Lost Girls - Evolution

by Erotickynk


McKayla’s Journal

September 6, 2017 ...
I feel like I just lived through a monster horror movie - a crazy monster sex horror movie, but still a horror.

I went with Gabrielle to the Charles’ basement apartment last night after our talk - I waited until my parents were asleep and snuck out. Charles was excited to see me. He told me what Gabrielle already told me, that after I was sexed up by the small creature, the large one came looking for me.

Out of nowhere he asked randomly what my blood type was and I told him AB-negative. I knew it was rare, but Charles said only one percent of people in the world have it.

“That’s why the small one bit you.” Charles said and looked at me smiling like it should be obvious.

“I don’t get it.” I said.

“He was taking a blood sample.” Charles explained, “That girl in the eighties - her name was Kimberly - she was AB-negative too - she told me that so if something bad happened I could tell the ambulance. She was sexed up by the big one after the first time and he impregnated her every three and a half months or so, but he joined with her every night to fuck and feed her. She lived in bliss for over two years - like feeling sexual pleasure all the time, cumming at the touch of a hand.”

“Who’s hand?” I asked, suspiciously - okay, maybe a little accusatory. Charles blushed and looked down.

“Okay, I had a thing with her. She stayed with me. Slept with me.” Charles admitted, then looked up at me, “She was beautiful like you.”

“But she died.” I said.

“Yes. She wore out. Her body wore out.” Charles told us, “The last time he impregnated her, when she stood up, three eggs slipped out of her and she expelled the rest in her sleep that night.”


“Yeah. Eggs.” Charles said.

“So this big one wants to lay eggs inside me?” I said, “That’s disgusting.”

“No, McKayla.” Gabrielle said, “I’d give anything to be you. Oh god, to have the bigger one do me every night ...”, she shuddered and her hips curled her pelvis forward at the thought. Gabrielle was such a horny little thing.

We talked a long time and through it all I was trying to stuff my new-found sexual cravings deep. Having an alien reptile lay eggs in my belly was repulsive, but at the same time I couldn’t stop imagining how it would feel and my arousal built until my pussy was aching and my bowels felt hungry.

It got to the point that I was thinking about masturbating in front of them just to get some relief.

In the end I agreed to do it.

Charles and Gabrielle made it like a solemn ceremony; they undressed me, massaged me, and Gabrielle gave me a sponge bath. Then they led me into the sub-basement and into the room and I was startled that he was already there waiting for me.

Charles and Gabrielle took me by the hands and helped me lay down on the mattress. Charles had even put a fresh sheet on it for the occasion. The creature waited until they backed away before slithering across the floor and slowly rising up over me, his tentacles wrapping around my body. I was scared. More scared than I was the first time with the other one; this one was huge, truly the size of a horse, and much stronger than the other one. When he picked me up gently and wrapped tentacles like corkscrews around my thighs and arms and began stroking my body with others, I realized how much thicker they were from my first guy - and how long.

It was like he knew I was scared and was being tender with me. He slowly extended my arms and pulled my thighs apart so I was open to him and when he touched me the good feelings came in a rush like before.

I’m not ready to talk about the rest. It was the best and worst three hours in my life. The word ‘invasive’ doesn’t even begin to describe what he did to me with those long tentacles. When it was over I was a hot mess, shitting and vomiting out fluid that was cramping my stomach and bowels. Charles and Gabrielle cleaned me up and carried me home and tucked me into my bed.

When I woke up, my lower belly was bulging and tight.

I was pregnant.

I was full of eggs.

October 8, 2017 ...
I loved the feeling of fullness and tightness in my lower belly. I especially loved it when I walked - I could really feel it then - the sweet weight in the cradle of my pelvis that my body seemed to move around as I walked or jogged. I also loved the way my body was changing. It didn't know it wasn't a human pregnancy, so all the usual changes started to happen; my nipples turned from pink to brown, my breasts became tender as they got bigger, and my hair got thicker. I had to pee more often which usually led to masturbation, because even peeing was stimulating.

So long as I wore loose tops my parents didn't notice at first - my tummy was bulged, but no bigger than the night the eggs were laid inside me. But I was madly horny all the time from that sweet presence and masturbated like a crazy girl. Even at school I would duck into a bathroom stall and jill myself off to tight toe-curling orgasms. I was transforming into a sexual animal.

