by Erotickynk

She wanted to set a record and I think she's close to it.

She's such a little thing. Small tight body, firm breasts and the twin round globes of her bottom not showing the slightest bit of sag. Her hair so long and wavy and a tangled mess now, strands of it sticking to her wet face. Her perfect skin now shiny with sweat, her smell so strong that it fills my nostrils and I'm ten feet away. I can also smell her sex, that clean musky scent of her cunt. I've been watching her as I set my own personal record and I know she's had at least four orgasms. I've only ever known one woman before who could cum by giving throat jobs - now I know two, though I don't know her name and I won't know her for long anyway.

We've both come here to die tonight at the annual orgy.

I watch her throat working as the man whose cock is filling her small perfect mouth cries out and cums and I can imagine his cum jetting and pulsing in her throat and she swallows and swallows and swallows. She is both wanting his cum in her belly and trying not to vomit the 100 loads she has swallowed already.

I am momentarily distracted as the man fucking me speeds up and slams himself into me like a machine. I can hear his thighs slapping wetly against my own sweaty bum as I struggle to hold myself up on all fours, his hands gripping the crease between my thighs and hips, his thumbs digging into the small of my back. My hands slide on the floor as I push back against him, blissing out on the deep repeating impacts of his cock so deep inside me. Oh god, I'm close too, but I know the drill.

"S ... stop," I gasp, "give it ... to her" and I toss my head toward the girl on the mattress who sits on her own heels, the man she'd throated walking away. Her head is down and her throat is still working as she keeps swallowing. 100 loads of cum is about 2 cups. That and all the saliva she's swallowed must mean her stomach is full and she's close to vomiting. No way can a girl digest that much cum and spit - it has to come up. But she's a trooper and she has a plan so she works hard to keep it down.

"Ung!" I grunt as my guy pulls out leaving me hollow and gaped and walks around me and goes to the girl. She sees his feet as he arrives in front of her and swallows hard. I watch as she lifts her head and looks up at him to study his face as she slowly opens her mouth and extends her tongue. He gently wraps his hands around her head, his fingers entwining in her wild hair. He pushes his cock into her open mouth and slides it deep into her throat. She gags and squeezes her eyes shut and I watch her belly convulse then settle as he starts fucking her throat. She lifts trembling hands and lays them against his thighs, not pushing him away - just to align herself I imagine. I see her press her tongue outward, to slide down the root of his cock and lay flat against his balls, giving his cock deeper access into her throat.

My own eyes close automatically as I feel hands brace on my bum and a fresh cock finds my cunt. This one doesn't waste time, he slides deep, balls deep in one smooth thrust - and oh-my-god he's thick and long - and he starts sliding that sweet piece of meat in and out of me. I just enjoy the fucking for a time, feeling my own orgasm building in my lower belly.

I lower my head when my orgasm hits me wet and tight in my lower belly. I've lost track of how many times I've cum tonight - I stopped counting at 20. I'm getting tired and that was my plan - to go to my own table and lay down on the plastic sheet for my own demise after being fucked raw and exhausted. Soon, I think. I can't take much more fucking, the nerves in my cunt and clit and anus are overly sensitive now. But I want to see her ... I want to see her go. Rumour has it she will be unique.

When I open my eyes, the guy has finished cumming in her and as he pulls out of her throat she gags and heaves hard, her face grimacing as her body curls forward. I watch as she fights it, tendrils of drool sliding from her lower lip to puddle on the mattress between her knees. She is shaking with the effort to hold it in - fighting her body's need to vomit the viscous fluid in her belly up her hitching throat. She leans forward onto her hands and knees and her body heaves like a dog's does when it sicks up its belly. Moments pass as she struggles and in the end she makes it. I watch her concentrate and her tight belly muscles soften once more and she sits back on her heels.

"One hundred and one." announces one of the hosts, "A new record for the orgy."

The crowd gathered around her applauds.

"Another gentleman, perhaps? Up the bar?" the host says in a flourish.

"No more." I hear her calm soft voice - it's weak and a little shaky. She closes her eyes and slowly shakes her head, "No more." and her chin quivers.

The host waves someone in who I can't see and the girl repositions herself on her plastic covered mattress, pulling her hair up in a tangled ponytail, then leaning forward, getting on all fours.

"I'm ready." she says in a quavering voice so gently that I am touched by her courage and will. I watch her serene small movements as she closes her eyes and lets her belly hang loose - her body slowly rocking backward and forward as a hooded man arrives to stand on the other side of her, the heavy curved sword in his muscular hands.

I realize it is to be a beheading.

The guy fucking me cums and I feel his cock swell inside me and the thick ropes of his cum spatter deep in my cunt as he growls. Then he slaps my bum and moves on to watch the show. I lower my bottom and sit on one cheek and watch the girl, as a slow stream of cum slides out of my cunt and down the crease between my thigh and bum.

