Ride It

by Erotickynk

I am aware of the warmth and humidity in the grand ballroom and of the murmur of hundreds of excited voices punctuated by cries of pain or ecstasy. The room smells of so many things - sweat, sex, urine, feces, vomit, and blood.

I am also aware of Marni who is on display right in front of me on the midway spit, her head hanging down, her long hair waving like a blond curtain around her face, her long legs shaking in the straps and the round twin globes of her bum quivering as another ball whips past the small metal target attached to the device she is mounted on. Like many of us her arms are tied securely behind her back. I'm pretty sure the sharp tip of the spit is deep in her uterus by now and I see that she is up on her tip-toes, trying to keep it from breaking through into her tummy.

I am aware that time is moving way too quickly now and that I am very scared.

But I'm most aware of the girl kneeling between my open thighs as she fluffs me to get me ready for my turn on the stage.

Like all the girls who have and will die tonight I spent the past year being indulged by the Dark Encounters people - nothing was denied me - travel, luxury, adventures, sex, drugs, and endless parties. A year seemed like such a long time when I agreed to all this, but it was over too quickly. Even tonight, things are speeding past in a blur - it seems like only minutes ago I was awakened from my benzo-nap and led down the hallway to my bath and massage. Me padding along barefoot, all frowzy with sleep, rubbing my eyes, wearing a t- top and my satin shorts, still feeling that my imminent death was a distant event. The bath was hot and included a high colonic so I am clean inside and out and the massage was pure heaven. And now, slumped naked in this chair with my legs open to the crowded room like the slut I became over this past year, I am getting very close to orgasm as this sweet girl works me with her slender fingers and supple lips and tongue. In the audience I see a few people watching me specifically - some of the members do that, follow a girl's story throughout her year and then watch her from start to finish on Orgy night.

I am panting now, the sexual tension growing toward an orgasm in my lower belly, the small muscles in my tummy twitching. My eyes are on Marni as another member throws a ball overhand and misses the small round target - the ball thumping against the wall a few feet to my right followed by cat calls from the gathered crowd.

The girl between my thighs pauses and presses the flat of her hand firm against my mound and looks up into my eyes.

“Do you want to cum? Or just to stay on the edge?” she asks, her bedroom eyes telling me she feels true empathy for me and wants to make this as easy for me as she can.

I glance across the ballroom and see a short-haired girl hanging from a noose, kicking wildy as she strangles, her face grimacing and darkening - the muscles in her belly working.

“I want to cum, but can you keep fluffing me until ... well, until I go up?”

“Of course.” she says and removes her hand, kissing my clit lightly.

Her soft mouth closes over my mound once more and her tongue finds my own softness as I continue to watch the short-haired girl and it only takes another moment before her kicking slows to spasms and twitching. As I watch, her belly sags and her bowels empty and she swings slowly dying, her mouth working, surrounded by admirers.

My girl slides two fingers into my cunt and they go in so easily I know I am sopping and oily. I hear a 'clang' as a ball hits Marni's target and the device 'thumps' loudly, driving the spit up into her belly another six inches.

“Ungh!” Marni cries out and I see that she has been lifted off her feet - her toes curling and her thighs quivering, the large muscles in her bum tight as she tries to grip the shaft buried so deep inside her. Slowly she slides down the shaft, the sharp tip of the diamond shaped spit working through her intestines toward her stomach.

Marni groans wordlessly as her feet slowly come to rest flat on the floor. Her knees buckle but the straps on her thighs keep her from sliding down further.

As her feet flatten on the floor she gags and heaves, lifting her head and shaking it - drool spraying from her lips ... the shaft no doubt right through her gut and pressing up against the sac of her stomach now.

My girl slides one finger into my anus and deep into my rectum and begins to finger fuck me in both holes. She sucks hard on my clit and I feel my orgasm begin to quiver inside me.

Marni slowly lifts her chin and tilts her head back, knowing what the last shot will do to her.

“Do it!” Marni cries out wetly, a soft gurgle in her throat, squeezing her eyes shut then opening her mouth. She is still gagging and heaving when the guy in the tuxedo winds up and throws the ball hard and hits the target right in the centre. There is a loud 'bang' and the shaft is driven hard, right up Marni's throat and out through her open mouth. Her eyes open wide and her body goes into spasms, her legs lifting - breaking the straps and her feet kicking as she slowly dies.

And I am just about ready to cum when they call my name and two sets of hands are on my arms, lifting me from my chair and my girl is getting up from her knees.

“I'm sorry, honey” she says as they lead me forward to the next spit. This one isn't the midway game kind - it's a hydraulic affair that protrudes up out of the stage. The main shaft is round but the top foot is a diamond cut with a sharp tapered point. My girl falls in behind me and I feel her fingers slip between the oily crease of my bottom and her fingertips find my anus.

“I'll stay with you, honey” she whispers near my left ear, ”try to make it better for you”

“Thank you” I reply and I hear the weak whimper in my own voice.

