Lost Girls - Evolution

by Erotickynk

McKayla’s Journal

December 20, 2017 ...
I’m horny all the time now and my arousal has gotten crazier each day for the past three months as my belly swells with this life now growing inside me. I masturbate like a maniac and cum up to 20 times a day, and like my arousal, my orgasms have gotten stronger and longer as my belly gets bigger. I don’t even have to touch myself because even when I sleep I wake up numerous times a night, sweating, squirming, and arching my back as I cum.

I masturbate mostly in my bathroom. I get privacy there because the door locks; mom has walked in on me a few times even before I got pregnant. The other reason is the smell. After my parents discovered I was pregnant and I was no longer hiding it, it felt good to be naked and sexual in my room. One day mom walked in just after I'd cum and she wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"Jesus Christ, McKayla." she said walking past me lying naked in bed to open a window, "Don't you think you should slow that down? It smells like a whorehouse on Saturday night in here."

I knew what she was talking about; I'd smelled it on Gabrielle and even on myself after being with him. It was a raw, earthy sex smell. It smelled like hormones, pussy, and sweaty, freshly fucked ass.

I know that a big part of my constant arousal is him feeding me and fucking me, but I think it’s also because they move inside me almost continuously. I envision my belly packed tight with their long slippery bodies and they wriggle and slide over each other like fish or octopi waiting to be birthed.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to me after I give birth. None of us really knows what happens, not Charles, not Gabrielle and not me. But this pleasure is addicting and I hope against hope that it will continue.

It’s hard to believe how much my life has changed since I saw Charles helping Gabrielle back to her parents’ apartment early that morning ...

August 28, 2017 ...
The insomnia is on me again. Every few weeks I toss and turn all night for three nights. On the third night I can’t sleep at all, then on the forth I have a night of long deep sleep and I’m okay for a while.

It was early in the morning - like four-thirty AM - when I got up and went to the kitchen for a drink of water. My parents are used to me wandering around all night when I’m in the middle of my insomnia cycle, even still I wear my soft leather booties and tip-toe to not make noise.

As I drank my ice water in the kitchen, I heard the soft bell of the elevator and its door opening in the hallway of our building. I was curious about who was coming home so late, so I tip-toed to our front door and looked through the peep-hole.

Through the fish-eye lens I saw it was Gabrielle and Charles. The other teens call Charles the ‘Creeper’ because he’s always inviting girls to visit him in his basement apartment. Charles is the building’s maintenance man, and rumour has it he’s worked here for over 40 years.

Charles had his arm around Gabrielle and was helping her walk on unsteady legs. Gabrielle was in her pajamas, but her top was buttoned up wrong, and the crotch of her bottoms were dark and dripping wet. Her long hair was soaked and oily and hung down in tangles. I felt shivers up my back wondering what he had done to her.

What I saw confused me because Gabrielle’s eyelids were drooping but she was smiling and leaning into him as she and Charles talked softly while he helped her back to her family’s apartment. Because of the angle, I could barely see as they got to her apartment door, but I swear Charles bent down and kissed her on the lips and she reached up and hugged him around the neck as he did.

September 1, 2017 ...
I finally got Gabrielle alone so we could talk. I treated her to Starbucks and we took our coffees to the park to drink them on the grass. Gabrielle is looking pale and thinner these days, and has dark half moons under her eyes.

“Have you been sick lately?” I ask.

“Summer cold.” she answers, “Why?”

“You look like you’ve lost weight.”

“That’s a good thing, right?” she laughed.

I’ve never been one to beat around the bush, so I asked her flat out;

“Does Charles give you drugs?”

Gabrielle laughed like I’d said something ridiculous and said “No. He’s not like that.”, then; “I swear, McKayla, you have such weird ideas.”

She changed the subject and I was too embarrassed to tell her what I saw the other night, so I let it go.

One odd thing was that Gabrielle was freshly showered and had on clean clothes when we got into the elevator together, but despite that I could smell a different odour coming from her; the best way I can describe it was an earthy, hormonal smell - like a mixture of old soil and sex. It made me feel a faint quiver of squirmy arousal with a hint of nausea that was oddly pleasant.

December 21, 2017 ...
I wake up mid orgasm and I’m cumming so hard! It feels like my belly is going to burst and I love that feeling. I shudder my way down from my orgasm and flip my covers off my naked body to cool down my sweaty skin. I keep the light on in my bedroom every night, because waking up cumming in pitch darkness feels disorienting and nightmarish.

I can smell myself; my skunky armpits; my aroused pussy; even the sweaty funky smell of my loose anus.

