The Captain's Blog - Erin and Claire

by Erotickynk


Claire is naked and starting to sweat, the pink nipples tipping her small breasts are puckered and swollen. Her forearms and upper thighs are strapped tight to the armrests of the impaler and she's sitting in a puddle of fluid that's been leaking from her cunt ever since we started. Considering this little British cutie only came with her cousin Erin as emotional support to help Erin prepare for her intense assisted suicide, Claire has gotten right into the spirit of my suicide room.

"... never thought I'd get rogered by a chair ..." Claire groans in her Manchester accent as she strains and a weak fluttering smile flickers across her lips. I can see her belly muscles clenching and loosening rhythmically under her sweaty skin as she rides the impaler and wonder what her family would think if they knew what their daughter was doing on her vacation to our country.

The impaler has two armrests, but no back, so she can rock back and forth to maximize her pleasure. Through a rubber membrane in the centre of the seat a stainless dildo protrudes upward and is adjustable by use of a foot pedal ratchet that can raise it up to 9 inches into a woman's body. Inside that dildo is another shaft that is operated by a second pedal and can be ratcheted a half inch at a time up to three feet through her abdomen. This inner shaft is about as thick as a woman's finger and though the tip isn't razor sharp, it can penetrate muscle and internal organs if enough pressure is applied.

"... more?" Claire asks, squirming in her puddle.

I finished ratcheting the dildo up into her about 10 minutes ago, stretching out her vagina. What Claire wants now is for the inner shaft to push up against her cervix. The impaler doesn't have to be deadly, but it usually is. I step down on the second pedal, ratcheting the centre shaft up about a half inch.


"... oh that's lovely ..." Claire's eyelids droop and she gasps then starts breathing a little faster.

I step on the pedal again ...


... and the shaft presses up into her another half inch. Claire's eyes open wide and she lifts her shoulders, pushing out her chest as the shaft starts to open her cervix. I've been told it is an amazing feeling so long as the girl is sexually aroused - and Claire certainly is. Erin is growing worried, watching her cousin. She comes and sits beside me, still dressed in her light summer top and shorts. She is studying Claire's face, her own betraying her concern.

"Claire's not here for this." Erin whispers to me.

"I know, hon. But Claire is curious." I say, keeping my eyes on Claire as I step down on the pedal once again.


"Oof!" Claire gasps and bites her lower lip, her soft thighs quivering as they try to close but are held open by the leather straps securing them to the base of the armrests. The tip is now inside her uterus, not even close to causing damage, but it is no doubt causing some sweet cramping in her belly.

Erin turns to me, her face showing her worry "Don't hurt her." she whispers.

"Being hurt is what this place is all about, Erin." I answer her gently, keeping my eyes on Claire as the British girl comes to grips with the shaft in her womb. Claire's cheeks are flushed and her face and body are beading with sweat now - her pale skin growing shiny with it, "But I promise I won't do anything she doesn't want me to do."

"... more ..." Claire grunts and I step on the pedal again and watch as she tries to pull her thighs together against the straps once more. Claire groans hard as her thighs quiver, jiggling the soft fat of her legs and belly. She now has two inches inside her uterus.

"How does it feel, Claire?" Erin asks softly. Claire's eyes flutter open and her smile is faltering.

"... it's fucking brilliant ..." Claire gasps, "... and he was right ... s'fucking intense .." Erin snuggles in against me, her warm body only a slight weight against my side. I wrap my arm around her and hold her, feeling the softness of the skin on her upper arm.

"... again ..." Claire gasps and I step slowly on the pedal, easing it up - two and a half inches now. Claire's body begins to spasm and her shoulders hunch forward, her feet kicking spastically as her toes curl. She grits her teeth and rides it out like a champ - her belly tight and her fists clenched.

Erin stirs beside me, worried. "Is she okay?"

"Just wait, hon." I say with a smile. After a moment, Claire's body releases and she sighs loudly.

