by Erotickynk

The night has a happy cocktail party feel to it - lots of light laughter and conversation over flutes of champagne, with classical music playing softly in the background, and the rich surroundings that only the Dark Encounters mansion can provide.

We're not in the grand ballroom like many of us were for the annual orgy last June. In fact, there's only about sixty people here tonight, not including Sarah, Jasmine, Leigh, Candace, and I, and everyone except we five are in evening gowns and tuxedos. The five of us are nude as is required for our guests.

Considering the nature of the performance we five will be putting on later, the mood is very light. I can see no nervousness in any of the other girls, with the exception of Leigh occasionally going quiet and staring off into space. And of course, Candace appears somewhat impatient - glancing often at the large gilded clock on the far wall. Knowing her as I do, she wants to get on with it; Candace has been that way since the moment I met her two years ago. Perhaps she's been that way her entire life; living large with an intensity that scares people.

The woman in the magenta gown that I'm speaking with is very interested in the process we've all gone through to prepare for tonight. I've told her about the Depo-Provera injections we received ten weeks ago and again two days ago along with other injections to get us ready.

"And what does Depo …" she hesitates.

"Provera." I fill in the blank for her as a waiter takes our empty champagne flutes and serves us two more.

"What does it do?" she asks, sipping her champagne.

"It stops the menstrual cycle and relaxes the uterus." I tell her.

"I suppose that will be important tonight." she says, then, "But is that enough?"

"Hardly." I laugh, "We needed a lot of prep for the performance tonight. Do you really want the gritty details?"

"Oh yes, dear. I do." she says in a sultry voice.

"We're speaking of very intimate things." I say coyly, "Things that usually require being on a first name basis."

"You're Jordan, correct?" she asks and I nod, "My name is Mila."

"Hello, Mila." I say softly, and smile as she leans in and kisses my cheek.

"I wish I had met you before." Mila says, "I think we would have enjoyed each other a great deal."

"I would have liked that." I whisper.

"So, tell me of these intimate things." she asks, sliding her arm in mine and walking me to the leaded glass windows overlooking the city lights so far below.

"Well, three days ago they started inserting laminaria sticks into our cervixes along with daily injections of synthetic prostaglandins." I explain, "Prostaglandin is a hormone that relaxes the uterus and cervix. They sometimes use it to induce labour."

"And the laminaria sticks?" she asks.

"They're actually dried kelp. They lubricate them and push them into the cervix. They absorb moisture and rehydrate and expand to their normal size."

"Sounds painful."

"Not really. More crampy than anything." I say, swallowing the last of my third glass of champagne. One of the ever present waiters takes my empty glass and serves me another.

"So … you have one of these laminaria sticks inside you now?" and she asks it in a very sensual way.

"I actually have four of them inside me." I lower my eyelids and smile at her.

"They are removed …"

"Just before the performance." I answer.

"How else do they prepare you?" she asks, moving closer to me and stroking my bare upper arm.

"A light diet for the past three days …" I start to explain.

"I noticed you only had fruit salad at dinner." she says.

"Yes, because last night and this morning we were all given a series of enemas." I say in almost a whisper, "And before dinner we had to drink a six ounce glass of antacid."

"For heartburn?" Mila appears puzzled.

"No." I hesitate, "Didn't they warn you?"

Mila shakes her head, "I came with the CEO of my corporation. It was a last minute thing so I never read the invitation."

"Well, I hope you're not squeamish …" I watch her face for a reaction, "The performance is … invasive … and there is a good chance there will be vomiting."

"The guests will be sick?" Mila asks, small worry lines between her brows.

I shake my head, "No Mila, we girls. The … process of the performance will be doing major damage to our insides … to our internal organs. It will be intense and as I said, very invasive."

Mila nods, but looks suddenly sad. She reaches out and strokes my tummy with the backs of her fingers.

"You girls …" Mila says softly, "You are willing to destroy your bodies and die for our entertainment."

"Of course, Mila. That's part of the contract." I explain and take her hand, "Please don't be sad. Dark Encounters has given me two years of pampering. All my wishes granted. All my desires fulfilled. I've lived more in two years than most people live in a lifetime. Don't be sad for me."

Mila smiles and squeezes my hand.

"Besides," I say, leaning close and whispering, "I love being watched when I am being fucked and I am very excited to be watched as I die."

Mila smiles, "Then I won't take my eyes off you." she promises.

I noticed that Vivaldi's Spring started a few moments ago.

"Mila? This piece is our cue to go to the preparation room." I say, giving her hand another squeeze, "We have to get ready for the performance."

"Wait." Mila says and holds my hand tight, "Could I … Would it be permissible for me to be the one to remove your laminaria?"

The question takes me by surprise and I hesitate.

