steel by now and he was thrusting hard. I loved Mitch fucking me because as his cock got harder, it curved like a banana, and that put even more pressure on my g-spot. I could never fuck Mitch in any position other than doggy because the curve and the angles would be all wrong. But I was feeling it - the underside of his cock rubbing hard on my g-spot, making it swell inside my cunt and that sweet deep feeling that went with that. I could hear the random little whimpers coming out of my throat and felt the large muscles in my thighs and bum start to quiver and jump. I could also feel my lower belly swelling, getting tight and bulging like it always did just before I came. I wanted to keep watching Jess as she throated her third guy, loving the sight of her sweet tummy rolling as she gagged with a cock deep down her throat, but my own body was starting to spasm - I cried out loudly and breathlessly. Mitch was really hammering me now, his thighs slapping wetly against mine, and each time his cock head punched my cervix it sent shock waves up through my belly. I lowered my head, letting my hair hang down over my face and worried my hands, wringing them like I always did just before I came.

"f...f...fuck ... me ..." I gasped as I felt Mitch's cock head swell inside my cunt and he did his signature "cumming now" move; He let out a grunt and thrust really hard into me; Once; Twice; Three times HARD, then held there tight, gripping my hips like he was clamping my body to his, while his cock spasmed and jetted ropes of cum into me. And those three hard thrusts always sent me over the edge.

I cried out loudly, shaking my head side-to-side and thrusting my arms out in front of me, my face and chest flattening against the cool grass. My hands ripped handfuls of grass as my orgasm filled my lower belly. It always felt like something was going to swell up and burst inside me when I came like that - my orgasm was like a live, hot, wet thing growing crazy-fast inside me. My body contorted and I squirmed face down in the grass like an animal being mounted in mating season. And in the middle of my orgasm I looked up at Jess and saw the thing I wanted more than anything in the world at that moment; Jess was watching me cum as she continued to work the cock in her throat. She noticed me like I had been noticing her.

Jess' eyes on me in my most intimate moment sent shivers down my sides and raised shiver-bumps all over my body. It also extended my orgasm and I cried out ...

"Ungghhh!" ... and could feel myself grimace in that "I'm in pain" orgasm face as my eyes were locked with Jess'. When my orgasm calmed I was left panting and sweating and Mitch - the sweetheart he was - stayed with me until my thighs stopped shaking. Then he leaned over me, letting his weight press me belly-down onto the grass and kissed my cheek.

"That sounded like a good one, Tara." he murmured in my ear.

"It was, baby. It was." I smiled, "Thank you."

"Thank you, babe." Then Mitch was up and off me, his cock sliding out leaving that numb empty feeling in my cunt. I rolled onto my side and pulled my panties and jeans up and turned to watch Jess finish her third guy.

Jess was really working his cock now, her trembling hands on his thighs as she moved her face back and forth, his cock making wet gurgling sounds in her throat. Her chin was slick with drool and her cheeks would plump and her tongue would protrude each time she gagged hard. I noticed that as she kneeled, her thighs were starting to shake, so I was guessing she was near her maximum tolerance for having a cock in her throat. At last he let out a groan and Jess' eyes opened wide, his ejaculation coming sooner than she thought. She tightened her lips on the base of his cock and I watched her throat and her rolling tummy fighting for control. Her throat won and she swallowed every drop of his cum and he shuddered through a long orgasm. Then he pulled out of her mouth and patted her on the top of her head, saying she was the best, then he was gone, tucking himself in as he walked into the darkness.

Jessie stayed where she was, staring down at the ground in front of her, trying to gain control over her protesting stomach. She tucked her feet under her and sat on the heels of her ratty sneakers and laid her hands on her thighs, leaning forward and rocking slightly, still swallowing to keep it all down. I could hear her breathing rapidly through her nose as she fought the urge to puke up the three loads of cum she'd swallowed and her dinner which must be feeling heavy on her stomach.

I felt such a tug in my heart for her in that moment, used and abandoned by three guys and not one of them cared that she was now suffering alone in the dark below the bandstand. I could hear the triumphant hoots and laughter of guys up in the bandstand as I crawled hands-and-knees to Jess' side and carefully laid one hand on her back. I made sure my touch was light, just enough to let her know I was there. She turned and our eyes met briefly before she looked away, but I had seen the gratitude there along with the tears that welled in those dark sad eyes so I slid my arm all the way around her and hugged her gently to me.

