Alien Feeder Ė Ninerís Record

by Erotickynk

(Last year, we released the recording of the final thoughts, emotions, and intense physical sensations experienced by the subject known as Six in the Slyth processing plant on DalSirus 5. Since that time it has become the single most downloaded sensory recording in history.

One of our agents was also able to smuggle out a sample of the "medicine" the Slyth inject into the girls at the DalSirius 5 plant. Chemical analysis revealed that the substance is a mixture of bioengineered viruses along with synthetic self-replicating endorphins and oxytocin. The viruses are aggressive and attaches to both to the pleasure and pain sensors in the brain, rapidly creating neural axion connections between the two, routing painful and pleasurable sensations to the pleasure centres. The synthetic self-replicating endorphins and oxytocin, when first injected are dormant and await activation by the viruses. Both are triggered for activation when the subject experiences pain - the higher the level of pain, the more endorphins and oxytocin are activated, plunging the subject into a state of sexual euphoria and triggering strong feelings of love for the person (or Slyth) who she is in contact with. The greater the pain the subject experiences, the more intense the feelings of orgasmic pleasure and love for the tormentor become.

Though we abhor the entire Slyth breeding and harvesting system, we do acknowledge that the subjects only feel intense pleasure and love while being slaughtered, or - in Ninerís case - consumed.

In order to raise funds to further our cause to end this inhuman abuse, we have managed to retrieve the partial recording of Sixís friend Niner. Thank you for your donation to our cause through buying your access code for this recording. For best results, we suggest using a SensiDeck I0 Storm, running OSS 42.7.6 or higher.

Please note that part of the recording was lost because Niner was able free herself from her cradle and was later captured by the human jailors the Slyth employ in the "nurseries". It appears that once she was captured, her human escorts inserted an implant at the base of her skull to access her experience. The recording begins once she is captured and runs through the point of her death.

It should be noted that at the end of the recording, we detected a brief feedback memory that our technicians were able to filter and enhance for inclusion in the recording. Whether this section of the recording was an actual feedback memory of events that occurred after Ninerís death that ended up on the recording through an unknown phenomenon, or if it was a hallucination at the point of her death is unknown. A panel of neurobiologist researchers could not arrive at a conclusion, so that part of the memory is included for the public to make their own decision.

We hope to smuggle further recordings from the Slyth library on DalSirius 5 and offer them to our generous donors.)

RECORDING PLAYBACK BEGINS: Ö fucking hurts! Whatever that human bitch just stabbed into the back of my head hurts like hell and is making the inside of my skull buzz.

They caught me. It was so noisy in there I didnít hear them coming. And now they are half dragging me through the machines toward the back wall. Two human bitches holding my arms out to my sides, one hand on my wrist and one on my upper arm. Theyíre big and strong and Iím little, so even though I fight them it doesnít slow them down. I donít know where theyíre taking me or what will happen to me once we get there, but at least I didnít go through the slaughter machines like the thousands of other girls.

I figured out the cradles as I stood in line with the other girls and I watched how the clamps worked, so when it was my turn I had a plan. I got distracted at the last second because I heard Six calling me, but there was so many girls there I couldnít find her in the crowd. But I still was able to position my hands and my feet so the clamps didnít come down on my wrists and ankles, so as soon as I went under the water I started pulling my hands out. Once they were free I wiggled my head out from under the head clamp, but the tube got me up my bum before I could sit up.

It was so hard to sit up with water gushing up inside my belly, but I had to so I could avoid the other one coming down for my mouth. I knew that if I let the machines start on me Iíd be lost in the pleasure and pain and submit to it like all the other girls. So even though my belly was bloating and getting tighter, I managed to pull my feet free. As soon as the tube pulled out of my bowels, I rolled over the side of the cradle and fell onto the concrete floor. I lay there shivering and shitting out the water inside me, and all the time I was afraid that they would know I got loose and put me back in a cradle. But my empty cradle moved on without me and no one came, so I was able to recover enough to be able to get up on shaky legs and look around

Machines were moving all around me, and girls were passing me, their bellies bloated, gagging and puking, quivering and moaning. I knew I had to get moving and I couldnít go back through the water curtain, so I carefully made my way through the machines, and oh sisters, what I saw was horror.

Itís still horror as the bitches haul me between the working machines. We pass girls having their insides pulled out, their intestines being sucked up out of their open bellies, girls moaning and grunting and some screaming. But the bitch humans donít seem to care Ė they donít even look at the girls. But I do. This could have been me.

