In Our Own Little Beds

by Erotickynk

Once in awhile I enjoy taking greater risks than usual - like my Seattle trip - just to add some extra excitement to what I do. I had a chance last autumn when I received emails from two teen girls out in Denver. Savannah and Jordan had been friends since elementary school and had tried everything together; booze, drugs, sex with boys, sex with each other, sex with strangers. They were both seniors in high school and were into some pretty kinky shit, but they both wanted to get kinkier.

They’d been aroused by the gutting videos I uploaded to my TOR site, especially the ones where organ play made the girls experience intense orgasms just before or as they died.

They both wanted it, but there was more; They each wanted to be gutted in their own beds while their parents were home. Their plan was to leave detailed suicide notes telling their families that they had wanted to die the way they did. Their plan was for Savannah to go first while Jordan listened in on her cell phone, then for me to come to Jordan’s house to do her.

I could see a hundred risks to this plan, but I knew the girls were serious when I received an interact transfer to one of my off-shore accounts in the amount of ten thousand dollars. Jordan said she dipped her into her college fund - she dipped very deep, only leaving three grand to help pay for her funeral.

I worked through a plan and went over it dozens of times and only shared a bit of it with the girls - a need-to-know basis. We set a date, and I took a flight to Pueblo, checked into a hotel, put the do not disturb sign on the latch, rented a car under an alias, and drove the 81 miles to Denver. In Denver I found an electronics store run by an ex-military gentleman I knew and bought a police scanner with a decrypter and programed the local police channels into it.

That night I drove to each girl’s homes and found the best route from Savannah’s to Jordan’s and drove it six times experimenting with escape routes each time. I then drove to a seedy motel out on the highway that wouldn’t ask for ID or license plate numbers.

The next day I did some sightseeing and had a late afternoon nap before heading out to dinner. I spent some time after dinner back in my motel room. I messaged both girls for a last minute check-in to ensure they were still willing to go through with it. Both replied yes, and said they would leave their bedroom windows unlocked and a light on the sill. I then spent some time answering messages on my TOR site until about ten o’clock. Packing up and checking my kit, I headed over to Savannah’s house.

In a slow drive past I saw that Savanna had a small lamp covered with a scarf in her window and on the other side of the house in what I assumed was the living room, the lights were off but I could see by the blue flickering that her parents were watching TV.

In Savannah’s first email to me she included a video of her being fucked with her belly distended with a huge enema. “I like belly stuff” she explained, “Intense belly stuff. So a nice midline gutting with your organ play is the best way for me. Can you imagine cutting that belly open?”

I parked around the corner from her street and walked up the alley, entering her yard by hopping the fence and walking up the side of the house. Scanning the street from the shadows between houses, I saw the street was clear and could detect no one in any of the dark or lit windows. It took me all of ten seconds to round the corner of the house, open Savannah’s window and climb inside.

Savannah was sitting up in bed, texting. She smiled as I stood up.

“Hi, Captain.” she said softly, “I’m texting Jordan. We’re both soooo excited.”

I smiled and opened my kit, taking out one of the Tyvek suits I brought and slipping into it.

“Will it be bloody?” Savannah asked.

“Blood, piss, puke, shit.” I said, “You never know how bad a girl’s reaction will be.

“... oh god ...” Savannah whispered breathlessly - the thought aroused her. She flipped back her covers to reveal that she was already naked. She’d painted a dashed line on her lower belly from her mound to her sternum, with red lipstick and along side of it in rough printing were the words ‘CUT HERE’.

I sat down on the edge of the bed as I pulled on latex gloves and got my gutting knife out of my kit.

“I want to call Jordan and let her listen in while you do me.” she said.

“That’s fine.” I answered as I parted her thighs and began to massage her cunt.

She was smiling at me as she spoke to Jordan then set the phone down on the bed beside her.

“You don’t have to do that.” Savannah said as I started fingering her, applying lifting pressure on her g-spot, “Pain turns me on. It even makes me cum.”

“And what is your experience with pain?” I asked, continuing to fluff her, feeling her cunt grow wet and oily.

“Spanking, nipple clamps, anal.” Savannah listed off, then smiled, “Enemas.”

“This is far more intense.” I said, laying on my side beside her, “We can’t have any screaming.”

“I won’t.”

“If you do, I’ll have to silence you.”

