Watergirl and Hagfish

by Erotickynk

The Hagfish is one of the grossest and most disgusting creatures I've ever seen, which makes it even more alluring that it is going to play a large role in my unique death.

As my fluffer, Sandi and my snuffer's assistant Rudy tie me to the enema chair, Hans and Frieda are explaining to the crowd gathered in one of the mansion's men's washrooms what is going to be done to me.

Hans and Frieda are both Doms from Austria who have a special kink; Enemas. Torture enemas to be exact ... and I just happen to be into them too.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our little corner of Dark Encounters." Frieda greets the three dozen Dark Encounter's guests gathered in the washroom, "With the assistance of Bailey ..."

Frieda motions to me and I smile, waving with both my hands even though my wrists are now tied to the chair.

"... we will be conducting and experiment on the female digestive system." Frieda says, then motions to Hans.

"The human stomach can shrink to hold a volume of only 50 milliliters when empty." Hans explains, "When full it can hold one liter of solids and liquids comfortably and four liters of liquid uncomfortably." Hans turns it back over to Frieda;

"The human bowel is comprised of the small intestine and the colon. The small intestine of the average female is seven meters long and the large colon is 1.5 meters long." Frieda says as she moves toward me, "So if we were to remove Bailey's digestive system it would stretch the length of this washroom." she pats my tummy, "And it is all contained in this sweet little belly.

Hans takes up the introduction; "Our experiment is to see how much water the female digestive system can retain before it ruptures. Putting it simply - we will fill our sweet little volunteer until her bowel bursts."

The crowd murmurs appreciatively and I get curious looks from a lot of them.

Yeah - I volunteered ... sort of. This year the Dark Encounter's people offered a new option for guests; They can purchase a girl and choose her method of death. Hans and Frieda didn't choose me, per se, they asked for girls who enjoyed enemas and belly pain. There was eight of us who sat down to meet them last week and they explained what they were going to do in complete detail. When they asked which of us wanted to volunteer, only myself and a girl named Shirley raised our hands.

I got the nod because I have taken 5 liter enemas often, and Shirley had only maxed out at three. The other thing in my favour was that to meet the Dark Encounter's rule that we girls had to die during the act, they had to devise a way for me to die at the end of the performance. You see, a burst colon doesn't kill you instantly - you linger in pain and die slowly. And the method they chose worked for me too.

I'm not only a klismaphile - I love enemas, but I'm also an emetophile - I love puking.

Now fully tied to the enema chair, Sandi is fluffing me with her talented mouth and fingers and I am growing very aroused. She alternates between sucking my nipples and licking my clit while her latex gloved fingers are massaging my anus - loosening me up.

Hans has been telling them about the water pump;

"... and the actual nozzle, as you can see, is four centimeters in diameter, and 25 centimeters in length."

Ooohs and ahhhs from the ladies in the crowd. I make a campy happy face for them and the crowd laughs.

Hans goes on; "To ensure complete retention, the nozzle has an inflatable rubber cuff that will expand to 15 centimeters in diameter, ensuring that it stays secure in Bailey's rectum. The water will be a constant 43 degrees Celsius."

As Rudy wheels in a cart with two large containers covered with towels and an electrode device, Frieda takes over once more;

"One of the problems we have foreseen is once Bailey's bowels are filled and are being pressurized, the water would seek to exit through the stomach and up her gullet. To prevent this without surgery, we have devised a unique solution."

Hans lifts the towels away from the containers and lifts a Hagfish from one. I watch the faces of the crowd and see the same revulsion I felt the first time. A Hagfish is like an eel - it is slimy and gross looking.

"The Hagfish, formally known as Myxine glutinosa, coming from the Greek myxa, meaning mucus, and the Latin gluten, meaning glue." Frieda explains as Hans walks amongst the crowd, showing them the disgusting critter, "The Hagfish can exude copious amounts of mucus which will jellify water in a matter of seconds."