I stare at the shaft as we near it and I can see it is at a height that will put it deep in my vagina. There are two other attendants getting the leg stirrups ready to strap me down and for some reason that upsets me more than anything.

“Wait.” I hear my own quavering voice before I think it through, “I want to ride it down. Let me ride it? Please?”

I look to either side and see that the two holding my bound arms are body builder types - real muscled women with just a shred of femininity left. One is listening to a voice in her ear bud and nods. She looks at her partner and says “Okay”. So they take the stirrups away and as I stand and stare at the shaft it slides up out of the stage floor until it's about level with my sternum. Without pause they both reach down and grip my thighs and lift and I am being carried forward over the spit.

Looking down at it is worse - I can see the sharp tip and how thick it is. The fact that the top section is diamond cut is disconcerting for me - I wonder what it will feel like inside me. With my arms secured behind my back I struggle to maintain my balance as the women raise me up and align me with the shaft. Oh God, things are moving way too fast. I feel a cold rush through my bowels as they lower me. I feel the tip of the shaft part my labia and I am surprised that it is warm - I expected the steel to be cold, and I suppose I should be thankful that the Dark Encounters people are thoughtful enough to heat up the spits.

I am being lowered now and if I weren't so scared I would appreciate the feeling of being penetrated. The shaft is huge inside me as I slide down onto it - filling me - filling me with its sharp menace. It's hard - harder than anything I've ever felt and oh dear God my cunt feels so tight around it.

“Line it up, honey.” says the fluffer as she steadies me with a hand on my lower back and lower belly, “Line it up with your cervix. You don't want it ripping through your vag wall.”

I can't think so I follow her directions, rotating my pelvis, feeling the sharp tip inside me. I can hear myself making small whimpering sounds and I am powerless to stop them. I try to envision the tip in the small puckered opening of my cervix and I'm wondering how I will know what that feels like ... and suddenly I feel it. The sweet pressure there tells me it's in place.

“... okay ... okay ... okay ...” is all I can manage to whimper and right away the two women lower me further and I feel the tip trying to force its way up through the tight opening of my cervix. I curl my upper body forward and open my thighs wide, planting the soles of my feet on either side of the shaft, gripping it as tight as I can. The two women move their grips to my shins and support me that way as I slip a little lower and the real pressure begins.

“... oh god ...” my voice is a mewling whine as I settle into this position, my thighs quivering as I grip the shaft with my feet, my upper body curled forward, my tits hanging loose in front of me, my belly tight. I realize I am gritting my teeth and hissing my breath through them. I feel spittle wetting my lower lip and running down my chin.

I envision how I look - like a wanton slut preparing to fuck this deadly shaft for the amusement and titillation of the audience. I move my pelvis and feel the sweet pressure inside me - my g-spot starts throbbing. Though I am scared to death, this feels like it will be the fuck of my life. I start moving myself by clenching my belly muscles and humping the shaft slowly.

“... oh fuck yeah ...” I hear myself as I squeeze my eyes shut and ride the shaft like I'd ride a cock. But in too short a time I notice that the pressure inside me is growing, the tip is working itself up into my cervix ... opening me ... moving upward, trying to force its way up into my uterus - and no matter how tight I clench my belly and no matter how much I squeeze my feet together, I am slowly sliding down. The fluffer's deft fingertips find my nipples and I realize how tight and puckered they are when they tingle as she strokes and twirls them.

“Gunna cum, honey?” she asks and I can hear the delight in her voice.

“... fuck ... yeah ... oh yeah ...” I gasp as I feel an orgasm building fast in the tight meat of my sex. I am humping the shaft harder now, feeling it creep deeper into me, opening my cervix, forced up into my uterus. My feet keep slipping on the shaft as I try to maintain my grip and I am now aware that my body is growing slippery with sweat. The aching pain in my lower belly is growing but it is blending with my building orgasm.

My orgasm hits me hard and totally takes me by surprise, rising fast and bursting inside my belly like a wet explosion. My body convulses and the sweet feelings and the ache intensify to a level that makes my head spin and for a moment I feel like I might pass out. But I maintain consciousness and through it all wave after wave of pleasure pulses through my belly. I hear myself cry out loudly, groaning and grunting as I cum and in the midst of it all I feel my feet slip - my right foot slips right off the shaft and I hear one of the women supporting me, swear in surprise. I slide down the shaft and I feel it slide deep into my uterus, filling that too. I am aware that the tip is pressing against the top of my uterus right below my belly button. I scramble to get my feet planted back on the shaft and grip it tight. I know I am one slip away from death, but the shaft moving dangerously deep inside me prolongs my orgasm instead of stopping it. I keep coming, hearing myself grunting like a whore as I cum.

My orgasm slowly rumbles back to a state of high arousal and I am left trembling and weak, my thighs shaking badly now.

My lower belly is tight and full and is throbbing, pulsing with my pounding heartbeat. I have truly come to enjoy this blend of fear and sexual torment, knowing I am halfway impaled and only thinking of that - not concerning myself with what is to come.

