IBP 3021-3032 Terminal Pregnancy

The IBP girl Jezz knew what she was getting into when she chose to take part in the breeding experiments on a top-secret military research outpost orbiting Mummer three. All of the volunteers had successfully been impregnated and had delivered their interspecies offspring but none of them survived past their forth impregnation. The process was not only intense, but caused irreparable brain damage - all of their volunteers succumbed to aneurisms during their third or forth breeding session.

Jezz’ twin sister Cadet Kif died on Martin’s World - gone voluntarily to mate and be devoured by the Ghost Lover alien that the two of us had experienced. Jezz took her death hard. She always thought that her twin would be safe, not being connected with the Interspecies Breeding Program that had already racked up a number of deaths and a few ‘suicides-by-alien’.

We did our best to talk Jezz out of it, but being outside my command I couldn’t order her not to volunteer. I was very fond of Jezz and she allowed me to accompany her to the research station for her briefing on the impregnation process and later to witness her taking part in it.

It was a two-stage process; the first was to be ‘cleansed’ by the Talachk-Mog - basically a proxy servant of the Talachk. Before she signed her waiver and entered the lab, Jezz and I watched recordings of other volunteers going through their cleansing and it looked painful and invasive, but all the girls appeared orgasmic all the way through.

“It’s because of the infusion of endorphins and oxytocin that the Talachk-Mog injects in their bodies through all three orifices.” Dr. Mixan explained, “The volunteers feel intense sexual pleasure and a deep love for the Talachk-Mog despite the pain.”

We then watched a series of recordings of the actual impregnations, which appeared even more invasive and overwhelming for the girls, but each one experienced continual rolling orgasms. Without fail each volunteer had become pregnant after each session.

“How is that possible?” I’d asked before Jezz signed her waiver.

“It’s not a true pregnancy.” Dr. Mixam explained, “What we see as the Talachk’s penis is actually an ovipositor - they insert a large ovum into the uterus where it attaches to the host and incubates over a three week period. We then deliver the infant via cesarean section to prevent unnecessary damage to the host.”

“They’re too large to birth?”

“No, they are genetically programmed to eat their way out of the host.” Dr. Mixam said, “The Talachk are a parasitic species who can use females from any other species as hosts. But just once, then they must find another host.”

“Why the fuck are we doing this?” I asked, letting my anger surface.

“The Talachk have been attempting to open trade delegations on a number of planets and have been refused due to their parasitic mating rituals. We’re working with them to find a way for volunteers to survive their encounters without the danger of terminating their lives and to reduce the brain damage to acceptable levels.”

Dr. Mixam explained the brain damage that would result from Jezz’ impregnation, and warned her that she stood a high risk of only being able to survive three impregnations.

“I don’t care.” she said and signed her waiver.

The Talachk-Mog are adverse to bright lighting, so Jezz’ cleansing took place in a small lab to the side of the main one. She walked in calmly and waited as her Talachk-Mog approached her from the shadows behind her. She turned and looked up into his grotesque face but showed no fear or revulsion as he picked her up, lifting her feet from the floor and ripping her clothing off with one of his strong tentacles. Small tentacles encircled her breasts and she relaxed in his grip.

“Fuck!” she cried out in the pain of his sudden brutal penetration into her rectum, twisting in his grip as his tentacle slithered deep, her belly undulating as it squirmed through her bowels. Then another thrust, deep into her cunt, pressing hard and penetrating her cervix to curl inside her uterus.

“Ohh ... fuck you.” she managed before it too began to squirm inside her and took her breath away. But she’d seen the videos of previous girls and knew it was just beginning and to bring the overwhelming pleasure she’d seen the other girls experience it had to start in earnest.

“Oh! Just do it! Just do it already, please!” she strained. Then he began to rape her.

Jezz squirmed and twisted in his unyielding grip as his tentacles slithered deeper inside her, pumping her belly full of his creamy fluid that would cleanse her insides and prepare her for her impregnation by the Talachk itself.

She gagged and choked, puking and retching until another thick tentacle was thrust down her throat, sliding through her gullet to curl in her stomach and bloat her further. All three of his penetrating tentacles fucked her body, violently thrusting through her rectum and deep in her bowels, pounding through her cunt and scrubbing the inside of her uterus as it filled her, and down her gullet, throat-fucking her savagely as it bloated her belly. This would continue until her entire digestive system was cleansed of all food and excrement, until the alien fluids in her bloated uterus were forced down her fallopian tubes to dissolve the human eggs in her ovaries.

