Baker's Dozen

by Erotickynk

Carly has changed her mind and instead of taking her turn in the next room with the Captain, she's sitting on one of his machines, stepping on the pedal and making it go click-click-click, sweating and shuddering as the spike slides up, deeper and deeper inside her.

".... oh fuck me ..." Carly gasps, gripping the front of the saddle, her belly muscles clenching and quivering.

It is dim and cool in this room, unlike the room the rest of the girls are in. This one is deeper beneath the Captain's old secluded house built on this hill overlooking the lake and it's mostly underground with two stone walls and two wooden ones. There's no windows in this room and the Captain says that even someone standing outside couldn't hear screaming from inside here.

But there's no worry about anyone hearing screams now; the summer hikers have left and the autumn hunters haven't come to the area yet.

I am aroused from watching Carly fuck herself on the machine, and even more turned on by the sounds coming from the next room where most of the girls are cheering Abby on. And under my arousal is a little quivering knot of fear that has been there since we all piled into Rosemary's Uncle's station wagon and started driving East. Even when Jenny and I took our turn in the very back of the wagon, fingering each other to orgasm with our hands down each other's jeans, that knot of fear was there. It's become familiar and part of this now, as much a part of my arousal as the tingles in my nipples.

I am curious about how going out like Carly would be, but I came here with the other girls to meet the Captain and fulfill our pact. And I'm going to it right, just like Abby is doing now.

Going to Legend House was out of the question - after the first four girls, then Zoey and Cara, the Cops nailed it up tight and the talk was the town council was going to tear it down. Breanne's dad Chuck, who works at the youth centre, asked to buy the house for the back taxes and Council was considering it. But that didn't help us - if Chuck and Breanne renovated and moved in, that would be the end of Legend House. No more girls would die there.

There was six of us from our school who wanted to "do a Laura", and yeah - I was one of them. Well, I AM one of them. But we didn't have Legend House anymore and we couldn't find any boy who would do all six of us - or any of us for that matter.

It was Rosemary who came across the Captain. She found him on a snuffsex forum and linked up with him through IRC. She told us he wanted to help us and had a ton of experience. At first we didn't believe him, but he told us where to find some pictures of his past work online and - oh my goodness - they were graphic and hot.

As Rosemary made arrangements with him, the Captain came up with an idea - an all-day orgy at his place. He said he had two other groups of girls our age who had read all about the Legend House and wanted it and it would make us what he called a "baker's dozen" - thirteen girls all on the same day. He said he wanted us to help him set a record.

And that's why I'm here, watching Carly impale herself while the Captain does a Laura on Abby.

Carly looks like she's being fucked as she rides the Captain's machine, and in a way she is. I'm pretty sure she's cum three times already, but I don't know how many more she can manage - her lower belly is bloated and blood is oozing from her crotch and dripping down the sides of the saddle, plus she's looking really pale. But she still steps down on the pedal; click-click-click as she rocks back and forth.

Jasmine and Dakota have been making out on the old sofa beside me. We all came in here to get a break from the orgy room after watching the first three girls. The orgy room is small and with all those hot sweaty bodies in there it was hard to breathe. But like all of us, Jasmine and Dakota are high on arousal and fear, so they started going at each other and now they're leaning against me, Dakota's hot sweaty back pressing against my shoulder as she quivers and moans. I'm pretty sure Jasmine is fingering her, and it's obvious that they want to whole sofa so they can finish, so I get up and walk barefoot across the dirt floor through the doorway into the next room.

The orgy room.

It's still hot and humid in here. The room is bright compared to the toy room, and motes of dust dance in the air lit by the afternoon sunlight cutting through from the grimy windows high on the South wall.

Abby is grimacing and squirming on the wide inclined bench the Captain set up in the middle of the room. She's making weak little grunting sounds and fighting it which is understandable considering the Captain is sawing his knife in and out of her belly and is getting close to her belly button. Melissa and Courtney are holding on to her wrists and Abby is fighting them, twisting and pulling against their grips. But they're not going to let go - that's part of the pact. The Captain reaches out with his free hand and pushes a little brown bottle under Abby's nose. She sniffs deeply and moans.

The little bottle is called a popper. The Captain made us all try it and it makes you feel so warm and relaxed and sexual.

The other girls are chanting; "Go Abby! Go Abby! Go Abby!"

I see Faith stroking her own long sweaty belly as she watches Abby being opened and I'm betting she wants to go next.

The bodies of the first three girls are slumped in the corner of the room. My best friend Jenny is laying on her side like she's asleep, but her intestines are puddled near her crotch. Rosemary is there too; she was first and was still alive when they laid her there, slowly squirming and bleeding. She died in the middle of a seizure, her eyes rolling up in her head and her legs kicking and twitching. The third girl was from one of the other groups, I think her name was Stacey. She looks so young but she said she was old enough to be here and I guess she was. Her open mouth is full of puke.

The Captain warned us about body fluids. He said girls lose control of everything sometimes in their final moments, and he was right - the room reeks of sweat, blood, piss, puke, shit, and over it all the musky stink of sex. It's al part of it, he told us, and he's right - you get used to it.