When I was finally able to walk after I let out all the water, I watched as the girls emptied the water out of their bowels and stomachs and were carried to the saw machine. It was like a robot arm that held a spinning saw that cut them fast from sternum to crotch and then across from hip to hip. I stood and watched, mesmerized by the machines opening so many pale bellies so swiftly. Some of the girls grunted, some screamed, and a lot of them Ė I swear Ė had orgasms. At first I thought all the girls were pushing their bellies up for the saws, but then I realized that there was something in the cradle that lifted and arched their backs. But as I watched, some of the girls did push upward against the saws as they started to be cut Ė they welcomed the spinning razor saws into their bellies.

As I stood and watched, most squeezed their eyes shut as the saws burned through their bellies, but the fifth one saw me, and as the saw hissed down her belly she looked into my eyes and I could see that special lost expression on her face that told me she was having an orgasm. And even though her eyes had a sad, hopeless look, when the arm lifted and turned the saw to cut across, she pushed her belly out further to welcome the cut with a wet grunt. Even with the sound of the machines around me and the girlsí screaming down the line, I heard her quavering groan; "Ö more Ö"

It was the injection they gave us. The one that makes pain feel good, but itís way stronger than the medicine they give us every day.

As I watched her, I thought of Six Ė I wondered how she was taking this Ö is she having orgasms? Ö is she moaning or screaming? I wished I could be with her, to help her feel good. I also wondered how I would have taken it had I stayed in the cradle.

The very real thought that I could be caught and sent back through in another cradle slowly sunk in. I escaped my cradle on impulse, but really I had nowhere to go. All Iíve ever known was the nursery and now this place. What lay outside the walls was a mystery to me. I ran, but I didnít know where I was running to.

They caught me still squatting and watching the girls having their abdomens opened, each girlís pale belly tight and smooth, their waists slimmer than their hips, only to be opened in two brutally fast cuts, their waists spreading as their bellies opened like flesh flowers. The cuts came so quickly there wasnít much blood, but as they opened I could see the thin layer of yellow fat on the edges of their cuts, and the coils of intestines inside plumping up as they moved down the line.

I had started to watch their nipples as the saw worked them over. Almost all of the girlsí nipples puckered and grew proud as they were cut. I even played with some girlsí nipples as they were opened up and I hope I made them feel even better than the medicine they gave us.

I realized as I squatted beside the line playing with girls who were being killed, that I was far too calm. I felt relaxed and was growing aroused myself. It was the medicine. It was making me careless, and just as I started to rise to keep moving, I felt the hand slap down on my shoulder and I was caught.

As they pull me through the machines I keep looking down at the girls in their cradles. The thing under their backs is pushing up even more, stretching them out for a scary looking machine that reaches inside them.

Some girls at this point are either already dead or have lost consciousness, but others appeared to experience overwhelming orgasmic bliss at the final assault on their bodies. The machines reach into them and pull their stomach out and as they quiver and gag, the next machine reaches in and pulls out their lungs and hearts.

As the humans keep me moving I see that the girls are being decapitated before their bodies are lifting from the cradles. The heads of a few of the girls remained alive for a few seconds because I can see their eyes watching their bodies being hoisted by the ankles up to a line above us. I wonder if it scares or fascinates them

The Slyth are evil and I hate them - weíre just girls and we didnít ask for this. Most of the girls never learned that we were born and raised to be meat for the Slyth. Six and I did, but Six didnít seem to care about it. I envy her for that.

We at last come to a metal hatch that one of the human bitches opens. Itís so small that they have to duck to get through as they step over a high threshold. Inside, one human closes the hatch behind us then they half carry me down a long corridor. We stop and one of them opens a little metal box and pushes a button. I hear grunts and clicks come out of the little box. The human speaks back, the grunting, clicking language awkward coming from her mouth. The box squawks again and she nods.

I catch the look the two human bitches give each other. Itís a sad look, and the one still holding me grimaces.

"Do we have to watch?" she asks the other.

"Donít know." says the other as she closes the box.

They lead me down the corridor then up metal stairs. They are more gentle now, moving slower - like they arenít in any hurry to get where weíre going.

"Whatís going to happen to me?" I ask the one who is gripping my left upper arm. She hesitates before she answers.