Hans lays the Hagfish down on the cart and turns on the electrode device, running a probe along the creatures length. Instantly a line of milky mucus oozes form its sides. Hans picks the Hagfish up and drops it into a yellow pail of water. After about 30 seconds, Hans reaches into he bucket and lifts a large clot of slimy jellified water.

The guests are suitable disgusted.

"To prevent Bailey from regurgitating her enema," Frieda continues, "we will have her drink three liters of water, then we will inject a half liter of Hagfish mucus directly into her stomach."

"It will jellify the water in a matter of seconds and prevent the enema from entering her stomach." Hans ends the introduction, "Any questions?"

"I have a question for Bailey." one woman says. When I lift my chin and smile she asks; "You actually volunteered for this?"

I laugh, "Yes I did. I've loved enemas since I was twelve and use them as part of sexplay all the time. In fact I took six enemas today to make sure I'm completely clean."

"How about the Hagfish mucus?"

"I saw the same demonstration with the Hagfish as you just did and once I got past the gross-out of those things, the idea appealed to me." I answer.

A man; "Will your bowel bursting ... um ... end your life right away?"

"No. Hans and Frieda have devised a sinister method to end it all for me." I wink at him, " We're going to keep it a secret until the end. But I promise it will be entertaining and it will be an intense way for me to go - plus it plays to another one of my kinks."

During the Q&A, Sandi stopped using her mouth, but she continued massaging my anus. She now has two fingers inside me and is firmly working my sphincters and has them nice and loose. My breathing rate is up and I can feel my cheeks flushing from my growing arousal.

Another woman has been watching me intently and I can see by her body language and her own flushed cheeks and erect nipples tenting her gown that this whole thing is a turn on for her.

"Bailey?" she asks seductively, "Will you tell us how it feels as things ... progress?"

"I'll do my best." I say, slightly breathless.

"If there are no further questions, we will begin." Hans announces and slides the pump with its attached nozzle under the enema chair.

I lean forward as best I can and straighten my back to make the insertion easier. I hear him loosen the cuff and slide the nozzle upward. Sandi scoops a dollop of Astroglide and lubricates the nozzle and my anus and Hans slides it upward.

Even with Sandi's massage, the nozzle feels huge.

"Oh fuck." I whisper as I feel my anus opening for it. Hans slides it all the way up until all 25 centimeters are inside me. I shudder as I feel it open my rectal valves and force its way into my Sigmoid colon.

Frieda bends and lays two fingers on my belly just under my belly button, "It is about this deep inside her."

Hans opens the small valve that fills the retention cuff with water and I feel it expanding inside me and growing warmer. The pressure in my rectum grows quickly and I gasp - I've never had anything this big inside me before. I cannot only feel the pressure in my rectum, but my cunt and bladder as well.

I whimper as I lose control of my bladder, "I'm sorry." I gasp as my pee burbles and splatters on the tile floor.

Sandi caresses my lower belly, "It's okay, Bailey. There's no shame here."

Then she gently slides a finger into my compressed cunt and turns to the guests; "She is fucking tight - there's no extra room in there now."

"How does it feel?" asks the aroused woman.

I give her a faltering smile, "So full down there. It's doing amazing things to my g-spot."


As I get used to the expanded retention cuff inside me, Sandi retrieves three liter bottles of water. She uncaps the first and lifts it to my lips. I lift my chin and begin to drink in large gulps. The water is warm, so my stomach doesn't tighten up.

The first one goes down fairly easy. As I drink the second, I start to feel full. Halfway through the third bottle I have to stop and rest - I feel the water rising and falling in my gullet, threatening to come up. I wait it out for a moment and burp loudly.

"Oops!" I exclaim and mug for the crowd. More laughter.

I motion with my head and Sandi lifts the third bottle to my lips and I force it down.

"As you can see," Frieda tells the crowd as she strokes my stomach, "Her upper abdomen is visibly distended. Now for the Hagfish mucus."