Abby strains and gurgles, foamy spit and mucus spraying from between her clenched teeth.

"Hang in there, Abby." Melissa tells her, "You can do it!"

I notice that Chelsea is sitting on the dirt floor to my left, her eyes fixed on Abby. She is masturbating. Before I got to know her, I thought Chelsea was one of those "proper Christian girls", but here she is with three fingers fucking her wet sloppy cunt as she watches Abby get her midline gutting. Chelsea's face is flushed and she's sweating like all of us - it's so hot in this cellar, especially with all our horny young bodies. But the look in Chelsea's eyes that tells me she's no innocent - she looks hungry, like lustful hungry.

I'm not sure if that lust is sadism from watching the first three and now Abby, or like me - fear and arousal that is growing stronger as our turns gets closer.

Either way, as the Captain's knife lifts and splits Abby's belly button, Chelsea grunts and cums hard.

Courtney notices and laughs; "You go girl!"

Chelsea's toes curl and her heels grind little troughs in the dirt floor as she grips her crotch tight. Her thighs slap together and trap her hand as she spasms and jerks in orgasm, grunting as she falls over on her side. Chelsea curls up in a ball and shivers as the Captain finished Abby's midline.

"Done!" he calls out, pulling the knife from Abby's belly.

Abby kind of slumps, her body going slack and her head lolling loosely. Now Melissa and Courtney support her so she doesn't slide off the bench.

"... oh gawd ..." Abby moans, her eyes moving loosely in her head like she can't focus. Her jaw continues to slowly open and close like she's trying to speak, her lips and chin shiny wet with drool.

"You did it, Abby!" Melissa leans in, being crazy cheerful, "You're number four!"

"... did it ..." Abby gasps, trying to lift her head to look at body, but the effort is too much and her head falls back.

"I know what she needs." the Captain says, handing the popper to Melissa and sliding his hand into her open belly. He wraps his hand around her plump pale descending colon and strokes it sensually up and down like boys stroke their own cocks when they masturbate. Abby moans and shudders, her body undulating as he stimulates her. The Captain calls this "organ play" and says he knows how to give us amazing pleasure by touching things inside us that have never been touched.

He slides his hand up high and strokes across Abby's transverse colon and she moans again, then gags, then she vomits a string of foamy mucus that slides down her cheek and chin.

"Good girl." the Captain coos, sliding his hand downward, gently digging deep toward her crotch. Melissa lets Abby sniff the popper again and then the Captain does something and Abby grunts hard, her thighs trying to squeeze the bench. Her head and shoulders lift and she is jerking and shuddering. She's cumming and can't stop. The Captain works her until she cries out like an animal in pain and slumps, her thighs flopping open.

"Put her in the pile." the Captain says taking the popper back. Melissa and Courtney each grasp Abby under the arms and drag her to the corner, the ropes of her intestines dragging from her open belly.

Faith steps forward; "Me next!" she says way too eagerly.

"Well, come on then, darlin'." the Captain says, motioning to the bench with his bloody knife.

Faith straddles the bench and sits as the Captain looks around.

"And who's going to help her?" he asks.

"Me." comes a weak voice - it's Chelsea, "I wanted to be next, but I'll help Faith if I can go after."

"Sounds good to me." the Captain laughs.

Chelsea gets up on wobbly legs, still weak from her last orgasm and straddles the bench behind Faith.

"Hold me tight." Faith says to her. Chelsea slides her hands under Faith's arms, then up over her shoulders to lock behind her head, getting her in a full nelson, pushing Faith's chin down to her chest.

"Swift or slow?" the Captain asks, wiping the blood from handle of the knife and his hands so he can grip it better.

"Swift." Faith says, making a snarly face then laughing as the girls cheer her on; "Alright, Faith!" ... "Take it, girlfriend! Take it deep!" ... "Whoot-Whoot!" ... "That's my girl!"

The Captain pushes the popper under Faith's nose and she breathes in deep. Then he looks Faith in the eye.

"You're my special girl, aren't you?" he asks.

"Yes." Faith answers, almost breathless.

"Are you ready, Faith?" he asks, lifting the knife.

"Give it to me!" Faith hisses and gives him another snarly face. But the snarl disappears the instant the Captain drives the knife hard into her lower belly just above her mound. We all hear the slap as the hilt hits her skin, and Faith arches her back, her mouth open wide and her expression one of shock.

The Captain rises up a little and leans into her as he saws swiftly up her long belly - in and out like a hungry man slicing a loaf of bread. Faith is making wet gurgling sounds as she is eviscerated and a little puke trickles from the down-turned corners of her mouth.

Within twenty seconds the cutting is done and the Captain pulls the knife free and steps back.

"... f-f-fuck ..." Faith at last finds her voice and she stares at her abdomen as it opens like a purse and coils of intestine push up out of her. Faith goes limp in Chelsea's arms and her face scrunches up as she starts to cry.

" ... ohhhhhh-h-h-h ..." Faith sobs and her body starts shaking.

