IBP 3021-3032 Kyli's Execution

When we arrived in orbit around Cxall, little was known about the Varanian race, other than they had embraced cyborgism to enhance both their bodies with machinery and their cognitive processes with artificial intelligence. They viewed purely biological species as inferior. In fact they kept herds of creatures similar to the Qarn that the Varanians viewed as a protein resource. The Qarnell, as the Varanian’s called them, were kept and bred in factory farms like old Earth used to breed and harvest poultry and cattle.

Permission to land and interact with the Varanians was denied (Vanarian’s are xenophobic), but they did allow our science teams to access wilderness areas. Kyli Toylor was one of the security detail members who accompanied our landing party and kept a look-out for dangers.

We discovered small herds of wild Qarnell roaming free in the mountainous areas we explored. We briefed all our people that though a delegation of sophisticated Qarn was one of the first aliens to make contact with humans, the Qarnell were not the same species, though they bred in the same way by impregnating another species with their zygotes and exhibited a strong desire for human females. Apparently humans fall within the range of their preferred breeding stock.

After her execution, I viewed Kyli’s personal journal and discovered that she was very familiar with the historic videos and interviews with Marri leCroix about her sexual encounters with the Qarn and was moved to explore the same with the wild Qarnell on Cxall. Kyli’s journal entry about her first encounter;

The Qarnell all show intense curiosity about the female members of our party. I found myself tentatively approached by one of the male Qarnell and ‘licked’ by his long sex organ (half tongue/half tentacle) over my crotch through my uniform and across my bare face. His ‘lick’ across my lips left a smear of mucus that within seconds had an aphrodisiac effect on me. I understood then what Marri meant in her interviews about her sudden and strong desire.

After a sleepless night, I located the Qarnell who had licked me and led him to an old abandoned Varanian mine building. I wanted to experience what Marri leCroix experienced so bad I was trembling - it seems the properties of the Qarnell mucus are long-lasting and difficult to resist. I managed to pull off my jacket and pants and unzip my uniform shirt while he licked and pawed at me. He appeared to be as eager as I was to breed.

Like the Qarn, the Qarnell have two sex organs - the penile one is thick and rigid and implants an unfertilized zygote into the rectum or uterus while the long oral sex organ delivers its sperm that enters the blood stream and searches for the zygote. It’s also the sex organ that gives the Qarnell pleasure as once he starts he won’t stop until he’s sexual satisfied - my first time with him lasted two hours.

Penetration by his oral sex organ is orgasmic, penetration by both at the same time is mind-blowing. The Qarnell use their oral sex organ as foreplay. He used it to penetrate me vaginally into my uterus; anally deep into my bowels; and orally down my gullet and into my stomach, one after the other. The arousal and orgasmic sensations caused by the Qarnell are not limited to human sex organs - mouth, throat, gullet, stomach, and bowels all respond with the same intensity as vaginal g-spot and clitoral ecstasy. I never thought that I could have orgasms in my bowels or my gullet and stomach, but there they were; strong, convulsive, rolling waves of orgasm rippling through my belly and up my throat. When he finally penetrated me with both sex organs my orgasmic ecstasy was like an illness; I was feverish, delirious, and lost in rolling orgasms as I hovered on the edge of unconsciousness. I’ve seen the IBP girls in action, but this was my first interspecies experience and oh-my-god it was the best thing I’ve ever felt.

Fucking my Qarnell was pure ecstasy and the invasive sensations of him exploring my entire body is an overwhelming pleasure, and one I want to repeat. I’m going coming tomorrow and for as many days this detail allows.

I’m also going to talk to HR aboard the Beagle to see if it is possible to give up my commission and get permission to remain on Cxall or travel to the Qarn homeworld to find a place in one of the human brothels there.

Because of the xenophobic nature of the Varanains, Kyli - nor any of us - knew anything about their laws. Nor could we have guessed that attempts at any purely biological breeding was a crime.

The Varanian’s had bred through artificial means for centuries; zygotes are created in laboratories with specifically engineered DNA strands to meet the current needs of their society. With their embrace of cyborgianism centuries ago, they left behind the randomness of biological procreation and instead followed a purely scientific method of reproduction; when they needed labourers they bred them; when they needing scientists they bred them; when they needed to replace an old broodmare she was implanted with a zygote and birthed her replacement, after which she was euthanized and her remains folded into their protein products. There system was efficient, but inhumane by Terran standards.

