The Captain's Blog - Loni

by Erotickynk

Loni is sweating, her back arched so she can take my cock as deep as possible, her shoulders pressed back against my chest, her thighs open wide to straddle me, her knees bent, feet dangling and her toes curling from her pleasure. Her chin is tucked against her right shoulder and her breathing is deep and ragged, her body shuddering as she grinds herself on me - relishing the feeling of my cock deep in her bowels as she watches herself in the mirror.

Loni has been with me for two weeks since Tia's intense death and we've discovered she loves watching herself as she fucks. We've also discovered she likes high hot enemas that clean out her bowels and loosen her anus and rectum - and being fucked anally gives her the best orgasms. Loni finds vaginal penetration uncomfortable, which is fine by me - I love the responsiveness of her body as she takes my cock deep in her rectum - deeper in fact; I can feel the sphincter that separates her rectum from her descending colon tight around the head of my cock.

My hands slide up and down her body, feeling the tightness of her long belly, the firmness of her thighs, the incredible softness of her small breasts and puffy pink nipples. Her nipples rarely pucker, and those times they do, they don't grow tight like other girls. But even though they are soft, they are very sensitive to the touch and she loves them stroked and occasionally pinched playfully. I avoid her crotch - Loni loves being held on the quivering edge of orgasm for long periods of time, and I am determined to keep her there as long as possible.

You see, Loni has been putting off her assisted suicide way too long. Iím beginning to grow nervous that one morning Iíll awake to find her gone - then there will be one person out there who knows my secret. Itís time to edge her into her intense death and the best time to do it is when she is at the peak of sexual arousal.

"Tell me again." I whisper in her ear. She struggles to speak - her tremulous breathing making it difficult, but she does answer ...

"Tia and I would play with each other ..." she half gasps, half whispers, "... keep each other on the edge ... loving and hating each other for it ..."

Her body suddenly tightens, and she grunts ... I stop my hands from moving and sit perfectly still, knowing the slightest movement would tip her over the edge and release a violent orgasm. Loni pants hard, working through it, reigning in her threatening ecstasy, her thighs shaking. I can feel her anal sphincters and the one deeper inside her quivering as they tighten. It takes a few moments, but at last she calms and resumes arching her back and her subtle rocking, moving my cock in the tight pink glove of her bowels.

"And when she wanted her orgasm, what would she say?" I whisper in her ear, stroking her soft puffy nipples with my fingertips. I hear her breath catch in her throat - she is as turned on by this exchange as I am.

"She'd ... oh fuck ... she'd say ... 'Give it to me' ..." Loni gasps and squirms in my lap, watching her body moving in the mirror.

"And what would you give her?"

"... p ... p ... pain ..."

"And that made her cum?"

"... oh fuck, yeah ..." Loni gasps and hisses her breath through clenched teeth. I feel her rectum quiver and her anal sphincters tighten so I stop stroking her soft nipples. She is so close to orgasm - her body is hot and slick with sweat, her armpits reek of skunky fear-sweat and I can smell the crotchy odour of girl cum from her cunt that I can see in the mirror is open and loose and glistening with wetness, and below I can see the redness of her anus, stretched tight around my cock. I can also detect the subtle sweet scent of the enema water residue left on her bum and inner thighs.

"And what makes you cum, Loni?"

She closes her eyes and quivers. "... you know ..." she whispers.

"Tell me. Say the words."

"... pain ..."

"Pain where?"

"... in my tummy ... deep in my tummy ..."

I slide my hands down her torso and cradle her lower belly. I love her belly; She's one of those girls whose lower belly is curved outward from her belly button to her crotch, but it isn't fat - her lower belly is firm and rounded, as though her intestines are packed tight and low in the cradle of her pelvis.

"What would give you the best pain you can imagine?" I whisper in her ear, nibbling her earlobe.

"... the thing ..." she says breathlessly, sighing as though she is speaking longingly of an absent lover.

"What thing? Say the words, Loni. I want you to say the words."

She whines and squirms, grinding her firm round bottom against me.

"... the ... the saddle ..." she whispers and I can hear the lust in her trembling voice.

I am amazed at the popularity of a thing so violent as the spring-loaded impaler - so far six girls and one transgendered boy have died on it. Maybe it's the finality of it - step on the release pedal and the spit slams - and I mean SLAMS - straight up through your belly and into your gullet. Perhaps it's the attraction of that violent shock of ultimate penetration - the violent invasiveness of the polished steel thrusting up through their core.

I begin moving my own hips, matching her rhythm as my cock moves in her slippery tight rectum. I lay my hand on her lower belly, halfway up to her belly button, pressing in.

"You'll feel the shaft here when you mount it." I whisper in her ear as I watch her in the mirror, "It will feel hard and unyielding - you'll feel it inside your belly - solid and unmoving. You can ride it like you're riding my cock, but it will hurt you inside because it is so solid and firm and sharp."