But I had another discovery in store - one that literally brought me to my knees.

Thirty days in with those eggs cradled inside me, I was in the kitchen helping mom make breakfast when I felt this odd popping feeling in my uterus and then a violent wriggling. The feeling took my breath away and made my legs go weak, so I leaned against the counter top. My mom asked me if I was okay and I managed an "uh-huh", but the popping increased like someone was making popcorn inside my belly, and the wriggling went wild. I realized that the eggs were hatching and the baby creatures were exploring their new home in my belly. The crescendo inside me was too much; I started gasping as I had a powerful orgasm and my legs gave out and I was suddenly pissing all over the kitchen floor.

After I regained control over myself, I told mom it was just bad menstrual cramps and she kept me home from school that day.

I dodged that bullet, but the event illustrated to me how all-consuming my physical and emotional transformation was becoming. Even though after it was over I felt all manner of embarrassment that my legs gave out and I pissed myself in front of my mom; while it was happening I loved the overwhelming sensation of losing control over my body right there in the kitchen. I felt like an animal must feel; unable to resist powerful sexual feelings no matter when they happen. I felt a wanton animal lust like a dog in heat as I came in front of my mom. If the big guy had suddenly appeared I would have let him fuck me on the kitchen floor right in front of her.

I liked feeling carnal and primitive.

December 26, 2017 ...
I missed Christmas. Turns out I was more exhausted than I thought - I slept for almost three days. I woke up this afternoon in Charles’ bed and felt so weak, but healthy again.

I’m so horny and hungry I want to go to him now, but I have to wait until tonight. They almost never come up during the day. Charles thinks it’s the vibrations of the traffic.

I’m surprised when Gabrielle walks into the bedroom with a cup of tea for me.

“Charles said it’s the only thing Kimberly could keep down after she started with her big one.” she explained, “You won’t be able to eat solid food now.”

I sip the tea, it’s good and sweet - I can feel my body absorbing the sugar and restoring my energy.

“Are you going to him tonight?” Gabrielle asks, her face lighting up. I nod and smile.

“Do you feel different?” Gabrielle asked. I hadn’t thought about it before - there was no time during the past weeks, but I do feel different.

Things that used to be important weren’t important anymore. Like the designer clothes I used to love, now I just want loose, sloppy jogging pants and hoodie tops to keep me warm and comfortable, and I don’t like wearing panties anymore.

Sex used to be something I did in private when I got turned on by a thought or fantasy; masturbating as I watched porn on my smart phone. It was something I did casually as the mood took me. But now I have a sexual hunger that is constant, and even in my dreams I dream of the creature and what he does to my body.

I remember being surprised that Gabrielle was here during the day.

“Why are you here?’ I ask her. She smiles and sits down on the bed.

“I pulled a runaway too.” she explains, “My note said I ran away with you and not to bother looking for us.”

“Oh my god, Gabrielle.” I was surprised.

“I live with you and Charles now. We all sleep together in this bed and Charles feeds me, so I let him fuck me. He wants to fuck you too, but that’s up to you. It’s not like you need food anymore.”

She paused to take a breath.

“He’s out right now buying us a PS4 and a shit ton of games. And he has Netflix. So we’re set.”

“A happy little family.” I muse, smiling up at her.

“Yeah.” she said, then her face grew serious, “I have to confess something to you.”


“When you were sleeping, you ... well, you were horny. You kept whimpering and moaning and moving in your sleep. You were sweating and oozing too.”


“Yeah, from your pussy and asshole.” Gabrielle clarified, “So I took care of you.”

I smiled and put down my tea, “What did you do?”

“I didn’t want to do anything to your pussy to make you loose, so I went down on you ... and I fist-fucked your ass. I know it sounds gross, but it made you cum and you slept better after.”

Gabrielle was searching my face like a little girl who thinks she might be in trouble.

“Are you mad at me?” she asked quietly.

I shook my head, and reached out for her, pulling her down in bed with me.

“No, I’m not mad.” I whispered in her ear, “In fact I could use that right now to get me through until tonight.”

And that’s how Charles found us when he got home; me cumming as Gabrielle sucked my clit while she pumped her forearm elbow deep in my belly. It’s not like creature sex, but it feels pretty good.

January 18, 2018 ...
I’m pregnant again and I love it. Every day my belly is a little bigger and a little tighter than the day before, and being fed and pampered by the big guy every night is pure bliss.