"If you would be okay with it, I mean." Mila says, "I don't want to intrude or break any club rules."

The eagerness on her face and the slight sweatiness of her palm as she clings to my hand is endearing. I smile.

"I'm sure it is fine, guests often like to watch some of the fluffing." I answer, "Come with me." I say as I lead her toward a set of ornate double doors.

"Fluffing?" Mila asks as we walk.

I laugh softly, "The girls who are about to do performances are sexually stimulated by fluffers - girls or men who bring them to the edge of orgasm and keep them there until the last moment. It makes it easier for the girls to go through with their particular performance. I was a fluffer for the past two years."

"You helped girls die?" Mila asks, the excitement obvious in the tension of her voice.

"I prepared them for death. I didn't help kill them."

"How did they die?" Mila asks.

"A variety of ways; hanging, garroting, impalement, evisceration. Dark Encounters offers a wide variety of experiences for the girls and our guests."

As we approach the doors, Michael, one of the Hosts, looks at Mila then at me.

"It's okay, Michael. This is Mila, one of our guests and she wants to help me prepare." I say. Michael smiles at Mila and bows as he opens the doors for us.

The first thing I hear as we enter the elegant and intimate room is Candace moaning loudly. She is on one of the gyno chairs, her legs spread wide in the stirrups, with one of the fluffer's hands buried wrist deep in her pussy.

"Oh my" Mila gasps softly. I turn to study her face and see that her eyes are wide as she watches Candace squirming in the chair as her fluffer works inside her to pull the laminaria sticks out.

"You don't have to do this, Mila." I tell her, squeezing her upper arm. That appears to break her out of it. She shakes her head and turns to me.

"No, Jordan. I want to. For you." and her face softens with a smile.

"Okay." I smile and lead her to the only empty gyno chair in the room. As I climb up onto the chair and lift my knees to lay my thighs in the stirrups, I glance to my left and see that Leigh has asked Serge to pull her sticks out. Like Candace's fluffer, Serge's right hand is buried wrist deep in Leigh's pussy.

"Oh jeezuz, I'm gunna cum." Leigh gasps then does; her belly clenching tight and her thighs trying to close, rattling the arms of the stirrups.

Mila, to her credit, is watching me instead of the other four girls who are reacting to the invasion of hands inside their bodies.

"Come closer." I say to Mila who steps between my open thighs, "There are surgical gloves and lubricant underneath. And a tray to put the sticks in." I point down between my thighs.

Mila bends and pulls out two gloves and stretches them on, then picks up the tube of lubricant and squirts a dollop in her left palm, rubbing it over both gloved hands.

She looks up into my eyes, "How do I start?"

I smile at her, "Just start." and I reach down and part my labia for her.

Mila starts hesitantly, overly gentle as she slides one then two fingers into me.

"You can go hard, Mila." I smile encouragingly at her, "I've been fisted before."

"Lots." I add with a laugh.

But my smile and laugh vanish as Mila takes me at my word and pushes her entire hand inside me with one relentless press. I grunt and strain as my shoulders lift from the gyno chair as my pussy swallows her hand to the wrist. The penetration is relentless and deep and I can feel the laminaria sticks pushed deeper inside my uterus. Good lord, I could cum so easily right now.

Mila looks up at me alarmed; "Did I hurt you?"

"No." I'm a little breathless, "Don't stop. Get ahold of the sticks."

Mila's eyes widen again and she smiles, "I can feel them."

"Oh, baby!" I hear Candace cry out, no doubt having an orgasm as her sticks are pulled out of her. I'm not far behind her - I can feel Mila's hand putting sweet pressure on my g-spot. I feel breathless and extremely aroused, weak and shaky, beads of sweat growing on my skin, trickling down my flanks, making my hair stick to my face.

"Grip them tight, Mila." I gasp, "Really tight." And I grunt again as I feel her hand clench - I feel my belly tightening; I'm right on the edge of orgasm.

"Now pull. Pull slow." I say breathlessly.

I can't help it - I am straining and squirming as I feel Mila slowly pull the sticks out of my uterus. There's too much going on inside me - too much pressure in there, stretching me, pushing hard against my g-spot, and the reverse penetration of my cervix is tipping the scales for me no matter how hard I fight it. I groan and strain as my orgasm comes to life in the cradle of my pelvis.

My orgasm rolls through me in waves as she pulls the sticks all the way out and I feel myself stretching painfully as her knuckles pass out of me. As her hand leaves me my orgasm peaks.

I flop back in the chair and catch my breath as Mila drops the sticks into the tray. Michael approaches and stands beside Mila.

"Madame?" he says softly, always so professional, "The girls must prepare. They need a few moments before the performance."

"I understand." Mila smiles at him, then at me, "So, Jordan. This is goodbye?"