He loosened that, just like he loosened my pussy and throat. I love him for that, at least it feels like love.

September 4, 2017 ...
My bout of insomnia was over, but I stayed up late anyway. I’d heard the elevator bell from my bedroom each night for the past three. So I got up after I was sure my parents were fast asleep and go to sit in the kitchen. I wore my leather booties and a sweater in case I had to go out.

It’s about half-past midnight when I heard the faint sounds of sliding footsteps go past our door - Gabrielle always scuffs her feet. I jumped up and look out the peep-hole and catch a glimpse of Gabrielle walking down the hallway toward the elevator. I wait and listen.

The elevator bell rings and I hear the doors open. As soon as I hear them close I grab my key off the ring by the door and slip out silently. I rush down to the elevator and watch the numbers - they go all the way to B for basement and I hear the echo of the doors opening from the shaft.

Gabrielle is going to visit Charles again.

I think about going back to our apartment and waking Dad up, but the shit-storm that would happen if Dad caught Charles fucking Gabrielle freaked me out. Plus Gabrielle would never forgive me.

I push the down button instead and when the elevator comes I ride it all the way to the basement. All the way down I am nervous that it will stop on another floor and one of our neighbours would see me out after midnight in my nightgown and a sweater. But that doesn’t happen - I arrive at the basement at the sound of the bell.

I’d never been down there before, and let me tell you; it’s a creepy fucking place - the few bare, dim yellow light bulbs don’t do much to push the shadows away.

I creep around for what feels like hours, the leather soles of my booties scuffing the grit on the floor. The place is like a maze with short narrow hallways and dozens of rooms, some with locked doors, some without any doors on them at all. There’s a ton of old furniture and crates stored down there, water dripping, and I swear I heard the squeaking of rats.

I started to think I’d got it all wrong, or maybe Gabrielle and Charles left the building, when I heard her moan. It was distant and echoed, but I could tell it was Gabrielle - I’ve been with her when we were making out with boys and when she gets touched sexually her moan has a little shudder in it.

With shiver-bumps dancing up and down my sides, I walked slowly toward where I think it came from. Just as I was passing the boiler I hear it again - a long shuddery moan. Then I heard a man’s voice - Charles no doubt - ask;

“Does it feel good, Gabby?”

“... y-yes ...” came her reply. It sounded like she was quivering, “... but I want the big one ...”

The big what? I wondered.

Charles said something back to her that I couldn’t make out and Gabrielle let out a breathless yip.

I found where the sounds were coming from; behind the boiler was a narrow metal door that was half open. I squeezed through the opening because by the look of the rust the hinges would squeak. There was no light inside the doorway, but there was a sick yellow light coming from below so I could see there was a winding narrow staircase made of brick.

As I crept down the stairs, being careful not to make any sound, I could hear Gabrielle whimpering.

“Tell me when you’re cumming, baby.” said Charles, his voice clearer now.

“... yeah ...” she gasped, and I could hear her harsh breathing.

Just as I got to the bottom of the stairs I heard Gabrielle cry out;

“... cumming!” and she started grunting and I could hear a shuffling sound like feet scuffing on a gritty floor.

“That’s number seven tonight.” Charles said as Gabrielle came down from her orgasm, "You're such a sweet girl."

“... I really want the big one, Charles ...” Gabrielle said in a desperate whiney voice.

“Maybe some day, sweetheart.” Charles murmured as Gabrielle went back to moaning.

The hallways were even narrower down in the sub-basement with rooms on each side. I crept forward, easing up on each open doorway to peek inside before moving on. It seemed these hallways went on forever, and sound was distorted - I couldn't tell where their voices were coming from.

“What are you doing down here?!” Charles’ voice was harsh and he was suddenly standing in front of me. I admit; I was so startled I peed a little.

“You’re not allowed down here.” Charles said. Behind him I could hear Gabrielle;

“... who is it?” and she sounded weak and scared.

“I came to see if Gabrielle is okay.” I said and it even sounded lame to me.

“She’s fine.” Charles said.

“She doesn’t sound fine.” I said, screwing up some courage and putting my fists on my hips, “I want to see her.”

“You do, do you?” Charles smile, “Are you sure about that?”

“I want to see her.” I clenched my jaw, trying to look tougher than I felt.

To my surprise, Charles stepped aside and bowed, sweeping his arm toward the next doorway.

“Go ahead. She’s in there.” he said. Gabrielle moaned again.

“... don’t ...” she whimpered, “... please don’t ...” then a whimpery; “... oh fuck ...”

