by Erotickynk

She is concentrating on her breathing and it is amazing to watch how it helps her keep it together. I mean, it's pretty wild to watch someone have their belly opened from cunt to sternum and not be screaming in agony and I'm getting shivers running up and down my body watching her take it. I'm so close I can smell her. I glance over at the three tuxedoed hosts as they debate my request. Every now and then one glances over at me - they all look so serious.

Amber lets out a quivery little sigh and I look back down at her to see that her belly is now open from her mound up to her belly button. A plump pink coil of her colon is bulging up from below the knife and her tummy is quivering and making it jiggle..

It began a few minutes ago just after Kim was beheaded. That's when Amber got up and walked over to her table where Serge awaited her. She'd been fucking a lot of guys all evening and by the time she got to her table she was really sweaty and - to be blunt - pretty stinky. Her armpits were strong with the sharp scent of fear sweat and her crotch was a matted musky mess, but if she didn't care, neither did I. Actually the pure animal smell of her body turns me on.

I've been a guest at Dark Encounters three times for individual shows but this is my first Orgy of Deadly Delights and the first time I've come solo.

My husband left me, you see. For a younger woman of course. Yeah, great for the ego. And what's even greater for the ego is that his lawyers are almost untouchable in the legal community and the little money I got is almost gone.

It's an odd hopeless sort of feeling to watch one's future fade away to nothing. Mix that up with unbridled horniness and this place and who knows what can happen.

Amber lets out a low moan - the kind children do in their sleep when they are weak and feverish. She squirms slowly ... almost gently as Serge saws his knife skillfully in and out, up through the tough knot of scar tissue of her belly button. I feel a flood of sexual tingling begin deep in my sex and radiate through-out my body - it weakens my thighs, makes makes my bum go all shiver-bumps, makes my belly shiver and my nipples tighten and pucker. These sexual sensations are so strong that I feel light headed and I'm afraid my legs are going to give out on me. I want to cum so bad right now.

Those feelings began when Amber hopped up on her platform and sat for a moment then swung her legs up and laid back, adjusting her body until she was positioned just right. She did some deep breathing, then looked up into Serge's eyes and he knew she was ready.

Serge is an old hand at his craft - Amber is the third girl he's done a mid-line gutting to tonight alone. He positioned the large buck knife just above Amber's mound with the sharp edge facing upward - pointing the way for the gutting to come - then gripped the handle tight in his right hand and placed his left palm on top of the hilt. Serge then leaned forward, not applying pressure yet, just getting his chest against the top of his left hand - I learned it takes a lot of force to press a blade into a human belly. Sure - a swift hard stab will do it easily, but Serge wants it to sink in slowly and steadily to maximize the sensation of penetration for Amber. Amber lifted her head and looked at the blade dimpling her soft lower tummy and when her eyes met Serge's, he smiled and turned his attention to the point of the knife and let his weight slowly come down on it. Amber's tummy dimpled under the tip - the dimple growing deeper and deeper as Serge pressed harder and harder. Amber's lips pressed tight together, her eyes stared up at the ceiling, and her eyebrows tightened. Below I watched her belly muscles clench tight and suddenly the dimple released - the knife slowly sunk deep into Amber's lower belly. Amber's hands had lifted at that moment and for a moment I thought she would grasp Serge's hands to stop him, but instead she gripped the top of her pelvis on each side and held herself, pressing down to keep herself still. Such a brave amazing girl!

That's when I felt my first strong sexual rush; you see, I could imagine the feeling of that blade penetrating through her bladder and uterus, then deep into her bowels - impaling her. The thought made me feel wild with a sick desire to feel that too.

Once the blade was hilt-deep in her belly, Amber let out a breathy sigh, her body relaxed and Serge began to saw the blade in and out, starting his line up her abdomen. It was while watching this that I caught my breath and waved one of the hosts over. When he arrived at my side all smiles and hospitality and lowered his head near mine, I whispered my request in his ear. It was fun to see the expression on his face when he asked if I was sure. I nodded and smiled and off he went to confer with his colleagues.

Amber is shaking now - the softness of her belly jiggling like jello, her full fatty thighs making wet pattering sounds on the plastic sheet under her, her hands shaking badly, opening and closing at her sides.