"The Slyth arenít cruel." she tells me, "They do care about you girls."

"Is that why they butcher us?" I ask, hearing the bitterness in my voice, "My friend Six is out there right now in one of their cradles, being cut open and butchered."

"I know, sweetheart." the human says softly, "But they give you girls the medicine that makes all pain feel good."

Itís like sheís trying to convince herself.

We climb two sets of stairs then down another corridor and at last to regular door.

As the door opens, the first thing that hits me is the smell. The Slyth have a strong smell, itís like nothing else Iíve ever smelled. Their smell is a little like how our crotches smell in the morning if we played late into the night Ė like stale arousal, piss, and sweat, and a sort of wet unwholesome smell under it all. The room is dim, but I can see a group of Slyth inside, lounging in chairs against the far wall. As we step inside it is uncomfortably warm and humid in here, and looking around I see the room is a repair shop of some kind with metal parts and bins neatly stacked against one wall in front of work benches. This is no doubt where they repair the machines that are cutting my sisters apart on the other side of the wall.

I can still hear muffled screams and moans through the wall.

The Slyth are talking amongst themselves - that wet clicking and grunting sound that passes for a language. I hear them occasionally make a rapid click-click-click sound as their immense bodies shudder and their armoured plates clatter against one another, and I believe thatís their form of laughing.

The Slyth arenít like us. Theyíre red and wear their skeletons on the outside like hard armour. Their mouths are filled with fangs and gristly sharp tentacles that they can move around like fingers, and their eyes are dark and expressionless, making them look evil and heartless.

One of the Slyth motions to a bench in the centre of the room.

"He wants me on the bench." I say out loud.

"Thatís right, honey." says the human on my left.

"Think again, bitch." I say, glaring at her.

"Donít make this hard Ö harder than it has to be." she says and I see that her eyes are shiny like sheís about to cry, "Please?"

I see movement out of the corner of my eye and turn to see one of the Slyth opening a steel clad window. The sounds of the machines intrude into the room, and along with them the screams, and wet, guttural grunts of the girls clamped in their cradles. Another Slyth has picked up a tablet and it tapping at it with his claws. He stops and stares at it and says something.

"You can kill me, but I wonít cooperate." I hiss between my teeth at the human.

But she only smiles sadly, and grips my arm tighter as the other one lets go and walks to a bench. She comes back with a fat syringe with a long needle. She pushes the syringe needle into my left side, between my lower ribs.

I grit my teeth and groan, but because of the medicine they gave me before it feels good even though she pushes it really deep.

"Ö oh sister Ö" I gasp as she plunges the syringe, pushing a thick yellow fluid into my body.

"That went right into your spleen." the one holding me says, "It will start flooding your blood stream in a few seconds."

"What is it?" I ask, already starting to feel dizzy and sexually aroused.

"More of the medicine." she smiles as she eases her grip, "Itís a lethal dose, sweetheart. Even without the pain, it will slowly kill you."

I realize that she let me go because she knows I am suddenly feeling shaky and weak. I couldnít run if I tried. My legs start to give out and the human on my left bends me forward, coming around in front of me and supporting me, while the other slips behind me.

I hear the whistle of air and feel a hand slap hard on my bum. I shudder and automatically press my bum back and Iím rewarded with another sharp spank.

"Ö how Ö how did you know?" I gasp, feeling the tingling rush across my chest and up my belly from my crotch.

"The Slyth know everything about you." the first one answers and taps the thing they stuck in the back of my head, "They can sense all your cravings and feelings through this."

Iím so dizzy, and Iím starting to feel sick to my stomach. I hear one of the Slyth say something.

"He says that your discomfort will grow until you experience pain." she translates, "Youíll be dry heaving in a few minutes."

"Ö Iím not doing it Ö" I say and try to walk toward the door - away from the humans, away from the Slyth, and away from the sounds coming in through the window - but the floor tilts sickeningly under my unsteady feet and I stumble, grabbing the edge of a workbench. As I stand gripping the bench watching the room slowly tilting around me, the second human lays her hand on my back.

"Just go with it, Niner." she whispers, "Itís better than the slow death the medicine will give you."

"Ö How do you know my name?" I gasp, feeling like Iím going to throw up.

"The maintenance manager told us. He looked you up on the computer system." she explains.

"Ö Iím scared Ö" I sob, tears welling in my eyes, blurring the room. Iím feeling trapped and alone.

