Ten Minutes of Hell

by Erotickynk

“I ... can't ... handle ... this!” Sue hissed through clenched teeth, saliva spraying from her lips as she clawed at the padded, writhing on padded table. Things had been growing more desperate and frantic every second. Sue had even rolled on her stomach to try to keep herself away from the button.

“Shhhh ... you can do it.” Lynn said, stroking the back of the suffering woman, trying to find some way of soothing her. Lynn glanced up at the countdown clock mounted above the arch.

“Just three more minutes, Sue. Just hold out three more minutes!” Lynn pleaded, wiping the sweat from Sue's forehead, stroking her face, trying to calm the frantic thirty year old. Behind them Lynn heard another woman sob;

“We're all going to die.”

“Shut-up!” Lynn screamed over her shoulder, then turned back to Sue, “Honey, you can do it. You're almost there.”

“It's ... getting ... worse!” Sue grunted, straining hard, the cords on her neck standing out like cables stretched to their breaking point. Lynn pried Sue's hands from the padded table, the woman's knuckles white from the strain.

“Take my hands. Take my hands, Sue.” Lynn said and gasped as Sue clenched tight on both of her hands, squeezing them painfully, clutching them to her bare sweat-slick chest. Lynn grimaced, both from the pain as Sue crushed her knuckles together and from the look of agony and terror on Sue's face.

Things indeed were happening way too fast - Sue's agony ramping up quickly - yet time was passing too slowly. Leaning forward, she tried to see what was happening to Sue's lower body on the other side of the arched opening but the grey leather seal attached to the wooden wall clung to Sue's torso just below her belly. Lynn moved closer to Sue, her lips close to the struggling woman's ear.

“What are they doing to you out there?” Lynn asked, squeezing Sue's hands. Sue's eyes were wide, staring at nothing, her jaw muscles working, moving under her tight skin.

“Not what THEY are doing to me ...” Sue gasped, “What IT is doing.” Sue turned her head and looked into Lynn's eyes, “It's ... a ... machine.” Sue sobbed like a child then, looking like a frightened little girl. Suddenly Sue grimaced hard, rolling onto her back, grunting as her head and shoulders lifting from the table as she strained, her belly tightening. Lynn could hear the crowd's reaction from the other side of the barrier.

“OH GAWWWD!” Sue cried out then flopped back onto the table, trying to pull her hands free from Lynn's as she stared up at the glowing blue button above the arch. Lynn gripped Sue's hands tight, not allowing the woman to reach for the button.

“No! No-no-no-no, you don't need it!” Lynn begged Sue as she glanced up at the countdown clock, “Just two more minutes! Just two little minutes. Please, Sue, please!”

“It's INSIDE me!” Sue screamed and twisted violently on the table, and Lynn could hear Sue's skin slapping wetly on the table on the other side of the barrier as she thrashed around. Lynn felt ashamed of her own cowardice as she held Sue's hands while the woman endured unknown agony trying to save her. To save them all.

Lynn turned her head and looked behind her at the other eight terrified women who still survived out of their original dozen. Some cringed alone against the back wall, a few huddled together, clinging to each other. A year of pleasure was not worth this.

Lynn had gone for the contract like all the others in the room when she accepted the meeting with Dark Encounters - One solid year of having her every wish come true in exchange for participating in one of Dark Encounter's favourite events; “10 Minutes of Hell”. It was a game - like playing Russian roulette - they said.

The rules were simple - If one of the women could endure the 10 Minutes of Hell that took place on the other side of the barrier on the stage of the Dark Encounter's theatre, the remaining women would go free, each with half a million dollars. The woman who endured the torture may or may not be able to be saved depending on her injuries.

Sue was sobbing, “Please ... please ... let me push the button.” she begged. Lynn bit her lip, watching Sue's agonized face, knowing that the poor woman's misery would end if she did. The button would trigger a lethal injection of drugs and endorphins that would instantly dull her pain and allow her to die in orgasmic bliss.

The first woman had pushed the button after five minutes. The second only lasted three.

Sue was looking at her now, “... please? ...” she gasped breathlessly, her throat working against the pain, “... please ...”

Lynn bent and kissed Sue's fingers and released her right hand and watched as Sue lifted her gaze and raised her trembling hand and pressed the blue button down. The glowing button turned white. The effect only took a few seconds to begin; Sue gasped and held her breath, staring at the ceiling now. Lynn watched as the cords in Sue's neck relaxed and her face softened.

“... oh my ...” Sue sighed and her left hand went limp in Lynn's, her eyes closing. Lynn watched Sue's chest rise and fall as she breathed softly, then felt her begin to quiver and lift her chin, her lips parting and a soft moan coming from deep in her chest. Sue started to squirm and arch her back then made a small grunting sound and fell limp.

There was applause from the other side of the barrier.

Lynn let go of Sue's limp hand and rose to stagger away. She found her place and slumped onto the floor, her back against the wooden wall under the large number 7.

Lynn looked up at the lit numbers. The number 4 winked out. Sue had been number 4.

Of the original 12, nine now remained; 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. Movement caught her eye and she saw Sue's body pulled through the opening, disappearing to the other side.

It was time for the next 'lottery'.

The numbers winked out and began to rapidly flicker on and off in sequence. Whoever's number came up would be the next that had to attempt to endure the 10 Minutes of Hell. The dim sounds of the crowd cheering and calling out their favourite numbers came to them from the other side. Lynn had seen the theatre a year ago and knew that there were dozens of hidden high-def cameras in this room and that in addition to being able to see the candidate's lower torso and legs live on the stage, Club members were treated to a slick multi-media show of the event on large screens surrounding the stage.

The flickering of the numbers slowed. Lynn prayed for two of the numbers NOT to come up. One - of course - was her own number 7, and the other was number 9. 9 belonged to a teen too young to be here amongst the mature older women. When Lynn voiced this to the guards who herded them into the room, they told her that she had volunteered with her mother; Her mother having died of a drug overdose nine months into her year of pleasure. This was why there were only twelve candidates instead of the traditional thirteen.

