Lessons in Kink - My First Enema

by Erotickynk

When I was 19 and on my own for the first time and still afraid of the world, I lived for a time in a rooming house that was owned by a man in his late 50s named James. He wasn't a Jim - He was definitely a James with his neatly trimmed mostly white beard, his intelligence, and his calm confidence. James lived alone, his wife having passed away some years before and he took me under his wing and made me feel safe and protected.

My readers will no doubt recall that I have used the name 'James' for strong characters in some of my stories. Now you know why.

James was forgiving if I was late for the rent and invited me in for meals when he knew I was close to my payday and my pantry had slim pickings. I learned a lot from James, about literature, about life, and about my own sexuality - and his of course. I wouldn't say we were lovers, but we did have sex often. Both he and I knew that our relationship would never go anywhere past friends, and we were both good with that. James never forced me into anything and when we were into anything constricting or painful, he would check in with me often to make sure I was okay and willing to continue.

James made me an offer to lower the rent for my rooms if I would help out with yard work around the house. Working at a minimum wage job, I wholeheartedly agreed.

One Saturday in the fall, James had me cutting the fading peonies and raking leaves, turning the spent vegetable garden and the like. It was hard work, but it felt good to be working in the gardens - gardening has always been something that relaxes me and takes me to a calm place.

As the day drew to a close and the sky darkened, James invited me to his suite for dinner. I can't recall what he made, but I was grateful. I said I would go shower and change, but James said I should just come as I was because it was ready. So as we sat in his dining room eating dinner and drinking wine, I felt tired and happy, but I stunk and felt grubby and said as much - apologizing to James.

“Don't apologize.” James said, “I find you very cute just the way you are.”

Glancing at myself in the mirror over his sideboard I saw that my face was streaked with grime, my hair was stringy from all I'd sweated that day, and my fingernails had a layer of soil darkening their tips. I was wearing a thick plaid shirt over a t-shirt and loose baggy-assed jeans with dirt ground into the knees. On my feet were my most elegant hiking boots.

“I question your taste sometimes, James.” I said and he laughed, pouring more wine.

After we finished dinner, James asked me if he could give me a bath, and the idea turned me on so I agreed. Part of it was that James had one of those old-fashioned claw foot tubs and I had to share a shower with three other people on my floor of the rooming house, so a bath was much nicer. The other part was that I was feeling warm and content and a little high on the wine and sensual activities with James always proved pleasant [and sometimes toe-curling orgasmic].

After we finished the wine I helped with the dishes - at least cleaning my nails by washing while James dried. Then he ushered me into the bathroom and sat on the heavy wicker hamper and undressed me slowly as he ran the bath. One of the things I loved about James was the way he savoured my body. He was so patient and gentle as he peeled away my grimy clothes and revealed my nakedness, stroking me here and there, massaging muscles he knew were tight or sore, but never going too far. I never felt like I was being groped by James and he never sped up when he was having sex with me. It was always calm and relaxing - even though there were times that he reduced me to a quivering pile of spent horniness.

When I was naked, James embraced me, pressing his face against my belly.

“I stink.” I said as I heard him draw a deep breath through his nose. I knew I had to smell crotchy from sweating all day, but he didn't flinch.

“You smell like a beautiful young woman who has sweated all day, and that is a fragrant thing.” he said.

James then had me kneel in the bathtub on all fours as he slowly washed my body all over. He even shampooed my hair and rinsed it with a hose he had rigged up in there instead of a shower. He seemed to be paying extra attention to my belly as he soaped me up and kneaded my flesh, so I played along. I knew James hated pretension, so as he washed my belly I relaxed it and let it hang loose as I remained on all fours.

“Good girl.” James said appreciatively, massaging my belly deeply and slowly.


“Yes James?”

“Have you ever had an enema?”

“Once when I was little. My Dad had one of those squeeze bulbs and I was constipated. I remember it being kind of squirmy and squishy.”

“It can be much more than that.” James said, “Would you like to try?”

“I would.” I said after a moment's thought.