"It's okay, Gabby." Charles said over his shoulder, "Your friend is worried about you."

Not feeling very courageous anymore, I crept slowly forward and peered into the room. Gabrielle was in there - I could smell her heat; sweat, armpits, and sex smells, plus that earthy hormonal smell I noticed in the elevator that day. As I slowly entered the room I saw an old mattress on the floor against one wall and shadows in all the corners. I didn’t see her until I had stepped right in the room ...

Gabrielle was sitting on the floor, leaning against her pajamas that hung on a hook behind her. She was naked except for her knee socks, her tiny nipples were tight and puckered, her usually flat stomach was bulged and undulating. She had both hands between her thighs and was gasping her way into another orgasm. She looked like she was high, or in some kind of trance, because she didn’t care I was watching her.

“... cumming ...” she moaned and shuddered, her breathing ragged. I watched my friend orgasm in the filthy room, naked and exposed to a man old enough to be her grandfather. As her orgasm eased off, I saw a movement between her thighs. I thought she’d been masturbating, but she hadn’t. She had been fucked by a pure horror ...

What looked like a fat pink snake slid out of her and the bulge in her belly went down a little. As it slithered across her right thigh, Gabrielle caressed it, still looking dreamy in her post orgasm haze.

As it began to slither away, I looked down at the thing and wanted to scream, but my breath caught in my throat. It wasn’t a snake, it was like a human sized octopus with multiple tentacles. I saw that it was trailing one tentacle that was still inside Gabrielle - she’d been sitting on it. She braced her hands against the floor and lifted her bum, whimpering as the tentacle slithered out of her, the last of the bulge in her belly going down. I heard the squelch and wet pop as it pulled out of her anus - Gabrielle grunted and curled her hips, shuddering through a small orgasm. Then settled herself back down.

Gabrielle opened her eyes and looked up at me.

“Don’t hate me, McKayla.” she said in a weak, tired voice.

She looked so frail, so used up and lost that my heart was breaking. As my eyes welled with tears I moved to her and knelt down, wrapping my arms around her thin body. She was shivering and started to cry. Gabrielle absolutely reeked of that earthy, hormonal smell - it was like it was oozing from her pores.

“Please don’t tell.” she whimpered.

“I won’t.” I whispered, breathing in her earthy smell deep through my nose, feeling dizzy and weak. I had a compulsion for more of it, so I turned and kissed Gabrielle’s sweaty cheek, and licked my lips as I hugged her close, pressing my nose into her hair. My lips tingled and my mouth watered and I swear I could feel it absorbing into my body; I suddenly felt the pull of a sexual ache deep in my pussy and my stomach quivered as though I was about to vomit. The odd thing was, the nausea felt good.

“I won’t tell.” I whispered again as I trembled.

Later, when I got back to own apartment, I masturbated standing up in my bathroom to a gut-clenching orgasm. I left a drippy mess on the bathroom floor that I had to clean up before I went to bed.

December 23, 2017 ...
My arousal has been off the scale all day and they are more active than ever before inside my belly - squirming and slithering. Plus my belly as been bloating all evening as I drink glass after glass of water to quench a never-ending thirst.

I just masturbated to two orgasms and still I’m horny as hell. COntractions now ... I think this might be it.

Oh god, this is it.

September 5, 2017 ...
After Charles and I got Gabrielle up on quivering legs and got her dressed in her pajamas, I agreed to meet with them the next night. As Charles said - I must have a lot of questions.

I had a shit-ton of questions.

Gabrielle met me at the elevator at half past twelve the next night and we went down together. She was in her pajamas and slippers, I was in a nightie and my leather booties, with my blue sweater.

Charles met us at the elevator and took us to his apartment. It was a windowless home with a bathroom and small bedroom, a kitchenette, and a small open space that served as a living room and dining area. The furniture in his apartment was old, but classy and I realized he furnished his home with cast-offs from the tenants who lived in semi-luxury above him.

Charles made us tea and Gabrielle and I sat on his sofa while he sat in an armchair and told us (me) everything he knew about the creatures;

So far as he knew, the creatures had been here for centuries. He theorized that it was one of the reasons why the Lenape tribe was so eager to sell the island to the Dutch West India Company in 1626. Both the Indians and the Dutch avoided this area when living here. Early houses around this neighbourhood were often vacant - abandoned and left to rot down to their collapsed skeletons.

Eventually this building was constructed in the 1930s and it wasn’t long before the creatures tunnelled up and opened a hole into the room I’d found Gabrielle in. That was when young girls living with their families in the building started to disappear.

