The Captain's Blog - Tia

by Erotickynk

We knew there would be vomiting, so Tia filled up on yoghurt drink and marshmallows as we sat around the campfire to make it "less gross". We knew there would be piss and maybe some left-over enema water, so we decided to use the large stainless steel gutting table with the raised sides. We knew her survival instincts would kick in and she'd fight it, so we poured a jug of olive oil all over the table surface and rubbed it all over her skin, hands and feet.

And now Tia is squirming on the oiled stainless steel, her hands clawing at the oiled table, her heels slipping as she tries to push away from the intense penetration of her fantasies she told me about that she's now getting for real. She is making strained grunting sounds deep in her chest as her belly clenches around the torment inside her uterus. See, she's done this before with size 2 knitting needles, but knitting needles are smooth as glass and she never got them this deep.

Just moments ago, she held her bum up on the edge of the gutting table, her thighs apart and her knees pulled up high, as I used a speculum to open her young cunt and insert the sharp tip of the hardened metal skewer through the opening of her cervix - it was the same one she'd used to roast her marshmallows. She'd gasped and her eyes had gone wide as I slid it carefully through the neck of her cervix and into her uterus.

"How does it feel?" I asked, steadying it by holding the wooden handle at the end.

"Sharp." she said breathlessly, "So different. So raw."

"If this isn't going to work for you, we can stop and try something else." I offered. She shook her head and closed her eyes, concentrating on the feelings inside her.

"Push." she said calmly, and when I pushed it a little deeper inside her, she gasped and shivered. She took a deep breath and blew it out, then opened her eyes and said; "I think it's going to be okay. It feels like it's going to work."

And she had slid her bum carefully down onto the oily surface of the gutting table and gripped the rolled steel edge with her oily hands and we began ...

The tip of the skewer is deep in her uterus now and by the looks of it she can feel every inch of it. Tia is trying to push herself away from me on the slick surface, her heels and hands sliding in the oil as I slide the thin skewer back and forth inside her. I push harder and feel the resistance of the thick wall at the top of her uterus and I know we're close to breaking through into her belly.

"nngha!" Tia grunts hard and squirms, throwing her head back and twisting on the table as I fuck her with the thin metal rod's sharpened tip. It must feel like a hot needle inside her.

"It's not too late to stop, Tia." I say, giving this young thing one last chance.

"No ..." she cries out breathlessly, "Give it to me! Fucking give it to me!"

So, I give it to her ... I push hard and keep pushing. I push so hard that the rod bows and when I twist it back and forth, grinding the sharp tip against the top of her uterus, Tia's belly clenches and she cries out, slapping her right hand hard onto the table, splattering the oil as she does. For a full minute is seems like it isn't going to penetrate and I start thinking that I should have sharpened the end better, but suddenly the tension on the rod releases and it straightens as it slides deeper into her.

It's in her belly now.

Her hands slap against her small breasts and she clutches herself and her legs straighten out, her bum clenching and her entire body arching as I slide the skewer deeper into her.

"NGHA!" she cries out, "Oh-fuck-oh-fuck-oh-fuck-oh-fuck-oh-fuck-oh-fuck-oh-fuck ..."

I move closer to her up the table so I can see her face better as I start to fuck her with the skewer, moving it in and out.

"Is it what you wanted, sweetheart?" I ask softly, not expecting an answer as I fuck the skewer deeper and deeper, the thin ribbon of steel sliding back and forth through her intestines.

Tia's head is thrown back and her belly is pressed upward, rising and falling as she pants desperate for air. She twists and squirms on the oily table, her hands flat on her chest. She draws her left knee upward and stretches her right straight out - its heel pattering in the oil as it shakes. I keep working the skewer inside her, stroking deeper and deeper, working my way up toward her full stomach. The way I am stroking it reminds me of playing the violin - stroking the bow over the strings. In a way I am playing the instrument of her body, the skewer is my bow.

I hear the door to the suicide room open and close. Loni appears across the table from me, standing with her hands lightly touching the edge of the gutting table, watching her friend. Like Tia, she is naked and young and she too came here to die.

"She's having a rough time." Loni says.

"Yeah, but I'm pretty sure she is loving every minute of it." I answer as Tia writhes and shudders between us. I motion with my head toward Tia's crotch, and Loni follows my gaze and sees the milky girl cum that flows from her cunt faintly streaked with blood.

Loni meets my gaze and smiles.

Tia notices Loni's presence.

"You're not s'posed to be here, bitch." Tia gasps then grunts hard, "It's just for me and the Captain."

"Shhhh, baby. Just enjoy the experience." I soothe her, then push the skewer deeper and Tia's body curls, her head and shoulders lifting from the table, her eyelids drooping, and her throat working. I push a little harder and realize I've contacted her full stomach. Tia gags and burps wetly. I pull back and she flops back down and whimpers. Her hands slide down her slim body until they lay atop her belly. She pushes in with the heels of her hands.

"... I can feel it ... I can feel it ..." her voice is breathy and light. I push it in deep once more and she gags, her hands forming fists and her body trembling. Loni's eyes widen and she looks at me with concern. I smile and shake my head.

I resume fucking Tia with the skewer, the pointed tip now poking into the underside of her stomach, making her gag and heave. I back off every few strokes to give her time to choke and gasp in some air, then push it deep once more. As Tia becomes used to this cycle, she lifts her arms above her head and lets her body respond.

Loni can't help herself - she reaches out and lays the flat of her hand on Tia's rolling belly, then strokes her oil slick body back and forth from mound to nipples. I keep fucking her with the skewer, prodding her stomach a little firmer every third stroke or so.