Hans appears beside my with a long lubricated tube with a plunger reservoir holding the half liter of mucus on one end. Sandi lifts the other end of the tube to my lips. I swallow and concentrate on calming my stomach. When I'm ready I lift my chin and open my mouth, pushing my tongue out.

As gently as she can, Sandi slides the tube down my gullet. I gag when it passes the root of my tongue and as I feel it sliding down, my stomach heaves and I feel water rising up my throat. I close my mouth over the tube and swallow it back down. I open my mouth again and Sandi pushes faster and the tube slides into my stomach. I can't help it - I continue to gag and retch as she holds it in place and Hans grips the reservoir.

My mouth is watering like crazy.

My eyes are on his hands as he grips the reservoir and presses the plunger slowly all the way down. I can feel it churning inside my bloated stomach and expanding it even more.

As soon as the plunger is all the way down he nods to Sandi who pulls the tube up my throat quickly.

"Urlph!" I gag and retch hard and as soon as the tube is clear of my mouth, I press my lips tightly closed and start swallowing my drool rapidly. It's a struggle, but I manage not to puke. When my stomach quiets to a tentative quivering, I gasp and try to catch my breath.

I let my head hang forward and become mindful of the jellification process in my belly. My stomach is warming and bloating more, and I can feel it become heavier as the water turns to jelly inside me.

"Can you feel it?" someone asks.

I nod, not trusting myself to speak yet. A full two minutes pass before Frieda kneels beside me and lays a hand on my distended upper belly. She presses in and palpates my stomach. She smiles up a Hans.

"It worked. It's heavy jelly. You can feel it." she says excitedly, then turns to the crowd; "Come. Feel her belly."

As one by one, guests step forward to palpate my stomach, Sandi squeezes in behind me and reaches over my shoulders to twirl and tease my nipple the way I like. I close my eyes and lean my head back, feeling my nipples tingle and pucker as one-by-one strangers fondle my stomach.

My nipples are extraordinarily sensitive - I can be brought to the edge of orgasm just by what Sandi is doing to me right now. I lose myself in my growing arousal as I am handled by three dozen strangers who have come to witness my torture and death.

And that too is exciting me sexually.

I'm not sure which it is; If I am truly ready to die tonight after my wonderful year of pampering, or if the reality of it just hasn't sunk in yet. But either way I'm committed - I'm tied to the chair and everything is ready for me to be filled literally to bursting with hot water.

"Bailey?" Frieda calls my name softly after the last person has fondled my belly. My eyes are slow to open as I look up at her.

"Are you ready to begin?" she asks gently.

I nod, then remember why I'm here. I turn to the guests and smile; "Wish me luck!"

Hans turns on the pump and it starts to hum.

The nozzle starts vibrating inside me and I feel the initial rush of water.

"... ohh ..." I whisper and close my eyes, "... feels so good ..."

I can feel the liquid heat spreading across the bottom of my belly. I breathe slowly and deeply as the familiar sensations of the enema starts to fill me. Because the nozzle is inside my Sigmoid colon already, I don't feel the usual initial pressure of my rectum bloating. Instead the heat spreads into the pocket of flesh between my belly button and my left hip bone.

"Feels good." I say, remembering my promise to tell the guests what I'm feeling, "So far it's like a regular enema."

As I feel the water rising up my left side, I start feeling tingles up the backs of my thighs and over my bum and belly. Right on he heels of this my g-spot starts throbbing and I feel my own mucus oozing from me as my labia parts.

"Oh shit." I gasp in surprise as I start to tremble, "I'm gunna cum."

My belly tightens slowly and my thighs close then squeeze tight together. My orgasm is building higher and higher, not quiet breaking yet. I feel my shoulders being pulled forward against the ropes, my back curving. My chin lowers until it's tight to my chest and my mouth is watering again. I'm straining and groaning as my belly muscles tighten and cramp - I can feel the jelly being pushed up my gullet, and oh fuck does that feel perversely good. My anus starts pulsing around the shaft of the nozzle and I feel my cunt tighten.

