IBP 3021-3032 Teen Crusade

In retrospect, the Interspecies Breeding Program should have been an experiment closed to non-participants. The military branch should have kept the IBP volunteers separate from the rest of the crew and the Beagle should never had family allowed on board. Especially children and adolescents.

As Captain, I had no idea that the sexual madness among the IBP volunteers would spread to other members of the crew - even to myself - but the incident we called the “Teen Crusade” taught us that dark lesson, a lesson that came too late.

My daughter Phoebe was deep into the throes of puberty when the Beagle departed Earth orbit and I expected some sexual exploration from her with other adolescents aboard, especially when she reached the age of consent. As we broke orbit and delved into deep space on our mission, I still held the false confidence that the IBF volunteers would stay sequestered in their own section of the ship and we could keep family members insulated. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I knew Phoebe was becoming a sexual person, first by exploring her own body; the new earthy smells from her bedroom; the crusty residue on the crotch of her underpants in the laundry hamper; and one day finding a new sex toy hidden under her mattress. I should have investigated and found out who gave it to her, but I just wrote it off as part of her sexual growth.

When I found a pair of her underpants with the crotch slick with male cum - a lot of male cum that told the tale of multiple male partners in a single encounter, I did have the talk with her and sent her off to medical for birth control and vaccinations against sexually transmitted diseases.

I could accept that my daughter enjoyed sex, though part of me cringed at the multiple partners.

I picked up on rumours around the ship that Phoebe attracted older men who had a penchant for young girls. Phoebe was borderline on a genetic disorder that caused a failure to thrive, though she did develop physically, she did so at a much slower rate than her peers. As she navigated her mid to late teens she appeared much younger. I watched her as much as I could, but captaining a star ship kept me on duty more often that I liked.

As time went on I noticed some things that indicated she was getting into some kinky things; I found a large enema bag, hose, and nozzle badly hidden in her closet; the size of her growing collection of sex toys were growing; and there was one thing that was difficult to talk about with her - well, difficult to talk with anyone about; the tone of her farts had changed. When she was prepubescent, she would squeak when she passed gas and like most kids would follow it with giggles. But as time went on the sounds got lower and the giggles had been replaced with a small smile of self-satisfaction which told me she was engaging in anal sex that was loosening her anus and rectum and was enjoying it. I just accepted that she enjoyed anal and let it go. I had no idea that she was preparing her body for something even more intrusive.

I suspected that she was being influenced by the IBP team, but to warn her off then would be hypocritical of me because by that time I was joining the team on away breeding missions myself. Those encounters were changing my body and I not only didn’t care, I was enjoying those changes - reveling in my looser vagina and anus, loving the feeling of deep bowel penetration. Of course, we’ve since discovered that the pheromones of many alien species had a strong addictive quality to them and in addition to the entire IBP group, both myself and Phoebe were deep in our addiction by that time. Like the other females in the IBP, I deceived myself to believe it was simply increased arousal by engaging sexually with alien species. None of us admitted we were addicted, and I was innocent of Phoebe’s addiction.

It was when we were in orbit around the planet Ch’xt in the D’xraté system that I discovered the conspiracy that we ended up dubbing the “Teen Crusade”.

I feel the need to state right here that all participants in the Teen Crusade were past the legal age of consent - they had that much sense at least. Though we later discovered younger youth had been sexualized, at that time they took no part in the crusade conspiracy.

We had come to Ch’xt for their multi-species Exposition that occurred every six and a half Earth years. New or improved products and exports were displayed by vendors, trade deals negotiated, some interplanetary judicial matters resolved, and - of course - an entire pavilion dedicated to a festival for interspecies breeding. Although ‘breeding’ was the wrong word - very few interspecies impregnations were successful. Our own experience in the IBP was that the rare impregnations that did occur terminated in early of late term miscarriages - races mix, species don’t. So in fact, the large pavilion was simply a place for interspecies sexual encounters. More an orgy than a diplomatic effort.

I was busy the first morning of the Expo; ensuring our orbit was stable and within the vector Orbit Control planetside provided us; seeing to the departures of our legal team, trade delegation, and the IBP volunteers and coordinating their arrivals planetside with the Ch’xt ambassadors.

When I finally surrendered the big chair to my Lieutenant-Commander, I grabbed lunch for Phoebe and I from the mess and headed back to our quarters to eat together and make plans on what we wanted to take in at the Expo. Phoebe wasn’t home, so I paged her on her comm unit and heard its tone emanating from her bedroom. That was my first indication that something was wrong - a teenager leaving her comm behind.

I called bridge Security and asked that they locate Phoebe’s location onboard, then went and checked her room for any indication. Security called me back and said that not only was Phoebe not onboard, but they had received calls from four other parents reporting their adolescents missing and they too had left the Beagle.