Most days, Gabrielle and I go down to the sub-basement as soon as the traffic settles down after rush hour outside and if the big guy isn’t there, I help Gabrielle with whichever smaller creature comes for her. She likes it when I sit behind her on the mattress and brace her body as her guy fucks her pussy and rectum. She especially likes it if her guy sends a tentacle down her gullet, I hold her head tight and force her chin up so he can go straight down - she says it feels like she’s being forced and that makes it so much more intense.

Charles brought in another mattress so we each have one when the big guy appears while Gabrielle is being fucked.

My guy kept up my nightly feedings after I birthed my first brood, and would only penetrate my anus and - of course - my throat, but not my pussy and uterus. I think he was giving me time to heal. Maybe he remembers Kimberly and learned that humans need time to recover and have our sex organs regain their strength.

I guess he decided it was time to breed me again on January 8th.

I was able to handle it a lot better this time now that I knew how long it would take and what I was about to face. It was still overwhelming, but this time I knew I would survive - during my first experience there were moments I was convinced I he was killing me.

Gabrielle and I were in the room and I was helping her with her guy when mine appeared. She was in the ‘waves-of-orgasm’ phase when you’re completely in the zone of sexual ecstasy, and have lost all ability to think. Gabrielle’s eyes were crossed and she was drooling as I watched his tentacles moving inside her belly, making it bulge and undulate. She wouldn’t even know I was gone.

I was naked, so I just walked over to my mattress and laid down on my back and ‘assumed the position’; arms straight out, knees bent and thighs wide open. He came up on me fast, like he has since we got used to each other; I had learned not to be afraid of him and he had learned I wasn’t delicate or fragile.

His holding tentacles coiled around my thighs and arms and he lifted me with others to support my torso, while two other tentacles pressed against my anus and pussy. I felt the squishy release of fluid and the sweet sexual feelings came on strong - their excretions are the ultimate aphrodisiac. I closed my eyes and felt a tentacle brush my lips, so I thought it was another feeding session and opened my mouth. Usually he teases it down my throat and through my gullet to squirt his fluid into my stomach in little pulses until I am full, but this time he pushed his tentacle deep and hard - its taper widening my mouth and stretching my throat until I felt a flair of aching pain as the lobe at the tip opened my esophageal sphincter. I was struggling not to gag and heave when I suddenly felt him gush inside my stomach, bloating it hard and fast - his fluid nutrients hot and oily.

As his tentacle slithered up my throat I did heave and vomited up a mouthful of his fluid that sprayed upward and flowed milky over my chin. I swallowed and gazed into the almost formless shape that I have come to know as his face - it’s pink and shaped like the prow of a boat and expresses no emotion that I can detect, but something was different this time.

He suddenly thrust hard into my pussy and after all this time it came as a shock to feel the thickness of him inside me there. The force of it took my breath away. As I caught my breath, he leaned his face closer to mine and in that moment we both learned something;

I learned that when he impregnated a human girl, he had to use force - to be dominant. It had to feel like rape when he pushed his eggs into a host body - to become a parasitic presence in her body.

And he learned that I had become a sexual animal that loved her role as a submissive to him.

These creatures make no audible communication and I often suspected that they had some sort of telepathic ability, if not to read words or their meaning, but emotions, sensations, images. So I formed an image in my mind and recalled the sensations of my first impregnation - the panic, the pain, the overwhelming sensations along with a memory of all of my orgasms with him.

Without words I told him to rape me.

And he did.

I screamed as the tentacle in my pussy expanded, pressed hard and forced open my cervix to plunge into my uterus. The tentacle at my anus thrust inside me, leaving me feeling bruised as it expanded and pressed through my rectum, straightened my sigmoid and slithered with wriggling suddenness up my descending colon.

Already my belly felt filled to capacity, making it hard to breathe. I arched my back to make more room because I knew he was only just beginning. Fluid gushed inside my bowels and in my uterus and the tentacle slithered across my transverse colon, filling it, stretching it. I was panting and grunting.

“McKayla?” it was Gabrielle sounding concerned.

“He’s doing it!” I cried out, then grunted as his tentacle turned the corner and pushed down through my ascending colon. I now had about a foot of one tentacle in my pussy and uterus, and at least five feet in my bowels.

