Her Silence

by Erotickynk

The main topic at the cocktail party that followed the monthly Dark Encounters main performance - once the body was removed of course - was the young woman's stoic silence during the show.

The room for this show was decorated much differently than was usual for Dark Encounters. Instead of the tastefully muted lighting, fabrics and props in the largest ballroom in the private mansion, the invite-only crowd of the city's wealthy and kinky elite found themselves entering a stark white brightly lit room with a stocked glass topped bar at one end, a white chair at the other, and in the centre a raised white platform. From out of the platform protruded an armature that held aloft a five foot shaft. Near it was a small white button. The shaft itself had a tapered end with a sharp tip - the shaft's length and the armature was brightly polished stainless steel. The audience members were invited to touch the shaft to get a feel for it. Sanitary precautions were not going to be required by the performance artist this evening.

The young woman was already seated in the white chair, her skin was tanned and henna designs decorated her hands, feet, arms and face. Her long hair was free and loose. The girl was shaved clean from the neck down and was relaxed in the chair as another young woman slowly massaged and worked her between her thighs. The young woman ignored the audience as her attendant helped her and only those who wandered close saw that she was highly sexually aroused. If one stood close and studied her face long enough, one could see when she orgasmed - as she stared at the far wall, her eyes would suddenly lose focus and her lips would part.

At the appointed time, the young woman arose and made her way through the crowd to the raised platform, her assistant following. Her assistant produced a large square of white cardboard from under the platform and held it up on one side of the shaft. A bright red outline of the shaft appeared on the cardboard. As she shifted the cardboard under, on top, and to the other side of the shaft, the red outline of the shaft appeared. Audience members understood that hidden lasers were cued to indicate the shaft's position from all sides.

The assistant then put the cardboard away and produced a jar of thick clear lubricant which she liberally coated the shaft with. She then put this away, kissed the young woman on her cheek and walked away to stand by a wall.

The young woman then climbed up onto the platform and positioned herself on her hands and knees, looking over her shoulder and moving her bottom until it was aligned with the shaft. She was positioned so her right hand was beside the small button.

The audience gathered around the platform and waited.

The young woman closed her eyes and took a deep breath and slowly let it out. Then - without fanfare - she pressed the small button and there was an audible 'click'. The shaft began to move very slowly. The young woman waited almost an entire minute before she gently moved her body backward, feeling for the tip of the shaft with her bottom. Once she'd found it, she rolled her hips until the tip of the shaft touched her vulva, She moved slightly more and the tip parted her labia and she gently rolled her hips, the tip of the shaft smearing her opening with the lubricant.

The armature continued its slow forward movement and soon the tip of the shaft was penetrating her vagina. Occasionally the laser lights would trace the shift's outline onto her smooth skin, showing the audience the shaft's progress inside her. The girl remained in an upright pose on her hands and knees, her head held high and her eyes closed. She breathed softly through her nose, her full lips closed and expressionless.

It was at this point when another element of the multi-media performance appeared; A section of all four walls opened to reveal large screen television monitors. At first the audience members were puzzled at what they were seeing, then they realized and a few gasps were heard. The end of the shaft had a micro camera and light built into it and the audience suddenly saw the interior of the young woman's vagina, the walls shiny and deep pink, her cervix in the distance with both clear and milky fluids mixing and puddling beneath it.

During this part of the show, audience members spoke quietly to each other as they moved casually around the platform to take in different angles or walked to the bar to refresh their drinks. It took fifteen minutes before the lasered position of the shaft and the screens above revealed that it was approaching her cervix.

The young woman continued to gently rotate her hips and the audience saw her subtle reaction as the sharp shaft pressed deep inside her. Her lips parted and those close could hear a sharp intake of breath. The girl rocked forward on her hands and knees and positioned herself - her belly and hips moving. On the screens her cervix loomed as she moved herself in relation to the shaft until it was centered there. Then she pressed back, applying a firm pressure as the point of the shaft began the process of opening her cervix.

The young woman lowered her head, her hair hanging down around her face and breathed now through her mouth and nose. Her breathing rate had increased slightly and it was audible to those nearest her.

As the shaft moved forward, the young woman began a gentle rocking, forward and back, only a half inch or so, seeming to help the shaft work her inside. The audience was becoming more attentive now. There was less talk and some held glasses that were empty. The screens above on the walls showed the shaft was firmly inside the cervix and was sliding ever so slowly through that tight fleshy channel.

The first beads of sweat appeared on the young woman's skin during this stage of the show and her breathing increased in speed and became erratic and quivering. As the shaft continued to work into her, the young woman was slowly pushed forward and at one point opened her eyes and looked up at the screen in front of her. She then purposefully pressed back against the shaft and all watched as the shaft slid deeper, the tip appearing to be near the opening of her uterus. The young woman held her breath and her mouth opened in a silent O as she continued to press back. Suddenly the shaft slid inside her uterus. There was a murmur in the audience and the woman closed her eyes, a breathy soft ... oh ... coming from her lips.

The young woman slowly lowered her upper body down until her forehead touched the platform, sliding her arms out in front of her while keeping her bottom high in the air. She then spread her hands outward palms down and turned her face to one side, lowering her upper body until her chest was flat on the platform. She remained in this position for some time as the shaft worked deep into her uterus. Soon the tip was pressing firmly at the top of her uterus.