I'm still catching my breath, so I nod.

Mila rises and peels off the gloves, dropping them in the tray. She walks around the chair and leans down …

"Goodbye, my sweet girl." she whispers

… then kisses me deeply.

Mila walks away and I close my eyes, feeling my body relax, my muscles become loose, my consciousness to become mindful only of what I am feeling. A team of fluffers enter the room with soft towels - two per girl. I open my eyes as I feel their touch as they begin dabbing the sweat off my body. They lift my arms and I catch the skunky musk of fear-sweat from my armpits.

Am I afraid?

I see Michael making the rounds to each girl, leaning in, touching them, saying something to them. He arrives beside me and I feel his hand on my shoulder.

"Jordan, it is time for the performance. Are you prepared?" he asks. What he really wants to know is, will we have to force you?

I look up into his grey eyes; "I'm ready, Michael." and I smile, adding; "Goodbye, Michael. Thank you for your kindnesses."

Michael smiles and moves on to Leigh.

One of the fluffers dabs the girl cum from my crotch. When she is done, I lift my legs from the stirrups and reach my hands out to her.

"Help me up?"

She does, pulling me upright, then supporting me as I slide off the end of the gyno chair and stand. My legs are weak and I feel a wave of dizziness. The dizziness passes quickly, but my legs remain weak.

I suppose I am afraid.

I look up into my first fluffer's eyes; "Are you really okay, Jordan?"

I nod and smile; "I want this. I truly want this. I want to perform with all of them watching me."

"That's exciting?"

"God yes." and I speak truly - I am feeling butterflies of excitement in my lower belly, and my legs feel weaker than ever.

My two fluffers slide an arm through each of mine and we walk toward the door to join the other girls who are gathering there.

The girls all seem to be reacting to this moment in different ways; Leigh looks scared, her face pale, her arms wrapped tight around her breasts; Sarah is breathing slowly, in through her nose and out through her mouth like they taught us to do to control our anxiety; Candace looks eager to go, to get out there and die her sexual death; poor Jasmine looks at us and she looks like she's about to cry.

Michael appears at the edge of our group.

"Ladies?" he says softly to get our attention, "The equipment you will be using is new. No one has used it for its intended purpose. If you can, please tell us how it feels. We especially want to know if you experience any orgasmic feelings. Your fluffers will be with you throughout to assist you and may ask you questions. If you are overwhelmed, we understand, but answer them if you can."

We all exchange glances and nod ascent.

"Your audience awaits your magnificent performance, ladies." Michael says, then swings the double doors open and strides through, leading us back into the ballroom.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Michael announces to the room, "I give you our five stars for this evening's event; Sarah! Candace! Jordan! Jasmine! Leigh!"

And drowned out by the applause, I hear Candace say; "Let's go die for them, girls."

In order, we walk to the centre of the room where our five shafts begin to slide smoothly up from the ballroom floor. The shafts are polished stainless steel that reflect the golden light of the chandeliers. They're long shafts with the top thirty centimeters shaped like a stylistic horse's cock and the straight shaft below thicker than my upper arm. They are actually the pistons of hydraulic rams that are hidden on the floor below and form a circle in the centre of the room.

I follow Candace, who follows Sarah, with Jasmine and Leigh behind me because we are all different heights we each have a shaft that will rise to the perfect length for our initial penetration.

We practiced this part, so we arrive in front of our shafts in perfect unison with our guests gathering in a circle around us.

I step to my shaft and push my pelvis out, pressing my mound against it. As I lean into it, the flared tip is tight against my lower belly, halfway between my mound and my belly button. I can feel the slippery lubricant they have smeared on the polished surface.

I look up and scan the crowd - Mila is watching me with a smile on her face. I smile back.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Sarah and Candace mounting their shafts, so I lean back and lift my left leg to do the same, reaching down and parting my pussy lips as my fluffers' hands steady me. The tip is flared wide and has a shallow conical tip like a stylized horse's cock, and to line it up I have to rise up on the toes of my right foot, lining it up and working myself onto it as my fluffers gently grip my upper arms.

They're good girls, still in the first few months of their contract. Part of the contract is to stay at the mansion for three months, helping the senior girls through their sexual deaths at open performances like this one, private ones, and the annual orgy. After they are used to sex and death, they are sent off into the world to live out their fantasies to one day return and fulfill their contract like I am tonight.

As I let my weight come down on my shaft by lowering my left leg, I grimace as the wide tip stretches me and grinds against my pubic bone, and I realize that the tip is smaller than the lower shaft. Once it's deep inside me, that shaft will be imbedded in my pelvic cradle, pinning me solid. The idea sends shiver-bumps up my belly - it will impale me totally. I let more of my weight come down and the pain flares but then I feel the ‘plop' as the wide tip sinks home and my pussy swallows it. It's in me now, so I slowly come down off my tip-toes until my feet are flat on the floor, feeling the shaft sink deep and fill my vagina.

