Alien Feeder

by Erotickynk

(Thirty years after the signing of the non-aggression treaty between the United Earth Nations and the Slyth Empire, the Independent Human Rights Commission funded by the Humanist Foundation began investigating the Slyth's heavily guarded industrial complex on DalSirius 5. It took seven years before inspectors were permitted to visit the planet and what they found there horrified them. Their report to the United Earth Nations was so shocking that it was sealed and the IRH Commission was dissolved by an act of the Security Council.

However, leaked sections of the report found their way to social media and revealed that in addition to establishing the volunteer human incubator program on Mars, the original agreement to supply the Slyth with human genetic material was done in secret to satisfy the needs of the far superior Slyth military complex and bring an end to an interstellar war that had crippled most of humankind's colonized planet system.

When the true nature and purpose of the complexes on DalSirius 5 began to emerge, the Slyth were puzzled by the outcry from the human population. They argued that the genetically reproduced creatures that were part of their breeding program only existed through the Slyth's cloning technologies and therefore were not truly human. Plus the Slyth fed them, nurtured them for the first years of life and provided potent artificial endorphin stimulation enzymes so the creatures experienced intense pleasure throughout their growth and processing. The creatures were also given puberty blocking compounds to allow them to reach optimum size with minimal body fat.

Why the Slyth prefer the creatures be processed alive remains a focus of speculation. Some argue that the Slyth are simply sadistic monsters, while others theorize that they prefer adrenalin infused flesh. One theory that has a large following in the medical and psychiatric community is that the Slyth are empathic, and enjoy sharing the experiences and blend of intense pleasure/pain sensations of the creatures as they are processed.

Support for this theory is evidenced by the empathic recording that follows these briefing notes. The recording was smuggled out of DalSirius 5 by one of the inspection team members who reported that the Slyth have amassed a large library of such recordings. The reader is cautioned that the thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations in the recording that were experienced by the subject known as Six are intense and may not be suitable for all viewers. One interesting phenomenon that occurs in the recording is that even though only one minute and eleven seconds in real time elapsed from the moment this subject was clamped into her cradle until the end of the recording, for her and the viewer - the relative time duration feels much longer. Again; viewers are strongly cautioned about the intensity of the subject's experience and should have their cut-out switch at hand while experiencing the recording.

Despite appeals by the United Earth Nations and various human rights agencies, the Slyth continue to operate the massive genetic breeding and processing plants on DalSirius 5. The creatures, the Slyth maintain, are agricultural products and are simply not people.)


This is our big day; the reason why we were born. The reason why the Slyth feed us and keep us clean and give us our medicine and let us play with needles and feel good whenever we want.

None of us have been here before and there is so much excitement in the building as we look around wide-eyed at how big and busy this place is. It's way bigger than the nursery, but not as nice. This place is huge, with metal walls and harsh lights hanging from the metal ceiling high above us. This building is so wide and so long that I can't see the far end, but that's because of all the machinery.

There's a sign with big Slyth letters hanging down above the place where all the machinery starts, and it puzzles me. I heard another girl say the words "assembly line" and I asked her what that meant. She told me that our people used to have "factories" and that they were "assembly lines" to put things together. This was back on a place called Urth. We've all heard about Urth, but none of us know anyone who actually has been there.

Anyway, I stand here looking at the Slyth sign and as far as I can figure out, it says "disassembly".

But it's so crowded and noisy in here with so many excited girls that it's hard to think. The warm skin of other girls press against me as we slowly shuffle forward toward the machinery, trying not to jostle each other as we go. It's hot in here too from all the bodies, so we're all sweating and that kind of feels good to feel sweaty, slippery bodies rubbing against me.

Even though I'm in a bigger crowd than I've ever been in before, I'm feeling a little lonely. I've lost all my friends from the DS942 nursery to this crowd. They're here somewhere all the girls from DS942 are here because a new set of babies is coming in tomorrow - but it's impossible to find them in here. Even still, I stand up on my tiptoes and look over the heads of the crowd for even one of them, because it would be better to be excited with a familiar face than all alone in this crazy crowd.