Jess lifted her torso up at that moment, straightening in a final attempt to not throw up. She raised her chin, but the gurgling sound was coming up fast so she lowered her face and leaned forward and her mouth opened as she made that sour face we do when we puke. A long foamy tendril of cum slithered over her tongue to slide down onto the grass between her knees. Jess spat and swallowed, still fighting it.

"Oh, honey." I whispered, pulling myself tight to her side, reaching down and laying my other hand flat on her stomach. When I did that it pulled her t-shirt tight and I saw that she wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were tight and erect under the thin material. I felt her belly convulse again as another heave curled her body, pulling her forward. She retched silently and another clot of cum slithered up her throat and from her open mouth to puddle between her thighs. Between heaves, Jess would breath hard through her nose and make this sweet soft little sound;

"... mmmmnnnn? ..." and it sounded like a question - like she wasn't sure if her sickness was going to continue or not. I knew that most times Jess only puked up the cum she'd swallowed, but sometimes she lost everything. I guess this was one of those nights. She kept her head down with her mouth open and drool slid from her lower lip. I felt her relax the muscles in her abdomen, but under those I could actually feel her stomach gurgling and rolling. I have to admit, feeling her body out of her control like that turned me on.

Jess really started shaking then, swallowing rapidly, fighting her sickness, but it was a fight she was going to lose.

"Come on, Jess. Let's get you in the bathroom." I whispered, standing and helping her up on quivering legs as I supported her and guided her to the concrete cinderblock cube that held the public bathrooms in the lower field. It wasn't far, but Jess was struggling, swallowing back each heave and gurgle, and it was arousing me. Yeah, I'm a sick girl.

We made it into the too-bright women's bathroom and I got her into the large handicap stall before her trembling legs finally gave out and I lowered her to the floor. I lay down beside her, resting my hand on her belly, feeling the potential violence inside her as she lay on her back and rolled her head from side to side.

After a few more seconds of struggle, she whimpered ...

"Ohhhh?" and I felt her stomach tighten into a firm ball beneath her loose abdominal muscles and up it came - The gurgling started low and grew as it rose up her throat and she heaved hard, spewing the last of the cum and the coolers she'd drank and the dinner she'd eaten straight up. She barely had time to recover when her body curled again and up came more coolers and some solids. Then no time to take a breath, and a third hard heave contorted her body and up came the rest of her dinner, spattering onto the floor and flowing.

"... mmmmnnn? ..." again came that cute sound, but this time I knew she was done, because she was gasping and just laying there with her hair soaking up her sickness.

"... yuck ..." she whimpered and shuddered, and I laid my hand lower on her belly, encouraging her to stay on her back. I didn't want to lose the physical connection we'd made so I laid down beside her and rolled her onto her side facing me and wrapped my arms around her, gathering her up and holding her. I kissed her forehead ...

"... shhhhhh, now ... it's over, honey." I cooed as I held her. I felt a warm rush as Jess closed her eyes and snuggled into my embrace, sliding her own arms around me, pressing her face into the nape of my neck.

I stroked her pukey hair and pulled her body tight against mine. I could smell her body - a blend of old and fresh sweat, the musky unwashed smell of her skin, a funky crotchy kind of smell that was a mixture of faint urine and warm cunt, and of course the stronger smell of her sickness. As I held her, Jess made small murmuring sounds and held herself tight to me. I used my fingers to comb her hair away from her neck and planted soft kisses there. And when I felt her press her belly tighter to me, I nibbled there, knowing I was sending tingles up and down her body.

"Oh my." she whispered breathlessly and I felt her pelvis roll as she pressed her crotch against my hip. I knew then what she was feeling and what she was open to. The poor thing needed to cum in the worst way and she was willing to let me help her do it. I slid my hands down her back and cupped her small tight bum and pulled her tighter to me, lifting one leg slightly, so her mound pressed firm against my thigh. I just worked her there for a few moments, feeling the bony mound of her sex kneading the large muscle of my thigh.

"Do you like it?" I whispered, "Throating?"

"Yes ... " she whispered back, so softly I barely heard her, "I love it. I even like ... " she hesitated, not quite ready to be that vulnerable.

