by Erotickynk

Carrie-Anne was a first for me. She had a lean, tanned feminine body, with long svelte legs, firm A-cup breasts tipped with sun-darkened nipples, and a cute face. She was very sensual and sexual and had a propensity for the dark side of sex, enjoying bondage and pain. What set her apart form other girls was that Carrie-Anne also had a cock. And she was the first person who convinced me that a girl could be born with the wrong body parts.

Carrie-Anne, or Carrie as I ended up calling her, was well into her hormone replacement therapy, but her future of operations and prejudice - she decided - was not worth living through and she wanted to go out on her own terms in the intense masochistic sexual act of rectal impalement.

Carrie came for a prearrange session that was planned to only last about an hour, but she ended up staying with me three days. I found her body so responsive and her ability to orgasm and ejaculate multiple times in a short period of time so arousing. With her agreement, we played out all her other sexual fantasies.

The trouble was that I found myself growing fond of her. Just me cumming inside her rectum was enough to trigger her own orgasm, and I loved feeling her body convulsing as her rigid little cock jetted creamy ropes of cum over our bellies. The image of her expressive face so close to mine that I could feel her breath on my lips while she rode my cock to orgasm is forever burned in my memory.

But even though we enjoyed each other every waking moment, there came a point on our last day when she snuggled close and whispered;

"It's time for me to go, Captain."

And those words both excited me and broke my heart.

We spent almost two hours getting her ready. She wanted enemas until she was clean inside, and drank ipecac to empty her stomach of her breakfast. Then I had her drink warm sweet tea to settle her stomach and relax her - and I'd included an ingredient in the tea without her knowing that would dull any sharp internal pain and make the penetration of her stomach and throat more bearable. Lastly, I had her lay facedown while I massaged her anus and rectum to get her ready for her suicide.

Carrie chose the spring loaded impalement saddle - the same one that Malory killed herself with that has a spit that protrudes about eight inches from the seat and drives itself violently upward about two feet when the foot pedal is triggered. Like a moth to flame, Carrie would set and trigger the spring-loaded spit many times in her three days with me, and each time she would tremble and her cock would swell after setting it off. It was those times that she needed the deepest and hardest fucking and I obliged with my own cock and with sex toys.

But that was the past and now her moment has come, and she emerges from the guest bedroom wearing only hot pink fishnet stockings and her white sneakers. Her natural breasts are small, and her nipples are already puckered and tight, and below, her cock is already rigid and deepened in colour. I had already removed the backbrace on the saddle with the plan to sit behind her and align her body against mine to make sure the spit doesn't destroy any vital organs. The idea is to have the sharp steel shaft drive straight up through her large colon, straightening it before bursting through the upper wall then penetrate through her stomach to lodge in her gullet. The numbing agent in the tea will dull the sharp sensations of her colon and stomach walls ripping and let her experience the total violent impalement of the shaft.

Carrie whimpers sensually as she settles herself down, my hands guiding her round bum as she takes the spit deep up into her well-oiled rectum. Her body and thighs are trembling as I wrap my arms around her and stroke her body - lightly stroking her scrotum, her belly, and her nipples. I lightly kiss her neck and nibble on her earlobes, listening to her whispered breathy moans of arousal.

"I'm so scared." she whispers.

"I know, baby." I breath in her ear, "But I'm here with you. You're not alone."

"Hold me and never let me go." she tries to whisper softly, but her voice breaks with emotion.

"I'll hold you tight, hon ... all the way." I lay the flat of my right hand on her lower belly and press inward, knowing that will make her feel the shaft in her bowels and she moans in appreciation of that feeling, "Tell me when you're ready." I whisper.

Carrie breathes deeply for a few moments, preparing herself, oxygenating her bloodstream so she lasts as long as possible once the spit slams up into her gut. Her breathing becomes erratic and jerky as the moments go by, and I can feel her cock growing more and more rigid and twitching as she nears the most intense moment in her life. She reaches down with both her hands and lays them on my knees, steadying herself.

"Let's do it." she gasps breathlessly.

With my left hand I massage her belly ...

"Relax your belly, Carrie. Let it go loose. Give yourself a little pooched out tummy like you're a little pregnant." I knew this last statement would turn her on - one of her fantasies was to become pregnant, something nature had robbed her of.

... and she does, I feel her belly bulge and grow loose even though the muscles continue to tremble. It's important for her to relax her abdominal muscles, because the shaft is going to displace a lot of her internal organs and if she is tense, this may cause her belly muscles to tear.

With my right hand I stroke up her throat and support the under side of her jaw ...

"Lift your head, baby."

And she does, letting me stroke her throat. This is to align her body for the spit - and even though the shaft tip will only come as high as the base of her throat, it helps if her chin is lifted for the initial impact in her gullet.

I position my foot on the release pedal.

"Slow deep belly breath now, sweetheart."

"Oh Captain ..." she whimpers and I hear the fear in her voice. And fear is natural in these difficult moments, but this is why they come to me - to have someone there to help them through it.

"I know, sweetheart. Deep breath." I murmur in her ear, and my left hand is on her upper belly and I feel it expand as she breathes in, and as it lowers, I grip her throat tight to make sure she doesn't move and step on the pedal.



Her body is jolted violently as the steel shaft slams up through her abdomen, bursting out of her large colon, ripping through her stomach and lodging in her gullet. I feel the sudden shockwave in her belly and a spray of the tea bursts from her open mouth. I let go of her throat.

Her body starts shaking uncontrollably as she lowers her chin, her stomach heaving and her throat gagging and choking on the shaft lodged there. I watch her now flushing face in the mirror in front of us, her mouth is open and her tongue working. trying futilely to dislodge the steel cock in her gullet.

She arches her back, pushing her belly outward and her thighs open wide. Her long legs are shaking wildly and her belly is working - hitching and plumping as she is overwhelmed by the sensations. I've never seen her cock this hard - in fact, I've never seen any cock this hard. It is twitching and jumping, the head so round and swollen that it is tight and red.

With girls, sometimes I'm not sure if they are cumming or not when they are totally impaled like this - their body reacts the same way was it does when they orgasm, but I'm never really sure. With Carrie, there is no doubt ... I see the muscles across the bottom of her belly clenching and her thighs flop open and closed around the saddle, her cock throbbing visibly as it jets long ropes of cum across the room. Her orgasm and ejaculation is violent and huge - load after load of cum spurts from her, spattering on the mirror and the floor, her body jerking and convulsing in my arms, I can feel her moving up and down slightly as her anal muscles clench and release the shaft inside her. I twirl her nipples and lightly stroke her scrotum the way she likes to extend her orgasm.

I watch the expression on her face go from ecstatic grimace, to wonder and awe, and then to bliss and peace as her orgasm rolls on and on, draining the last of her energy in waves of intense pleasure. The cum being ejaculated from her body slows to small pulses that ooze from the tip and slide down the underside of her cock. And even after she is dry, her anus and cock continue to pulse in orgasm and her thighs quiver as she dies in ecstasy, her head falling back to rest on my shoulder as she makes small gagging sounds in her final moments.

Her orgasm and her body wind down until at last she is limp in my arms. At no point did she struggle to try to live ... Carrie-Anne died exactly the way she wanted; impaled and cumming hard.

I was not surprised when I stood and found my own legs were weak, and her smooth tanned back was slick with my own cum.