I let the bodies around me carry me forward and we are moving toward one of the walls. It's like there are lines forming where the machinery starts and we are being spaced out.

Closer to the wall, I get up on my tiptoes again and I see two girls facing each other by the wall closest to us. I can't see them below their shoulders, but I can tell what they are doing just by their facial expressions.

One girl has her back to the crowd and her head is tilted down like she's paying attention to the other girl's body well, she IS paying attention to the other girl's body. The other girl is against the wall and her face tells it all; she is being penetrated by one of the long thick needles that the Slyth give us to play with. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is open and although I can't hear her I know she is crying out as her friend works the needle in and out of her body. Watching her and knowing what she is feeling makes my nipples tingle and my crotch get warm.

You see, the medicine the Slyth give us makes pain feel good. I mean REALLY good. So I know the girl with her back to me is pushing a needle into the other girl's body because the other girl is now biting her lower lip and squirming against the wall. I bite my lip sometimes when the feelings get intense.

I want to keep watching, but my calf muscles are getting sore, and the Slyth don't want us to get muscle cramps. They say that overusing our muscles makes our flesh get hard and tough, and they want us to stay soft and supple.

The closer we get to the machinery, the louder the sounds coming from it are. I can hear rolling metal wheels, hissing of air opening and closing things, metal clanking sounds, and water gushing. I can also hear the occasional faint trill of what sounds like screams from deep inside the machine complex. The thought that those really are screams of other girls makes my tummy flutter in excitement.

I've heard girls scream all my life in the dark when we're supposed to be sleeping but we sneak into each other's cots to play. I even scream myself sometimes when the needle goes in special places.

The Slyth promise that the medicine they give us makes all pain feel like pleasure, so I'm not really that scared, but still I don't know what is going on in there, so yeah, I am a little nervous. But they told us that we would feel great pleasure here and I believe them because they didn't lie when they said that about the medicine. We always play with each other when we're bored; pinching, and squeezing, and spanking each other. But what feels the best are the needles. The best feelings for me is when Niner puts the needle between my thighs and pushes it up into me deep. Feeling the needle up inside my belly makes the good feelings rush through my core like nothing else. The next best place is in my belly button.

We are forbidden to use the needles in our chests or ears or eyes, but Niner likes it best when I use the needle on her nipples, and I guess it's okay because I never go deep. The needles are long enough that I can get one through both of her nipples, pinching and pulling them outward from her almost flat chest one at a time and piercing them through. Niner starts quivering and drooling whenever I do that and she curls up face down so I can spank her at the same time. Sometimes she rolls on her back and opens her thighs and begs me to spank her sex. I admit, I like it when she does that to me too not as much as the needle - but it feels pretty darned good.

The crowd I'm stuck in has almost stopped moving and we're close to where the machines are. The floor is wet under my bare feet and over the sweaty girl smell I can also smell pee.

I stand up on my tiptoes again and I can catch glimpses of what is going on between the bobbing heads of the hundreds of girls in front of me. It looks like us girls are climbing up onto metal cradles one at a time and lying down in them. Then the cradles move automatically on wheels along a two-railed track and under a spray of water. The water is like a curtain so I can't really see much after that, just blurry shapes.

I look around to see if anyone I know is around me, but all the faces are strangers to me. Although some look like a few of the girls I know. It occurs to me that we all look a lot alike and a fuzzy memory of a lesson from the human Slyth ambassador stirs in my mind.

I was little. All the girls in DS942 were little, and the human called Ruth who taught us the Slyth rules was there ...

"The Slyth love you all." she told us as we sat cross-legged and naked on the floor around her, "They love you so much, they want to eat you up." And she laughed, and we giggled.

"All you girls are descended from six genetic lines, chosen by the Slyth for what your bodies look like, how soft your skin is, and how pure your flesh is." Ruth told us. "So really, all of you are sisters. You're family."

I remember all of us looking at each other and smiling at that. We were family. We were sisters.