I was on the bridge of the Beagle when the away team reported that Kyli and Syl Drovan - one of our biologists - had been taken into custody and were removed to the Varanian judiciary. Details were sketchy, but Kylie had been sexually engaged with a Qarnell and Syl had been with her when they were taken. The only statement made by the Vatanians to our away team was; “It is forbidden.”

Requests for information were stalled at every turn by the Varanian bureaucracy, so I sent a flash transmission to a nearby trade station and contacted a Terran diplomat who was as much in the dark on how to navigate the Vanarian judicial system as I was. I was on my own.

I made every appeal I could think of, from pleading forgiveness for our ignorance of Varanian customs and laws, to requesting that Kyli and Syl be released into our custody to be tried under Terran law, to veiled threats about the future of the Terran/Varanian diplomatic relationship. For two days I kept up nonstop pressure on the Varanian’s and was even trying to locate the facility Kyli and Syl were being held at to see if we could mount an armed incursion to rescue them. The Varanian’s only reply came on the morning of the third day detailing the judgement against Kyli and an AV of her execution. Kyli had been immediately brought before the judiciary where the evidence against her was reviewed and sentence was carried out immediately. Translating Varanian timestamps on their records to Terran timekeeping, Kyli was executed 25 minutes after being arrested. They had killed Syl just prior to that. All the time I had been frantically trying to secure Kyli and Syl’s safety, they were already dead, their remains recycled into the Varanian food system.

It turned out that the suspicious Varanians had been monitoring our away team’s activities closely via micro drones and had witnessed three occasions when Kyli bred with a Qarnell in her first 24 hours on the planet; the last while the Varanians arrived to apprehend her. What we could piece together from the translation of their report, Syl had been standing lookout for Kyli while the Qarnell was fucking her and tried to stop the Varanians from entering the old building they were in. The Varanians, who bred their own varied strata of life, suspected Syl was a subspecies of human, no more than a guard/attack animal and had subdued her then arrested Kyli, taking them both to their judiciary headquarters. Syl did not receive a trial because they deemed her nothing more than a pet and euthanized her by hanging just before they executed Kyli.

Along with the AV, the Varaian’s included copies of their statutes regarding biological breeding and the execution process. To breed biologically was a crime more serious than murder on Cxall.

I had Dr Mayhew with me in my briefing room as we watched the AV the Varanian’s sent us. She monitored the readouts of both Syl’s and Kyli’s biochips that had encoded themselves into the AV recordings. Our biochips are designed to find any means of transmission back to our monitoring equipment; radio waves; light waves; even recording devices. We would know what Kyli and Syl were feeling. Dr Mayhew also increased the audio of Kyli’s breathing and heartbeat.

The AV began with Syl bound with a bag over her head, a cord around her throat, trembling and pleading for her life. Kyli hung suspended by her wrists watching as the slack cord tightened around the biologist’s throat and lifted her up on her tiptoes.

“Please don’t do this to me! Please don’t do this to me!” Syl sobbed. Her voice quavered telling of her terror.

“She’s terrified.” Dr Mayhew stated unnecessarily.

Watched by dozens of Varanian cyborgs, Syl was hoisted high above the floor of a Varanian protein processing plant by her throat. Syl’s gagging and heaving echoed in the large complex while the Varanian workers watched her strangle to death, Kyli’s heartbeat and breathing was clear due to Mayhew boosting it.

“Syl is feeling intense panic and a great deal of pain in her throat.” Mayhew stated as Syl struggled and kicked, but as her kicking slowed; “She’s calming now and her pain is fading ... she’s feeling the euphoria of endorphin release ... strong euphoria ... stronger, like an orgasm ... and ... she’s unconscious.”

“She’s still twitching.” I observed.

“Yes. She’s still alive, but she’s feeling nothing but pleasure - it’s like she’s in a deep sleep having an erotic dream.” Mayhew replied, then looked at me; “She’s not suffering, Marg.”

To be put to death is one thing, but to be naked and on display in the factory where your body was to be processed into food was a humiliating way to die.

Kyli was in for worse.