"Puking up their cum?" I asked, helping her along, hoping she'd surrender. There was a long pause - I let her lay in the silence.

"Yes ... " she breathed at last, "... even that ... especially that."

I kissed my way from her neck over her jaw to her cheek, turning her face so we were almost nose-to-nose. She opened her eyes and we gazed at each other.

"I want to make you feel good." I whispered.

"You are." Jess said quietly, turning her face slightly when she spoke and closing her mouth tight before she turned back to spare me her vomit breath.

"I want to make you cum." I whispered, and vomit breath or not, I kissed her tight lips. They stayed tight for a moment, but as I licked my tongue between them they parted and opened wide as my mouth covered hers and my tongue slid inside to find hers. I could taste the bitterness of her bile but her mouth was so soft and wet and when she moaned I could feel the vibrations of it in my lips. The taste made me heave a little, my body curling as my stomach convulsed, and she tried to pull away but I held her tight and she relaxed. Jess pressed her mound hard against my thigh and I felt her body shudder, giving herself knowing that I accepted her just the way she was.

I pressed against her then, rolling her onto her back and began kissing my way over her chin and down her throat. As I did I found the bottom of her t-shirt and worked it upward, baring her belly, so I slid my hands under it, pulling it up to expose her breasts. My lips found her chest and I kissed my way between her small breasts, licking the salty sweat there, then licked to each nipple in turn, suckling them and flicking my tongue over them. Jess responded by breathing faster through her open mouth and running her fingers through my hair, hugging my head gently to her breasts. I kissed my way down her belly, sliding one hand up her body to play with her nipples while I unbuttoned her jeans and tugged the zipper down with my other. I slid down then, stroking her flanks with my fingertips and slipping them into the waist of her jeans and panties, pulling them down over her hips, my face now level with her mound. Her jeans and panties smelled strongly of unwashed crotch, and once they were pulled down they revealed her mound, her pubic hair pressed flat and matted tightly to her body - a sure sign that she slept in her clothes at home. The funk from her crotch was strong, ans I have to admit, it kept my mouth away from her for a moment.

I tried to pull her jeans and panties down all the way, to bare her thighs at least, but she reached out with trembling hands and covered my own, stopping me - not wanting me to pull them down further. I respected that and kissed the top of her mound, working my way around to the creases on either side. I reached up and gently stroked her vulva. The outside of her cunt was dry but warm, and her labia lips were sticky and were sealed together. I could smell that she rarely washed herself, and her apparent dryness confused me - the rest of her body was reacting favourably to what I was doing, so her cunt should be oozing by now. I wondered if there was something wrong with her and if that was why she stopped me - why she never allowed boys to fuck her in our secret place. I experimented by running my thumb over her mound and to the top of her slit, pressing down on her hooded clit, rolling my thumb in small circles there. Jess reacted with a sensual gasp and pressed her pelvis upward. She wanted it so bad.

I turned my hand then and laid the flats of all four fingers against her labia and massaged there and felt the sticky lips part. As her cunt lips opened, I was met with a flood of clear mucus that covered my fingers and slithered down the crease of her bottom. The clean scent of her filled my senses.

With this flood I felt her body shudder. She was wet all right, but because she was such a dirty girl it had stayed trapped inside. I turned my hand again and slid one finger easily deep inside her and curled it upward to hook her g-spot. Her fluid was oily and slick and her cunt was loose around my finger.

"Oh Tara" Jess gasped and moved her hips as I massaged the roof of her cunt and as I did I felt it becoming more slippery, more wet, and more open. I was surprised that she knew my name, we'd never talked other than the odd 'hi' as we passed in the hallways at school. I pulled back and slid a second finger inside, there was still room - lots of room. I started to wonder if this was what made her hesitate about me pulling down her jeans all the way - maybe she was embarrassed about having a loose cunt. It didn't bother me at all though, in fact it was potentially a fantasy come true. I slipped my fingers out and once more grasped the waist of her jeans and pulled downward. Jess gasped and was quick to reach down and grip them also, to try to keep them up.

"Please ... don't" Jess whimpered and I felt her body tense. But I had already seen why she wanted to stop me. I could see that the tops of her inner thighs were laced with a criss-cross of white and pink scars and a half dozen fresh scabbed-over cuts. Jess was a cutter.