"But you're special sisters." Ruth said. "You didn't have mommies or daddies like ordinary children. You had each other, and you were grown into babies in special globes that the Slyth made just for you..." and here Ruth paused and smiled, but her smile looked sad, "...because they love you so much."

I never forgot that that the Slyth love us, and standing in the crowd waiting my turn in the machines it still makes me smile.

A girl in front of me turns and reaches out her hands.

"Steady me?" she asks.

I take her hands while she squats and pees on the concrete floor. I see that her inner thighs are red and blotchy from a rash we get if we pee standing up too much.

The girl looks a little like Niner and I smile as I help her stand back up and she thanks me.

"I'm Six, what's your name?" I ask.

"Zero." she says and we both smile.

"Are you excited?"

Zero nods, "Very excited." she says and smiles.

I think Niner is my best friend. Every time she learns something new she comes and shares it with me first before she tells anyone else. Like when she figured out what was going to happen to us.

"Remember what Ruth said?" Niner whispered excitedly one night after lights-out as we snuggled in my cot together.

"Ruth said lots of stuff." I said back.

"Well, the part about the Slyth wanting to gobble us up?"

"Yeah. They love us."

"It's true. They eat us. They eat little girls."

"For real and true?" I remember whispering, my eyes wide.

"For real and true, Six."

Six is what Niner calls me. My real name is DS942J662. Niner is always sneaking around, spying on the humans who work for the Slyth and she said she pieced it all together by hearing bits a pieces of conversations; the Slyth use human women to breed their eggs in, and they liked eating girl meat. We were bred and raised to be food for the Slyth.

"Do they eat us alive?" I whispered, wondering how that would feel. Would it feel good like the needles?

"No. There's a special place they're going to take us one day and we'll get processed."

"What's processed?"

"Made into meat." Niner said, her voice filled with awe.

And that is what they are doing to us today. That's what's happening past those curtains of water.

I rise up on my tiptoes again and see that the lines are actually moving pretty fast. I count heartbeats and it takes about twenty heartbeats for each girl to get in her metal cradle and scoot under the water curtain. I can see down the line and there are dozens and dozens of tracks with metal cradles coming and going and each one takes away a girl every twenty heartbeats. There are thousands of us here today.

I miss Niner. I wish she was here so we could go together. Maybe she could be in the line beside mine and we could look at each other one last time before going under the water curtain.

Niner was the one who figured out what the medicine did. One of the nights she snuck into my cot, instead of the needle, she used her fingers to rub between my thighs. She made the good feelings come just by doing that, without hurting me at all. It took way longer and the good feeling didn't last as long or were as strong, but it was the same.

"It's called an orgasm." Niner whispered in my ear, "That's what the medicine does it makes us have orgasms when we feel pain."

"Why would the Slyth want that?" I asked and Niner couldn't answer. So even though she already gave me an orgasm, I asked her to use her needle on me too. And of course, I used mine on her like I did almost every night, even though the other girls near us in the dormitory laughed when she pushed her soft round bum up for me to spank.

I'm much closer now. So close that I can hear more of the machinery sounds beyond the water curtain. I can also faintly hear girls moaning and grunting in there.

I'm getting so excited.

Niner took me once to where she spied on the humans. It was a narrow shaft and she showed me how to get into by turning little levers on a vent. We had to sneak in really carefully so we didn't make any noise, but once we were inside we could hear their voices.

I could hear Ruth's voice and the voices of other humans too. At first we didn't know what they were talking about, other than one of the humans was sad about us. It was hard to hear, but we could make out little bits of conversation.

"...they're bred for it ...doesn't make it right ...the disassembly plant? ...never had the chance ecstasy ...orgasmic bliss ...hard to believe should go and see ...hope I die that happy..."

They were talking about us being here in this place. About lining up and going under the water curtain and into the machines. Remembering the words 'ecstasy' and 'orgasmic bliss' is making my insides feel quivery.

I'm close enough that I see there's a human is at every track and when I stand up on my tiptoes I see that they have a thing in their hand that has tubes running into it. The human presses the tip of the thing against every girl's upper arm and pulls a little trigger and it jumps a little. I wonder what it is.

