Gallows Girls

by Erotickynk

The Gallows Girls contest was a large formal affair that included four contestants, a hundred guests, a banquet, and a great deal of wagering. Dark Encounters always held formal events through the winter months to break from the tedium of short days and long cold nights. What made the Gallows Girls event extra exciting, was that the four girls weren't traditional Dark Encounter girls who had been pampered for a year in exchange for offering up their bodies for intense sexual deaths, but rather; each was the mistress of one of Dark Encounter's board members who had volunteered to die in a competition. Not that they were innocent of the perverse goings on at the Dark Encounters mansion; all four had been regulars, watching other girls' sexual deaths and giving themselves to the frenzied sexual abandon of the orgies.

The competition was for the best death by hanging and the criteria was based on four points; composure; surrender; sensuality; and most orgasmic. During the banquet, the four contestants dined with their masters and their wives, which added to the pure wickedness of the build-up.

Sandra sat with her master and his plump wife and appeared uncomfortable throughout the festivities. Guests who watched her, caught the jealous side-glances at her master's wife, no doubt wishing the wife would be the one doing an air-dance for the crowd's entertainment after dessert was served and consumed.

Bobbi sat in between her master and his wife and grew pale throughout the meal as her rival whispered in her ear. Those seated close enough heard the wife's whispered description of how Bobbi would feel as the noose cinched tight on her throat; how she would kick in desperation; how her lungs would burn; and how she would shit and piss herself in front of everyone. The cruelest statement she made was to tell Bobbi that she would be secretly masturbating as she watched Bobbi slowly turn blue, suffer, and die - her face swelling and her beauty turning to ugliness in death.

Myra was quiet and subdued, apparently turned inward to maintain an air of calm and zen, preparing herself for her final performance. Guests nearby noticed that her hand would disappear up her skirt as she kept herself on a sexual edge to add to the sensual nature of death at Dark Encounters.

It was Emma who was the most entertaining by remaining buoyant and lighthearted. She joked about the workout she would get while she danced while being hanged; teased her master's wife by inviting her to join her on the gallows so they could double the joy and pride of the man they shared; and she ate and drank with gusto while the three other girls only picked at their meals. Indeed, while Sandra, Bobbi, and Myra barely ate or drank, Emma had seconds or thirds of each course and washed it all down with champagne until her bloated belly was pressed tight inside the confines of her corseted jacket.

The other three girls excused themselves multiple times during the banquet to use the ladies room - under escort to ensure they didn't attempt an escape - and whispered gossip that made its way around the hall spoke of two having diarrhea and all three vomiting what little they ate out of nervousness that grew to mortal fear as the meal progressed to completion. By contrast, Emma leaned back in her chair to ease the pressure on her full stomach and boasted of her rising arousal. "I find a stuffed belly to be erotic." she declared

One elder member joined Emma, her master, and his wife, and stated that he wanted to test Emma's proclaimed arousal. With a smirk, Emma parted her thighs and allowed him to reach under her skirt and massage her mound.

"By god, she is sopping wet." he exclaimed as he started to withdraw his hand, but Emma stopped him by grasping his wrist and pulling his hand tight to her sex.

"Don't stop." she said with a smile, and so he masturbated her until she reached an orgasm that caused her body to shudder and her hips to curl. Midway through her orgasm she farted wetly and loudly and laughed.

"Oh my goodness!" the elder member laughed with her, "I do like it when a girl loses control when she orgasms."

"Then you're in for a treat." Emma said, "I am going to let it all go once I start cumming up there."

"Delicious." he replied.

The first up to the gallows was Sandra. The poor girl was trembling and stumbling as she climbed the stairs to the gallows, weeping while the hangman looped the rope round her throat. She had obviously suffered a change of heart to indulge in an activity that must have sounded exquisite and brilliant when she volunteered at one of Dark Encounters weekly orgies after watching a braver girl than her accept a spit up her rectum and out past her chattering teeth. As she felt the noose inexorably positioned and tightened around her throat, her sobs alternated with bitter laughter. Because of her gasping and crying, Sandra's red blood cells where already depleted of oxygen, so her suffering was brief and her kicking slowed quickly until her young body slumped. There was no indication of orgasm. Applause for her performance was minimal.

Next up was Bobbi who went to the gallows sobbing and begging for her life. Like Sandra, her shallow sobs robbed her body of oxygen she strangled quickly with just the beginnings or an orgasm before she slumped. She did not receive enthusiastic applause either.

Third was Myra, who some guests could see masturbating herself frantically to the side of the stage, doing her best to edge herself toward orgasm. Once the helpers tied her wrists behind her back, everyone could see her squeezing her thighs together to keep herself horny as she made her unsteady way up the stairs. She continued to squeeze her thighs together and rotate her hips, straining to get herself to the brink of orgasm as the hangman looped the noose around her throat. Those nearest the stage could hear her whispering to the hangman desperately;

"... fast ... hard ... fast-hard ..." like she was not only on the edge or orgasm, but being swallowed by despairing delirium as well; she wanted to be hoisted quickly and wanted the noose to cinch tight and hard. She got her wish.