Kyli, suspended by her wrists, was held tight by what analysts believe was an AI mechanoid. Kyli was crying and saying “That’s not fair.” as she looked up and to the left at Syl’s twitching body. The mechanoid unbuckled Kyli’s belt and roughly pulled her trousers off, leaving her boots on.

“Interesting.” Dr Mayhew said, “She’s nervous, but I see sexual pleasure centered in her stomach and upper bowels.”

“That makes sense.” I replied, “She was arrested moments after engaging sexually with a Qarnell - he must have taken her orally, filling her belly with its mucus.”

“Some residual arousal in her uterus as well, she must have at least one Qarnell zygote nestled in there.”

“Probably three.” I said, thinking that she engaged with a Qarnell three times in the past 24 hours. Mayhew nodded in agreement.

Mechanical hands lifted and spread her thighs as Kyli looked down. We had no way of knowing if Kyli was aware of what they were about to do to her, but we knew, having had the Varanian documents translated;

‘The initial step in the eradication process is to have the zygote removed from the offender’s body - this is accomplished by a probe being inserted into the reproductive organs of the offender. Once located, the zygote and any connective tissue is removed by suction. Once removed, the zygote is incinerated.’

Her head lowered, Kyli watched as the mechanoid lifted an articulated metal tentacle tipped with a thick probe and pressed it against her vagina. Looking at its girth I thought there was no way it would penetrate without ripping her apart, but the mechanoid was relentless and Kyli strained as she pushed, opening herself to the probe.

“... fuuuck ...” she cried out as the mechanoid applied more upward force, its articulated metal hands gripping her thighs.

“ ... oh my gu-gu-god ...” Kyle gasped as the rounded tip of the probe opened her and it edged inward.

“How’s her pain?” I asked Mayhew.

“Manageable.” the doctor replied, “She’s still aroused and her arousal is climbing. She’s participating in this so far.”


“It's sexual for her. I think she wants it.”

“ ... oh! ... holy hu-hu-hell ...” Kyli gasped as the body of the probe followed the rounded tip into her vagina. Suddenly her body jerked and swallowed the probe deep into her belly.

“... yeah ... oh my god, yes! ...” Kyli cried out enthusiastically as the mechanoid began to work the heavy mechanical probe deeper into her. It was essentially fucking her with it - her belly bulging and undulating as it moved shallow and deep inside her.

“Harder-harder!” Kylie cried out.

“Seven hells.” Mayhew hissed under her breath, “I think she’s going to cum.”

We heard the suction and saw Kyli calm as she felt the change inside her. The mechanoid began the zygote removal process, thrusting the probe hard against her uterus as it forcefully drew the zygotes from her uterus.

“... oh-god-oh-god-oh-god ...” Kyli groaned as her eyes rolled up under fluttering eyelids. I could see that her exposed nipples were puckered and tight and mucus was dripping from her crotch.

“That’s it!” Mayhew exclaimed, “She’s cumming.”

On cue, Kyli screamed; “FFFFUUUUUUUCK!” “I’m-cumming-I’m-cumming-I’m-cumming!” as her hips humped against the mechanical arm attached to the probe. The sound of suction and the hammering of the mechanoid grew to a crescendo until we heard the sickening triple ‘slurp’ as the three zygotes were torn from her uterus. The mechanoid pulled the probe roughly from her vagina, leaving it gaped and dripping. Kyli sagged in her wrist restraints, letting the mechanoid support her by her thighs.

“Oh my fucking god” Kyli said as she caught her breath. I wonder if in that moment, Kyli might have hoped her ordeal was over and that thought broke my heart for Dr Mayhew and I knew that the worst was yet to come. But I saw the flicker of a smile on her face as Mayhew confirmed her state of mind and body.

“She’s trembling in the afterglow.” Mayhew said sadly, “Kyli’s feeling good. Small orgasmic pulses rippling through her body and still feeling that endorphin rush.”

Then Kyli looked down and saw what was on the end of the second mechanical tentacle.

“... oh fuck ...” she gasped.

“And ... there it is.” Mayhew said, her eyes scanning the readouts on her monitor.

“What?” I asked, seeing lines on the readout trembling upward.