Lynn leaned forward and looked down the line. The poor thing was terrified and huddled alone throughout the ordeal. Lynn yearned to go to her, but the game was moving too quickly and she had to obey the rules and stay under her number until the new candidate was chosen. Comforting the current candidate was allowed, but even then, Lynn knew she risked forfeiture by holding Sue's hands the way she had.

Forfeiture bought you a performance in a solo show for the Dark Encounters' monthly series - willing or forced, the choice was yours.

The numbers clicked by as the cheering from the crowd on the other side of the barrier diminished. Lynn looked up and watched the numbers now; 3 was lit, then it went out and was replaced by 5 ... a delay then 7 lit up. Lynn swallowed hard and stared at the number and felt a rush of relief as it went out and 8 lit up. 8 hung in there and Lynn heard the woman cry out, pleading not to be the one. Then 8 went out and 9 lit up.

9 stayed lit up. The crowd cheered.

Lynn was on her feet, anger overcoming her.

“NO!” she shouted at the mirrored barrier, “She's too young! She couldn't have known what she was signing up for!”

“The process is set, Lynn.” came a metallic voice from the overhead speakers, “Do we need to forfeit all of you? Or can we proceed?”

“Goddammit!” Lynn turned and hammered her fists against the wall, hanging her head in frustration, thankful that her long hair hid her face now contorted with tears of impotent rage. She could hear the other women telling the girl to get up and go to the arch, one screaming and threatening to drag her there. Another chimed in that she would help do it if the girl didn't get moving. The crowd on the other side of the barrier were cheering and applauding the drama.

Lynn shook off her emotions and wiped her eyes, turning to see the pale thin girl walking slowly toward the arch with her hands wrapped around her upper torso, hiding her breasts. The girl was shaking badly.

Lynn went to her and wrapped an arm around the girl's shoulders. Her skin was cold.

“It's okay, sweetheart. I'll stay with you.” Lynn whispered to her, “My name is Lynn.”

The young woman looked up at Lynn and then back at the arch and the leather table, staring at it with wide-eyed morbid fascination. Lynne steadied the silent girl as she climbed up onto the table and swung her legs up, scooting her bottom closer to the arch, then slid her legs under the grey leather seal. She was clumsy as she worked her body under the arch, her arms quivering. At last she was in and her body blocked the opening, sealing the two rooms from each other. The girl lay her head down and looked up at the button still glowing white.

Lynn positioned herself so her face was close to the girl's. She stroked the girl's honey coloured hair.

“What's your name?” Lynn asked softly.

“Kim.” the girl replied, looking at Lynn. Another woman appeared on the other side of Kim.

“Hi.” she said, putting on a brave smile, “I'm Dana.” Kim turned to look at the new arrival.

“Hi, Dana.”

Kim turned her head back and stared straight up, then suddenly gasped. Lynn studied her face. The girl appeared nervous but not yet in pain.

“They're touching me.” she whispered, turning her head to try to look through the leather seal on the arch.

“It was awful that the others threatened you, Kim. I just want you to know how sorry I am.” Dana said. Kim flashed an unconvincing smile. Above her the button turned blue.

“Kim?” Lynn said in a whisper, “Look at me.” Kim turned her head. “Don't try to do it. As soon as it hurts, push the button.”

Kim studied Lynn's face with a mixed expression of fear and confusion. “But I'll die.” she said softly, her chin quivering.

“But not in pain.” Lynn said, “I was with Sue. You don't want to go through that, honey.”

Kim looked like she was about to cry when suddenly she drew in a deep shuddering breath and turned her head to try to see what they were doing to her, her mouth opening and closing in silence. Her body suddenly tightened grimaced in pain.

“ ... f-f-f-fuck ...” she gasped and squeezed her eyes closed.

Whatever was happening to Kim quickly grew violent, her body jerked and quivered, her face contorting in pain, the poor girl gagging guttural wet grunts as her body was assaulted.

“Kim, push the button.” Dana whispered close to the girl's ear.

Kim opened her eyes and stared up at nothing, her hands shaking, her chest hitching as she tried to breathe. She began to shake, her jaw muscles tightening. Lynn could hear her teeth grinding. Kim let go of Dana's hand and lifted her right hand toward the button, her fingers trembling, her hand wavering in front of it. She opened her eyes, staring at the blue glowing button, hesitating, panting as her pain grew worse. Tears overflowed her eyes and slid down her cheek.

“It's alright, sweetheart. It's alright.” Lynn stroked the girl's face, kissing her forehead trying not to weep as she encouraged this girl to kill herself, “It will stop the pain.”

“... no ... I have to try ...” Kim gasped, lowering her arm and reaching out for Dana’s hand once more, “... I have to try ...”

Dana and Lynn exchanged a look and held Kim’s hands. Lynn reached under Kim’s head and massaged her neck while Dana stroked the girl’s forehead. Kim’s face crumpled and she started to weep.

“... my mom would have wanted me to try ...” Kim sobbed, then grimaced as her body jerked and she squirmed on the table.

The two women held Kim’s hands tight in their own as the girl cried out and lifted her head up off the table, her face flushing as she strained against the pain invading her slim body.

“... have to try ...” Kim gasped then her eyes opened and she stared at the blue button. Lynn and Dana watched as the girl gagged, heaved, her stomach threatening, “... oooh, god ... have to try ...”

“You’re not going to make it, Kim.” Lynn said as kindly as she could.

“... but ... mom ...”

“Your Mom wouldn’t want you to suffer, baby.” Lynn whispered in Kim’s ear. Lynn met Dana’s gaze over the quivering girl and motioned toward the button. Dana lifted Kim’s arm, moving her hand close to the button.

“Your Mom would be proud that you were so brave. But you don’t have to be brave any more, Kim.” Lynn spoke softly, “Push the button. The pain will stop and you will feel good if you press the button.”

“... I’m so scared ...” Kim sobbed as she stared at the glowing blue button.

