The Captain's Blog - Lizzie and Malory

by Erotickynk


I reclined in my specially built adjustable sex chair with Lizzie's soft warm body laying on mine - belly to belly, her small soft breasts and nipples lightly brushing my chest as she moves. Her slim thighs are opened wide as she straddles me - my cock at last deep inside her.

In the corner, Malory is curled up in an overstuffed armchair, her legs drawn up, her arms hugging her stomach as she watches intently. It was Malory who brought unsuspecting Liz to me already high on ecstasy. With the sexual effects of the drug coursing though Liz's bloodstream it didn't take much to get her clothes off and into having sex.

Lizzie raises her head, her eyes closed, her lips parted and her breathing uneven and quivery.

"You're inside me." she whispers tenderly, amazed at what she is feeling, "You're really all the way inside me."

"Does it feel good, sweetheart?" I ask softly.

"mm-hmm" Lizzie murmurs, rotating her hips and experimenting with how my cock feels inside her. By the tightness of her cunt, I guess that she rarely felt her more than her own fingers plumb the depths of her body before. Malory was seeking revenge for Lizzie giving her boyfriend a blow job, not for fucking him. As far as Malory knew, Liz had never been fucked.

As Lizzie turns her head to look at Malory and lays her cheek on my shoulder, I reach down and find the joystick that operates my remotely controlled impaling device. The machine is whisper quiet, so it barely makes a sound as the anal spit slides up into position. Reaching down with my other hand I find the lubricated tip of the spit and guide it to Liz's anus.

"Liz, honey?"


"Do you want to feel even better?"


I work the joystick and guide the slowly moving spit to Lizzie's puckered anus.

"oh!" she gasps softly

"Shhh .. relax. baby. Let it in." I whisper in her ear and ease the spit upward, guiding it with my free hand so it slides right through the centre of her rectum and doesn't scrape the walls. Lizzie raises her head - her eyes closed, her mouth open - she holds her breath as the spit slides about 5 inches into her before I stop it. I flick a small switch and the spit starts to vibrate softly.

"o-o-o-o-o-hhhh" Lizzie lets out a long quivering moan and lowers her head, resting her forehead on my upper chest. She shudders and squeezes me with her thighs. I operate the joystick and start fucking her with it - sliding it in and out a couple inches over and over. I key another switch and it sets a progressing stroke limit - stroking in and out of her automatically, sliding a millimeter deeper each stroke.

With both hands now free, I stroke her flanks and slide my hands up to cup her small breasts, taking her soft puffy nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand - I twirl them and squeeze them lightly, pulling on them gently as Lizzie breathes evenly being anally fucked by the spit with my cock throbbing inside her tight cunt.

While I await the spit's progress to reach the point of no return in the unsuspecting Lizzie's belly, I look up and see that Malory is idly masturbating through her black tights, watching Lizzie getting fucked. After a few moments, Malory slides out of the chair and walks close, bending over to study Lizzie's blissed out face. Liz senses someone is close and opens her eyes and lifts her head. I see that sweat is beading on her upper lip and forehead. Lizzie looks up at Malory with sleepy sensual eyes.

"... feels so good ..." Lizzie whispers. Malory smiles and strokes Liz's cheek as the stoned girl lowers her head back down to rest on my shoulder again.

Malory rises and walks slowly around my suicide room, looking at the tools and implements. She comes to a padded saddle with a curved back brace and a long sharp-tipped spit sticking up out of its centre. Malory sees the foot pedals at the sides of the saddle and steps on the right one and nothing happens. Moving to the left side she steps on that pedal and the spit ratchets down and inch. Pumping the pedal, Malory ratchets the spit down until only about eight inches of the spit is sticking up out of the saddle seat. Stepping back to the right side, she steps on that pedal again and the heavily spring-loaded shaft slams back up to its full length.


Malory jumps at the violence of the spit and her left hand covers her stomach while her right touches her throat. She stares at the saddle for a moment, then swallows hard.

Carefully she slides herself down, spreading her legs and sitting on the saddle so her belly is pressed against the spit. She leans forward and reaches up to touch the tip of the spit and finds that it is even with the base of her throat. I watch as she closes her eyes and shivers.

As I've been watching Malory, I've been feeling Lizzie starting to quiver and pant as the automatic spit is fucking her deeper and deeper. I glance at the indicator and see that 10 inches is inside her now - it won't be long before it starts doing some serious damage to her belly. I gently hook a couple fingers under her chin and lift her face. She opens her eyes slightly, her mouth open and her lips wet with drool.

"You doing okay, sweetie?"

"uh-huh." she whimpers, almost in a dream state, "so deep ... so so deep."

"I know." I soothe her and press her head back down against my chest, sliding my hands down her trembling body to her soft round bum. Her skin is hot and slick with sweat now. It won't be long, before things become intense for her.

I hear the ratcheting of the spit saddle again and look to see Malory retracting the spit back down to the six inch mark. Once it's there she stands and stares at it for a long time, her fingertips idly stroking her nipples through her top.

I smile, knowing what is going through her mind. I designed the suicide room to make girls feel at ease with the idea of a sexual suicide ... all the surfaces are soft and sensual, the music constantly playing is sexually arousing with it's excited heartbeat rhythm, and the musky scent of the room is charged with human sexual pheromones.