“... I can ... cum again ...” I gasp, resuming my humping the shaft, now feeling it moving so deep inside me, the tip scratching at the top of my uterus like a live thing wanting to burst through into my belly. To have my uterus filled like this is new and wonderful and terrifying. I look out and see the gathered crowd is watching me with delight, I can see that many of the men have erections tenting their trousers and some of the women's hardened nipples are visible under the thin material of their evening gowns. They have gathered to watch me die and the thought sends a shiver through my body and yet I also feel a strong sexual tug in my cunt.

The fluffer's right hand strokes its way down from my chest, over my swollen sweaty belly and finds my mound. Her delicate fingers centre on my clit and begin to massage there firmly.

“... oh god ... yes ...” my voice is weak and mewling as I feel my next orgasm start almost immediately. This time I feel the muscles in my belly slowly tightening and the tighter they become the stronger my pleasure grows.

“... ungh ...” I grunt long and low, my upper body curling forward and my knees coming together on their own, making it near to impossible to grip the shaft with my feet. As my body tightens its grip the shaft inside me and I ride my orgasm up to its peak, my head hangs down and drool flows in tendrils from my open lips. I have never felt my body do anything like this before - never have felt an orgasm this strong - never have known that my muscles were capable of this level of prolonged tension. The fleeting thought that my body will be sore tomorrow comes to me and the irony and terror that follows it is strong; There will be no tomorrows ... I need to be mindful of my experience in this moment.

My orgasm holds for a long time and I only become aware that I have been holding my breath all through it when it begins to release my body from its cramping.

“...nghAH!” I cry out as I feel the release, then suddenly it resurges in me - my belly clenching tight once more and another short flash of intense pleasure flares in my belly. This last wave of pleasure leaves me shuddering and gasping for air. I open my thighs again, splaying my knees apart and planting my feet tight together, gripping the shaft. I push up hard on the shaft, trying to lift myself from it to relieve myself of the sharp pain I suddenly become aware of at the top of my uterus.

Then I feel the hands firmly but gently grip my ankles. Another hand presses against my chest between my tingling breasts.

“It's time, honey” comes a voice.

“Straighten up.” comes another, as the hand on my chest presses me slowly up into an upright position.

“... no ...” I whimper.

“It's time to take it into your tummy.” I hear the fluffers' soft voice as her hands now stroke my long belly.

“... please ... I'm not ready ...”, I hear my own plaintive and weakened voice whine but I know my pleading is pointless.

And my feet slip from the shaft as my ankles are pulled back and up behind me, stretching my belly out as my knees bend and come together. I feel my weight come to a slow rest on the sharp tip of the shaft inside my sex - the feelings are immediate and intense.

“.... oh ... oh ... fffffuck ....” I cry out and feel my face redden as I strain and clench my belly muscles once more, but this time to trap the shaft inside me so I don't slide down further. But it is no use - I feel the sharp penetration as the shaft parts and slides through my inner flesh and I slowly slide downward. I feel it sliding up through my intestines as I slowly sink onto the shaft.

“AH!” I cry out loud as I am overwhelmed by this slow penetration.

“Shhhhh.” the fluffer's soothing voice sounds closer to me now, “Just relax and let it happen.” And she is massaging my tight belly muscles to try to help me relax, but in my growing panic I cannot. I look out into the crowd and see a gathering of lustful faces, many wide-eyes as they watch my impalement.

One of the muscular women's hands slide up from my chest and gently cradles my throat.

“Don't fight me now, hon. Tilt your head back.” she says so calmly that I wonder how many times she has done this. But I don't tilt my head back and so she does it for me - her strong fingers digging into my throat just under my jaw. I open my mouth to cry out but it is then that I feel the shaft compressing my stomach. I gag hard and heave at this new intensity, then comes the flare of pain and I know the shaft tip has penetrated my stomach and I am sliding down the shaft further. I can feel the dull hum as the hydraulics push the shaft upward from the floor.

It's inside my stomach now, moving ... moving ... moving ever upward. And my throat and gullet is locked in a continual heave. I try to stop it so I can cry out in my dying breath, but all that comes out is a sick wet gurgle.

“... glurrrp ...” and the shaft is in my gullet now, sliding up my throat - the diamond cut edges painful in the roundness of my insides. Too soon I felt it compressing the root of my tongue and my jaw is forced open by its hard presence. I feel it slide up my tongue from the inside and it scrapes along my upper teeth as it slides up out past my lips.

I am impaled now - totally penetrated by this steel cock. The familiar hands release me and I slowly slide down the shaft. I am choking on the shaft, still gagging as it moves through my gullet. I feel my stomach heave hard and blood and bile plump my cheeks before the fluid spurts from my lips. I feel my feet contact the floor, but I have no strength to get them under me, so I allow myself to sink - my knees bending, my thighs opening passively until I am sitting on the floor in a perversion of a cross-legged yoga position.

I stare at the ceiling as the crowd applauds and it gets dark. So very dark, so very fast.

Oh! ... impaled ...