The hangman hoisted her quickly, the noose cinching tight just under her jawline. Because she was straining and grimacing as she kicked, her airway remained open for a time and she did make the sweetest desperate choking sounds.

"... cumming! ... cumming! ..." she squealed and squeaked and all could see her lower belly clenching as she squirmed with an intense moment-of-death orgasm. Many believed she deserved more applause than she got once she pissed herself and slumped limp, for indeed she did have a complete orgasm as she died, which always satisfied the Dark Encounter's crowd and justified what we did here; having the girls die in pleasure eased everyone's conscience. But I think most had been watching the confident and playful Emma and were looking forward to her performance to close off the night before the members retired to the various orgy rooms to sweat out the rest of the evening in pleasure and pain.

All eyes were on Emma as she rose and walked to her helpers who tied her wrists behind her back. She kept her chin up and stared stoically straight ahead as she mounted the stage and the gallows being guided by the hangman. Almost all the members began to applaud, then clapped in time as she stood staring out above her audience's heads - obvious the crowd favourite. Only those of us closest to the stage could hear her murmur; "Higher" as the hangman positioned the loop of her noose just under her jawline, and only those of us familiar with the art of noose work knew why; Emma wanted the noose to cinch tight on her gag reflex. She wanted to add the wild sensations of strangled regurgitation to her ordeal.

As the applause became disorganized and faded, we could hear Emma breathing deeply, not so much to calm herself but to over-oxygenate her blood stream and her lungs. Emma wanted to last a long time strangling before death took her. Despite her poise, we could hear the fear in her quivering breaths and seeing her courage loved this girl even more, knowing she was terrified of being hanged, yet was still strong enough to follow through with her plan to die the way she chose.

I noticed that the hangman was watching her hands secured behind her lower back, and by craning my neck I could see her at last give him a thumbs-up as she pushed her lower belly out to draw her final breath deep. The hangman hoisted her slowly. Her throat made a wet 'glurk' as the noose cinched around her delicate throat and her feet left the floor, her toes encased in her white stockings pointing down at the the gallow's platform. She kept her body still as long as she could, gagging and choking, her belly undulating beneath the corset that contained it. But within seconds we saw her legs at first stiffen then lift as she began to kick at the air beneath her feet. It is rare to see a person remain calm with crossed ankles as they hanged - almost all kick, except for the ones whose orgasm begins before they are hoisted - they experience the full combined force of asphyxiation and an overwhelming orgasm that fades as suddenly as life does.

Emma wasn't cumming yet, so the shock of suddenly being hanged caused her body to slip into survival mode, and the shock of the noose cinched tight around her throat was evident on her face.

As her thrashing legs fanned the air from beneath her skirt, those close to the stage could smell her arousal - it was ripe and pungent, her panties no doubt sopping with her girl cum. As she gagged and her stomach heaved from the pressure on her gag reflex, the raw smell of vomit soon blended with the exotic scent of her cunt. Emma was vomiting from the pressure on her gag reflex, but because her throat was blocked it was stopped at the back of her throat and gurgled back down to her stomach, the contents of half digested food, wine, and spit churning into a foam and bloating her stomach further. Those not sitting close could not see the small droplets of vomit that sprayed past her lips with every deep heave to spatter like misted raindrops on the gallows platform, already dampened by the piss that leaked from the previous three girls as they lost control of their bodies.

It seemed like it took forever but less than thirty seconds passed with Emma kicking and thrashing before her lower belly started to plump and her hips began to curl with the beginning pulses of her death orgasms. As they grew in strength we could hear it from the change in the sounds she was making; from gagging and heaving wetly, Emma began to strain and grunt rhythmically as each wave of orgasm flared in her lower belly. Those close to the stage watched as her nipples tightened, puckering and tenting the heavy material of her Victorian jacket. But the real sign that her orgasms were overwhelming her was - as she predicted> - she lost control of her bowels and her anus gaped wide as her straining caused her to shit herself. As she filled her panties, her orgasms kept rolling through her and slowly she began to fade. In her final few seconds of life her choking sounds grew less and her bladder emptied itself in small bursts, the rhythmic spurts of piss indicating the continued convulsions of her orgasms rolling through her as she lost consciousness.

Unlike the other girls, Emma slumped slowly; easing herself through the veil between life and death, her toes still curling in orgasm. Those close could see the light fade from her eyes as her face turned a pale magenta; the whites of her eyes turning red as small vessels burst.

Emma was dying well.

The applause was loud as the crowd rose to they feet in appreciation and I like to think Emma heard and saw their appreciation. We all saw that final slump of her body as her eyes grew unfocused and she saw no more.

Modern research has indicated that the brain remains aware for as long as ten minutes after death, and I hope that is true, for if it was, Emma felt her body lowered gently and carried lovingly from the stage in the arms of four helpers as her audience continued their applause.

The orgies that night were intense, with two wives and one mistress allowing themselves to be strangled to death as they were gangbanged to final orgasms. The desire for erotic death is contagious at Dark Encounters, and all guests are warned that any one of them could get caught up in that desire and die in a sexual frenzy.