“Let me show you something.” Charles said, pulling an old suitcase out from under the sofa. He placed it on the coffee table and opened it - it was filled with girl’s soiled underpants - I mean stuffed full. As Gabrielle and I started pulling them out one pair at a time, we discovered that we were looking at an archaeological collection of panties through history. Some were fairly modern, others from the 90s, 80s and beyond. Some were something my grandmother probably wore when she was a little girl. Some of the panties were adult sizes, some teens, and a few were little girl panties - one pair that made me shiver had Mickey Mouse printed on the bum. The commonality was that all were soiled - especially the crotch areas which were crusted and discoloured.

“This young?” I asked Charles, holding up the Mickey Mouse panties with the yellowed crust crotch. He nodded;

“Sexual desire knows no age limit.” he said with a shrug and picked out a pair of granny panties with a crotch just as crusty.

Gabrielle broke the mood by laughing as she held up a pair of modern purple panties, “These are mine from my first night!” The crotch was a mess of crusted slime.

Gabrielle took over the story to tell me how it felt to mate with the creatures. She said the first time is scary until it touches anywhere on your body where there are mucus membranes. The creatures’ tentacles are wet and very slippery - they ooze constantly, so much so that any grime or dirt they pick up from slithering across the floor is sloughed off before they touch you.

“The minute they touch you, you feel it.” Gabrielle said, starting to look dreamy, a secret smile twisting the corner of her mouth, “It’s like a drug that floods your body - like every cell in your body. You’re instantly aroused; your pussy aches to be filled; your anus gets loose and your bowels feel ... not sure how to say it; hungry to be penetrated; even your mouth starts watering and you want a cock in it. Your body gets hot like you have a fever, and you start sweating.”

Gabrielle looked up at me;

“And you start oozing like they do - your pussy and your rectum.” she suddenly looks pained, like she’s about to cry, “After they touch you, you need it, McKayla. You really NEED it.”

Charles reaches across and squeezes Gabrielle’s right knee.

“It’s okay, Gabby. We’ll take care of you tonight.” he assures her.

“They make you cum so hard, McKayla. More than anything else.” Gabrielle said in a desperate voice.

We sit in silence for a moment.

“You said last night that you wanted the ‘big one.” I asked Gabrielle, “What did you mean?”

“There is one larger than the rest.” Charles explained for Gabrielle, “I haven’t seen him for years. Most of them are about the size of a human - he’s the size of a horse. I wish I hadn’t told her.”

“When did you learn about them?” I asked Charles.

“Right after I started working here.” he answers, “There was a girl that came down here every night. The poor thing was lost in her sexual relationship with the creatures. She taught me about them.”

“What happened to her?” I ask and notice Gabrielle suddenly looked down at her knees, uncomfortable with that question.

“Like all the rest; she disappeared.” Charles answers while meeting my gaze, “Eventually the creatures take them down into their lair, or they go on their own.”

“And then?”

“By the sounds coming back up to the surface, they sex them up for hours until they go silent.” Charles answered, “I think they devour the girls.”

I shudder in the ensuing silence. After a moment Gabrielle looks up at me and asks a question that I get the sense she’s been wanting to ask me since the previous night;

“Are you going to do it tonight?”

“Gabrielle, they turn you into food.” I say, more horrified by her absence of fear about that more than the act itself.

“I know.” Gabrielle smiles, “But Charles says that none of the girls fight it, and some crawl down there on their own.”

This is getting awkward and I’m feeling like I’m being pressured - Gabrielle and Charles are both watching my face.

“I know you want to.” Gabrielle says, reaching out and squeezing my upper thigh through my nightie, “I can smell you.”

I swallow past a lump in my throat; she’s right, hearing this story has aroused me - the crotch of my panties feel slimy.

December 23, 2017 ...
I can’t lie still - there’s so much activity in my belly. My uterus is beginning to contract and pulse and the baby creatures inside me are squirming and wriggling at the top of my cervix like they’re trying to escape.

I’m scared.

Now that it’s here, I don’t want this. I want to be a normal teenager again. I want to have never heard of the creatures.

The cramping is getting worse and suddenly I feel a tickle inside my pussy; it’s one of the baby creature’s tentacle reaching through my cervix. It feels like a wash of ice water rushes through my bowels.

Oh fuck.

I pick up my cell phone and text Gabrielle; ‘get C. it’s happening!!!’

She texts back right away; ‘coming with C now.’