Niner got scared sometimes and just wanted to be held. Like the time she started to doubt something Ruth told us over and over that no matter what happened to us, we would come back again and again like magic, so there was no need to be afraid or sad about anything.

"What if it isn't true?" Niner whispered to me one night as she shivered in my arms, "What if we get turned into meat and we're just meat. What if we don't come back?"

"But we do come back, Niner." I soothed her, "After this life is over, we come back as little babies and we live another life. And another and another and another."

"But how do you know, Six?"

"I just know. Everyone knows that, silly."

I'm very close now. The disorganized mob of girls are turning into orderly lines in front of each track, and every twenty heartbeats a girl rides her metal cradle through the water curtain. And the sounds of moaning and grunting are louder now, but still muffled by the sound of the water. I see other girls near me growing nervous they can hear the girls inside the machines too.

I'm able to see down the line better now too. So many tracks and so many girls. I turn and stand up on my tiptoes again and look behind me, there are as many girls behind me as there were in front of me when we all walked into this place. They must be bringing in girls from all over.

The Slyth must need a lot of food.

As I turn back to face the machines, I catch a glimpse of a girl that looks just like Niner. I hop up and down to get a better look and it is Niner! I can see the mole on her left hip that no other girl has.

She looks scared and alone as she steps up while the girl in front of her climbs onto her metal cradle. The human at her track pushes the thing against Niner's upper arm and Niner rubs it when she lowers the thing.

The girl in front of Niner gets swept away and goes under the water curtain as another cradle wheels around. Niner starts to climb up into it.

"Niner! Niner!" I call out to her, jumping up and down and waving my arms.

Niner turns and looks around, trying to find me in the huge crowd but she doesn't see me. She climbs into the frame and lies down. The metal frame jerks forward and just like that she's gone.

I'm sad that Niner didn't see me. I'm glad she heard me at least, but sad that we never got to say goodbye. I wonder if I'll remember her when I come back. I wonder if she'll remember me.

The closer I get to the front of the line the louder the sounds become. I can hear more screams now from deep in the machinery, and closer I can hear grunting and moaning and what sounds like girls throwing up. The sounds are so loud, they are making me dizzy. And suddenly I'm third in line.

The first girl is climbing in to her cradle and I can finally see how they work: It's a metal cradle that holds our body, and when a girl lies down she puts her legs in two troughs and clamps hiss and close over her ankles. Then she does the same with her arms and two more clamps grip her wrists down by her sides. Then she lies her head down in another cradle and a metal band crosses over her forehead. The cradle jerks and rolls around the curve and through the water curtain. I hear her grunt and moan from inside.

While this is happening, the human pushes the thing she held against the upper arm of the girl in front of me and I hear it hiss and jump a little in her hand. Then the girl climbs up into her cradle and when she does I see the rash on her inner thighs. It's Zero, the peeing girl.

"Bye-bye, Zero!" I call to her. Zero looks back over her shoulder at me and smiles, then she lies down.

I step forward and the human presses the thing against my arm and it hisses and jumps and I feel a tingly little burn on my arm.

"What is that?" I ask.

"Extra medicine." the human says and smiles as Zero's cradle jerks and clanks around the curve and under the water curtain and my own cradle rounds the return curve and stops. It's dripping water like it's just been washed.

"Up you go." the human says.

I climb up onto the cradle and my thighs feel weak. I'm trembling a little as I sit down and slide my legs down the troughs. I didn't realize how nervous I was until now.

Oh, Niner, I wish you were with me.

The cradles aren't solid metal like I thought the bottom is curved to fit my body and limbs and made out of metal mesh that supports me. The metal is warm. I wonder how many girls have ridden this cradle as the clamps hiss and close over my ankles and I lie down and let my arms rest in their troughs and my wrists are clamped tight too. I take one last look around at the line of machines and the girls getting in and being moved quickly under the water curtain to moan and grunt, then I let my head lie back, nestling it in the headrest. The metal strap slips across my forehead and my cradle jerks and starts moving around the curve.