“She just realized what’s about to happen to her.” Mayhew pointed at blue and yellow squiggles that were climbing higher on a graph, “This is norepinephrine and electrodermal activity. Her body is reacting to what she just saw, sending shiver-bumps from her bum, up her back, and across her scalp. It’s a strong startle response.”

On the screen, Kyli was staring down at the second tentacle as the four prongs on its tip began to spin.

Because the offender’s flesh has been tainted by receiving an illegal zygote, it must be removed as to not pollute the remaining flesh. All flesh is protein and cannot morally be wasted. The tainted internal flesh will be eviscerated and removed from the offender’s core through suction and incinerated prior to the body being recycled.

“The good news is that her sexual arousal is still very high and her body is saturated with endorphins.” said Mayhew, tapping two high readings on the monitor, “We can only hope it will make a difference.”

The mechanoid gripped Kyli’s thighs tighter and pulled them further apart as it raised the spinning prongs toward her crotch. Kyli started kicking - pistoning her legs up and down and pulling at her restraints in a hopeless attempt to avoid this deadly penetration into her body. But the mechanoid thrust into her, ripping through her crotch and burying the spinning prongs into her lower belly.

Kyli found her voice as she was straining and crying out, squirming and kicking as the mechanoid manipulated the prongs in her belly. She cried out loudly as she tried to close her thighs, the prongs already churning violently inside her pelvic cradle, ripping her insides to shreds. Kyli shuddered and projectile vomited from the invasive and violent movement inside her belly.

“She must be in agony.” I said, feeling my own shiver-bumps race over my thighs, bum, and back.

“Surprising not. Her sexual arousal is blocking most of the pain.” Dr Mayhew observed, “The penetration and vibration of the prongs is pushing her toward another orgasm, but her fear is very high - she’s aware of the irreparable damage happening inside her.”

“She knows she’s being murdered.” I said and Mayhew nodded as the audio grew louder.

“... oh fuck ... oh ffff ...” Kyli gasped weakly as the prongs churned inside her belly. The rippling we could see in her abdomen was moving; the mechanoid was stirring the spinning prongs up and down inside her.

Kyli was crying out, vomiting when the prongs neared her stomach, squirming, kicking, and at times trying to squeeze her thighs together.

I tried to imagine what Kyli was feeling as I glanced at the readouts on the monitor; the pain graph was flickering but low while her fear and arousal were climbing.

“... ohhhhhhh ... fuuuuuck ... oh my god don’t stop! ... oh my god!” Kyli cried out.

“She’s cumming?” I asked.

“Yes, but I don’t think that’s why she said that.” Mayhew replied, “I think she knows that if she’s still alive when it stops the pain will overwhelm her.”

“So ...”

“She wants it to kill her before it stops.”

Kyli’s voice grew weaker; “ ... don’t stop ... don’t stop ...”

It only lasted a dozen more seconds, but standing bent over the monitors, sweating despite the cool air circulating in the room, I listened to Kyli’s cries and strains vibrating as the prongs spun hard inside her.

They were eviscerating her internal organs as though she was a piece of meat - gutting her in preparation of harvesting the rest of her flesh for its protein. I found myself willing her to die and end this even knowing the AV was two days old.

At last Kyli threw her head back and issued a guttural scream. Her fear dropped and her arousal spiked and she vomited hard. It must have felt like a total body ejaculation during the insanity of this brutal invasion of her body - but the monitor showed that for Kyli, this was a release and relief. Still vomiting, Kyli’s eyes crossed and the spinning prongs burst out of her belly just below her sternum, her swollen uterus still lodged between them.

Kyli continued to slowly and gently regurgitate as her heart faltered and her head drooped, her chin coming to rest on her upper chest. We could hear the faint gurgling continue even after her heart fluttered to a stop. The monitor showed little pain, no fear, and a pulsing but decreasing sexual arousal.

On the heals of a brutal execution, Kyli’s final seconds were sensual and painless. In the end, both for Syl and Kyli, they succumbed to death gently and without fear.

It was a brutal lesson for the crew of the Beagle; there was so much more about alien life we needed to learn. Unfortunately, the deaths of Kali on Dream, Kyli and Syl on Cxall were just the beginning. Many more would die during our voyage, some willingly, some brutally, but all a great loss to the Terran race.

Captain Marg Lethbridge
Prisoner #8738621
Mansbridge Military Prison