IBP 3021-3032 Preamble to Final Reports

Though we didn't know it at the time, when Dietrich Goldman first folded space in the Billabong Advanced Physics Laboratory, he attracted a lot of galactic attention.

Up until that moment, Earth was no more than a lifeboat adrift in a dark sea. The energy fingerprint from his first space-folding experiment was like firing an emergency flare into the night sky - it let the rest of the galaxy know we were here.

His experiment was a small one; he folded space within the reinforced vacuum tunnel of his underground laboratory and sent a bagel instantaneously two kilometers away, making it seemingly vanish from the small launch plate and appear on the receiver plate at the other end. He had accomplished in real life what had only been dreamed about in science fiction for centuries - faster than light space travel.

Within five years, Goldman had proven to the world that his new space-folding technology could safely transport any form of matter, including living subjects, across vast expanses of space intact. But before the first FTL ships could be completed at the purpose-built shipyards orbiting Titan, two intergalactic species visited Earth. They had responded to Goldman's first space-folding experiment, a marker - we found out - that over a hundred different advanced species had been waiting for from human kind. It signaled that we were ready to join the rest of the galactic community.

The advanced technological gifts they brought with them are well known, but they also brought a social culture common to dozens of species - interspecies breeding. Like human history in the late 26th century blurred the lines of race, they had blurred the lines of species.

The first instance of interspecies sexual contact on Earth took place between the second assistant diplomat of the Qarn delegation and one of his human female security detail members. The encounter was not a romantic one; it took place on top of a recycling bin in the alley behind the five star hotel the delegation was using as a base in Paris. Like every moment of the galactic delegations public time on Earth, the encounter was filmed by a government licensed journalist.


The security guard's name was Marri leCroix, who reported; "Being in the Qarn's presence for long periods of time was sexually arousing. Though he was hideous by human standards, I found myself drawn to him sexually. When he firmly took me by the arm that day and led me into that alley, shiver-bumps ran up and down my body and I admit I went willingly."

"He used his tongue on me and reached deeper than I'd ever been penetrated before - he was inside my uterus. I cannot count how many orgasms he gave me."

When asked if she had more than one sexual encounter with him, Marri blushed and said "Yes. With him and other delegates. Sometimes three at a time."

In later interviews Marri admitted that sex with multiple Qarn partners involved simultaneous tongue penetrations; vaginally, anally, and orally. Qarn also ejaculate through their tongues; "They get very deep - right down my gullet into my stomach, into my uterus, and high up in my bowels. And when they cum, it fills me up and I lose my mind in sexual bliss."

When the media broke the story, the public went wild. Marri was inundated with offers from pornographic sensi-vid producers and the Earth Central Council were turning down requests for more access to the delegates.

What Marri had experienced became the hot topic on talk shows and in the media. Scientists too were curious and were permitted to investigate why a young human woman would be sexually attracted to a species whose appearance was - in truth - horrifying by Earth standards. What they found was that the Qarn produced strong - some say irresistible - pheromones both when they perspire and through the pores on their hands and tongue. Taking vaginal and anal swabs from Marri after a sexual encounter with the Qarn, scientists also discovered the Qarn secrete a potent form of endorphin (our body's natural heroin) which explained her ecstatic, blissful state during sexual encounters with the Qarn.

The other species who accompanied the Qarn were the B'taii - a large muscular species with curved horns and leathery skin. As they traveled across the globe, they too found themselves sexually attractive to human females.

Unlike the Qarn, the B'taii have a penis - a large one - and copulate the same way humans do. One of the Earth Central Council Pages - Shellan McGovern - quit her job after a week attending the B'taii and joined their delegation as a "pet human". Like Marri's encounter, one of Shellan's was also filmed by a licenced journalist.


Scientists found that the B'taii also exuded strong phermorones and excreted endorphins in their ejaculate and pre-ejeculate. And like Marri, Shellan voluntarilly allowed herself to be passed around amongst the B'taii.

"It was like I became addicted to sex with the B'taii. Their penises are long and very thick, so being fucked by them is a painful experience, but at the same time it is like nothing I've ever felt. It's like a heavenly sexual dream."

The general public quickly became invested in the idea of interspecies breeding and many wanted to experience it first hand, however both the Qarn and B'taii said that it would take decades for Earth to be added to standard intergalactic trade routes. If humans wanted to breed with other species, they would have to travel to far off solar systems. This prompted a movement to fund such an endeavour, which - after years of lobbying - the Earth Central Council reluctantly agreed to, but the project took a backseat to other prioroties.

The first FTL ships with the new Goldman drive were dedicated to diplomatic and trade missions with our new glactic neighbours, made possible by the guidance and navigation assistance of the Qarn and B'taii delegates. The next five ships were given missions of exploration to seek out Earthlike planets deeper in the Galactic core with potential for colonization.

It was only after years of lobbying from the sensi-vid corporations and their major financial contributions, that the Interspecies Breeding Program (IBP) was given the green light. There were conditions, however ...

The IBP would take a backseat to a multi-discipline science mission, made up of biologists, immunologists, planetologists, pharmacologists, etc. But at last it was done. The ship was christened the "Beagle" and was scheduled for launch out of the Titan shipyards on January 7, 3021 with a 10 year mission.

Because of the length of the mission, a section of the large ship was dedicated to the crew's families; the scientists had various labs and storage areas; and the volunteer IBP girls and sensi-vid crews were sequestered in their own section of the ship. The mission directives stated that every precaution had to be taken to not allow the "breeders" and the sensi-vid crews to come into daily contact with the scientific and family contingents

As the Admiralty is aware, I was selected as Captain of the Beagle, and I alone take full responsibility for the events that occured over the following 10 years. In the forthcoming reports in which I pledge to maintain accuracy and candor, the Court Marshal selectees will see that although the mission began with an air of eager anticipation and hopefulness for success, it degraded as time went on. Our initial moral fibre was challenged throughout the mission and was found wanting. My own included.

Our greatest failure was to base our desire for interbreeding with other species on the behaviour of the initial Qarn and B'taii delegates. We should have known that as diplomats, they were on their best behaviour. The true base sexual nature of these two species and many others we encountered was a far cry from the gentleness they demonstrated for us. Though we were invited to be part of the galactic neighbourhood, we were babes in the woods. Both Marii leCroix and Shellan McGovern left Earth with their respective species and both died soon after; Marii from asphyxiation during an orgy, Shellan during excruciating childbirth.

The breeding program was a perversion and infected the entire crew over time; there was an overabundance of sexual hedonism and base behaviour; there were defections; injuries; blood; births and deaths; and worst of all - it impacted the children on board the ship including my own daughter.

It will take time to formalize all my reports and submit them to the Court Marshal selectees, but I assure you that I will dedicate all my energy to the task. I have been provided a computer terminal in my prison cell, and other than sleep and my one hour of exercise time each day, it is there you will find me.

I again officially submit my plea to the Court; Guilty of all charges. I state for the record that I am aware that the penalty for my crimes is death.

I deserve nothing less.

Captain Marg Lethbridge
Prisoner #8738621
Mansbridge Military Prison