Killer Crawler

by Erotickynk

There was a lot of failed experiments on this one. One of the mad geniuses of the Dark Encounters lab - a woman no less - came up with the idea; a Killer Crawler.

The Crawler is one of the most popular non-lethal creations of the Dark Encounters lab among female members, and after the Crawler day, so many women signed up for private sessions to endure a Crawler inserted anally and have it crawl and squirm its way through their digestive system and out their mouths, they created an easily cleaned suite just for that purpose. Having the Crawler experience was a long and intense encounter that caused an endless amount of orgasms and violent regurgitation. I did it three times to entertain male members who enjoyed that kind of show, and let them fuck me as it happened, refilling my belly with milk each time it emptied in orgasmic convulsions.

When this mad-woman genius came up with the idea of a Killer Crawler - a fully functional Crawler that could be exploded inside a womanís belly either by a timer or remotely, excitement grew around the estate. The first few experiments were hit and miss and they used girls who were at the end of their year of pampering but didnít have what it takes to put on a good show, or ones who had let their bodies go during their year and werenít considered attractive enough.

The first few explosions of the Killer Crawlers were only powerful enough to bloat the descending colon and cause massive internal bruising. The girls vomited a great deal, but died slowly and in agony from infections later. They kept upping the explosive charge and achieved what they were looking for; a massive and instant bloat of the bowels, without bursting through the abdominal muscles or destroying the stomach itself.

But they kept upping the charge to maximize the show, experimenting with explosives that would outgas enough to plump the girlís bellies hard, but not kill them too quickly. I was there when Sadie took the most powerful crawler and it ripped a hole in her belly and sent blood gushing up her gullet. She died badly.

Similar too was Kristin, her internal explosion was perfect, bloating her belly from flat to looking like she was eight months pregnant, but her vomiting was so violent she had a seizure as it happened.

They finally got it right. The first perfect one was Alexis who had grown obese during her year and volunteered for the Killer Crawler experiment to get herself out of the dungeon for male members who liked to humiliate and torture fat girls. With the crawler moving through her bowels and triggering orgasms as it went, when it exploded, her already fat belly plumped huge and she writhed with rolling orgasms for a solid two minutes before her heart gave out. The next few were the same, so it was ready for its debut.

A lot of us reject girls volunteered, but I was chosen because I was already bulimic - the act of binging and purging was very sexual for me. I was a reject because I wasnít pretty and my belly was permanently distended from my daily cycles of binging and purging during my year.

They worked with me to plan it so not only would I put on a good show, but it would be a good sexual experience for me. We set it up to happen in one of the girlsí shower rooms and was attended by a dozen members whoíd paid a premium to see the debut.

To relax myself and dull the building anxiety I was feeling as the clock ticked down to the show, they let me drink two bottles of coconut rum after my enemas. I had to have those to make sure I didnít spray shit during the explosion. I drank one bottle backstage and took one with me into the shower room. After they inserted the crawler and activated it inside my rectum, I sat on the shower floor and opened the second bottle of rum. It was smooth and milky and I loved the taste going down and knew I would love it coming back up.

I was pretty drunk as the crawler transited my bowels, triggering orgasms every time it paused and went into squirm mode. It was like having a wild little animal inside my belly and the inner spasms it caused made my cunt throb each time I came.

... and now Iím very drunk and cumming every minute or so as the crawler works its way down to my lower belly again through my ascending colon - I know theyíre going to trigger the explosion just as it tries to wriggle into my small intestine - that transition is my favourite part of the crawler experience; itís like an intense internal tickle deep in my belly. It always makes me giggle, so theyíll know to trigger the burst inside me just as the crawler is forcing its way through that internal choke point.

I finished my second bottle of coconut rum a few minutes ago and Iím so drunk I have slumped in the shower and the room is spinning around me. My eyes can no longer focus on the men looming above me and Iím so ready for this. I am cumming almost continuously - but not big ones - they are like riding the kiddie rollercoaster, rolling up little hills then down the valleys over and over. I want a big orgasm and hear myself incoherently begging for one. My stomach is so full of the milky rum that Iím already regurgitating it, letting it trickle over my lower lip and flow down my chest. Then I feel the tickle start deep inside me. I fight off my giggles - as drunk as I am, I still have that subconscious will to survive just a little longer because this feels so good, but the tickle is getting stronger and itís hard not to react to it.

Itís there - right at the narrow opening between my fat ascending colon and the tight tube of my small intestine and itís sending wild spasms through my belly. I beg them to let me cum again and when I see the operatorís hand move to push the button on the remote I cry out ďNo!Ē then choke on some rum as it gurgles up my throat, but my temporary refusal does me no good.

I feel the violent thud and heat inside me and my belly bloats hard and I start vomiting instantly. Waves of intense nausea pulse through me and I relax and let my bruised stomach convulse over and over and with each convulsion and spew my milky rum and I get the orgasms I begged for. These are big ones that grip me from my cunt and asshole right up to my gullet each time I heave violently.

This is a bulimicís dream - the explosion has made my belly feel ten times more bloated than before. I know most of it is the hot explosive gasses, but its mass is pressing up hard against my liquid filled stomach. As I vomit in waves, I feel the tingles of fear and the coldness of my approaching death washing up my back, from my bum to the back of my scalp, but my orgasms keep coming on strong and rhythmic with each heave of my stomach. Iím going to die cumming.

I volunteered for this as a better option than being tortured to death in the dungeon like so many of the other reject girls. Both would end in my death in an intense way, but this way I have felt sweet sexual pleasure before and during the process.

All of us knew that the moment we signed the Dark Encounters contract that we would have one year of sweet living and come back here for our particular intense death. I was one of the rare reject girls who got to choose how, and oh-my-god this is worth dying for.

As my final orgasm fades, leaving my insides quivering sweetly, so fades my awareness and it feels like gentle, insistent sleep taking me into the deep darkness of death. I actually feel my heart stop.

Oh bliss ...