While I toweled myself off and dried my hair as best I could, James went into his living room and 'set up'. I had no idea what sort of thing I was in for, but I trusted James totally.

When I entered the living room all warm and loose from my bath wearing a thick terrycloth robe James kept for me, I saw that he had a very professional looking set up including two enema bags, a stainless steel adjustable stand and an assortment of nozzles.

He led me to his armchair and slipped my robe off, then got me to kneel with my head and shoulders on the seat of the chair and my bottom facing the room. Kneeling beside me he massaged my anus with some lube then eased one of the nozzles inside me. I admitted that it felt pretty good. James massaged my neck and back and guided me to relax my belly. I felt really mellow and was open to anything by that point. I heard the click of him releasing the clamp and the water started to flow into me.

The first thing I felt was the vibration as the water buzzed through the nozzle into my rectum. Then I felt the warmth of the water - I felt it spreading across my lower belly and my bottom.

“Feel okay, sweetie?” James asked as he continued to massage my back.

“Yes.” I said, closing my eyes and becoming aware of the water filling my rectum. Pretty soon I felt a strong cramp in my lower left side as the pressure built, then it faded as I heard/felt this long gurgling/rumbling and the warmth spread up my left side. I could feel myself filling with the water and pretty soon I was sweating from the extra heat in my belly. But the pressure was getting to me.

“Oof.” I lowered my bottom and sat on my heels and raised my head, clasping my hands on the seat of the leather chair.

“What are you feeling?” James asked.

“Starting to cramp.” I reported, “Really, really full.”

“Alright, I want you to take just a little bit more.” James said as he moved behind me and reached around, stroking my nipples, which he knew made me feel very sexy. He did that until I actually cried out as I felt a cramp roll through my bowels along with more rumbling. I heard the ratcheting handcuff sound as James pushed the valve, stopping the flow immediately after I made that desperate noise. I felt him reach between my thighs and take hold of the nozzle.

“Okay, tighten up now. Don't let any out, okay?”

“Mhmm.” my lips were tight together as I fought the cramps running through my bowels feeling shivers up and down my back. I clenched and felt the nozzle slip out of me.

Then James' arms were around me and he was gently pulling me back against him - we were both still kneeling. I let my head lay back on his shoulder with my eyes closed as his hands gently massaged my belly.

“I want you to hold it as long as you can, okay sweetheart? Let it work inside you. This first one is just to start to clean you out. The good ones come later.” He massaged me for a few more minutes then stood up, steadying me and helping me to my feet, then held me as he asked; “Are you okay to walk?”

“Yes.” and he let me go with an affectionate stroke of my butt and I walked to the bathroom and sat. James was always like that - always making sure I was okay no matter what we were doing. It was very touching, made me feel special and cared about, and was pretty sexy, knowing he'd never do me harm no matter how wild we got. I would - and did - trust James through some of the wildest physical experiences I've had.

At first I couldn't go. I found out that this was pretty common with large retention enemas - the bowel can actually fold and block itself. But all you have to do is relax and let it happen. And it did.

Now, if you're squeamish about poop you may want to skip to the next paragraph. At first it was just water, then a few solid lumps, then one large one. After the large one I felt my belly rumble and heard a lot of liquid gurgling and some deep cramps. I just sat and concentrated on relaxing my belly. Pretty soon my anus loosened and opened wide and I felt a rush of loose shit and water just gush out of me. My guts were rumbling and I could feel my waist size shrink as I emptied myself. It was like having diarrhea but with a higher volume. The smell was different too - it was kind of a sweet smell.

After I expelled I washed my bottom and dried and flushed and headed back into the living room. James had set up again and was sitting in the leather chair.

“Come here, sweetie.” he said and I went to him. He turned me around and had me step my feet apart and lubed me again and slid the nozzle inside me. As I looked up I saw that there was two bags and the one he wasn't using on me was steaming. It had to be very hot.

Once the nozzle was back in me, I knelt in front of him and laid my arms on his thighs and my chin on my hands. I smiled up at him, feeling playful. I'd survived my first enema and was ready for my next.

“Ready?” James asked.

“Ready.” and James clicked the clamp off.