“I know you are. But we’re here with you, sweetheart. Dana and I will stay with you. You won’t ... be alone.”

Another wave of agony twisted Kim’s face, she gritted her teeth, blood vessels throbbed in her temples as she strained, trying to work through the pain. Her lips thinned and paled and her eyelids puffed from the pressure of bearing down on her pain. Lynn could see the cords and muscles clench at the top of her belly under the grey barrier. She looked like a woman in childbirth.

“... filling ME! ...” Kim schrieked, her hand wavering in front of the button. She held out as long as she could then slapped her hand down on the button making it turn white and releasing the toxic mix of drugs and endorphins into her bloodstream.

“Good girl.” Dana whispered, her voice breaking. Kim made a short sobbing sound as she felt the rush of painkillers.

“... I’m scared ...” Kim whimpered as her body relaxed.

Lynn held Kim's hand and stroked her hair as she laid her head back down, watching as the girl's jaw loosened and a look of dumbfounded relief spread over her face. Dana took the girls' other hand once more.

Kim turned and looked into Lynn’s eyes, appearing confused and frightened. Her lips worked as though she wanted to speak then she gasped and a smile flickered across her lips and vanished. Her breathing came in little hitches and gasps and Lynn could see her upper belly twitching under the grey leather seal.

”... oh fuck ...” Kim gasped and her eyes lost focus but stayed bright, she appeared to be concentrating. She was breathing deeper now, shuddering as she sucked air into her lungs.

”... cumming? ...” Kim whimpered, the word coming out as a question but it was obvious the girl was experiencing the beginnings of a strong orgasm as her eyes rolled back until only the whites showed. Lynn realized that the girl had probably never experienced an orgasm this strong.

Like Sue, Kim pressed her head back and lifted her chin, her body twisting slowly on the table.

“mmMMUGHH!” she cried out gutturally, her body stiffening, her left shoulder lifting off the table as she twisted up on her side and held tight for a long moment. Kim froze there, her muscles twitching, her jaw clenched tight, her body shaking violently as though she was clinging desperately to life through her orgasm. She squeezed Lynn's and Dana's hands tightly.

“It’s okay, baby. It’s okay.” Lynn spoke softly as she stroked the knotted muscles on the girl’s back with her free hand, “Just let go. Let go now, sweetheart.”

“GNAH!” Kim grunted loudly and her body jerked hard, then she collapsed and grew still, her face slipping into calmness and tranquility, her hands unclenching as she heart stopped beating.

Lynn met Dana's gaze and saw the other woman's eyes fill with tears. They both rose and walked back to their places.

The lottery would soon begin again.

Lynn was quickly lost in her own emotions, sitting with her back against the wall under her number, her arms crossed on her knees, her head down. She couldn't bear to watch Kim's body be removed.

So much torture. So much death. For what? Lynn cast her mind back over the past year and recalled the pleasures she had enjoyed; The sex, the drugs, the partying. Trips all over the world with days of adventure and nights of luxury. At the time, the Dark Encounters' contract seemed so distant. But now ... Now it was all too real.

She wondered what Kim had chosen for her year, knowing that a big piece of it was spent in mourning for her mother - her last three months spent alone. Lynn hoped that the girl had made her dreams come true; Had indulged in pleasures that were worth losing her short life for.

Lynn bitterly thought of one wish she wished she'd made; To kill the son-of-a-bitch who invented this game.

Lynn was pulled from her dark thoughts by someone gently tapping her shoulder. Lynn looked up and saw Dana's concerned face.

“Lynn?” Dana said, then faltered, as though at a loss for words. Lynn looked past the woman and saw the number 7 lit up brightly above her. She felt the bottom drop out of her stomach.

“I'm sorry.” Dana said, laying a hand gently on Lynn's arm.

Lynn felt the tears building behind her eyes, felt her chin begin to quiver, her tummy to tighten. But NO, she decided, she wasn't going to cry - not yet at least. Lynn took a deep breath and let it out. She looked at Dana.

“I'm going to beat this.” she vowed, “I'm doing the ten minutes.”

“Do you want me with you?” Dana asked.

“Yeah. I really do.” Lynn whispered as she climbed to her feet. Dana took her hand and they walked to the barrier together.

Lynn stood beside the padded table and picked up one of the water bottles beside it. Cracking the cap, she upended it and drank deep, quenching her now dry throat, then tossing the bottle aside. Again drawing a deep breath, she turned and sat on the table, surprised by the warmness of it. At least their hosts had that much consideration. Lynn lifted her feet and turned, drawing her knees up and placing her feet flat on the table, her toes touching the grey leather seal. She sat, staring at the arch, breathing deeply and slowly, willing her body to calm, to relax. She knew the more tense she was the worse the pain would be.

Sue's words echoed in her mind - [It's ... a ... machine.] - and she shuddered, wondering what really was on the other side of that dark leather curtain. Dana sat on the edge of the table behind her and massaged her shoulders. Lynn closed her eyes and laid her head back.

“Thank you.” she whispered, feeling her body calm, but Sue's voice - [It's INSIDE me!] - was still there, haunting her. Lynn opened her eyes and stared down at the grey leather seal. She counted silently to herself; One, two, three - and pushed her feet forward, sliding them under the seal, feeling the leather clinging to her skin. Lifting her weight with her hands, she scooted her body forward, sliding her legs then her hips under the arch. Then she had to wiggle the rest of the way in until the leather seal was just under her sternum. It tightened down on her, sealing her in.

Lynn was startled when she felt human hands touch her left thigh and lift it, fingertips pressing in against the hollow between her larger muscles there. The hands did not inflict pain though and Lynn quickly realized that this was a medical person inserting the shunt that would deliver the overdose of endorphins if she pushed the blue button. Looking up she saw the button was still glowing white. Lynn felt the sharp prick of the needle, then the odd achy feeling as the shunt was pressed deep into her femoral artery. She felt the hands tape the delivery tube to her inner thigh and the light above her turned blue. The hands laid her thigh back down and did not return.