September 6, 2017 ...
Gabrielle sacrificed her turn for me. I was laying on the mattress still dressed, being held down by Charles whose hands are on my shoulders. Gabrielle reached under my nightie and pulled off my panties by the crotch and holds them up.

“See?” she said with a giggle, showing me the crotch that is smeared with sticky girl ooze, then tosses them aside.

I was scared. Yes I was horny, but so scared.

“I’m only holding you down to get you past the panic feeling when he emerges.” Charles said gently as he stroked my cheek.

I stared into the triangular shadow in the corner of the room, shivering. I could hear him before I saw him - a slithery sound interspersed with soft grinding as his body moved over soil, rocks, and sand.


Pink tentacles rose up out of the darkness and pulled his body up out of the hole. He is like the one who fucked Gabrielle - the size of a human, but like an octopus.

“I changed my mind.” I gasped, trying to get out from under Charles’ grip.

“It’s okay, McKayla.” Gabrielle said softly, “You’re going to be fine.”

“... no ...” I whimpered.

“I was scared too.” Gabrielle admitted, “Until he touched me.”

He undulated across the floor, coming straight toward me. He moved slowly, deliberately, and I got the sense he could move a lot faster if he wanted; he was moving up on me slowly as to not scare me more.

I could smell him - that same earthy hormonal smell as Gabrielle, but stronger. I breathed it in through my nose and felt my body warm and start to relax. Gabrielle looked up at Charles and nodded. Charles squeezed my shoulders and let go, rising and moving off to join Gabrielle at the side of the room.

I stared with morbid fascination at the creature as it arrived at the mattress, long tentacles slithering up over the edge near my feet. I see that some of the tentacles have suckers on the ends, others have small mouths. I got a stronger waft of his scent and felt my arousal grow. Without thought, I parted my thighs - the animal part of my brain wanted him.

“... no ...” I whimpered, but I knew it was pointless - I was going to let him do me. Part of me was rejecting this horror I was about to endure, but deep inside I knew I wanted it.

I stared at him rising his body up at my feet, without making contract his tentacles moved around me and two slithering slowly between my thighs. He was so close I could feel his heat.

Then he touched me.

My fear dissolved instantly as he pressed one tentacle against my pussy and a strong rush of arousal flooded my belly - I was instantly horny like I’d been watching anal porn (my favourite) and edging all day. I wanted him inside me. I wanted him deep inside me.

To my delight, the other tentacle pushed wetly between the cheeks of my bum and pressed against my anus. I felt it loosen. I felt my pussy loosen.

They began to undulate, applying gentle pressure. I opened my thighs wider, wanting him ... needing him.

I was still half sitting up, my upper body braced on my elbows. His other tentacles surrounded me, and held me, bracing me for what was to come. Two smaller tentacles slid up my sides inside my nightie, their tapered tips were tiny and encircled each of my nipples that I wasn’t surprised were puckered and tight.

My eyes rolled back in my head as my whimpers turned to moans and I felt my pussy opening like a blooming flower. His tentacle was squishy but firm as it penetrated me and pushed deep inside. I cooed as I welcomed him into my body, then grunted as his other tentacle opened my anus and pushed into my rectum. That was a first for me - no other person (creature?) had penetrated my anus, despite me wanting it. I masturbate a lot with one of my fingers working inside my rectum, but this felt wonderful.

Both tentacles continued to fill me - the one in my pussy swelling and stretching me sweetly, the one in my rectum delving deeper - each being gentle. Then both squirted inside me - it felt like hot, sticky oil and it was like a drug rush; orgasmic waves flooded my body and I began to quivering. The tiny tentacles encircling my nipples moved and I felt their tips slide inside the immature milk ducts into my breasts, and they too jetted the hot, thick fluid into me. The process was repeated between my legs as another tiny tentacle penetrated my urethra and curled in my bladder, pulsing a jet of the fluid there as well.

I was feeling the undulating pulses of a low-grade total body orgasm continuously now. I lay with my thighs open wide and my knees bent, trusting the tentacles wrapped around my back to hold me - hug me - tight. Even in my bliss I knew he was indoctrinating me; getting me used to mating with him. And I knew I had one orifice left.

I felt a tentacle caress my lips and instinctively opened my mouth. It slowly slid into my mouth and over my tongue and as it did I felt four more strong tentacles encircle both my upper arms and thighs.

Things were about to get rough - I thought - he’s bracing me, knowing I’ll fight it.