I see that the hosts have finished their conclave and the one I first talked to is returning to me with his answer. Serge is sawing up the top of Amber's belly, through the softer, thinner muscles there. Amber at last cries out; “Agh!” and squirms on the platform. She gags and chokes and tiny flecks of blood spatter up and over her chin and throat.

It won't be long now.

“Your request is granted, madam.” the host whispers in my ear, “You may change your mind until the penetration - then it is too late.”

“I understand” I whisper back as Amber gags again - harder this time. Serge is sawing high in her belly now, no doubt splitting the top of her colon and penetrating her stomach with the blade.

“Do you wish female or male assistants?” the host asks.

I smile. “Female please.” I answer, “Strong ones.”

Amber is calming now, her head resting with her face upward, staring at the ceiling again. Her mouth opens and I see her throat working - her mouth fills with blood and it flows over her cheeks. She coughs and swallows.

Serge is masturbating her with his left hand now - his two middle fingers inside her cunt and working there rapidly, his movements making her body move in small violent jerks. Amber coughs wetly, then moans weakly. Her ruined body squirms slowly on the table and one hand moves up to stroke her own cheek. Her face grimaces and it looks like she's in pain, but I know that she is cumming slowly and sweetly. Her orgasm must be growing in intensity because her head and shoulders lift from the table and she stares at nothing, her eyes actually crossing slightly and her face showing confusion with the bliss and pain that must be flooding her dying body.

At last she lets out a weak little grunt and her head and shoulders fall back.

I feel feminine hands on my body, stroking me through my thin gown. As I watch Amber breathing her last, I can smell my two girls - the smell of clean sweat because it is so warm in the room, and the faint scent of their sex. Their hands roam over my body but my eyes are on Amber ...

Amber lies still now with only her head moving slowly from side to side, her eyes searching but not focusing on anything, her mouth opening and closing but not saying anything. Her bows furrow and she appears confused as she lays dying.

The girls' hands move over me, exciting me, then slipping my gown from me, pulling it down my body to puddle at my feet. My panties next. I don't wear a bra - my breasts sag a bit but not too much yet.

Amber is making a fluttering gurgling sound in her throat interrupted by little desperate whimpers. Her face tells of small rushes of fear just before her eyes close for the last time. She lays still for a moment.

One of the girls unlaces the long straps of my shoes from my calves as the other strokes my nipples and lays a trail of kisses on my neck, my ear lobe, my cheek.

Amber grunts as her body spasms and she squirms hard, her bottom lifting from the table, a long coil of her intestines slithering from her belly. Then she flops, her soft bottom slaps wetly on the plastic sheet. Quickly two men lift the plastic sheet over her and remove her body, her form limp and heavy inside the starkness of the wrapping. Blood dribbles a line across the floor as she is removed and another man lays a fresh plastic sheet on the table. My sheet. My table now.

Things are moving fast now - much faster that I anticipated. The fear is setting in, but also the excitement building within me. I step out of my shoes and the girls are helping me to the table. My thighs are weak and shaky. Serge is wiping his knife clean and the crowd around us grows. Word must have spread quickly that a guest has volunteered.

The plastic crinkles under my bum as the girls half lift me up onto the table. Their hands are gentle but firm as they lift my legs and help me lay down. My heart is pounding in my chest.

Am I really doing this?

Am I truly ready to die?

God, I am so horny I can barely stand it.

I glance around at the crowd that now encircles us and all I see is shapes - faces blur. That must be the fear. One of my girls stands on the opposite side from Serge, near my hip - her hands stroking my thighs and mound. The other girl stands at the head of the table, leaning over me, her busy fingers teasing my nipples. My sexual arousal is huge - almost overwhelming - I know this is what is driving me tonight and I don't fucking care.. I look up into the eyes of the girl above me.

“Hold me down.” I whisper as the thought comes into my head - knowing I'm going to need that even though Amber didn't. And she smiles sweetly and reaches out, her hands gripping my upper arms just above the crook of my elbows, her firm small breasts inches from my mouth. She lets her weight come down and pins my arms to the table.

The other grips my legs just above the knees and she too presses down. I am pinned, and I feel my heart skip a beat as the tip of Serge's knife meets the firm spot on my mound just above my pubic bone. I lift my head and see that he grips the knife with one hand, the palm of the other atop it and his chest resting on that. I recognize the posture. He looks into my eyes.

I can't do it. I can't meet his gaze and ask for it to happen to me. I lay my head back and close my eyes and I feel the soft hair of the girl holding my arm slide sensually across my throat. I open my eyes slightly and see that she is leaning down, a quizzical look on her face.