He began to fuck me with long, wriggling strokes, roughly pistoning through my belly and I lost my mind.

Being fucked by this creature takes a lot of energy and is desperate, sweaty work. He would slow down every half hour or so to penetrate my gullet and refill my stomach with a large gush of his nutrient fluid, replenishing my own lost fluids and energy. As we mated for three solid hours, I felt both my core temperature and his rise. His tentacles grew hot inside me, sweat flowed down my face and body, making my skin shine, making my body slippery and causing him to grip me harder - and gripping me harder, he fucked me harder.

My first time mating with him was orgasmic trauma, as was this second time. But this time I knew I would survive. I knew that once his eggs were inside me, my reward every night would to feel the unimaginable sexual bliss of being fed by him, to be held and stimulated to long squirmy orgasms, to be pampered and loved by this alien creature. I had value to him. I could deliver him offspring to repopulate his tribe.

And as painful and shocking as his mating is, it is also orgasmic - not the dreamy orgasms of being fed, but violent brutal things that made my body shudder and buck in his grip and made my toes curl until my feet cramped.

Three hours.

Three hours of rape and orgasm and torture and delirious sexual bliss.

The end - when it comes - is a convulsion of violent action, of pain and orgasm that threatens to drive me mad or burst my heart. His tentacle in my colon suddenly tightens and pulls my bowels downward into a tight circle around my swollen uterus and the tentacle within it suddenly swells more and ejaculates twenty eggs in a rumbling gush that distends my belly rapidly as his own body shudders and quakes in what can only be his own orgasm. In his ecstasy he squeezes me so tight it feels like he may crush me and I ride it through, suffocating as I await the end of his orgasmic explosion, while his unused tentacles flail and thrash around the room, slapping the floor and the brick walls.

And just like that, it’s over.

I am lowered down onto the mattress and his tentacles rudely withdraw from my body and he from the room to return to his lair, leaving me quivering as I vomit and convulsively shit his fluids from my body.

Then I feel the loving hands of Charles and Gabrielle, rubbing my back, massaging my trembling legs and arm, and wiping the hair from my face that is matted there by sweat and vomit. I am soothed and calmed, then carried to a bath tub where I am showered then helped to lay in the warm, clean water, tender hands supporting my head so I don’t drown as I drift in and out of consciousness.

I am patted dry and laid in our bed that has clean crisp sheets, wrapped in a blanket and snuggled front and back by my people ... my tribe.

This is my bliss and my horror, and though I know one day it will kill me, I love it so.

November 22, 2018 ...
I’m not much of a journal keeper anymore. Journaling my boring existence was a cornerstone of my previous life.

I think back on that previous life and find what I thought was important is really trivial. I used to put so much stock in getting good grades, being named to the honour roll, working with my mom every December to assemble Christmas hampers for families in need. I used to think it was important to wear fashionable clothes and flattering shoes, to act like a respectable young lady, to be social and kind to others to fit in, and keep my sexual desires locked in the secret darkness of my bedroom.

I have learned that really, we are just animals, and it is our nature to fuck and breed and give in to our lusts at every opportunity. We’re all going to die, and why die with regrets? When I die I want to die knowing that I never denied myself anything.

I am now pregnant with my fifth brood, and each time I breed with the big guy it is as intense and ecstatic as the first time.

I do exercises to keep my uterus and the muscles supporting it tight and healthy. I plan to last longer than Kimberly.

Charles and Gabrielle and I are like a little family. I liken our existence down here to living in an extension of the lair that lies below us - it is our cave.

Except on nights that Gabrielle and I disguise ourselves to go out and visit all night café’s for pie and coffee and walk the dark oily streets for fun - even though I always puke the pie back up - we allow ourselves to live naturally. We spend our time naked, only wearing sweats when it’s cold, and no longer wash the stink of sex from our bodies. Our breasts smell like stale milk, our pussies musky and arousing, and our oily and gaped anuses funky and earthy.

In some ways we are still like the teen girls we once were before we discovered the creatures - we are silly and playful, spending hours at the PS4, applying crazy make up to make ourselves look like whores, and making silly jokes. We have gotten to be able to tell the difference between the smaller creatures and have named them. There’s Gobbler who uses his mouths in interesting ways, Deep Dick whose tentacles can reach almost as deep and the big guy, and Gabrielle’s favourite; Chubby Fingers who makes her feel so full. We even named the big guy Octi McOctopus, but I still think of him as the big guy.