"Faith needs some loving." the Captain says as he steps away and moves to the doorway beside me. Chelsea releases her hold on Faith and cradles her, while Robin and another girl go to either side of the bench and tend to her. As Faith lays dying, they speak softly to her and stroke her body and face.

The other girls gather around her, giving her praise for being number five and telling her to just let go, it will be over soon.

"Think you'll want it swift or slow?" I hear the Captain ask, and it takes me a second to realize he's talking to me. I tear my eyes away from Faith and look up at him. He has such a kind face - it's hard to imagine him doing what he does.

I shrug.

"Come on." he says, "Let's get a beer."

I follow him into the other room and as we pass Carly I see she's still alive and riding the saddle, but out of it. Her eyes have that faraway stare and her abdomen is clenching rhythmically.

"Well, well, well." the Captain says, "Looks like we have some solo action out here."

Jasmine and Dakota are slouched together on the sofa watching Carly.

"I think she's still cumming." Dakota says.

"Then I guess we'll let her enjoy herself." the Captain says and leads me to the far corner where an old avocado coloured fridge sits humming, a yellow extension cord that runs up through the ceiling keeping it alive. He opens it and takes out two cans of beer, handing one to me.

We both pop the tops and he drinks half of his off in one go. I take a few gulps, grimacing at the sparkly feeling sliding down my throat, but it feels good - I didn't realize how thirsty I was.

"Swift is best if you just want to hurt and die." he says to me, "But slow is best if you're horny and into pain. And the popper helps." Then he pauses and smiles, then softly, seductively; "Which is it you want, Shea?"

It keeps surprising me that he remembers all our names. I shrug again and look down at my beer. The Captain sits on one of his machines so his face is level with mine, and gently draws me close, one strong arm around my waist. It doesn't feel forced like he's holding me against my will, it's more like an embrace - he's being tender with me, even though I see that his cock is tenting his shorts.

"Rosemary said you were the shy one." he says softly, "The time for shy is over though, honey. You need to speak up. I want to make it right for you ... look at me."

I look up into his eyes.

"I want you to get what you really want."

I just stare at him. I'm tongue-tied. I've been that way my whole life. He smiles and pulls me closer, lowering his head so his ear is close to my mouth.

"Whisper it in my ear." he says so softly I barely hear him.

"I want ..."

"Just say it, Shea-girl."

"I want to die having an orgasm." I whisper, "Like Laura."

When he lifts his head I see he is smiling.

"The coroner said that Laura was eviscerated slowly and he believed that Laura was finger fucked to orgasm before she died. That's what you want?

I nod.

"You want it to be sexual and I can do that, Shea. And more." he says and I believe him.

"Why didn't you play with Faith?" I ask softly.

"Because she wanted it to hurt. She wanted to feel frail and helpless and hopeless. Unlike you and the other girls, Faith didn't care if it was sexual." he explains as he strokes my hair, "She just wanted to die that way, Shea."

He kisses me on the forehead then stands up.

"I want you to drink two more beer before your turn, Shea. Will you do that?"

I nod and when I look down I see his cock is full-on hard and it arouses me that he got hard because of me.

"Good girl." he says, stroking my cheek, "See you soon."

Then he turns to Jasmine and Dakota.

"Come on, wallflowers!" he laughs, "Time for you two to rejoin the party. We miss you!"

I finish my beer as he makes his way to the orgy room with Jasmine and Dakota following and giggling. I get myself another beer and turn to watch Carly die.

Her swollen lower belly is still clenching rhythmically as she straddles the machine, her legs hanging limp on either side of the saddle.

"Does it hurt?" I ask her.

Her staring eyes lift and find my face. She slowly shakes her head; No.

"How deep is it?"

Carly lifts her right hand. It shakes badly and is uncoordinated as she touches her abdomen just under her sternum. Then it flops back down to rest on her thigh.

"Did you cum?"

Carly gives me a weak smile and nods; Yes. She swallows with difficulty, then in a hoarse voice; "... lots ..."

"You did a Jackie." I comment and another smile flickers across her face, then an expression of sorrow, of pleading. She looks into my eyes.

"... p-please ..." she croaks.

I know what she wants.

I set down my beer and step forward, resting my foot on the pedal. I push down.

*click* Her belly clenches.

*click* She moans.

*click* Her eyes close and she gags.

*click* *click* *click* Carly begins to shudder, gagging and heaving silently. I know how deep the spike is now.

I move to her side and wrap my right arm around her shoulders, my left hand sliding up her chest to hold her throat. I kiss her cheek.

*click* *click* *click*

Carly jerks as she makes sharp wet sounds in her throat. She is straining, her face deepening in colour.

"Shhh." I soothe her, my lips close to her ear, my voice only a whisper, "It's okay, Carly. Just let it happen."

I slide my free hand down to stroke her nipples - they are tight and puckered. Her body jerks hard once more and stills. Her nipples soften and she is limp in my arms. I lean forward and kiss her on her lips then gently let her go. Her head hangs down, but her body stays upright, impaled on the machine.

I finish my beer as I gaze at her beautiful body, her firm small breasts, her once flat belly now bloated from the internal bleeding.

I won't lie; being with her and helping her die has aroused me even more.