Jezz was being cleansed completely, and though it was a brutal, invasive process, the endorphins in his fluids were delivering rolling orgasms to her overheated and squirming body. Jezz was cumming hard during her alien rape, from the first gush of fluid up her rectum to the violent puking when he ripped his tentacle from her gullet.

When the process was complete and she was clean, the Talachk-Mog pulled himself from her body and let her drop to the floor, where she retched and shivered, and when she finally rolled onto her back to reveal her heavily bloated stomach, he stepped forward and stomped on her belly, causing her to grunt and his fluids to gush from her uterus and bowels. He stomped on her three times before he was satisfied.

Jezz was left on the floor, sobbing and babbling incoherently, but her arousal still plain in her expression.

“She’s ready for her impregnation.” Dr. Mixam said and signaled his lab assistants.

With no regard for her comfort, the assistants grasped Jezz by the arms and dragged her into the main lab, leaving her naked on the floor.

“Do they have to be so rough?” I asked, annoyed by her mistreatment.

“She doesn’t care.” Dr. Mixam said, hitting a switch that sealed the door of the lab, locking Jezz inside, “Her system is saturated with Talachk-Mog endorphins and oxytocin. All she is feeling right now is a single-minded craving to be impregnated.”

“She knows it’s coming?” I asked.

“No, she feels it.” the doctor said, “Right now she is experiencing an addictive craving that she can’t resist. The damage to her brain has already began - her cognitive ability is already degrading so she can’t reason, her amygdalae are numbing and her hippocampi are finding it difficult to access any memories of fear as it’s being overwhelmed by memories of sexual pleasure.”

“You’ve turned her into a mindless slut.” I said in disgust.

“No, the Talachk-Mog’s physiology has done that to prepare her for its master. Jezz's executive function is decreased significantly. After her impregnantion she will then be classified as mentally retarded.” Dr. Mixam said and pushed the button that opened another door into the lab.

The Talachk stepped out of the shadows and into the brightness of the lab. It was huge and monstrous. It had a predator’s mouth, similar to a large crab, gripping hands at the end of strong arms, thick, spiked articulated tentacles, and a cock similar to that of a horse but thicker and longer.

Jezz lay on the floor of the lab, staring at the Talachk moving deliberately toward her, her expression one of awed

desire with drool slipping from her lower lip. She rose up toward him, he encircled her body with one long tentacle and picked her up, raising her until they were face-to-face. Without preamble, he positioned her on an angle to receive his long cock that was swelling and stiffening.

Jezz looked down and saw it, her eyes fixed intently on it as she opened her thighs to welcome it into her body. He pulled her down on it, its thick, blunt end forcing her cunt open until the mushroom shaped tip popped inside her, then he pulled her down hard, sinking its entire length into her body, pushing it through her already battered and gaped cervix into her stretched and loosened uterus, stretching it further and making her gag and heave from the invasive penetration deep in her belly.

Then Jezz received the fuck of her life.

At first he moved inside her gently, making me think that he may have some compassion toward Jezz sacrificing herself to be his brood mare, but soon the Talachk made the Talachk-Mog seem gentle, he fucked Jezz brutally, gripping her body in its hands and tentacles, thrusting into her savagely. She cried out as he raped her, reacting to the pain and the sudden bouts of intense nausea and sickness as he overfilled her belly with his semen.

“He’s inserting the ovum into her uterus.” Dr. Mixam explained, “And infusing her system with his semen.”

“Infusing?” I was confused.

“Yes. The sperm in the semen will find its way to the egg, but the endorphins and oxytocin in it will reach toxic levels in her bloodstream soon.”

“Toxic?” I said, feeling a rush of cold shiver-bumps up my back, “He’s poisoning her?”

“Oh, she’s already been poisoned by the Talachk-Mog. That’s what has created her overwhelming addiction.” Dr. Mixam said, “The Talachk’s semen is far more powerful. The Talachk-Mog started the process that leads to brain damage, the Talachk itself will complete it. Once it is done, Jezz will only live to experience this as many times she can.”

“Before she dies.” I said.

“Yes, that's why she's here - so we can study the process and hopefully be able to prevent it.” the doctor confirmed, “But the pleasure she will feel is overwhelming. She will experience ecstasy stronger than any drug we can create. Just watch; she should be reaching complete saturation soon.”

Jezz did. She was soon crying out and begging him to keep going, telling this creature that she was cumming and screaming; “I-love-you-I-love-you-I-love-you-I-love-you so much!” and “I need you so bad!” and the worst; “I’d die for you! Kill-me-Kill-me-Kill-me-Kill-me!”