“Don't make me ask for it.” I whisper to her and close my eyes. Her hair strokes up my chin and is gone so I know she has raised her head. I feel her hands tighten on my arms and her companion's hands tighten and bear more weight down on my legs. She must have given Serge and the other girl a silent signal to start.

I feel the pressure and the dimpling start just above my pubic bone. It digs deep, pressing hard. I didn't realize how hard the pressure would be - my pelvis is pinned firm to the table as Serge presses his weight down. I feel the sharpness. The tip breaking through skin and fat.

This is happening.



My belly tightens all on its own, the muscles clenching hard as though my body is trying to stop the penetration. I feel the tip pressing hard against muscle now and that hurts and feels impossible, but the tip presses deep and it feels like a bruise more than a cut.

“AH!” I cry out. I can't help it. I squirm hard and twist my body and as soon as I do the girl at my legs lets go and lays the flat of her hands on the wings of my pelvis, pressing my hips down flat, putting all her weight and strength into it to hold me still. My bum is tight to the table now. She is stronger than I am.

"... ngh! ..." one wet grunt and there it is ...

The knife is inside me now, moving steadily and slowly deep ... deep ... deep. There is a momentary scraping as the tip scratches across the top of my pubic bone, then I feel the sharp pressure on my bladder and an instant later I feel it burst inside me. Then my uterus is slowly impaled by the blade, penetrated ... pierced all the way through. And the blade continues to slide into me.


In ...

... side.


I hear a low growling whine and realize that I am making the sound as I still try to twist away, held firm in the hands of the girls, pinning me tight to the table. The blade is still moving inward, deeper and deeper. Dear sweet god, how long is that blade? I am feeling it in places I have felt nothing touch before. Then at last I feel the hilt contact my tight belly, but Serge - sweet Serge, the master - presses it firmer into me and holds it tight there, the hilt presseing hard against the firmness of my mound.

I realize that Serge is giving me a moment to get accustomed to the knife being inside me. I will my body to untighten, allowing the girls to hold me in position now. My legs now free, I open my thighs, drawing my feet upward and letting my knees flop open wide. I lay still and breathe, feeling the slight movements of the knife in my gut as my belly rises and falls with each breath. I am so aware of that knife in my belly - buried in my sex and bowels.

I whimper as I let the sensations flow through me. My sexual excitement is still there and I am so happy about that. And with it is the amazing presence of hard steel inside my gut - penetrating me. And soon he will begin to saw the blade in and out of me and perform the midline gutting that I volunteered for.

I feel the girl pressing down on my hips ease off the pressure - tentatively, seeing if I move. I don't and as a reward, her slender hands stroke down over my loins and my inner thighs and two sweet fingers slide up inside my cunt and hook there, the pads of her fingers finding the mushy swelling of my g-spot. She begins to massage it.

“Oh baby ...” I coo and roll my head to the side, feeling an orgasm begin its slow build. I lift my hands and the girl at my head lets go of my arms and reaches up, taking my hands in hers, our fingers interlacing. These girls seem to know exactly what I want at every step. The girl near me lowers her torso, so her right nipple brushes my lips. I kiss then suckle it, flicking my tongue over its puckering tip just the way I like it done and I am again rewarded, but this time by hearing her faint whimper.

The girl between my thighs is working me faster now, her hooked fingers rapidly pulling up tight against the roof of my cunt, hammering my g-spot. I squirm as she does, the nearest girl's nipple popping from my mouth, I feel my orgasm building fast and each movement I make stirs the sweet sharp agony of the blade inside my belly.


My orgasm comes out of nowhere and bursts inside my belly. I shudder and gasp with the intensity and as I am cumming I feel the knife pulling upward, an amazing sucking sensation as Serge begins the process of gutting me. I am still cumming when Serge pushes the knife back down into me and the sensation is amazing ... I feel the sharpness now and a strange bliss blends with my orgasm. Out, then in - buried to the hilt - sawing slowly and deliberately, the blade tugging at my muscles and skin.

“... oh fuck ... oh fuck ... oh fuck ...” I groan out my mantra, tightening my belly muscles as Serge saws my gut open, working his way toward my belly button and - god help me - I am in bliss. The girl at my hip continues to finger-fuck my g-spot hard and Serge is like a machine.