It hits me hard.

"Cumming!" I grunt and my body goes into wild spasms that have the violence of a seizure. It is so strong that for the next few moments I lose myself in my orgasm. It pulses through my belly, my cunt, my anus, and the muscles of my bum and thighs in wave after wave. I forget where I am. I forget that there are over 30 people watching me. It is just me and my enema and my orgasm.

And as the pulses lessen their throbbing power, it all comes rushing back - I'm on display, my belly swelling as I take an enema that will destroy my body - an enema that will burst my bowel, and afterward ... afterward I will die squirming and convulsing on the tile floor of this room ... writhing at the feet of three dozen people watching me die for their own perverse pleasure.

These thoughts send chills of fear through my body, but they also thrill me like I've never been thrilled before. I grunt and strain as my orgasm peaks again - I try to squeeze my thighs together, my legs pulling at the ropes.

It takes me a long time to come down from my orgasm. I gasp and cry out as my body twitches and clenches and slowly moves toward a calm state. At last I feel myself release the last of the sexual energy and I slump in the enema chair. The pulsing of hot water up into my belly and the vibration of the retention cuff and nozzle imbedded inside my rectum a comfort to me. I slowly open my eyes and the crowd of guests come back into focus; all are watching me intently, some smiling, some obviously feeling so sexually aroused that they have let down their guard allowing their lust to be plain on their face.

"... oh wow ..." I gasp, panting for air, "... that ... was the .... best orgasm ... of my life."

I try for a smile, but it falters as my lips quiver.

"I ... hope it's not my last." I say for comic effect and laugh, feeling my boating belly jiggling. It surprises me when my faltering laugh turns quickly to tears. I close my eyes and let my head hang down, sobbing - waves of emotion flooding me. I don't know what it is - I don't feel sad. It feels more like the rush of soul-deep gratitude a bottom feels toward their top after an intense BDSM session.

Sandi's hands slide over my chest and breasts as she strokes me.

"You have tears?" she coos softly.

"...y-y-yes ..." I sob, feeling the pressure building in the left side of my belly.

"Are you sad, Bailey?" she asks, massaging my neck with one hand, and wiping the tears from my cheeks with the other.

"... no ..." I manage, my tears slowing.

"Do you still feel good?" she asks as she slides her gentle fingers down to my breasts, twirling my nipples the way I like.

I have to think about her question for a moment - I check in with the sensations in my body; My belly is expanding, the hot water rising up my left side. The vibrations in the swollen cuff and nozzle are still stimulating my g-spot, and Sandi's fingers on my nipples feel wonderful.

"Yes." I answer softly, looking up at her, "I still feel good. And I still want to do this."

The guests break out in polite spontaneous applause. Frieda claps her hands once and steps forward.

"Bailey has now taken two liters into her bowels. You can see the swelling here." she says, leaning down and stroking her hand up my left side, then looks at me, "There's pressure here now, yes?"

I smile and nod, "Oh yeah - lot's of pressure."

Then I gasp as I feel and hear the gurgling as my descending colon releases its pressure and expels water into my transverse colon. The water is now flowing across the top of my belly and pressure is building there too. I moan and close my eyes.

"Have you taken this much before?" the woman with the erect nipples asks - she's a curious one.

My eyes flutter open and I nod, "Yeah ... I've taken five liters before. But that was on my hands and knees, not sitting up in a chair."

"That makes a difference?"

I squeeze my eyes shut for a few seconds as I feel a strong peristaltic cramp, then open them, "Yes ... more pressure."

"While we've been talking, Bailey has taken another liter." Frieda says as she walks around to my left side, "Soon the water will push through into her ascending colon."