I go to the fridge and get my third beer as I hear the girls cheering on Dakota and when I shoulder my way past a couple girls from the other group in the doorway to the orgy room I see that Jasmine is holding one of Dakota's wrists and Katie is holding the other. They are keeping her arms straight out from her shoulders. Dakota is sitting upright on the bench, her back arched and her belly pushed out, her thighs on either side of the bench, her feet hooked in the bench's legs. Dakota is straining, her chin tucked down against her chest.

I glance to my left and see Chelsea standing against the wall. She is pale and has her arms crossed, her hands covering her breasts. She looks worried. She sees me looking and tries to smile.

"I ... I wasn't ready." she says.

I nod and say; 'It's okay.'

"Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah! Oh, fuck yeah!" Dakota is grunting out each word, her voice desperate and shrill, spit spraying from her wet lips as the Captain saws in and out of her belly. A loop of intestine is already slithering out of her just below her belly button, and her body is drenched in sweat, all her muscles quivering wildly.

The girls are thrilled at Dakota's performance, really whooping it up. One of the girls next to me is jumping up and down like we're at a high school basketball game. She turns to me and lets out a whoop.

"Number six is rocking it!" she yells over the cheering of the other girls.

"Number seven." I answer and realize I'm finding my voice in my third beer, "Hey Dakota!" I call to her.

Dakota moves her fevered frantic eyes to me.

"You're number seven." I say, nodding my head toward Carly in the other room. I see that Dakota gets it, despite her intense experience.

"Lucky! Number! Seven!" she grunts as the Captain's knife opens the top of her abdomen. And when he pulls his knife free, Dakota's belly yawns wide-open, gravity pulling down on her insides that slither out of her and pile between her open jiggling thighs.

The Captain sets his knife down and slides both hands into Dakota's open belly - one low and one high. As he digs deep toward her sex and I see the muscles working in his forearm, Dakota gets that insane "I'm-gunna-cum" look and her thighs squeeze the bench. Then his other hand slides upward and Dakota gags, drool suddenly sliding off her lower lip and down her chin. I see the Captain working both his hands inside her and Dakota closes her eyes, gagging, heaving, and obviously cumming.

We hear a series of wet burps and piss jets from between Dakota's thighs to run down and under her insides piled there. Dakota arches her back tightly and her bum lifts off the bench as the Captain keeps working her. Her body starts jerking and shuddering so violently that Jasmine loses her grip. But before Jasmine can grab her wrist again Dakota pukes hard and flops down limp, her body hitting the bench with a thump then falling face down onto the dirt floor.

The room is suddenly silent except for the soft little sobs from Jasmine who stands staring at her girlfriend with her hands over her mouth, her eyes welling with tears.

"Well." the Captain announces, breaking the shocked silence, "Dakota went out with a bang."

There's a lot of forced laughter, but I see the Captain notice Jasmine and his eyes fill with sadness. He rises and goes to her, wrapping his arms around her and guiding her to the bench.

"Come on, sweetheart. Sit down where Dakota was." he is saying softly. Crying openly now, her mouth twisted up and snot and tears wetting her face, Jasmine awkwardly steps one leg over the bench and sits, her bum sliding a little in Dakota's sweat, piss, and blood. The Captain straddles it and sits behind her, pulling her to him, wrapping his arms around her body, his chin resting on her shoulder.

"You loved her." he says gently in her ear.

"... y-yes ..."

"You want to go to her, don't you, Jas?"

"... uh-huh ..."

The Captain picks up the knife and presses it gently against her lower belly with one hand. With the other he places Jasmine's hands over his one then the other. Then he covers her hands with his free one.

"Let's do this together, Jas." he says, "You can go be with Dakota."

And it is so tender, so loving that no one is cheering, in fact everyone is silent as we watch.

The Captain slowly pulls the knife into her and Jasmine lays her head back on the Captain's shoulder. She only grimaces and strains slightly as we watch the blade sink into her body, and as the hilt presses against her flesh, she shudders and sighs.

"Good girl." the Captain coos in her ear, "Here we go."

And with their hands on the blade, they begin to saw the blade in and out of her abdomen, with Jasmine making soft breathy "... oh? ... oh? ... oh? ..." sounds as though she is asking a question. Her midline gutting is as gentle as Dakota's was violent. Halfway to her belly button, pee trickles from Jasmine's slit and runs down the bench.

"... mama? ..." Jasmine moans sensually.

I look up at the Captain and see he's looking at me. He motions with his head and I know what he is asking me to do.

I set down my beer and make my way past the other girls to kneel at the end of the bench between Jasmine's thighs. I pick up the popper and lift it to her nose. Her sex is loose and open when I slide the middle finger of my other hand inside her, so I add a second. I curl my fingers the way I do myself and massage her g-spot.

Jasmine moans and that makes me feel good to know I'm giving her pleasure.

Her belly is right in front of my eyes and I can't help but watch. The slit in her lower abdomen is parting slightly as they move the knife in and out of her, cutting toward her belly button. I can see plump little sausages of intestine inside her and they move independent of her own slow squirming. When the blade gets to the underside of her 'outie' belly button, her skin stretches as they start to saw through it.