"Oh honey, I know. All the girls who come here are scared." she says softly, rubbing my back, "But once they start the fear will fade. The feelings will grow and youíll become lost in it. The fear will fade, the sickness will fade. It will be you and the amazing sensations in your body."

"Ö but Ö Iíll die Ö" I whimper, hating the weakness in my voice.

"We all die, Niner." she says kindly, "Even us humans will one day die and I hope the Slyth will give me the chance theyíre giving you. You see, you have the chance to do it without being strapped down, not like the girls out there who are having it done to them."

I blink away the tears and turn my head, looking up into her eyes.

"Itís like making love." she smiles, "The Slyth can read what youíre feeling, and theyíll take their time. And in the end Ö well, youíll want it to happen to you." she leans forward and drops her voice to a whisper that I can barely hear, "Ö youíll experience an ecstasy that only girls who end up in this room experience."

"Iím not the only one?"

She slowly shakes her head and motions toward the bench, "Youíre the third girl so far today."

I look down and see the floorboards under the bench are soaked in blood and littered with wet bits of flesh.

"Ö what Ö. what happens on the bench?" I whisper, feeling my stomach lurch.

She smiles, "Ecstasy."

I stare at the bench and the floor under it as I listen to the sounds coming in through the open window. I hear a girl, louder than the others, crying out, gagging and grunting as she is taken apart. But itís what she cries out with her ragged hoarse voice that moves me Ö

"Ö more! Ö more! Ö please donít stop!"

And I realize that this is our fate. Weíre not people, weíre not human, we are creatures raised to be eaten by the Slyth. Conditioned to love pain; given medicine to make agony feel like ecstasy; made to be willing to walk toward our own brutal slaughter. We are meat.

I reach out with one shaking hand and grip the upper arm of the human to steady myself, and I feel powerless to resist as she leads me toward the bench. As I cross the floor I can feel my feet sticking to the half dried blood soaked into the wood.

The human steadies me with her hands on my hips as I step across and straddle the bench, my shaking hands finding the edges and taking hold. My stomach rolls inside me and I lower my head to heave and retch. The medicine overdose is starting to kill me, but my stomach is empty and all I bring up is foamy spit and bile.

I swallow and lift my head to gaze at the Slyth, slumped like pampered giant bugs, watching me, feeling what I feel. They will feed on my pleasure and pain and then on my flesh.

I lift myself up on my elbows and open my thighs and watch as four Slyth rise and walk toward me. Three start to move around me in a circle while the fourth comes closer. His large fingers are tipped with claws and his two ripping claws are moving hypnotically in front of him as he gets closer.

Iím so scared.

This Slyth is huge. I have seen them before, but never up close, and I never realized how large they are. Six and I would measure how tall we were getting as we grew up in the nursery by hand widths. I am fifteen hands tall, Six is (was?) fourteen. This Slyth has to be at least thirty.

As he gets closer, I can smell him - that wet sexual smell mixed with an unpleasant scent of something ... rotting.

He slowly slides one hand behind me and cradles my head as one of his claws extends and teases my sex. He is so gentle, and the human was right - it feels like making love. Itís like Six and I used to do sometimes - gentle and slow. But when Six and I did that, it started gentle and slow and gradually built to frenzied pain.

I wonder if it will be the same with the Slyth.

I feel pressure as he turns his claw and pulls it up inside me. His claw is warm - almost hot - and it is hard and sharp and it penetrates my sex deep. So deep I feel it up inside me, pressing tight against my inside parts. The first strong wave of pleasure washes through me as he pulls up hard inside my sex, and though the dizziness stays, the sickness fades and my stomach settles down.

I remember on our last sister day, all us girls were taken to a place with white rooms and humans wearing white robes. They made us lay down on special high benches with saddles for our thighs and pushed metal things up inside our sex. "Harvesting your eggs" they told us. All the girls had to have their eggs harvested because thatís how they made new little girls.

I am breathing harder now as the Slyth works his claw inside me, and I have relaxed, laying cradled in his hand as he works me. He starts massaging the back of my neck with his large strong fingers and making a low thrumming sound in his throat while his claw slides in and out of me. I look up into his dark, expressionless eyes and my orgasm hits me hard. I grunt and squeeze my thighs together, trying to trap his claw inside me, as I shudder and shake on the bench.

