IBP 3021-3032 - Zombie-Birther

In order to write the report on the death of Fyn Ragnarsson, (and the flashpoint of what would become known as the Teen Crusade), I first have to tell the story of our first successful impregnation and first legal defection of an IBP mission member.

As I’ve stated before in various Personnel Reviews, the extremes of the Interspecies Breeding Program had driven not only the IBP girls to obsessive sexual behaviour, but had spread through the crew and families. I have to admit that even I was succumbing to the draw of perverse and intense sexual experiences.

Unknown to myself or our other officers, the IBP girls had nurtured relationships amongst the regular crew and civilians. One such relationship was between Tess and our Lead Biology Researcher’s daughter, Fyn.

Fyn was a rough and tumble girl; the old descriptor ‘Tom Boy’ comes to mind. When we departed on our mission, Fyn was still an adolescent who was naturally curious about the IBP program. She was befriended by Tess, and we later learned had become Fyn’s lover once Fyn had reached the age of majority. Upon review of Fyn’s personal items after her death, we discovered a series of videos the pair had recorded as they engaged in rough S&M sexual exploration. The recordings not only told the tale of their sexual extremes together, but also provided evidence of the tender side of their relationship. It is evident that Tess and Fyn loved each other, and had we known we could have offered Fyn more support after Tess’ legal defection, and possibly have saved Fyn’s life.

Tess defected on Relium 4, a colony planet that had found themselves infested with an bi-pedal alien life form called the Krayl.

The Krayl were one of the species we encountered on our mission who could impregnate any humanoid female by supplying both ovum and spermatozoa in their ejaculate. The Krayl ovum was the size of a walnut, and the spermatozoa was about the size of a Terran garden snake. The Krayl ejaculate contained one of each. The Krayl - we discovered later through Tess’ sexual engagement - could impregnate a female vaginally, anally, or orally, the embryo developing rapidly in the uterus, bowels, or stomach.

The Krayl social structure is still unknown to us, as is their method of communication - if that exists at all. Krayl are blind, having no apparent sensory organs for light. But we believe they can hear and detect odours - especially the scents associated with sexual arousal of females. Another theory is that they are empaths who are drawn to the sexual feelings of aroused humanoid females. Sexually, they are truly a parasite species including their reproduction process - only male Krayls have ever been documented and they need humanoid females to reproduce.

While orbiting Relium 4, we principally engaged with the local governing body through our science and diplomatic personnel. Our diplomats were establishing trade agreements with their mining companies, while our scientists worked with their government agencies to see if we could aid them in eradicating the Krayl infestation.

As Captain of the Beagle, I follow the Earth Central Council’s directive of upholding human liberty to all who serve aboard the Beagle. In retrospect I regret this, and should have been more autocratic in withholding that liberty from our IBP personnel. Had I done so I could have prevented Tess' defection and probable death, Fyn's brutal murder, and the entire Teen Crusade.

Along with a videographer, Tess journeyed down the gravity well via one of our shuttles and went off in search of the Krayl. Regrettably, she found them.

Only the videographer returned from the encounter and it was only by accident that I discovered what had become of Tess; I walked in on a video viewing of Tess having sex with three of the Krayl. Tess appeared to be enjoying herself and the remote biochips we all had implanted as part of the ship’s health protocol confirmed it. Though running a high fever, Tess was experiencing rolling orgasms as the Krayl took her in all three orifices. Tess’ state of sexual bliss reached highest intensity when one Krayl ejaculated in her throat and the snakelike spermatozoa pushed the oversized ovum down her gullet and into her stomach.

Called up on the carpet, the videographer and the director of the IBP team, Shairn Doubleday, stated that after Tess mated with the Krayl, she had begged to remain behind. Tess told the videographer that she had been impregnated and wanted to remain with the Krayl to give birth. The videographer - following the IBP internal protocol - had agreed, but had left a drone imager with her to follow her movements and monitor her health via the biochip.

Unfortunately, the GPS circuitry in the drone was compromised by the ore rich planet’s magnetic field, so all we could do was view the fuzzy images that it uploaded from the surface. It appeared that the Krayl had taken her to an underground location where she languished for the next three weeks, her fever continuing to rage. Try as we might, we couldn’t pinpoint her location more than knowing it was in an old mine complex that had been abandoned when it ceased to be productive.

Working with planteside scientists who had examined native women who the Krayl had mated with, we learned that Krayl/humanoid gestation is 22 to 26 days. The birthing process had a 12% fatality rate for the host, and those who did survive it had compromised cognitive ability - they craved to return to the Krayl for further mating. Most had to be euthanized to prevent the Krayl population from increasing.