Jasmine groans and her sex tightens on my finger as the blade hangs up on the fat knot of her belly button scar tissue. Her belly is being pushed inward and pulled outward by the sawing as the little bulb of flesh rides the edge of the blade.

"Tighten up, sweetheart." I hear the Captain whisper in her ear, and Jasmine responds - her abdominal muscles clenching and her thighs opening wider as she does. And as the muscles along her flanks move and tighten under her tanned skin, they pull her wound open slightly and I can see the thin layer of yellow fat and more of her intestines. And still the knife saws in and out of her, relentlessly cutting through her 'outie'.

"mugh!" Jasmine grunts loudly and her body jerks as her belly button succumbs. And it is like a final string is cut inside her because her wound opens wide, pulled by the still tight bands of muscle that run across and up her ribs. Loops of intestine flop and ooze out of her to slither over my wrist. I can smell the blood and a faint sweet odour of shit.

Her sex is quivering around my fingers, so I curl them tighter and grind against her g-spot, and as the blade slides effortlessly in and out of her softer upper belly, her thighs squeeze against the bench and start shaking. I notice she is holding her breath and I can feel her sex tighten and grip my fingers. I look up and see her nipples are tight and erect, and her face is tight - her eyes squeezed shut and her lips pulled back revealing her teeth.

Jasmine is cumming.

Her hands slip from the knife handle and slap against her upper thighs, her fingertips digging into her skin. I keep fingering her as she orgasms and as she peaks she lets out an animal little grunt and draws a deep shuddering breath. Then her body relaxes, her thighs flopping open and her entire belly opening like a grocery bag. I watch as her intestines slide down, and can see the edge of her dark liver and the pink sac of her stomach.

Jasmine's face softens and her eyes open and I can see them focus. She is looking at the faces of the girls standing behind me as her chest shudders, trying to breathe. Without saying a word, the Captain gently changes the angle of the knife and pulls it upward into her under her sternum. There's a gush of dark red blood.

Jasmine gasps and her eyes open wide in shock. Then her eyelids droop.

"... oh my? ..." she sighs and dies.

I pull my fingers from her loose slimy sex and stand. The Captain is looking up into my face.

"You okay?" he asks, still cradling Jasmine's body.

I nod, and surprisingly enough I am okay. I suppose I'm used to all this now. I wonder if I'll still he 'okay' when it's my turn.

As the Captain has two girls move Jasmine and Dakota to the growing pile of bodies, I grab one of his rags and wipe most of Jasmine's blood from my arm. Then I discover that someone has knocked over my beer, the foam slowly sinking into the hard packed dirt floor, so I go to the other room to get another from the old fridge.

As I crack it open and drink off half in one long guzzle - I'm so thirsty after Jasmine - I hear the voices in the other room raise in excitement. Within seconds I hear Melissa cheering on Robin.

I finish my beer and toss the can like an outlaw and go back to the orgy room.

Robin is one of the youngest, but she is as into it as Dakota was. She's actually humping her crotch at the Captain as he cuts her.

I'm really feeling the beer now. It's making me feel warm and relaxed. It's also making me feel more aroused. I walk to the Captain and kneel at his side, watching Robin thrust her hips upward each time the Captain's knife slides into her belly.

Robin is making little grunting sounds as she is opened, and I can see milky mucus oozing from her sex. Her clitoris is a hard little red ball, poking out from under its fleshy hood. It is obvious that this is very sexual for Robin and I'm happy for her. I kneel with my hands in my lap and lay my head against the Captain's thigh. He looks down at me and I at him and we both smile. He knows I'm ready to go next.

I turn my attention back to Robin as she whimpers loudly; Melissa is now twirling the girl's puffy pink nipples and it must feel good. She lifts her knees high and I look at her little dirty feet, her thighs quivering, her little toes curling. I look down, I too am dirty - we all are. We've been sweating, walking, and some of us lying on the dirt floor. My feet, arms, and knees are dirty, there's smeared blood on my thigh and my belly. And being dirty makes me feel more aroused - I'm a filthy little girl; Filth on my body and filth in my mind. Oh my goodness, I want this so bad right now.

I decide to get myself ready, so I do something that I would never have dared do before because of my shyness; I snake my right hand between my thighs and start to masturbate. Not the frantic way that Chelsea was doing during Abby's midline, but just gentle and slow - to raise my arousal higher and keep it high. I'm loving my body now - a body I used to hate because I was too skinny, too flat-chested. But now I love my body. I love how good it feels, how my sex feels warm and swollen and slimy inside, my nipples tingling. I love the heavy feeling in my stomach from all the beer. I even love the slight throb in my full bladder.

As the Captain finishes opening Robin and she flops back with a moan, the Captain sets his knife down and slides two fingers into her sex. She's so wet that his fingers working in there make wet squishy sounds. Robin rolls her head from side to side, moaning like a small animal as he fingers her and soon she is gasping in orgasm. She didn't even need the popper.

When she is done cumming, Robin is still alive - barely. The Captain leans forward, stroking her cheek.