While we are all in bed together, Charles fucks us and we let him. He knows he can only take me anally because my uterus belongs to the big guy and on evenings when he does I imagine my feedings and it helps me cum as he pounds himself into my open rectum.

I ooze all the time now, from my pussy and my rectum. I even awake some mornings with milky drool or vomit on my pillow.

Gabrielle and I take turns with each other when one of us is asleep. I often awake in the middle of the night with Gabrielle’s fist working my bowels and her lips sucking my clit. She is now able to fist me right to her shoulder and she makes me cum so sweetly with her mouth as she pulls my large intestine downward around my uterus like he does. I return the favour on nights when she’s asleep after I return from my feeding. She likes her anus sucked and tongued while I massage her g-spot and she wakes up just as she starts cumming.

I love our snug little cave.

March 12, 2019 ...
I’m worried about Gabrielle. She is wasting away.

She doesn’t get the nutrients that I do from the big guy. Her hip bones are showing and her breasts are flat and elongated and only plump when a creature fills them with fluid from its little tentacles while they fuck. But she leaks it out now and by morning her breasts look like empty sacks laying flat against he chest.

She’s tired and sleeps a lot. She’s sleeping now as she sits on the sofa beside me. We had gotten dressed to go out for an hour’s adventure in the city, but she passed out before we could leave.

She is making small whimpering sounds and is pissing herself. I nudge her awake.

“Gabby? Gabby, honey? I say softly as I prod her shoulder.

She slowly rises from her unconsciousness and blinks and looks around not sure where she is. Then she wakes up and tries to get up. I pull her back down and hold her. She closes her eyes and nuzzles my neck.

“I love you, Gabby.” I whisper. She is silent for long time and as I start to think she has passed out again she says;

“I’m dying, McKayla.” in a weak croaking voice.

“Don’t say that.” I say, holding her tight as tears well in my eyes.

March 21, 2019 ...
I made Charles buy better food and vitamins for Gabrielle. It’s helped bring colour back in her cheeks, but she is still frail and weak.

To lift her spirits I had Charles buy salon scissors and platinum hair dye. On a day when her energy was up, we spent the afternoon cutting and dying her hair. She liked her new look and flirted with Charles who liked it too - the old Gabrielle was back.

“You look like a fresh new girl.” Charles marveled. Then together we finished off the day by pampering her; giving her a long deep massage with scented oils; taking turns making love to her as we took breaks to hand-feed her the little foods and drinks she loved. As all three of us lying in bed together with Gabrielle in the middle, she started to cry.

“What’s wrong, honey?” I asked her, and saw that though her eyes were sparkling with tears, she was smiling that wonderful smile that had become so rare.

“I love you guys.” she said, “Thank you for today.”

But it wasn’t enough.

Three times now, the creatures have tried to drag Gabrielle into their lair as they fuck her, but Charles and I have stopped them.

They too know she’s dying.

March 29, 2019 ...
Lying in bed this morning, Gabrielle and I cuddling;


“Yes, Gabby.”

“Next time the creatures try to take me down?” then she paused for an uncomfortably long time.

“Yes?” I prompted her.

“Don’t stop them.”

April 2, 2019 ...
I pretend I’m asleep as Charles fucks Gabrielle.

As she nears her orgasm she whispers; “Kill me.”

“Gabby ...” Charles’ voice sounds pained.

“Choke me.” she whines, “Strangle me.”

The bed is shaking and I hear the sound of Charles pounding into her, slapping her small bum as he fucks her harder from behind. Gabrielle is making those sweet whimpery sounds she makes when she’s close to orgasm that are suddenly cut off by her gagging.

Alarmed, I roll over to face them. Charles is fucking her hard, one arm wrapped around her while he chokes her with his hand. My eyes are wide open as I look Charles in the eye - he shakes his head. Gabrielle cums and passes out. Charles lets go of her throat and she takes a shuddering breath.

Gabrielle’s will to live is gone, but her body wants to survive.

April 7, 2019 ...
Me and Gabrielle, pillow talk;

“You really want to die?”

“Yes. I’m so tired, McKayla.”

“You can rest. Eat more. Get your strength back.”

“My soul is tired. I just want it over.”

“Why now? What changed?”

“I’m never going to get what I really want.”

“What do you want, Gabby?”

