A Stranger's Hands

by Erotickynk

Twenty bucks, he said. 20 bucks for us to touch each other for a few minutes and he'd leave me alone. He even showed me the bill, holding it between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, snapping it to show me it was crisp and new.

What the heck, I can use 20 bucks, I was thinking. But I never thought it would be like this.

It's hard to breathe and oh so hot and humid in this old crowded theatre and I'm panting loud and sometimes making little mewling sounds like a cat. Not like the girls on the screen who are panting and moaning as they're fucked. I'm amazed they let me in - they must have known there was no way I was 21. But I guess in this kind of theatre they just don't care.

"Shhh." he keeps shushing me - not in a mean way, gentle like, and all I can do is hold on to him tight with my left arm wrapped around his and press my face into his wool coat.

I'm all twisted in my seat, my upper body leaning into him, my thighs squeezed tight, trapping his right hand inside the crotch of my jeans. Even though my jeans are unbuttoned and the zipper is down, they are so tight around my hips and bum with his right hand and wrist working me. They're skinny jeans, but he can still move his hand and fingers in there.

His left arm is around me, hugging me close to him, his left hand under my top leaving half my tummy bare. We're in the back row off in the corner but I know the guys sitting in front of us are turned in their seats and watching, so I try to keep my face hidden from them. I guess it's better to watch a live girl being fingered than one on the screen being fucked doggy style.

He's good at what he's doing to me. My toes are curling inside my boots and my thighs are shaking as I squirm in my seat. Shiver-bumps keep washing over me from my bum up my back and over my tummy and chest. Sometimes it feels so good I forget to stroke his cock, but that doesn't seem to bother him.

I have never felt my nipples tingle this much. Mind you - no one other than me has every played with them before. They're usually just pink and puffy bumps on my tiny breasts, but now I can feel that they are puckered and tight and he's twirling then gently between his fingertips. Once in awhile he'll pinch one and pull - not rough, but firm - and I feel it pull on my boob and he makes it feel like I have big ones, which I don't. But it feels so amazingly good when he does that.

And his finger inside me ... what can I say? It's the best thing I've ever felt in my life. He started by just cupping my crotch outside my jeans and massaging me there and putting my right hand on his own crotch. It didn't take long for him to get those good feelings going and before I knew it his hand was inside my underpants and I was unbuttoning my jeans and tugging down the zipper for more. I know that makes me sound like a slut, but ... well, you really have to feel what he made me feel before you'd understand.

Right now the good feelings are getting so strong it feels like I'm going to explode - that there's no way I can stand any more. But as soon as I think that, the feelings get better and stronger and his finger curls deeper inside me and works me more and more and more.

"You like being finger-fucked?" he whispers near my ear. Kind of a stupid question considering I'm almost humping his hand now.

"... uh-huh..." is all I can manage. Then I remember his cock in my hand and I stroke it a bit. It never has gotten hard ... it swelled a bit, but it's still pretty soft. Maybe that's why he does this - he can't get hard enough to have proper sex.

"That feels good, baby." he whispers and I can hear the excitement in his voice, "I'm gunna cum soon."

Yeah - me too, I think to myself. I keep stroking his cock and he keeps fingering me and playing with my nipples. He pinches and pulls on one and I moan, feeling my tummy muscles fluttering.

"If I cum first, I'll still finish you off." he whispers, "I promise."

Finish me off? It takes a few seconds to sink in. He means give me an orgasm - I almost laugh at myself for being such a nerd, but his finger digs deeper and the smile that started to form on my lips disappears. He's panting now and so am I.

"Use your mouth and I'll give you another 20 bucks." his whisper is desperate and gasping.

This time I know what he means and 40 is better than 20, and I've liked everything so far. I let go of his arm and lean down, lowering my face right into his crotch and take his soft cock right into my mouth like a soft warm Popsicle. His hand is still trapped in my jeans his sweet finger squirming inside me, and I'm leaning down on his arm. I saw girls do this on the Internet and practiced with my own thumb, so I suck his cock into my mouth. It's not so bad and it only takes a few seconds for him to groan. And his hips lift up and his body shudders and holy cow - that soft little cock explodes in my mouth and I feel warm slippery cum jetting inside my mouth. So much cum from a soft little cock.