She continues to slowly rock, with her head hanging down and her eyes closed. I realize she is in tune with her body and is waiting for the inevitable, seeming to crave it and loving the anticipation. The smell of her sex is stronger now and I can also smell the sharp tang of fear-sweat from her armpits. She knows she's about to be murdered and despite her serene manner, it is scaring her.

I watch her mouth slowly open, her throat tightening, her jaw pulling down, and at the same time her shoulders slowly draw inward. Her loose belly tightens slowly like muscles clenching around a hard ball and her little pink tongue slides out over her lower lip, drool flowing freely from her mouth. I hear the gurgling coming from deep within her as her mouth opens wider. It is so very sensual to watch her as she vomits a long slow flow of cum and saliva, her entire body curling with the act. Milky ropes of cum and spit slide from her open mouth to stretch downward to puddle between her hands flattened on the mattress.

Her cough cuts the rope of cum off and she swallows then burps loudly and wetly. She closes her mouth and tightens her lips, her brow furrowing as she concentrates on her body

"mmmph" she makes a small sound as her throat works again, and again I see her belly tighten and her body curls forward with another tight heave. This spew has more volume and the gurgling echoes up her throat as it rises and fills her mouth. Her cheeks plump as she tries to keep her lips tight, but the pressure is too much. Her lips part with a wet sharp sound and a gush of cum and saliva rush from her mouth and spatter wetly on the plastic mattress.

"hhhuugh" she makes a wet desperate sound, then gags and heaves hard - this time producing nothing but drool, but I see that her belly is locked in a tight heave. She chokes and slaps her right hand down on the mattress, spattering some of the cum and saliva as she does. Her body starts to shake and quiver. I see her thighs trembling badly now.

"nngha" she gasps and tries to breathe but another heave curls her body once again, but this time the rush of fluid is large and the gurgling loud and fluid. The puked cum flows down from her open mouth and over her chin - a chin that is quivering now. It splatters wetly onto the mattress, small rivers of it flowing to pool in the dents made by her hands and knees.

Her movements quickly become desperate, her belly heaving and convulsing and her body shuddering. Her thighs and arms are quivering wildly now and she vomits again, hard and wet.

"ohhh" she whimpers and sits upright, letting her perfect bum come to rest on her small perfect feet and lifts her hands off the mattress to slide up her legs. She grips her own svelte thighs to steady herself. Her belly heaves again and this time the vomited cum and spit flows down her chin to run and drip onto her small breasts and over her tight belly.

She leans forward, her long perfect neck exposed and this must be her signal, for the hooded man lifts the heavy curved sword high. She is shaking badly now, her face twitching in fear. She squeezes her eyes shut as she heaves and vomits a weak milky rope that hangs from her lip for a moment before spattering on the mattress.

She is making small desperate sounds in her throat and as I watch. Her toes curl and I hear a burbling of liquid and a pale yellow puddle forms beneath her bum. She grimaces once more then opens her eyes wide to stare at the floor in front of the mattress. I realize at the last split second that she is watching the shadow of the sword. The hooded man swings down hard and the sword and its shadow are a blur.

"... ahhNK!" she cries out weakly in the instant the sword strikes hard at the base of her neck and blasts through her slender throat.

I never realized how violent a blow had to be to decapitate a human being. Her body is jolted hard by the strike and I hear her neck vertebrae crackle in the instant before her head flips forward to land wetly in the puddle of vomited cum. Her body curls and flops onto its side, knees drawing up into a fetal position as blood pulses hard from its severed neck, then slowly the legs stretch out, shaking hard and violently - her feet beating against the plastic covered mattress for a few seconds as her body dies.

But its her head that draws my rapt and morbid attention ... Coming to rest on her right cheek in the puddle of vomit, I watch as her eyes move and she sees her last visions in this world. She is looking out with wide-eyed fascination into the faces of the crowd, her eyes moving and darting, perhaps picking out the faces of the men whose cum she swallowed tonight. Then her eyes meet mine and in them I see wonder and amazement. I watch her mouth open, her lips and tongue working as though she is trying to swallow, or perhaps she is struggling with the phantom sensation of another heave. And as we gaze into each others eyes, I am left with the impression that she knows that I too will die soon and in her face I see kinship and connection. Then at last her eyes glaze over and shift and stare sightlessly at nothing. I glance at her body and see that it too is still, save for the odd twitch of the large muscles in her perfect bum.

I lift myself up to my knees and a stranger takes my hand and helps me to my feet. I smile at him then make my way toward my own platform where Serge and his sweetly sharp knife await me. I scoop a glass of champagne off a tray carried by a waiter and down it in three long swallows and as I hand it to a bemused guest, I see that the crowd is already gathering around my platform anticipating my own demise.

I feel a nervous flutter in my tummy as I lift myself up onto my little bed and sit for a moment before I swing my legs up and lay down flat. I feel a cold rush of fear flood my bowels as I stare up at the chandelier above my platform, but I know it's time.

Serge raises his knife into position and I take a slow deep breath.