This was a repeat of the first one, except the water seemed to flow into me without the early cramping. As I felt the water building pressure, I opened James' robe and sucked his cock. I loved sucking his cock - we'd played some pretty wild breath-play games in the past months while I deep throated him - some ending with copious amounts of drool and vomit. As I throated him that night to keep my mind off my second enema, he didn't disappoint me that time either.

Once I got him hard, and I started pressing my head down further and further, pressing my tongue forward so his cock could slip into my throat, I reached up and guided his hands to the back of my head. James knew I loved that. Holding my head firmly, James slowly drew my head toward his crotch, his cock sliding past the back of my tongue to slide down my throat - [Remember Newt and the nurse Alien?] - until my nose and chin was pressed hard against him - really mashed there. And when I say hard, I mean hard, James really held me tight when we played that game. James held me there as I worked him with my tongue and gagged, my tummy heaving, my lungs screaming for air, and - this time - my belly filling with water. He let me struggle and slap at his thighs as I usually did during that game until I gave him my signal that I'd had enough - three taps anywhere on his body.

In the past we'd played it out so I wouldn't signal him and he held me until I passed out. Those sessions were amazingly hot.

But this time I tapped his thigh three times and he pulled my head slowly off him and I drew a deep gasping breath once I was free. He held me steady and studied my face.

“Alright?” he asked and I nodded as I caught my breath, “Check your belly, sweetie.”

I became aware at how full I was and reached down and stroked my lower belly. I was shocked at what I found. My lower belly, from my belly button down wasn't that bulged, but it felt full and really tight - I mean super tight like an overfilled football.

“Oh fuck,” I gasped and James helped me to my feet, stopping the flow and sliding the nozzle out of me. This time he went with me to the bathroom, supporting me with one hand as I was a little unsteady on my feet. He brought the second enema bag with him - it was still steaming when he hung it on a hook beside the toilet. As I sat on the toilet, he knelt in front of me watching my face.

“Let it out. baby,” he said softly.

I was a little tight at first with him watching me, but like I said, I trusted him totally so I relaxed my belly and soon felt my anus release and the water flowed and sometimes gushed out of me. Near the end I felt that loose rush and smelled that sweet smell as my bowels emptied. James flushed the toilet, then grasped the nozzle from the steaming bag.

“Now, listen, hon.” James said, “This water is very hot. Not enough to scald you but it will be very uncomfortable the more you get inside you. I want you to let as much as you can flow into you. If you can, just keep taking it until your bowels spasm. Your body will expel the water all on its own.”

“I'll try.” I said and felt my mouth go dry. I was nervous.

James slid the tube inside me and released the clamp. He kept hold of the tube. I felt the heat immediately and started whimpering. James reached up with his free hand and stroked my nipples. The heat spread across my lower belly and I felt that rumble as it flowed up into my colon. I cried out as I felt the spasm start and my anus just opened on it's own pushing the nozzle out and the hot water gushed out of me.

James slid the nozzle back it while my anus was still spasmed open, the water still flowing. I reached out and laid my hands on James' shoulders, grasping at his robe as I tightened up and the heat spread again. It flowed a little higher up my left side before my bowels spasmed again and my belly clenched. I let out a loud moan as it jetted out of me.

James slid the nozzle right back in. He repeated the process over and over, each time I managed to take the flow a little deeper, but through it all I was moaning and whimpering and squeezing my eyes shut as I gripped his robe with shaking hands.

I was reduced to a quivering mass of sensation, the heat in my belly radiating outward, sweat making my skin slippery. All of a sudden James was standing in front of me, hugging my head to his lower torso and stroking my back.

“It's okay, sweetheart. It's okay. You did good.”

I caught my breath and calmed. James went out and got my robe and wrapped it around me, leading me from the bathroom to his living room. He laid me down on the daybed in there and told me to rest while he set up the finale. He brushed the hair out of my face and kissed me on the forehead. To tell the truth, I felt totally spent at that point, but James had more in store for me and I was willing to let him take me all the way. I curled up and let my belly relax and waited for whatever James had in store for me.