To aid in the extraction of Tess, our technicians had modified a portable receiver to boost the drone’s signal which our security detail took with them planet side. They located her just as she began to birth, 23 days after impregnation.

Tess was located in an underground bunker and was being assisted in her birthing by a type of Krayl unknown until that moment. We have since postulated that this type of Krayl serves has a midwife to the humanoid hosts and a nursemaid to the infant Krayl.

The midwife Krayl was holding Tess and manipulating her body to allow the three Krayl inside her body to birth. It was a long arduous process that took three hours to complete. Our security personnel followed our mission protocol to not engage militarily with any alien species unless under attack. We were not under attack and Tess was there voluntarily.

Later analysis of the data transmitted by the biochip in Tess’ body, indicated that despite it being nightmarish, the birthing process was both sensual and sexual for her; Tess experienced constant orgasmic spasms from start to finish.

A blood screen - confirmed by the playback from Tess’ biochip - indicated that Krayl midwives have a stinger that protrudes from their lower abdomen that they use to induce a form of labour in their broodmares. The strong toxin, injected through the back into the abdominal cavity, acts on multiple systems in the human body simultaneously - it causes the uterus to contract; strong peristalsis in the bowels, and; acts as powerful emetic that causes the stomach to contract - all at a rapid rhythmic frequency. This added to the orgasmic effect of the infection makes birthing Krayl offspring an overwhelming sexual experience. More evidence that the Karyl are perfect parasites.

As soon as the birthing process was complete, our extraction team was able to remove Tess from the Krayl’s birthing den and return her to the ship. Tess was combative during her rescue, but her weakened state rendered her incapable of resisting the team.

Back in the Beagle’s medical bay, even though exhausted by the birthing process, Tess continued to be uncooperative, hysterically voicing her need to return to the Krayl and struggling with the physicians and nurses. Tess had to be sedated and restrained before they could assess her physical and mental health.

Like the planetside physicians and scientists reported, Tess’ cognitive abilities had been severely compromised - they estimated her IQ had dropped from 122 to somewhere between 40 and 55. Our doctors and biologists remained unclear it this catastrophic drop in cognitive functioning was solely due to the infection, or if partial asphyxia during the birthing process added to her brain damage. Her physiology had changed as well ...

We discovered partially healed deep bite marks on her groin which blood spectrum tests indicated a strong and drug-resistant pathogen had been introduced to her bloodstream through that bite; The Krayl had infected her, turning her from an intelligent young woman with free will into a ‘zombie-birther’ - a broodmare for Krayl’s breeding cycle. Tess’ infection had affected her entire system, compromising her brain and creating a strong addiction to the hormones released via the Krayl breeding and birthing cycle. As a parasite species, the Krayl’s biochemical process was perfect.

Tess continued to beg to be returned to the Krayl. Her fever remained high for the fifteen days we held her in medical, and the physicians believed it would remain high for the rest of Tess’ life due to the incurable infection.

While we consulted with the legal and ethical teams aboard the Beagle, I made the mistake of allowing Tess to have visitors. My thoughts were that if she had contact with people who loved her and cared about her, she may come to resist her infection and accompanying addiction. This was not the case.

Instead, visitors were intrigued and aroused by her description of the overwhelming Krayl impregnation, gestation, and birthing process. Appointments with our ship’s counsellors increased sharply as other women felt a desire to surrender to the Krayl and become broodmares but fear kept them from action.

As we learned far too late, Fyn was a frequent visitor but one who did not seek support from a counsellor. When packing up her room after her death, we found recordings downloaded from Tess’ biochip and audio recordings that Fyn made during time she spent alone with Tess in medical. The girl obsessed over Tess’ experience with the Krayl and envied the orgasmic life Tess was choosing as broodmare, no matter how short that life may be.

In the end, after the legal and ethical teams agreed that though her mental capacities were diminished due to her permanent infection and that returning to the Krayl would reduce Tess’ lifespan considerably, Tess had the right to choose to cancel her contract with IBP and return to Relium 4.

The report compared Tess’ decision with her right to assisted suicide - an inalienable right since the beginning of the 21st century. For Tess, life among human kind would be unbearable and if she were forced to give up the Krayl, it would constitute cruel and unusual punishment.

The last we saw of Tess was in the abandoned mining area where she was found. As she mated with the first Krayl she met, her biochip indicated she was experiencing sexual bliss and joy.

As I put a close to the report and we put Relium 4 behind us, I naively thought we would never encounter the Krayl again.

Little did I know.

Captain Marg Lethbridge
Prisoner #8738621
Mansbridge Military Prison