Frieda palpates and massages my belly just under my ribs on the right side, and as she does we all hear the loud gurgling and I shudder as I feel the water gush down my right side. I whimper, knowing I'm reaching my past limit for enema retention.

"Do you think you can cum again?" a man asks.

I smile weakly, "I don't know. I hope so."

Hans checks the flow meter on the pump, "She is now at four liters." he announces.

I look down and can see the outline of my large colon pushing outward from my flaccid belly. The pressure is building and building, and I wonder if I will burst inside before the water is forced into my small bowel.

I moan. It's getting hard to breathe, and I am now sweating, the hot water raising my core temperature. I begin panting, desperate for air.

"We just passed five liters." Hans announces.

"Unexplored territory for me." I say with a faltering smile. The guests laugh politely.

"If you could, would you walk away right now, Bailey?" the curious woman asks.

I look up at her, feeling feverish and slightly disoriented as I ponder her question.

"No." I say breathlessly, "I want to feel it - what it feels like to burst."

The water continues to flow.

"Six liters." Hans reports, and suddenly I feel a sharp pain low on my right side.

"Ah!" I cry out and shudder, thinking that my colon has burst, but then I feel the wild rush of water following the twists of my small bowel - something I've never experienced before.

Frieda lays her ear against my belly and listens. She smiles.

"The water is now flowing through her small intestine." she tells the guests.

My belly is swelling more and more, but the pressure in my colon is eased slightly as the water flows through it into the twists of my small bowel. I just sit and breathe, my eyes closed, being mindful of what is going on inside me. I lean back as best I can to give my expanding abdomen more room.

Sandi has stepped away and is sipping a fruit drink and watching me with the rest of the guests. I see the sensuality of her expression - she too is looking forward to the burst of water inside me.

I feel a small sense of betrayal, but at the same time I understand. Last year as a fluffer I found myself extremely sexually aroused as I helped other girls die. I recall laying beside one girl, holding her body to mine as she was being impaled. As the spit slid up her throat, I couldn't help myself - I masturbated to orgasm as she squirmed and jerked against me. I came while she struggled in her final moments.

I guess we reap what we sow.

"Seven liters." Hans announces. He and Frieda share a look and a smile.

I am panting desperately now, it's so hard to breathe. I pull against my ropes, wanting to massage my belly, wanting to feel it. Wanting to lay on the cool floor tiles to soothe the fever in my body. Look at Sandi, craving her touch in these difficult moments.

"Sandi ... please ..." I whimper and start crying again. And she smiles and sets down her drink and slowly comes to me, walking in front of me to my right side, kneeling and caressing my belly and my upper arm.

"Yes, Bailey. I'm here." she says softly.

"I want to cum again." I sob, "Please help me cum."

Sandi lowers her mouth to my right nipple and suckles it while she slides her right hand down my tight bloated belly, following the curve down between my thighs until her fingers find my oozing cunt. As she strokes my opening with two fingers, I can tell I am gaped and open - the walls of my cunt pressed tight together by all the pressure. She actually has to strain to slide her fingers up into me.

"So tight, baby." she coos, and curls her fingers to massage my g-spot, cupping my crotch so her palm rubs against my clit. I moan and close my eyes.

"Oh gawd ... thank you." I moan.

My orgasm builds swiftly - more swiftly than normal. Perhaps my body knows what is about to happen and is reaching for any final pleasure. I feel the tingling over my thighs and bum and my anus gapes wider.

"Oh fuck" I whisper, staring at the curious woman whose nipples are tight and tenting the thin material of her dress. This time my orgasm is gentle and spreads wide, swelling inside me like my bowels. I close my eyes and revel in it, knowing it will be my last.

"Eight liters." Hans announces.

Small warm waves of orgasm radiate from my core as Sandi fingers me then my orgasm fades as gently as it began. I open my eyes and look down at Sandi's smiling face.

"Good?" she asks.

I nod, "Yeah. I'm okay now." I say breathlessly.