"... oof ... that made me toes curl ..." Claire gasps and smiles at Erin's worried look, "I came, you silly tit!" and starts to rock back and forth, riding the shaft inside her to prolong her pleasure. When she leans back, I can see her uterus bulging her lower belly, held rigid and upright by the shaft inside her.

"... a little more ..." Claire gasps, and Erin whimpers, pressing her knuckles to her lips as she watches her cousin flirt with death. I step on the pedal and Claire grunts. Three inches inside her now - the tip must be pressing against the top of her uterus.

"... oh shit ..." Claire gasps weakly, then; "... again ..."

I hesitate, feeling Erin's body stiffen - she must know that Claire can only take so much before ...

"... again! ... please ..." Claire cries out, her masochistic sexual need plain in her voice. I step on the pedal and she gasps loudly then moans. I can see that Claire is being stretched internally - her labia is being pulled up inside her. That's a good sign - it hasn't broken through yet. But she is shaking badly now, her hands clenched in little fists, her belly tight. Her head is hanging forward, her face almost obscured by her hanging dark hair, her mouth is open and loose with tendrils of drool flowing from her lower lip.

"Don't move too much, Claire. It's dangerously deep." I warn her gently.

"... too .. fucking right, it's deep ..." she groans.

I look back at Erin's worried face and her eyes are locked on Claire.

"She's going to do it." Erin whispers in awe.

"... a little more ..." I hear Claire gasp and I step hard on the pedal, hearing her guttural grunt. Then for good measure I step on it again and I hear Claire suck in a gasp through clenched teeth, then a low moan. Erin is silent and trembling. I hear Claire take a shuddering breath.

"... oh bugger ..."

Claire's labia is relaxing - plumping back outward, the inner tension has been released and her pale belly is loose and softened. Blood is mixing with the puddle of clear fluid she sits in. Claire slowly raises her head and looks at me, her face dripping with sweat.

"... it's in me belly, innit? ..." Claire says in breathless wonder.

"Yes it is, Claire."

"... this is it, then ..." she whispers calmly, a bitter smile flickering across her lips.

"Yes, hon. This is it."

Claire seems to think about that for a moment, then; "... what happens next?"

"This happens." I answer and step on the pedal - CLICK-CLACK - and Claire gasps, her eyes going wide, then narrowing.

"... oh! you sweet twisted, bastard ..." Claire says without anger. I smile and nudge the pedal with the toe of my boot, turning it so it's beside her left foot. She looks down at it and lifts her foot and rests it on the pedal.

"... oh, bonkers ..."



"Oh Claire ..." Erin makes a mewling sound, tears brimming in her eyes. Claire meets her gaze.

"... s'okay, Erin ... no worries ... let me do this ..." Claire says breathlessly, then lowers her face and just breathes as she commits sexual suicide.




I lift Erin and slide her onto my lap, turning her so she's sitting across my thighs. I stroke her cheeks and wipe away her tears.

"It's time to think about yourself now, Erin." I say gently. She nods and I pick up the syringe from where I had it hidden and show it to her.

"Will it be like you promised?" she asks in a small voice, her eyes on the needle.

"Of course." I say semi-truthfully; it contains a toxic mixture of heroin and a cocktail of female sex hormones. If I dosed it right, she'll spend the next five to ten minutes in ecstasy, if not, she'll go into convulsions and die in seconds.

I wrap my hand around her thin upper arm and squeeze it. Within seconds small blue veins show themselves in the crook of her elbow. She watches as I insert the needle into her arm and probe until I find a vein. I pull on the plunger and see the small tendril of blood, then push the plunger all the way down. I remove the syringe and set it aside and press my hand against her chest.

"Lay back, hon." I say gently to her, still gripping her arm tight and I can see Erin is still one scared little girl. She takes my direction and lays her head back until it rests on the arm of the sofa - her bright blue eyes locked on mine.


"... ngh ..."

Erin turns her head and looks at Claire - her British cousin is sitting with her head hanging down, drool sliding and dripping onto her thighs from her lower lip. Her lower belly is swollen now and she is sitting in a large puddle of pee that is tinged with blood. She is lost in her own internal world, experiencing the pure sensations of impaling herself. As we watch she steps on the pedal again ...


