The Captain's Blog - Suicide Squad

by Erotickynk

It was an odd request that came through my email; 5 girls wanting to go out together. They called themselves the Suicide Squad and wanted to all hang simultaneously.

I chose the sub-cellar because of the exposed beams in the high ceiling and all 5 girls are standing perched on the long bench. They stand almost shoulder to shoulder, naked as the day they were born - from left to right; Mindy - the cute little brunette, Julie - the delicious model type with subtle curves, Jill - a timid girl, so much taller than the rest that she tries to look smaller by hunching her shoulders and bending her knees, Minx - the giggly little blonde whose bubbly personality is infectious, and lastly, Megan - the full bodied girl with a slight bulge in her lower belly that I suspect is an early pregnancy.

The room is humid and close and reeks like a girl's locker room - hot sweaty bodies; the girls spent the past hour disrobing and playing with each other to "get in the mood". I can also smell the sharper skunky scent of armpit fear-sweat and the musky smell of girl cum.

And now they are ready - or at least they said they were, but I can see some worried faces; Mindy is staring at the floor, maybe working up the courage to do this, or maybe having an 'oh-shit' moment. Julie is biting her lip, watching me. Jill is visibly shaking and looking at me with a worried expression. Megan is gazing at me also, her expression that of a girl wanting to ask a question, but afraid to. The only one still giggling and obviously eager is Minx.

All along, Minx has been the cheerleader of the group, keeping morale high with her effervescent personality. And I genuinely believe she is sincere - that she really is that cheerful all the time. You know the type; happy and bubbly from the instant she wakes up until the moment she hops into bed at night and dreams only sweet dreams filled with rainbows and butterflies.

"Let's do it, mister!" Minx calls out playfully, ending with a sweet high giggle, swinging her hips side-to-side bumping Jill's and Megan's thighs playfully, “Gunna hang with my home-girls!”

I step forward and plant my foot on the middle of the bench between Jill's trembling legs and I hear all the girls gasp as they take in one last deep breath. Minx actually bounces on her tiptoes like a kid on Christmas and takes an exaggerated cartoon breath. One strong push and the bench tilts back and falls to clatter behind them and the air is filled with long teen legs kicking and bicycling.

Sounds of choking fills the small room and under it the sweet sound of soft skin rubbing deliciously between working thighs. The first few seconds are frantic as the girls come to grips with the reality of their throats being closed off and the nooses tightening, but after a moment the characteristics of each girl comes forward;

Mindy, stares at the wall as her body tightens, alone in her impending death; Her face appears dreamy as her body slowly clenches and her ankles cross and lock together. The shininess in the Y of her crotch spreads and in seconds her cunt is leaking clear mucus that slithers down her thighs, her back arching in the classic death orgasm. I feel good, knowing she's okay with her hanging.

Julie, Jill, and Minx are stealing glances at each other as they hang and their kicking slows.

I can see Jill's upper belly working - swelling and undulating - and I can hear the deep gurgling as her heaving stomach tries to vomit past the tight noose. A lot of people experience vomiting while they hang because of their throat being crushed directly on their gag reflex. Seeing that Jill's eyes keep rolling up into her head tells me she is blissing out on the intense feelings as her stomach convulses. Her lower belly muscles are tightening and rolling her pevis in a slow humping motion as well. I can't be 100% sure she's cumming or not, but I can't mistake the sexual expression on her face.

Julie's body is quivering hard, her lower belly tight and her bum clenched - her legs tight in the form of an upside down V. I'm putting my money on Julie being the first to lose control of her bladder and bowels. With some girls you can just tell.

And Minx, sweet little blonde Minx; Her little body is alive - her pelvis humping, legs drawn up and her thighs slapping open and closed as her rope twists her around to face Jill. I knew Minx would have the strongest sexual response to hanging - she's just so damned enthusiastic about everything.

I cut a girl down once just to ask her what the thigh flapping was all about - she told me that she'd been cumming in intense waves and had never wanted to be fucked so bad in her life in those moments then begged me to hang her again. I did, and she died cumming.

And though Megan's eyes are watering, her questioning gaze is still locked on mine as her body quivers and her hips roll.

