Girl Undead

by Erotickynk

Vampyres can’t stop. I know that now.

Once they start to feed it becomes an overwhelming obsession - the need for blood becomes undeniable and the feeling of draining the blood from another, feeling it bloat their belly is ecstasy.

I met J.C. at a corporate tax seminar - and yes, it was as boring as it sounds. I spent most of my time trying to stay awake, which made following the presenter difficult.

I hated my job. I left high school and went straight into corporate finance at the urging of my father and because like so many, I looked to Donald Trump as a role model. That was back before we knew what a douchebag he was.

I met J.C. during one of our breaks on the second day and even though she was shorter than me, she impressed me with her personal power. She was a CFO of a Wall Street company. We ended up having lunch in the hotel bistro, then dinner and drinks that evening. I admit I was a little tipsy by the time we called it a night, but that wasn’t why I let her do what she did to me. I did it because I hated my life and everything in it.

My fiancée was boring, our apartment was boring, our routine was boring. My whole life was boring. I told J.C. about it after my third martini and she told me she understood; she too was tired of her position as CFO and was looking to make a change. She said she’d been in the same place a long time ago and decided to do something about it, and though she was afraid, she has never regretted it.

“What did you do?” I asked, starting on my forth martini. J.C. studied me for a minute over the rim of her glass before she spoke.

“It’s pretty radical.” she answered with a smile, “I don’t think it would be good for you.”

“I can be the judge of that.” I said, putting on my assertive face, which made J.C. laugh.

“The thing is,” she said mysteriously, leaning forward and lowering her voice, “Once you do it ... once you take that road, there’s no going back.”

“Okay.” I studied her eyes and shrugged, waiting for the punchline.

“I mean it, Emily.” J.C. said in all seriousness, “If you do this you leave your life behind and start a new one. No going home, no going back to your job, and no going back to your fiancée or family.”

She pointed at the table and tapped it with one finger three times to punctuate her next three words;

“... a ...”

“... new ...”

“... life ...”

“I’m sold, what is it?” I asked, “What did you do?”

“Two hundred and twelve years ago I died and was resurrected as a vampire.” she said matter-of-factly.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No.” she said and for the first time gave me an open mouthed smile.

She had fangs. Not the pleasant slightly longer canines like in that Twilight shit, these were long and sharp - like twice as long as regular teeth and they tapered down to a tip sharp as a fish bone.

“Fuck.” was all I could whisper.

“Yes. Fuck.” J.C. said, closing her mouth.

“And you ... ?”

“Bite people and suck the blood out of their body.”

“And they die?”

“Of course. Unless I turn them.”


“By opening one of my veins and bleeding into their mouths. Feeding them.”

“And - boom - they’re a vampyre?”

“No. It’s a process.” she said, finishing her drink and waving the waiter over for another round, “That part is unpleasant.”

“Like getting the blood sucked out of your body isn’t?”

“No, it’s not, really. It feels strange and scary, but also sensual and sexual. You die slowly and in the end you don’t care you’re dying.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Yes. The bites do, but bleeding out is euphoric, especially the feeling of having it sucked out. It can be overwhelming in a good way.”

J.C. giggled and looked up at me; “Men always cum.” she stage-whispered.

“And women?”

“Yeah, women too. But for them it isn’t that sudden, desperate climax like a man, it’s more of a slow rolling orgasm that lasts a long time. Men whimper, then clench, then gush and it’s over.”

“So ...” I was having trouble wrapping my head around this and the waiter coming with our drinks let me think a bit. After he left I resumed our conversation.

“If you’re a vampyre, how come you can walk around in daylight?” I asked her.

“Because all that mythology is bullshit. Our eyes are sensitive to light, that’s all.”



“Stake through the heart?”


“So you’re immortal?”

“Yes, until someone murders me.”

“How would they do that is stakes don’t work?”

“Cut off my head. Crush it. That’s what happened to Sadie, the woman who turned me. They caught us in London and I got away. She didn’t.” J.C. lowered her eyes as she said this - I think she was fighting back tears.

“Geez.” I said, not knowing what else to say.

We sipped our drinks.

“When do you ... feed?” I asked.

“When I’m hungry.” J.C. looked up, recovering from the memory of Sadie.

“Are you hungry now?”

“Very.” she said as she gave me a sensual look, and I swear her eyes glowed for a few seconds.

“Five litres of blood. Can you hold that much?”

J.C. nodded, “Yeah. It bloats my belly for a few days, but I can do it.”

“You said being converted after death isn’t pleasant.”

“No.” J.C. shook her head as though it brought back unpleasant memories, “You don’t have to worry about that.”

“What if I want it?”

J.C. turned those piercing eyes on me again, “Do you?”

I shrugged, “A new life would be good. Do you hang out with other vampyres?”

J.C. laughed, “Yes, sometimes we meet up. We find people are boring, and more boring the longer you live.”