“...don't stop ... don't stop ...” I whimper, because I want this to proceed just as it is in this moment. I don't want to pause and have the reality flood me - the thought that my life is ending hovers like a jackal at the edge of my awareness and I am working hard to keep it at bay - just concentrating on the sensations running riot through my body.

“Do it!” I hear the excited voice of the girl holding my hands say to Serge and in my orgasmic blessed-out state it confuses me. Do what? Isn't he already doing it? It sure as hell feels like it.

In response to her I feel Serge speed up the process and it comes to me in a rush - this sweet girl understands that it will be best for me to experience the entire gutting while in the throes of orgasm. As Serge saws quickly, sliding his blade deep and shallow, in and out of my belly, I squirm hard on the table and cry out like an animal. The girl at my hip continues to pound her fingers in my cunt - making my g-spot throb and keeps wave after wave of orgasm flooding through me.

I feel the blade tug hard on the knot of scar tissue under my belly button and the sensation of it being split makes me arch my back and twist toward Serge, the girl fingering my cunt moves and leans over me to keep working me. I am cumming hard still - my teeth are clenched tight and my eyes not seeing anything but blurs and colours as I pant and gasp through this bliss - spittle spraying from my lips. I push my belly toward the knife, wanting more ... more ... more.

Serge is working the blade swiftly up the top of my abdomen, the soft part without much muscle tone. Twisted the way I am, I feel my belly slip open like a soft purse and coils of intestine begin to slither from me onto the table. I must look a mess because I hear gasps from the gathered crowd.

Sawing ... sawing ... sawing ... I push my belly outward as best I can as Serge nears the end of the midline gutting. I realize I am gripping the hands of the girl closest to me hard and she - in turn - is gripping me just as tightly. And my orgasm, my sweet amazing final death orgasm isn't relenting - it floods through me in wave after wave after wave. I am aware that my leg muscles are tight and my thighs are shaking with the effort, my feet pattering on the tabletop. My belly tight.

Serge is doing something inside me now - probing with the knife tip. I feel the sharpness press in on my stomach sac and I feel it react and I gag, then dry heave. A final sharp pain then I feel the knife withdraw and sense Serge stepping aside to reveal his work to the crowd. My body is shaking badly now - every muscle tight and quivering. The girl at my hip keeps her fingers working inside me - I love that child in this moment.

Through the storm of my orgasm I feel a new sensation; my stomach is filling quickly, expanding, and I feel a sweet nausea building in me. I try to let go of the tension in my body and simply become mindful of this new sensation - I am bleeding into my stomach - that is what Serge did, and he did this on purpose. But why? Is it to give the crowd a better show? Is it something he wanted me to experience? I don't know and probably never will, and those ponderings disappear like wind as I feel my stomach slowly roll and tighten inside me.

My mouth is watering now and I feel my throat pulling. I part my lips just as a rush of blood and wine gurgles up my throat and I puke and hear the gasps and the spattering of liquid on the table and floor.

Things are moving so fast,

Confusion now ... much confusion. My orgasm is peaking. I have never felt one reach this height. Fingers moving fast in my cunt, hammering, pulling, wrestling this bliss out of my body. I hear my own voice - a wordless mewling whine. Is this real? Am I in the clutches of an erotic nightmare? If it is a nightmare it feels so real - I can feel my intestines uncoiling and pushing out through my open belly.

“ooof!” I gasp as I feel my orgasm peak and release. The fingers slip from my cunt and a warm hand cups my mound, gently massaging there, making me feel warm and content. I am sliding down the other side of orgasm now and that feels familiar ... I feel my body relaxing and as it does my open belly becomes slack and I feel the heavy slithering of intestines. And plopping wet sounds. More gasps from the crowd.

I loosen my grip on the girl's hands but she keeps holding on as I relax and feel myself roll onto my back. She leans in, lifting my head and shoulders with her upper torso, her face next to mine, crossing her hands and mine across my chest, hugging me like that. The action pushes more of my insides out to slither over my crotch. I feel the other girl stroking my hips and thighs and realize I am trembling all over.

I feel so warm ... so distant from everything.

“Shhhhhhhh.” the girl hugging me whispers in my ear, her breath soft on my cheek, “It's okay, honey. Just let it go.”

I try to talk but can only whimper.

“It's okay. We're here with you. Just let it go. Shhhhhhh.”

I feel so peaceful in her arms ...