She could hear a smattering of applause.

Lynn waited.

“You okay?” Dana asked as she positioned herself at the head of the table, looking down at Lynn. Lynn looked up, Dana's face upside down, and smiled and nodded.

“So far so good.” she joked. Then gasped as she felt a hard metallic touch and two 'somethings' encircled both her legs just above and below the knee. They squeezed as they wrapped around her legs and Lynn envisioned multiple crab legs grasping her. They clamped firmly and lifted her legs, opening them wide, bending her knees. She heard the crowd cheer for her torture to begin.

Another metallic device moved forward and she felt it brush her inner thighs before it came into contact with her crotch.

“Ah!” Lynn gasped loud and clenched as she felt needles penetrating the tender flesh of her bottom and her vulva. It took her a moment to realize these were hooks that curled into her flesh, pulling her vulva and buttocks apart, opening her for more torment. The pain was sharp and excruciating.

Lynn reached out and grasped Dana's hands in hers as she felt herself opened and stretched. She set her mouth, biting her lower lip and breathed through her nose, enduring the pain, wanting to remain as quiet as she could and not give her audience the satisfaction of her suffering.

The stretching devices stopped moving - her flesh still screaming from the sharpness of the hooks, the skin around her cunt and anus pulled tight, but so far Lynn could endure it. She then felt something hard press against her under her clit - it felt like a steel rod and it pressed firm and forced its way into her urethra, sliding unrelentingly deep into her bladder, burning all the way. Lynn gasped as she felt it grow wider as it slid in, stretching her urethra and making a tight seal there. Instantly she felt her bladder start to fill with hot water.

“Oh god.” Lynn moaned, feeling her belly muscles tighten despite her calming exercises and her will. Her bladder continued to fill and soon she could feel it expanding in her lower belly, pressing down against her vagina. She worked through the pain as it continued to swell, feeling the skin of her lower belly stretching. Lynn tried to squeeze her thighs together, but the clamps tightened and pulled them wider when she moved.

“How can I help you?” Dana whispered.

“... can't ...” Lynn gasped.

Lynn's eyes closed when it felt like her bladder would burst. Perhaps that was their intent, to slowly destroy her internal organs - [It's INSIDE me!] - one at a time, driving her to push the button so their torturous entertainment could continue with the rest of the women.

Lynn freed her right hand from Dana's and slipped it under the leather seal, sliding it down her flat belly. Her fingers encountered the hard lump of her bladder between her pubic bone and belly button and Lynn was shocked to discover it was much larger than she thought.

Withdrawing her hand and grasping Dana's once more, Lynn moaned as she felt the water flowing up her ureters into her kidneys and soon felt them swelling also. Her back started to ache from the pressure.

Lynn tried to put it out of her mind and looked up at the countdown clock.

A little over one minute had passed.

Lynn felt sick. Could she really do this? Could she really endure more than Sue had? Because if she couldn't she should slap that blue button right now and end it with an orgasm before it got worse than it already was.

Lynn looked up into Dana's eyes. Her newfound friend had been studying her face with concern.

“Is it bad?” Dana asked.

“... yes ...” Lynn grunted, answered truthfully.

“What can I do?”

“I don't know.” Lynn answered, closing her eyes as her kidneys ached more and more. She could now feel the throbbing swelling under her ribs on each side - it was making it hard to breathe. Lynn felt Dana repositioning herself and felt the other woman's hair brush her chest. Lynn opened her eyes in time to see Dana's lips surround her left nipple. Dana's tongue flicked over Lynn's nipple while she sucked hard.

“... that's nice ...” Lynn sighed. Dana squeezed her hands in answer. Lynn recalled doing the same for Sue early on, but once the pain got bad it seemed obscene to sexualize it, so she had stopped and stuck to trying to comfort.

As Dana worked to relieve her suffering, Lynn started to feel a sharp pain deep in her left side. She guessed - and she was right - that her left ureter was bulging; A weak spot ballooning and getting close to bursting from the pressure.

Lynn cried out as the pain increased along with the pressure. And when it burst - sending a sharp lancing agony deep under her ribs - Lynn shrieked and twisted on the table, the hooks in her flesh burning as she pulled against them. She felt the pressure flow from her bladder and kidneys, the liquid fluttering as it rushed through the tear in her ureter to flood her abdomen. Lynn knew that her belly was now filling with piss and hot water.

She was right - they were going to ruin her body by degrees.

The infernal machine gave her no time to regain her composure; She gasped as the tube was tugged violently from her urethra and groaned as she felt a new device slide forward and press against her labia.

Lynn glanced up at the clock. Eight minutes to go.

Lynn permitted herself a low groan as the new device pressed into her cunt. It was thick, sure - thicker than most things Lynn had taken - but not overwhelmingly so. In fact she had dedicated a good part of her year seeking the sweet sexual fulfillment that thickness provided. If it weren't for the hooks and the lingering ache in her kidneys and bladder, she might even get off on this penetration.

Whatever it was that penetrated her, it angled upward as it did and pressed firm on the roof of her vagina. Lynn knew that if her ureter hadn't already burst, this thing would be doing the job quickly - that meant the tortures were sequenced and purposeful.

The device began to rhythmically thrust into her, angling and lifting each time. Despite trying to maintain control, Lynn found herself grunting with each thrust. She remembered this part when Sue was on the table - the rhythmic movements - Sue's face growing sweaty and red as her body was pushed up on the table from the other side. Lynn guessed that this part was mostly for the audience's benefit.

The machine fucked her in a solid rhythm, one deep thrust per second. Occasionally the device would thrust in and up with particular force, lifting Lynn's bottom off the table. Lynn wondered if Kim would have been able to handle this part. For Lynn - though it was a deep and rigorous fucking - she found it almost pleasurable.

“What's happening?” Dana whispered, sensing a reduction of tension in Lynn's body, kissing her way up Lynn's chest until their faces were close. Lynn opened her eyes and saw the woman's concerned face as she stroked her forehead with one hand and held both of Lynn's with the other.