“I think they’re boring now.” I said and finished my martini, “So, do I have to invite you into my room?”

“You mean; is the myth true that we have to be invited?”

I nodded.

“No, but’s it’s just polite to wait for an invitation.”

“I want you to come to my room.” I said. She smiled and took my hand.

J.C.’s hand was cool in mine as we walked to the elevator and rose up to my floor. She maintained skin-to-skin contact all the way; holding my hand, resting her hand on my neck; stroking my cheek. I led her into my hotel room and she turned me to face her, planting brief kisses on my cheek and lips. Her lips, like her hand was cool against mine - room temperature and no more. When we kissed I got a faint whiff of rotting flesh from her breath, and that - more than her fangs even - convinced me she was the undead.

“You can change your mind.” she whispered, “I can go find someone else.”

“Someone else willing?” I asked.

“Willing. Unwilling. I don’t care really.”

“You’re hungry.”

“Yes. But we never turn the unwilling.” she said softly, “You have to be sure. You can never go back.”

“Can I tell you a secret?”

“Of course.”

“Before I met you, all I could think about was killing myself. Last night in this room I checked to see if the windows opened. They don’t.” I confessed, “I hate my life.”

“You think this is better?” she said, opening her mouth to show me her fangs again.

“Yes." I shuddered, "So much better. I could do what I want, experience things I’ve been afraid to. Not live by the fucking rules.”

J.C. roughly untucked my blouse from my skirt and ripped it open. She moved around behind me and undid my bra and peeled my skirt and panties off me and I kicked off my shoes. She pulled me against her, moving my hair, kissed, then nibbled playfully at my bare throat.

“Tell me you want it.” she hissed in my ear.

“I do. I want it.” I was trembling, knowing I was on the edge of something so large that my entire life thus far was nothing in comparison, “Please.” I whispered, my voice quavering.

I felt her dry, soft lips close on my throat then she bit. Her long fangs sunk slowly into me - it hurt, but it made me quiver knowing what it meant. I felt the little pop as her fangs punctured my carotid artery. J.C. growled and started to suck and swallow and oh-my-god it felt so strange and so intimate and so sexual.

I began to shake as tingling shiver-bumps washed up and down my body and face. The feelings grew more and more intense as she sucked and drank the blood destined for my brain. Some got through because I remained conscious, but a strong feeling of helplessness grew rapidly. My legs started feeling rubbery and weak, I felt my cunt loosen and start to leak, my asshole opened too - but thankfully that didn’t leak.

What was building inside me wasn’t an orgasm, it was more than that - I suppose it was the ecstasy we feel as we die.

J.C.’s sucking and swallowing grew more animal and she continued to growl as she feasted on my blood. Her grip on my body grew tighter and I felt trapped, panic building inside me. She reset her lips a number of times, my throat growing slippery from the blood. I felt my heart flutter at times as her sucking grew more powerful than its ability to pump my blood.

The fluttering made me feel weaker and I was convinced death was rushing up on me. Doubts filled my mind; What if it was all a lie? What if she was just a sick individual with fang implants? What if she lied about turning me? What if she would just feed and leave my bloodless corpse in this hotel room?


Pure Panic.

“... no ... please ...” I whimpered in my panic, “... stop ...”

J.C. growled and sucked harder, gripped me harder.

“... NO ...” I cried out as she released me from her fangs, turned me and pushed me down hard on the bed and pushed opened my legs in one violent move.

Moving between my open thighs, she pushed them wider apart and her open, fanged mouth descended on my crotch. I felt her lips close over my entire mound and her fangs penetrated me deep, puncturing my uterine artery. She began to suck hard once more and I could feel the blood rushing through my lower belly.

This had a powerful sexual feeling to it, as she sucked out my blood, she was also sucking on my cunt. I know why she did it; it was overwhelming this way.


So amazingly orgasmic.

My toes curled and my belly undulated as she sucked the blood from my core. I could feel it rushing out of me, my body being drained so quickly. I was cumming just like she said women experienced - a rolling orgasm that just built and built in intensity.

It was happening so fast and I was so overwhelmed by the feelings making my body squirm and writhe. It was too much.

“... stop, please ...” I gasped, the feelings foreign and frightening. But it would be my last protest. I wanted her to stop, not because I feared death, but because these feelings were too powerful. But she wasn’t going to stop. By the sounds of her wet growls I doubted she could. J.C. had turned into an animal; overwhelmed herself by her blood lust; reduced to a mindless need to feed on my blood ... to empty me ... to finish me.

It was going to happen. J.C. was going to suck my body dry of blood and there was nothing I could do to stop it. But did I really want to stop it? I was scared, but what was I really afraid of? Dying? Hypocrite; I was considering stepping off the ledge outside my fifth floor hotel room last night and if I could have opened the window I probably would have.