The clamps and strap are padded with something soft, so it's not uncomfortable lying in the cradle, but going around the curve makes me feel dizzy. Even though the metal rails look smooth, they're not - the cradle vibrates and jerks side-to-side as it moves it makes me feel disoriented and a little sick to my stomach. I feel the water hit my feet and travel up my legs and body and it is warm and feels good. I close my mouth and eyes as it washes my face. Some runs in my nose so I snort it out and cough and just like that I'm through the curtain and into where the machines live.

The first thing I notice is that the machinery is louder in here, a lot of clanking and hissing. I can also hear Zero moaning up ahead and the sound excites me. And I can hear the echoes of other girls moaning, grunting, crying out, and screaming, and that scares me and excites me too.

The second thing I feel as my cradle moves along is something hard and curved slithering up from below and between the globes of my bum. It must be oily because it slides right up inside me, stretching my bum hole and penetrating deep. I've only ever had fingers inside my bumhole before, and the needle a few times, but never something this thick and long. It's scary, but it feels good too I feel that swollen and wet feeling start to build in my sex and I just know that I'm going to have orgasms soon. Then the hot water starts gushing inside me.

"Ungh " It happens so fast it makes me grunt and it fills my belly so quickly that it is my turn to moan. I've never felt anything like it before and it's overwhelming. The water is gushing hard into me and I can feel my belly bloating and stretching, little cramps and convulsions spreading across my belly as I am filled up.

Oh, Niner, I'm swelling up!

I can't lift my head, but I look down over my flushed cheeks and I can see my belly bloated all pale and white. I can see faint blue veins under my skin as it gets bigger and tighter.

And while I'm looking down, another curved tube slides down and presses against my lips. I open my mouth and it slides in over my tongue, pressing it down, then curves down my gullet. I gag and my tummy heaves as it starts gushing warm water down my throat. I jerk my head side to side to try to get it out of my throat, but that makes it worse. My belly heaves and I throw up some of the water past the thing in my gullet and have to snort out some that squirts out of my nose.

I can taste soap.

I hear Zero grunting and throwing up down the line. And just when I'm sure I'm about to burst, both tubes pull out of me and are gone to fill the next girl in line.

As the tubes are ripped from my bum and throat I throw up some of the soapy water and I can feel water gushing from my bum. Then a long needle descends and stabs through my belly button. It slides deep into me and even though I'm so bloated, it feels wonderful and I start to orgasm, squirming in my cradle, my wrists and ankles pulling against the clamps. It's like when Niner would play with the needle and make me orgasm.

But then something slams deep inside me and my entire belly convulses hard.

"BLURPH!" I jerk and try to curl forward and throw up violently as a large jolt of electricity jars my insides, cramping my bowels and sex and stomach into knots. I spew water from both ends as the electricity pulses hard inside me pulse pulse pulse - pulse. But the good feelings also rush through my body - my orgasm raging inside me wave after wave of strong orgasmic convulsions making me squirm and shudder in my metal cradle. I feel my body trying to respond to the pain and bliss my legs lifting, my knees bending like I'm trying to lift my knees up to my chest and open my thighs wide like I would do for Niner to get her to put the needle through my sex and up into my abdomen.

I am so thankful for the extra medicine this feels better and more intense than anything I've ever felt before.

And just like the tubes, the needle pulls up out of my belly abruptly as I continue rolling down the track, more water washing over me first hot soapy water, then hot clean water.

Now I've been cleaned, inside and out.

As I am being rinsed and struggling to catch my breath, I hear Zero cry out loudly like a startled cry then she starts grunting like she is straining.

" ...noooooo " her grunting turns into a moan and it is a sexy moan, the kind that I love to hear in the dormitory as my sisters play with themselves or each other with their needles.

One night when Niner didn't come to my cot, I pulled my needle up inside myself and lay there all night squirming and quivering with the good feelings. When the lights came on in the morning and I didn't get up, Niner found me delirious and drenched in sweat, still shivering that happens to a lot of girls who play alone. She pulled the needle out and held me until I regained my senses and took care of me all that day.

