Alien Breeder

by Erotickynk

The sprites are breeding inside me now and because of that I havenít had a good sleep for over a week - just catnaps from which Iím jolted awake over and over by their frantic movements in my belly. Theyíre so active and they rarely sleep, and theyíve grown so large. I can feel their rippling muscular bodies moving inside my stretched and sagging transverse colon, and theyíre so strong, so forceful in their primordial lust.

I know I am being used and used up, but I no longer care. The changes my body has gone through since I arrived at Pyramid Ridge Station have ruined me for any man, but I donít care about that either. I came here for two years of quick money and now Iíve been here ten years and will probably die here, and you guessed it - I no longer care.

On the other couch, Ammie moans and grunts. She is at the same stage as me and her swollen belly is undulating like crazy. She is masturbating frantically, reaching for an orgasm. I like to let mine come naturally - I find theyíre more intense that way and last longer.

Plus I like the feeling that itís being done to me, rather than making it happen for myself.

Ammie grunts loudly and arches her back, pushing her belly out. Sheís now in her first stage orgasm - the normal one. The second stage orgasm is the kicker.

It seemed like such a solid plan for a college drop-out with no prospects; A six month trip to Mars and a two year stint at Pyramid Ridge and return home with enough money to last me the rest of my life.

I was eighteen and I did the math; One year in transit both ways, two years producing a brood every three months at half a million per brood, means Iíd return home at twenty-one with four million. One million for a small house on a secluded beach and three million left over, giving me an annual net of over a hundred thousand a year on the interest alone.

But what I didnít factor in was the ... well, the toe curling intense bliss of being a brood cow for the Slyth. When my two-year contract was up, I told myself Iíd stay for one more brood. And one more turned into ten more. And now ... well, I lost count around forty broods.

This whole section of the station always has a faint odour of piss and vomit, sweat and sex. The brochure made it look like such a clean, warm environment but advertising lies. I guess it looked like the brochures at one time, but not now. The couches in the lounge are crusted with girl cum, and the smell of cunt and piss embedded in their fibres has become kind of an aphrodisiac for me. Our individual rooms are worse - they donít even bother cleaning the mattresses anymore - at least the lounge has windows overlooking the red plains of Mars and the green patches the terraformers are laying down.

Ammie moans like she is dying. I look over and see that she is writhing on her couch, her hands held up above her chest clenched like claws, her belly undulating and her thighs quivering and jiggling. She just hit the second stage of her orgasm - the powerful orgasm that only breeders experience. I watch Ammie go into convulsions, making small desperate gurgling sounds. She cums hard like that for about three minutes then slowly releases and whimpers. It takes her another five minutes to come to and roll on her side to relieve the pressure in her bowels. Our eyes meet and Ammie smiles at me.

"So good." she whispers.

I smile back, but itís cut short because itís my turn to moan; When the sprites get close to ejaculation and orgasm their movements become frantic and violent, and mine are getting close right now. It almost always triggers my own orgasm, so I relax my belly and let them hump inside me faster and harder. Itís so hard to resist the urge to clench and bear down, but I know my orgasm will be better if I donít. I can feel one slamming hard against the other and it is wriggling against my bladder and I canít help it - I pee a little on the couch. Then I feel them knot and clench together inside me, twisting my bowels and quivering hard. And that does it ...

"... UNGH!" I grunt loud and I join the sprites in orgasm. Itís a big one; Wave after wave of intense, cramping orgasmic pulses radiate from my core, my muscles clenching tight. Itís so intense that I cry out as I curl forward around my cramping belly and shudder on the couch.

This orgasm is so strong that anticipating stage two scares me. Stage two happens because the sprites ejaculate an incredibly powerful mixture of semen, sex hormones, and endorphins into each other as they orgasm. And once they do, a lot of it leaks out and into our own tissues to find its way through our bloodstream. Chemically they are close enough to humans that we feel the effects, but the concentration of their hormones is tenfold what a human can produce.

I know their ejaculate has leaked because I can feel the warmth spreading through my abdomen as I start to absorb their hormonal sexual soup. I feel it flood my sex organs, making them warm and tighten. My g-spot, clit, and anus all swell and I begin to lose myself in a throbbing bliss. The warmth travels over my belly and up to my chest and I feel my breasts swell and my nipples pucker tight, tingling and beginning to throb.