Sandi slides her fingers out of me and I feel my cunt close up again. She rises and walks away. The guests are staring at me, their expressions varied - from lust to curiosity to borderline horror.

Now my belly feels impossibly large and tight - the water is heavy inside me and is pressing my thighs further apart.

It's so hard to breathe. And I now feel pressure on the underside of my stomach, the jelly feeling like it is rising in my throat. I feel a growing anxiety and I am panting in short rapid gasps.

I twist in my chair, pulling at my ropes. This is it! I know it's about to happen. I can feel the walls of my bowels starting to give - stretched tight from over two gallons of water.

"Oh Gawd!" I shriek, pushing my belly out to make room, desperate for a few more minutes of life - a few more minutes of hope. But it's going to happen. I know it's going to happen.

"Nine liters." Hans says in awe.

I arch my back, still trying to make more room for my bowels to expand, and maybe that is what finally does it. I gasp and hold my breath as I feel it start; A burning feeling inside me, down low near my rectum ... it builds in intensity very quickly and I feel my bowels cramping badly.

I open my eyes and meet the lustful gaze of the curious woman.

"This is it!" I cry out, resigned to what is about to happen.

I feel a thud inside me as my colon bursts. The guests react as my stomach distorts violently and jiggles like jello and I jerk hard in my bonds. I sit shuddering for a moment, then I close my eyes and let my head hang loose.

Just like that, it's over.

The sound of the pump stops and the room seems silent. I can feel water rushing inside me, my intestines squirming and writhing within. All I can do is slump in my chair, my eyes closed. It's over. That part is over. Now all there is left is to die.

I feel hands at my thighs and ankles, untying me from the chair. The retention cuff is deflating inside me and water starts flowing from my blown anus. I can hear it spattering on the tiles.

I'm feeling fevered and delirious now. I don't want to open my eyes. Suddenly hands are under my jaw and holding my head, lifting my chin upward.

"Open your mouth, Bailey." I hear a voice - I don't know who it is - and someone pulls down on my chin and my lips part. They hold me tight as someone slides another tube into my mouth and down my gullet. I gag, choke, heave, but they are relentless. I try to lift my arms to stop them, but my wrists are still tied. I kick feebly and try to twist away. Then I feel something hot being injected into my stomach through the tube.

"What are you doing to her?" the voice is familiar - it's the curious woman.

Frieda answers; "We're injecting a strong emetic into her stomach."

"Syrup of ipecac?"

"No, much stronger. The Dark Encounter rules say each girl must die at the end of her performance. This is what Bailey and we agreed upon. It will be intense."

The injection is complete and the tube is swiftly pulled up my throat. I moan and swallow. Hands are at my arms and wrists and in seconds I am free.

Strong arms lift me and my belly is so bloated and so heavy. I hear the pump and chair scrape on the floor. Water is still gushing from my anus and my legs are weak and won't work - my entire body is limp, my belly hanging down. I am laid down on the tiles on my left side facing the guests. They tug and push me so my bum is in one of the urinals. Water is flowing from me, wetting my round bum and emptying into the urinal basin.

I lay limp, the cool of the tiles feel so good on my cheek and body - the release of pressure in my stretched out belly feeling better. I become aware of a growing nausea and I remember how I am to die. My other fetish.

My mouth starts watering. I let my lips part and it flows from the corner of my mouth to puddle under my cheek.

"Bailey? Can you hear us?" it's the curious woman again.

I nod and swallow, "Yes." my voice is weak and guttural.

"You chose this?"

"Yes." and it's true, I did choose it from the options Hans and Frieda gave me. I love feeling my body lose control. What better way to die?

My stomach heaves and I curl forward on the floor - water gushes strong from my bottom as I do. I swallow and let my belly calm once more.

"Oh Jesus, Bailey." - the curious woman again, her voice full of concern.

"You may comfort her if you like." Frieda's voice.