Savannah nodded.

“It’s probably gunna hurt.” Savannah said with feigned nonchalance, no doubt showing off for Jordan, “So ... um ... so, let’s do it.

I lifted the knife and positioned the tip on her pubic bone and started to press. As her lower belly dimpled, she made some small sounds.

“Oh my god.” she said in a breathy voice, then gasped and whined as I applied more and more pressure. She jerked when the tip of the blade popped through her skin and fat layer and compressed her lowest oblique muscle. When the upper half of her body lifting from the bed, I wrapped my left hand behind her head and pulled her close to my chest. Giving her comfort as she endured the next part.

“... okay? ...” Savannah gasped, then started panting as I rocked the blade, cutting through her tight band of muscle. I watched her abdomen grow tight, which is helpful in a gutting, and I pushed hard, sinking the blade deep into her belly. I felt her bladder burst, followed by bloody urine seeping up from the cut. She was swearing under her breath.

I sawed right up her belly, along her dashed line, opening her belly where she wanted it. She shuddered, squirmed, tried lifting herself up off the bed with her elbows.

“... oh ... that burns ... that burns so bad ...” Savannah gasped breathlessly as she struggled, “... when does it stop? ... when does it st-o-o-o-op ...”

Tears filled her eyes and her contorted face told the tale of her agony. She gasped and panted, trying to control the pain.

“... okay ...ohhhhh my god ... okay ... I get it now ... I get it now ...” she gasped and that look of pain and horror contorted her face. This girl was going to die badly.

“... oh - no-no-no-no ...” she whined as I set down my knife and slid my right hand into her open belly, stroking her intestines. But organ play with her bowels only set them to rolling violently with peristalsis, squirming in my hand and making her tremble.

“... I wanna throw up ... I wanna throw up ...” she cried out weakly, the muscles under her jaw quivering and drool flowing from the corners of her down-turned mouth. She was going to puke and I didn’t want her parents hearing it, thinking she was sick and coming to investigate. Letting go of her head I let her flop back into the bed and clamped my left hand over her mouth as she started to heave and slid my right hand lower inside her to wrap my fingers around her cunt to squeeze and massage her g-spot from inside.

Looking down, I saw her clit swelling and going from pink to red, so I knew the sexual pleasure was there for her, but it didn’t stop her from puking hard as I covered her mouth. Her body curled as she vomited the foulness in her belly, the soupy mess spraying from under my hand. She vomited a second time and coughed loudly.

I had to silence her, so I pushed two fingers deep down her throat, letting her gag and choke on them as I worked her cunt hard. She did cum, her pelvis humping and her cunt gushing milky girl cum and I ground my thumb against her g-spot.

But after her orgasm she began to fight me, twisting on the bed, gripping my wrist in both her hands and trying to pull my fingers out of her throat. But I couldn’t risk her crying out, so I rose up on my knees and pressed them deeper, forcing her jaw wider as the panicked girl thrashed and choked.

She fell limp only a minute later and no longer struggled. I pressed my fingertips against her throat and found no pulse, so I let her go.

I picked up the phone.



“You heard it all?”


“She died badly.”

“I know.”

“Are you sure you want to be next?”

There was a pause during which I heard a soft shuddering breath - she was masturbating.

“Yes” she said at last, “Please come.”

I ended the call, taking the SIM card, then stripped off my Tyvek suit and gloves and turned them inside out, stuffing them in the waterproof pouch in my kit. I retraced my steps and drove to Jordan’s, where a very aroused and determined little girl awaited me.

Where Savannah was brash and over confident, Jordan was quiet and submissive. She too was in bed and naked when I arrived. She was tiny and pale, small breasted with a flat stomach. She had one of those pubic bones that stood proud of her tight belly, making her mound a delicious target.

“My parents are out.” she told me, “So we’re alone. I’ll try to be quiet though, they’ll be back soon.”

For Jordan’s ‘audition tape’ she sent me one of her being anally raped while the man fucking her choked her with a belt held tight around her throat.

“I like edge play.” she wrote, “And I think I’m at a place in my life to be taken past that edge. I’m ready, Captain.”

I suited up and joined her on her bed and she let me fluff her edging her toward orgasm. I played with her - massaging her g-pot, fingering her anus and sucking her tiny nipples until she squirmed and trembled.