"... gnnnnnghh ..." I hear myself strain and grunt as my second stage orgasm thunders through my entire body. It feels like an eruption in my belly. My back arches and my toes curl so hard they cramp. My breathing becomes erratic and desperate as I hiss and grunt through clenched teeth. My hands find my breasts and I grip them hard, knowing that I will leave bruises but not caring. This is the beginning of a stage two orgasm and this is what has kept me here for ten years.

Iím cumming and it feels like the ecstasy of death - and I know one day it will be.

My vision tunnels and fades and I lose sight of the room, surrendering myself to this orgasm. I can only hear the blood rushing through my head as I cum and cum and cum. In these moments I love the sprites inside my body with all my heart even though I know that one day in the not-so-distant future, the strain on my body will be too much and I will either suffer a stroke or heart failure and that will be the end of me.

I feel like Iím falling. Falling and cumming. Will this be it? Will this be the orgasm that kills me? Then I become lost in a silent, dark world of pure violent sexual bliss where my doubts and fears fade and my universe is reduced to the creatures squirming inside my belly and my orgasm.

When I open my eyes, Ammie is smiling at me once again.

"How long?" I ask, my voice trembling and weak.

"Five minutes, twenty-two seconds." she reports.

"Jeezuz." I murmur. My stage two orgasms are getting longer. It has something to do with the build up of receptor cells in my brain and body. I stroke my belly, feeling the sprites still moving within, but their movements are lazy and lethargic now - theyíre spent too. Theyíll recover quickly though, so I force myself up off the couch.

"Visiting the vault?" Ammie asks.

"Yeah. Feeling a little frail." I answer and Ammie laughs at the old joke as I walk awkwardly on wobbly legs toward the corridor. Itís an old joke because all breeders gain weight here. Itís a combination of only having orgasms as a physical activity and from living on the jelly from the nurse Slyths.

"Iíll be down in a few." Ammie says.

The vault is the room between the Slyth and human sides of the station and is where the nurse Slyths live. We need their nutrients for the sprites, and for ourselves. Breeders canít eat human food when the sprites are inside us, in fact the Slythís slippery jelly stops our digestive process except for the absorption by our bowels that keeps us alive. We have to feed to sustain the sprites and ourselves.

But for me itís not just during breeding that I visit the nurse Slyths, I have to do it all the time now. It was during my fourth year that I gradually lost the ability to digest solid food completely, anything I ate between broods I puked back up or lost through cramping diarrhea. The med teams said I could be rehabilitated if I stopped breeding and underwent treatment. "Just one more brood." Iíd answered. All decisions were answered with that; "Just one more brood."

The vault is always uncomfortably warm and humid. The floor is grimy and crusted with the dried regurgitated jelly and the room reeks - a combination of the sweet scent of the Slyth jelly and the sour scent of human vomit and piss and the musky scent of sweating women.

A lot of the new girls canít handle the jelly, nor the copious amounts the Slyth nurses feed us. I couldnít. I spent a lot of time on my knees in this room during my first three broods, puking up half of what the nurses gave me. But I stuck with it and now itís no big deal - in fact it is an erotic experience.

I enter through the double chamber doors, instantly starting to sweat as I walk to one of the unoccupied nurses. There are five other women in here with me. Four are feeding just fine, but the newest girl is struggling. Sheís gagging and choking as she feeds and thereís no doubt in my mind that sheís going to hurl.

I approach my nurse and stroke its curled claws to let it know Iím here. She awakens and extends her teat - itís a scary looking appendage, all veins and semi-transparent skin over fatty tissue and cartilage, but what do you expect - sheís an alien.

The teats taste sweet and theyíre slippery, so they slide down your gullet easy. Itís not unlike throating a man, only the nurse pumps you full so you have to swallow faster. I open my mouth and stand still as she reaches out with her claws, wraps them around the back of my head and gently guides my face to her teat.

The long teat is like oily silk as I slides over my tongue and I gag slightly as it touches the back of my throat, but I keep my mouth open wide because I know whatís coming. Then there comes that familiar sexual thrill as she increases the strength of her grip around the back of my head and pulls me forward so forcefully that I stumble. I get my legs under me and her teat slides down my throat deep. I close my lips around it and she pulses hard and I feel the jelly squirt straight down into my stomach. Even I gag and gurgle as her teat pulses in my gullet, but the sexual feelings come on strong as well. I involuntarily lift my left leg and squeeze my thighs together, twisting my body as I feed. This feels so good.

I can hear the new girl gagging and heaving as her nurse releases her. I hear her drop to the floor, heaving and gasping, and I hear the splatter as she empties her stomach in a series of violent heaves.