"I'm sorry I didn't come last night." Niner said as she fed me breakfast.

"...s'okay" was all I could manage. I wasn't mad at her. I wasn't even mad when she admitted that the reason she didn't come to my cot was that another girl was playing with her most of the night.

Thinking about Niner being played with by another girl excited me and my only wish was that I could have watched her face down on her cot, her nipples pierced by her needle as the other girl spanked her bum until it was swollen and red.

And now I realize that Niner is further down her line right now, and has experienced everything that I am going through and that is exciting too. I wish I could be with her and watch her experiencing this.

"Sister!" I hear Zero cry out loudly, and her voice is ragged and tinged with pain and fear, but another moan comes from her right after and I know she is having her orgasms too.

As the cradle rolls and vibrates down the line and I keep trying to catch my breath, something round and firm lifts under my lower back. It is curved and pushes up against me, arching my back and making my belly push upward. Then a new machine swings in from the side. It is an armature holding a spinning round blade and without pausing it descends and the spinning blade bites into me, slicing right through my belly button and into the muscles below.

"...nghhhhh " I strain as it zips upward fast and cuts me right to my sternum, the blade buzzing on the bone there. It makes my nipples tingle. Then just as fast it burns downward, opening my belly all the way down to the firmness of my mound I feel the blade grind hard against my pubic bone, making it vibrate, making my whole pelvis shudder.

Oh, Niner, sweet sister, please, please, please, I wish you were here holding me!

"Mugh!" I cry out as the armature lifts and the saw turns sideways and plunges down again, burning across my belly from hip to hip, grinding against one hipbone then burning across my belly to grind against the other. My belly feels like jelly, jiggling and loose as the armature lifts out of the way with a hiss and a clang. It happens so fast, I don't know how to handle it my belly feels all disconnected.

"Niner!" I cry out with a sob as I feel my belly opening and my waist spreading. I'm still stretched out by the round thing under the small of my back. My torso has always been tight and long and now that the skin and muscles are cut, I feel it growing wider and loose.

I never expected this to be cut this bad. I never thought about how we would be turned into meat. But of course we have to be opened up it all makes sense now, but I'm still in shock from how fast and violently the machine took me. My thighs are quivering and my bum jiggles in my cradle.

I think of Niner How she has already experienced this and I wonder how it felt for her. And I want to cry because Niner would have been craving pain in her sweet, scarred nipples, but she had no one there to do that for her.

I am panting fast and shallow, my breath hissing between my clenched teeth, and I can still hear Zero grunting and gagging ahead of me as we move along the disassembly line.

"Zero?" I cry out, my voice quavering and weak, my teeth chattering, "What's it doing to you?"

Zero groans loud and I can hear her cradle rattling so I think she's struggling against her clamps. Then I hear her heave and throw up again and it is a wet horrible sound.

"...oh sister..." she sobs, "...hurting me good..."

And then my cradle slides under a series of machines, all mechanical arms with grippers and cutters. They are scary and they move fast as they descend into my open belly.

The first one takes my breath away as it pulls my long, heavy, large intestine up out of my belly and I can feel its weight as it is lifted from my abdomen. As it dangles above me, two little arms snip off each end with spinning razor saws and it burns hot inside me. I feel my bumhole open and gape, no longer connected to my intestine.

The arm swings my fat intestine away and drops it with a plop into a wide trough beside my cradle. I see it sliding down out of the corner of my eye as the second arm reaches inside me, groping and searching. It feels so foreign in my belly, and I expect it to be cold like metal usually is, but it's warm from doing this to hundreds of girls before me.

It clamps and jerks the cut end of my small intestine up and feeds it into the mouth of a plastic tube that moves into position on my left and rides alongside my cradle as it carries me forward. I gasp as the tube starts to suck my small intestine up out of me. I can feel it unraveling inside my belly as the suction pulls and whips it around wildly.

I gag and heave as a huge wave of pain and ecstasy floods my body, but even still, I can't help myself.