“I want the big guy ... just once. I want him to fill me up.”

“Will you let me try to make that happen?”

A long pause.


April 10, 2019 ...
I had no idea if my plan would work. I was the big guy’s only brood mare, but I didn’t know how much influence I had on him.

What I did know is that under the centre of his body he has an egg sack. I’ve watched it swell during my pregnancies and once he lays his eggs inside me with a gush, it shrivels up again.

Right now it is full and tight, when I pressed my hand against it during my feeding two nights ago, he shuddered, so I know he has a desperate need to expel the eggs.

Tonight is impregnation day.

I bring Gabrielle with me to the room and lay her naked on the mattress I use. She is excited, trembling - doubtful that my plan will work, but more hopeful than I’ve seen her in weeks. I remain dressed in sweats, standing beside the mattress. As usual I hear him before I see him as he drags his ponderous weight out of the opening to their lair.

He comes to the mattress and touches Gabrielle who gasps. He pulls his tentacle back and moves around the mattress to me and reaches out. Before he can touch me I take hold of his tentacle and guide it back to Gabrielle’s naked body, making him touch her belly.

He jerks his tentacle away, then reaches for me again. I slap his tentacle away from me.

“NO!” I shout at him as I move away and behind Gabrielle. He tries to catch me, but I am faster, always keeping Gabrielle between us. When at last he pauses, I approach and again take his tentacle and place in on Gabrielle’s belly.

“She wants you too.” I say, unsure if he understands, “She’s always wanted you. She loves you.” and I call up an image in my mind of him and Gabrielle fucking.

Then slowly, the big guy removes his tentacle and returns to his lair.

“Fuck.” Gabrielle swears under her breath.

“Don’t give up hope.” I tell her.

This night is a misery for me. The big guy must be aching to expel his egg sac, but I am aching as well; my body is craving his touch, his feeding, and his eggs to fill me once again.

April 14, 2019 ...
We repeat the scenario every night with me dressed, Gabrielle naked and wide-eyed, hoping he will take her.

When he comes tonight he repeats his movements, intent on securing me to impregnate me again as he has for the past year. But despite almost overwhelming desire - I’m sure he can smell me - I resist and keep turning him back to Gabrielle.

As he squats at the foot of the mattress either in frustration or confusion, I carefully approach and take one of his mouth tentacles. I guide it gently between Gabrielle’s thighs and push the mouth against her pussy. I see the tentacle tense and hear a sucking as Gabrielle arches her head back and cries out.

“... fuck ... his tongue ... so long! ...” she gasps, breathlessly.

He works her pussy for a few moments then withdraws and returns to his lair. But as I see him descend into the shadows his egg sac is huge and when it contacts the floor as he squeezes through the opening, he shudders. I know he’s aching as much as I am.

April 16, 2019 ...
Pillow talk;

“I think he’s going to do it. His egg sac is really swollen.”

“If he finally agrees, he might take me down to the lair.” Gabrielle says calmly.

“I’ll stop him.” I avow.


“But Gabby ...”

“No. I believe if he agrees and takes me down, he will do what we want before they eat me.”

“Gabby ...”

“It’s all I want. This one time.”

I hug her.

“Just this one time.” she whispers.

April 16, 2016 ...
Gabrielle is lying on the mattress, her arms over her head, her pale, thin thighs splayed open. I crouch nearby in my sweats.

The big guy struggles to get through the opening into the room his egg sac is so swollen. He pauses as though he’s surveying the scene. Gabrielle lifts her head and watches him.

“He’s going to do it.” Gabrielle whispers, her voice trembling.

The big guy makes his slow slithering way across the floor, not in my direction, but toward her.

“Promise you won’t stop him.” she gasps as he nears, “Promise.”

I swallow past a lump in my throat. I nod, then find my voice; “I promise. I’m going to miss you.”

I’m not sure if Gabrielle hears me; she is panting in anticipation, her eyes wide, her thighs trembling.

“... come on ... she whispers to him, “... come on ...”

He reaches out with one tentacle and wetly wraps it around her ankle. He pulls, dragging her across the mattress until her bum and elbows bump onto the floor. He makes his slow way back toward the hole, dragging Gabrielle behind him. Our eyes meet and I see a wealth of emotion on her face; excitement, fear, lust, and sadness. We share no words, everything we need to say is said with our eyes. From me; “Goodbye. I love you and will miss you.” From Gabrielle; “I love you and I want this death. Thank you.” And then she is sliding down the hole to the lair, dragged by a creature she has lusted after for years and who is about to satisfy that lust before she is devoured.