".... oh god ... oh god ..." she moans wetly between convulsions.

I lower my leg and let my belly relax as my nurse sends pulse after pulse of jelly into me and as my stomach starts to tighten, I push my belly out to give myself more room inside. Three more pulses and sheís satisfied that Iím filled. Her claws release me and I gently pull back, gagging again as her teat slides over the root of my tongue. I swallow it back down and Iím fine.

The new girl is on her hands and knees, still retching. I go to her and lay my hand on her back as I awkwardly kneel beside her, my over-stuffed belly sensitive to any added pressure.

"Not going well?" I ask as I rub her back.

"I canít do this." she whimpers, her head hanging down, jelly still dripping from her lips and nose.

"Yes you can, sweetheart." I say gently, treating her like I wish Iíd been treated when I was in her place.

"Letís get that nose." I say, wiping her nose with my knuckle, then pinching one nostril; "Blow." I say and she blows first through one nostril then the other, clearing her nasal passages of jelly.

I help her rise on unsteady legs. Her belly is only slightly distended - just a little bump above her belly button - so I know her sprites are still small and not very active. That her bump is high on her belly tells me this is her first time. The sprites will grow once she starts feeding them and trigger their breeding cycle and as they grow more violent in their breeding and heavier as they fill with eggs, her transverse colon will stretch out and sag.

Deep in my own belly I feel my own sprites moving as they awake from their lethargy.

I move her into position with another nurse, but I donít let her touch it yet. I stand behind her and slip my arms around her, embracing her from behind, pressing my belly against her back. I nuzzle the nape of her neck, my mouth close to her ear.

"Close your eyes, sweetheart." I whisper as I stroke her belly, "Everything about this is sexual and to enjoy it, you have to surrender to it."

I squeeze the sides of her belly with the heels of my hands and the sprites wriggle inside her.

"Oh!" she gasps as she feels the movement.

"Thatís right, thatís just a taste." I whisper.

I slide my hands up to cup her breasts.

"They anesthetized you for your first implanting?"

"Yes." she whispers.

"Next time just go in and surrender. Let the Slyth take you. Let him enter your body. Let him delve deep." I keep whispering as I stroke her puckering nipples.

"They go sooooo deep when they implant the sprites, and it feels soooo good." I whisper as I continue to work her nipples, twirling them, tugging gently. And she is responding, her eyes still closed, her breathing deeper, her body relaxing.

My sprites are wriggling inside me. They can sense the presence of the jelly and are desperate to feed, squirming through my ascending colon toward the nutrients they need.

"And once you feed and the sprites start to grow and breed inside you, then comes the orgasms you heard about. The ones that brought you here" I whisper, then; "Touch yourself, sweetheart."

She reaches down to the Y formed between her thighs and starts stroking her clit.

"Those orgasms will be the most intense youíll ever feel." I promise, "But first you must let the nurse feed you."

She whimpers.

"Itís going to be okay." I nuzzle her ear, "Have you ever deep throated a guy?"

"Yes." her voice is breathy and soft.

"Did you like it?"


"Itís just like that only more intense. And itís just that sexy." I assure her, "But you have to surrender. Can you do that?" And I pinch her nipples and pull.


"Okay, step forward, sweetheart." I whisper as I urge her forward, "Open your eyes and reach up and stroke her claws."

The girl does and the nurse awakens, reaching up to find the girlís head. I feel her body tense.

"Itís okay. Itís going to be okay this time." I soothe her, "Just let I happen. Surrender, sweetheart, just surrender."

The nurse wraps her claws around the girlís head and pulls her forward.

"Open your mouth." I say as she stumbles slightly and I keep her steady, "And open your throat."

I move to the side to watch, rubbing the girlís back, letting her know Iím still here. The girlís eyes are open wide as the nurseís long teat slides into her mouth. My sprites are now feeding - I can tell by their movements as they flutter inside me. Theyíre gorging themselves on the jelly, bloating and regaining their energy.

"Let it take you, sweetheart. Let it take you deep." I coo, stroking her breasts with my other hand.

I watch the nurse tighten its grip on the girlís head and pull her tight to its body, the teat sliding down the girlís gullet. Her eyelids flutter and her eyes roll upward as the first pulse of jelly down the undulating teat jets into her stomach.

"Thatís a good girl. Swallow. Swallow. Yeah, like that." I whisper, stroking her upper belly, "Now push that belly out. Thatís it. Make lots of room."

The girl closes her eyes and moans wetly.

