Lessons in Kink - My First Fuck

by Erotickynk

I've told this story before but this is the first time I've published it. I was 12 the night I was fucked for the first time and it was an amazing experience. I did it with an 18 year old boy named John in front of my best friend and his little sister, Jenn who was 13 at the time and had just had sex with another 18 year old boy, Matt. I didn't know it at the time, but Jenn had set me up and had planned this whole thing with her older brother, John and his friend Matt.

Jenn and I were 'camping out' in the small backyard of Jenn's family's condo unit. We were in their family's nylon tent with lots of pillows and blankets and had spent the night doing make-up [while it was still light out], eating too much candy, drinking too much pop and talking about which boys were hot. We had hung about a dozen glowsticks from the roof of the tent so there was an eerie kind of green light in there. It was about 2 in the morning and we were both so overtired and goofy that we were about ready to go to sleep.

As we started to tuck in, we heard someone come in the yard. Jenn poked her head out of the tent and said it was her brother John and his friend Matt. They'd been out at a party with other kids who had recently graduated high school. Jenn invited them into the tent.

I remember squealing and rushing to pull my shorts back on over my panties. Jenn didn't bother and just stayed in her panties as the two boys crouched down and entered the tent. Jenn and I were both wearing t-shirts and neither of us had a bra on - me mostly because I didn't really need one yet.

Matt slid in beside Jenn on her blankets and John sidled in beside me. The boys had a four pack of wine coolers left and gave us each one. As we drank our coolers and the boys told us about the party they were at, I noticed that Matt was getting cozy with Jenn, sliding his arm around her as we talked. Pretty soon, Matt was just talking quietly to Jenn and Jenn was snuggling in close to him. John kept talking to me, asking me about how my summer was going and all that jazz. And while we were talking Jenn and Matt started necking, really kissing passionately and stroking each other's arms and back. Pretty soon, Matt laid Jenn on her back and was nibbling her neck and stroking her thighs, then running his hand inside her t-shirt.

I found myself staring at Jenn as Matt fondled her breasts and got caught with my mouth hanging open. John put his arm around me and gave me a squeeze.

“Pretty hot watching them, huh?” John whispered in my ear. I closed my mouth and swallowed, still staring. I was such a dorky kid back then.

As I watched Matt play with Jenn's nipples, then slide his hand inside her panties and start playing with her sex, John started stroking my upper arm and kissing my neck. It felt pretty good, getting this attention from a guy I considered a man. John nibbled my ear lobes and whispering that he always thought I was so pretty, so sexy. He moved so he was sitting behind me and pulled me back so I was leaning against him.

As Matt was fingering Jenn and she was starting to pant, John ran his fingers up and down my sides, stroking the sides of my small boobs all the while nibbling my neck and earlobes. I was really feeling tingly from John's attention and just relaxed and closed my eyes. John's fingertips stroked across my boobs until he found my nipples and stroked them through my cotton t-shirt, and oh-my-god that felt wonderful. I turned my head and lifted my chin and John kissed me on the mouth, his tongue playing with mine in my mouth. He tasted like sweet wine cooler. As we kissed I felt his fingertips sliding up my bare belly and to my nipples inside my t-shirt. I was really getting hot.

I heard Jenn gasp and swear and I opened my eyes to see that Matt was going down on her, sucking her sex and playing at her with his fingers at the same time. Jenn had her head on her pillow and was stroking his hair as he ate her pussy. I felt a little shudder inside my belly as I saw my friend having that done to her.

All of a sudden, John was lowering me onto my blankets and my foamy, turning me so I was on my back and lay down beside me. He'd pushed my top up and was kissing his way up my belly to my boobs. When he took my right nipple in his lips and sucked while flicking his tongue across it almost made me lose my mind. I felt that tingle right to the pit of my crotch. But when John tried to slip his hand under the waistband of my shorts, I took hold of his wrist and pulled it back up. He tried twice more as he moved his lips from one nipple to the other and let me tell you - it was getting hard to stop his hand. That's when John gave up trying to get his hand inside my shorts and just cupped my crotch through my shorts and started to massage my sex.

While John was doing that, I heard Jenn let out this funny little grunt like she was trying to poop and when I looked over I saw that Matt was between her open thighs and had just sunk his cock into her. He started fucking her, humping her in slow firm strokes. Jenn's face was hard to read, it looked like she was midpoint between pain and pleasure, her mouth open, her eyes squeezed shut, grunting with each thrust. But she wasn't struggling and as I watched I saw her lift her thighs and each time he thrust into her, he'd press her butt down hard on her blankets. As they went on, Matt thrust faster and faster with Jenn making these little grunting sounds with each thrust. I could smell her sweat in the tent, real strong armpit sweat mixed with that funky body sweat. She was really getting into it.