I pad softly to the dark corner to sit cross-legged and listen to my friend’s final ecstasy and death. There is little light finding its way down the hole, but I can see Gabrielle is masturbating as he drags her deep. She is talking to herself or to him as they descend together, she sounds scared and excited at the same time.

“... I can take it ...” echoes up the hole. Gabrielle is talking to him. I envision him looming over her, poised but not yet moving; her looking up his huge body, lifting her knees and opening her pale thighs.

I hear wet sounds and her beginning exhalations; small gasps and moans. I can tell by the slight vibrato that she is trembling. Then comes a sound I know too well; the deep squish as he penetrates her rectum and slithers deep, and the gush that is muffled by her belly as he squirts his fluid into her bowels.

Gabrielle cries out as he fucks her hard and deep for a moment, and I can hear the joy in her voice. Then a deeper gush that makes her moan and almost grunt - experience tells me he is filling her bowels to lubricate her for a penetration deeper than she has ever felt before. Soon his tentacle will transit her descending, transverse, and ascending colon, encircling her uterus it preparation of ejaculating his eggs into her uterus. He begins fucking her and her happy but desperate cries of “... oh god ...” tells me she is becoming sexually overwhelmed and loving every rapid movement of his tentacle in her belly.

‘He will penetrate her pussy now and push straight into her uterus’ I think to myself, knowing him so well, and instantly I hear the gush of fluid and her cries that ride the border of pain and ecstasy. Then I hear a sound that will haunt me forever; her small pelvis isn’t able to accommodate his expanding tentacle, and - like it’s designed to do during childbirth - her pubic bone splits with a crackling sound, allowing her uterus and pussy to expand and accept his girth. She is crying out more now, desperate and frantic. I know she is frightened by how much he is changing her body, and starting to doubt she really can take what is about to happen.

The loud, wet gush echoes up the hole as he ejaculates all his eggs into her uterus all at once and she moans deep, wounded mortally in her belly. Gabrielle must have felt that explosive expansion in her soul - even I haven’t taken that many eggs at once.

She begins to gag and vomit from the impact inside her, made worse by his other tentacle coiled through her bowels. The big guy is doing what Gabrielle and I asked; he’s granting her wish; he’s fucking her to death with her belly full of eggs that will never hatch.

But there comes a pause - a quieting. The big guy stops moving and Gabrielle stops vomiting. I cannot see, but I see an image from him of caressing her soft face with a tentacle - a tender moment, an appreciation by this alien monster of the delicate girl lying in the dirt of his lair filled with his tentacles and his eggs. He is curious. He could kill her painlessly in an instant the way his kind have killed their food for centuries - but he senses that this isn’t what she wants. He sends an image of him fucking a squirming, vomiting Gabrielle to death and I feel a difference in this image; we three are connected by it. Gabrielle, the big guy, and myself are connected as we envision what he offers.

"...y-yes ...” I hear Gabrielle’s voice echo up from the lair. She wants him to continue - to fuck the life out of her twisted, bloated body.

He tightens the coiled tentacle in her belly, squeezing her bowels tight around her bloated uterus and her end begins.

I listen as her moans lessen and cease, then for the next hour I hear her gentle vomiting - more a quiet, slow regurgitation - as he squeezes and pulses inside her belly, slowly fucking her to death.

June ? ...
Charles has brought a new girl down to watch me. She is a giggly little thing, and I wonder what she thinks - even I can smell that this room stinks of carnal lust; of piss, vomit, pussy, and freshly fucked asshole. Charles is grooming her, like he groomed all of us. It begins with the voyeuristic titillation of watching the creature fuck the previous girl a few times - in this case; me. Then encouraging her to masturbate as she watches. Then - like tonight - he masturbates them as they watch.

But once he reaches this night, he uses a dirty trick.

His newest girl is no longer watching me as she lies with head arched back on the other mattress with Charles stroking the slick nub of her clit as she builds to orgasm. Her clit is slick because as the big guy was opening me up and fucking me, Charles took the girl by the hand and eased up on us, inviting her to touch. The girl was too timid, so Charles did instead. I felt his finger stroke the ring of my blown anus tight around the thickness of his moving tentacle and gather a dollop of the big guy’s fluid.