"Youíre going to be okay." I whisper and I try to withdraw. I want to stay and help her through it all, but my sprites are becoming active again - theyíve finished feeding and are wriggling upward to the enlarged area they like to breed in. Soon they will be churning my belly as they start humping each other. I need to get back to the lounge or my own cell, I really donít want to orgasm here in the vault, and I donít want to get caught in a stage two exposed for all to see.

But the girl quickly reaches out and grips my left hand, holding it tight. She still needs me to get her through this.

"Okay, sweetheart, Iíll stay." I reassure her as I feel my sprites; plump bodies slithering through me.

The girlís upper belly is plumping up nicely as she feeds from the nurse. She seems to be doing a lot better this time. I glance down and see that her hand is back at her crotch and sheís working herself. I smile, despite my own growing nervousness that my sprites will start mating again before I can make it back to the lounge.

The girlsí nipples are puckered and tight, her belly is undulating, and the round cheeks of her bum are jiggling as she works herself.

The nurse releases the girlís head and withdraws its claws, but the girl leans into the nurse, staying on the teat. She wants to cum before she breaks away. I slide my hand down her bum and along the crease until I find her anus. Itís moist and slippery. I slide two fingers inside her to help her along and quickly feel her clench and quiver as her orgasm kicks in.

As she cums, she curls forward and the teat slides up her throat and out past her lips.

"nghh" she groans as her knees buckle. I lower her gently to the floor, and as I do I feel my sprites wriggling and find each other inside me. They start breeding immediately, their strong muscular bodies humping each other, more violent than before.

The new girl is gasping, her head hanging down as she recovers from her orgasm. I rub her back.

"Better this time?" I ask.

"... uh-huh ..." she gasps.

"Youíre going to be okay, sweetheart." I reassure her, "But I really have to go. My sprites are mating again."

"... íkay ..."

I rise and grimace as the violence in my belly grows, I can see them moving under my skin and flaccid muscles. The seeds of my own orgasm have been planted - I feel the spread of warmth across my crotch and bum.

I walk carefully toward the doors, my thighs parted slightly so they donít rub and add to my growing arousal. But my sprites as fucking each other violently inside me and their wild movements are throwing off my balance. I know at this stage of the breeding they are both full of growing eggs and that is spurring them on to desperately fertilize them all.

I hear myself whimper as I push the inner door open and step into the chamber. I cradle my swollen belly with my hands and feel their violence. I can also feel a strong sexual pull inside my sex - my arousal is ramping up fast.

As soon as the inner door closes I push open the outer door and try to make a run for my cell. Itís closer than the lounge, so I hope I can make it before I cum. But the sprites are so large now and so heavy inside me I can feel their weight pulling my transverse colon downward into my pelvic cradle, pressing on my bladder and sex organs. I fight off my impending orgasm and stagger down the corridor.

Iím getting dizzy, losing my balance, so I lean against the wall as I manage to put one foot in front of the other, sliding down the smooth wall. The weight of the sprites is settling, and their frantic humping is slamming against my vagina and g-spot. I feel my bladder release and hot pee streams down my inner thighs and at the same time I feel my anus open and gape.

Iím not going to make it. But even still I push onward down the highway, desperate for the dark solitude of my cell.

"Hey, baby maker." Itís a manís voice. I look up and itís Alvin, one of the med techs. Alvin is a total creep and an asshole. He gets off watching us struggle.

"Wow, girl. You really got it going on, donít you?" he bends over and looks at my undulating belly.

"... fuck off ... Alvin ..." I gasp, still pushing myself down the wall, still fighting off my orgasm. He walks along beside me.

"Donít be like that, baby maker." Alvin laughs, "You want to cum so bad, donít you?"

"... leave ... me ... alone ..." I am gasping, panting, teetering on the edge of orgasm.

"Come on, girl. I can help." Alvin says, and I hear the snap of synthetic gloves. I know that even though in my state he could easily lay me down and fuck me, the Slyth have no tolerance of testosterone. Any trace of it in my system would be a huge breech of protocol and heíd end up in a prison work farm.

"Donít touch me!" I cry out, seeing the door to my cell only twenty feet away. But the sprites are getting close to ejaculation and orgasm and so am I.

Alvin reaches out and strokes my nipples and they tingle wildly. I am using all my strength to stay upright and moving so I canít swat his hands away.

"Youíre dripping, girl." Alvin says in that creepy way, "Just let Alvin help you cum."

And I am dripping, my sex is oozing clots of mucus that splatter on the floor.