“It's ... fucking ... me.” Lynn gasped, grunting between each word. And as it fucked her, Lynn felt as though her cunt was tightening on the device. She soon realized this was wrong - it was the device expanding inside her, turning into a round hard ball and causing the filled sensation. Even still, it was a break from the agony of the pressurized water.

“I don't think I'm going to survive.” Lynn said softly to Dana as she gave herself over to the thrusting.

“Shhh ... don't say that.” Dana whispered, stroking her cheek.

“It's true.” Lynn said, swallowing, “The last one hurt me bad inside.”

The device grew and grew inside her cunt, filling it but continuing to thrust into her. Now it added a little move at the end of each out-stroke; It would pause there and pull against her opening. Once it grew to the point that it would not easily slip out of her, Lynn found these moves very foreign - it felt as though it would pull her cunt inside out if it succeeded in pulling out at all.

Lynn's belly tensed and the cords tightened on her neck as she grunted deeply with each tug. The pulling got stronger with each thrust. Lynn grew fearful, anticipating where this new tactic was heading - fearful of the damage this would do to her body.

“What's it doing?” Dana asked, her brow wrinkled with concern for Lynn.

“... pulling ... ME ...” Lynn grunted and let go of Dana's hands. She reached out and gripped the sides of the arch, bracing herself as the machine pulled harder and longer on the bottom of each stroke. Lynn cast her mind back and recalled Sue's experience at this point. Like Lynn, Sue had seemed to enjoy the penetration, her body relaxing and her expression one of peace. Then her face showed the discomfort and she had gripped the sides of the arch as Lynn was doing, her body jerking and moving.

Lynn felt her body sliding on the steel table as the device worked her and realized that her back and bottom were slippery with sweat now. She felt hot and flushed.

Lynn jerked in surprise as the device stopped suddenly inside her. She recalled Sue at the end of this sequence groaning and crying out, twisting on the table. Lynn swallowed hard and braced. Two curved metal plates pressed against the back of her open thighs and she felt the clack as they locked in place there. Then the device in her cunt started slowly moving outward. The pressure at her opening increased as her bottom and thighs were pulled tight against the supporting plates. The machine was going to pull it out of her whether it fit or not.

Lynn cast about in her memory for everything she knew about childbirth. She panted rapidly, blowing out her breaths in puffs as the machine pulled at her. The pain and pressure increased to the point that Lynn thought she might pass out.

She wasn't that lucky.

Lynn lifted her shoulders off the table and bore down, trying to push the device out of her. She strained, her face deepening in colour, her teeth clenched, her eyes squeezed shut. She could feel the tension on her pelvic bone and felt the two halves being pried apart inside her - her entire pelvis was aching now. The pressure was intense - off the scale. She felt as though it was stuck and would go no further without shattering her pelvis. Then she felt the creeping movement as the device transited the tightest part of her pelvic floor. Lynn drew a deep shuddering breath as she felt her pelvis opening and the device was sliding out of her.

Lynn screamed then flopped back onto the table, her stomach churning, her body shaking from the echoes of pain pulsing outward from her crotch. Her cunt felt suddenly empty and hollow.

The device and the curved plates were pulled away from her and immediately replaced with a thick rounded tube that pressed against her anus.

“... of course ...” Lynn gasped weakly as she felt it push firmly against the now stretched flesh at the bottom of her belly. She felt the pressure and pain and quickly the tube was in her, stretching and sliding deep into her rectum - it opened inside her like a metal flower. The first pulse of hot water shocked her and she rolled her head from side to side as her rectum then her colon began to fill.

“What is it, Lynn?” Dana asked, her voice soft in Lynn's ear.

“... enema ...” Lynn moaned, trying to relax her body to accept this new invasion. She looked up at the countdown clock; Six minutes left.

“... oh god ...” she moaned pitifully, her voice sounding weak and tremulous in her own ears. She'd endured only four minutes of hell - not even half way.

As her belly swelled with water, Lynn stared up at the glowing blue button. All her pain would stop if she just reached up and pushed it. She craved to reach out, to press it hard, to feel the rush of endorphins and the promise of an orgasm instead of all this pain and pressure, and then a merciful death. Lynn recalled the expressions of bliss on Sue and Kim's faces as they felt that rush of pleasure. She recalled her own uncountable orgasms over the past year and regretted not savouring each and every one of them when she'd had the chance.

Lynn felt the water swelling the top of her colon under her sternum as it wound its way around her belly. She lay still, relaxing her abdominal muscles so her belly could expand. The water continued to rush in and Lynn relished those precious moments when she wasn't reduced to a writhing victim of agony. This - for now - was just discomfort, and though Lynn knew that it would soon turn to gut-wrenching pain, it allowed her a moment to regroup and catch her breath.

Dana massaged Lynn's neck as she rested, her belly filling, growing tighter as it swelled.

“How are we doing?” Dana asked softly.

“... filling me ...” Lynn moaned, “... a lot ...”

Lynn wondered what a burst colon would feel like. Would it be as painful as a burst ureter? And if it did burst, how would it feel to have all that water trapped in her abdomen? Lynn cried out as she felt her gut cramping as it tried to move the water out of her. Still it flowed into her.

Lynn began to pant once more, rolling her head from side-to-side. Raising her hands above her head, covering her eyes with her forearms, trying to endure the growing pressure in her belly.

“... oh fuck ...” she gasped, swallowing hard, feeling sick to her stomach now.

Dana slid her hand down between Lynn's breasts to her sternum and slipped her fingers under the leather seal, her hand encountering Lynn's swollen abdomen, puffed up like an over-stuffed sausage, rising steep from under Lynn's ribcage. Dana was shocked at how much Lynn was swollen.

“Oh honey.” Dana gasped, stroking Lynn's tight swollen belly, “Oh baby, I had no idea.”

Dana slipped her hand back out and reached out, cradling Lynn's head in her arms, hugging her to her own breasts.

