by Erotickynk

“Wake up, sleepy-head.” a young woman’s cheery voice; playful and friendly

Feminine hands rubbing my back, my shoulder. I feel a small shift on the bed I’m sleeping on. No, not a bed - a gurney. They put me on a hospital gurney before they gave me the injection. The shift is her unlocking the wheels.

“Time to wake up - they’re ready for you.”

I moan. I don’t want to wake up, sleep is so nice. A warm cocoon engulfing me.

“I know, sweety. You were having such a good sleep.” another girl’s voice, “But it’s time to get you ready.”

Get me ready for what?

The gurney is moving; they’re wheeling me out of the room I’m in. I feel the gurney bump twice over the small threshold, front wheels then back wheels. Then a sharp turn that makes me feel dizzy and a little sick to my stomach. The air is different out here - cooler. The sound is different too; it’s a hallway.

I’m so out of it I don’t want to open my eyes. I drift back into sleep for a few seconds then I’m startled awake as the gurney hits doors that swing out of the way.

I can smell chemicals now, disinfectant, alcohol, latex … hospital smells. They maneuver the gurney. A quick disorienting opening of my eyes - Nurses and Doctors.

“Let’s get her blanket off.” this is a man’s voice - one of the Doctors, and I feel the blanket tugged away from me, pulled out from between my thighs, my left armpit, “And her panties.”

Nurse’s gentle hands rolling me onto my back, peeling my underpants down my legs. My eyes flutter open; it’s an operating room. Darkness all around, but bright lights above shining down on my body. Three Nurses, two Doctors. I hear the clink of metal tools being laid out on a tray by one of the Nurses.

I know I’m supposed to be here, but I can’t remember what is supposed to happen. Blurred recent memories; voices giving me options; snatches of conversations; “not the right fit for the annual orgy” … “worried about your drug use and weight gain” … “permanent job at the mansion, if you can turn it around” … “special project if you’re willing” … “participating would go a long way to showing us you’re serious”

Suddenly small sharp pains in my belly - little pinpricks from my mound past my belly button - shallow, just under the skin. I stir, squirm.

“It’s okay, sweetheart.” one of the Nurses, laying a reassuring hand on my forehead, “Doctor is just giving you some freezing.”

More sensations from the same area - slower this time, less sharp but pushing deeper into my stomach muscles, retracing the line.

“Care to change the bet?” it’s one of the Doctors.

“Not in the least.” the other Doctor, “Even if I lose, it will be worth seeing.”

“Have you done this before, Doctor?” a Nurse asking.

“Yes.” he answers, “Orgasm isn’t reached every time, but often enough.”

“Organ play.” the other Doctor chuckles.

The injections are over, now just pre-surgery sounds. They have to wait until I’m numb. I feel I should be more awake; start paying attention.

“So sleepy.” I say, my words slurred. One of the Nurses is stroking my hair.

“It’s okay, sweetheart. We’ll take care of you.”

God I love her voice.

I force my eyes open. The overhead lights are glaring, seeming to float halfway between the gurney and the ceiling. Everyone is in hospital scrubs, hair covers, surgical masks and gloves. I close my eyes and let my head flop onto the flat firm gurney.

“Can you feel that?” the Doctor asks.

I don’t realize he’s asking me.

“Honey?” a Nurse, “Did you feel the Doctor touch your tummy?”

“Nope.” I shake my head and the room spins, “… oh shit …”

“It’s okay.” says the Nurse, “Just lay still.”

“Let’s get started.” says the Doctor.

I feel pressure, tingling from above my belly button to my mound. Tracing the same line over and over.


A slurping noise. I feel an urgency to be awake for this, but my head is so heavy.

Then the shock as I feel fingers pushed inside me, pulling my belly open. I squirm at the foreign sensation, lifting my head, opening my eyes. My vision is blurry, but both Doctors have their fingers inside me, pulling me open, stretching the slit in my belly. Shiver-bumps tingle over my thighs, bum, and back.

Oh fuck.

The Nurse is comforting me, holding me, stroking my forehead.

“It’s okay.” heer voice is calm and soothing, “It’s okay.”

Then wild sensations as I feel hands pulling my insides upward and out of me. These things in my belly aren't numb and send ripples of sensations each time they are touched and moved.