"ohhhh!" Liz whimpers loudly, and squirms against me, her soft body shuddering. Malory looks over and I see that her eyelids are drooping sensually and her hardened nipples are visible through her top.

"What's the backbrace for?" she asks about the spit saddle as Liz cries out wordlessly and squirms hard against me.

"When you sit down you have to press your back against it to keep your body straight so the spit slams right up your throat." I explain as I stroke Liz's back to soothe her. Malory closes her eyes and shivers.

Lizzie raises her head and is panting rapidly now - her body shivering - I feel her hot breath on my mouth as I look up at her sweaty pale face. Her cunt is contracting around my cock and I can feel the hard nub of her clit.

"... ogawd ... ogawd ... ogawd ..." she whimpers weakly, feeling the spit start to break through her bowel into her belly cavity. I reach up and stroke the sweat from her eyelids with my thumbs.

"It's okay, baby. Just let it happen." I whisper to her. Suddenly her eyes open wide and she stares at nothing, holding her breath. I feel her press her soft belly outward, pressing against mine and I know she's feeling the spit puncturing her bowel. She jerks and her muscles tighten violently then relax. Her eyes slowly close.

"... fuck ..." she breathes the word sensually. Poor little Lizzie is now past the point of no return - her next ordeal will be in a few seconds when the spit penetrates her stomach itself.

As Lizzie lays her head back down on my chest, I look over and see that Malory has hoisted her long t-top and has pulled the front of her tights down, stretching them to expose her cunt. As she positions herself and lowers her bottom toward the saddle, she pulls the crotch of her panties to the side and lines her swollen wet cunt up on the spit. Malory carefully lowers herself, taking the eight inches of the deadly spit into her lower belly - easing herself down until her crotch is firm against the saddle. She puckers her lips and blows out her breath, then leans back so her back is firm against the back brace.

Malory sits on the spit, her right boot dangerously close to the trigger pedal, rocking slowly back and forth, fucking herself on the spit.

"NGHA!" Liz cries out gutturally and squirms hard on me, her hot sweaty belly pressing outward again against mine. The spit is pressing up against her stomach now. I stroke my hands up and down her wet torso and back as she whimpers and begins to gag.

"Shhhhh ... It's okay, baby. Just let it happen. You're almost done. You're doing so good."

"urlph ... good girl? ..." she gags and whimpers.

"Yes, sweetie .. such a good girl." and I feel her belly tighten and the gurgling starts deep, so I gently lift her chin and turn her head so she's facing Malory, "Look at Malory, Lizzie. She wants to watch you."

"... gunna ... throw up ..." Liz gurgles weakly. Malory is watching Liz with a mixture of hatred and lust as she rides the spit saddle.

"I know, honey. It's all part of it." I reassure her, "Just let it go."

Liz's torso slowly curls as the wet gurgling grows louder and her plump lower lip quivers. "blrrphhhhh ..." a long rush of beige fluid flows out of her open mouth and down my chest and arm. "mmmph" she grunts, then "blrrphh" heaves another rush of fluid.

Malory is humping the spit, keeping her back pressed tight to the brace, her face pure malice and lust now.

"... fuck yeah ... fuck yeah ... fuck yeah ..." she gasps - and I can't tell if it's in response to Lizzie's final stages of death or her own sexual feelings building with the cold hard spit inside her young cunt.

Suddenly Liz lifts her head and faces me, her lower lip hanging loose and her eyes wide - she is growing paler and her lips are turning blue.

"... oh my goodness ... " she whimpers and shudders. I feel her upper belly swelling fast and after a moment her body slowly curls.

"... glurrrrrp ... " she heaves slowly, her belly clenching and this time vomits bright red blood over my chest. She coughs and gags, then lays her face down on my chest, smearing blood onto her cheek, nose, and in her hair. As Lizzie squirms and vomits small rushes of blood, on my chest, I hear Malory's voice become desperate and very sexual.

"Yeah! Yeah! YEAH! Hahh! Hahhh!" she cries out, her face twisting in a grimace of orgasmic desperation, her muscles clenching, her chest heaving. As she starts cumming I see her legs kicking and her bootheals clattering on the floor , her thigh shaking spastically, and she accidentally slams her heel down on the trigger pedal.


Malory's body jerks hard and is suddenly rigid. Her expression turns to one of shock and horror. Her mouth opens and I can see the root of her tongue working as she makes small choking sounds, gagging and heaving around the steel shaft that is now lodged in her throat.

As I watch she is struggling to get her left boot onto the ratcheting pedal. She tries over and over to ratchet the spit back down out of her throat, but her boot keeps slipping off. She presses the heels of both hands into the softness of her belly, feeling the rigid shaft inside her as she chokes to death.

Her face deepens in colour and she stares at me with a pleading expression - silently begging me to help her; to make this not be happening to her.

"Say goodbye to Malory, Lizzie." I say gently to the soft bellied girl who is calming now and has stopped vomiting.

"... bye ... bye ..." Lizzie whimpers softly and a small innocent smile flickers momentarily across her lips.

As Malory stares at me with a look of sorrow and betrayal, I hold Lizzie tight, stroking her back.

"It's time to go to sleep now, baby. Just go to sleep." I whisper. And Lizzie nuzzles against my bloody chest and whimpers softly as she gently drifts away.