And when he's done cumming, his left hand is under my chin, lifting my face close to his.

"Open your mouth, honey." he whispers, "Open your mouth and show me."

I open my mouth and show him the cum I'm holding there. I can feel it clinging to my braces, oozing over my tongue.

"Good girl." he smiles, "Now swallow. It's okay, it won't hurt you."

I close my mouth and swallow, feeling it slither down my throat like a raw egg white.

"Oh baby, thank you." he sighs, "Now you get your reward."

Then his left arm is hugging me tight to him again, his fingers pinching and pulling on my nipples. His right hand starts working my sex faster and deeper and he's changed the angle to get it deeper and it's really tugging on my jeans, making it feel like my hips are tied to his wrist by ropes. I reach down and push my jeans down over my tight bum and they trap my upper thighs right at the hip joint, but it lets me open my thighs a bit and I feel him bend his wrist more and dig deeper.

I slump in the seat, my knees apart and the heels of my boots scraping on the concrete floor as I work my legs. My left leg jerks and I kick my abandoned coke and hear it sploosh over the floor.

He's finger-fucking me fast now, I can hear the squishy sounds from my crotch. The tension is building in my lower tummy - I can feel something inside me start to tighten.

"Mugh!" I can't help it, I cry out really loud and I hear rustling as people turn to see who made the noise.

My legs are flailing now, kicking under the seats in front of us and I'm panting like a dog. My right leg is shaking so bad I hear the heel of my boot clattering on the floor. The feelings are getting bigger and wilder inside me and as I squirm and quiver I realize that I am already cumming. I bury my face in his coat and cry out but it comes out; "mmmph! mmmph!" And I'm cumming and cumming and cumming. I can feel my tummy pushing up and out, then tightening down like it does when I do sit ups - it goes up and down, up and down, up and down as I cum. His finger is busy inside me, making it better and better and at the peak I lift my feet up off the floor and he cups me there tight and pulls hard on my left nipple as I ride out the last of it in one long shuddering convulsion.

Then the feelings drain from my body and I can smell my arm pit sweat and my wet crotch and I know I'm half naked because my jeans are halfway down my thighs and the guys in front of me are staring like I'm some piece of meat and I'm so ashamed. I feel him pull his hand out from between my thighs and I shiver as his finger slides out of me over my clit and I start to cry.

I curl up in my seat and draw my knees up and bury my face against his coat and he must know I'm crying because his arms are around me and he's hugging me tight, cradling me against him, his arms and coat making a little tent for me to hide in.

"It's okay, honey." his voice is close so I know his head is down. He strokes my back with one hand while the other pulls my panties and jeans up. I lift my bum to help him and I feel him tug them up so they cover my bum once more, and tug my panties up in my crotch and I feel them absorbing my sliminess. He tugs up my jeans.

"Do up your pants, sweetheart." he says softly, so I do. Then he pulls my top back down so I'm all dressed.

"Come on." he rises and half lifts me and we are stepping past people to the aisle and my eyes are all blurry with tears so I just lift my feet and move them forward one at a time and I keep my head down and move where he guides me with his hands on my shoulders. I know everyone is watching me, studying my face. I feel so exposed.

The lobby is bright after being in the theatre, so I keep my head down as we walk together straight out the front doors.

Outside he wraps one arm around me and I'm still crying as we walk. Then he turns me and we're in a dark private corner by the alley. And he takes me in his arms and holds me tight and lets me cry.

He is a kind man - he's taking care of me - and I take comfort in that and after awhile I calm down.

"You okay?" he asks after a few moments.

"mm-hmm" I nod, wiping the snot from my nose and I feel him moving his right arm and I hear crinkling of paper. I open my eyes and see the three 20 dollar bills he's holding.

"Here." he says, "Some extra. Go buy something nice for yourself."

I hesitate, but I take the bills and he gives me one last hug and he is gone.

My legs are kind of wobbly and weak as I start walking and I can feel my sopping panties clinging to the wet creases of my crotch all the way home. I still feel the shame, but I know I'm going to masturbate tonight as I replay this in my mind.

And I would do it again. For sure I would.