"What do you need, sweet Robin?"

"... finish it ..." she gasps weakly.

The Captain wraps his large strong hands around her throat and squeezes. Robin doesn't fight him, she just stares up at the rough beams of the ceiling and soon she's gone. As the Captain steps away, Melissa slips her hands under Robin's armpits and Chelsea lifts her by hooking her hands behind her knees. They carry her gently to the pile in the corner and lay her down.

Then the Captain is standing over me and I look up into his kind face. Tingles rush through my body.

It's my turn.

Oh my goodness, it's my turn.

I lift up on my knees and reach up to the waistband of his shorts. My hands are trembling - I'm starting to feel the fear building inside me. I'm beginning a series of events that will lead to the Captain cutting my belly open and playing with my insides. But there's things I want to do before that, as scared as I am.

I've never done this before, I only know what to do from sexy vids I've seen on my daddy's computer. I pull his shorts down to his ankles and he steps out of them. His cock is thick and partially erect. I lift my chin and open my mouth, my jaw quivering as I take his cock into my mouth. The tip is salty and slippery and the head is so thick I can barely close my lips over it. I suck and lean forward and it slides deep into my mouth over my tongue.

I hear one of the remaining girls say; "Holy shit." I think it is Courtney.

The Captain reaches down and strokes my hair.

"Sweet Shea." he says softly. He knows I'm scared and I think he's proud of me for not showing it too badly.

I suck him until his cock is rigid and it curves upward, something I didn't expect. It feels good, sucking his cock; it feels like wet silk on my lips and tongue, and I feel little sexual thrills in my core as he grows harder and harder. I'm doing that - I'm making him hard.

"Okay." he says breathlessly, gently pulling my face back and I think I've done something wrong.

"I don't want to cum yet." he explains and I feel better - I did it right.

He reaches out and takes my left hand, lifting me to my feet. My legs feel so weak and he has to steady me as he guides me so the backs of my legs are against the bench. He takes my other hand too and lays me back and I sit on the bench and lean backward. He helps me ease back and lets my hands go so I can rest on my elbows. I open my thighs for him and I'm trembling all over now. I've never been this scared, but the fear is all part of it. I like the blend of sexual arousal and fear even though it's making me feel sick to my stomach. This is how you're supposed to feel before you die, knowing you're going to die.

The Captain straddles the end of bench and pulls my thighs on either side of his waist, and lifts my bum. His cock is there - right at my sex - and he pulls me onto him. I can't help it - I moan and arch my back, my elbows slipping off the sides of the bench, my back slapping down and my neck craned back, my eyelids fluttering like the feeling deep in my core.

I lost my virginity in gymnastics and I masturbate with the fat handle of my hair brush, but this is the first time I've ever had a cock inside me and he slides effortlessly into me because I'm so wet and slippery inside. I can feel that I am tight and there is a little pain, but it's a good pain. I hear myself whimper as he slides deeper and deeper and deeper. I wonder if this is what Carly felt being impaled, and why she wanted more and more until it killed her. I realize that her way would be a good way to die, but I've made my choice and I'm going to go through with it - I'm going to do a Laura.

But before that happens, I want the Captain to fuck me.

And he does, in long slow strokes, in and out of my body. And I feel his hands on my lower belly - pressing in, massaging, feeling my abdominal muscles, and knowing what is about to happen to those muscles almost makes me cum.

After we arrived and introduced ourselves, the Captain told us he wanted us to know what was going to happen to our bodies. That's when, one by one, he let us try the poppers as he listened to our desires and it was easy to tell him in front of everyone once we were high on the popper.

After that, he gave us an anatomy lesson on our bellies, how a midline cuts through the external abdominal oblique and deep between the rectus muscles, then up, splitting the internal obliques as well. And how once the umbilicus knot - our belly buttons - was split, our transverse abdominals would tighten and pull our belly open. He showed us pictures of other girls he had done, of their open bellies and their intestines plumped up out of them. He told us he would play with our insides and make us feel things not possible unless our bellies were opened up. And I wanted that so bad - to feel that, to feel what Laura felt.

So now as he massages my belly with his fingertips, I can feel all those muscles and when he presses deep I can feel it compressing and moving my insides.

I am so aroused as his cock slides in and out of me I feel feverish and delirious - just riding the edge of orgasm. And with the building of sexual tension is my growing fear - it's like a live thing growing inside me, it's getting bigger and bigger. It's hot and cold all at the same time and when he presses his thumb down firmly in the soft spot just above my mound, I feel the sweetest cramping ever and suddenly I am cumming.

It's my best orgasm ever. I hear myself straining and grunting as my back curls, lifting my shoulders and head off the bench, my chin tucked against my chest. I feel my body quivering and shaking, my sex clenched tight, my face burning hot, and my nipples tingling. I feel and hear myself fart - oh my goodness, I'm losing control.

My orgasm is so strong I almost pass out, and when it releases me I flop down, my sweaty back slapping against the bench and the back of my head slamming onto the bench so hard I see stars. And through it all my fear remains like a throbbing knot in my stomach.