“... too much ...” Lynn gasped, finding it hard to breath from the pressure her belly was placing on her diaphragm. Suddenly the flow stopped and the water was trapped inside her. Lynn held her breath, knowing that whatever was about to happen would not be an easy transition.

She felt a valve open at her anus and water began to flow out of her gut and just as she felt the beginnings of relief, a rapid series of electric jolts shot through her belly. Conducted deep inside her by the water, the electric jolts hit her like a machine gun firing inside her belly, her insides convulsing in rapid painful pulses. Lynn grunted loud and her belly clenched tight, her bowels convulsing inside her, contracting and pushing the water out of her. Lynn's jaw clamped tight and her shoulders lifted off the table out of Dana's embrace and she screamed through clenched teeth.

Her belly emptied rapidly and as the last of the water flushed from her, the electric jolts stopped and she felt the valve close and hot water began to pump into her again. Lynn flopped back down, her sweaty back slapping wetly on the steel table.

“oh dear god.” she moaned as the process began again, her belly swelling, her cramping bowels filling with hot water - faster this time. She felt Dana stroking the hair from her sweaty face, using her fingers to wipe the sweat away from her eyes. Lynn looked up into Dana's concerned face, her body quivering as she felt tingles over the stretching skin of her belly. Lynn managed to smile as her gut refilled and bloated.

“I can do this.” she gasped between breaths, “I can do it.” Lynn closed her eyes and arched her back, giving her belly more room, breathing rapidly through her nose and as the pressure increased, opening her mouth and panting.

The flow stopped and the valve clicked open at her anus. The rapid fire electric jolts hit her hard and suddenly. Again she curled forward and screamed as her insides convulsed and the water jetted out of her gut. This time as the last of the water was squeezed out of her, the electricity held for a few seconds, maintaining a tight convulsion. After a moment it released her and again she flopped back down.

The valve clicked shut and hot water gushed into her belly, she could feel it rippling hard in her rectum, fluttering and pounding the delicate tissue there. Her belly filled rapidly and painfully and as it swelled the rapid-fire electric jolts started prematurely. With nowhere to go her intestines convulsed and worked at the expanding water, camping and undulating inside her. Lynn screamed and squirmed on the table, the hooks digging painfully into her flesh, her belly convulsing and cramping like never before. She made fists and pounded hard on the table, screaming through clenched teeth, her eyes squeezed tightly shut, the cords in her neck tight and her face flushing bright red.

In her mind Lynn screamed - It just won't stop! - and if she could have at the height of the pain and the bloating she would have pressed the blue button with all her might just to make it end. But even in her agony, the thought frightened her for it would mean death would follow quickly and there would be no more chances at life. Even though her ureter had burst and there were more tortures to come, Lynn clung to the slim hope that if she endured all ten minutes, she might survive. She might be rushed to a hospital and operated on and made whole, albeit scarred and used hard.

“... I don't want to DIE! ...” she screamed.

All at once Lynn felt the tube in her rectum retract and pull violently from her anus. Her belly - still spasming - pushed the water out in one long powerful rush. She heard the crowd react and cheer as her belly emptied.

She flopped back in relief, breathless, her head spinning, feeling weak and spent, water still oozing from her gaped anus.. Dana was there, stroking her face, massaging her neck, whispering sweetly in her ear, telling her it was almost over.

Lynn looked up at the countdown clock, her eyes coming in and out of focus; Four minutes remained. She had made it past the halfway point.

Lynn anticipated the next torment to begin immediately as all the others had. But instead the machine offered her more relief; The device that had held her vulva and bottom open was contracting, easing off the pressure on the hooks that pierced her flesh. She felt the pain there ease as the tension was released and the hooks slid back out of her. The devise moved away from her.

“... oh my god ...” she moaned in appreciation. Her flesh there was still tender, but the constant sharp feeling of tearing was gone.

“Honey? What's going on?” Dana asked as she kissed Lynn's fevered brow, always offering comfort, always letting her know through tender touch that she was not alone.

“... it just ... got a little better ...” Lynn gasped, trying to catch her breath. Then she felt a round device again pressing against her labia. She pressed out to help it enter her and it slipped into her now slack cunt easily but reawakened the ache in her pelvis. Once there it began to expand once again, like a ball inflating. It filled her and pressed deep, compressing her cervix, pressing up hard on her g-spot. It can't be this easy, Lynn thought as it filled and stretched her cunt.

The ball began to vibrate - a deep subsonic thrumming. The grips on her legs relaxed and allowed her to squeeze her thighs together. The ball slowly shrunk inside her, then re-inflated and it cycled this way - growing and shrinking - the vibration ongoing and strong. Lynn felt the beginnings of strong sexual arousal.

“... oh my god ...” Lynn whimpered, her body going limp, breathing deeply and steadily, regaining her composure. Her nipples tingled, tightening, puckering.

“What is it doing now?” Dana asked, stroking Lynn's chest and shoulders.

“... it's ... it's toying with me ...” Lynn whispered, recalling that just before the last torturous event that drove Sue to suicide, the woman had calmed and her sobbing had given way to sighs and sensuous whimpers. She recalled that the poor thing had thought the worst was over, but then the real pain began. Lynn opened her eyes and looked up into Dana's eyes.

“It's setting me up ... for the last one.” Lynn said softly, feeling a potential climax begin to rise within her. She concentrated on not allowing it to grow.

“It's stimulating me, trying to get me close to orgasm so it can pull it away from me at the last minute.” Lynn whispered.

Lynn closed her eyes and fought the growing tension in her lower belly, the pressure and vibration on her g-spot getting the best of her. Lynn groaned and shuddered. She opened her eyes.

“Pretty soon ... I'm going to be on the edge ... and that's when it will kick in again.” Lynn gasped as the machine worked her, “Promise me ... oh fuck ... promise me that you'll hold my hands tight. Promise you won't let me touch the button, no matter what.”

“I'll try my best.” Dana said, stroking Lynn's sweaty brow.

“Your life may depend on it.” Lynn said and moaned as her orgasm neared.