"Oh my." I say breathlessly.

"You okay?" one of my fluffers asks. I nod.

"So full." I whisper, then smile at her, "But I'm going to be fuller soon won't I?"

"Yeah." she says, "I hope it's good for you. It sounds amazing."

I nod, then look to my left as I hear Michael's voice announce; "For your pleasure; Sarah."

The guests all turn to watch Sarah as her fluffers handcuff her wrists behind her back and her shaft slowly begins to rise higher inside her. She lowers her head and moans softly as she comes up on her tip-toes, trying to keep ahead of the shaft's broad tip. I can see that her nipples are tight and puckered and her inner thighs are shiny with wetness.

In less than half a minute, Sarah is straining and whimpering as the shaft lifts her higher and her toes brush the carpeted floor. I watch her tummy muscles clenching tightly and I can imagine the immense pressure inside her sex as she is lifted higher.

Sarah groans loud and long, then gasps and whimpers as the shaft lifts her upward. I watch as she grits her teeth and squeezes her eyes tight shut. Is this what we're all in for? Only pain and bodies invaded so deep it kills us?

Sarah grimaces and curls her body forward, her fluffers helping her stay balanced on the shaft. She is gasping and spraying spit through her clenched teeth, straining and grunting like a man does sometimes when he cums.

Sarah suddenly cries out and wraps her thighs tight around the shaft, locking her ankles together, desperate to hold herself in place and not allow the shaft to penetrate her deeper. But it's useless, we all know that we won't be able to prevent our impalement - a dull impalement; Dark Encounters' newest experiment.

Traditional impalements involve a deadly sharp spit that penetrates any flesh it contacts, but we five are the first to ride these rounded shafts and no one could tell us how long it will take to die. The doctor's predicted that it will be a slow process and that we will eventually lose consciousness then we will succumb to heart failure.

Sarah's feet are now two feet off the floor and her thighs are still wrapped tight to the slick shaft, her muscles shaking, her smooth round bum jiggling from her effort.

"No-no-no-no-nooooo" Sarah strains hard, her face red and slick with sweat, her lower belly muscles bulging as they grip the flared head of the shaft. I can tell that something is happening inside her that she is trying to prevent and I can guess what it is.

Suddenly Sarah lifts her legs, bent at the knee, and squeezes her thighs closed.

"No. Please no-no-no-no … fuck no …" Sarah cries out, then suddenly grunts loudly as her body slides quickly down about six inches - Sarah's eyes flash wide and she gasps. Her moan is haunting as her thighs flop open and drop and she leans back, her abdomen pressed outward - bulged around the shaft now buried a foot inside her belly.

It is obvious that the head of the shaft has penetrated through her cervix and is now imbedded in her uterus.

Sarah's head flops backward and to the side as she tries to come to grips with this perverse penetration. Her eyelids droop and her irises roll upward as her body relaxes and she appears to accept her impalement.

Her belly muscles are working as she sinks lower on the shaft, gravity pulling her down, taking more and more inside her. I watch the top of her belly bulge slide under her belly button toward the softness of her upper abdomen, and as she slides lower, the shaft compensates by lifting her so her toes never contact the floor.

Sarah is gasping for air, her diaphragm compressing from the pressure inside her and the limited motions she makes are those of a woman being fucked.

As I watch, I am so very aware of the polished steel inside my own body - its thickness pressing hard against my g-spot. Almost unconsciously I start to slowly roll my hips, grinding myself against the horse cock inside me. It feels so good - so wonderfully invasive.

Sarah's fluffers are stroking her thighs and flanks, speaking to her softly as they watch her face. I can't hear their words, but it appears they are asking her questions she can't answer. Every few seconds I see Sarah's thighs open wider and her toes curl as she holds her breath, then releases it with a grunt.

I hope that Sarah is having orgasms. It was what we all hoped for - for ourselves and each other.

"And now, Ladies and Gentlemen; Candace." Michael's cultured announcer's voice sounds from behind me and I turn to watch her. Her wrists are already handcuffed behind her back.

Candace accepts her shaft without fuss. I watch as she comes up on her tip-toes and slowly thrusts her pelvis forward as the steel horse cock lifts her internally. As her toes clear the floor and all her weight is centered inside her sex, Candace strains hard, her abdominal muscles tightening, her thigh and calf muscles bulging from the effort as she squeezes the shaft between her legs. Even her bum is tight as she clenches her body around the shaft lifting her upward.

Candace is making long straining sounds and I can see her jaw muscles flexing as she grits her teeth. Her face is flushing and beads of sweat are appearing all over her forehead, cheeks, and body.