Surrender is a very erotic thing.

I'd actually started to drift off when I felt James open my robe and turn me onto my back. He helped me out of my robe and showed me a new nozzle. It was a double Bardex and had two balloons and two bulbs like you find on blood pressure machines.

“Now we'll see how much you can handle, sweetie.” James slid the nozzle into me and inflated the first balloon inside me. I felt a very nice pressure inside my rectum. Then he inflated the outer balloon and the nozzle was tightly captured in my ass.

I heard the click as he opened the valve and felt the familiar vibration as the water buzzed through the nozzle and warmth spread through my lower belly.

“Just lay back and enjoy.” James said as he kissed my nose, my lips, my chin, my nipples. I closed my eyes and lay limp on the day bed, surrendering myself to James' control and attentions. As I felt the water working its way into my bowels, James made gentle love to me with his mouth, tongue, and fingers. It was a wonderful, loving, sensual experience. James brought me slowly to the edge of what promised to be a gentle orgasm and kept me there, never letting me get to the panting, squirming stage. He sucked my clit, massaged my g-spot, stroked and massaged my body from my feet to my face. Once in awhile he would move the nozzle inside me in small circles and that - let me tell you - felt amazing.

The heat and pressure grew in my belly until I felt totally filled but without cramping. Soon I was sweating heavily as the heat built up inside me. I'm sure my core temperature was rising. I heard the gurgle of the first bag emptying and the click as he started the second bag. Throughout this, James wouldn't let me touch myself, so I had no idea what shape - literally - my belly was in. It seemed to go on for a very long time, but I was content to lie there and let it happen. As he continued to keep me near the edge, I found that the pressure in my belly was making it hard to breath. I started to whimper, feeling like I was being transformed by the experience.

Then I heard the gurgle of the second bag.

“How do you feel, sweetheart?”

“So full.” my voice sounded weak and dreamy. James took my hands and laid them on my tummy, “Open your eyes.”

I opened my eyes and raised my head. My belly was swollen from my mound up to my ribcage - not round like a pregnancy, but like a fat sausage. My hands found it wet with sweat, hot, and tight.

I looked up into James' smiling face.

“How much is in me?” I asked, hearing the whine in my voice.

“You've taken almost a gallon.”

“Holey shit.” I whimpered. I couldn't move, I felt so bloated and heavy. James slid two fingers into my cunt and hooked them there just the way I like it and started seriously working my g-spot. “I'm afraid to cum.” I said as I felt those sweet feelings begin.

“Just relax, baby. Don't reach for it. Don't tense up. Just let it happen.” James instructed softly, “When you start to cum, just let it flow through you.”

It only took a few seconds and I felt my orgasm build fast. I did as James said - I concentrated on keeping all my muscles slack and loose. It hit me and flowed through me like the enema water did. I could feel every muscle in my lower body quivering and it felt like my belly was swelling more and more.

I cried out loudly and as he kept fingering me, I felt James holding my shoulder, squeezing it.

“Shhhh let it happen, sweetie, that's a good girl.” and I came and came and came.

And when it was over, James let me rest until I felt steady enough to move to the bathroom. He helped me up and I felt like an invalid just out of surgery, fearing that every move would burst my belly open. He supported me all the way to the toilet and eased me down on it, then released the double Bardex.

It took a few minutes for my flow to start, and once it did, it came in little fits and starts for the first bit. Then I experienced a series of huge rushes as my belly emptied. When I finally came out of the bathroom, still feeling wobbly on weak legs, I saw that James had made me a cozy little nest on the day bed and told me I would be sleeping there that night. I didn't argue - I felt totally spent but my belly felt deliciously empty and light.

James sat on the edge of the bed as I grew sleepy and we talked about the experience. Twice I had to get up and make a run for the toilet as more water found its way out of me. James said that was normal after high retention enemas. We continued to talk quietly and I don't remember falling asleep, but when I woke up it was full daylight and James was making brunch.

I'd slept 12 hours.

James taught me a lot during my time with him, but mostly he showed me that pushing past the limits I thought I had could be an ecstatic experience.