I scream.

I scream loud and shrill, then gasp and find my words ...

"Ninerrrrrr ...I'm coming apart!"

...and my voice is hoarse and scared and lost in the sounds of the machines as my guts are being sucked up from inside my open belly. I never knew how long my intestines were it seems to go on and on forever and with it my shuddering orgasms makes me shake and quiver.

Then abruptly the last of my small intestine is sucked up into the tube and it pulls hard on my stomach, lifting me up. I feel it pull hard on my gullet and I am gagging and heaving, bile and foamy spit bubbling up out of my mouth. Then another arm blurs past my eyes and snips the end away from my stomach and I flop back down into the cradle and throw up hard again, and this time it's all bile and foamy blood.

I hear Zero sobbing; "...wanna go home ...pleeeeassssse..."

We're not going home, I think to myself, we're not ever going home.

Everything becomes a nightmare blur, the machine arms plunging into my belly and pulling out organs one at a time and dropping them in metal chutes to slither down into collection bins. I can hear them plopping into wet piles of the organs of other girls. I can also hear the echoing grunts and moans of other girls in other lines, of other girls throwing up and crying out for their sisters.

For a moment I wonder if I have lost my mind. I wonder if I'm still in the nursery and lost in a nightmare, writhing and squirming in my cot having horror dreams of pain and pleasure. Part of me hopes that is true, that soon I will wake up in Niner's arms and she'll soothe me and tell me it was only a bad dream. But it is real. I know it's real, and my eyes blur with tears.

Oh, Niner, this is real. What they are doing to our bodies is real.

The pain is flaring all through my belly and along with it comes wave after wave of orgasm. I think if it wasn't for the continuous rolling orgasms I really would have lost my mind by now.

My abdomen is being emptied one organ at a time as my cradle carries me deeper and deeper into the machines. As each arm plunges into my open belly I feel more hollow and more empty.

As my last kidney is pulled free and discarded, and the last arm withdraws from my belly, I feel my cradle vibrate as is opens my legs wider, the air caresses my crotch. I feel the lips of my sex open and the milky fluid that leaks from me when I orgasm starts oozing down the crease of my bum.

I hear Zero;

"...oh-yeah ...oh-yeah ...oh-yeah..." she is grunting. Whatever it is doing to her is making her feel good.

She shrieks then gasps: "...again! ...again!"

Whatever it is, she wants it to happen.

I moan and it sounds whiny and weak. I know have more ahead of me because I still have my heart, lungs, stomach, and sex organs. I wait for the next machine, listening to Zero cry out and moan and grunt, but when the new thing suddenly hinges up between my thighs from below I don't see it coming.

"UNGH!" I grunt as something long and rigid plunges deep into my sex. It's thicker and longer than Niner's fingers, and it stretches me wide and deep, almost reaching the same places like when Niner used her needle in me.

I cry out in ecstasy as my cradle vibrates me around the rigid thing inside my sex and I know why Zero loved it. My orgasms get even more intense and I hear myself whimpering.

This is ecstasy. Pain and ecstasy. I feel frail and weak, like I'm running out of energy, but the pleasure keeps coming.

I hear a whine of machinery and I feel the thing inside me moving, angling upward deep in my sex. Then something presses down on my mound and squeezes, pressure growing on my pubic mound as my orgasm swells inside my sex. I feel like my crotch is going to explode.

It lifts my pelvis up off the cradle, and my thighs quiver. It feels so good and feels so bad all at the same time. The pressure gets stronger and stronger and I realize that what is inside me is the bottom half of a pair of shears like big versions of the ones they cut our toenails with. I feel the burn inside my sex as I am being cut there, and hear/feel the crack of my pubic bone as it breaks.

I scream.

I scream because I know what is about to happen to me.

It cuts through my sex, shearing my flesh and crushing my pubic bone. I hear/feel the crunching as my pubic bone is crushed and forced open, bringing a deep ache in my sex and lower back. Tingles race up and down my inner thighs and the angle of my hips feels suddenly wrong.