The hairs on the back of my neck were tingling as I took Phoebe’s comm unit to Tech Support.

“Here.” I said, dropping it on the Tech Chief’s workstation, “Unlock this.”

“That breaches our privacy guidelines, Captain.” he replied.

“Unlock the fucking unit, now.” I said and I suppose the look on my face indicated the nine levels of hell I was prepared to drag him through if he didn’t. He had the unit unlocked within seconds.

“You weren’t here and I never touched it.” he muttered as I walked away.

What I saw on the unit sent chills up my spine as I made my way back to the bridge; my daughter’s sex life was far more advanced than I ever dreamed ...

There were vid & audio files of her and friends engaging in all manner of sexual acts. There was one of Shairn naked and engaging with a fungal plant in the forest near Rochester Station on Prigg’s planet - a fungus that grew with two large protuberances that oozed an irritant oil that the women of Rochester used as a sex object. The irritant oil stimulated vaginal and rectal mucus membranes and when the fungus’ temperature was raised by a human’s body heat, it gushed a slurry of mucus containing fungal spores.

It was obvious that Shairn was in ecstasy as she rode the fungus in the dead of night, sweating and moaning until a heavy orgasm hit her hard as it bloated her belly and uterus with its slurry.

The next file showed Phoebe riding one in the early morning light, with Shairn’s voice urging her on and other girls hooting and laughing as my daughter experienced a quivering, convulsive orgasm.

Another vid showed Phoebe being fucked by one of those thrice-damned dogs Shairn brought aboard. Again, in the background I could hear Shairn’s voice clearly; “You go, little girl!” and her friends chanting “go-Pheobe-go-Phoebe-go-Phoebe” and cheering when she reached orgasm; her belly clenching, thighs quivering, and her hips slamming upward to take the dog deeper.

My rage toward Shairn who was already on my watch-list was such that if she had been onboard I would have found her and shot her in the face, so it was a good thing she had gone planetside with the IBP volunteers. But there was no doubt in my mind that Shairn also arranged for our teens to be carried down on one of our shuttles to Ch’xt’s orgy, and that she had conspired to have the teens leave their comm units behind so they could not be located by ship scans.

Arriving at the bridge I found out from traffic control that one of our shuttles were due back within moments, so I ordered it refueled ASAP and to be ready to transport myself and the other parents right to the breeding festival pavilion.

Lieutenant Blair Cornerstone approached me.

“Shairn?” she asked. I nodded, and from the look on my face Blaire volunteered to accompany me and requested I did not take a sidearm. I knew she was going not to protect me, but to prevent me from killing Shairn.

The other parents, Blaire and I were waiting impatiently on the shuttle dock and as soon as refueling was completed we climbed aboard and strapped in. We arrived planetside thirty-five minutes later.

The pavilion was huge, built against the side of a stone cliff face and incorporating some natural caverns plus screened off rooms. The first girl we located was Dell; she was in one of the caverns being fucked relentlessly by a reptilian beast so large she looked like a small rag doll in its clawed hands. It was obvious that Dell was taking him anally, which was the only way to “breed” with aliens with inhumanly long sex organs no matter how thick. That Dell was accepting it without screaming in pain was evidence of the Teen Crusade conspiracy - the teens involved prepared their bodies to accept alien cocks rectally without injury. And how did they know that they needed to do this? My suspicions remained on Shairn, the head of the IBP who single-handedly perverted our adolescents.

I also noticed that the alien was continuously pumping his semen into her, so it acted like a lubricant and accounted for Dell’s swelling belly - we could hear the slow slick thrusts of the alien and the continuous gurgling of Dell’s bloating bowels over her moans. The room reeked of a smell peculiar to reptilians, mingled with human sweat and the oily musk of Dell’s over-stimulated rectum.

When Dell’s mother started forward to go to her daughter I held her back by gripping her arm.

“Don’t.” I warned her, “Many species become violent if they are interrupted. Once they start to mate it’s wise to let them finish.”

“But ...” Dell’s mom started, trying to break free from my grip on her upper arm.

“No. Look at your daughter.” I said, “She’s not fighting it.”

It was true, Dell appeared to be in a state of sexual bliss, her body loose and her face holding an expression of ecstasy as the alien fucked her so deep her belly was bulging right to her sternum with each slow thrust. Even in my worried state about the teens and my own daughter I felt a tug of sexual hunger watching Dell being taken - it was a slow gentle fuck deep into her descending colon. I craved trading places with her, but I had other responsibilities.

“Dell chose this.” I said to her mom, “She chose to do this and chose this alien. You have to accept that Dell has been sexualized and is indulging her lusts.”