My orgasm doesnít end, but it fades back so I can gasp for air. And I hear myself whimper as I feel his claw sliding out of me and tracing a line up my belly. I reach down and grip his claw as he presses it against the tender flesh of my lower belly.

I realize that he is going to open my up with his claw like the girls outside are being opened up by their machines.

"Please donít." I sob at him in a weak voice and he answers me with that low thrumming sound that resonates from his boney chest. He gently lays me back on the bench and I sense the other Slyth moving to surround me.

Then, through the open window I hear a long shrill scream and I know itís Sixís voice. I know it is her because Iíd know her voice anywhere. Then after the scream she calls to me Ö

"Ninerrrrrr ...I'm coming apart!"

And I know my love is being butchered and knowing that makes it easier for me.

"Ö okay ...." I whisper to the Slyth who are now gathering around me, holding my body, lifting and opening my thighs wide while the Slyth who played with me kneels between my open thighs and lifts his claw high. I start to cry.

I lay my head back and turn to face away. Iím still scared but Iím ready for what is going to come next. I close my eyes because Iím not ready to watch myself be ripped open. I reach down and feel his claw, sliding my hand down the centre section as he extends it and slides the tip across my skin. The claw dips into my belly button and I think that maybe heíll start there. And Iím ready for it - I really am - but he slides it upward until it is right over my stomach before he presses down.

The pressure builds right in the pit of my stomach and I feel the other Slyth tighten their grip on my body. I suppose they are afraid I might fight or try to run - maybe the other girls did. But my sister-love is being eviscerated right now and I want to join her in death.

I grunt then gag as I feel the claw tip break through my skin and sink through the band of muscles at the top of my belly. Itís like the needles but more - a lot more. His claw is so thick as it pushes deep into my belly and it feels so sexual. Heís penetrating me a second time, the first time into my sex, and now into my abdomen - and oh sisters, it feel so good.

Itís hard to describe; It hurts, but the hurt feels good. Itís kind of like when you get a rash and it itches so much that you scratch it until it bleeds and hurts and that hurt feels so good and the blood doesnít matter.

Itís like that but times a thousand and it is sexual.

I am gripping his claw as he works it into me, then he lifts it upward and I feel a sucking sensation as he pulls it free, then he repositions it and pushes it into me again a little lower.

"Ö oh! Ö sister! Ö" I cry out, feeling my orgasm rising again, "Ö Six! oh my sweet Six! Ö" and I am in ecstasy, my body cramping and quivering, my toes curling, my leg muscles shaking and kicking my feet weakly. He makes it last by working his claw slowly inside me, making me squirm and gasp.

As I ride my orgasm down the other side, my eyes flutter open and look up at the Slyth. Their dark eyes are fixed on my body, and they are firm but gentle as they hold me while my special Slyth plays inside my belly with his claw. And in that moment I love them. I love them for what they are doing to me and I love them because soon they will be eating my flesh.

I turn my head and see the two humans sitting in chairs at the table. One has her head down on the tabletop, her arms hiding her face. But the other has turned her chair to face me. She is watching the Slyth work my body and she slumps in her chair with her thighs open. I see one hand working her crotch.

I turn back and look up into the Slythsí dark eyes.

"Ö hurt me Ö" I gasp at them, my voice quavering and wet, "Ö hurt me bad Ö"

And again I feel the sucking sensation as the claw slides up out of me and I feel the tip slide over my skin and slip into the deep dimple of my belly button.

"Ö oh yeah Ö" I whine, "Ö do it to me Ö"

And the pressure builds fast and when the claw tip pops through and spreads me wide, the pain flares hot and I am in ecstasy again.

"Ö ungh!" I grunt as I curl my hips and hump the air as he works his claw back and forth inside my belly. I can feel his claw tips catching and pulling on things inside me, moving my internal organs around as he plays. Then he curls his claw and sinks it deep inside, angling down toward my sex and pulling it deep, sliding it in and out of me. I can hear my own erratic gasping and the wet squishing of his claw sliding in and out of my tender belly. Heís playing with my insides, moving them, pulling them, sweeping his claw from side to side as he churns my intestines. I start to feel like Iím going to throw up again, but itís a good feeling - a sexual feeling.

Iím going to be opened up now.

Oh sisters! The Slyth is going to open my belly and start to feast on me and Iím all alone in this room with them. I wish Six was here to hold me ÖI donít want to die alone! I donít! I donít! I donít!