So what was I afraid of? It was the changes I was feeling in my body I realized. Foreign feelings; I was feeling increasingly weak and shaky; I was growing cold as my hot blood was drained from me; the tingling that started on my skin as shiver-bumps was now deeper, racing up and down my core; I was lost in the sexual feelings of J.C.’s mouth sucking my mound and her teeth so deep in my sexual organs.

But if I knew I would live I would be relishing these sensations as an intense sexual experience. But I could survive - if J.C. kept her promise to turn me, and if she lied, in a few seconds I wouldn’t know it. I’d just be dead - no longer aware - no longer frightened - no longer anything.

I surrendered.

I let all the feelings in and realized this was an ecstasy that few ever experienced. I felt my cunt gaping loose and realized that J.C. was not only sucking out my blood, but the clear, runny mucus that leaked as I came and came and came. The tingles that were running up and down my core were overstimulating my cunt and clit and causing my stomach to roll and heave, making me retch and gag - and that felt good too, so good. My body was fighting for its continued existence, overreacting to this foreign stimulus and I was drowning in it.

I wanted to tell J.C. that I was hers - to reaffirm my gift of my body and blood and life, but I was struggling to breathe, gagging, heaving. I writhed and twisted on the bed, no longer trying to get away, but just in sheer physical joy.

The room was growing darker and I knew it was me dying. I felt J.C. reset her lips and suck harder and I felt everything let go, crying out as J.C. sucked the piss out of my bladder, sliding three fingers into my now loose rectum and pumping me hard and deep. She was doing this for me - giving me a brutal frenzy of orgasmic experience ... my last before I died.

Oh-god, I was still cumming as my body started to go numb by degrees, my heart fluttering, my lungs feeling empty and cold. I released my grip on life, feeling it slip from me so sweetly. J.C.’s purr was the last thing I heard.

J.C. was right about the process of turning - it takes a long time and it is horrible.

I awoke in the bathtub, resurfacing from dark water, sucking blood from J.C.’s wrist. She must have carried me there because she knew what was about to happen. I was weak, but frantic - hungry - as I sucked at her wrist like a newborn kitten at the tit.

“Easy-easy.” J.C. whispered as she withdrew her wrist.

My body was shedding the numbness I felt at the end, and with it came the pain. My mouth ached as my canines grew, pushing aside other teeth. I felt one pop loose, then another, spitting them into the empty tub. My stomach and bowels were cramping and the pain increased as I regained a semblance of life. Instinctively I knew it was the digesting food inside me that was now foreign and poisonous to me. I had begun the process of turning.

J.C. stayed with me, her pale breasts hanging down over her plump round belly still full of my blood. She pressed hand towels against my mouth when I screamed, and changed them out as I puked up everything in my stomach. I shuddered as I expelled runny shit that felt like lava burning through my rectum.

My experience became one of physical agony that drained my weakened body even more. But when it was over, J.C. bathed me; soothed me; loved me; laid me naked on the bed and held me until I slept.

I awoke to J.C. smiling down at me, kneeling on the bed. She was dressed, her form-fitting dress tight across her bloated belly.

“I’ve brought someone for you.” she said softly, as another body moved on the bed and a teen girl wearing dark eye make-up lay down naked beside me.

“Take me.” the girl whispered as she encircled my weak, pale body in her arms. J.C. guided my mouth to her throat by holding my head in her cool, dry hands.

I bit.

I drank.

I felt the animal nature overwhelm me and I became savage in my actions. I felt my strength grow beyond anything I’d ever felt. This too was ecstasy, draining the life out of the girl, who choked and whimpered and fought uselessly as I drained her body. J.C. knelt between the girl’s thighs and finger-fucked her to give her a better death, and together we did; she writhed and orgasmed over and over until she was drained and dead.

When it was over, J.C. and I fucked on the bed beside the girl’s corpse. My face smeared with blood, my belly round and bloated, my cunt hungry for J.C.’s fingers and hand and her’s for mine. New passions burned inside me. I had learned that vampyres can’t stop, nor do we want to.

J.C. and I have been together for eighty-seven years now, we both look exactly the way we did in that hotel room so long ago. My existence - I won’t use the word ‘life’ - is wonderful. We travel the world, staying in locales for years to drink in the atmosphere ... and the blood. J.C. took me back to Bruges where she was born over three hundred years ago and took me to the dark alley where Sadie turned her. We fucked there and were discovered by a policeman who we shared. The discovery of his bloodless body was the reason we decided it was time to leave.

Tomorrow we fly to Cape Town. To more adventures, more blood. We both wear yoga pants and loose tops over our bloated bellies. J.C. teases me by jiggling my belly to hear the thick sloshing. I love her, and hope she loves me - if she is still capable after three centuries. But even if she can’t, she is a good companion and takes care of me as though she does.

I look back on my former life as a bad childhood dream banished by this new existence. I’ve even gotten used to the faint smell of rot and death that surrounds us, oozing from our lifeless bodies, exhaled from within.