As we watched, we saw Dell shudder and heard her orgasmic moan, followed by her desperate gasping; “... again ...” as the alien continued to thrust upward into her small body. Dell opened her eyes as her fucking continued and saw that we were watching her but the only expression on her sweaty face was one of delirious lust.

Mom calmed when she realized that her daughter was in no danger and was enjoying her invasive fucking. Tears welled in her eyes.

I also noticed that Dell was licking the alien’s hand repeatedly - I suspected that he was exuding a sexual pheromone that was working to increase her arousal. Based on my own experience, from this day forward, Dell would never again be satisfied with any human sexual experience and would long for overwhelming alien encounters like this one.

“Just wait until he’s done.” I told mom, “He’ll release her. Then she’ll need aftercare from you, letting her know it’s okay and that you still love her. We have a med team set up outside the trade mission pavilion, take her there afterward to be checked out.”

Mom nodded.

“She may not be able to walk, so you may have to carry her.” I said, knowing there was more she needed to know, but I did not have the time. I estimated that Dell now had at least three liters of alien semen in her bowels that she wouldn’t be able to hold in. But I released her mom and moved on with the other parents to find their teens.

We rapidly found three more who were engaged with more humanoid aliens, and in each case the parents agreed to linger until the sex acts were complete before retrieving their girls.

In a dark room near the back of the pavilion we found Jezzie, a friend of Phoebe’s engaged with three Talex. Talex males breed in groups of three, with each taking turns mating with a female in a single session. For their species this makes sense because the male to female ration is consistent at three to one - females being the singular issue of an egg, while male triplets sharing one. The thrill for human females is that they are guaranteed a minimum of a two hour gangbang with three muscular Talex who go hard without respite until they each gush their thick ejaculate hard and deep into the female’s uterus.

The Talex are reptilian, yet their DNA is similar to humans. In the past, we’ve had three volunteers impregnated by the Talex, but each experienced a late term miscarriage. The curious effect of the Talex physiology is that contact with the excretions from their skin is a strong aphrodisiac - even from the fetus - it lasts all the way through pregnancy and even the pain of miscarriage is an orgasmic experience.

Jezzie, I knew, was in for months of blissful sexual pleasure. This girl chose wisely.

Her father was a xenobiologist and had been part of team who examined the Talex effect, so I felt comfortable leaving him and his wife to witness their daughter’s sexual delirium to its completion. I’ll never forget the sorrow I saw in his eyes - all his dreams for his daughter’s future were gone in this one sex act. Jezzie would never be the same.

The only teen still missing was Phoebe, so I went off in search of her along with security chief Lieutenant Blair Cornerstone.

We found her in a chamber whose purpose I recognized at once; a tented pavilion with thick sound deadening curtains ringed with padded tables. This was obviously set up for the Equiites - an intelligent species similar to earth’s horses.

I heard Phoebe before I saw her - she was crying out and gasping while the wet thrusts of her Equiite delved deep in her body. She was obviously overwhelmed by being penetrated so deep into her bowels.

She was bent over one of the padded tables, her pink top still on and her pants pulled down to her knees, telling me she had prepared in a hurry. Phoebe had always been impulsive, and no doubt had been this time; I could picture her wanting the experience so desperately all she could do was peel her pants off her bum with trembling hands and lay down face-first to let the Equiite mount her.

Blaire drew her stun gun but I stayed her hand before she could raise it.

“It’s okay, Blaire.” I said calmly, “The Equiite is doing nothing wrong. Phoebe wanted this.”

“But Captain, he could be injuring her.” Blaire protested.

“I know.” I said, knowing too well the risk of injury from an Equiite penis, “But I got this. I’ll stay with her.”

Blaire reluctantly holstered her stun gun.

“Go back to Dell.” I told her, “Her parents are going to need support when Dell expels the semen. It’s going to shock them, they’ll need your calm reassurance.”

“Yes, Captain.” and Blaire left me alone with my daughter.

I moved carefully to the other side of the Equiite, trying my best not to spook him. Phoebe was going to need me to get through this with the least trauma as possible. I knew what was about to happen to her ...

I too had encountered the Equiites. I can’t even remember the name of the planet - there have been so many - all I remember after I let the Equiite fuck me was waking up in a medevac litter, being carried aboard a shuttle. I was filthy, sick to my stomach, and my bowels ached with a slow throbbing pulse of pleasure/pain.