“Feels good.” she whispered, her eyelids drooping. As I studied her face she smiled.

“I’m high as fuck.” she said, “Rolling on Molly. It’ll make it better, right?”

“Yes, it will.”

Smart girl. Smarter than Savannah. The MDMA would enhance the sexual arousal and dull the pain.

“Whose idea was it?” I asked as I curled my fingers inside her and ground her g-spot against her pubic bone.

“To find you?”



“And the choice of gutting?”


“And you’re okay with it?”

Jordan nodded, her eyes flashing wide every few seconds when her orgasm threatened to burst inside her.

“We saw your vids.” she said breathlessly, “Gutting and impaling are the most intense. I want intense, Captain. I want it so bad.”

“Yes, they are intense.” I smiled as I fingered her - her cunt was extremely loose for someone her age.

I motioned toward the plastic bag under her head on her pillow that I’d noticed.

“What’s that for?” I asked.

Jordon smiled; “In case I sick-up. I heard Savannah.”

This girl truly was prepared and she was aware of all the possibilities. I smiled as I picked up my knife in my right hand and kept fingering her with my left. I rested the sharp tip right on her mound, pressing in lightly to make sure I was on the belly side of her pubic bone. I didn’t want to slip and slice through her clit.

“Just let me know when you’re ready.” I whispered as I kept working her. She took her time, letting her arousal build to crazy levels. I think she knew that as soon as I penetrated her belly, any orgasm that was blooming would dim until I got inside her and started to play with her internally, but being on the edge of orgasm with all those endorphins and Molly rushing through her system would help with the pain.

Despite her growing arousal, I knew Jordan was scared. All the young girls who come to me are scared. She knew that the instant I slid that knife in deep she would be past the point of no return and begin her journey to her ultimate death, and no amount of sexual pleasure could erase that fear completely. But I knew from experience that once the process began, if she gave in to it, the perverse pleasure would become all that mattered. I pushed the tip of the blade so it popped through her skin and compressed the band of tight muscle just above her firm mound.

“Just surrender to it, Jordan.” I whispered in her ear, “Let it happen and I promise to take care of you right to the end.”

She nodded and squeezed her eyes closed as her arousal built closer to an orgasm. Her whimpers, gasps, and moans grew more desperate as I fluffed her - and I kept fluffing her, allowing her to make the decision of when to start. After many moments her vagina slowly tightened around my fingers, her legs spread wide on he bed. She had a body like a cat - her knees lifting with her heels grinding against the sheets. Slowly she arched her back and pressed her tight belly upward - she was telling me to start; her body was hungry for it.

Jordan held herself rigid, her pelvis pinned tight by the downward force of my knife, her long pale belly pushed out above it. I pressed firmly and felt the tip slice through her tight oblique muscles, purposely twisting the knife and grinding the edge against her pubic bone - she didn’t scream so she was good with it. For Jordan I changed the angle of the blade to miss her bladder and instead lifted her oblique muscles, forming a little bulge of firm flesh that I sawed through.

“... yeah ... yeah ...” Jordan whimpered as she felt the start of the cut, then pushed her belly upward further, the arch of her back tighter as she not only surrendered to it like she said she would, but welcomed the steel into her belly. She took the long cut up her pale abdomen like a champ. This girl would die beautifully.

I sawed swift and steadily, opening her from mound right up to undercut her belly button to release all her oblique muscles, which in her state of arousal pulled back against the wings of her pelvis, her cut yawning open. She lowered herself flat as her bladder released and she pissed all over the bottom half of her bed. Before my eyes I watched her innie belly button pop and become and outie, and she let out a small appreciative cry as her lower belly opened like a floppy purse - its muscles now all disconnected.

I set down my knife and slowly inserted my hand all the way into her up to my wrist and wrapped my hand around her descending colon, stroking it up and down as far as I could reach. Her belly was small and her insides packed tight and she was feeling it as I worked her belly.

“... yeah ... yeah ... fuck ...” she gasped weakly as she started to build back her orgasm, “... don’t stop ... don’t stop ...”

I was sure that just stroking her colon would bring her to orgasm, so I stroked deeper - reaching up inside her and covering more length of her plump, firm colon as her orgasm continued to build. She was panting like a woman in childbirth like she was afraid to cum hard, feeling fragile, but was soon shuddering and curling in my arms and I could hear the wetness between her thighs.