I try to fight off the next growing wave of my orgasm because I know orgasms in this room mean death.

Then my belly flares white hot with pain as he rips me open from my belly button to my pubic mound and I feel my sex contracting in pulses as my orgasm explodes inside me. I feel his hands slide under my bum and lift, to bring my crotch to his mouth. I understand and react like he is my lower as I open my thighs wide and lay my feet on the hard shell on the sides of his head.

I feel his tentacles licking my blood and slithering inside my opened belly and I canít help myself;

"Ö eat me Ö" I whimper, "Ö please eat me Ö" and I feel him open his mouth and slide the point of his long narrow chin into my sex, pressing it deep and stretching me. I cry out as his mouth closes over my crotch and I feel his upper fangs on my flesh and his single lower fang dig into the tenderness within my sex. Then he sucks and I feel my internal organs moving. His tentacles slither inside me and move like jointless fingers, playing with my intestines, lifting them and sliding up and down their rippling surface.

One of the other Slyth holds my head tight to the bench and when I look up at him I can see his mouth is drooling and his tentacles sliding over each other in his hunger. I want him to feast on me as well, to bite into my small breasts and slide his tentacles inside them and suck them hollow.

I am in constant orgasm now - wave after wave of intense bliss washing through my body. The screams and grunts of the other girls coming through the window are sexual music to me now as we share this orgasmic madness of pain and ecstasy while our bodies are destroyed.

My Slyth - my sweet Slyth - sucks harder and I feel my large intestine drawn deep into his mouth and to my delight I discover his two tongues have ridges of small sharp teeth that lick and pull my colon into his maw and down his undulating throat.

I scream as I press myself up against his mouth as he keeps sucking and working me - chewing, and drawing more of my large intestine into his mouth.

Iím being eaten alive and Iím going to die soon, and I donít care. A girlís body can only withstand so much physical trauma, but I want to last as long as I can - I donít want to stop feeling what Iím feeling. In this moment I understand why we were given that medicine all our lives and given long needles to play with. And why we were taught anatomy so only a few of us died from our play. And why we were allowed to crawl into each othersí beds every night to hurt each other and play our painful sexual games until we lay exhausted and drenched in sweat, blood, and mucus. It was all leading to this moment. This exquisite moment of pain and bliss.

I remember one girl who wanted us to kill her. She enticed ten of us to come to her bed one night and for all of us to use our needles on her. And I remember how scared I was and how aroused I was as I took part and added my needle to the others while she squirmed and writhed and grunted as we played with her.

"Ö give me more Ö" she begged us, "Ömore Ö more Ö more Ö"

And as the night wore on and she lay on her fouled sheets, her arousal continued to rise. Her skin was shiny with sweat, her belly red with rivulets of blood, and her hair matted with vomit, yet she still pleaded for more. Then at last she cried out her dearest wish;

"Ö kill me, sisters ... please kill me now Ö" and when we wouldnít, she pulled one of the needles from her belly and tried to stab herself through the heart. We tried to wrestle the needle from her hand and thankfully she kept hitting ribs until one of the humans came and put a stop to it. They carryied her off to the hospital ward.

When she came back to us a few days later she had changed. It seemed that the life was gone from her eyes and her body. She followed us when we went for game time or lesson time, but she would sit and stare and not participate. When we tried to cheer her up, it was though she couldnít hear us.

A week later we found her in the bathroom. She had made a rope from her bed sheet and hanged herself from an overhead pipe and she was dead. But I think she really died the night they took her to the hospital and all we saw when she returned was her body walking around because it didnít know she was already dead.

At the time I couldnít understand why someone would want to die. I do now.

The bliss I am feeling, the unbridled ecstasy that is throbbing in my core in this moment is so intense and so sweet, that if I lived past this day, I too would be a hollow shell. I canít bear the thought of living without this intense pleasure and pain.

I am pulled from my thoughts as I feel my Slythís jaw closing, clamping down painfully on my crotch. I cry out as I feel my pubic bone crack, then I grunt and throw up a little into my mouth as his strong jaws crush it and he begins to chew and suck the marrow from my pelvic bones. I feel fluid regurgitating up the back of my throat and I can taste blood.

He lifts my bum higher and leans forward, bending his head so his mouth can move deeper into my belly. I can feel and hear him sucking my small intestines into his maw and the million tingling pains as the little teeth of his tongues work the ropes of my bowels down his gullet.