"... no ..." I whimper, feeling my sprites start to clench tight together as their orgasm starts. Then I feel his right hand slide down my belly and under its weight to my crotch.

"... nooooooo ...." I sob as he slides three fingers into me and lifts, turning me so my back is against the wall.

I canít help it. I hate myself for it, but I curl my pelvis forward, impaled on his fingers and my orgasm bursts inside me. I throw my head back and it slams against the wall so hard I see stars. My legs give out and his other hand is under my right armpit, easing me down as I crumple to the floor.

"... cumming!" I grunt and go into orgasmic spasms. My sprites are cumming hard too, ejaculating their sexual mixture into each other to reward their crazed breeding and fertilize their dozens of eggs. And quickly it leaks into me, flooding my belly, entering my bloodstream, warming me, starting my stage two orgasm.

Iím lost ... so lost. In bliss and ecstasy that stretches out into the darkness that surrounds me. My belly is swelling, expanding to become my entire world.


I awaken in darkness. I am lying on my side and the sprites are at it again. My belly feels bruised inside and I am drenched in sweat. I lift my head and look around and see the two softly lit buttons - one red and one blue. I am in my cell on my mattress.

Iím so tired. I lay my head back down and just let myself be mindful of the sprites humping inside me. I stroke my undulating belly, loving them, loving the bliss they bring me when they share their orgasms with me. Theyíve grown so large and I can imagine their sluglike bodies swollen with eggs, their sleek slippery forms locked together with appendages sliding deep into each othersí orifices, gyrating against each other inside my large colon. My home for them. My sexual temple so the Slyth can breed without enslaving human females. Alvin was right; I am a baby maker. That is all I am.

And god help me, I love it.

My orgasm takes me once again and on its heels comes theirs and my stage two.


I awaken again with Ammie lying beside me on my mattress. I can barely make her out in the purple light from the combined blue and red buttons, but I can feel her shaking and hear her grunting. She is in the midst of a stage two orgasm, so I wrap my arms around her and press our bellies together. My sprites are fucking hard inside me as well and it wonít be long before I join Ammie in bliss. I whimper as I feel them clench.

This is the final stage of the breeding. The sprites are nearing the end of their short life spans and their desperation to mate is off the scale. They have such a strong biological need to produce fertilized eggs, they will fuck to exhaustion before they lay those eggs inside me for incubation.



Ammie is cooing and pressing her belly against mine. I know what is happening for her because itís happening inside me too. The powerful stage two orgasms are past and now comes the gentler phase.

I feel the fluttering as the sprites squeeze their eggs out inside my bowels. Being a living incubator does odd things to us. It triggers our own bodies to believe we are pregnant. I havenít had a period in over a decade and my breasts swell with milk each time.

I snuggle against Ammie and sleep.


I am delirious and feverish. So groggy and disoriented. Ammie is squirming fitfully beside me on the mattress and the room stinks of our sex and sweat.

This is the dangerous time for us. The eggs are laid in our bowels, and the sprites are dead. As their dead bodies shrivel inside us, they still leak their sexual soup that we absorb. But the chemical make-up has changed, and though they still produce a sexual response in us, it doesnít result in stage two orgasms - just a prolonged arousal and disorientation.

But it grows to toxic levels in our systems. We mostly sleep as the eggs incubate in our bellies because we feel so sick. Horny and sick.

I hear Ammie gag and she rolls onto her side, hanging her head over the side of the mattress and starts heaving. I too feel nauseous, but I slide and press my body against her back and cradle her as she pukes bile then dry heaves. Soon she settles and we both sleep, but my sleep - and hers as well Iím sure - is full of sexual nightmares.

I dream of dark creatures pinning me down and raping me - claws and slippery appendages sliding over and into my body. I dream my belly swells so large it bursts and all that emerges are fat slimy worms. I dream that I die. I dream that I live forever in a sexual nightmare.

I half emerge from one dream to feel Ammieís fingers inside me and her lips sucking on my swollen breasts. I love her for that as I sink back into my dream, but this time I cum as the creatures rape me, and in my dream I know it is Ammie.


Ammie is shaking me awake. I stir and roll to face her.

"Push the button." she whispers weakly.

"Red or blue?"


I push the blue button.

"Are you close too?" Ammie asks as we wait for the med team.

I nod, then remember how dark it is; "Yes." I say.

"Come with me?" she asks then we are blinded by the bright corridor lights as the med team opens the door and enters to take her away.

"Not yet." I say, "Soon though."

But she is gone.