The Captain is easing his cock in and out of me - slower now - and he is stroking my thighs as I come back to my senses. I become aware that Chelsea, Melissa, and Courtney are close around me, kneeling on the floor, touching me and talking to me in low sensual voices. For the first few seconds I can't understand them, but as I catch my breath I understand their words.

"Oh Shea ... feel good?" Melissa asks.

"Did you cum?" Courtney whispers in my ear.

"... mm-hmm ..." is all I can manage.

"Was this your first time?" Melissa asks, her fingers stroking my still erect nipples.

"... yeah ..." I gasp, feeling my arousal rising again and with it the fear.

"Are you ready for your Laura?" the Captain asks, kissing my kneecap.

I look up at the Captain's kind face, meeting his eyes.

"I'm ready." I say, and after I say it I feel a wild rush of electric tingles up and down my back and in the pit of my stomach. My abdominal muscles clench on their own and my crotch feels liquid and weak - my hip joints feeling disconnected. I realize this is pure terror I'm feeling; I'm about to have my belly cut open; I'm about to die.

With his cock still inside me, the Captain hands the popper to Courtney who presses it against my upper lip. I sniff deep as I watch the Captain lift his knife that suddenly looks so long and so sharp. It's too big for me - I'm a small girl with a small belly - but there it is, shiny and gleaming menace. The warm rush from the popper floods my body and I feel my sex and abdominal muscles relax, but the fear remains. He presses the tip of the knife against my lower belly, right on the place he calls "the sweet spot" - the soft part just above my firm mound. He applies pressure gradually and I feel my flesh dimple deep, then comes the little 'pop' as my skin tension releases followed by the bruising pain as it penetrates my muscles. And suddenly the dimple lifts and my belly swallows the end of the blade.

The Captain changes the angle so it slides into me upward, missing my bladder and sex, then lifts it upright and pushes down, sliding it deep into my belly. This is exactly what the coroner said happened to Laura.

"... nnghhhhh ..." I strain and groan as the steel penetrates me. My belly clenches again, but this time it's like I'm pushing outward. I feel my sex loosen again and hear myself fart. I feel the finger of one of the girls find my anus and it slides in easily so I know it's as open and loose as my sex. The finger starts moving in and out and it feels so good and the sensation of hard steel sliding into my belly is taking me to the edge of my sanity; It's in me! It's in my belly ... I have sharp steel inside my belly! My fear and arousal are out of control, it feels like the combined physical sensations of both are swelling inside me.

Once the hilt is pressed tight against my abdomen, the Captain holds it there, letting me get used to it. I can feel the length of the blade inside my belly and it's everything I imagined it would be. There's pain on the surface - in my skin and muscles - but deep inside it feels perverse and wonderful. An invasion of my gut, like being fucked again for the first time. A deadly fuck this time.

I feel such a powerful pulsing of sexual energy in my pelvis that I arch my back and push my belly upward against the knife, making it plump and big, welcoming but terrified of what is coming next. I sniff the popper deep just before the blade starts moving inside me.

The Captain's hand is steady as he moves the blade in and out of me. The knife is cutting so smoothly that the pain is absorbed into the amazing sexual feeling of my belly being opened. I squirm and writhe on the bench arching my neck and clenching my teeth so hard I hear them grinding. Every sliding cut of the knife sends wild sharp sensations through my core, adding to my arousal so strong that I feel like a wild animal.

Over the sound of spittle hissing between my grinding teeth I also hear the desperate sexual sounds I am making deep in my throat. I realize I am thrashing around because I suddenly feel hands gripping my upper arms, pinning me down. But that only adds to this experience; I need to be held down; I need to be controlled because I'm feeling so out of control, and I need to feel strong hands on me.

I feel my belly button split and I scream gutturally as my lower belly releases and opens wide and I feel my insides being pushed up out of me. And while he's still cutting up my soft upper belly, I feel the Captain's other hand slide inside me and his fingers are snaking downward. I feel my bladder throb as the pressure there increases and I let my piss stream from me to splash my inner thighs and his crotch. Then I feel his fingers sliding around my cunt, still stuffed with his cock.

I grunt hard as he squeezes and I am cumming.

Cumming hard.

Cumming like I've never cum before. An orgasm blended with pure terror that rumbles violently inside me like a thunder storm on a hot summer night, rolling on and on without end - flaring, crashing, shaking me to my core. And during its crescendo I feel the cut stop just short of my sternum and hear the knife clatter against the edge of the bench and thump to the dirt floor as the Captain drops it. Then his second hand is inside me, sliding swiftly upward. He finds my beer bloated stomach and caresses it and I feel the spasm right up my throat. Then he grips and squeezes, foam and liquid erupting up my gullet to spew from my mouth and that feels like my entire body is ejaculating like a boy's cock does in his moment of intense bliss. In those brief seconds I am a pure sexual animal, puking out my ecstasy and my terror in one long gush.

That sweet, intense eruption is the peak of my orgasm and I blissfully ride it down the other side.

"... oh my gawd ..." I hear Courtney gasp in awe near my right ear, "... I wanna go next ... oh gawd, I wanna go next ..."