The tentacle caressing my tongue pushed down my throat - deep down into my gullet. I gagged and choked, but relaxed when I felt a large pulse of the fluid gush into my stomach. As the tentacle withdrew, the flood or warmth and bliss spread fast across my belly. I gasped and had my first true orgasm with the creature in that instant. My body curled, my toes curled, my hands became claws grasping at nothing.

That’s when he started fucking me.

All his supporting tentacles gripped me tight and the rest began moving inside me, slow at first then faster.

“... oh, fuck ...” I whimpered and cried out as he fucked me deep and hard. The one in my pussy was pressing hard against my cervix, pushing it up into my uterus - I thought of belly buttons; he just turned my cervix from an outie to an innie. I could feel the one in my bowels travelling up the left side of my belly, squirting more fluid as it went. My abdomen felt like it was so full I might burst, but I was lost in the feeling - lost in the waves of orgasms pulsing inside me.

I cried out, I whimpered, I was sweating profusely and shuddering as I flexed hard against his strength to no avail. He was raping me and I loved the desperate orgasms it was giving me.

“... oh fuck!” I cried out again as I felt him slide through my cervix and expand inside my uterus and somehow - inside that now bloated sex organ - I felt him bite me. It was just a nip, and the sharpness of the pain was quickly lost in my sexual storm.

I lost all sense of time. I forgot where I was, who I was with, and even forgot who I was. I was cumming and my entire body had been penetrated in the most invasive way that until that moment I couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Time came back through a haze of delirium and it was moving slow. I felt the tentacles slip out of my body one by one as I was laid gently back onto the mattress. I squirmed slowly, just trying to breathe and ground myself. I felt Gabrielle’s and Charles’ hands and arms gather me and hold me. The made encouraging, comforting sounds that I knew were words, but I couldn’t understand.

My body felt wonderful except for one thing; my belly felt weak and hollow and I wanted it filled up again. I wanted more.

December 23, 2017 ...
Gabrielle and Charles are supporting me as we make our way through the basement. I’m only dressed in my nightie, because the tentacles of one of the babies are hanging down out of me. Charles is carrying another, which squished out of me in the elevator to splat heavy on the floor.

Charles’s left arm is around my shoulders and Gabrielle’s right is around my waist. Grabrielle is also carrying my go-bag. I can barely move my legs - my pelvis feels weak and disjointed, my belly so heavy and pendulous.

Charles guides us into a fairly clean room with a table in the middle and I hear Gabrielle drop my go-bag.

“Get her up on the table.” Charles says and they help me sit on the table top. I lean to one side to prevent squishing the baby that is half stuck in my vagina. Gabrielle pulls my nightie off and Charles eases me down onto my back and I open my thighs and strain to push the baby the rest of the way out.

I feel Gabrielle’s hands lifting the back of my head and pushing a pillow there. I lift my shoulders and she pushes it further under me.

“Push, McKayla.” Charles says, and I push hard - I’m so ready to have them out of me.

September 9, 2017 ...
It was three days past the night I let the creature fuck me. I hadn’t talked to Charles or Gabrielle and had ignored her texts. After they got me home I spent the rest of the night vomiting up the fluid from my stomach and shitting it out of my bowels and masturbating. It continued to induce strong sexual pleasure until the last gush from my cramping bowels.

For three days I isolated myself in my room, trying to come to grips with what I was feeling; it was a mixture of confusing emotions. The experience was at the same time frightening and orgasmic, and that I had let him fuck me made me feel adventurous and ashamed at the same time.

I longed for the experience again - craved it like an addict craves his drug. When I closed my eyes in the quiet of my room I could feel him inside me again, his slippery tentacles squirting its fluid and slithering effortlessly long and deep inside my belly; forcing open my cervix and plumping my uterus with its expanding tentacle and moving my uterus around inside me - moving it like it was a flesh hand puppet making little circles in my belly; and the other sliding through my rectum and up my descending colon, bloating my belly with its presence, gushing its fluid into me like an oily enema, all the while sliding in and out. Even the tentacle he teased down my throat made me cum when it gushed its liquid down my gullet to bloat my stomach.

I’d masturbated multiple times each day, but none of my orgasms came close to the sexual bliss the creature gave me; as soon as he was inside me I was doing a slow cum, and fell into a semi-conscious sexual delirium until time meant nothing and only began to rise up out of it after he was done with me.

I’d even experimented with vegetables from our fridge; cucumbers, a turnip, even an eggplant that took so much force to get inside me I was sweating and in pain when my pussy finally swallowed it. Despite the size of those items, my orgasms were pale things by comparison - his tentacles were firm and squishy at the same time.