The pain is intense and the boost to my orgasm that comes with it makes me gasp and arch my back. I throw my head back and start to convulse. I feel my body arch and lift up from the cradle, held up on my heels and shoulders, my bum clenched tight and quivering. And as I ride this amazing orgasm, I feel the shears open and pull out, then plunge back in, but this time up my bum hole. The lower jaw of the sheers rams home hard making me grunt then shriek as the top jaw slides through my ruined sex and slices the tender flesh between it and my bumhole.

I'm in an ecstatic flood of agony and bliss, and it rolls on and on. But my body is weakening and my muscles slowly lose to gravity and my convulsions fade, leaving me trembling and weak. I slide back down into my cradle, gasping for air as wave after wave of orgasm continues to throb in my body and listen to my cradle chattering from how much I'm shaking.

I hear Zero cry out weakly, then;

"no-no-no-no-nglurp!" and then silence from her. Zero is gone so I know my end is near too.

And strangely, knowing this is almost over doesn't scare me. It makes me sad that the orgasms will stop, but the pain and horror will stop too. My body is ruined I accept that. I accept that I can't go back to the nursery; that I can never again walk, or run, or play, or eat, or be with Niner. And even though I'm not sure if we come back as babies or if we're just gone like Niner said, I feel myself go limp and let the cradle carry me toward the end.

I surrender.

I surrender, Slyth. I'll become meat for you, willingly. Just end this. Please end this.

As I am carried around another curve and upward to another level, the cradle jerking and vibrating, the round thing under my back starts lifting my middle higher, arching my back more. I open my eyes and in the distance through the tangle of machine armatures and hoses I see Zero's body being carried upward by the ankles, water spraying it from all sides washing away the blood that pulses from it. It joins another line above us a line of girl's bodies carried along, all hanging from their ankles and down the line I see knives flashing and blurring as they work on the bodies. I know I will soon follow Zero and go to the knives.

I hear the hiss and whine of another machine in front of me it is an armature with three large attachments. The middle one is a round gripper with a little arm attached holding a small spinning razor saw, and the two on either side look like large shallow spoons. It is angled downward and lined up to enter my open abdomen and reach up into my chest. These are the killing machines the ones that will do the last thing I'm going to feel.

This is it. This is the end.

"...come get me..." I whisper at them and my voice is hoarse and ragged and I whimper as this last infernal machine descends and the gripper reaches out, sliding inside me, its claws slipping around my gut, it's hard smooth claws gliding over my soft quivering stomach.

"URLPH!" I gag hard as it squeezes my stomach and pulls it, stretching my gullet once more. Without pause the saw burns through and my gullet is released to slide up my throat and choke me. Another wave of orgasm rushes through my body, this one curling my toes and making my thighs jiggle. I try to swallow and bite my lower lip, preparing for my last sensations.

I keep my eyes closed as the spoons slide up the inside of my ribs around my lungs and begin to close. I can't breathe as it squeezes my air out of me and I can feel my heart pumping hard, hammering in my chest, trying to keep me alive. Then comes a sharp flare of chest pain and my heart is silenced. I feel little knives working inside my chest.

I'm fading fast, dimly aware of the spoons sliding out of me with a sick sucking sound, tugging at the back of my throat, and I can hear a new whispering hiss above me. I open my eyes and though my vision is tunneling with darkness creeping in from the sides, I see another spinning razor saw descending from above.

Bye-bye, Niner, I think as I watch the spinning saw coming down at me.

End it. Please end it now.

With the last of my strength, I crane my head back, exposing my throat just in time to feel the sweet sharp bite of the saw on my throat, burning through my gullet. I gag and the world flashes red.

Numb now. Vision dark, greys and shadows everywhere. I see my body being lifted upward to join the others in the line moving toward the knives that strip our skin, laying it back to expose our red muscles within. Niner's body is up there somewhere.

I feel a rush of phantom pleasure as I envision Slyth eating my flesh, chewing my meat, gorging themselves on me and loving the taste of my body.

Today was my day the day I became meat.