... and her thighs pull against the straps then release.


Claire lifts her head and gasps, then gags, her belly heaving once. The spit has touched her stomach.


Claire heaves hard, her upper body curling forward.

I let go of Erin's arm, releasing the heroin and hormones into her blood stream. After a few seconds delay as the mixture floods through her system, her eyes quickly lose focus and she squirms slowly. I lay a hand on her throat and can feel her pulse rate speeding up.

"... hngh ..." Erin's eyelids flutter and her eyes roll up in her head as she writhes on my lap - she's feeling the orgasmic rush of the heroin and the hormones will amplify those feelings until her heart can no longer take the increased pressure.


"ung ... urrlph ..."

I hear Claire retching and the spattering as she vomits onto her lap.

"... bugger me ..."


I see that the crotch of Erin's shorts are darkening as she pees herself. I unbutton her shorts and unzip them, pulling them down to expose her bare crotch. Finding her swelling clit, I take it between my thumb and forefinger and pinch hard. Erin shudders and moans, but doesn't show that the pain bothers her.

I reach under the sofa cushion and withdraw the stiletto that Erin admired and press the tip against her lower belly - really low; almost on the firmness of her pubic bone. I press in and her skin dimples deep. Erin clenches her teeth and sucks a breath in - even in her drug and hormone addled state she remembers what she asked me to do to her. I push harder and feel the pop of the skin giving it to the tip, then the resistance of the band of muscles at the bottom of her belly.

"Push your belly out, Erin." I say softly, and she does - pushing her belly outward, making it round and firm, welcoming this deadly penetration. The blade scrapes against her pubic bone as I angle it so it slides deep into her belly without damaging her bladder or uterus. I hold it there, pressed hilt deep for a moment.

Erin squirms and moans as I pull the knife out of her and move the tip to the hollow spot just inside the wing of her pelvis. I angle it so it will plunge inward, under he belly button and push it into her all the way in one smooth motion. Erin gasps and arches her back, her small hands clenched tight in little fists she holds rigid to her sides. She twists in my lap, her head turning, pressing her face into the sofa back and ...

"Daddy!" she shrieks, her voice muffled by the cushion. I reach down and push her top up until her entire belly is exposed and slide my hand up further to pinch and twist her puffy nipples.

"o-o-o-ohhh" she lets out a very sexual breathy moan and I pull the knife out and move it to the other side of her belly and do the same there - one steady deep penetration. She gasps and humps her pelvis in slow convulsive thrusts.


"... nngghhhhhh ..." a glance at Claire confirms that she's hit the point where she wants it to end. Her head is up, her jaw is clenched and her lips stretched tight in a grimace, revealing her teeth as she lets loose her long hopeless groan. Spit sprays as she hisses her gasping breath in and out - her body shaking, her thighs quivering and her small hands clawing at the wooden armrests. Her foot is uncoordinated as she tries to step on the pedal again, but can't.

I slide the knife out of Erin's lower abdomen and position it high on her belly - in the centre. I push in deep and steady, penetrating her stomach. Erin's head and shoulders lift up and her upper body curls around her new wound, she is gagging and heaving.

I reach out with my foot and step on the pedal for Claire.


And her gullet goes into spasmsas the spit slides upward, her mouth opening and drooling, her tongue working as her gag reflex goes wild. Her entire body begins to spasm and I know it won't take long now.

As Claire's face deepens in colour and her belly muscles dance beneath her pale skin, I move the knife in Erin's upper belly in and out as though I am fucking her with a dildo. She too is gagging and heaving, but nothing is coming up.

Claire is the first to go, making a hopeless gurgling wet moan before slumping forward, held upright by the shaft inside her. Her arms and legs go slack.

Erin squirms and writhes as I work the knife inside her, then arches her back hard, lifting her bum off my lap and holds her body rigid there - her thighs quivering wildly. She abruptly collapses and flops limp, half on my lap, half on the sofa.

Erin and Claire looked like sweet innocent girls, who knew the dark fantasies that lay within.