I tried fingering my throat as I masturbated; gagging and heaving as I came, and though it enhanced the physicality of my orgasm it wasn’t the same; that blend of physical ecstasy of being forced to swallow him and the fear of how deep he planned to go had sent waves of intense bliss through my body.

If someone asked me to describe what he did to me and how it felt I wouldn’t be able to. ‘Invasively sexual’ was the phrase I would choose, but invasive in a good way - and how do you explain that you loved an act of rape? And there was part of the deep shame I felt, the other the fact that I had let an animal (reptile?) fuck me.

So I was at times recalling it fondly then sinking down into the swamp of shame and regret. I guess that’s how addicts feel when they do something horrible to obtain drugs.

I was alone in my room when my mom tapped on the door and came in.

“Gabby’s here to see you.” she told me. I knew I had to face her eventually, so I nodded. Gabrielle came into my room after thanking my mom and gently closed the door.

She came and sat on my bed, studying my face and appearing to be concerned.

“Are you okay?” she asked, speaking quietly. I nodded, but at the same time I felt an upsurge of shame crumple my face and I began to sob as silently as I could. Gabrielle wrapped her arms around my shoulders and held me tight, rocking me and making soothing sounds.

“It’s okay, McKayla. It’s okay.” she whispered.

“No it’s not.” I whined, “I’m a whore ... a slut ... I let an animal fuck me and I liked it.”

“Shhh.” Gabrielle stroked my back as I cried, “Girls have been mating with the creatures for centuries.”

“But I haven't! What’s next? Dogs? Horses?” all of the thoughts and emotions I’d had for three days came pouring out of me, “Is there no degrading sex I wouldn’t give myself to? Will I end up down in Times Square, whoring myself out to any kinky fuck as their plaything?”

Gabrielle pulled back and gripped me by the shoulders.

“Look at me. Look at me McKayla.” so I looked up into her eyes, “Would you call me a whore? A slut? Would you accuse me of fucking dogs?”

I shook my head; “... no ...”

“Why not? I’ve been doing this for weeks.”

“Because you’re my friend and I love you. Saying those things would be cruel.”

“You need to love yourself and not be cruel to yourself.”

She was right - this storm was me judging myself about myself.

“Did it feel good, McKalya?”

I nodded.

“Better than any boy?”

I nodded and felt a faltering smile quivering on my lips, "Fuck yeah."

“Better than jilling off?”

I snorted out a laugh; “I’ve been trying ever since and the results haven’t been what I want.”

“You can’t cum that hard without him.”

I slowly shake my head; “No. But now we’ve tasted it, how can we stay away?”

“We can’t.” Gabrielle said bluntly.

“It’s not fair.” I complained, “It’s like being born blind, and one day a doctor does something so you can see colours for the first time. But it only lasts an hour then you’re blind again for the rest of your life.”

“You’re right.”

“So what do we do?” I said, starting to be ashamed of the whine in my voice; I’ve never been a pampered princess but I was sure acting like one.

“We stay in the colours.” Gabrielle smiled.

“We go back?”

“Yes. We go back again and again and again.” Gabrielle said, moving on the bed and laying down beside me, pulling me gently into her arms, “The well will never be dry - there’s more of them. It never gets old - it is the same as the first time or even better. The creatures learn what we like the best and become masters at pleasing us.”

“There’s more than one?” I ask, waves of shiver-bumps tickling my flanks and belly as I thought about a creature gang-bang.

“There are dozens of them.”

“And one is the bigger one you want?”

“Yes.” Gabrielle whispers and shudders.

I snuggle against Gabrielle’s shoulder as we hold each other.

“He bit me.” I confess.

“What? Where?”

“Inside.” I say softly, “Inside my uterus.”

“Are you okay?”

I nod; “It was only a nip.”

We lay in silence for a few moments.

“That might explain something. The bite I mean.” Gabrielle sounds like she’s thinking out loud.

“What?” I say, craning my neck to watch her face.

“The big one showed up every night since you were there. I thought he was there for me, but he wasn’t. He ignored me and that hurt. He kept looking around, even went up into the basement.”

“That’s weird.”

“No, it makes sense.” Gabrielle said turning to look me in the eyes, “He wants YOU.”

December 23, 2017 ...
Pushing the babies out is almost as overwhelming as when the big guy laid the eggs inside me. I shudder and cry out as I push their long tentacle bodies out of my uterus one after the other. I’ve birthed fifteen so far not counting the one that slid out of me in the elevator.