Candace slowly raises her legs, bent at the knees then suddenly kicks her feet downward violently.

"NGH!" she grunts as her body bounces on the shaft.

She does it again; lifting her knees higher and kicking down harder, grunting as her belly absorbs the shock. But it's when she does it the third time that Candace gets what she wants - as she kicks her legs down hard one more time, we watch her body drop suddenly down the shaft and come to hard stop as the head of the shaft penetrates her uterus. Candace grunts loud then moans long and low as she leans back, accepting her slow impalement.

Every eye is on Candace as she relaxes her body and tucks her chin down against her chest. We can all see the thick bulge in her belly from the shaft and like watching the hour hand on a clock, we notice that bulge is moving higher as she slides down the shaft, but we aren't aware of the movement. It only takes a few moments for her belly bulge to be halfway between her belly button and her sternum.

I watch Candace's face and she appears to be staring into the eyes of some of our guests, but I know that stare - she's far away inside herself, just being mindful of what is happening to her body. I watch her expression change - her lips twitch, her brows furrow, and her eyes roll up under fluttering eyelids.

"… cumming! …" she strains and groans as her belly muscles convulse in cramping pulses and her thighs flop open and closed. I feel a soft warm rush of relief knowing that she is having an orgasm and it is a selfish relief - it means I might be able to cum when it is my turn.

I am rolling my pelvis with more force now, humping myself on my own steel horse cock. My fluffers gently take my hands and move them behind my back and apply my own handcuffs. I am panting softly, my breathing growing shallow and rapid. My fluffers begin teasing my nipples and stroking fingers through the sweaty crease of my bum. Should I bring myself to orgasm now, or let it build?

Candace cums for a very long time - her legs kicking, her abdomen convulsing and the bulge in her belly growing thicker and higher as she struggles on her shaft. She grunts and makes straining sounds as she slides down her shaft, and as the bulge reaches just below her sternum, Candace burps then pukes up a little foamy spit and bile. The steel horse cock is compressing her stomach - something we were warned may happen.

I am humping my shaft faster now, curling my pelvis and feel the thickness of the steel press back and stretch the skin between my pussy and anus, then forward, mashing my g-spot against it. I can cum like this and I'm reaching for it. The wild thought come to me to just bend my knees and swallow the shaft up into me and not wait for the rise, but from behind me to my left I hear Michael's polished voice;

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, we give you Jordan."

Waves of shiver-bumps wash over my inner thighs, my bum and belly as I feel the shaft start to move inside me. I look to my right and see the frightened faces of Jasmine and Leigh watching me like I watched Sarah and Candice, but my fear is tenfold of theirs because it is my turn. I don't want to go next! I want to be last! I want to watch all the girls go first, to have more time get myself ready. Just a little more time.

I want to scream it; I'm not ready! I haven't cum yet! But I have to be ready, because the steel horse cock is pressing upward against my cervix, stretching me inside.

I start panting harder - my breaths coming shallow and fast - and I lift myself up on my tip-toes, trying to prolong it; to stay above the rising death inside me.

I'm so scared. I didn't think I'd be this scared of dying this way but I am. The shiver-bumps are dancing over my bum and flanks and belly as the shaft lifts me higher. My toes are barely touching the floor.

"… cumming …" I hear Candace gasp wetly. She is gurgling, I can hear the liquid she is regurgitating as she slides lower on her shaft.

I think of Candace kicking and slamming down on her shaft as she forced it to penetrate into her uterus and I don't want that - I don't want to feel that violence inside me.

I lean back slightly and feel my fluffers' soft hands steadying me. I force my muscles to relax, I will my insides to loosen and open, and I push my belly outward to make it softer and more pliable. I push my sex outward as well, the way I do when a girl or a boy is working their hand into me for a good fist fuck. And it's working; I can feel my cervix dilating, opening more and more as my weight pulls me down on the shaft. I will my body to accept it - to swallow this steel horse cock inside me.

It's better this way.

I hear myself whimper and it's a scared, desperate sound. I can feel that almost flat tip pushing hard inside me, pulling my labia and clit inward, stretching me bad as it forces me open more and more. I feel my feet clear the floor and I kick slowly, the very tips of my toes brushing the soft carpet. The shaft is so thick inside me it's making my pelvis ache, but I know there is more to come - it tapers, so the thickest part is still to come. I open my thighs and slap my feet against the shaft, squeezing the cold steel between the soles of my feet. I push myself up and it works a little - I feel the pressure against my cervix ease just a little, but my feet slide down the shaft and it sinks deep again.

I lift my feet higher and squeeze that shaft with all my might, pinning it between my bare soles, pushing myself upward, squeezing my bum as tight as I can to grip that steel between my thighs, but it's no use - I slide down again and the pressure returns with more of a deep ache.

