The Captain's Blog - Holly

by Erotickynk

"... why ... why ... why ... why ... whyyyyyyyy? ..." Holly sobs as I hold her tight to me, supporting her weight as I carry her sweaty naked body to the over-stuffed chair in my suicide room. Her legs weren't working and her arms twitch and jerk aimlessly as I flop back into the chair, pulling her onto my lap and holding her tightly.

"... you promised ..." Holly is sobbing as though her heart is breaking. Life is coming back into her body and she suddenly tries to wrench herself free of my arms, but she is still weak from her near-death hanging, so I hold her tight and rock her.

"Shhhh, sweetheart." I whisper softly in her ear, "It's going to be okay."

"... I'm still alive ..." she sobs, "... you promised ..."

"And I'll keep that promise, Holly. But I need to know something. I need you to tell me a secret I've wanted to know all my life."

Holly's sobs are broken as she pants to catch her breath.

"... what fucking secret?" her voice is raw and rough from the noose

I stroke her back, trying to soothe her without much success, her hanging still vivid in my mind - chills tingling up and down my back, "When you were hanging, your body ... well, you looked like you were having an intense orgasm."

"... yes-s-s-s ..." she sobs, her shoulders jerking with her tears.

"Could you feel it? Your orgasm ... could you feel it?"

"... of course I could fucking feel it!" she raises her voice in anger "... it felt better than anything! ... I was dying perfectly ..." her voice catches and she reverts back to sobbing, "... and I'm not supposed to be alive now ... you promised ..." the last coming out in a prolonged whine.

"Shhh." I stroke her hair as I rock her in my arms, "We'll do it again. And this time you'll go, honey. You'll go perfectly, I promise."

I hold her for long moments as she works through her sorrow at still being alive and grows less distraught.

"Where did you feel it?" I ask. Her right hand stirs and she moves it to her lower belly, halfway between her belly button and mound.

"Here." she gasps, "Like a knot of muscle inside me. Then it spread fast ... my clit ... my asshole ... then it rushed right up my core." she traces a line up her belly with a shaky hand.

"I heard gurgling, like you were trying to throw up"

Holly nods, "It felt like that too, but it was like an orgasm in my stomach and ..." her forehead wrinkles as she tries to think of the word. Instead she touches the hollow where her throat meets her sternum, "In here, this part."

"Your gullet?"

"Mm-hmm." she nods, "The part that pushes your tongue up when you puke."

She lets her hand flop back into her lap - she is still very weak from her near-death. I keep holding her and gently rocking her. At first it appears she is calming, but suddenly she squirms and twists in my arms, crying out once more.

"... kill me ... just fucking kill me ..."

I pull her tight to me once again and she fights me, but she is still weak.

"We'll get you ready, Holly. We'll get you ready again."

Holding her tight with my right arm, I stroke her body with my left. Her small breasts, her soft nipples, the creases where her thighs meet her torso. With my knee I push her thighs apart and slide my hand between them, cupping her warm damp sex and massaging there. As I tease her body, I watch her nipples pucker and stiffen - her chest and cheeks flush - shiver-bumps appear on her thighs. She stops struggling, but her sobbing continues.

I slide the tips of my fingers down her labia, parting it and feeling the slimy wetness oozing from inside her, then slide them further and find her anus loose and flaccid. Sliding them back upward, two fingers slide easily into her cunt - it appears that nearly dying has loosened everything. I hook my fingers inside her and massage her spongy g-spot, enjoying how it swells and engorges with fluid - the source of her girl-cum. As I massage, Holly stirs in my arms and whimpers. Tilting my head and looking at her face I see that her eyes are open and gazing down at my hand working in her crotch. She catches me watching her and raises her eyes to meet mine.

"I want to get you back to how you were the first time." I say, recalling how she laid on the bondage bench and masturbated until she was on the edge of orgasm so she was ready for her hoisted hanging.

I keep fingering her and soon her fingers join mine, massaging her mound to stimulate her clit. Soon her sobs taper off and her breathing grows stronger and ragged.

"Close?" I ask, nuzzling her, nibbling on her ear lobe.

"Uh-huh." she groans weakly.

"Ready to go?" I ask and she lifts her chin so we are almost nose-to-nose.

"For real this time?" she asks softly.

"For real."

She studies my face, then nods; "Okay."

I help her to her feet and find I have to steady her as I guide her back to her noose - her legs are still wobbly and she appears to have lost her sense of balance - maybe brain damage from the first attempt. I had chosen the black silk loop for her - it is gentle on the skin and tightens really well. She steadies herself with her hands on my shoulders as I fit the noose around her throat once more, adjusting it so it will hit her gag reflex, remembering her "stomach orgasm".

As she stands there, I reach between her thighs and massage her mound for a few moments and she closes her eyes and simply enjoys it. I feel the heat building in her crotch and after a moment I stroke the fingers of both my hands up her body. She opens her eyes and looks at me.

"Ready?" I ask softly.

"I'm scared this time." she whispers, "but yeah ... I'm ready."

"Reach up, honey."

Holly lifts her head and looks up, reaching up with both hands to grip the large eye-hooks in the overhead wooden beam on either side of the one her noose is looped through. There are five such hooks, left over from the Suicide Squad girls.

She wavers as she tries to maintain her balance - even holding on to the hooks, she is unsteady on her feet. I step away and grip the cord that is attached to her noose and pull her upward slowly, making sure I repeat the first time exactly. I watch her neck straighten and stretch

"arlghlghl" she makes a small gurgling sound as the thick loop of silk tightens around her throat and her neck stretches. Holly is lifted up on her tip-toes as I pull further and I hold her there for a few seconds, watching her face - seeing that look of fear mixed with growing arousal. When I see her eyelids droop slightly, I hoist her all the way and clamp the cord off.

Holly stares at the wall and grips the eyehooks as tight as she can as her legs slowly bicycle in the air. After a few seconds, she lowers her legs and her feet slowly point downward as her toes curl - she's getting used to the feeling of hanging and the sexual sensations are building in her. I watch as she accepts the knowledge that she is going to hang to death. Her eyes squint and her face is deepening in colour as I watch her abdominal muscles tightening. The gurgling in her belly starts again and I watch her throat undulating as the root of her tongue is pushed up her throat.

Holly's eyes are watering and drool is oozing over her lower lip as her thighs clench tight together - her bum tightening, her abdominals grinding causing her pelvis to hump slightly. Her body twists as her muscles clench tight.

A small wet burp gurgles in her throat, her eyes start fluttering upward, and her body clenches tighter and starts to quiver. This is it; the beginning of her death orgasm. ...Her back arches, and her hips start humping obscenely. After a few more seconds her body jerks violently as she thrusts her crotch forward and a high volume of girl cum gushes from her tight crotch. I hear the wet squirting sound as it sprays from the Y formed by her thighs and mound.

Holly's eyes are rolled right up into her head and I can no longer see her irises. Her body is spasming wildly now; Her knees suddenly lifting and her thighs opening wide to slap back together over and over, a solid liquid stream spurting from her crotch as she pisses herself. She lets go of the eyehooks and brings her arms in front of her chest, crossing them and making small fists. She is shaking now as though she is having a seizure, her legs lowering and spreading and her toes pointing downward once more, her toes curling so much it looks painful.

It takes almost three more minutes for Holly's body movements to slow and her arms to lower to her sides. I watch as she winds down; her face softening; her belly sagging, her arms hanging limp at her sides and her legs loose as she slowly twists back and forth on the noose.

They are so beautiful in death - like gentle angels, spent and sleeping for eternity - all their final wishes fulfilled.