"And ... when you ... step on the pedal?" she asks, breathlessly. I slide my hand up her belly to her throat, squeezing it to simulate the choking sensation of having a thick spit lodged in her gullet.

"It will slam hard and deep inside you - right to here." I whisper, my own orgasm building inside me, "Right up through your belly, through your stomach ... you'll feel your stomach burst inside you. Then it will lodge in your throat, Loni. Hard steel stuck in your throat - your belly will feel bloated, your anus vibrating as you choke on the steel shaft."

I hold her tight and lower my face to the crook of her neck, feeling my orgasm building uncontrollably.

"I'm so close, Loni." I whisper hoarsely.

"Cum inside me ... I want to feel you cum inside me" Loni gasps. And I do - my body suddenly jerking and thrusting inside her rectum, my hips slapping tight against her firm round bottom as I growl through my climax and pump ropes of my cum up inside her beautiful body.

As my climax recedes and I cling to her small form, I whisper in her ear;

"Are you ready now, Loni."

She whimpers, and grips my forearms tight before she answers;

"Ready for ... ?"

"Ready to take it all the way?"

"It scares me ... " she moans and a small sob escapes her lips.

"Of course it does, sweetheart. But youíre not alone." I hug her tight, and whisper close to her ear; "Itís why you came here."

"I know" she says softly.

"Come with me, Loni." I whisper, "Letís just play." - weíve done it before; set her up on the impaler and let her orgasm with the spit in her bowels.

I support her by gripping her elbows and lead her to the impaler's saddle. The spit has been cranked down and is set and ready. I help her up and align her bottom so the sharp spit aligns with her loose anus, she takes it easily as she sits down, the smooth steel sliding deep into her rectum.

"... oh my god ..." she whimpers in a voice that is more breath than sound. She reaches behind her to steady herself as she moves her body, experimenting with her position by rotating and rolling her hips. Suddenly her face grimaces and she grits her teeth as though she is in pain.

"Gunna cum!" she cries out without warning and her body convulses and jerks as she grunts wordlessly through her orgasm. And as it appears her orgasm is winding down, her belly clenches once again ...


... and she has another orgasm - her body trying to curl forward while she forces herself to remain upright. I stand beside her, laying one hand on her lower belly and feeling the muscles there clenching tight and stroking her nipples with the other.

"You want it now, don't you Loni?" I speak softly in her ear as her orgasm rolls through her, "You want to feel the spit slam up into your body - not like the thin wire that Tia took, but a polished steel cock that will fill your body from your asshole to your throat."

"ngha!" Loni cries out as her second orgasm recedes, leaving her body still quivering and twitching on the edge of another - this is one of the things we learned about her body; Loni is very capable of multiple orgasms, and once they get rolling she can have up to five or six in a row.

Loni gasps out something unintelligible that sounds like "... guvumee ..."

I lean closer, pinching her left nipple and whispering in her ear;

"I can't hear you, baby."

"... giveittame ..." she gasps, her face grimacing as another orgasm builds in her belly, ".. give it to me ..."

I raise my hand and grip her throat firmly, pulling her upright so her body is aligned with the spit. Weíve done this before too - pretended that we were going to really go through with it.

"... glrrg ..." Loni gags from my grip.

This time it isnít pretend ... this time I step down on the pedal.


And her body is jolted violently by the spit slamming up through her belly - a small gush of liquid spurting up her throat and out of her open mouth. Loniís eyes open wide and she lifts herself up onto her tip-toes, stretching her body upward, trying to dislodge the spit now imbedded in her gullet, her belly pushed outward in response to the violent penetration

I quickly move around behind her and wrap my arms around her quivering body - all her muscles clenched and shaking as she tries to elevate herself. Her tongue is working and she is gagging as her stomach heaves and rolls inside her. I stroke her nipples with one hand as I massage the bulged area above her mound to excite her g-spot.

"Ease down, Loni." I say softly in her ear, "Just ease down on it ... let it take you, honey. Don't fight it."

Loni slowly lets her legs fold and she settles back down onto the saddle, her eyes rolling up in her head as the spit slides up her throat. Her body starts to convulse - slowly at first, then growing stronger and more violent. I keep externally massaging her g-spot, keeping her orgasm strong. Leaning over her shoulder I see a growing puddle of girl-cum flowing from her to pool on the saddle between her quivering thighs. Making wet gurgling sounds, she lays her head back on my shoulder.

"Are you cumming, Loni?" I ask gently.

She cannot speak, but she nods in little desperate jerking motions. Yes - she's having a prolonged death orgasm.

Loni cums hard for the next minute and a half, or perhaps it is a series of orgasmic waves - I can't really tell. Either way she rides that climax until her body weakens and her head goes limp and loose on my shoulder then flops forward. Her belly muscles loosen and sag, her thighs twitch and jerk for a few moments. Soon she is still and heavy in my arms - all the fight and energy gone from her form.

Even though she was coerced into it by me in the end, Loni is spent and has fulfilled her original desire.