And even though I know it is pointless, I do it again and again - straining, grunting, fucking myself up and down that shaft, and at the bottom of every stroke I feel my cervix open just a little bit more.

I feel feverish - flushed and sweating - and confused. Confused with the ice-cold fear that I am going to die surrounded by strangers who are delighting in my sexual torture and who are becoming sexually aroused watching we five die this way, and confused at the perverse sexual arousal I am feeling as I work myself up and down that shaft.

I know that I am surrounded by women and men all dressed in expensive evening gowns and tuxedos, sipping champagne and smiling their secret little smiles at each other, but I can't see them. I know they exchange their secret smiles because later there will be an orgy and masters like Serge will be engaging the willing in edge play. They will play with sexual death - flirt with permanent damage to their bodies. I know this because I was once a fluffer like the two girls behind me and I went to those orgies and let Serge take me to the edge for their entertainment and even helped guests find that edge themselves.

The orgies are wild things with pure animal lust and sex, lubricated with cum, blood, sweat, and vomit.

One time Serge had to resuscitate me after I swallowed a spit down my gullet just to entertain three guests who said no one could take it that way. Serge said I lost consciousness and had a seizure and that he almost lost me. My first words when I came to were a hoarse "fuck me", and they did - men wanting to fuck the girl who almost died.

But right now it is just me and the shaft and the soft hands of my fluffers keeping me balanced on my steel horse cock as I fuck myself on it. It must be a good performance that I am putting on, because Michael hasn't called the next girl's name yet and I feel the heat of the guests' bodies as they gather closer.

I'm trembling badly now and my thighs are burning from humping this shaft, and at the same time my arousal is almost overwhelming. I can feel my g-spot throbbing and every time I slide back down, the shaft pulls my clit inside me and it grinds hard down that slick steel. I need release - sexual release. I need to cum so bad.

I feel the muscles low on my belly start to cramp up and I know it's about to happen …

"… gunna cum … oh fuck … gunna cum …" I cry out and my voice is hoarse and raw - I sound like an animal squealing weakly in heat, like a little piggy experiencing the ecstasy of having its throat cut, and I realize there is nothing I want more in this moment than the orgasm that is blossoming hard and hot inside my pelvic cradle.

My lower belly knots hard and I curl forward, wrapping myself around the head of the steel horse cock in my sex, my feet slipping loose from the shaft and my legs go rigid, pointing downward like an inverted V, and I am cumming hard.

Really hard.

My body jerks and shakes like someone having a seizure, but unlike them I can feel every instant of sweet agony. Oh god, my cunt it so full, so stretched. It's almost unbearable. I throw my head back and scream and it is guttural and raw. And in the middle of all this I feel my cervix open like a flower and I swallow that flared tip deep into my womb.

My orgasm flares then fades as the horse cock slides deeper and deeper, penetrating my belly like I've never been penetrated before. My mouth opens in a silent O, and I stop breathing, straining and staring wide-eyed over the heads of the guests gathered around me as this thing impales me to my core.


I'm so aware of gravity pulling me down lower and lower, pushing the shaft up deeper into me. I feel soft hands on my thighs and bum, stroking now instead of steadying - I'm impaled; no more need to steady me.

"You're doing so good, Jordan." I hear the gentle voice of one of the fluffers.

"Yes, Jordan. So good, sweetheart." Another voice - it is Mila. I lower my eyes and meet her gaze. She is smiling. She lays her right hand on my abdomen, just above my belly button and presses inward. I can feel the hardness of my belly where she presses her hand.

"Feel how deep?" she whispers.

"… uh-huh …" is all I can manage in a whiny weak voice.

"And it's going deeper." Mila says softly, "Look at Sarah and Candace."

I turn my head slowly because I feel so fragile I'm afraid to move quickly in case I come apart. Sarah is leaning back - limp. Her thighs parted slightly because of the thickness of the shaft between her legs, her head hanging backward, her long hair loose behind her back. The bulge in her belly is complete; the top of the horse cock lodged firm against her sternum. I don't know if her vagina and uterus have stretched that far or if it tore her inside, but one thing is certain - she is dying. Her sightless eyes stare up at the ceiling and her belly tightens and loosens in a slow rhythm and her thighs twitch, flopping her feet below her.

Candace's shaft is almost as deep and she seems to be concentrating on what is happening inside her body. Her legs quiver every few seconds, the slight flab of her thighs jiggling as she does. Her chin and chest are coated with vomit, and I can hear her gurgling as her stomach continues to convulse and regurgitate from all the pressure in her gut. Despite her being in the last moments of life and being impaled by this monstrosity, her nipples are puckered and tight. One fluffer has her mouth to Candace's crotch, her tongue flicking across her clit. Her other fluffer is working Candace's anus, pressing her fingers into her, bracing her forearm and straining to go deep. As I watch, Candace's body convulses and shakes violently - she's cumming again and her moan is haunting - it is truly the moan of a dying girl.