“She wants to die?” I was stunned.

“From what we’ve been able to gather, the orgasmic intensity is so all-consuming, our subjects would rather die during its peak than survive and live without it.” Dr. Mixam said, “Don’t worry, she won’t die this time.”

“But she will die during a mating session.” I said.

“Hopefully.” the doctor said, “Some die of aneurisms while the fetus develops. But most - as you say - die during a session. Usually their third or forth time with the Talachk. It’s their reward for taking part in the experiment.”

Suddenly Jezz went limp in the Talachk’s arms and for a moment I thought she had died her first time. Dr. Mixam must have sensed my fear;

“Don’t worry, Jezz has just lost consciousness. She’ll be fine.”

I wondered about Dr. Mixam's definition of the word 'fine'.

The Talachk simply let her flaccid body drop from his hands and tentacles, his long cock squelching out of her as she fell limp to the laboratory floor, his semen oozing from her orifices.

I was permitted to visit Jezz two days later in the ‘maternity’ lab. They had cleaned her up and she lay naked on a raised and padded operating table. Her eyes were open and she stared upward at nothing in particular, her eyes not registering anything in the room. Her lower belly was already swollen with the growing Talachk’s offspring inside her. As I stood beside her, I could see her belly undulate as it moved inside her uterus. I could also smell her arousal - Dr. Mixam was right; the heavy infusion of the Talachk’s endorphins and oxytocin was maintaining a blissful sexual state in her.

“Jezz?” I called her name softly, “Jezz?” and when she didn’t respond I took her hand and squeezed it.


“... mmm? ...” she murmured, not turning to look at me, “ ... not a dream? ...” she asked, slurring her words.

“A dream?” I asked her.

“... dreaming of you ...” she said, “... dreaming of Kif ...”

“Do you know where you are?” I asked her.

“... heaven ... dead in heaven ...”

“You’re in a lab, Jezz.” I said to her, “You’re pregnant with an alien baby.”

A smile flickered across her face; “... pregnant ...” she seemed happy that she was.

“Jezz, once they deliver it, we can take you back aboard the Beagle. Take care of you. Love you.” I said, tears brimming in my eyes as I looked down at this once vibrant, intelligent young woman.

“... no ...” she whispered, “... again ... I want it again ...”

“It will kill you, Jezz.” I said softly, leaning forward so our noses almost touched.

She smiled again, “... I know ... I know ...” she sighed.

“You want to die?” I asked her.

“... yes ...” she said so softly I barely heard her, “... want that so bad ...” and her eyes closed and she slept.

I had to leave. The Jezz we once knew was gone, replaced by this brain damaged and tragic sexual being. Like her sister, she had found the means of her death and willingly went to it.

Back aboard the Beagle, I reviewed her records; After Kif’s suicide-by-alien, Jezz had gone to our psychologist for grief counselling and appeared to be making progress working through her feelings. But she had suddenly missed an appointment and never rebooked.

In another area of her file I found the correspondence between her and Shairn about the Talachk laboratory experiments and their need for volunteers. That thread had started just prior to Jezz ceasing her therapy sessions.

Two weeks later, the recordings of Jezz’s cleansing and impregnation appeared on SensiDek with the promise of two more to come. Shairn Doubleday was behind this death as well; repeating her pattern of enticing girls and young women to risk their health and lives in order to increase her market share of her growing alien fetish porn empire.

We received an encrypted message from Dr. Mixam at the lab at Mummer three eight weeks later; Jezz had got her wish. She had died of a massive brain aneurism at the peak of her fourth mating session with the Talachk. Dr. Mixam doubted she even felt it happening to her.

NOTE: I am aware the Admiralty has made repeated requests for my report on the incident that took place on Martin’s World, where Jess's sister Kif and I encountered the Ghost Lover and she ultimately chose suicide by alien. I have been doing my best to complete that report, but the body memories and flashbacks of that encounter are of such intensity that I find them emotionally crippling and can only write about it for short periods before I am overwhelmed. Of my many sexual encounters with alien life forms, that is the one that haunts me the most. I pledge that I will complete that report as soon as I am able, and state that if I am able to choose the method of my execution, that I be returned to Martin's World and given to the Ghost Lover to once more send me into sexual delirium as he consumes me as he did Kif.

Captain Marg Lethbridge
Prisoner #8738621
Mansbridge Military Prison