The woman kept her eyes closed and her breathing worked into a steady quivering pant as the shaft applied more and more pressure on her uterus. Her face showed a mix of emotions as she struggled; fear, lust, wonder, and always pain.

The laser outlined the shaft deep inside her, the tip even with her belly button.

The young woman pushed up with her hands and lifted herself up off the platform. Her skin was now shiny with sweat, droplets of it running down her face, flanks and breasts to drip off her nose, chin, and nipples.

She pressed back against the shaft and her thighs quivered with the effort. Her face contorted in silent agony and she lifted one knee off the platform and placed that foot down, working her pelvis, rolling her hips. Her belly undulating, tightening and loosening in turn. Those to her rear could see her labia was being pulled inside of her as the shaft stretched her within.

Only one audience member who was standing close to the young woman's head and studying her face heard the soft quavering ... oh fuck ... from the girl as the pressure built inside her. The young woman's fingers curled and her nails scraped the top of the platform.

Suddenly the girl gasped and her eyes opened wide. Those behind her saw her labia reappear and the tension leave her vagina. The screen showed coils of wet pink intestine on the screen. Some in the audience jumped from the suddenness of it. The shaft was through her sex organs and into her belly cavity. She lowered her leg and kneeled once more.

The Young woman closed her eyes and panted like a woman in labour, then she opened her eyes and looked up and saw that blood was flowing sporadically between the coils of her intestines. She turned her head and looked at her assistant and shook her head slightly. The assistant touched something on the wall and the screens went dark and the panels closed.

The young woman appeared to calm during this stage of the performance, breathing in a measured way and remaining on all fours as the shaft continued through her. Only her face indicated that there was movement in her belly, at times her face twitched in surprise, at other times her mouth would open and she would gasp or she would bite her lower lip. Occasionally the lasers would light up the position of the shaft as it worked from the top of her uterus to the sac of her stomach.

A murmur rolled softly through the audience as a number of people noticed the girl's belly was swelling - she was bleeding internally.

The young woman opening her eyes and staring at the floor while she slowly parted her lips subtly marked the beginning of the end. She first swallowed with difficulty and shuddered, her face grimacing as though she was tasting something sour. Then her mouth opened and she coughed. Her tongue protruded and she gagged, and swallowed repeatedly. She began to gasp for air, panting erratically, her belly rolling, her thighs shaking. Tendrils of clear drool slipped from her lower lip and puddled on the platform in front of her.

The lasers lit up and the outline of the shaft was in her stomach.

The audience moved as the assistant walked to the platform, climbed atop it and knelt at the young woman's hip. She reached up and eased two fingers under the shaft and into the girl's vagina and began to massage the girl's g-spot. A small mercy, all would later agree.

The young woman's face flushed and her eyelids drooped as she swallowed repeatedly. Then her mouth opened and blood tinted drool slipped from her lips over her chin. She squeezed her eyes closed and gagged, heaved, a long tendril of milky fluid streaked red slithering out of her mouth and hanging from her lower lip. She continued to struggle, gagging, her belly heaving. Her breathing coming in fitful gasps. Then her breathing became strained. Then stopped completely.

Her face turned a deeper crimson and her eyes watered as she struggled. The cords on her neck tightened and her throat worked as the shaft slid slowly up toward her mouth. A wet sound echoed in the room as the young woman's bladder released, spraying against the palm of her assistant's hand as she continued to massage her g-spot. The young woman's thighs squeezed together and her belly quivered violently, her eyes squeezing shut and her lips tightened in a grimace. All agreed later that this was the point the young woman experienced her last orgasm. The assistant confirming this in the post performance talk.

Still quivering from her orgasm, the young woman lowered her head and her hands slapped hard on the platform. Wet sounds were coming from her throat as she continued to swallow - no doubt trying to force the shaft back down her throat in her building panic - working it with the root of her tongue. Her thighs and calves were now shaking badly and her toes drummed a tattoo on the platform.

She lifted her head, her chin high, her jaw clenched shut. One of her hands opened and closed repeatedly, her fingernails scratching at the smooth platform. Her face grimaced and everyone heard the metallic 'click' as the tip of the shaft contacted her front teeth. Her mouth was forced open and she opened her eyes to stare at nothing as the shaft slid out past her lips, her jaw quivering and teeth chattering on the metal shaft. She twisted her body, squirming for a moment, as though trying to escape her fate - her pelvis rolled as though she were humping the shaft, but its rigidity inside her allowed very little movement. Her belly spasmed hard and her cheeks plumped as she gagged and heaved, more milky blood streaked fluids oozing past her lips.

It appeared then that she was calming, but was in fact in the last seconds of her life. Her eyes lost focus. Her body stilled, her belly grew loose and hung below her. Above her vagina - tightened by the shaft and her assistant's fingers - her anus opened and gaped. The young woman's arms gave out and she flopped forward, her sweat covered breasts making a wet slap as they struck the platform. Her thighs went limp and her body appeared to relax, suspended with her round bottom still in the air and her face on the platform. She lay still for a moment like that, then she spasmed hard and shook violently as though she were having a seizure but it was in fact her body desperate to cling to life - to expend the last of its energy to buy a few more minutes. Soon her body calmed once more and she appeared to sag, giving in to death at last.

The assistant slid her fingers from the young woman's vagina and with the same hand closed the girl's eyes.

The young woman's stoic silence was indeed the major topic of discussion at the cocktail party that followed.