It was then that she felt air movement on her sweat slick belly followed by a new device lowering itself gently onto the softness there. Whatever it was rotated in a slow clockwise spin and kneaded her now flaccid abdomen. Lynn was confused, trying to discern what this object was and what its purpose would be. She reached down and slipped her right hand under the tight leather seal and carefully ran her fingers over it. It was in the shape of a large spring. The coiled shaft was smooth and round and just over an inch thick. The diameter of the loops were about three inches and its length was about ten inches. The device reversed direction for a moment then lifted off her belly and withdrew out of reach - no doubt being positioned for the last assault.

“Oh dear god.” Lynn moaned and looked up at the countdown clock: Just over three minutes remained.

In her mind Lynn had envisioned what this thing was - It was essentially a steel dildo in the shape of a corkscrew. Sue's agonized face flashed before Lynn's eyes [It's INSIDE me!] and she realized why Sue had suicided so late in the game.

“What is it? What's in there?” Dana asked, concern on her face, here eyes studying Lynn's face and upper body for a clue.

“This is going to be bad.” Lynn fought back the tears, but her voice broke in a quavering sob.

Despite her rush of terror, Lynn felt her orgasm building strong in her belly. As she predicted the ball inside her deflated and was tugged hard out of her.

“OOPH!” Lynn grunted, again left with that empty hollow feeling.

Then she felt the screw press between the cheeks of her bottom, the clamps on her legs pulling them wide apart once more. The screw was not rotating - yet.

The tight angle of the coiled screw was such that it had to press hard to insert the tip into her anus. Lynn gasped and trembled as the pressure increased and the screw turned slowly, working her anus, trying to force its way into her. After three rotations and a gradual increase in pressure, Lynn felt the tip pop through her anus and move past her sphincters into her rectum. The screw continued to rotate, and pulled itself into her one coil at a time, raising and lowering her bottom as it rotated.

“Ohhhhhh ... fuck” Lynn groaned, straining, gritting her teeth, her belly muscles clenching as the screw rotated inside her, twisting her rectum - at first pulling it down hard against her lower spine, then upward, pushing painfully against her vagina and bladder. Lynn gripped her own breasts tight as Dana moved around her. Lynn's head and shoulders off the table, curling her body and straining hard as the screw slowly insinuated itself into her belly. Soon the head of the screw pulled its way into her colon and twisted there.

“Honey, what's happening?” Dana asked, watching Lynn's face turning a deep red, her lips pulled back around her tightly clenched teeth, spraying spittle as she gasped and panted, “What's it doing to you?”

Lynn shook her head, unable to speak - [It's INSIDE me!] - agonizing as the screw wound its way up into her gut. Dana understood then that the pain was too severe for Lynn to be able to communicate and just held her hands tight, her arms around her chest, and pressed her shoulder against Lynn's upper back to help hold her in this position she'd chosen.

The agony of this penetration was the worst Lynn had endured or even imagined. It was a corkscrew designed to invade the human body in the most painful way possible. Not only was it stretching Lynn's colon wider than it was ever intended to stretch, it was pulling itself in straight up her core instead of following the natural curves of her sigmoid colon. Lynn continued to strain, clenching her abdominal muscles tight as she felt her colon being pulled from its natural position on the left side of her belly to the centre. The screw pulled itself deeper and deeper, expanding her gut as it turned. Lynn could feel the skin of her belly stretched around its elongated lump and the coils of the screw undulating under the tight muscles of her belly as it transited under her belly button and into the softer flesh of her upper belly. Soon the entire ten inches of the screw was inside her and her anus closed over the twisting shaft that propelled it. Lynn could feel her colon wrapped tight around it like a glove as the infernal screw continued to turn inside her.

“... ohh FUCK! ...” Lynn grunted loudly, sobbing, “... I ... I ... can't handle this ...”

Dimly she felt Dana's face nuzzling her neck from behind, kissing her, whispering;

“It's okay, honey. Just take it. You can do it. I know you can do it.”

“... nooooooooo! ...” Lynn wailed and twisted on the table as the screw increased its speed. Lynn screamed as she felt the screw pulling down on her colon, forcing the tender fleshy tube down over its coils, pulling her gut toward her anus. She felt her colon's top end sliding up her right side, pulling her small intestine with it.

Lynn felt a strong wave of nausea as her insides were pulled out of position. She gagged, her stomach heaving. With her jaw still clenched tight, Lynn vomited - the water she had drank spraying out between her teeth. She opened her mouth and her stomach emptied, the water and bile rushing up out of her to spatter over the arch and her breasts, to flow down her chin.

Lynn struggled to free herself from Dana's embrace, twisting and trying to jerk her hands free.

“... let go ... let go ...” Lynn gasped, staring up at the blue button knowing that pressing it would end this torment and bring her bliss and release from pain. The sweet soothing blue would become the white of eternity. Dana increased the strength of her grip on Lynn's wrists and hugged her tight.

“You made me promise.” Dana gasped, fighting the struggling woman in her arms.

“... I didn't know it would be this bad ...” Lynn wailed and sobbed as the screw continued to turn inside her, pulling her gut down its length, her colon bunching up around the shaft at her anus. She felt her anus forced open under the pressure there and her rectum distended and pressed out past her now ruined sphincter - Lynn could feel the cool air on her inside-out rectum as it slid down over the rotating shaft.

Above, just under her sternum, Lynn felt the end of her colon pulled onto the screw as it began to gather and pull at her small intestine. She felt it twisting and knotting in her belly. Lynn twisted on the table, thrusting her head back hard, her body jerking and shuddering.

“... I WANT TO DIE!!! ...” Lynn screamed and sobbed. The pain was horrific enough, but to Lynn it felt like her body was being ruined, her insides pulled apart, destroyed by this infernal machine.

Suddenly the screw reversed direction and increased speed, spinning her colon back up its length, bunching it in a heavy lump at the top of her belly. Lynn gagged hard, her stomach convulsing as she felt her insides moving quickly in her abdomen. She felt the tug at her anus and the screw stopped then rotated slowly clockwise once more, again pulling her colon down its length.