"Please?" came her quavering plea.

"Oh sweetheart." I whispered and gently brought my lips to her fresh cuts and kissed each of them then moved upward and kissed each of her hands, "It's okay. It's okay." and I felt her hands relax and move away from the waistband of her jeans. I didn't know if it was okay or not, maybe she was just too horny to stop.

I was gentle then, more gentle than I'd ever been with someone in my life - kissing the lattice of scars on her inner thighs as I slowly slid her jeans down past her knees, pushing them all the way to her ankles then off her right foot, leaving them tangled around her left ankle. Then I slid a hand under each of her legs and lifted, bending her knees and pushing them apart as I did, opening her thighs wide and kissing each new scar that was revealed. I ended by kissing her hooded clit, ignoring the funky crotch smell of her, then sealing my lips around it and sucking it. Jess quivered when I did that.

I slid two fingers inside her then and found her squishy swollen g-spot, massaging there firmly. Jess responded with a throaty moan and I felt her thighs relax and fall limp and open. She was grooving on the feelings. I rubbed her there for a time then decided it was time to step it up.

My third finger slipped in easily - Jess was that loose - so I slipped in my pinky and slowly pressed my fingers deep until the web between my thumb and forefinger was pressed firm against her clit. I felt Jess' body give a prolonged shudder as she felt what I was doing to her. I worked her like that, listening to her quivering and hitching breathing.

I slipped my thumb into my palm and pressed firmly up into her, feeling her opening tighten on my knuckles. She let out a little cry, and her shoulders and head lifted from the floor. She reached down between her open thighs and grasped my wrist, and I thought she was going to push my hand away, but instead she pulled.

She pulled hard - much harder than I would have pushed. I looked up at her and our eyes met - she looked desperate and needy. I pushed harder and harder, watching her face for any sign of bad pain, but even though she was grimacing, I could see she didn't want me to stop. I lifted up a bit and put my weight into it.

"nngh" Jess groaned deep in her throat. I felt my knuckles slipping in a millimeter at a time. Then suddenly she gaped and my entire hand plopped inside her. I curled my fingers and made a loose fist in the roominess of her cunt. Jess gasped and flopped back on the floor, her head hitting with a clunk.

I tightened my hand into a tight fist and began to roll my wrist, moving my fist inside her. I could see it moving inside her flat lower belly - a bulge that moved around and - oh my god - that was hot. I started fucking her - slow at first but building up speed and depth.

Then I started pumping her firm and deep, slowly getting faster and more forceful. My knuckles rubbed hard against the top of her cunt and I could feel her g-spot swollen and squishy as I pulled and pushed my fist in and out of her. Soon she was squirming on the floor, lifting her knees high, her toes pointing inward and her thighs wide and quivering. Her fingertips clawed at the floor tiles as her bottom lifted and she pressed her cunt further onto my hand.

"... oh gawd ... oh my gawd ... Jess cried out as she writhed and started cumming. Suddenly she planted her feet flat on the floor and lifted her hips up and I had to raise my arm and bend my elbow to keep pumping my fist straight into her. I was thrusting it deep now, my fist impacting her cervix hard at the bottom of each thrust and she was grunting, gasping, and shuddering in time. I felt her cunt tighten on my fist and I pushed deep, holding it firm letting her feel it inside her as she rode out her orgasm.

I was amazed at how long she held herself arched like that - every muscle in her body quivering as she clenched hard - my fist buried to deep in her lower belly. Then all at once she collapsed with a loud breathy grunt and rolled on her side away from her puddle of vomit, reaching down to push my arm away - wanting my hand out of her body. I eased my hand out of her, then rubbed the flat of my hand against her crotch as she lay there shaking and gasping.

As she calmed, I crawled up beside her and pulled her into my arms, kissing her face and neck.

"I want you to come home with me." I whispered to her, "We can have a bath and I'll give you some clean clothes."

"I'm not a charity case." she replied defensively, turning her face downward, her nose almost on the floor. I followed her, our noses touching.

"You don't understand, Jess." I whispered in the intimate island of shadow our close faces made in the bright room, "During our bath, I want YOU to fuck ME."

Jess lifted her head to look into my eyes and a timid smile slowly curled her lips.