“Here.” Charles said to her, holding it under her little upturned nose, “Smell.”

She did and giggled, “It smells like sex.”

“Yes. The best sex you’ll ever experience.” Charles said and smeared the dollop seductively across her lips. I heard her moan - no more little girl giggles. Yes, even that small amount will awaken our raw sexual nature - one taste, one touch on a mucus membrane and we are addicted animals. I think she instinctively licked her lips, drawn by the taste.

The girl never stood a chance.

And now as my belly bloats hard with the sudden ejaculation of eggs inside me, both myself and the girl are crying out in orgasm. The big guy will fuck and feed me until I lose consciousness, and by the end of this night this new girl will have her first sexual encounter with one of the lesser creatures as I lay convulsing, vomiting, and shitting in my post-impregnation ordeal. She will experience places touched inside her body that have never been touched and orgasms she never dreamed of and will be back night after night after that.

If she’s AB-negative, she will become a brood-mare like me. If she’s part of the other 99 percent, she will become a whore for the lesser creatures and entertainment for Charles until her life becomes unbearable. But she will be a happy whore for a time.

I don’t care anymore. I don’t know her name nor her age. I don’t even know my own age anymore. I have become true to my nature - true to the animal nature in all of us. The things we work for; the holiday meals, the flirting, the first dates, the fucking, are the goals of every social interchange to achieve what our personal selves find fulfilling in those brief moments when we’re eating, fucking, or birthing.

I no longer follow those social constructs; I have that every day, all day; I sleep, fuck, orgasm, and feed. Every 109 days I experience the ecstasy of birthing a brood. I no longer need Charles’ assistance - I birth while squatting at the entrance of the lair, sending my babies down the steep tunnel into their tribe as I sweat and cum. I rarely bathe anymore, preferring the raw sexual smells of my body. My piss is thick like cream and when I shit, it is a slurry that looks like mucus and carries the wonderful earthy hormonal scent that I first smelled on Gabrielle’s body in the elevator so long ago.

Charles has recruited four girls since Gabrielle’s death and the only one I held any fondness for was Kyra. She was a mischievous little scamp and took to the creatures and our lifestyle without hesitation. She would sneak out of her parent’s home every night and scream her way through orgasms as the lesser creatures fucked her deep and bloated her belly with fluid.

During the days she would sometimes skip school and sneak down here and on those days I would often awaken from my exhaustion with her arm shoulder-deep in my bowels with her hand wearing my transverse colon like a mitten. She would press and prod my heavy, fluid filled stomach from the inside until I would wake up regurgitating and vomiting over myself and her.

“You sick-up so sexy.” she would say as she licked it from my face and body, and the aphrodisiac nature of my regurgitation would carry her through hours of masturbation and orgasms, quivering and shaking on the bed beside me, her movement and sounds invading my fevered dreams.

But the brightest flame burns half as long. On her third week, Kyra climbed down into the lair during an afternoon, still in her school uniform. Charles and I listened to her moans and convulsions for an hour as the creatures worked her small body and eventually devoured her alive.

So I don’t care about this new girl - if she lasts more than a few months I may try to get to know her. I don’t need her. I really don’t need Charles anymore either. I have my big guy and though my belly is permanently pooched out and saggy now, I do my kegel clenches daily so the muscles and flesh of my pelvic floor stay strong and sound - I haven’t lost an egg yet.

Every 109 days I lose my mind as the big guy violently bloats my uterus with his eggs as he holds me so tight, and every night he feeds me as he fucks me and my ecstasy knows no bounds. He has added a new pleasure for me; each day my breasts are triggered by my constant state of pregnancy and swell with milk, and each night he delves into them with thin tentacles and sucks them dry, feeding from my body as I feed from his. I love this exchange that leaves my belly filled and my breasts sagged and empty, laying flat against my chest only to refill during the day until they are plump and leaking.

My big guy knows me so well now he no longer holds back; he knows he can be rough with me. I think he now recognizes my raw animal sexuality and knows he can unleash his own true nature unchecked. We are two animals of different species who have found a sexual accord with each other; we fuck violently, feed violently, and orgasm violently. There is a passion in him that I think borders on love.

I know I love him, and I love my raw sexual existence as his brood-mare.