Itís my time. I awaken to my bowels cramping. I am so feverish and disorientated that I stare at the two buttons trying to remember which one to push. Red or blue?


Blue is for birth.

Red is for medical emergencies.

I push the blue one.


On all fours, my bum over the clean white basin. My bowels rolling with strong peristalsis. The Slyth are with me, three of them I think. I hear one clicking impatiently.

I bear down and the eggs slither out of me to plop into the basin.

Twenty-four eggs birthed on my own.

When my exertions produce nothing more, I lie down on my side and roll onto my back and let my thighs flop open. Two of the Slyth move up on either side of me and I relax my belly as they palpate it. They use the rounded outer ridges of their claws to massage my belly deep. When they first encountered humans and abducted the females for brood cows, they would use the sharp edges of those claws and just eviscerate the women to get the remaining eggs out.

The treaty changed that.

They work my belly for another ten minutes and manage to produce three more eggs and the two dead sprites. A scan by human techs will later confirm that Iím empty, but itís just a precaution - The Slyth find them all every time.


Rehab is boring. Ammie and I and the other girls watch vids and play cards as our bodies recover. Iíve gotten really good at crib, but as usual I start to lose interest in it as I grow stronger. Ammie gets out a day before me - ready for her next brood.

"Itís going to be my last." Ammie tells me as she leaves. She sounds sincere, but I know the truth - Sheís like me. Sheíll never quit.

And now the Counselor arrives to see me and smiles her false little smile.

"Can we talk in private?" she asks, holding her touch pad that holds my file and records.

"Sure." I say, standing on legs that have regained their strength and walking to my hospital room with a steady gait.

We settle in and she checks my heart and blood pressure.

"Can I be frank?" she asks.


"We highly recommend that be your last brood." she says, and yeah, Iíve heard this dozens of times.

"Youíre in fairly good health. The thing is that youíre only twenty-seven but you have the body of a fifty year old woman." she says, "You canít take too much more of this."

"... before I die from it." I finish her unspoken thought, "A stroke. A heart attack. Heart failure. An aneurism."


"I know the risks and I accept them."

"But why? If you cash out now, youíd never be able to spend all the money youíve accrued. Millions." she says the same thing so many others have said, "And if itís the digestive problems, we have treatments that are ninety-eight percent effective. We could have you back on solid food within a year."

I stare at her. Sheís young. Not much older than me.

"Have you ever done it?" I ask her.

"Done what?" Sheís puzzled.

"Been a brood cow. Done what we do." I say, not cruelly, "Experienced what we experience. Felt what we feel."

"No, I havenít. And I know that there is a great deal of pleasure in it, but ..."

"You know nothing." I cut her off, "You wonít get it until you do it. Once you have, then we can talk about it. In the meantime, write your report and include the warnings and Iíll sign it and let you off the hook."


Back with the Slyth. On my back with my legs up and thighs open wide, spreading open my bum with my hands. They are around me, clicking and clattering in their secret language. They offer us a translation computer, but I donít give a shit what they are saying.

The lead Slyth moves close, and bloats himself, opening the lower plate of his abdominal shell and his thick ringed casing of his ovipositor extends. He leans forward, looming over me and grips the edge of the implantation platform with his claws. I watch as he carefully extends his ovipositor and the end flares like an evil flower, the bright red lobes waving and searching. I bear down and feel my anus open and he finds it. His lobes slide inside and widen to lock us together.

I take a deep breath and blow it out.

"... oh fuck ..." I gasp as I feel his ovipositor sliding into me - deep. All in one smooth slippery motion, filling my rectum and descending colon right up the centre of my belly where it now lives permanently. Heís a thick one, bigger than most, and the thought that his sprites will be bigger than most both scares me and excites me.

He pushes a little deeper and I feel him nestle in the expanded sac of my transverse colon that the sprites have stretched as large as a football. The sac that will expand as they grow and descend with their weight and contain their frantic actions to carry on their species.

He starts clicking frantically, and I suppose that for him this is sexual and he is experiencing some form of orgasmic sensation. I feel the stretching of my anus as the first sprite is pushed up his ovipositor.

"... oh jeezuz ..." I moan and my eyelids flutter and I lay my head back, "oh fuck, yeah"

Soon the second sprite will join the first deep in my belly and I will feed them and they will awaken and mate and hump and fuck inside me and together we will know an impossible ecstasy. And I will relish the orgasmic bliss and even the toxic sexual nightmares as I incubate their eggs and birth them.

And I know this might be the brood that kills me, but like I said before ...

I donít care.