I hear footsteps, then movement close to me; a cool hand, gentle on my hip.

My stomach convulses again - stronger this time - it forces my mouth open but all that comes out is drool. The convulsion lasts a long time, waves of heaving, but nothing coming up. The jelly is heavy inside me.

The convulsion stops and my stomach settles to quivering. I gasp and whimper.

It won't be long now.

I want to say thank you to the curious woman, but I'm unable to speak - my gullet is hitching and quivering. I reach up and lay my hand over hers. She squeezes my hip.

My stomach clenches again and I experience wave after wave of heaving, curling my body, choking me, making me squirm on the tiles. I feel the jelly sliding up my gullet and I think this might be it, but it subsides once more. The jelly feels so sexual as it slides back down.

I lay still and pant, waiting for the next one - the one I know is going to kill me.

My bowels feel lighter now, but water is still flowing from me. I'm sure it is pink with blood but I have no desire to see it. I stroke my hand down the side of my lower belly - it is slack and loose, stretched out of shape and still sloshing with water. It makes me feel sexy in a perverse way.

"... oh gawd ..." I whimper as I feel my stomach tightening inside me, this is the one ... it's building momentum so fast, my stomach is now feeling like a hard bloated ball at the top of my belly. I pant faster and faster, desperate to get as much oxygen into my lungs as I can. I reach up and cover the curious woman's hand, squeezing it to let her know the big one is coming.

I strain as I feel my stomach convulse. I gag and heave hard, water jetting from my anus so strongly that it sprays inside the urinal and splashes back onto my bum and lower back.

I'm heaving, curling, shaking ... wave after wave of convulsions tightening my stomach and gullet. I feel the jelly working its way slowly up my throat. My heaving rolls on and on ... it's not going to stop this time. I feel a moment of panic and I squeeze the curious woman's hand hard.

I can't breathe!

Heave after heave works the jelly higher in my gullet. I remember the disgusting hagfish and imagine it being inside my stomach, oozing its mucus inside me. I am feeling very sexual now, my body squirming on the tiles my wet slipperiness sensual, the jelly so thick and slippery in my throat - it's like being throat-fucked from the inside.

I feel the thick jelly pressing up against the root of my tongue and I open my mouth wide for it. My stomach is heaving in a steady rhythm, trying to empty itself - but that isn't going to happen; The jelly is a slippery thick mass too large to vomit up completely. But I feel it sliding across my tongue and slowly filling my mouth. The long thick tendril of jelly still connected to the ball of it in my stomach.

My mouth is filled with it now, I can taste it and feel it on my tongue, then my lips. I hear some of the guests react with revulsion.

Suddenly I am energized - no doubt my body expending what little energy and oxygen I have left in a desperate attempt to live. I draw my legs up and roll forward, getting my knees under me and lifting my bum up high. The curious woman's hand slides off my hip. My cheek is still resting on the cool tiles until I get my hands under my shoulders and push upward, getting up onto all fours.

Still heaving in waves, I feel my flaccid, heavy lower belly hanging down, and I open my mouth as wide as I can, the thick tendril of jelly filling my mouth and throat, now hanging down past my lips, swaying back and forth.

Frieda promised the guests an intense death and I am delivering it.

Heaving violently now, my body curling and inhibiting my movements, I try to crawl forward, but my hands slip on the wet floor and I collapse - my bum high and my forehead against the tiles.

The room is spinning. I can't tell up from down.

The jelly is a long thick rope from my belly to my mouth and out between my flaccid lips. I work my tongue around it - in wonder at how slippery and warm it is.



I am awed; this feels a lot like an orgasm.

I feel something hard slap against my left side and hip and realize it is the floor - I have fallen onto my side once more.

Feelings growing distant now - the convulsions in my stomach and throat sweet and sensual and endless.

How long since I last took a breath?

Floating ...

Feeling blissful and light ...

Such peace ...