“... yeah ... yeah ...” Jordan was getting closer, “... I’m cumming ... I’m cumming ... please? ...”

So I squeezed her colon, stroking it like I’d stroke a cock, zero friction between my gloved hand and the slimy, wet lobes of her large intestine. Peristalsis had kicked in and I could feel it undulating in my hand - her entire belly had awakened. Then Jordan was squirming as she came, small spurts of milky mucus spurting from between her open thighs. She cried out as she peaked and held her breath for the last of her orgasm, before flopping limp.

“... yeah ... yeah ... yeah ... yeah ...” she whispered as the last of her orgasm caused her body to shudder and the intestines in her open belly to jiggle like a bowl of red jello.

As she was coming down from her orgasm I heard the key in the lock of the front door just on the other side of her bedroom wall. I heard the door open and her mom’s high heels clattering on the tile floor as her dad held the door for her.

“Shhh ...” I shushed Jordan as I released her colon and stroked her bowels gently. She stretched back out and looked up into my eyes, a small smile on her lips as we listened to her dad close the door and his footsteps follow her mom’s down the hallway.

“... daddy ...” Jordan whispered as he walked away.

Jordan was smiling at me like we’d pulled a prank on her parents as she rolled on her side toward me, wincing as useless muscles pulled against nothing. As she settled in I slid my hand deep into core and gently scooped her small intestines out so they slumped in a wet tangle on the bed between us. Still breathless, she shuddered and wrapped her hands behind my neck and lowered her head so she could watch as she pressed her mound against my Tyvek suit and I stroked her large intestine again - this time as foreplay. As her sexual arousal grew quickly once more, I followed the curves of her colon down to her rectum, slowly pressing my hand downward into the tightness of her pelvic cradle. Releasing her rectum I wrapped my fingers around her vagina and ground my thumb against her g-spot.

“... yeah ...” she gasped, then louder; “... fuck ... yeah!”

Jordan had another short shuddering orgasm, the white cheeks of her bum quivering loosely, then quickly she relaxed and snuggled against me. She gasped as I pulled my hand from her tight belly, the wet slurp sound loud in her small bedroom. She settled into quiet breathing as I held her tight against me like holding a child as they fall asleep.

At first I thought she would go out that way - quiet and peaceful, but after a time I felt her start to shiver - shock was setting in; her sexual arousal and orgasms had kept it at bay but it was coming on strong. She whimpered and was struggling to keep her hands together behind my neck. She lifted her chin and looked into my eyes and I saw the fear there - it was hitting her hard; she was feeling herself die.

“It’s going to be okay, Jordan” I whispered as I cradled her head and stroked her back. Her shivering intensified to quivers, then bad shaking. Her arms flopped from around my neck, which told me numbness was creeping through her extremities.

“... muh ... muh ...” she tried to speak, her breathing becoming erratic and wet.

“Shhhh” I soothed her, holding her frail, wounded body gently. She would be feeling cold now, and dizzy. I heard her heave softly, fluid gurgling in the back of her throat. It wouldn’t be long.

I held her through the small seizures that twisted and jerked her body and caused her eyes to cross; the twitches; the erratic wet gasps; her eyes going white as they rolled up under her lids. At last her mouth opened and she exhaled then her soft lips went slack and watery vomit oozed from her open mouth, drooling down her cheek. Her deep blue eyes were now staring at nothing - one straight ahead, one turned inward. I held her tighter, knowing that her numbness was spreading over her body and face, this to make sure she knew she wasn’t alone. I knew from experience that even after the breath and even after the heartbeat stops, awareness can remain for a moment or so. Letting go is a mistake I’ve made in the past - releasing a girl too soon and seeing that flicker of expression on her face that told of the heartbreak of being abandoned by me when she needed me most. I held her until I knew she was dead and was feeling no more.

I gently rolled her onto her back and closed her eyes. I even crossed her hands between her small breasts. If you ignored her torn belly, she looked like a pale sleeping angel - I hoped this was the image her parents remembered after they found her. I lifted her quilt up to cover her bloody belly and entrails and found her suicide note, placing it on the quilt below her folded hands.

I took off my gloves and Tyvek suit and returned them to my bag before slipping out of her bedroom window and into the night.