As I watched Jenn getting fucked, I felt John pulling down my shorts and panties. Caught up in what I was watching, I let him, and after he untangled my legs from them I was rewarded when he covered my sex with his mouth and sucked. I stopped watching Jenn and just stared up at the glowsticks hanging from the roof of the tent as John ate me. His tongue seemed to be everywhere at once - flicking my clit, licking my hole, pressing inside me. It didn't take long for me to be squirming and panting. John reached up and grabbed my wrists and really went to town just when I was getting close to cumming. He pulled me tight to his mouth by pulling on my wrists and sucked on my clit and flicked it with his tongue like he did my nipples. That's when I had my first orgasm with another person, and while I was cumming I heard Matt moan as he came inside Jenn. She told me later that she came with him, but I doubted her - I think her first experience wasn't all that great.

As I was coming down from my orgasm, I felt John moving between my legs and pushing my thighs open and I felt something press against my wet cunt. I realized it was his cock and I just wasn't ready for it. I tightened up and twisted my hips, trying to get away from him, but he pressed his belly down on mine and wrapped his hands around my shoulders, his arms sort of under me. He had me pinned.

“Please. No. Please don't.” I remember whispering to him. But he was having none of that.

“I made you cum, now it's my turn.” John whispered back.

He pressed against me and he felt so huge and my muscles down there were tight, so it took some doing and it hurt. Once he got part way in I felt huge pressure then a sharp burning sensation. That was my hymen tearing, but at the time I didn't know what it was - I thought he was at the end of my vagina and was in as far as he could go.

John started moving inside me, pressing and pulling back a few times and then he pressed really hard and slid into me all the way. I'd never felt anything that deep before and I had a flash in my mind that he had torn me open and that his cock was sliding right up into my belly. For a few minutes I really thought that he'd impaled me with his cock and that he was fucking me to death. I could envision his cock sliding in amongst my intestines and the weird thing was I wasn't afraid - I just gave in to it. I felt weak and dizzy, and when I closed my eyes it felt like I was falling backwards into the ground - then I was sure I was dying. That's when he started fucking me for real - long hard strokes that made his pelvis slap against mine.

I wasn't aware of making any noise, but I must have because I heard Jenn say;

“You go, girl!” I looked over and saw her spooning with Matt, both of them watching me get fucked by John. I admit, being watched sent tingles up and down my spine, but I was still feeling a lot of pressure as John thrust into me over and over and over, but the pain was lessening. I decided I wasn't going to die after all and just laid there letting him fuck me.

After what seemed forever, John got frantic and was gasping in my ear. I felt his body stiffen and he rammed into me hard and quivered, shaking and grinding himself as he jetted ropes of cum into me. I could feel his cock pulse inside me. Then he moaned and collapsed on top of me.

As I laid there with his sweaty weight on me, hardly able to breathe, it all hit me at once; I was only 12! I'd just been FUCKED by a man! FUCKED and FUCKED and FUCKED! His COCK was INSIDE me! His CUM was INSIDE me! His SPERM was swimming through me up toward my EGGS! I might get PREGNANT! And all of these thoughts sent a wave of sensation through me from the pit of my sex up through my belly and down over my bum and thighs and I came hard. I mean really hard - my belly clenched so tight it hurt, my thighs squeezed him and my toes curled, my cunt spasmed around his cock, and this time I know I cried out;


Jenn said my hips were bucking and my face was flushed red and was all scrootched up like I was in pain. After I came my body went limp, my thighs flopped open and my cunt just released and got loose and I started crying - sobbing really. I couldn't help it - all these intense emotions just came flooding through me - none of them made sense even to me, and to this day I don't know how to describe them.

John tried to be sweet. He wrapped me in my blanket and held me and rocked me and told me it would be okay and all that shit. I think he partly cared about me but was also partly afraid of being arrested for statutory rape. Once I calmed down, John and Matt took off and I pretended to be asleep so I didn't have to talk to Jenn.

I lay awake all night and when the sun came up I got up and dressed and went home before Jenn woke up. In the cold light of day what happened to me felt so raw and so traumatic, but that night when I went to bed I replayed it in my mind and masturbated to an orgasm twice before I could sleep.

Jenn told me a week later that she had set the whole thing up with John because she wanted Matt to fuck her and John wanted to fuck me. I stopped being her friend.

I still replay that night in my mind and masturbate once in awhile. It was a pretty intense way to lose my virginity and it birthed my fascination for sexual pain and horror, reinforced the thrill of being watched, and was the start of my impalement fantasies.