I close my eyes, not from what I am seeing, but from what I am feeling. The shaft has been moving inside me and I feel the pressure building in the pit of my stomach. I lower my head and open my eyes - the tip of the steel horse cock is bulging halfway between my belly button and my sternum. I haven't felt anything tear yet, so it's my insides that are stretched. I knew that a uterus can stretch almost up to the sternum during pregnancy, but I didn't know it could stretch this fast.

But I remember the injections of prostaglandin the company doctors gave us all this week, and I'm amazed at how well it's worked. I'm so full, so stuffed.

I open my eyes and look to my right. Leigh's shaft hasn't started moving yet, but she is well on her way; her knees are bent and her legs are trembling, so Leigh has decided to start early and lower herself onto her horse cock. She is moaning and the lump under her belly button tells me it's in her uterus already. I hear Michael announce her and the shaft starts to move inside her, straightening her legs. Leigh leans her upper torso back so her fluffers have to stand behind her and support her as her feet are lifted from the floor.

As I watch the bulge slide higher and higher in her belly I can feel the pressure growing in my own core and along with sexual arousal that is rising again quickly. Will this orgasm be like the last? Or will it be different? Harder?

"… gunna cum …" I whimper, and one of my fluffers starts massaging my anus with two fingertips while the other slowly rubs my clit's hood, pressing it against the hardness of the shaft. That's all it takes … I feel my belly clench as my body curls forward and my orgasm slowly grips my core tighter and tighter. I can hear myself straining and groaning as I curl around the shaft, feeling it moving inside me, repositioning my intestines, making them squirm inside my belly.

I try to cry out that I'm cumming, but all that comes out is a desperate wet grunt. I am cumming and shaking like an animal in pain as the shaft moves from the front of my belly to my core and as it does I feel the pressure building in my stomach.

This is going to make me puke if I don't lean back again, but in the throes of orgasm I don't care - I draw my knees up and my body curls tighter like I'm trying to return to the fetal position when I was in my momma's belly. I feel the shaft pressing harder and harder against my stomach and soon it feels like a hard lump inside my upper abdomen. I feel the fluid being pushed up my gullet and instead of fighting it, and even though my orgasm is easing off, I stay curled and just give in and let it happen.

Mila and my fluffer hear the gurgling and move to the side as I tuck my chin against my chest and the champagne I drank and the fruit I ate comes burbling up into my mouth to spew from my loose lips.

"… blurphhh …" and it feels so good - such an amazing sensation to come down off a hard orgasm. It's like pressure being relieved from my belly, and at the same time I imagine my entire body is like a man's cock, ejaculating at the peak of orgasm.

"… blurphhh …" a second wave gurgles up my gullet to spew and spray past my flaccid lips. This time I feel it splashing down my tits and belly and splatter on the carpet.

"… glurph!" a third wave hits me hard and I dry heave, my face grimacing in that sour taste ugliness as only drool flows from my lips. And just like that my orgasm is over.

I feel the sexual tension release from my entire body and I lean back, the shaft moving forward once more. My legs flop loose and a warm flood fills my entire body - all my muscles warm and relaxed. Through blurred eyes I see the bulge is now just under my sternum and the huge pressure in my core feels good now - a familiar over-stuffed feeling. I make small content murmuring sounds as I feel the liquid gurgling through my bowels.

"You okay, Jordan?" one of my fluffers asks, her voice tinged with concern.

"… I'm good …" I answer softly, my voice weak and quavering.

"And last, but not least, Jasmine." comes Michael's confident voice from my right.

I lift my drooping eyelids and look at Jasmine. She is standing flat-footed and staring ahead, her body straight like a soldier standing at ease with her hands behind her back. As the shaft starts to move upward inside her sex, her eyes open wider and she gasps.

Between us is Leigh, who appears to be lost in a sexual storm; her body leans back, her bulge as high as my own. But her body is convulsing rhythmically and with each convulsion she grunts. I don't know if these are death throes or orgasms.

"NGHA!" Jasmine cries out gutturally.

Her steel horse cock has just penetrated her cervix and is deep in her uterus now, yet her feet are still flat on the floor - her toes curling as though they are trying to grip the carpet. Jasmine's eyes slowly squeeze shut and her face tightens into a grimace as she is lifted. Her muscles slowly tighten and clench, she draws her legs up - bent at the knees - and grips the shaft between her thighs. From deep in her chest comes a long straining groan and she lowers her head, drool sliding from her lower lip.