Julie proves me right by losing control of her body first - her quivering thighs opening and her toes pointing downward as a strong stream of piss jets from her crotch, then her body shudders and I hear a long liquid fart followed by her bowels emptying themselves in one long rush that plops onto the tarped floor. I check out her face and her eyes have rolled up in her head so I know she's in that lost zone of orgasmic bliss as her body goes wild just before death.

Jill is next; her stomach contracting so hard that a small rush of liquid gurgles up through her constricted throat and flows over her stretched lower lip and chin. She makes a sour face as her eyes well with tears, then she too loses control of her bladder and craps herself.

Minx is humping the air wildly - her mouth open in a sexual "O", her tongue squirming and licking at her upper lip. As I watch, she lifts her knees and opens her thighs, wrapping her legs around Jill's shuddering body. She locks her ankles around her friend and pulls her crotch tight to Jill's body, humping and grinding her cunt against the other girl's hip, making it slippery and wet. As I look on, I see Minx's mouth flicker into a faltering smile and her eyes too roll back in her head - Minx is cumming hard and I know that she'll ride that orgasm for all it's worth.

But Megan ... sweet lost Megan, with the plumped lower belly ... is still gazing at me as her legs keep doing that slow bicycle movement, her expression one of pleading. I go to her and lay my hands on her lower belly and she follows me with her tear-blurred eyes. Yes - the bulge there is firm, she's pregnant and given the upper class family she is from, I know this is why she has chosen intense assisted suicide.

But I sense what her pleading look is all about, and slide my right hand down over her firm shaven mound and between her full thighs. Megan opens her legs for me and curls her pelvis forward, confirming what I suspected. Her cunt is a slimy wet mess and my three fingers slide easily up into the loose silky hollow of her. She at last closes her eyes and I can feel her body relax as I start to finger fuck her. Sensing her lust and her desperate need, I quickly speed up, slamming my fingers deep, hearing the squishing and slapping as I work her cunt. Her belly muscles begin undulating and her hips curl forward, humping and meeting my fingers. I slide a fourth inside her, the web of my thumb grinding against the hard red ball of her clit. I know this is what she craved, because she arches her head back and small gurgling sounds come from her throat. She too is now cumming.

As I continue to give Megan the sweet death she craves, I turn to see that Minx's movements are growing more desperate, uncoordinated and jerking. Her ankles slip and her legs fall from around Jill's quivering body. Minx stares wide-eyed at nothing - drool flowing from her open lips, her nipples puckered hard and red. Her body is tight and her thighs are open and shaking, her toes curling as her orgasmic feelings continue.

Past her, I see that Jill's body is slumped - she has gone or near to it. Julie sways back and forth, her lower belly still clenching occasionally curling her pelvis forward. Minx's body continues to quiver and jerk, her eyes open and staring and her lips now drawn into a grimace as she tries so very hard to live on in the bliss she is feeling. And damned if a smile doesn't flicker across her lips as her body slows its movements to occasional twitching.

Liquid gushing over my hand pulls my attention back to Megan; Her body is convulsing as though she is having a seizure, and at first I think she is pissing herself, but quickly I realize she is squirting - she is having a multiple g-spot orgasm. I redouble my efforts finger fucking her, curling my fingers to compress the squishy swollen gland in the roof of her cunt to prolong her bliss. Reaching around her and sliding my other hand between the soft round globes of her ample bum, I slide my thumb into her anus and lift - knowing this will make her feel sexually impaled in her final seconds. Megan's back arches and her legs tighten and a wet gurgle sounds in her throat as she manages to suck some air into her lungs. I hold her there, letting her experience one last intense orgasm and marvel at how long she's lasting. Her thighs are clenched so tight, I can see the large muscles cramping, and below, her toes are pointing straight down at the floor. I've grown fond of Megan in these moments and for a fleeting second I consider cutting her down and seeing if she has changed her mind, but suddenly her body stops shaking and she flops limp. Her body and her life spent.

The room is silent. The corpses of the 5 beautiful girls of the Suicide Squad hang limp and lifeless, having had their death dreams come true.