“We have to separate the fatty lesions first.” says a Doctor, and two sets of hands are working on me. My right thigh begins to tremble, my heel drumming on the gurney.

“It’s okay, Annie.” a Doctor says - he at least knows my name, “You’re going to be okay.”

A Nurse rubbing the back of my neck which is nice, but those hands - oh my - they’re playing with my bowels. It feels so foreign, so strange, and oddly sexual.

They’re playing more. One is stroking the length or my large colon now like I would stroke a cock. I whimper - I can’t help it - the sensations are spreading like a warm flood through my pelvic cradle.

“Is it feeling good?” a Nurse asks.

“… uh-huh …” I feel breathless, weak, aroused.

“Do you think you’ll be able to cum?”

“… dunno … maybe …” but the maybe turns into a definite yes as my arousal climbs quickly. I can feel my sex swelling like it does when I’m horny. I lift my knees and part my thighs. My shoulders and head lift from the gurney, the Nurses supporting me, stroking me.

“You’re right.” says the other Doctor, “Secretions.”

“… gunna cum …” I whimper. It’s a slow, gentle orgasm, like my body is being careful because I’m feeling so fragile right now. I ride it upward and it holds for a long time as the Doctors play with my insides and a nurse twirls my nipple.

“… cumming … ooooh … cumming …” I whisper hoarsely. Another Nurse has pulled down her mask and is sucking my other nipple.

“Good girl.” the Nurse coos as she pinches my other nipple, and as my orgasm winds down, she lowers me gently back down.

I feel the hands reposition my insides in a neat little pile.

“Now, for absolute proof.” the Doctor says.

I feel him force his hand inside me, delving deep. Immense pressure on my bladder makes me pee. It burns as it’s squeezed from me. I cry out.

“Shhhh.” a Nurse soothes me, “Just relax.”

His hand is pushing deeper. It’s scaring me, and I feel the cold wash of anxiety over my body and through my core. Then his hand closes on my cunt and a flood of warmth blooms in my pelvis.

His fingers press down and begin to massage with rapid movements. He increases the pressure on my cunt as he rubs harder. This orgasm is rising quickly, throbbing like a freight train, thundering toward me. I fear the impact might kill me.

“… oh fuck …” I gasp, again lifting my shoulders and head off the gurney, “Oh Fuck! OH FUCK!”

Two Nurses support me and I grab their hands as this orgasm explodes inside me. I hear someone shrieking and realize I’m hearing my own voice. I’m squirming, flailing, my thighs opening and feet kicking. The Nurses grip me tight and hold me, preventing me from falling from the gurney. The Doctor doesn’t quit, he keeps up the rubbing and increases the pressure and I cum and cum and cum. In this moment I love him and what he’s doing to me.

It’s so intense I feel like I’m dying, and I’m afraid I won’t. Dark Encounters - that’s where I am and that is what we do; Die for entertainment in odd sexual ways.

Oh god, I can’t stop cumming. Sweat beading, legs cramping, toes curling. FUCK - it’s too much …

... too much ...

... ! ...

Calm. Peace. Sweat drying on my skin, cooling my body.

I find myself swimming up from that deep sleep once more. I feel weightless and numb, a little beat up. I guess I passed out mid-orgasm.

“I’ll transfer the money in the morning.” I hear the other Doctor.

“Thank you.” the Doctor who pulled orgasms from my open belly, “And loser closes by the way.”

Both laugh.

The Nurses are hovering - still with me, still caring for me. I open my eyes slightly.

“Am I dying?” I whisper.

“No, honey.” the Nurse bends and kisses me forehead, “Doctor is going to close you up now. You’ll be fine.”

I feel hands repacking my belly.

“Just putting everything back where it belongs, Annie.” says the other Doctor, “You’ll be up and around in a few days. But no lifting or strenuous activity for six weeks.”

And I lay here, staring up into the darkness above the lights, feeling the tugging as he sutures my belly closed. I survived. My year of pampering over and I survived. I vow to lose weight and stop the drugs. I have a career at Dark Encounters to earn - a chance to help other girls die to fulfill their contract.

Slowly, I fall back to sleep.