It's getting hard for me to breathe. The pressure in my belly is pressing firm up against my diaphragm. I watch Jasmine's face soften and her mouth opens in a silent "O" as she squirms on her steel horse cock, her legs slowly bicycling. It's her first orgasm on the shaft and I hope she has many more.

Mila and my two fluffers are stroking my body, massaging the hollows on either side of my stretched belly where my shaft has filled me.

"Jordan?" Mila says my name softly, "Are you still with us?"

"… uh-huh …" is all I can manage. I feel feverish, delirious, the room is tilting and spinning.

"Do you want to cum again?" Mila whispers.

"… I'll … try …" I gasp. It's so hard to breathe and now I'm feeling cold, shivery waves up and down my body - deep around the shaft inside me, and shallow over my crotch and belly.

I feel a fluffer's fingers slide down the crease of my bum to find my anus, and the other's fingertips reach up and find my nipples. I gaze down and Mila lays her hands on my hips, her thumbs pressing into the soft hollows on either side of my tight bulge. She lowers her head and I feel her tongue find my clit.

The tingles get stronger as I feel my arousal rising once more. Two slender fingers are pushed deep into my rectum and begin to fuck me there while my nipples are being pinched and twirled.

I am shocked as my orgasm rises suddenly and violently inside me; I feel it slam into my body, cramping me, making me lurch forward and gag hard as I feel the shaft move inside me. I hear my own loud grunt as though it is someone else as I feel my anus grip my fluffer's fingers so tightly I force them out of my body. My legs come together hard around the shaft and I feel the pain as my anklebones slam into the steel shaft. This orgasm feels like a total body muscle cramp - it is painful and violent and overwhelming.

I can feel Mila's hands gripping my hips as her tongue works me.

"… don't let me go …" I cry out and with that expulsion of air I feel my esophagus spasm.

I am aware that I'm not breathing, and as my vision blurs to a field of crimson my body goes numb from my toes to my face and darkness floods in around the edges of my limited sight.

So this is what dying feels like …

I am awakening, but I'm not in my bed. I'm confused and disoriented and the incredible pressure in my abdomen is all I can feel. Voices. Music playing softly. The golden blur I see resolves into a ballroom. The Dark Encounter's ballroom.

My thighs are shaking, my bum jiggling, and my belly is pushing outward and contracting in slow pulses. I can't control my body - it feels over stimulated and used up.

They're watching me. In their gowns and tuxedos, sipping cocktails and talking amongst themselves. Naked girls kneel in front of men sucking their cocks, two have their arms under women's hiked-up evening gowns, finger fucking them.

Then I remember; they're here to watch me die - to watch us die. We are the performance and they are our audience. I look around me and see two girls to my right - both in the same state I am in; their bellies swollen, impaled on thick shafts. Leigh and Jasmine.

Leigh is leaned back like me, her head loose, her long hair hanging down her back. Her body is spasming and she is making wet sounds as she dry heaves.

Jasmine is more upright, and she appears to be having orgasm after orgasm - her muscles clenched tight as slow rhythmic orgasms roll through her body.

I struggle to suck in even the smallest of breaths - so much pressure inside me. My pussy stretched so tight - not just because of the thickness of the shaft, but being pushed up inside me by my own weight.

I look to my left and see Candice and Sarah are dead.

I'm not afraid anymore … I want to die now … I wish I already had. But it's not happening.

I look down and see that my fluffers are working Mila - her gown hiked up, both of them on their knees, one with her mouth on Mila's crotch then other's face buried between the globes of her bum. Mila's face is one of ecstatic agony and I know she is riding the edge of orgasm as she stares up at me and I realize she is holding off her orgasm for the moment of my death. She wants to see the end of my performance.

I gather my strength and lift myself forward, feeling the pressure inside me shifting. I open my thighs and lift my knees, then slowly bring them together, my thighs gripping the shaft as I curl myself forward. I press my shoulders forward and together as best I can, my tits hanging down loose from my chest, the pressure inside me making it impossible to draw the scantest breath. I strain and hold myself there, my hair hanging down over my face as I try to curl into a ball.

My vision blurs from my watering eyes and I feel the cramping deep in me and feel the hot fluid rising up my gullet. It oozes through my mouth and flows thickly from my lower lip to spatter on the carpet.

Even through blurred vision I can see that it is crimson.

My body starts to convulse as I make weak straining sounds. My bladder tightens and piss burns from my crotch. I hear Mila cry out that she is cumming and I hear her bum thud on the floor as her legs give out. I blink away the tears and through vision that is growing dark around the edges I see that my fluffers are swarming her, their fingers busy between her open thighs as she squirms in orgasm. But still she gazes up at me, her face a grimace of desperate need.

"Jordan!" I hear her cry out my name as darkness descends like a curtain.

I close my eyes and my performance ends.