I feel a warm rush of gratitude that I helped Courtney work herself to the point of craving this amazing experience. I now know what Laura felt - what all the girls before me felt, and why we came here. Deep down inside we knew what this was, what it would feel like. Deep down inside we all were afraid, but we all wanted to die and the news of Legend House and Laura in particular formed the idea in our minds that this was the best way to go out - not shivering and weak all alone, but in an intense orgy of death, being with each other, witnessing each other, and helping each other. Allowing our sexuality and our fear envelope us like a cocoon and releasing everything timid and restrained that lay inside us.

Nine girls died so far at the Captain's hand and one by my own hands today. Three more will follow, and my only regret is not being around to watch Melissa, Chelsea, and Courtney take their turns.

I find myself quivering on the bench, the Captain stroking my thighs. Courtney and Melissa are massaging my arms now instead of gripping them, and I feel Chelsea slide her finger out of my anus. I lift my head and look down at the ruin of my belly - my insides are exposed, some plumped up and out of me. A thin ragged line of yellow fat runs down each side of the cut. My body feels loose and disconnected, my muscles no longer working the way I am used to.

At some point while I convulsed in violent orgasmic bliss I squeezed the Captain's cock out of me, because now he us kneeling beside me, stroking my forehead.

"Do you want me to end it, sweet Shea?" he asks softly, his fingers sliding around my throat.

"... no ..." my voice is a weak whimper, "... put me on the pile ..."

I have to catch my breath, even speaking these few words has exhausted me.

"...with the others ... so ... I can watch ..." I finish in a whisper.

Then I am being scooped up in strong arms, carried, and lowered. My bum comes to rest on the cool dirt floor, my back against a soft body, my head cradled on firm breasts that are sticky with blood. As he lets go of me, I roll onto my side, facing the bench. The Captain lifts my leg and bends my knee so I don't roll onto my stomach. My hip and ribcage are now resting in the dirt but my head is still on someone's breast. I crane my neck - it is Rosemary.

Then I gasp as I feel my insides slump and slide out of me to puddle in front of my opened belly in the dirt. They are squirming like fat worms as though my body knows it is dying and they are desperate to extend life. I lay the palm of my left hand on them - they are warm and like silk, little ripples traveling down their length. Peristalsis - that's the word.

The room is spinning, so I close my eyes and when I open them again, Courtney is on the bench, held by Melissa in a full nelson like Faith was, with Chelsea between her open thighs, and the Captain is sawing deep into her lower belly. Courtney is straining, making a little growling sound as her face flushes a deep red.

At first I think that Chelsea is fingering her, but soon I realize I can't see Chelsea's fingers - her entire hand is inside Courtney. I've seen fisting on daddy's computer, but I didn't think it was possible with younger girls like us.

Then I notice the Captain isn't cutting her the same way either; instead he is making two cuts from the top of her hipbones toward her mound. I hear his soft deep voice but the only words I can make out are " ... broad ligaments."

When he finishes the second cut, I hear him tell Chelsea; "Pull out, fast." and when Chelsea pulls her fist out of Courtney's body making a loud wet sound, she strains harder and grunts. I watch as Courtney's cunt is pushed out of her, a fat pink sock protruding from her crotch. Chelsea giggles as she grips it and milks it like she was masturbating a boy's cock, and Courtney is cumming hard.

This is madness.

My body is becoming numb and I feel so sleepy. My eyelids droop and close.

When I flutter them open, I become aware that Courtney's limp corpse is laying across my hip. I look up at the bench and it is Melissa's turn. Chelsea is holding Melissa's arms up over her head, and her belly is already open and the Captain is playing with her insides. She is growling as she cums.

My vision tunnels and I sink into darkness.

My arms and legs are so numb. I can barely open my eyes, and when I manage to it takes a while to focus on the blurred shapes. Melissa is still on the bench. She is dead, her head turned toward me, her sightless eyes still open, saliva dripping form her slack lips.

The Captain has Chelsea pressed tight against the wall, her arms stretched up over her head, both wrists held in his grip. Her expression is one of pain and ecstasy and her eyes are closed. Her lower belly is a red mess and blood and piss are running down her quivering thighs. The Captain's crotch is pressed against her and he is fucking her - but his cock isn't in her cunt, it's in her wound. He's fucking her belly as he thrusts the knife into her side over and over.

As I watch, Chelsea vomits blood onto his shoulder and when her spasm passes, her eyes open and she meets my gaze. I blink to let her know I'm still alive and a small smile flickering across her lips, erased when the knife plunges in again just below her ribs. I see the Captain thrust up into her violently and he groans as his legs shake - he is cumming inside her belly.

It occurs to me that this insanity has become normal for me. For all of us. But we did it; a baker's dozen. The Captain set his record, and except for Carly who did a Jackie, we all did a Laura like we wanted.

The Captain staggers back from Chelsea, letting her crumple to the floor, landing hard on her bum, her thighs flopping open wide. She is moaning like someone who just lost their soul.

The thought of what he will do with all our bodies flits across my mind before I close my eyes one last time.

All my fear is gone.