My Equiite had fucked me for three hours - I took him down my throat and as deep into my vagina as I could. He finished me off anally, thrusting so deep I was sure it would kill me but not caring if it did. As I lay sweating in the filth of an ancient temple, he ejaculated - his cock swelling inside me as I felt my bowels bloat past their ability to contain it. I began gagging as I felt my stomach filling, the contents of my over-stretched bowels flowing upward. I couldn’t help myself, I orgasmed as I puked up the cum that my bowels couldn’t hold. I found out later that the typical ejaculate from an Equiite is six to seven liters ... and I felt every milliliter.

Phoebe was about to experience that, and I knew she needed her mother.

Ducking under the heaving belly of the Equiite I laid my hand on the small of Phoebe’s back. She was drenched in sweat. I breathed in the clean scent of her sweaty hair, the skunkiness of fear-sweat from her armpits, the sweet odour of her dripping sex, and the muskiness of her blown anus and rectum.

“I’m here, baby.” I assured her.

Phoebe’s eyes fluttered open and she looked at me, her face crumpling in shame. She turned her face away as her Equiite pounded her bowels.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out.

“Yeah” I said, not knowing what to say as I kneaded her sweat slick bum.

“... fuck! ... owie! ... owie! ...” Phoebe cried out as she took his cock deep - a cock as thick as her thigh that had to have straightened her descending colon straight up the centre line of her belly.

“You can fuck it.” I said to her, trying to reassure her that she would survive this no matter how overwhelming it was.

Phoebe continued to cry out and swear as her Equiite fucked her hard and deep, slamming her small body on the padded table. My little girl was no longer my little girl - she was a woman making adult choices, but she still needed her mom.

I noticed that part of her distress was that she kept trying to open her thighs. I remembered my own experience and the impending feeling that my Equiite’s cock would rip me open. I knelt down and gripped the outside of her thighs just above her knees and pulled them together.

“Put your knees together.” I told her and she did, relieving that ripping sensation by gripping his cock with the twin globes of her bum and able to enjoy the invasiveness of the fuck.

“There you go.” I said, then giving in to my own lust at sharing this with her; “Yeah- yeah.” and I sounded like a complete slut - no better than Shairn.

Phoebe was at last surrendering to it. She lifted her head a cried out again, then; “Oh-fuck-fuck ... keep-going-keep-going!” her slim body shuddering in a powerful orgasm.

It was frenzied by then, both for her and I. As I squeezed her thighs together and she cried out in what had to be orgasmic madness, the Equiite cried out itself as it started to cum. Phoebe was about to take six to seven liters of hot Equiite cum jetting into her belly. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the Equiite’s cock pulsing as he filled her and on my eye level watched her flat tummy bulge and lift her hips off the table.

“Have it!” I cried out to her, “Yeah! That’s it!”

Because the thickness of the Equiite’s cock was preventing any cum from escaping that way, Phoebe’s body curled around her rapidly swelling belly and she projectile vomited Equiite cum three times as he pumped more and more into her. When he was finally done, Phoebe’s entire digestive tract was bloated.

“Yeah.” I breathed as I let go of her legs and slid up beside her on the padded table. Her cheek rested in a puddle of vomited Equiite cum. I stroked her back as she quivered and gasped from her orgasmic experience.

The Equiite pulled his now softening cock out of her and I knew that feeling of sudden hollowness she was feeling - both a relief and a loss.

“...oh fuck ... oh fuck ...” Phoebe gasped as cum began to pour from her gaped anus and rectum with the wet fart sound as her bowels released all that he’d pumped into her that she hadn’t puked up, thick white cum flowing down her thighs to make a mess of her pants and shoes.

“Hmm-mm-mm-mm.” I laughed appreciatively as I massaged her back and neck, knowing what a relief she was feeling. Phoebe turned her head to face me and I leaned close, our noses almost touching.

“Hello, you.” I said, suddenly feeling a profound bond with her - a bond I hadn’t felt in years.

Phoebe tried to answer, but her experience had robbed her of the power of articulate speech. It didn’t matter - a small smile flickered across her lips which told me she knew she was still loved no matter what.

I kissed her forehead, then her pukey lips, then all over her face as I stroked the bare sweat-wet skin of her back under her top as she recovered.

The members of the Teen Crusade had won their campaign, each in their own way. It opened the door for them to choose their own sexual experiences and to indulge themselves with the alien life forms they desired. All of them spent a lot of time with the experienced volunteers of the IBP, learning and experimenting for the rest of the voyage.

But for a short time after leaving Ch’xt, Phoebe and the other girls stayed close to home as their bodies recovered, Phoebe becoming clingy like she was as a little girl - snuggling with me before bed on the sofa in our quarters.

And while she snuggled, I silently contemplated what I was going to do to Shairn to take retribution for leading our girls down this endless path of sexual addiction.

Captain Marg Lethbridge
Prisoner #8738621
Mansbridge Military Prison