I am still in an orgasmic state, but birthing them is made more difficult because they bite. Their bites aren’t that painful - my uterus and pussy are all tingles from the wounds their little teeth leave behind - it’s that they bite and hold. I think they were happy in my womb, and being birthed is scaring them, especially when I move too abruptly.

So for the last fifteen minutes I have strained and pushed them out one at a time, trying to keep my bum and belly still while my upper body trembles badly.

I need to get this over with so I can decide what the rest of my life is going to look like. Will the big guy still want me, or is this brood to be my one and only? Sure, Charles knew a girl in the eighties who successfully bred with the creatures for over two years before her insides got so loose that the eggs just slithered out of her after the big guy came in her - yeah, when they cum they ejaculate a clutch of eggs and a couple quarts of semen. After she got too loose she was rejected by the big guy - maybe not MY big guy, but maybe his daddy - and had to settle for the smaller ones. Eventually she crawled down into their lair as a form of suicide. Once you’re in their lair you become food. Charles said he has heard the girls who end up down there - the creatures sex them up for a long time and start devouring them while they’re still alive. He says you can hear slurping sounds as they feed.

The big problem for me right now is my parents. I was able to hide my swelling belly for three weeks by wearing loose tops, but one night at dinner my top was caught up under my bum and mom noticed it clinging to my pot belly. She made me stand up and lifted my top and palpated my lower belly, declaring that it wasn’t fat because it was too solid.

“You’re pregnant.” she hissed with anger. Then the grilling started from both parental units; “Who was the dad?” (like I could tell them the truth) and my blurted reply of “I don’t know” set off a ton more questions and accusations; how could you do this to us? what were you thinking? when did you become a slut? how many men do you sleep with? do you have no shame?

They pulled me out of school and grounded me, making me do home studies. They made me see a psychiatrist. They made me see an Ob-gyn who I refused to let do an ultrasound. I became ‘that girl’ in my mom’s circle, and believe me; she played it up. I overhear her on the phone playing the woe-is-me, my-teen-daughter-is-a-whore card for sympathy.

Two months into my pregnancy I looked six months, by three months I looked like I was full term. My mom accused me of hiding it longer than they realized, and I felt like asking how much she knew about gestation periods of alien life forms. But I didn’t, I stuck it out, and on the nights I was able to sneak away to see Charles and Gabrielle - and get fed by the big guy (human food makes me sick now) - we talked it out and arrived at only one solution.

Once I birthed my brood, my parents would want to see the ‘baby’ and we couldn’t come up with any excuse for not producing it, and if I didn’t I wouldn’t put it past my mom to call the cops. So we came up with the fake runaway plan.

When Gabrielle and Charles came to get me tonight, Gabrielle slipped into our apartment and left my ‘runaway note’ and took my go-bag.

I’m now homeless.

Well, not quite; Charles has offered to have me stay with him at least until I can figure things out. I’m not thrilled with the idea because I know he wants to fuck me. I see him masturbating in the shadows as he watches me being sexed up and fed by the big guy, and he gets Gabrielle to suck his cock when she’s getting fucked by one of the creatures. She says she doesn’t care because she’s so horny when the creatures are fucking her, she’d suck anyone’s cock.

But right now I have a more immediate problem; the last baby is stuck inside me. I can feel his teeth sunk into my uterus and his body is lodged halfway through my cervix. He’s holding on tight and doesn’t want to be born. I cry out more in frustration than in pain - I just can’t get him out of there. If he stays there one of two things will happen; he’ll continue to grow to a size that I can’t possibly birth, or he’ll die and I’ll be left with an impossible choice. With a dead creature inside me, infection is a sure thing, so I’ll either get sick and die, or I’ll go to a doctor and tell him I have a stillborn alien inside my belly.

Charles has the solution; he grips my thigh and pushes his hand right into me. I scream; his hand is no larger than the big guy’s tentacles, but his hand has bones in it so I feel his hard knuckles as he reaches right into my uterus and shakes the baby to pull it loose, then when he pulls it out, his hand is twice the size because he’s holding it. It is such a relief to have that last one out of me, that I actually thank Charles. Gabrielle makes a joke that he can tell his friends that he fisted a teenager.

My belly is still swollen, but it’s soft and squishy now. At least its over; I’ve birthed my brood. Charles drops the last baby into the bucket he’s been collecting them in and delivers that squirming mess to the opening to their lair, Gabrielle soothes me and gives me a sponge bath.

I need to be fed, but it will have to wait - I’m exhausted, and I don’t think I can stand anything more pushed inside me tonight.

Continued in part two: Lost Girls - Evolution II