All expression of pain has gone from Tia's face, now she is staring at the ceiling over my shoulder, her face telling me she is completely present with the sensations inside her - the feelings that the long hard rod is creating as it moves relentlessly through the most tender parts of her body. Her belly pushes up more and I hear a thick gurgling. As I watch, her mouth fills with the white creamy mixture of yoghurt drink and marshmallows. Her eyes close as her lips press together and she swallows it back down.

"ngha ..." she grunts then gasps for air. She lifts her head to look at her own belly and at Loni's hand stroking her torso. Reaching up, she takes Loni's left hand and guides it to her crotch. Loni starts massaging Tia's mound and fingering her clit, and lowers her head to suckle Tia's left nipple. Tia's eyes roll back in her head once more and she lays back, I can see shiver-bumps spreading up over her thighs and up her belly, and her nipples follow suit; puckering and growing stiff and a deeper pink - it won't be long before she climaxes.

Timing is everything in intense assisted suicides.

I push the skewer up firmly and relentlessly, compressing her stomach. Tia gags and rolls her head toward me, her eyes searching my face for reassurance.

"Just let it happen, honey." I say softly as I stroke her sweat-wet face. She slowly closes her eyes as her belly tries to curl. Her lips part and the thick creamy mixture gurgles up her throat and flows from her mouth. It's more like a gentle regurgitation than full-on vomiting at this point - slow clots of white cream pulsing up her throat and past her lips to puddle under her cheek. I ease off to let her breathe.

"... mmmugh ..." she groans, swallows, and gasps. I feel her hips starting to hump against Loni's hand and her thighs are opening. Panting, Tia lifts her head, her eyes squeezed shut, worry lines appearing on her forehead - she's getting ready to cum.

I push the skewer up into her harder and feel the 'pop' inside her as her stomach is penetrated.

"glrk!" Tia gags and throws her head back, arching, twisting and writhing on the table. I jiggle the skewer inside her and she vomits hard - the fluid gushing up out of her loose lips to spatter onto her face.

Wanting to take the intensity of the experience off the scale for her, I push the skewer another six inches inside her and start fucking her with it - rapidly this time; swift jabbing strokes that she can feel from her cunt to her gullet. Her reaction is wild - her entire body arches, her belly pushed upward, only her shoulders, left foot and right calf supporting her weight. Her finger claw at the table top, and her pelvis is shuddering violently - her right leg jerking rhythmically and her heel drumming on the table.

"Tia?" Loni leans forward, her expression worried and horrified at Tia's violent reaction. Tia groans long and deep, her teeth clenched, then;

"...don't ... stop ..." she manages to grunt, "... please don't stop ..."

Despite her shocked expression, Loni is a trooper, she goes back to rubbing Tia's clit frantically with three fingers and alternatively pinching her nipples with her other hand.

As we continue, Tia's gullet locks tight in a clenched heave but she is no longer vomiting. As I fuck her with the skewer, a strong hot jet of piss sprays over my hand and suddenly her body goes into undulating spasms so violent that Loni's hands are knocked away and I lose my grip on the wooden handle.

Tia is experiencing her final intense orgasm.

As Tia convulses and squirms on the table as though she is having a seizure. Loni and I both stroke her body so she knows we're still with her. Her orgasm is one of the most violent I've ever seen and lasts a very long time. At one point I think she's starting to wind down, because she gasps and rolls onto her side. For a brief instant her eyes open and she meets my gaze, then her face grimaces into a tight pained expression and her body curls; She draws her knees upward and her shoulders hunch forward, her arms wrapping around her knees as she draws herself into the fetal position and quivers through another round of intense orgasmic bliss.

As she lays curled and trembling, I hear the muffled 'crack' as the hardened skewer snaps inside her belly. Her eyes open wide.

"... oh shit ..." she gasps and grunts hard.

I move to her legs and lay a hand on her small bum to steady myself as I grip the wooden handle and pull the skewer out of her. She shudders as I do.

Only about a foot comes out, leaving a good foot of it still imbedded in her belly. I look at the end, and it is a jagged break.

Tia moans and the tension in her body releases, so I help her slowly stretch her body out on the table, rolling her onto her back once more.

"... feel dizzy ..." she whimpers, laying the back of one hand over her forehead. I motion to Loni to give Tia comfort, so she climbs up onto the gutting table and kneels, lifting Tia's head into her lap, stroking her hair and whispering softly to her. Tia’s face is growing pale very quickly.

I can already see that Tia's belly is swelling, and laying my hand on it and pressing in with my fingertips I can feel it getting firm. The skewer has torn her aorta - she'll bleed out in seconds.

Loni is bent over Tia, stroking her cheeks.

"... I don't feel good ..." Tia whimpers.

"Shhh, just go to sleep." Loni whispers to her, "It's going to be okay."

"... 'm sorry I called you a bitch ..." Tia says in a weak, dreamy voice, her eyelids drooping.

"It's okay. I forgive you." Loni coos.

"... my heart hurts ..." Tia murmurs and draws one long quavering breath and lets it out in a sigh.

She doesn't draw the next breath. I watch the erratic pulse in her throat weaken and finally stop. Tia is gone.

Loni continues to stroke Tia's cheek and hair, so I go and sit on the restraint bench to give her time to come to grips with what just happened. After a few silent moments, Loni raises her head and meets my gaze.

"I don't think I'm ready." she says simply.

"You can have all the time you need." I answer.

"Can I stay with you for awhile?"

"Sure you can."