I canít help myself; my legs are quivering badly, my heels grinding against the hard shell of his head, and my nipples are tingling as wave after wave of orgasm pulses through me.

His tentacles slither around my stomach and caress it, then tighten around it and pull. I gag, heave, and puke up a little more blood. I feel his teeth close around it and I gag hard, unable to breathe as my stomach and gullet go into constant rhythmic convulsions. I feel another Slyth slide in on my left, its tentacles exploring my abdomen and finding my left kidney and pulling it into his mouth. A third bumps my knee as he lowers his head and burrows into me, his fangs sinking into my liver. Another lowers his head to my chest and sucks my entire left breast into his mouth, his fangs sinking into that soft flesh and shredding it.

Iím being consumed - eaten alive. I am overwhelmed by a storm of orgasmic sensations and flares of sweet pain that rage in my body.

In this moment I love the Slyth for what they are doing to me. I know they are killing me, but the pleasure/pain is the only thing I care about - the only thing I crave. If this is death, then I want it more than Iíve wanted anything in my life.

I want to cry out - Ďmore-more-moreí - I want to scream it. I want to tell all the girls still in line awaiting their turn in the cradles to embrace it, to enjoy it, to give themselves to this ultimate exquisite ecstasy. But all that issues from my mouth is wet gurgling as my Slyth chews my stomach and swallows pieces of me.

Six was right; this is our destiny; this is what we were bred for; the Slyth really do love us, because if they didnít, why would they give us the medicine to help us feel this amazing bliss?

My Slyth continue feeding, but the sensations in my body are fading. I feel sleepy. But this isnít sleep that is darkening my vision and numbing my body. There will be no morning to awaken to; no tomorrow; no Six and no Niner.

This is death.

And I welcome it.


I play and run hard and squeal happily with the other girls until I am overheated and my limbs become heavy.

We have been brought from our small nurseries to this larger one and mixed with other girls from other groups. This room is larger than I could ever imagine and yet at the same time itís eerily familiar.

"Today you will meet your new sisters." the human told us as we arrived, "And get used to your new home."

There is another girl from another group who Iíve noticed looking at me. Three times Iíve caught her staring at me and smiling. She is different from me. While I run hard and play hard and make lots of friends, she stays off on the edge of the room watching - watching the other girls and watching me.

There are other differences too; she has yellow hair and mine is brown; my body is tight and lean and hers is soft.

Soon the human is telling us to pick our beds, so I pick one in the middle row in the middle of the room - I like to be surrounded by lots of my sisters. I sit on my new bed cross-legged watching the other girls sorting themselves out.

"Hi." I hear a soft voice from the bed beside mine. I turn and look and see that itís the soft yellow-haired girl.

"Hi yourself." I answer, and I feel something tug in my mind. I am drawn to her. I want to feel her body against mine and that desire confuses me - weíre not even friends yet.

"They call me Yellow." she says, "But thatís not my real name."

"What is your real name?" I ask, feeling like I should already know.

"Six." she says and smiles.

"Iím Zero." I say, repeating the name the other girls gave me.

Then the humans are telling us to tuck in and sleep and the room lights start dimming and the air is filled with the sounds of hundreds of girls sliding their naked bodies between crisp new sheets.

"Youíre not really." Yellow/Six says and giggles as she pulls her sheet up to tuck it under her chin.

My bed feels good, my pillow cool on my flushed cheek. Sleep comes quickly and deeply as the room darkens completely and grows silent.

Time has passed and I come half awake as someone pulls up the edge of my sheet and slides into bed beside me. It feels like a dream as she presses her soft body against mine. Her skin is cool and she smells good.

"Iím Six." she whispers.

"Yes." I whisper back.

"You were Niner." her lips are so close to my ear that I feel her words more than hear them, "Do you remember?"

I donít answer her because the memory is vague - from far away - but it feels right. I slide one arm under her and one over, and gently pull her tight to me, our legs intertwining like they were meant to.

"Weíre back." Six whispers as she snuggles against me, belly to belly, "Do you believe me now?"

I press my mouth against hers and her lips part and her mouth tastes fresh and sweet and I feel a fluttering in my belly and a phantom memory flickers behind my eyes - a memory of erotic horror and euphoric death. Six must feel it too because we both push our bellies out against each other, our bodies remembering what was done to us before and knowing what will happen to us again. But for now, Six and I have time to be together.

And I do believe. I really do.