Lynn went wild in Dana's arms, thrashing and pulling against her. She screamed gutterally and managed to jerk her right wrist free. As Dana tried to recapture it, Lynn opened her eyes and looked up to locate the blue button. She reached for it, ready to slap it with her palm as Dana clawed at her wrist, pulling it away from the button. Lynn shook Dana's hand off and reached up for the button once more - she was going to end this agony.

Lynn glanced up at the countdown clock: 30 Seconds remained.

“... oh ...” Lynn gasped and sobbed, her body jerking, her chest hitching. 30 seconds of hell. She lowered her right hand, clutching it her own chest, her fingers curling into a claw. She twisted her body toward Dana, turning her face to nuzzle the other woman's arms, “... I'm sorry ... I'm so sorry ...”

“Shhhh, it's okay, honey. It's okay.” Dana said, wiping her tears with the balls of her thumb, stroking her hair away from her cheeks and forehead where it was plastered to the sweat there.

“... hold me ... just hold me ...” Lynn sobbed and gave her body to the machine - to the torment.

And Dana's arms encircled Lynn's hot wet face, holding her and stroking her as the tortured woman sobbed and wept and crying out in pain, the screw turning within her, moving her bowels, causing damage and oh-so-much agony.

The crowd was cheering.

Dana watched the countdown and encouraged Lynn ...

12 - 11 - 10

“Shhhhh, honey. Only a few more seconds.” Dana murmured, her lips close to Lynn's ear.

6 - 5 - 4

“Almost there, baby. Almost there.”

3 - 2 - 1

“... ungh ...” Lynn grunted in surprise as the screw stopped turning inside her and the clamps on her legs gently laid her thighs down and released them. Lynn lifted her knees and squeezed her thighs together. Dana still held her and cooed to her, soothing her as her body shook and quivered.

Lynn was dimly aware of motion behind her as the door to the room opened and the medical personnel entered and told the rest of the women they could leave. Their new bank books and clothing would be waiting for them in the change room.

The room was spinning as Dana gently laid Lynn's head down onto the table top, cushioning it with her palm and stroking Lynn's face. Lynn felt sick to her stomach, her belly a knot of cramping pain.

“You did so good, sweetheart. Thank you so much, Lynn.” Dana said, fighting back tears.

Lynn just swallowed and stared up at the ceiling, assessing the damage done to her body. She could feel that the screw was still inside her, her intestines twisted and knotted around it. Her rectum was still distended, wrapped tight around the shaft of the screw. She lay still, afraid to move, her body shivering and jerking occasionally.

One by one, the other women walked in and out of her field of vision, all thanking her, some blessing her and offering prayers, a few reaching out and touching her as they departed, freed and allowed their lives back because of Lynn's sacrifice.

When the last had gone, two medical people moved into her line of sight.

“Hello Lynn.” one said, “That was the most intense performance Dark Encounters has seen. The Chairman has instructed me to give you the best after care possible.”

“We have an ambulance standing by and the paramedics are bringing the gurney up as we speak.” said the other.

“... body is ... ruined ...” Lynn gasped, her throat so dry.

“I'm confident that we can restore almost complete functionality. We'll be there with you throughout your surgeries and rehabilitation.” the medical waited for Lynn to acknowledge him. She didn't.

“Do you understand me, Lynn?” he asked.

Lynn nodded.

“... thirsty ...” Lynn whispered.

One of the medicals opened a bottle of water and as Dana tilted Lynn's head up he brought it gently to her lips and allowed her a few swallows. The water was cool and quenching, a sweet relief in her parched throat. Her stomach threatened to expel the water but calmed.

“Not too much.” the medical said as he pulled the bottle away. Dana gently lowered Lynn's head back down, cradling it still in her hand.

Without warning, Lynn's right hand lifted and she slapped her palm down on the glowing blue button.

“No!” one of the medicals shouted.

The light turned white.

Lynn felt the rush in her left thigh and the lingering pain vanished from her body. She felt every muscle soften and slacken as a deep tranquility flowed through her. She was aware as Dana turned her head so they looked into each other's eyes.

“Why?” Dana asked, her eyes welling with tears.

“... can't ...” Lynn whispered but was unable to finish her sentence - unable to tell her that she couldn't bear to go through any more torment. Surgery and rehabilitation would just be a continuation of this torture. Lynn needed relief and needed it now. Sensations within her were pulling her away from reality; Her skin was tingling all over and a sweet cramp was building swiftly in her lower belly - the screw within her still a strong presence in her abdomen, but that was now a welcome sensation. Her eyes lost their focus and she stared up at nothing as waves of bliss rolled through her, radiating from her core. She had never felt an orgasm build this strongly or impact her senses this powerfully before.

Dana and the medicals watched as Lynn's body started to quiver, then shake. Her breathing came in small gasps and grunts as her mouth opened. She arched her back, lifting her lower torso on her elbows and the heels of her hands, her fingers clawing at the smooth steel table, pressing her belly upward. Lynn began working her legs also, her heels digging into the table, pushing herself backward through the arch and Dana gasped and covered her mouth when she saw the knotted bulge of the screw still inside Lynn's belly.

Lynn tilted her head back and lifted her chin, gasping, grunting, her eyes crossing and staring sightlessly. Her muscles clenched hard then and she let out a wet grunt as the cords in her neck tightened once more. Her body shook hard, jerking as her muscles fired out of sequence as though she were having a seizure. Her nipples were tight and erect, her face flushed deeply as she strained in her orgasm.

Suddenly Lynn let out a groaning gasp of air and her body went slack, slapping wetly and heavilly onto the table, her eyes still crossed and open, her mouth loose, her belly twitching then laying still. Dana watched as Lynn's nipples softened.

One of the medicals reached down and gently closed Lynn's eyes.

Lynn's hell had lasted ten minutes, but - for her at least - her final orgasm lasted an eternity.